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Aug 22
Formac DVD-RAM for $399
Dear Mac enthusiasts, Formac is the first company to make the DVD RAM technology affordable to the masses: for a limited time Macintosh owners can now buy Formac dvdram for $399! This is a direct price and no rebate is necessary. Formac dvdram features: - 9.4 GB data capacity on removable cartridges - Lowest cost per megabyte (less than one cent per megabyte) - Only external dvdram in the market that plays DVD video. - ProDisc software lets you format, partition and encrypt your media - FireWire: hot-swappable and bus powered with most Macintosh models. Customers can order by phone at Formac (877) 436 7622 or buy online at Offer expires Friday, August 31st. Quantities are limited. Best regards, Robert Altmann Formac Electronic Inc. 1510 6th Street Berkeley, CA 94710 USA T +1 510.528.9300 F +1 510.528.9014 M W
Aug 21
LaCie Shipping Flexible Ultra 160 RAID Tower
For Immediate Release LaCie Shipping Flexible Ultra 160 RAID Tower for Mac Environments * Choice of RAID levels 0 , 1, 0+1, 3 & 5 * 160 MB/sec high-performance SCSI connection * Increases throughput by up to 80 percent * 12 drives for a total capacity of up to 2.16TB, scaleable to 24 drives per array * Hot-swappable key components=F1no system downtime HILLSBORO, OR (August 21, 2001) =F1 LaCie announced today that it is shippin= g its new high-speed RAID system, the TX12000, for Mac environments. Specifically designed for applications where fault-tolerance, high data throughput, extensibility and economy are prime requirements, the TX12000, is a complete, turnkey solution. With the TX12000, users can achieve all the benefits of centralized storage, including improved access and sharing capabilities, enhanced data protectection and easier management. The powerful TX12000 can be attached to virtually any SCSI host computer. No special device drivers or software are required. When...
Aug 21
Soundex 1.0
WHAT IS SOUNDEX? Soundex is a system that was developed by the United States government to aid in searching their vast databases of people. It allows searching by how a name sounds rather than how it is spelled. For example: Imagine a telephone operator listening to someone pronouncing their last name. Wouldn't it be nice if they could find the person in their database by how it sounds so they don't have to ask them to spell it out? The soundex system achieves this by converting a last name into a 4 character identification string. For example: My last name is Ronge but after people here me pronounce it they think it is "Runge". Using the soundex system as far as the computer is concerned "Ronge" and "Runge" are the same. WHAT DOES THIS MODULE DO? The REALbasic module contains a 3 useful methods: convertToSoundex, exactSoundexComparision and soundexComparision. convertToSoundex - Converts the name to soundex so you can store it exactSoundexComparision - Provide it with two last names...
Aug 20
REALbasic 3.5
REAL SOFTWARE RELEASE REALBASIC 3.5 REAL Software delivers the latest version of REALbasic, with added support for 3D graphics, Microsoft Office, and more. August 20, 2001. AUSTIN, TX- REAL Software today announced the availability of REALbasic 3.5. REALbasic 3.5 improves support for Mac OS X, Apple's next generation operating system, and adds powerful new 3D graphics, Microsoft Office automation, an internal scripting language, and much more. Since version 3 shipped in February of this year, REALbasic has won a second "Freakin' Awesome" award from MacAddict, a "four mouse" rating from Mac World magazine, and appeared for the third year in a row in Apple's Design Awards (the only product to ever repeat there). "REALbasic 3.5 delivers on our commitment to provide two major releases per year, and we've worked hard to ensure that this new release takes advantage of Mac OS X," said Geoff Perlman, President and CEO of REAL Software. "We expect to see even more cool new software from...
Aug 20
Computer Admin Pro
For Immediate Release Computer Admin Pro keeps your IT department in the know. CG Software has released Computer Admin Pro, a program for Windows or Macintosh that tracks all information for your help desk and computer asset management needs. Designed for information technology professionals, Computer Admin Pro combines help desk and asset management utilities with an easy-to-use interface that costs less than comparable products. Implementing suggestions of the IT community, it replaces Computer Admin 2.2, which has been serving the IT industry since 1998. For those who do not have the need for the help desk features, Computer Admin Lite is also available as a complete asset management solution. Computer Admin Pro lets you easily store and retrieve detailed information about all of your hardware and software. Add software and peripherals to each computer or duplicate computers, all with the click of a button. Analyze recurring computer and software problems by viewing their histories...
Aug 20
db Reports 2.5
From: Aaron Bratcher ( Subject: [ANN] db Reports 2.5 is now final db Reports 2.5 is now final and can be downloaded from my website db Reports is a cross platform report writing application that works on Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X, and any Win32 platform. With db Reports, you can extract, format and print data from one of various data sources*. Using the built-in assistant, or the easy-to-use drawing environment, a report can be built quickly and easily. db Reports also supports data grouping and fully recursive expressions. String, Math, and Logical (including IF) expressions make db Reports a powerful tool for analyzing data. REALbasic developers can print reports in their applications using templates saved by db Reports. *Depending on platform, data sources may include: 4D Server 6.7, FrontBase, mySQL, ODBC, OpenBase, Oracle, postgreSQL, REALDatabase, Valentina Changes since 2.3: - Frontbase support added (carbon should now work) - Copy/...
