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Jun 27
[NPL] Digital University's New Courses
June 26, 1998 PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Lynn Macias, (650) 583-4923 NEW COURSES START JULY 20TH AT DIGITAL UNIVERSITY Registration is currently being accepted for professional courses on Multimedia, Graphic Design, and Business & Management. Digital University uses an approach designed to help busy professionals enhance their abilities anywhere, anytime and on-demand. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection with a web browser. The University's four-week courses, which begin July 20, start at $50 each and are taught by professionals with classroom and university teaching experience, as well as strong backgrounds in the new media industry. Course offerings include Photoshop, JavaScript, HTML, VRML, Internet Security, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office and more. Courses repeat every five weeks. View our course catalog on our site ( and choose one or several classes to enhance your career or personal development. Courses are available...
Jun 27
[NPL] BeyondPress 4.0
Announcing Extensis BeyondPress 4.0 The Award-winning Quark-to-HTML XTension from Extensis * Convert Quark to HTML & DHTML with one click * Compatible with QuarkXPress 3.31 & 4.0 * Receive PhotoAnimator FREE! with each copy of BeyondPress Extensis BeyondPress 4.0 is the latest version of our award-winning XTension that takes your Quark documents to the web - in no time. BeyondPress preserves the layout of your Quark documents in HTML tables or DHTML for cutting-edge design. Create animated GIFs with your FREE copy of Extensis PhotoAnimator (a $99 value). Then drag the animated GIFs into your Quark layout and see them displayed live inside QuarkXPress. Plus, add hyperlinks, image maps, and more - right in QuarkXPress. Extensis BeyondPress - It's the best way to take Quark to the Web. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Order BeyondPress 4.0 for only $499.95 AND get Extensis PhotoAnimator - FREE! (a $99 value) To...
Jun 26
[NPL] MAGMA PCI Expansion for PowerBooks
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MAGMA Announces PCI Expansion for the Apple PowerBook G3 Series San Diego, CA: MAGMA announced that their three and seven slot PCI expansion systems are now compatible with the G3 Series PowerBooks from Apple. A MAGMA PCI expansion system adds PCI slots to Apple's PowerBook.G3 Series in a separate enclosure. The portable 3 slot PCI expansion system is an ideal solution for users who need more PCI slots, but do not want to deal with a bulky full size expansion system. The 7 slot system is an ideal solution for users who need more than three slots to get the most out of their portable computer. This product is essential for PowerBook users who need their portable computer to function like a desktop or tower Mac. PowerBook G3 customers now have the freedom to attach practically anything to their portable computer, including video cards, digital video editing board sets, multiple graphics accelerators, fast ethernet cards, PC compatibility cards, RAID arrays and more...
Jun 26
[MD1] Resorcerer 2.2 Update -- Free
PRESS RELEASE -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Editor's Contact: Doug McKenna Mathemaesthetics, Inc. PO Box 298, Boulder, CO 80306 USA (303) 440-0707 (vox) (303) 440-0504 (fax) Email: Website: FREE RESORCERER 2.2 UPDATE -------------------------- Premiere Mac OS Resource Editor Adds Support for Appearance Manager Controls, Alias Editing, Single-Instruction PowerPC Disassembly, Voodoo Source Code Control for File Comparison Scripting, and More. BOULDER, COLORADO, USA: Mathemaesthetics, Inc. has released a new version of Resorcerer, its PowerPC native replacement resource editor for Apple Computer's venerable ResEdit. "We continue to enhance Resorcerer with both Apple- and developer-requested features," said Doug McKenna, president of Mathemaesthetics, Inc. "It has been gratifying for us that new sales of this important Mac OS development tool for the first five months of 1998 have been significantly better than the...
Jun 26
[MD1] (Un)official Macworld Events Site
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Ilene Hoffman, MS Macintosh/ Internet Consultant and Writer, Boston area 323 West St., Needham, MA 02494 Press Releases to: The Hess Macworld Party and Events Web Site is ready for public consumption with a new look. Please make sure YOUR listing is on the only web page with a large pass-along readership, as everyone prints out the pages and carries it with them at the show. A number of parties and press events have been added to the pages today. Companies wishing to advertise to the large, yet select, group of show buyers should contact me as soon as possible. Banner ad information will be forwarded upon request. Banner advertising and press / party entries will be accepted through July 4th, at which time the site will be considered complete. (Minor adjustments will be made during the show week.) The web site will contain every party and press function scheduled during MacWorld week in New York, July 7th through July 10th. (Some events...
Jun 26
[MD1] Joy Services for Rhapsody DR2
For immediate release. AAA+ SOFTWARE SHIPS JOY SERVICES FOR RHAPSODY DR2 --- Free scripting application now available for DR2 Vienna, June 26, 1998. AAA+ Software announces the release of Joy Services 1.0/DR2 for Rhapsody Developer Release 2. This software is free. Users can enhance their work environment by implementing short Joy scripts. Corresponding menu items are added to Rhapsody's Services menu. No other developer tools are required. Joy Services 1.0/DR2 is for use with Rhapsody DR2 only. For other Yellow Box platforms Joy Services 1.0 is the current version. Joy Services are free. Joy Services require the Joy frameworks. These are part of the commercial Joy package. Just download and install it. There is no need to purchase a Joy license key to use Joy Services. Joy Services 1.0/DR2 comes with a small collection of example services. Among them: Files/Copy Paths Copies the full pathnames of the selected files to the pasteboard. Files/Group in...
