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Jul 03
[NPL] Serious Security Hole affecting Tango in NT/IIS
From: Eric Weidl (weidl@INTERSITES.COM) Subject: URGENT: Serious Security Hole affecting Tango in NT/IIS Hello, We have just become aware of a serious security hole in Microsoft's Internet Information Server product. This bug can seriously compromise the security of any web server running IIS including Tango application files. As a developer of web-based applications, Intersites takes this matter very seriously. We have already notified our clients of the problem and taken corrective action to protect TAFs on our servers. In essence, the bug will allow anyone to view the source of any script (i.e. any TAF) running on a web server. As you are probably aware it is easy to view the source code of any static HTML page with a web browser, but it was not possible to view the source code of an application which runs on the server. At least it wasn't believed to be possible. The bug in IIS makes it possible. Because web-based applications typically have passwords embedded in them, having...
Jul 03
[NPL] Navigator Enhancer is freeware now
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Marc Mennigmann releases Navigator Enhancer v1.3 as freeware Iserlohn, Germany -- July 04, 1998 -- Marc Mennigmann today announced the release of the freeware version 1.3 of Navigator Enhancer, an editor for Netscape Navigator's directory buttons. What is Navigator Enhancer? =========================== Navigator Enhancer is an application that works with Netscape Navigator 3.x and under by adding a handy new feature. When Netscape designed its first-generation browsers, it included a layer of directory buttons pointing to services that varied depending on where and how you obtained the browser. The only problem is that Netscape didn't give users a way to edit the title and destinations of those buttons, and most of the time the buttons remained hidden and useless. Navigator Enhancer allows you to edit this information, so you can substitute your favorite Web pages and services for the ones supplied by Netscape. A word of caution, though: make sure you've exited...
Jul 03
[NPL] CE Software Announces New Directory System
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Editorial Contacts Sue Nail CE Software, Inc. (515) 221-1801 ext. 3025 or (605) 235-1991 Available: August, 1998 $99.95 for a 10-user license For more information: CE Software Announces New Directory System for Mac Internet E-mail Server Brings Convenient Central Directory for Contact Information to AppleShare IP and Eudora Internet Mail Server Users West Des Moines, Iowa, July 6, 1998CE Software, Inc., makers of QuickMail, today enhanced the functionality and convenience of Mac OS E-mail systems with a new central directory that stores and updates contact information for an entire organization. Designed to work with AppleShare IP or the Eudora Internet Mail System (EIMS), CE Software's new Mail Directory System for Mac OS maintains up-to-date phone numbers, E-mail addresses and other information about staff, partners and customers. Users can search this data from any directory-enabled E-mail program, including QuickMail...
Jul 02
[MD1] MRJ SDK 2.0.1 (final) POSTED
APPLE BULLETIN: MRJ SDK 2.0.1 (final) POSTED July 1: The MRJ Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of Java development tools for use with the Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ), Apple's Java execution environment. Developers use the MRJ SDK to: * Enable standard Macintosh application written in C or Pascal to embed Java applets, run Java code, and access the Java Runtime through the JManager API. * Incorporate basic Macintosh functionality in Java applications using the MRJToolkit. * Call Java methods from C and C++. * Call native methods from Java using JDirect. * Build stand-alone Java applications using JBindery. * Run Sun JDK tools through a Macintosh application or MPW script. New in MRJ SDK 2.0.1 (final) are updated versions of the Sun JDK Tools and of JBindery. The user interface in JBindery has been simplified, making it easier to package up stand-alone applications. Also included in this release is a set of MPW scripts and an MPW tool that gives access to some of the JDK tools....
Jul 02
[MD1] MindVision Ships Installer VISE 5.5
PRESS RELEASE -- For Immediate Release For more information, contact: (402) 477-3269 product info and screen shots at ( If you do not wish to receive press releases from us, or if you prefer to receive them at a different address, please let us know at ( MINDVISION SHIPS INSTALLER VISE 5.5 Takes software delivery solutions to the next level MindVision today announces the immediate availability of Installer VISE 5.5, a major upgrade to the industry standard Macintosh installer solution. "Not only are our thousands of customers our #1 marketing resource, they are our best source of ideas for new features. Every feature in Installer VISE 5.5 is a result of ideas from our customers," said Steve Kiene, CEO of MindVision. "We are a customer-driven company. With the renewed developer interest in the Macintosh platform, MindVision continues to work harder than ever to produce the best...
Jul 02
[NPL] MacSeek Xchange Becomes MacPromote Xchange
MacSeek Xchange Becomes MacPromote Xchange WWB and MacSeek Xchange team up to create MacPromote Xchange What's it all about? It's a banner exchange, and it's one more way World Without Borders is serving the Mac community. It's a great way for websites dedicated to the Macintosh to swap banners with other Mac web sites. It's simple. you display a banner exchange member's banner on your website, and they'll display yours on their website. It's a 1:1 ratio. Every time you display a banner, you get your banner displayed somewhere. Since it's start, in December 1997, the banner exchange is 100 members strong, swapping over 6700 banners every day. Participating websites can have up to three different banners, and the banners can be changed immediately. - there's no waiting for webmasters to approve your new banner. At least one former #1 site on 'the other' Mac banner exchange has joined MacPromote, as have some other "Top 10" sites. We invite you to visit http://...