Aug 20
CodeWarrior 7 Pre-release renewal special discount
CodeWarrior Pre-release Discount Ends at Midnight, September 9th for Professional Edition Software Development Tools Metrowerks Scheduled to Ship CodeWarrior for Mac OS, Version 7.0 on September 10; Adds CodeWarrior for Palm OS Platform to Pre-release Discount Program AUSTIN, Texas-August 15, 2001- Twenty-five days remain in the Pre-release Discount Program for renewing licenses and new licenses of CodeWarrior for Mac OS, Version 7.0, Professional Edition. The pre-release discount provides renewing licensees with a $50 reduction on their renewal price, and provides new licensees with a $100 reduction. Metrowerks announced the pre-release discount program at Macworld in New York on July 17. Until midnight CDT on September 9, 2001, a renewing license is US$249; a new license is US$499. On September 10, a renewing license is US$299; a new license is US$599. Pre-releases pricing also applies to licenses of the combined package of CodeWarrior for Mac OS and Windows, Version 7.0,...
Aug 20
Firewall Advisor for Mac OS X
OPEN DOOR NETWORKS SHIPS WHO'S THERE? FIREWALL ADVISOR FOR MAC OS X ASHLAND, OR. -- August 20, 2001 -- Open Door Networks Inc. today announced that it was shipping a Mac OS X specific version of its Who's There? Firewall Advisor. Who's There? Firewall Advisor, available since January for Mac OS 8 and 9, provides an important aspect of Internet security by helping users analyze, investigate and respond to access attempts to their Macintosh. Who's There? Firewall Advisor for Mac OS X is an OS X native version of the application that provides analysis and advice specific to the Mac OS X environment. "Mac OS X's Unix base presents some interesting security challenges for Mac users," said Alan Oppenheimer, president of Open Door Networks and co-author of the new book "Internet Security for Your Macintosh: A Guide for the Rest of Us". "Who's There? Firewall Advisor for Mac OS X alerts users to attacks that might not have been significant under previous versions of the Mac OS, and provides...
Aug 19
ZipBurst CGI Pro and Lite 2.2.1
Subject: The ZipBurst CGI Pro and Lite 2.2.1 From: David M. Dantowitz ( We're now releasing The ZipBurst CGI Lite and Pro versions 2.2.1 this week. Not sure what to do with this software, check out for some demos. The Lite version lets you search and unlimited number of databases on the web using WebSTAR, WebTen, MacOS built-in Web Sharing, or any other web server app that supports the standard API for CGIs. The Pro version lets you search by DISTANCE as well as any other field relationships. [Anyone want to do location based searches for European countries? The UK, France, Germany, or others, just ask! We're integrating location-based data from these countries as well as the US and Canada.] Remember that 2.2 and later include the ZB-Indirect tag, which enables you to tie in the tags and processing power of MGI, WebCatalog, WebSiphon, NetCloak, FileMaker, Lasso or any other app. Fixed in the 2.2.1 release are a slow, but steady memory leak...
Aug 19
Interarchy 5.0 with FTP Disk
Perth, Western Australia - 19 Aug 2001 - It was announced today on that Interarchy 5.0 with FTP Disk (the new version of Anarchie) has been completed and is ready for download. Interarchy is award-winning Internet file transfer software for the Macintosh. It enables a Macintosh user to access files on other computers over the Internet. Interarchy uses the standard Internet protocols FTP and HTTP, so Interarchy can access files on virtually any type of computer or device. Version 5.0 introduces a major new feature called FTP Disk. This feature allows you to access files on frequently-used servers with any application in exactly the same way you access files on your hard drive. Furthermore, an FTP Disk gives you instant access to files even over a slow connection or while offline. It requires no proprietary software on the remote computer, as it works via the standard FTP protocol. The FTP Disk feature makes the process of accessing an FTP server automatic, transparent...
Aug 19
IPNetRouter 1.6.1
SUSTAINABLE SOFTWORKS RELEASES IPNETROUTER V1.6.1 CUMBERLAND, R.I.- Sustainable Softworks, developers of networking and security software for Macintosh computers, has released version 1.6.1 of its Eddy-award winning IPNetRouter software. The new version includes OTModl$Proxy v2.1.5, which fixes a bug in the "Enable Local NAT" feature The problem arose with users needing the Local NAT feature, which permits local clients to use the public domain name or public IP address when addressing a server on the LAN. IPNetRouter enables Macintosh users to share an Internet connection among a virtually unlimited number of machines using any operating system, including Macs, Windows machines, Linux/Unix machines, and Palm OS devices. The program retails for $89 and a 21-day trial version can be downloaded at About Sustainable Softworks: Sustainable Softworks is a small, growing virtual corporation based in Cumberland, R.I., with employees in Sarasota,...
Aug 17
247 Sitewatch
247 Sitewatch to the Rescue! If you are an Internet merchant, when your website is down, you are out of business. 247 Sitewatch announces a unique new weapon in the war against long duration downtime: "We'll check your website so you don't have to." Hosted and co-located websites are down and out of service an average of 5% of the time. Websites can be unreachable for an average of 8.4 hours per week! Viruses, denial of service attacks and Internet worms can increase downtime to days at a time. Hosting services may not tell their customers that they are out of business. Many webmasters report that they didn't know there was a problem until orders stopped coming. "We created 247 Sitewatch because we needed it ourselves and couldn't find it," says Michael Green, President of Pace Publications, 247sitewatch.come's parent company. "Our sites kept going down and unless one of our customers took pity on us and called or emailed to tell us, we had no way of...