Jun 26
[NPL] Funnel Web 2.0 preview release
From: Darren Williams ( Subject: Funnel Web 2.0 preview release Active Concepts today released the first preview release of Funnel Web 2.0 the complete Web analysis solution. Funnel Web 2.0 will be officially launched at MacWorld on July 8 and will offer significant new features to extend the power of web analysis beyond current standards. For the first time Funnel Web will support a host of new features such as multilingual reporting, full archiving and compression using Stuffit and Gzip and support a number of post processing features such as FTP transfers and email notification. A full announcement and detailed specifications will be released at MacWorld. All current users will receive a free upgrade to 2.0 and until July 8. After July 8 Funnel Web will be priced at $249 and $499 for the standard and professional versions. A preview release is now available for download from -- Active Concepts
Jun 26
[MD1] MacHack's Best Hack Contest Results
Contact: Expotech, Inc. 1264 Bedford Rd. Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230-1116 Phone: (313) 882-1824 E-mail: Web: The MacHax(tm) Group announces the results from the Twelfth Annual Best Hack Contest at MacHack '98. In its thirteenth year, MacHack convened one minute after midnight on June 20 for another solid 72 hours of hacking, networking, and other worthy endeavors (often with little or no sleep). The conference opened at midnight with a keynote by Chris Espinosa, whose 21 year career at Apple started when he was 14. Very little hacking was observed during Chris' three hour talk, but it was observed shortly afterwards, and continued even past midnight two nights later as the Hack Show began. Interesting, unusual, unexpected, and often entertaining software written by MacHack attendees are shown by their authors, usually over the course of several hours. This year's Hack Show lasted about four hours. After each show, the contest sponsors stay up...
Jun 25
[NPL] Automated XML in Tango Enterprise
EveryWare Introduces Automated XML in Tango Enterprise Demonstrates SQL to XML Intranet Publishing with Microsoft Internet Explorer Toronto, Canada--June 25, 1998--EveryWare Development Inc. (ASE:EVE) the leading developer of cross platform software for the construction and analysis of dynamic Web applications, today introduced automated XML functionality, code-named Generation X, in its industry leading Web application development environment, Tango Enterprise 3.1. Tango Generation X, currently available in Tango Enterprise 3.1, allows developers to visually build Web applications that generate XML on the fly from business logic and data values in corporate databases. EveryWare has created an Intranet publishing application built with Tango Generation X that automatically generates custom XML information channels which conform to Microsoft's Channel Definition Format (CDF), an XML application in Internet Explorer 4.0. The demonstration is online at (
Jun 25
[MD1]'s Web site is now open -- ( While you're there, you can sign up for one or more of their free mailing lists: News -- news about us and our press releases Geoff's Gems -- high tech investor & entrepreneur news Bozosity of the Day -- examples of bozosity all around us Stories from Hell -- lessons learned from those who've been there Accounting & Consulting -- articles and Q&A from Coopers & Lybrand Commercial Banking -- articles and Q&A from Silicon Valley Bank Investment Banking -- articles and Q&A from DMG Technology Group Law -- articles and Q&A from Venture Law Group Venture Capital -- articles and Q&A from Advanced Technology Ventures Soapbox -- articles and Q&A from me and Rich Karlgaard You can sign up for these lists here: ( And don't forget your soft-wear (hats & T-shirts): ( Thank you very...
Jun 25
[NPL] QuickTime Powered Image Editor/Browser
New QuickTime 3.0 Powered IMAGE EDITOR / BROWSER Released TORONTO - June 25, 1998 - Lakewood Software today released QT Gallery 1.0, a QuickTime 3.0-savvy image editor and graphic design tool for the Power Macintosh. Incorporating externals published by WetWare Inc., QT Gallery integrates full support for QuickTime 3.0's image import options, editing filters, and transition effects. The software can be effectively used to browse and edit images saved in a variety of popular formats, including PICT, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and Photoshop. For a limited time, QT Gallery 1.0 is specially priced at $29.95 U.S., 40% off the regular list price of $49.95 U.S. Users can create customized transitions for slide shows and apply QuickTime editing filters to images. Transition effects include: Cross Fade, Explode, Implode, Iris, Push, Slide, Wipe, Matrix Wipe, and Radial. Filter operations include: RGB Balance, HSL Balance, Tint, Blur, Sharpen, Color Edge, B&W Edge, Emboss, Solarize, and Convolve....
Jun 25
[NPL] FileMaker Pro Windows 98 Ready
FileMaker Pro Database Software Is Windows 98 Ready SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- June 25, 1998 -- FileMaker, Inc., today announced that its customers can enjoy the benefits of Windows 98 with its award-winning database application, FileMaker Pro 4.0. In addition, FileMaker Pro 4.0 Developer Edition, an essential toolkit for rapid development and deployment of FileMaker Pro solutions, which recently began shipping, also bears the "Designed for Windows 98 and Windows NT logo." FileMaker products are compatible with Windows 98 so customers wishing to upgrade or that buy new PCs with Windows 98 can still use or purchase FileMaker products and have compatibility with the Windows 98 operating system. "We're pleased that FileMaker Pro users are able to take advantage of the benefits of Windows 98 and are pleased to have worked with FileMaker to ensure the compatibility of their award winning software with Windows 98," said Rob Bennett, group product manager at Microsoft Corp. FileMaker Pro 4.0...