Jul 02
[NPL] UMAX Drops Price on Mirage II
UMAX Drops Price on Mirage II Professional Scanner by $800 Now Shipping with MagicScan 4.0 Scanning Control and Image Enhancement Software Fremont, Calif., June 30, 1998 UMAX Technologies, Inc., the U.S. scanner market leader and supplier of imaging and computer technologies, today announced that it reduced the price of the Mirage II professional quality scanner by $800. Originally available for a suggested retail price of $7,295, the Mirage II is now available for $6,495. In addition to new pricing, UMAX has upgraded its software bundle to include MagicScan 4.0, the latest version of its image enhancement and control software. The Mirage II is a large format (A3 size) scanner based on a patented dual-lens design which allows users to choose between two resolution ranges for the flexibility to scan images as small as 35 mm and up to ll.4" x 17". The single-pass, 36-bit scanner increases in-house productivity by providing batch scanning and pre-press capabilities intended for...
Jul 02
[NPL] UMAX Ships MagicScan 4.0
UMAX Ships MagicScan 4.0; Delivers Unrivaled Productivity and Image Quality Challenging Drum Scanners Expert Features and Improved Ease-of-use Delivers Professional Image Quality for Scanner Users at all Levels of Expertise Fremont, CA July 6, 1998 UMAX Technologies Inc., the U.S. scanner market leader and supplier of imaging and computer technologies, began shipping MagicScan 4.0 scanning software which combines comprehensive manual controls and powerful image acquisition and enhancement features. MagicScan offers sophisticated color tools designed to meet the 'by-the-numbers' demands of professional graphic designers, photographers and prepress professionals. In addition, automated expert features empower less experienced users with the ability to achieve professional-quality results. The software ships with the high-end, PowerLook and Mirage professional series of flatbed scanners. "In the flatbed scanner market, software is critical in obtaining high-quality scans," said John...
Jul 02
[MD1] DevDepot's 4th of July Blow Out Sale: July 3 - 5
DevDepot'S 4TH OF JULY BLOW OUT SALE: JULY 3 - JULY 5 DevDepot is your online source for programming and developer tools. To celebrate the 4th of July, we're knocking an extra 10% off of our already low prices--this weekend only! To qualify for the 10% off you need to order via e-mail, fax, or on our convenient web site. That's it--any order you place via any of these ways AUTOMATICALLY qualifies you. (Due to the overwhelming response expected, we cannot take phone orders at the discount price. If you need to speak to us by phone, send us an e-mail with your phone number and we will call you--and you will still qualify for the discount). on the Web at: via e-mail at: or via fax to: 805/494-9798 Hurry and pay us a visit at ( and take advantage of our 4th of July sale, it's a limited time offer! (Orders must be received by midnight, July 5, 1998 to qualify) MEDIA CONTACT: Nick DeMello (...
Jul 02
IDG's MACWORLD Expo - the Creative World to Offer Professionals In-Depth Technical Training Through Macworld/Pro Seminar Tailored to the 56 percent of attendees from creative sector NEW YORK -- Creative professionals attending next week's MACWORLD Expo - the Creative World will get the chance to attend the acclaimed Macworld/Pro conference, a technologically intensive professional development seminar series lead by creative professionals for creative professionals. In addition to Macworld/Pro, MACWORLD Expo - the Creative World will offer a pre-show day-long conference focusing on very specific topics such as digital creativity and networking. Both the Macworld/Pro and the pre-show conference are designed specifically for creative professionals from the new media, advertising, design, arts, entertainment and publishing industries who derive benefit from in-depth training courses in which they learn new techniques and tricks applicable to their everyday jobs. A pre-show survey by IDG...
Jul 02
IDG's MACWORLD Expo - the Creative World to Offer Professionals In-Depth Technical Training Through Macworld/Pro Seminar Tailored to the 56 percent of attendees from creative sector NEW YORK -- Creative professionals attending next week's MACWORLD Expo - the Creative World will get the chance to attend the acclaimed Macworld/Pro conference, a technologically intensive professional development seminar series lead by creative professionals for creative professionals. In addition to Macworld/Pro, MACWORLD Expo - the Creative World will offer a pre-show day-long conference focusing on very specific topics such as digital creativity and networking. Both the Macworld/Pro and the pre-show conference are designed specifically for creative professionals from the new media, advertising, design, arts, entertainment and publishing industries who derive benefit from in-depth training courses in which they learn new techniques and tricks applicable to their everyday jobs. A pre-show survey by IDG...
Jul 01
[NPL] Visaj 2.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Editorial Contacts: Derek Lambert, President and CEO Imperial Software Technology +44 118 958 7055 or 650/688 0200 Stephanie Hart, Public Relations Associate Imperial Software Technology 650/688 0200 IMPERIAL SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY LAUNCHES VISAJ(TM) 2.0 FOR JAVA(TM) Powerful New Version Now Shipping with Extensive Visual Editors, Event 'Hot- Wiring', Swing Support and Bridge from Motif London, July 1, 1998 - Imperial Software Technology (IST) today announced Visaj 2.0, a major new version of its visual application builder for Java. Visaj 2.0 is written entirely in Java and runs on all platforms, including UNIX, Windows NT, Windows 95 and the Apple Macintosh. Visaj 2.0 incorporates an extensive and unique level of support for Sun Microsystems Java Foundation Class (JFC) Swing components, a new rich set of layout editors, an image editor, graphical 'hot-wiring...
Jul 01
[NPL] Timeslips Deluxe
Contact: Marty Hoag, Public Relations Manager Sage U.S. Inc. Phone 972-818-3900, ext. 2724 Fax 972-248-0850 SAGE U.S., INC. TO DEMONSTRATE TIMESLIPS DELUXE FOR THE MAC V5 AT MACWORLD '98-TEMPLATES INCLUDED FOR AD AGENCIES, LEGAL AND OTHER SERVICE PROFESSIONALS DALLAS, TX - Sage U.S., Inc. will demonstrate Timeslips Deluxe For The Mac Version 5.0 in the Sage U.S., Inc. booth #1547 at MacWorld, being held July 6-10 at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. Timeslips is the best-selling and most award-winning time and billing software for service professionals who track and bill their time. Released in November 1997, Timeslips Deluxe For The Mac Version 5 is a comprehensive time and billing program designed to help small and medium sized companies account for professional time and expenses, produce customized billing and generate vital management reports that support budgeting and accounting processes. Upon start-up, Timeslips Deluxe For The Macintosh Version 5...