Aug 17
Jiiva announces RapidMQ Beta 3: Supports Sun Solaris and Red Hat
For Immediate Release Middleware for the Mac and more! Jiiva announces RapidMQ Beta 3 with support for Sun Solaris and Red Hat Linux Beaverton, OR (August 17, 2001) - Jiiva, Inc., announces a Beta 3 release of RapidMQ available for immediate download from Messaging & Queuing is quickly becoming the technology of choice for computer network communications. With the unreliability of the global Internet and uncertainty of end users being connected to the Internet, software programs need a technology with an inherent ability to store, forward, and listen for information. RapidMQ is the first Messaging & Queuing technology designed for Mac OS X. RapidMQ Beta 3 now includes support for Red Hat Linux version 7 and Sun Solaris version 8. This is a very exciting step in RapidMQ's evolution. Middleware is most helpful in heterogeneous computing environments where programs on different platforms require communication. Linux and Solaris are used predominantly in...
Aug 17
=?iso-8859-1?Q?eVe=99?= Visual Search SDK for Mac OS X
eVe Visual Search Toolkit for Mac OS X & Coding Contest -- Visual Search for a Visual Society -- eVision ( announced the release of v2.1 public beta of the eVe=99 Visual Search SDK for Mac OS X. The toolkit lets developers create search applications that use images and visual similarity rather than keywords and text. eVe is written in pure Java, is database independent, and will run on any platform that supports a Java Virtual Machine. It can be easily integrated in operating systems, tools or applications =96 with a very small footprint. To support the release, eVision is sponsoring a Visual Search coding contest. The top two best applications in each of three categories submitted before October 3rd, 2001, stand to win cash prizes: 1st prize: $1000 (US). 2nd prize: $250 (US). More information about the contest and how to enter can be found at A 500 image version of the toolkit is free...
Aug 17
Now Up-to-Date & Contact version 4.0.3
Power On Updates Now Up-to-Date & Contact Press Lauds New Release for Brisk, Intuitive Operation Columbus, Ohio - August 17, 2001-Power On Software, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of Now Up-to-Date & Contact version 4.0.3. This new release of the #1 best-selling Macintosh contact management and scheduling software addresses the following usability issues: * Fixes a problem that made Meeting Availability inaccessible from the meeting menu or from meeting administration * Eliminated a problem that caused incorrect data to print in custom fields 1-4 in a contact list if "fit to page" had not been checked * Fixes a problem that caused a -1 error when printing a contact list containing data from custom fields 5-12 Now Up-to-Date & Contact version 4.0.3 offers a plethora of vital new features. Now Up-to-Date & Contact has dominated the Macintosh PIM market for nearly a decade, and the latest release offers a range of features that is unequalled in any other...
Aug 16
ID3X 1.6
We are proud to announce an updated version of our shareware (9 USD) ID3 editor "ID3X" for the Apple Macintosh (Carbon version) More information at: Direct download link: Alternate download link: New in this release: - OSX: support for long filenames including smart batch renaming - important bug fixes New in version 1.6: - Support for cover and back images - Updating of multiple selected files - Support for storing unsyncronized lyrics - Now accepts drag&drop of files or folders to the application icon - Added total tracks field ID3X is an editor for easy manipulation of ID3 tags in mp3 music files. ID3 tags are used to store title, artist and other information in mp3 files which can then be displayed in your favorite mp3 player application. Best regards, J=F6rg Pressel Managing director three-2-one interaktive Medien GmbH http://...
Aug 16
XTension 3.7.0
August 16, 2001 Product update for XTension, home automation software for the Mac : Sand Hill Engineering has released version 3.7.0 of "XTension" the Mac-only home automation software. This release adds support for the new LynX-PLC co-processor from Marrick Ltd. (, which supports X-10 extended codes which were previously missing. XTension now supports these commands with the LynX-PLC. XTension is available in a free Lite version which incorporates all of the features of the full version, with only a limitation on the number of database units. (The Lite version works with the popular CM11/Activehome controller and the new MR26a.) Packages of the software and X-10 starter kits are available at different web sales sites. ($79.95 on the website) Downloads and a rich website of home automation ideas can be found at Contact Michael Ferguson Sand Hill Engineering
Aug 16
Programmer's Challenge using REALbasic
( He has REALbasic... This will be a native PowerPC Challenge, using the development environment of your choice (provided I have a copy - email to check before you use something else). You can develop for Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X. Evaluation of your entry will be subjective, based first on the required features, then on optional features, and finally on general usability and look-and-feel. To ensure that I fairly evaluate your solution, you should include in your submission a list of any optional features you incorporated. Lorin Rivers 512.263.1233 x712 v Product Manager 512.263.1441 f REAL Software PMB 220 3300 Bee Cave Road, Suite 650 Austin, Texas 78746 REALbasic: the powerful, easy-to-use tool for creating your own software for Macintosh, Mac OS X, and...
Aug 15
Netopia's Timbuktu Pro Harnesses the Power of Mac OS X
Netopia's Timbuktu Pro Harnesses the Power of Mac OS X Mac OS X Users Enjoy Collaboration and Remote Control Via Timbuktu Pro ALAMEDA, Calif. (August 15, 2001) - Netopia, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTPA), a leading provider of Mac OS-based collaboration and systems management tools, today announced the availability of Timbuktu Pro for Mac OS X. The new application enables Mac OS X users to leverage the unsurpassed remote control capabilities of Timbuktu Pro, and extends Netopia's long tradition of support for Apple's advanced technologies. For over twelve years, Timbuktu Pro has been the leading remote control an= d file transfer software for the Macintosh operating system. Timbuktu Pro for OS X integrates several new features including package distribution, added security, large file support and the complete Aqua interface. The new release is backwards compatible through two previous versions of Timbuktu Pro using the basic remote control, communications, and file transfer functions. "Timbuktu...