Jun 25
[NPL] FirepoWWWer Bundle
For Immediate Release: CLEARWAY ANNOUNCES "FIREPOWWWER" ACCELERATION BUNDLE FOR MAC WEB SERVERS -- "FirepoWWWer" Bundle Combines Two High-Power Web Server Acceleration Packages At a Special Reduced Price; Offer Good Through Macworld Expo -- Boston, June 25, 1998 -- ClearWay Technologies today announced the FirepoWWWer Bundle which includes both FireSite Web Site Accelerator and ClearWay NITRO PowerPlug. FireSite can host more than twice as many high-speed Web sites as WebSTAR alone, and NITRO accelerates all WebSTAR plug-ins up to 200% or more. Together, FireSite and NITRO deliver the maximum Web server performance for the professional Webmaster. Through Macworld Expo, ClearWay is offering the FirepoWWWer Bundle at savings from $200 to $400 off list prices. Free demos are available immediately from: ( "WebSTAR is great platform to build on. With the FirepoWWWer Bundle users can really boost server performance where it matters by increasing their...
Jun 25
[NPL] Creating Dazzling Web Graphics Book
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Andy Shafran, 513-794-1912 Media Review Copies Available E-Mail: TO: Mr. Raines Cohen Editor Net Professional Creating Dazzling Web Graphics That Work Everyone with a web page knows that a picture says a thousands words. Attractive quick loading original graphics lure and direct visitors through the flow of the message. Web page functionality and ease of use hinge on the balance and blending of text and color graphics. Navigation, interaction, feedback -- the essential elements of success in this multidirectional communication medium must all come together -- harmonize with the presentation of graphics and text. Graphics performance are important to customers and visitors. The key is to create a graphical impression that offers a pleasant visual virtual experience and complements your abilities and purpose. You don't have to hire a high-priced graphic artist. You can do it yourself with the newest edition of "Creating...
Jun 24
[NPL] MacComCenter Plus v3.0
Smith Micro Software: S&S Public Relations, Inc.: Investor Contact: Press Contact: Bruce Quigley Melissa Rabin 714/362-2308 (Phone) 415-956-1180 (Phone) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SMITH MICRO SOFTWARE RELEASES MacComCenter PLUS v3.0 Fully Integrated Fax, Voice & Data Communications Package for the Macintosh Now Supports Global Village Modems, Fax-on-Demand, Paging and More ALISO VIEJO, CA -- Smith Micro Software, Inc. (Nasdaq NMS: SMSI) today announced the release of MacComCenter Plus Version 3.0, the latest edition of its fully integrated fax, voice and data communications software for Macintosh computer users. With the release of MacComCenter Plus v3.0, Smith Micro is once again demon-strating its commitment to supporting the Apple platform by providing Macintosh users with a cutting-edge solution for many of their desktop communications needs. In particular, the new version of MacComCenter Plus includes support for modems built by...
Jun 24
[NPL] Big Board FM
FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Steve Wilmes Consulting, Inc. announces the release of Big Board FM, a web based forum for PC and Macs running FileMaker Pro 4.0 Minneapolis, MN, USA--June 24, 1998--Steve Wilmes Consulting, Inc. today announces the release of Big Board FM, their Web based forum software for FileMaker 4.0. The product is the second in the Big Board family. A previous version runs only on Macs and needs both a web server and Lasso 2.5 in addition to FileMaker Pro 4.0. Big Board FM needs only FileMaker Pro 4.0. "This version of Big Board brings hosting of discussion forums to the masses" says Steve Wilmes, President of Steve Wilmes Consulting, Inc. "Just about anyone with FileMaker Pro 4.0 can host a discussion forum that just about anyone with a browser can access. Using the built in web serving/database integration of FileMaker 4.0, we were able to give people 80% of the features of our original Big Board product. Then we built in some new features and found a large speed...
Jun 23
[MD1] BBEdit 4.5.3 Update
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Sandra Schneible, 781-687-0700, Bare Bones Software Releases BBEdit 4.5.3 Update Latest update brings changes to FTP tool behavior and more Bedford, MA--June 23, 1998--Bare Bones Software, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of version 4.5.3 of BBEdit(tm), the company's award-winning text and HTML editor. The update, which is free to all registered owners of BBEdit 4.5, can be obtained directly from Bare Bones Software's Web site ( or from mirror sites as given by ( This update features enhancements to support for the built-in FTP tool, as well as improvements to the "Find Differences" functionality and fixes for some problems reported from the field. Pricing & Availability The BBEdit 4.5.3 update is available free of charge to all current BBEdit 4.5, 4.5.1 and 4.5.2 customers. Registered customers with previous versions of BBEdit...
Jun 23
[NPL] BBEdit 4.5.3 Update
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Sandra Schneible, 781-687-0700, Bare Bones Software Releases BBEdit 4.5.3 Update Latest update brings changes to FTP tool behavior and more Bedford, MA--June 23, 1998--Bare Bones Software, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of version 4.5.3 of BBEdit(tm), the company's award-winning text and HTML editor. The update, which is free to all registered owners of BBEdit 4.5, can be obtained directly from Bare Bones Software's Web site ( or from mirror sites as given by ( This update features enhancements to support for the built-in FTP tool, as well as improvements to the "Find Differences" functionality and fixes for some problems reported from the field. Pricing & Availability The BBEdit 4.5.3 update is available free of charge to all current BBEdit 4.5, 4.5.1 and 4.5.2 customers. Registered customers with previous versions of BBEdit...