Jul 01
[NPL] WebPainter 3 Unveiled at MacWorld
Totally Hip Software, Inc. Corporate Communications: 604-685-6525 ext. 224 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dynamic New WebPainter 3 Unveiled at MacWorld Developers at Totally Hip Software have added advanced features to WebPainter 3, preparing it for a greater role in Web and multimedia presentations. NEW YORK, NEW YORK 8 JULY 1998 Totally Hip Software Inc. (ASE:THW) of Vancouver, British Columbia, today introduced its new WebPainter 3 animation software for Macintosh computers at MacWorld Expo, in New York, saying it has added features that make in even more powerful, more advanced, yet even easier to use than its award-winning predecessor WebPainter 2. Company officials describe WebPainter 3 as the first software tool to focus on using animation and graphics to increase the effectiveness of communication. Whether your message is delivered through your Web site or through a digital presentation, WebPainter 3 gives everyone the ability to...
Jul 01
[NPL] SnapMail Returns to Original Authors
For Immediate Release Newtown, Connecticut July 1, 1998 SnapMail Returns to Original Authors Glass Bead Software today announced the re-acquisition of their SnapMail e-mail package from Casady and Greene, Inc., and the immediate release of SnapMail 2.5, which increases stability and introduces drag-and-drop text and the ability to send and receive styled and colored text. Glass Bead will provide technical support via their web site at, and will continue to release compelling upgrades to SnapMail that support core Mac OS technologies. The software will now be sold as shareware. Until September 1, SnapMail is available for the introductory price of $15 per user ($10 per user for educational institutions and charitable non-profits). A 100-user, 21-day demo is available on the SnapMail web site. About SnapMail: SnapMail is a popular peer-to-peer distributed e-mail and chat application for the Macintosh and Power Macintosh. It was created in 1991 by Glass...
Jul 01
[MD1] Tools Plus 4.0
Tools Plus Delivers Boost to MacOS Developers ````````````````````````````````````````````` OAKVILLE, Ontario--July 1, 1998--Macintosh developers were given a boost today as Water's Edge Software announced general availability of Tools Plus 4.0 libraries and framework, a major upgrade to their premier MacOS development tools. The newest version features major advancements in simplifying Appearance Manager support and in easing the migration of MacOS applications to Apple's newly announced next-generation operating system, MacOS X (ten). Water's Edge reported that Tools Plus now provides a level of Appearance Manager programming ease that is unmatched by other tools because of several key differentiators: - Programmers use a single set of intuitive Tools Plus routines to work with both the Appearance Manager's controls and their equivalent non-Appearance counterparts - Existing applications can be easily updated to take advantage of the Appearance Manager's extended set of...
Jul 01
[NPL] Keyspan IR card
Macworld Expo, NY - July 8, 1998 - Keyspan, the leading supplier of PCI communications cards for Mac OS today announced its Keyspan IR card. The Keyspan IR Card is a "first-of-its-kind" PCI card that enables a Macintosh to communicate via infrared with televisions, VCRs, DVD players, CD changers and other home theater components. The Keyspan IR card opens the door to an entire new use for the home-based Macintosh. To retail for under $300, the Keyspan IR card will be on display at Keyspan's booth (#1724) during Macworld Expo. Evaluation units will be available in mid-July with product release set for mid-August 1998. The Keyspan IR Card will at first be sold through OEM channels to manufacturers and custom designers in the home theater industry. The Keyspan IR Card will also be available to consumers who are interested in constructing their own Macintosh-controlled home theater and home automation solutions. Controllable via Applescript, C and C++, users can write their own programs...
Jun 30
[MD1] InstallerMaker 5.0
Media Contacts: Jennifer Lyng or Nicole Rowland (408) 761-6200 ALADDIN SYSTEMS SHIPS INSTALLERMAKER 5.0 - POWERFUL NEW FEATURES CREATE COMPLEX INSTALLERS WITH EASE InstallerMaker 5.0 Now Supports Hierarchical Packages And Sub-Level Assignments Watsonville, CA -June 30, 1998- Aladdin Systems, Inc., developer and publisher of the software distribution and installation standard StuffIt InstallerMaker(tm), today shipped InstallerMaker 5.0. Version 5.0 separates packages under hierarchy for custom install and assigns conditions, actions and packages to files and folders deep within the installer archive. Now, utilizing custom installs is easy and painless. "InstallerMaker's newest enhancements are exciting developers who want options and ease-of-use in their software development," said Pauline Shumake, InstallerMaker product manager. "With the addition of hierarchical packages and sub-level assignments, InstallerMaker 5.0 is the developer's solution for their customers'...
Jun 30
[MD1] Just StuffIt for Share/Freeware Developers
MEDIA CONTACTS: Jennifer Lyng and Nicole Rowland email: (408) 761-6200 ALADDIN SYSTEMS ANNOUNCES THE JUST STUFFIT DEVELOPERS PROGRAM FOR SHAREWARE AND FREEWARE DEVELOPERS Aladdin Supports Shareware And Freeware Developers With Special Marketing Opportunities Watsonville, CA - June 30 1998- Aladdin Systems announced today the "Just StuffIt(tm) Developers Program" for shareware and freeware developers. The Just StuffIt Developers Program is a unique marketing opportunity designed to provide added exposure, broaden software distribution, and ease the financial burden of product development for shareware and freeware developers. "The Just StuffIt Developers Program is founded on Aladdin's commitment to the shareware and freeware philosophy of software development," said Jonathan Kahn, vice president of sales and business development. "This program supports dynamic and integral players in the software industry by offering new marketing opportunities to help build...