Aug 15
APStripFiles for Mac OS X
Appligent, Inc. is happy to offer this new utility completely free of charge. APStripFiles for Mac OS X APStripFiles is a command line application that removes attached or embedded files from PDF documents. It enables you to protect your systems from malicious unwanted PDF file attachments. Recent events, such as the Code Red Worm virus, have required the industry to rethink the safety of daily information transfer. One of the mechanisms which has come under scrutiny has been the accepted standard for document exchange, the PDF, or Portable Document Format file. While this format is virtually immune to viruses, Adobe Acrobat does allow the attachment of files to PDFs. This feature, if misused, allows system vulnerability. Using our high-performance technology, we produced a utility which will automatically strip any attachments from PDFs without damage to the PDF itself. APStripFiles offers you the option to remove the files from the original PDF document or make a copy of the PDF...
Aug 15
POP3it 3.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE COMM-UNITY NETWORKING SYSTEMS RELEASES POP3IT 3.0, A CROSS PLATFORM FILEMAKER PRO PLUG-IN. FileMaker Pro Developer's Conference, Orlando, FL, Aug. 13, 2001 -- Comm-Unity Networking Systems announces the release of POP3it 3.0, for FileMaker Pro 4.x and 5.x for Macintosh OS 9, Macintosh OS X, and Windows Platforms. POP3it is a very flexible FileMaker plug-in that allows you to receive email directly into FileMaker without the aid of any helper applications. To use it, all you will need is an email account, a POP3 server, and FileMaker Pro 4.x or 5.x. You can easily integrate POP3it into your existing solutions. A basic knowledge of FileMaker Scripting is needed, however, the documentation for POP3it covers how to use the POP3it plug-in. Jesse Traynham, company owner, states that "We are pleased to announce POP3it 3.0 This version adds support for the OS X version of FileMaker Pro 5.5, as well as adds support for downloading Japanese and Central and Eastern European...
Aug 15
Quesa 1.6d14
The Quesa Development Team are pleased to announce the release of Quesa 1.6d14, the latest release of their portable Open Source implementation of Apple's QuickDraw 3D API. This release features full support for picking (both 2D and 3D), fixes several memory leaks and crashes, and improves OpenGL behaviour on Mac OS X and Windows. Applications written to the Quesa API can take advantage of an extensive high-level 3D toolkit (including file importers/exporters, plug-in renderers, and high-level geometries), while still leveraging the performance of low-level OpenGL 3D hardware acceleration. Major changes for 1.6d14 include: - New support for picking (point, rect, and ray) - Added support for transparent and animated textures - Added new API calls for intersection tests, not present in QD3D - Added new API calls for geometry projection, not present in QD3D - Added support for screen space subdivision of NURBs - Fixed several memory leaks and memory corruption bugs - Fixed...
Aug 15
Sonnet's Latest Pricing, PCI Upgrades
SONNET DROPS PRICES AND ADDS NEW SPEED TO PCI UPGRADE LINE IRVINE, CALIFORNIA =97 August 15, 2001 =97 Sonnet Technologies, the worldwid= e market share leader in processor upgrade cards for Apple Macintosh=99 computers, lowers prices by as much as $50 on nearly half of its entire line of G3 and G4 processor upgrades. This announcement contains the largest number of simultaneous price drops on Sonnet upgrade cards this year. Offering a wide range of new lower prices helps Sonnet maintain market leadership by setting the best price/performance standard in the industry for G3 and G4 processor upgrades. Sonnet=92s new lower prices in Crescendo/PCI upgrades are as follows: Crescendo/PCI G3 400/1M $229.95 (was $249.95) Crescendo/PCI G3 450/1M $279.95 (was $299.95) The Crescendo/PCI G3 line of products runs in all of the following Macintosh models: - Power Mac 7300/7500/7600/8500/8600/9500/9600 - Workgroup Server 7350, 8550, 9650 - Daystar Genesis - PowerCenter, PowerCenter Pro,...
Aug 14
Waves in Motion Releases Visualizer 1.0
[PR] Waves in Motion Announces Visualizer 1.0 beta Turn your FileMaker Pro databases into instant visual ER diagrams Phoenix, AZ - August 13, 2001 -- See your FileMaker Pro solutions in a whole new way! With Visualizer 1.0, FileMaker Pro databases become instant visual entity relationship (ER) diagrams. Waves in Motion will announce the beta release of Visualizer 1.0 and companion developer tool Analyzer 3.0, at the FileMaker Developer's Conference in Orlando, Florida, August 13-15. With Visualizer 1.0, your databases become instant "data-maps", allowing users to quickly see and identify entity relationships. Control what fields are displayed, pick your custom colors and see a visual map of your selected files and relationships - all with the click of a button. "Showing a visual representation of your database can be time-consuming," said Vincenzo Menanno, President of Waves in Motion. "With Visualizer, you can quickly create site maps for your solutions." Features include: - Instant...
Aug 14
Waves in Motion Releases Analyzer 3.0
[PR] Waves in Motion Releases Analyzer 3.0 beta for FileMaker Pro Completely rebuilt analysis system now supports Windows August 13, 2001 -- Phoenix, AZ - Waves in Motion will showcase Analyzer 3.0 beta, a new comprehensive system for documenting and debugging FileMaker Pro databases, at the FileMaker Developer's Conference in Orlando, Florida, August 13-15. Completely rewritten to take advantage of FileMaker's new Database Design Report, Analyzer 3.0 allows developers to find and cross-reference any element in their database and works seamlessly with Windows 98, NT, ME and 2000, Mac OS 8.6 or later and Mac OS X. "This is the Analyzer we've all been waiting for," said Vince Menanno, President of Waves in Motion. "We've responded to the requests of the developer community and are excited to debut this product alongside FileMaker Developer 5.5 beta." Analyzer pinpoints common database problems with its unique automatic problem detection system with red dot alerts showing missing items,...