Jun 23
[NPL] Perl Conference 2.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 23, 1998 CONTACT: Sara Winge, 707/829-0515 x285, More information at PERL CONFERENCE 2.0 GETS REAL: SIX USERS TO WIN $1000 EACH, AND A THOUSAND CAN MEET A GURU Sebastopol, CA--Perl, the popular open source programming language, boasts a passionate and active community using and supporting it around the world. So it makes sense that O'Reilly & Associates, presenting Perl Conference 2.0, is tapping into the expertise and enthusiasm of Perl programmers themselves to provide some of the excitement for the Perl community's second annual conference, August 17-20 in San Jose, California. Complete conference information including online registration is available at, and the deadline for early registration discounts is July 3. A highlight of this year's Perl Conference is the presentation of papers by users describing their real-world applications of Perl, and a contest awarding $1,000 each...
Jun 22
[NPL] WebCatalog 3.0 Beta Program Announced
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WebCatalog 3.0 Beta Program Announced; Significant Upgrade Planned San Diego, CA -- Pacific Coast Software's turnkey package for creating electronic storefronts will undergo an open beta program for version 3.0 beginning June 22, 1998. WebCatalog 3.0 will be available for Windows 95/98, Windows NT, and Macintosh when the final version ships later in the summer. Although the transition from version 2.1 to 3.0 represents a major upgrade, all current WebCatalog sites will run without modification under the new version. In order to participate in the beta program, you must sign up for the WebCatalog-Beta mailing list at WebCatalog 3.0 expands upon its own lightning-quick database technology by including ODBC/SQL support for other back-end databases. This allows for incredible flexibility with hybrid sites that want to use WebCatalog's own database for large product catalogs, and then link directly into an existing inventory...
Jun 22
[NPL] BOOMA WebForms
NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BOOMASoft Unveils New and Innovative Web Form Design Software, BOOMA WebForms, at Web '98 BOOMA WebForms dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of creating and managing database-ready Web forms and auto responders SAN FRANCISCO (June 22, 1998) - BOOMASoft today introduced BOOMA WebForms at the Web '98 show in San Francisco. BOOMA WebForms is an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for Web site developers to create and manage forms on their Web sites. According to Craig Osterloh, president of BOOMASoft, BOOMA WebForms will save Web developers time and money when creating forms for their sites. "In the past, if Web developers wanted forms on their Web pages, they had to either hire outside programmers or immerse themselves in the confusing and time-intensive world of CGI scripting, Java coding and database programming," Osterloh said. "This entire process took days, even weeks to complete and could cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars....
Jun 22
[NPL] OpenScript
What is OpenScript? OpenScript is a plugin for every HTTP server compatible with W*API 1.1, it allows you to include AppleScript and Frontier commands in your HTML pages. How can I use it? Just write the scripts inside the (Applescript)...(/Applescript) or (Usertalk)...(/Usertalk) TAGs, OpenScript execute them and place the result in your HTML page. You can also write nested TAGs in order to use the best commands of both the scripting languages. OpenScript allows you to create powerful dynamic pages with AppleScript and Frontier!! For more information, or to download a free, fully-functional demo of OpenScript 1.0, visit (software section). Thank you for your time, Marco Bambini Marco Bambini,
Jun 19
[NPL] ePoll Survey Software
PRESS RELEASE -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Senecio Software, Inc. Jerry W. Wicks, Ph.D. at (419)352-4371 ( Senecio Software Inc. announces the addition of new online survey research services and Java applets to its line of computer-assisted interviewing software. Bowling Green, Ohio, June 22, 1998 - Senecio Software, Inc. today announced it is shipping ePoll, the public opinion research industry's most advanced web survey package, as part of its growing line of computer assisted interviewing software. This powerful Java applet is the industry's most complete and robust surveying solution, capable of serving complex, adaptive questionnaires over the World Wide Web. In addition to the software, Senecio is also offering online market research services including questionnaire construction, web survey hosting and custom programming services to corporate clients, market research firms and Internet Service Providers seeking to enhance their data...
Jun 19
[NPL] ProVUE Announces Two Day Panorama Conference
ProVUE Announces Two Day Panorama Conference June 19, 1997. ProVUE Development today announced a two day conference for Panorama users to be held later this year. The conference is aimed at all levels of Panorama users, from beginners to developers, and will include 28 hours of in-depth training sessions and a vendor fair (for third party trainers, consultants, and add-on products). Conference attendees will also recieve a special conference CD-ROM, eligibility for product discounts, and of course, a T-shirt. The conference will be held at the Embassy Suites South (near Los Angeles International Airport) on August 31 and September 1st, 1998. For more details ProVUE can be contacted at (800) 966-7878, or check out the conference web site at More detailed information on Panorama, including numerous screen shots and a downloadable demo, may be found at Press inquiries should be directed to: James Rea (714) 841-7779 jim@...
Jun 19
[NPL] DigiChat v1.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Mitchell Martin DigiChat v1.1 Final Now Available June 19, 1998 - ELS, Inc. and Digi-Net Technologies have announced the official release of DigiChat(tm) version 1.1, a JAVA based client/server chat product designed specifically for Web Presence Providers and Educational or Corporate Webmasters. DigiChat's state-of-the-art interface, ease of installation, and simple administrative site management make it the new standard for web-based chat. "DigiChat is the only chat software that lets Internet Presence Providers and Webmasters offer each of their clients the ability to host their own customized, independent and private chat environment for their web sites," said Robert Parker, president of Digi-Net Technologies. "DigiChat features an elegant interface that allows the chat screen to match the look and feel of an individual web site, including the use of custom logos and scrolling advertising banners. Because...