Jun 30
[NPL] PowerMail 2.0.2 ships; demo available
CTM Development is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PowerMail 2.0.2. Your are receiving this message because you once expressed some interest in our new email application for Macintosh. All pending orders have been already been shipped electronically. If you need immediate access to the commercial release of PowerMail in order to continue working, you can now purchase it for US$49, directly from: // Demo version now available: If you just want to try out PowerMail ("kicking the tires") we now have a demonstration version which is NOT time-limited: you may use it as long as you wish. Download it from: The only restriction is that whenever a PowerMail database contains more than 200 items, PowerMail Demo will not allow you to add new messages to the database; you will at that point need to empty some messages from the database or create a new PowerMail files folder. The advantage of this...
Jun 30
[NPL] Netscape NetCenter 2.0 Portal Site
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jody Kramer (650) 937-3989 NETSCAPE NETCENTER 2.0 PORTAL SITE LIVE TODAY FOR MILLIONS OF INTERNET USERS Expanded Site Provides Essential Consumer Portal Services, Receives Excellent User Feedback In Beta Testing MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (June 30, 1998) -- Netscape Communications Corporation (NASDAQ:NSCP) today announced the availability of its redesigned and expanded Netscape Netcenter portal site. "Netscape Netcenter 2.0" will include seventeen content channels, a set of leading-edge services including new Netscape-branded Search, SmartUpdate, Software Download, WebMail (scheduled for release in beta later this week) and Member Directory. Netcenter 2.0 also includes an innovative, new integrated navigation scheme that brings together Netcenter content and services to make the site very easy to use. Also scheduled for roll-out soon for Netscape Netcenter and Netscape Communicator client software are Netscape Smart Browsing, a new way...
Jun 29
[NPL] Strategic Focus Evaluates Major Web App Dev Tools
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For additional information contact: Jay Prakash Ph: 408-942-1500 Fax: 408-262-1786 e-mail: STRATEGIC FOCUS COMPLETES LAB EVALUATIONS OF FOUR MAJOR WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT TOOLS: NetDynamics 4.0, VisualAge for Java 1.0, Developer/2000 2.0 & WebObjects 3.5 June 29, 1998 Milpitas, CA.. Strategic Focus, a Software Evaluation and Market Research firm based in Milpitas, California announced today the completion of the hands on laboratory evaluations of four major Web application development tools - NetDynamics 4.0, IBM's VisualAge for Java 1.0, Oracle's Developer/2000 2.0 and Apple Computer's WebObjects 3.5. The evaluations were conducted by professional software developers who built the same Web based Order Entry application with each of the tools. The tools were tested on a detailed set of criteria which included Developer Productivity, Performance, Ease of Use, Server Side Features, Client Side Features,...
Jun 29
[NPL] Insider UpdateAgent 2.6
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Larry Kettler Insider Software 760-804-9900 INSIDER UPDATEAGENT 2.6 SHIPS WITH NEW NAME, ONE-TIME EDITION AND LOWER PRICES Leading Macintosh Software Updater Now Has Three Flexibly-Priced Editions June 30, 1998 [Carlsbad, CA] Insider Software today announced the availability of Insider UpdateAgent 2.6, the product formerly known as Insider Updates, a new version that includes performance enhancements, interface improvements, and tight integration with Insider's web site In addition to its existing Standard and CD Editions, the new release includes a new Limited Edition that updates all the applications on a Macintosh system one time for only $12.95 US. LIMITED EDITION UPDATES ALL SOFTWARE ON A MACINTOSH FOR $12.95 The new, Limited Edition offers the full functionality of Insider UpdateAgent, scanning a Macintosh system's hard drives for all application and operating system files, then retrieving new versions of outdated files...
Jun 29
[MD1] MacA&D 6.2 Software Design Tools
MacA&D 6.2 Software Design Tools MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa, June 29, 1998 --- Excel Software is pleased to announce availability of major upgrades to its software engineering products for Macintosh. MacA&D supports system analysis, requirements specification, software design and code generation for a wide range of software engineering methods and notations. Version 6.2 adds a new contents view for diagram editors, enhanced color support and automated inheritance graphs for object-oriented designs. MacA&D is now available in the Standard, Desktop, Educational and Developer editions to fit the needs of independent developers, educational institutions and large scale development teams. MacA&D supports diagram editors for data models, class models, state models, object models, structure models, task models and screen models. Each diagram editor has a contents view that can be shown or hidden. The contents view represents each diagram as a folder icon with a list of diagram...
Jun 29
[NPL] Web Confidential 1.0 Release
29 June 1998 -- Macintosh software developer Alco Blom announced the introduction today of Web Confidential, his latest offering of Macintosh software. Web Confidential is an intuitive, easy-to-use program for managing user IDs, passwords, registration numbers, and the like. Thanks to the use of a number of advanced features of the Mac operating system, Web Confidential can be used in close conjunction with popular Mac Internet software, such as Netscape Navigator, Explorer and Eudora. While Web Confidential is suitable for a wide variety of personal data, from creditcard numbers to serial numbers, Alco Blom designed Web Confidential particularly for the World Wide Web in mind. "Increasing numbers of Web sites maintain some form of user registration," points out Blom. "You may not realize it, but in the course of time you may registered at a couple of dozen sites. Do you remember the passwords you entered for all of them?" Web Confidential allows Web surfers to store URLs, user IDs,...