Aug 14
Troi Plug-in Power 6 CD-ROM
Troi Automatisering ships Troi Plug-in Power 6 CD-ROM for FileMaker Pro 5.5 FileMaker Developer Conference, Orlando-August 13th, 2001--Troi Automatisering today announced it has begun shipment of the Troi Plug-in Power CD-ROM volume 6, for FileMaker Pro 5.5 on Mac and Windows. The Plug-in Power CD-ROM contains demonstration versions of 12 powerful Troi Plug-ins for FileMaker Pro. It also contains plug-ins and utilities from other leading developers. You'll find all plug-in demonstrations neatly organized and the CD-ROM saves you from hunting down the plug-ins from the Internet. Peter Baanen, company president, comments: "Over the last few months we have been busy releasing new versions of plug-ins that have been tested with FileMaker 5.5 and made compatible with Mac OS X and of course these are all on the CD-ROM. Together with the range of third party plug-in demos and the comprehensive, searchable database of all FileMaker plug-ins available on the market, this CD-ROM is a must-have...
Aug 13
DialogMagic 5.5
From: Jason Wren ( Subject: DialogMagic 5.5! New Millennium Communications, Inc., a FileMaker Solutions Alliance Partner, announces the release of the new version of our DialogMagic plug-in for FileMaker Pro. DialogMagic 5.5 is compatible with FileMaker Pro 5.5 as well as with FileMaker Pro 5 and FileMaker Pro 4 for both Macintosh and Windows. There are several significant new features in this version. DialogMagic extends the functionality of FileMaker Pro and automates certain repetitive tasks, including ones which have dire consequences when not performed perfectly. It is an essential tool when deploying FileMaker Pro for commercial solutions or for any solution which is enhanced or upgraded more than once. DialogMagic 5.5 has eleven new functions, including the ability to: - Move or copy any file from one location to another - Launch any application or file (not just FMP files) from within your FMP solution - Automatically type the enter key - enabling you to...
Aug 13
StyleGrid 2.6
StyleGrid 2.6 is out Use the StyleGrid control to display styled spread sheet data. ( Super: New in 2.6: * Added support for smart scrolling under PPC (System 8.5 and later). * More than 32k of Rows now supported under Carbon. * More than 32k of Rows now supported under PPC (System 8.5 and later). * More than 32k of Rows now supported under Windows x86. * Removed all dependencies to the depreciated REALGetControlHWND (depreciated in the new REALbasic plugin SDK) * Fixed a DoubleClick bug when SelectEntireRow was true. * Fixed a glitch with smart scrolling under Carbon. * Fixed a rare refresh bug. * Did more optimizations in the Grid Renderer. Bj=F6rn Eir=EDksson Phones: 354-5657146 Einhugur Software Mobile 354-8917147 Einhugur Software has sold its products in 31 countries world wide. For support: For bug reports: To...
Aug 13
Quickie Photos to Web 1.2
Quickie Photos to Web 1.2 is an application for quickly creating web photo albums. It allows the user a multitude of options for formatting the HTML as the user sees fit. This is a 45-day demo that can be unlocked at anytime by registering. Macintosh System Requirements: Quickie Photos to web 1.2 requires a PowerPC, G3, or G4 CPU running Mac OS version 8.0 or higher with QuickTime (with the still image module). In addition, the computer must have at least 32 MB of RAM. Windows System Requirements: Quickie Photos to web 1.2 requires a Intel or compatible chip running Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, or 2000 with QuickTime (with the still image, effect, authoring, and internet extras modules). In addition, the computer must have at least 32 MB of RAM. Features added in version 1.2 * Added the ability to import images either as individual images or as a folder. The image list can now contain images from different folders. * Added import options (file name, size, type, Created date,...
Aug 13
Black & Bleu and Black & Bleu/PRO version 4.0
For Immediate Release Bleu Rose Ltd. announces Black & Bleu(tm) and Black & Bleu/PRO(tm) version 4.0 Hacienda Heights, California (August 13, 2001) - Bleu Rose Ltd. is pleased to announce version 4.0 of Black & Bleu(tm) and Black & Bleu(tm)/PRO which are available immediately from our web site at Black & Bleu(tm) is an application that provides the most comprehensive collection of Macintosh OS error codes available anywhere (well over 5,000). More importantly, the database includes a detailed analysis and suggestions for dealing with many of these errors. The "PRO" form offers the same features as the standard version but differs in one important way, it allows you to export detailed explanations to a file. This feature allows Technical Professionals to pass the information on to others - something not permitted by the terms of the standard version license. Version 4 offers the following enhancements from the previous version: - 307 new...
Aug 13
Learn AppleScript with TECSoft's AppleScript Classes and CD
)))) W O R K F L O W A U T O M A T I O N W I T H A P P L E S C R I P T T R A I N I N G C D ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Learn AppleScript and how to create powerful software automation solutions with TECSoft's new Workflow Automation with AppleScript Training CD. This interactive training CD is the culmination of our extensive experience as the leading AppleScript training and development company. Outside of a classroom environment, our training CD delivers the richest AppleScript training experience possible. No prior programming experience is required. Purchase now for only $99! The CD comes with a 15 day money back satisfaction guarantee. Visit or call 800-626-4119 / 631-267-0700 for more information and to purchase. H A N D S - O N T R A I N I N G ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Learn AppleScript to work smarter, not harder, in TECSoft's no-tears, hands-on,...