Jun 19
[NPL] Web Surveys for FileMaker
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WAVES IN MOTION RELEASES THE DRAGON, WEB SURVEYS FOR FILEMAKER 4.0 Cross-platform solution builds, administers, and analyzes online surveys. Contact: Vincenzo P. Menanno Company: Waves in Motion E-mail: Web: Sales by WorqSmart: 602-956-7080 USA (602) 956-7080 voice (602) 956-6754 fax Canada (416) 760-9959 voice (416) 760-8849 fax 152 Evelyn Avenue, Suite 101 Toronto, Ontario M6P 2Z7 TORONTO, Canada. June 19, 1998. Building and administering an online survey can test the skills of even the most experienced webmaster. You need to design any number of HTML forms, write the CGIs to accept and process the data, hook everything into your database, and then process the results. Even if you start with a database application like FileMaker 4.0 that's already web-enabled, you still have to build all your questionnaires from scratch, and customize the analysis for every survey you run. Waves In Motion has...
Jun 19
[MD1] NEW NetProfessional Revealed
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Susan Whitney Xplain Corporation 805-494-9797 x105 NETPROFESSIONAL ANNOUNCES JULY/AUGUST LINE-UP -- Professional Journal for Web Developers and Network Administrators Provides Sneak Peek At First Issue Under New Publisher WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. -- June 19, 1998 -- Xplain Corporation, publishers of NetProfessional(tm) magazine, today revealed the editorial line-up of the July/August issue of the magazine, the first since the company acquired publishing rights to the title in March. The print magazine, for web developers and network administrators, is now a technical journal packed with in-depth articles on a variety of current challenges users face, peer-reviewed by experts in the field. The first issue of the NEW NetProfessional (Volume 2, Number 1) is due in print form at Macworld Expo/New York (Developer Central, booth #664), on July 7. Subscribers of the old publication as well as new subscribers should receive it...
Jun 19
[NPL] NEW NetProfessional Revealed
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Susan Whitney Xplain Corporation 805-494-9797 x105 NETPROFESSIONAL ANNOUNCES JULY/AUGUST LINE-UP -- Professional Journal for Web Developers and Network Administrators Provides Sneak Peek At First Issue Under New Publisher WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. -- June 19, 1998 -- Xplain Corporation, publishers of NetProfessional(tm) magazine, today revealed the editorial line-up of the July/August issue of the magazine, the first since the company acquired publishing rights to the title in March. The print magazine, for web developers and network administrators, is now a technical journal packed with in-depth articles on a variety of current challenges users face, peer-reviewed by experts in the field. The first issue of the NEW NetProfessional (Volume 2, Number 1) is due in print form at Macworld Expo/New York (Developer Central, booth #664), on July 7. Subscribers of the old publication as well as new subscribers should receive it...
Jun 18
[NPL] Troi File Plug-in 1.2b2
Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands, June 18, 1998 -- Troi Automatisering announces the availability of Troi File Plug-in 1.2b2, for FileMaker Pro 4.0 both on Macintosh and Windows. This file manipulation plug-in now also can list the contents of folders and open files with other applications. We've added some great examples demonstrating useful techniques (including how to import multiple images). Peter Baanen, company president, states that "The ability to list files in a directory was requested by a lot of users, and opens a lot of new possibilities. We've also removed the startup flash screen, so that you can start up more quickly". This 1.2b2 version differs slightly from the 1.2b1 version (of 12 June). The launch function returns more detailed error codes; you can now also detect if a disk is offline. We invite you to test drive the new functions and see what _you_ can do with it! A fully functional version of this beta version of Troi File Plug-in 1.2b1 is available for...
Jun 18
[NPL] VICOM Internet Gateway Supports T1 Card
PRESS RELEASE VICOM Internet Gateway supports first Macintosh T1 Card T1 Internet Access for Macintosh now available MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 18, 1998 - Vicom Technology today announced that its VICOM Internet Gateway now gives Macintosh users direct T1 access to the Internet when used in conjunction with the Keyspan SMART SERIAL 6 - T1 Edition Card. The VICOM Internet Gateway is Vicom Technology's unique TCP/IP software router for MacOS. When used on a high performance Power Macintosh G3 System, the VICOM Internet Gateway and Keyspan card give full T1 throughput of up to 2Mb/sec providing fast and industrial strength connection to the Internet for an entire LAN. The other computers on the network (LAN clients) gaining access to the Internet through the VICOM Internet Gateway can be of any type including Windows 3.x/95/98/NT, MacOS or UNIX. With the ability to support up to 1,024 LAN clients, the Gateway also includes advanced functions such as NAT / Proxy (sharing of one IP...
Jun 18
[NPL] Web Design Central-Match Companies w/Designers
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Joshua Lippiner Web Design Central 917-754-7882 Announcing Web Design Central, the First Site Created to Match Companies With the Right Website Designer for Their Business Needs Website Designers Join Marketing Forces Roslyn, New York, June 16, 1998 - Over one hundred website designers and developers have joined marketing forces at Web Design Central, a site designed to aid companies in finding the right web designer for their business needs. Through Web Design Central, companies looking to create an Internet presence can contact designers quickly and effortlessly. Web Design Central was created to facilitate the business process of matching website developers to create individual or corporate Internet sites. By completing an on-line form, a company can send out a WebRFP or website design and development request for proposal to up to twenty independent designers. By utilizing Web Design Central, a...