Jun 29
[NPL] Rebound! 1.1 Now Includes Logging
Media Contact: Naomi Pearce Pearce Communications 510/528-0824 SOPHISTICATED CIRCUITS ANNOUNCES SOFTWARE UPDATE FOR REBOUND!(tm) -- Auto-Restart ADB Device Software Now Includes Logging -- BOTHELL, Wash., June 29, 1998 -- Sophisticated Circuits, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of Rebound! 1.1, an incremental update of the PowerKey Rebound!(tm) software which logs the number of times it automatically restarts the CPU after both application and system crashes as well as the date/time of the last restart. The Rebound! 1.1 Update accompanies the company's announcement of the public availability of Rebound!, previously available exclusively with WebSTAR 3.0, the leading Web server on the Macintosh platform (see related release dated 6.29.98). Rebound! is available today for a street price of $99 at ( "Some system administrators set up their systems to page them when Rebound! restarts a machine," said Jonathan Feinstein of...
Jun 29
[NPL] Rebound! Available to All
Media Contact: Naomi Pearce Pearce Communications 510/528-0824 SOPHISTICATED CIRCUITS ANNOUNCES REBOUND! NOW AVAILABLE TO GENERAL PUBLIC -- Auto-Restart ADB Device Ensures Server Reliability, Automatically -- BOTHELL, Wash., June 29, 1998 -- Sophisticated Circuits today announced Rebound!(tm) is now available to the general public. Previously available exclusively with WebSTAR 3.0, the leading Web server on the Macintosh platform, Rebound! is the newest member of the PowerKey family of products which continuously monitors an active server for failures and, when necessary, automatically reboots the system by sending the keyboard restart key sequence. A highly integrated hardware/software solution, Rebound! provides a fully automated system for ensuring reliability and optimal up-time for Mac OS-based servers worldwide. Rebound! is now available to the general public for a street price of $99 at ( "Every well-designed web site or...
Jun 27
[NPL] Storeys 1.2.B5, The 3D Spreadsheet
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: - - June 25, 1998 - - Storeys 1.2.B5 comprising enhanced language-handling: ProFunda is happy to announce the shipping of version 1.2.5b of its new 3-D spreadsheet Storeys, in which you can make use of various languages while working with your spreadsheet documents. Storeys supports WorldScript: Storeys 1.2.B5 supports WorldScript - meaning again, that it supports multiple languages, scripts and Apple Language Kits - permitting you to use e.g. two-byte characters as in Chinese, Korean or Japanese languages in your documents. Take full advantage of WorldScript functionality: In Storeys 1.2.B5 you can use various languages in the same document - you can even mix two-byte-characters with roman characters in the same cells, creating true multilingual documents. Help us: Please download Storeys 1.2.B5 from and help us primarily evaluate the language handling and send us your comments about the decimal point alignment too....
Jun 27
[NPL] Digital University's New Courses
June 26, 1998 PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Lynn Macias, (650) 583-4923 NEW COURSES START JULY 20TH AT DIGITAL UNIVERSITY Registration is currently being accepted for professional courses on Multimedia, Graphic Design, and Business & Management. Digital University uses an approach designed to help busy professionals enhance their abilities anywhere, anytime and on-demand. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection with a web browser. The University's four-week courses, which begin July 20, start at $50 each and are taught by professionals with classroom and university teaching experience, as well as strong backgrounds in the new media industry. Course offerings include Photoshop, JavaScript, HTML, VRML, Internet Security, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office and more. Courses repeat every five weeks. View our course catalog on our site ( and choose one or several classes to enhance your career or personal development. Courses are available...
Jun 27
[NPL] BeyondPress 4.0
Announcing Extensis BeyondPress 4.0 The Award-winning Quark-to-HTML XTension from Extensis * Convert Quark to HTML & DHTML with one click * Compatible with QuarkXPress 3.31 & 4.0 * Receive PhotoAnimator FREE! with each copy of BeyondPress Extensis BeyondPress 4.0 is the latest version of our award-winning XTension that takes your Quark documents to the web - in no time. BeyondPress preserves the layout of your Quark documents in HTML tables or DHTML for cutting-edge design. Create animated GIFs with your FREE copy of Extensis PhotoAnimator (a $99 value). Then drag the animated GIFs into your Quark layout and see them displayed live inside QuarkXPress. Plus, add hyperlinks, image maps, and more - right in QuarkXPress. Extensis BeyondPress - It's the best way to take Quark to the Web. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Order BeyondPress 4.0 for only $499.95 AND get Extensis PhotoAnimator - FREE! (a $99 value) To...
Jun 26
[NPL] MAGMA PCI Expansion for PowerBooks
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MAGMA Announces PCI Expansion for the Apple PowerBook G3 Series San Diego, CA: MAGMA announced that their three and seven slot PCI expansion systems are now compatible with the G3 Series PowerBooks from Apple. A MAGMA PCI expansion system adds PCI slots to Apple's PowerBook.G3 Series in a separate enclosure. The portable 3 slot PCI expansion system is an ideal solution for users who need more PCI slots, but do not want to deal with a bulky full size expansion system. The 7 slot system is an ideal solution for users who need more than three slots to get the most out of their portable computer. This product is essential for PowerBook users who need their portable computer to function like a desktop or tower Mac. PowerBook G3 customers now have the freedom to attach practically anything to their portable computer, including video cards, digital video editing board sets, multiple graphics accelerators, fast ethernet cards, PC compatibility cards, RAID arrays and more...