Aug 13
iGetter Pre Release 1.3 for Mac OS and Mac OS X
Presenta Ltd. announces iGetter Pre Release 1.3 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 13, 2001 - Presenta Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of iGetter Download Manger PR1.3 for MacOS 7.5.3 - 9.x and MacOS X. iGetter is download utility that gives you convenience and ease in downloading on the Internet. Behind its pleasant interface is hidden powerful download engine. iGetter has many useful functions like resuming broken downloads, Internet browsers integration (only in the version for MacOS 7.5.3 - 9.x), queue filtering by various criterions, scheduling downloads for low traffic periods, reconnecting modems, hang up and shut down when the downloads are done. New In Version PR1.3 iGetter PR1.3 contains a number of enhancements and improvements over version PR1.1. Most notably are: - Included three types of queue filters that automatically show downloads in accordance with various criterions. - Included possibility for multiple selections in the queue to perform group operations over file...
Aug 13
New FileMaker/Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev Integration
New Integration Between FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited And Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev 4 Announced At Annual FileMaker Developer's Conference Dozens of new, powerful database solutions and services supporting FileMaker Pro 5.5 launched by third-party developers   ORLANDO, FL - Aug.13, 2001 - Over 1200 corporate and independent FileMaker database developers from around the world gathered today at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort in Florida, to explore "The Wonderful World of FileMaker," at the FileMaker Developer Conference 2001. FileMaker and Macromedia will demonstrate new ways to integrate FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited, the leading workgroup database over the Web, with Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev 4, which enables efficient code-level and visual authoring of Web applications. UltraDev 4 is the only product on the market that provides a single visual environment for authoring applications that can use Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP), Sun Microsystems JavaServer Pages (JSP),...
Aug 13
IOGEAR's USB 2.0 hub
IOGEAR plugs peripherals into next-generation technology ~ new hub allows users to take advantage of increased speeds in USB 2.0 devices ~ Irvine, CA =96 August 13, 2001 - IOGEAR introduces the world's first certified USB 2.0 four-port hub to support multiple peripherals which offer transfer rates of 480 mbps, 40 times faster than original USB technology. IOGEAR's next-generation hub offers increased functionality and greater compatibility with USB 2.0 products as well as with current USB 1.1 peripherals. It allows hardware enthusiasts to daisy chain up to 127 different devices for instant access. The hub is priced at $59 (MSRP) and will begin shipping in September 2001. It will be available from all major catalog resellers, online resellers and selected retail outlets. "USB 2.0 technology is changing the connection between computers and peripherals. Now, there is a hub to bring them all together without the need to individually plug-n-play," said Kevin Luong, senior channel sales...
Aug 13
HTML and Web Plug-ins for REALbasic
HTMLrendering 2.0 URLAccess 1.0 cIconButtons 2.0 are released. Please take a note on my web page where additional information is available. visit ( HTMLrenderer is a plugin capable to render HTML files you can provide through navigation services, and through an internal URL-parser. In the latter case you need a suitable "device" to get access to URL's. The renderer will present the URL required when clicking a link in the rendered file. There are 3 known issues affecting the cosmetics of the renderer. 2 are related to REALbasic: drawing a focus and the flickering cursor when the cursor hovers over a link. The other issue is that in carbon the grafport is not always correctly drawn. This may very well be related to Apple, and/but is under investigation. URLAccess is a plugin capable to upload and download files from anywhere. It requires the URLAccess Manager. Only the low-level functions are implemented in this plugin, which provides the...
Aug 13
QuickCRC 2.0 - Software Modeling With CRC Cards
Placitas, NM - August 13, 2001 - Excel Software today began shipping a major upgrade of QuickCRC for designing object-oriented software with CRC (Class, Responsibilities and Collaborations) cards. Software designers use QuickCRC to quickly identify object classes, relationships and related information before writing code. QuickCRC 2.0 adds enhancements for flexible card printing, visual on-screen editing, HTML or text reports, card relationships, card creation, namespaces and XML file storage. CRC cards are a cost-effective approach for designing small software projects and as a front-end to larger projects using the Unified Modeling Language (UML). Although UML is a very expressive and rigorous notation, methodologists often advocate using simple CRC cards to quickly collect information during working team sessions. QuickCRC automates the process of identifying classes, responsibilities and collaborations between objects and provides a data link to MacA&D, WinA&D or QuickUML...
Aug 11
QuickChange Media: Media Converter on Steroids
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Format Converter on STEROIDS! Use QuickChange Media to easily convert file formats back and forth. Whether you are working with audio, video, or static image files - with over 50 formats to choose from, you'll never need another conversion program again! Among the most notable formats, the program supports audio formats including MP3 and CD Tracks; video formats MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI video, and GIF animations; and image formats GIF, JPG, TIF, EPS, PICT and BMP. See below for a full list of supported file formats. Not Just Another Multi-Media Program, QuickChange Media is the All-Media Program: Have a section of video you need for work or play? Or how about a favorite audio track that you want to send to a friend? What about the picture of Aunt Ida that is saved in a format that Uncle Jack can't open? File compatibility will never be an issue for you again, no matter what type of media format you are working in. QuickChange Media allows you to convert MPEG-1...