Jun 18
[NPL] AccountMate, IBM & Cisco = Total Solution
Press Release CONTACT: Ben Tse Kevin Dawley (415) 381-1011 x459 (415) 381-6902 Facsimile AccountMate Software, IBM and Cisco Systems Team Up to Provide Friendly Software Applications , Inc. With a Top-flight Internet Sales Order Solution for New York-based Aircraft Parts Company. Visual AccountMate Internet Sales Order + IBM Netfinity 3500 + Cisco's Internet Connection Devices = Total Internet Solution for Metropolitan Aircraft Parts, Inc. MILL VALLEY, CALIF. (June 16, 1998) - AccountMate Software Corporation, IBM and Cisco Systems, Inc. have teamed up to provide small and growing businesses with a convenient, easy-to-use Internet business solution. This very affordable solution consists of Visual AccountMate/SBS Internet Sales Order, IBM's Netfinity 3500 hardware and Cisco System's Networked Office stack. Together, they provide companies conducting business over the Internet with an affordable, productivity-enhancing Internet ordering system. AccountMate's...
Jun 18
[NPL] IBM HomePage Creator
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Rusty Carpenter, (813) 878-3461 E-Mail: IBM HOMEPAGE CREATOR FOR BUSINESS DEBUTS An improved and expanded solution for creating and hosting e-business Web sites NEW YORK CITY, June 16, 1998 -- To help companies take better advantage of the increasing number of consumers buying goods and services on the Internet, IIBM today released a new version of IBM HomePage Creator, a Web site creation and hosting solution featuring updated technology, expanded services and first time availability in Europe. The new version, called IBM HomePage Creator for e-business and located at can help organizations save time and money when developing e-business Web sites. Costing as little as $24.95 per month, the new version features: Easy-to-use technology: Customers build online, using their browser to create the site via a new point and click Java 1.1 interface that provides significantly enhanced performance and usability for...
Jun 17
[NPL] At Once 1.0.7
At Once Version 1.0.7 At Once (for Macintosh) combines desktop protection, application control, and network management in a very affordable package! The desktop protection is unsurpassed in its power, dependability, and flexibility. The application control provides an amazing amount of power and very unique features. The network management covers all the bases, without demanding major hardware resources. While the design is new, At Once inherits years of experience and proven technologies. At Once is only $599 for a building site license, which covers any number of Macs! The At Once Demo includes fully functional software and a complete user guide! (800) 726-5462 (612) 452-4902 fax
Jun 16
[NPL] Script Scheduler 1.02
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Waves in Motion E-mail: Web: USA (602) 956-7080 voice (602) 956-6754 fax Canada (416) 760-9959 voice (416) 760-8849 fax 152 Evelyn Avenue, Suite 101 Toronto, Ontario M6P 2Z7 WAVES IN MOTION RELEASES SCRIPT SCHEDULER 1.0 FOR FILEMAKER New plug-in provides sophisticated control over FileMaker scripts. TORONTO, Canada. June 17, 1998. As every FileMaker developer already knows, you can trigger a script when you open a file, you can trigger a script when you close a file, and that's just about it. Anything else, and you have to rely on manual control or cumbersome applets that tie up you computer and slow down your applications. Script Scheduler is a new FileMaker plug-in from Waves in Motion that does away with these limitations. You can configure Script Scheduler to trigger any script in any file at a scheduled time or at regular intervals. Or even better, you can instruct Script Scheduler to trigger a script...
Jun 16
[MD1] First Turnkey Immersive Imaging Solutions
For Immediate Release Kaidan, Kodak and Live Picture Announce the First Turnkey Immersive Imaging Solutions for Interactive Photography Four new immersive imaging kits offer custom solutions that include Kaidan hardware, a Kodak camera, and Live Picture software. FEASTERVILLE, PA., June 16, 1998 - The leading manufacturer of immersive imaging hardware, Kaidan Incorporated, announced new solutions for creating interactive panoramas and object movies. Created through a collaboration with Kaidan, Kodak Professional, a division of Eastman Kodak, and Live Picture Inc., these four new kits offer the first professional level turnkey solution in this rapidly growing industry. According to Jim Anders, President of Kaidan, "These kits offer a compelling solution for professional photographers, multimedia and web designers, advertising firms, and anyone who wants to utilize the technology that is revolutionizing e-commerce, photography and web design. Now virtually anyone has access to a full...
Jun 16
[NPL] Imagina Acquires NotifyMail
Imagina, Inc. Acquires NotifyMail Expands Presence in Corporate IT Market Portland, Ore. -- Imagina Inc., a developer of Internet software applications, announced today that it has acquired NotifyMail Software, a privately-held company in San Diego, Calif. The company's namesake product, NotifyMail, is an e-mail notification software product designed to work with an organization's mail server. The acquisition allows Imagina to expand its product line of Internet software solutions for corporate customers. At the same time, Imagina expects to quickly increase the current install base of NotifyMail users through its established marketing and distribution channels. Recognized for its Newstand workgroup collaboration tool and Usenet news server software, Imagina develops products which enable organizations to optimize the use of the Internet. The NotifyMail software fits well with Imagina's direction for product development. The core technology in NotifyMail will also serve as a...