Jun 26
[MD1] Resorcerer 2.2 Update -- Free
PRESS RELEASE -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Editor's Contact: Doug McKenna Mathemaesthetics, Inc. PO Box 298, Boulder, CO 80306 USA (303) 440-0707 (vox) (303) 440-0504 (fax) Email: Website: FREE RESORCERER 2.2 UPDATE -------------------------- Premiere Mac OS Resource Editor Adds Support for Appearance Manager Controls, Alias Editing, Single-Instruction PowerPC Disassembly, Voodoo Source Code Control for File Comparison Scripting, and More. BOULDER, COLORADO, USA: Mathemaesthetics, Inc. has released a new version of Resorcerer, its PowerPC native replacement resource editor for Apple Computer's venerable ResEdit. "We continue to enhance Resorcerer with both Apple- and developer-requested features," said Doug McKenna, president of Mathemaesthetics, Inc. "It has been gratifying for us that new sales of this important Mac OS development tool for the first five months of 1998 have been significantly better than the...
Jun 26
[MD1] (Un)official Macworld Events Site
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Ilene Hoffman, MS Macintosh/ Internet Consultant and Writer, Boston area 323 West St., Needham, MA 02494 Press Releases to: The Hess Macworld Party and Events Web Site is ready for public consumption with a new look. Please make sure YOUR listing is on the only web page with a large pass-along readership, as everyone prints out the pages and carries it with them at the show. A number of parties and press events have been added to the pages today. Companies wishing to advertise to the large, yet select, group of show buyers should contact me as soon as possible. Banner ad information will be forwarded upon request. Banner advertising and press / party entries will be accepted through July 4th, at which time the site will be considered complete. (Minor adjustments will be made during the show week.) The web site will contain every party and press function scheduled during MacWorld week in New York, July 7th through July 10th. (Some events...
Jun 26
[MD1] Joy Services for Rhapsody DR2
For immediate release. AAA+ SOFTWARE SHIPS JOY SERVICES FOR RHAPSODY DR2 --- Free scripting application now available for DR2 Vienna, June 26, 1998. AAA+ Software announces the release of Joy Services 1.0/DR2 for Rhapsody Developer Release 2. This software is free. Users can enhance their work environment by implementing short Joy scripts. Corresponding menu items are added to Rhapsody's Services menu. No other developer tools are required. Joy Services 1.0/DR2 is for use with Rhapsody DR2 only. For other Yellow Box platforms Joy Services 1.0 is the current version. Joy Services are free. Joy Services require the Joy frameworks. These are part of the commercial Joy package. Just download and install it. There is no need to purchase a Joy license key to use Joy Services. Joy Services 1.0/DR2 comes with a small collection of example services. Among them: Files/Copy Paths Copies the full pathnames of the selected files to the pasteboard. Files/Group in...
Jun 26
[NPL] Funnel Web 2.0 preview release
From: Darren Williams ( Subject: Funnel Web 2.0 preview release Active Concepts today released the first preview release of Funnel Web 2.0 the complete Web analysis solution. Funnel Web 2.0 will be officially launched at MacWorld on July 8 and will offer significant new features to extend the power of web analysis beyond current standards. For the first time Funnel Web will support a host of new features such as multilingual reporting, full archiving and compression using Stuffit and Gzip and support a number of post processing features such as FTP transfers and email notification. A full announcement and detailed specifications will be released at MacWorld. All current users will receive a free upgrade to 2.0 and until July 8. After July 8 Funnel Web will be priced at $249 and $499 for the standard and professional versions. A preview release is now available for download from -- Active Concepts
Jun 26
[MD1] MacHack's Best Hack Contest Results
Contact: Expotech, Inc. 1264 Bedford Rd. Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230-1116 Phone: (313) 882-1824 E-mail: Web: The MacHax(tm) Group announces the results from the Twelfth Annual Best Hack Contest at MacHack '98. In its thirteenth year, MacHack convened one minute after midnight on June 20 for another solid 72 hours of hacking, networking, and other worthy endeavors (often with little or no sleep). The conference opened at midnight with a keynote by Chris Espinosa, whose 21 year career at Apple started when he was 14. Very little hacking was observed during Chris' three hour talk, but it was observed shortly afterwards, and continued even past midnight two nights later as the Hack Show began. Interesting, unusual, unexpected, and often entertaining software written by MacHack attendees are shown by their authors, usually over the course of several hours. This year's Hack Show lasted about four hours. After each show, the contest sponsors stay up...
Jun 25
[NPL] Automated XML in Tango Enterprise
EveryWare Introduces Automated XML in Tango Enterprise Demonstrates SQL to XML Intranet Publishing with Microsoft Internet Explorer Toronto, Canada--June 25, 1998--EveryWare Development Inc. (ASE:EVE) the leading developer of cross platform software for the construction and analysis of dynamic Web applications, today introduced automated XML functionality, code-named Generation X, in its industry leading Web application development environment, Tango Enterprise 3.1. Tango Generation X, currently available in Tango Enterprise 3.1, allows developers to visually build Web applications that generate XML on the fly from business logic and data values in corporate databases. EveryWare has created an Intranet publishing application built with Tango Generation X that automatically generates custom XML information channels which conform to Microsoft's Channel Definition Format (CDF), an XML application in Internet Explorer 4.0. The demonstration is online at (
Jun 25
[MD1]'s Web site is now open -- ( While you're there, you can sign up for one or more of their free mailing lists: News -- news about us and our press releases Geoff's Gems -- high tech investor & entrepreneur news Bozosity of the Day -- examples of bozosity all around us Stories from Hell -- lessons learned from those who've been there Accounting & Consulting -- articles and Q&A from Coopers & Lybrand Commercial Banking -- articles and Q&A from Silicon Valley Bank Investment Banking -- articles and Q&A from DMG Technology Group Law -- articles and Q&A from Venture Law Group Venture Capital -- articles and Q&A from Advanced Technology Ventures Soapbox -- articles and Q&A from me and Rich Karlgaard You can sign up for these lists here: ( And don't forget your soft-wear (hats & T-shirts): ( Thank you very...