Aug 11
REALdb Tools 1.0b1
REALdb Tools gives you the ability to manipulate REAL database files in ways that the built in engine does not provide at this time. With REALdb Tools you can: * Compact a database to make it smaller after records have been deleted. * Drop any table or column from a REAL database. * Change table names. * Change column names and data types. * Add new tables and columns. (
Aug 09
MacTech's Parent Company is Hiring!
We don't normally send out this type of announcement over NetProLive, but In these days of a lagging economy and dot-bombs, we thought you might want to see some good news -- or know someone that may be interested in the position.BSCRIBE NetProLive". MacTech, Developer Depot, RadGad, and Xplain Corporation are not responsible for any errors, omissions, or other inaccuracies in this message. News may be propagated freely, but please attribute your source as MacTech Magazine, (
Aug 09
MacTech's Parent Company is Hiring!
We don't normally send out this type of announcement over MacDev-1, but In these days of a lagging economy and dot-bombs, we thought you might want to see some good news -- or know someone that may be interested in the position.-1". MacTech, Developer Depot, RadGad, and Xplain Corporation are not responsible for any errors, omissions, or other inaccuracies in this message. News may be propagated freely, but please attribute your source as MacTech Magazine, ( --
Aug 09
PageSentry 4.0
Maxum Development Releases PageSentry 4.0 August 10, 2001. Maxum Development's latest software release, PageSentry 4.0, is now available. The new version offers a host of new features, as well as Mac OS X native operation. At the same time, Maxum announced a new pricing model that makes PageSentry more practical for small Web sites while more scalable for large Internet Service Providers. Among the most significant new features of PageSentry 4.0: * Both Carbon and Classic versions of the PageSentry application provide support for all modern Macintosh models running Mac OS 7.1 through Mac OS X. * Enhanced statistics, with a revised status window that provides much more detail about server activity and history. * Significantly improved Web reporting, including server detail reports with specific information about recent activity and attempted warning actions. * More efficient Sentry, Notifier, and Group management that allows PageSentry ISP to support up to 500 Sentries...
Aug 09
24U Appearance OSAX 1.2
For Immediate Release Wednesday, August 8, 2001 Prague, the Czech Republic On Thursday, August 9, 24U s.r.o. released a new update of successful 24U Appearance OSAX 1.2 Appearance OSAX gives AppleScript the features you always missed to communicate with user. It will let you pop-up alerts, display dialogs, open floating text message windows, show progress indicators, and post all kinds of notifications. Still as easy to use as "display dialog" but much more powerful. Info: Download: With the version 1.2 you can now display even pop-up menus in your "better dialogs", and you also get some minor improvements including: - direct parameter in the "create message window" command for easier usage - period can be typed into text and password fields - returning field values correctly when text field's default value is erased Since 2000, 24U s.r.o. has been committed to software development, modifications and...
Aug 09
JaneBUILDER for Mac OS 9 and OS X
See Jane Code Ships 1.0 Release of JaneBUILDER for Mac OS 9 and OS X SANTA MONICA, California-August 8 2001- See Jane Code today announced the release of JaneBUILDER for PHP and MySQL! 1.0 for the Mac OS 9 and OS X. JaneBUILDER is a visual editor for PHP. JaneBUILDER allows users to build complex PHP pages with ease. The files created are native PHP (text) files that can be opened by any html tool or text editor and uploaded to your web server for deployment. "The preview period was longer than we expected but we are very happy with the results. Feature after feature requested by our testers was added to the final 1.0 you see today. We managed to add a quite a few new features since Preview Release 2 too, but we think what developers will like most is the price is our new low price. $49.00" Price Info: JaneBUILDER 1.0 can be purchased from our online order page for $49.00 (US) Download Info: A demonstration version of JaneBUILDER can be downloaded...
Aug 09
FutureBASIC, Release 5
STAZ SOFTWARE SHIPS FUTUREBASIC, RELEASE 5 August 10, 2001, Diamondhead, MS; STAZ Software, Inc. is pleased to announce FutureBASIC, Release 5, the fastest Macintosh Basic development environment ever created. STAZ Software has implemented a large number of improvements in processing speed; Edit fields, for example, are displayed 5 times as fast. But it is floating point numbers that benefit most from the optimization. Floating point registers are now used and the programmer has complete control in the placement of variables in the registers. Release 5 introduces two major features in the language: - Dynamic arrays This new mechanism allows an array of variables to be created that will grow dynamically according to the needs of your program. DIM DYNAMIC will declare the array, KILL DYNAMIC will dispose of the memory used, COMPRESS DYNAMIC will resize the memory block preserving only useful data. READ and WRITE DYNAMIC allow you to read from and write to a disk file. - AppleEvents A...
Aug 08
xmCHART 2.0 Plug-in for FileMaker Pro
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 8, 2001 - X2max Software is pleased to announce the official release of xmCHART 2.0. xmCHART is a very powerful charting plug-in for FileMaker Pro available for MacOS and Windows. It supports all basic chart types such as bars, lines, areas, scatters, pies, bubbles, high-Lows or Gantt charts. A comprehensive set of over 140 functions allows you to customize almost every parts of a chart such as scalings, axes or grids. To perfect a chart you can add a title, legend, labels or a background picture. The new version has been completely redesigned and is considerably more extensive than the previous version. All information about xmCHART 2.0 incl. examples, downloads and instructions for the conversion of existing xmCHART scripts can be found at the following link: ( What's new in xmCHART 2.0: -------------------------- - multiple-chart layout - combination/overlay graphs - 2 y-axis...