Jun 16
[NPL] GoLive Offers Free Personal Edition
GoLive Offers Free Personal Edition to All Attendees With Competitive Packages Next week at the Web Design and Development '98 show, GoLive Systems will give away FREE copies of their $99 CyberStudio Personal Edition to all attendees who bring in their packages of competitive Web authoring tools. Users simply bring the packages to booth #802 in the North Hall to receive their free Personal Edition. GoLive CyberStudio Personal Edition offers professional full layout control and site management functionality. Its an intuitive program that provides everything users need to turn their design skills loose on a single Web page or an entire site. Competitive packages included in the promotion are: Adobe PageMill, BBEdit, Claris Home Page, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Front Page, NetObjects Fusion, and Symantec Visual Page. GoLive will offer the same promotion at Macworld/New York in July. For more information, visit the GoLive Web site at or call 800-554-6638.
Jun 16
[MD1] Special Joy deal to commemorate award
SPECIAL JOY DEAL TO COMMEMORATE AWARD THAT STARTED IT ALL Vienna, 16 June 1998. Five years ago, Steve Jobs joyfully announced that a NEXTSTEP-based application had won first prize in the top category of the 1993 Computerworld Object Application Awards. Inspired from talking with Steve Jobs and rejoicing about winning the award, Sabine and Werner Staringer decided later that evening to found AAA+ Software. The technology evolved into Joy, the company's flagship product. Today, AAA+ celebrates the occasion with a special anniversary offer and surprise gifts. "Back then I headed FML, a university research lab for advanced software technologies. We consequently extended the NEXTSTEP technology. That way we created a pretty cool application. The jury chose us over the numerous C++ and Smalltalk entries. We were delighted. So was Steve", reminiscences Werner Staringer. "Founding AAA+ was a logical step. There were many insanely great ideas floating around FML. It needed a company to turn...
Jun 16
[NPL] HTML Artistry: More than code
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AKIMBO DESIGN PUBLISHES FIRST-OF-A-KIND WEB DESIGN BOOK San Francisco, CA -- HTML ARTISTRY: MORE THAN CODE is the first book to synthesize traditional design process and theory with practical step-by-step web coding techniques. Written by Akimbo Design co-founder, Ardith Ibaez Rigby and Natalie Zee of Frog Design, HTML ARTISTRY offers a new perspective to experienced web developers. The book illustrates that successful web design grows from a balance between a strong sense for graphic design and a solid understanding of web technologies - such as HTML, Dynamic HTML, and JavaScript. Drawing upon the traditional design world, the book profiles leading graphic designers in various media --- from print to packaging to film titles. These designers share their vision about what makes successful, engaging, and fulfilling designs. Featured designers include: Jeffrey Keyton and Tracy Boychuk (MTV), Carol Chen (Sony Music), Terry Green and Nori-Zso Tolson (twenty2product...
Jun 16
[NPL] Analog version 3.0
I am pleased to announce the official release of Analog version 3.0. The release of version 3 coincides with Analog's third birthday yesterday. This is the first official release of Analog 3! This version adds many new features, compared to Analog 2, including 11 new reports, user customizable log formats, hierarchical reports, and much much more. Macintosh versions of Analog are available from: The Analog Home Page: Analog is a program to analyse the logfiles from your web server. It tells you which pages are most popular, which countries people are visiting from, which sites they tried to follow broken links from, etc. It has the following advantages over other similar programs. * It's free! * It's fast Very fast. Analog can uncompress and process 1.5 million logfile lines per minute (on a 266MHz G3, your mileage may vary). That's 1GB of data every 7 minutes! * It's easy to install and run. * Analog can...
Jun 16
[MD1] OpenGraph and GraphBuilder Version 5.0
PRESS RELEASE: OpenGraph and GraphBuilder Version 5.0 CDs Ships For Rhapsody DR2, OpenStep/Mach, and OpenStep Enterprise Enabled Windows NT and Windows 95 VVI Data Control Specialists 311 Adams Avenue State College, PA 16803 USA 814-234-9613 or 888-DCS-OPEN (888-327-6736) 814-234-9614 (FAX); State College, PA USA, 16 June 1998: VVI Data Control Specialists (VVI-DCS) today announced availability of the OpenGraph and GraphBuilder Version 5.0 CDs. Version 5.0 includes many improvements (see and comprehensive data reporting solutions for OpenStep, Rhapsody DR2, and OpenStep Enterprise enabled Windows NT and Windows 95. The CDs include an easy-to-use self-explanatory installer application for both server and client configurations. Each CD is fully compatible with OpenStep/Mach, Windows 95, Windows NT version 4.0, and Rhapsody DR2 and automounts on all those operating systems for easy access. Additional specifications are...
Jun 16
[NPL] PublicSpace 1.5.1
We are pleased to announce that version 1.5.1 (final) of PublicSpace, our group productivity solution for Macintosh networks, is now available from our website. The new release updates contact and support information and fixes some minor bugs. The new version of the system can be downloaded from: More information on PublicSpace is available at: We would greatly appreciate it, if you would consider our product for inclusion in your publication. Below you will find a short description of the PublicSpace system as well as an extented abstract. Thank you for your contribution to the Macintosh community. Frank Reiff __ SHORT DESCRIPTION PublicSpace - Group Productivity for Macintosh PublicSpace is an intranet system designed to make Macintosh workgroups more productive. PublicSpace helps workgroups to communicate and share information, as well as to organise and coordinate their daily work activities. It is ideally...