Jun 25
[NPL] QuickTime Powered Image Editor/Browser
New QuickTime 3.0 Powered IMAGE EDITOR / BROWSER Released TORONTO - June 25, 1998 - Lakewood Software today released QT Gallery 1.0, a QuickTime 3.0-savvy image editor and graphic design tool for the Power Macintosh. Incorporating externals published by WetWare Inc., QT Gallery integrates full support for QuickTime 3.0's image import options, editing filters, and transition effects. The software can be effectively used to browse and edit images saved in a variety of popular formats, including PICT, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and Photoshop. For a limited time, QT Gallery 1.0 is specially priced at $29.95 U.S., 40% off the regular list price of $49.95 U.S. Users can create customized transitions for slide shows and apply QuickTime editing filters to images. Transition effects include: Cross Fade, Explode, Implode, Iris, Push, Slide, Wipe, Matrix Wipe, and Radial. Filter operations include: RGB Balance, HSL Balance, Tint, Blur, Sharpen, Color Edge, B&W Edge, Emboss, Solarize, and Convolve....
Jun 25
[NPL] FileMaker Pro Windows 98 Ready
FileMaker Pro Database Software Is Windows 98 Ready SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- June 25, 1998 -- FileMaker, Inc., today announced that its customers can enjoy the benefits of Windows 98 with its award-winning database application, FileMaker Pro 4.0. In addition, FileMaker Pro 4.0 Developer Edition, an essential toolkit for rapid development and deployment of FileMaker Pro solutions, which recently began shipping, also bears the "Designed for Windows 98 and Windows NT logo." FileMaker products are compatible with Windows 98 so customers wishing to upgrade or that buy new PCs with Windows 98 can still use or purchase FileMaker products and have compatibility with the Windows 98 operating system. "We're pleased that FileMaker Pro users are able to take advantage of the benefits of Windows 98 and are pleased to have worked with FileMaker to ensure the compatibility of their award winning software with Windows 98," said Rob Bennett, group product manager at Microsoft Corp. FileMaker Pro 4.0...
Jun 25
[NPL] FirepoWWWer Bundle
For Immediate Release: CLEARWAY ANNOUNCES "FIREPOWWWER" ACCELERATION BUNDLE FOR MAC WEB SERVERS -- "FirepoWWWer" Bundle Combines Two High-Power Web Server Acceleration Packages At a Special Reduced Price; Offer Good Through Macworld Expo -- Boston, June 25, 1998 -- ClearWay Technologies today announced the FirepoWWWer Bundle which includes both FireSite Web Site Accelerator and ClearWay NITRO PowerPlug. FireSite can host more than twice as many high-speed Web sites as WebSTAR alone, and NITRO accelerates all WebSTAR plug-ins up to 200% or more. Together, FireSite and NITRO deliver the maximum Web server performance for the professional Webmaster. Through Macworld Expo, ClearWay is offering the FirepoWWWer Bundle at savings from $200 to $400 off list prices. Free demos are available immediately from: ( "WebSTAR is great platform to build on. With the FirepoWWWer Bundle users can really boost server performance where it matters by increasing their...
Jun 25
[NPL] Creating Dazzling Web Graphics Book
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Andy Shafran, 513-794-1912 Media Review Copies Available E-Mail: TO: Mr. Raines Cohen Editor Net Professional Creating Dazzling Web Graphics That Work Everyone with a web page knows that a picture says a thousands words. Attractive quick loading original graphics lure and direct visitors through the flow of the message. Web page functionality and ease of use hinge on the balance and blending of text and color graphics. Navigation, interaction, feedback -- the essential elements of success in this multidirectional communication medium must all come together -- harmonize with the presentation of graphics and text. Graphics performance are important to customers and visitors. The key is to create a graphical impression that offers a pleasant visual virtual experience and complements your abilities and purpose. You don't have to hire a high-priced graphic artist. You can do it yourself with the newest edition of "Creating...
Jun 24
[NPL] MacComCenter Plus v3.0
Smith Micro Software: S&S Public Relations, Inc.: Investor Contact: Press Contact: Bruce Quigley Melissa Rabin 714/362-2308 (Phone) 415-956-1180 (Phone) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SMITH MICRO SOFTWARE RELEASES MacComCenter PLUS v3.0 Fully Integrated Fax, Voice & Data Communications Package for the Macintosh Now Supports Global Village Modems, Fax-on-Demand, Paging and More ALISO VIEJO, CA -- Smith Micro Software, Inc. (Nasdaq NMS: SMSI) today announced the release of MacComCenter Plus Version 3.0, the latest edition of its fully integrated fax, voice and data communications software for Macintosh computer users. With the release of MacComCenter Plus v3.0, Smith Micro is once again demon-strating its commitment to supporting the Apple platform by providing Macintosh users with a cutting-edge solution for many of their desktop communications needs. In particular, the new version of MacComCenter Plus includes support for modems built by...