Aug 08
WebDesign 1.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rage Software & DerazSoft Release WebDesign 1.1 Toronto, Canada - August 8, 2001 - Rage Software & DerazSoft Release WebDesign 1.1. A major update to the fully featured Macintosh HTML Editor. WebDesign is a fully featured, powerful HTML editor for the Mac. It allows you to visually create HTML elements, including forms and image maps and insert them into your document. With WebDesign you have complete control over your HTML code and can modify it any way you want. WebDesign brings many unique features to HTML editors on the Mac. Some powerful features include; downloading web sites right from the internet, condensing text, creating Image Maps and other HTML components visually, and browsing local and remote volumes while editing your web pages. WebDesign's features are very extendable though the use of plugins. WebDesign's Plugin Maker which will be available on August 9th, 2001, allows all users, even users with no programming experience, to customize...
Aug 08
ID3X 1.6
Subject: [ANN] ID3X 1.6 From: Joerg Pressel ( We are proud to announce an updated version of our shareware (9 USD) ID3 editor ID3X for the Apple Macintosh! More information at: Direct download link: New in this version: - new: Updating of multiple selected files - new: Support for cover and back images - new: Support for storing unsyncronized lyrics - new: Now accepts drag&drop of files or folders to the application icon - new: Added total tracks field - as usual many bug-fixes ID3X is an editor for easy manipulation of ID3 tags in mp3 music files. ID3 tags are used to store title, artist and other information in mp3 files which can then be displayed in your favorite mp3 player application. Thanks for your patience, J=F6rg Pressel three-2-one interaktive Medien GmbH fon: +49 2151 319450
Aug 08
Vortex 1.0 - A Visual Plugin for iTunes
TRINFINITY SOFTWARE RELEASES VORTEX - AN ITUNES VISUAL PLUGIN For immediate release. Trinfinity Software releases Vortex version 1.0 - A Visual Plugin for iTunes. NEW YORK, N.Y. - - August 8, 2001 - - Trinfinity Software released today Vortex version 1.0, the first of the company's many Visual Plugins for Apple's iTunes MP3 program. An iTunes Visual Plugin displays graphics in the iTunes window that varies color and shape as the sound changes. Vortex is freeware. Availability Vortex is available for the following platforms: * Macintosh PowerPC System Requirements * Vortex requires MacOS 9.1 or later (including MacOS X). * Vortex requires iTunes 1.1 or later. Vortex v1.0 is available for download at: For further information, please contact: Eileen Newsom
Aug 08
Blue World Announces Enhanced Tech Support Services
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 8, 2001 BLUE WORLD ANNOUNCES ENHANCED TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICES Bellevue, WA--August 8, 2001--Blue World Communications, Inc.--pioneers of the Web Data Engine(tm)--today announced enhanced technical support services and a special offer for customers who purchase paid technical support between now and October 31, 2001. "As part of our commitment to provide exemplary service, we're pleased to provide enhancements to our support services," said Bill Doerrfeld, CEO of Blue World. "It is critically important for Web developers to receive top-notch and timely support. We've enhanced our service and support teams and are ready to serve our valued customers with even more timely response beyond the timely and complete service our customers have come to expect from Blue World." Effective immediately, Blue World paid technical support service plans will include priority support, offering registered customers guaranteed three hour response time within normal...
Aug 07
FileMonitor for Mac OS X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: P & L Software Ltd 12 The Broadway Amersham Bucks HP7 0HP, England +44 1494 432422 P & L SOFTWARE LTD ANNOUNCES FILEMONITOR FOR MAC OS X AND MAC OS X SERVER 2 AMERSHAM, August 5th 2001 -- P & L Software Ltd today announced the release of FileMonitor, the essential System Awareness tool. FileMonitor is a Freeware utility that allows you to monitor any number of selected files for changes. For example, if you want to be alerted when error messages are sent to /tmp/console.log or indeed to any other file or folder you're interested in, FileMonitor will bring up a window showing new input when it arrives. This can be particularly useful for system administrators and software developers interested in process output or in debugging information. You can find out more about FileMonitor from: FileMonitor can be downloaded from:

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DaisyDisk 4.4 - $9.99
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iFFmpeg 6.2.5 - Convert multimedia files...
iFFmpeg is a comprehensive media tool to convert movie, audio and media files between formats. The FFmpeg command line instructions can be very hard to master/understand, so iFFmpeg does all the hard... Read more
DaisyDisk 4.4 - $9.99
DaisyDisk allows you to visualize your disk usage and free up disk space by quickly finding and deleting big unused files. The program scans your disk and displays its content as a sector diagram... Read more
BetterTouchTool 2.07 - Customize Multi-T...
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BetterTouchTool adds many new, fully customizable gestures to the Magic Mouse, Multi-Touch MacBook trackpad, and Magic Trackpad. These gestures are customizable: Magic Mouse: Pinch in / out (zoom... Read more
BetterTouchTool 2.07 - Customize Multi-T...
BetterTouchTool adds many new, fully customizable gestures to the Magic Mouse, Multi-Touch MacBook trackpad, and Magic Trackpad. These gestures are customizable: Magic Mouse: Pinch in / out (zoom... Read more
PDFpen 8.3.2 - $74.95
PDFpen allows users to easily edit PDF's. Add text, images and signatures. Fill out PDF forms. Merge or split PDF documents. Reorder and delete pages. Even correct text and edit graphics! Features... Read more
DiskCatalogMaker 6.5.20 - Catalog your d...
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