Jun 16
[NPL] W3C Issues SMIL 1.0 as Recommendation
The World Wide Web Consortium Issues SMIL 1.0 as a W3C Recommendation Cross-Industry Support for Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language, Bringing TV-Like Content to the Web for immediate release -- -- 15 June, 1998 -- Leading the Web to its full potential, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) today released the Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL; pronounced "smile") specification as a W3C Recommendation, representing cross-industry agreement on a wide range of features for putting multimedia presentations on the Web. A W3C Recommendation indicates that a specification is stable, contributes to Web interoperability, and has been reviewed by the W3C Membership, who favor its adoption by the industry. "Synchronized multimedia is becoming increasingly important on the Web. The SMIL Recommendation will enable much-needed interoperability in this area," explained Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and Inventor of the World Wide Web. SMIL enables authors to...
Jun 16
[MD1] Be Announces Next Masters Awards Competition
For more information contact In the U.S. and Pacific: Scott Paterson, +1 (650) 462-4112 In Europe: Jean Calmon, (33) 1 49 06 73 75 BE ANNOUNCES NEXT MASTERS AWARDS COMPETITION Application Developers to Compete for Dual-Processor Intel Pentium Based Personal Computers MENLO PARK, Calif (June 16, 1998) -- Be, Inc. announceD today the next set of Masters Awards are to be awarded on November 18th during the Comdex trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This marks Be's fourth set of Masters Awards in which over fifty awards have been presented including twenty seven dual processor development systems. The Masters Awards is an ongoing contest presented by Be to recognize developers of innovative BeOS applications. Winners in Commercial, Shareware and Freeware, and Student categories will be awarded dual processor Intel Pentium development systems. "The Be operating system is all about the applications that take advantage of its performance." said Alex Osadzinski...
Jun 16
[NPL] Free Update to BeOS Release 3.1
For more information contact In the U.S. and Pacific: Scott Paterson, +1 (650) 462-4112 In Europe: Jean Calmon, +33 (1) 49 06 73 75 Be Provides Free Update to BeOS Release 3.1 Free Download Available to Current BeOS Release 3 Customers MENLO PARK, Calif (June 16, 1998) -- Be, Inc. announced today the release of a free update for current Be Operating System Release 3 customers to BeOS Release 3.1 for both Intel Pentium and PowerPC systems. Effective immediately, all new shipments of the BeOS will include Release 3.1. Current BeOS Release 3 customers may download the free update to Release 3.1 from the Be, Inc. web site ( BeOS Release 3.1 provides support for additional hardware and peripherals and adds the following functionality: DOS FAT File System Support -- Taking advantage of the modular architecture for supporting foreign file systems, an add-on for DOS FAT16 and FAT32 file systems is now included, and complements existing...
Jun 16
[NPL] WebPrint Plus
This announcement is from: Steve Becker, ( MacEase announces the release of WebPrint Plus, a new Mac-only Utility program that is the faster, customizable, and easy way to print, save, and edit information in almost any program. WebPrint Plus provides a highly customizable and easy-to-use interface, snappy performance, multiple online Help options, and many other features. It works especially well with Web browsers because it eliminates the need to print unnecessary text and slow-printing graphics. Some of the additional features incorporated into WebPrint Plus are the ability to group non-contiguous text selections, the option to time and date stamp selections, and the capability to add comments to selected text. All this is accomplished without having to launch a separate application! An innovative interface provides the user with access to all the main features of the program without the need to remember any key combinations. It also offers the user a choice of...
Jun 16
[NPL] Injection 1.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Glucose Releases Injection 1.0 Contact: Gabriel Cheifetz Glucose Development Corporation June 16, 1998-- Glucose Development Corporation today announced the immediate availability of Injection 1.0, a new web publishing tool that automatically adds high-quality META tags to existing web pages. Injection uses natural language algorithms to analyse each individual page in a web site, extracting key words and topics, and then constructs META keyword tags that reflect the content of each page. The newly created META tags are then "injected" into each page. To use Injection, a webmaster simply drops a web page-- or a folder containing an entire web site-- onto Injection. Injection then processes each page in the site, adding META tags as it goes. In addition to producing META keyword tags automatically, Injection also includes a suite of tools that allow the webmaster to specify arbitrary custom META tags for insertion into a site. For...
Jun 16
[MD1] SpriteWorld 2.1.1 Update
An update has been released that brings SpriteWorld 2.1 to version 2.1.1. The update fixes a bug in the scrolling routines where an invalid pointer was used which could cause a crash. All users are encouraged to upgrade. The update is only 135k, and can be downloaded from the SpriteWorld Web page: -Vern
Jun 16
[MD1] Raven 1.4
Raven is a C++ application framework that is, IMO, in many ways superior to both PowerPlant and MacApp. It's free and source code is included. You can find Raven at: ( 1.4.sit) ( 1.4 Examples.sit) The changes in Raven 1.4 are listed below. Jesse Jones Known Bugs: * Stack crawl doesn't have symbol names if virtual memory is on. * DTS has confirmed a bug in the 1.0.1 Appearance Extension: if a window's procID is kWindowModalDialogProc or kWindowAlertProc the window is not actually modal (ie the user can switch out of the app). General Notes: * This release of Raven requires CodeWarrior Pro 3 (there were too many changes required to stay compatible with Pro 2). To port your old Raven code to 1.4 you'll need to do the following: * Make you code namespace savvy. The easiest way to do this is to add the following to your headers: using namespace Raven...
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