Jun 24
[NPL] Big Board FM
FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Steve Wilmes Consulting, Inc. announces the release of Big Board FM, a web based forum for PC and Macs running FileMaker Pro 4.0 Minneapolis, MN, USA--June 24, 1998--Steve Wilmes Consulting, Inc. today announces the release of Big Board FM, their Web based forum software for FileMaker 4.0. The product is the second in the Big Board family. A previous version runs only on Macs and needs both a web server and Lasso 2.5 in addition to FileMaker Pro 4.0. Big Board FM needs only FileMaker Pro 4.0. "This version of Big Board brings hosting of discussion forums to the masses" says Steve Wilmes, President of Steve Wilmes Consulting, Inc. "Just about anyone with FileMaker Pro 4.0 can host a discussion forum that just about anyone with a browser can access. Using the built in web serving/database integration of FileMaker 4.0, we were able to give people 80% of the features of our original Big Board product. Then we built in some new features and found a large speed...
Jun 23
[MD1] BBEdit 4.5.3 Update
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Sandra Schneible, 781-687-0700, Bare Bones Software Releases BBEdit 4.5.3 Update Latest update brings changes to FTP tool behavior and more Bedford, MA--June 23, 1998--Bare Bones Software, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of version 4.5.3 of BBEdit(tm), the company's award-winning text and HTML editor. The update, which is free to all registered owners of BBEdit 4.5, can be obtained directly from Bare Bones Software's Web site ( or from mirror sites as given by ( This update features enhancements to support for the built-in FTP tool, as well as improvements to the "Find Differences" functionality and fixes for some problems reported from the field. Pricing & Availability The BBEdit 4.5.3 update is available free of charge to all current BBEdit 4.5, 4.5.1 and 4.5.2 customers. Registered customers with previous versions of BBEdit...
Jun 23
[NPL] BBEdit 4.5.3 Update
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Sandra Schneible, 781-687-0700, Bare Bones Software Releases BBEdit 4.5.3 Update Latest update brings changes to FTP tool behavior and more Bedford, MA--June 23, 1998--Bare Bones Software, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of version 4.5.3 of BBEdit(tm), the company's award-winning text and HTML editor. The update, which is free to all registered owners of BBEdit 4.5, can be obtained directly from Bare Bones Software's Web site ( or from mirror sites as given by ( This update features enhancements to support for the built-in FTP tool, as well as improvements to the "Find Differences" functionality and fixes for some problems reported from the field. Pricing & Availability The BBEdit 4.5.3 update is available free of charge to all current BBEdit 4.5, 4.5.1 and 4.5.2 customers. Registered customers with previous versions of BBEdit...
Jun 23
[NPL] Perl Conference 2.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 23, 1998 CONTACT: Sara Winge, 707/829-0515 x285, More information at PERL CONFERENCE 2.0 GETS REAL: SIX USERS TO WIN $1000 EACH, AND A THOUSAND CAN MEET A GURU Sebastopol, CA--Perl, the popular open source programming language, boasts a passionate and active community using and supporting it around the world. So it makes sense that O'Reilly & Associates, presenting Perl Conference 2.0, is tapping into the expertise and enthusiasm of Perl programmers themselves to provide some of the excitement for the Perl community's second annual conference, August 17-20 in San Jose, California. Complete conference information including online registration is available at, and the deadline for early registration discounts is July 3. A highlight of this year's Perl Conference is the presentation of papers by users describing their real-world applications of Perl, and a contest awarding $1,000 each...
Jun 22
[NPL] WebCatalog 3.0 Beta Program Announced
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WebCatalog 3.0 Beta Program Announced; Significant Upgrade Planned San Diego, CA -- Pacific Coast Software's turnkey package for creating electronic storefronts will undergo an open beta program for version 3.0 beginning June 22, 1998. WebCatalog 3.0 will be available for Windows 95/98, Windows NT, and Macintosh when the final version ships later in the summer. Although the transition from version 2.1 to 3.0 represents a major upgrade, all current WebCatalog sites will run without modification under the new version. In order to participate in the beta program, you must sign up for the WebCatalog-Beta mailing list at WebCatalog 3.0 expands upon its own lightning-quick database technology by including ODBC/SQL support for other back-end databases. This allows for incredible flexibility with hybrid sites that want to use WebCatalog's own database for large product catalogs, and then link directly into an existing inventory...
Jun 22
[NPL] BOOMA WebForms
NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BOOMASoft Unveils New and Innovative Web Form Design Software, BOOMA WebForms, at Web '98 BOOMA WebForms dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of creating and managing database-ready Web forms and auto responders SAN FRANCISCO (June 22, 1998) - BOOMASoft today introduced BOOMA WebForms at the Web '98 show in San Francisco. BOOMA WebForms is an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for Web site developers to create and manage forms on their Web sites. According to Craig Osterloh, president of BOOMASoft, BOOMA WebForms will save Web developers time and money when creating forms for their sites. "In the past, if Web developers wanted forms on their Web pages, they had to either hire outside programmers or immerse themselves in the confusing and time-intensive world of CGI scripting, Java coding and database programming," Osterloh said. "This entire process took days, even weeks to complete and could cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars....
Jun 22
[NPL] OpenScript
What is OpenScript? OpenScript is a plugin for every HTTP server compatible with W*API 1.1, it allows you to include AppleScript and Frontier commands in your HTML pages. How can I use it? Just write the scripts inside the (Applescript)...(/Applescript) or (Usertalk)...(/Usertalk) TAGs, OpenScript execute them and place the result in your HTML page. You can also write nested TAGs in order to use the best commands of both the scripting languages. OpenScript allows you to create powerful dynamic pages with AppleScript and Frontier!! For more information, or to download a free, fully-functional demo of OpenScript 1.0, visit (software section). Thank you for your time, Marco Bambini Marco Bambini,
Apple Inc.
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