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Nov 26
[NPL] VSE Animation Maker 3.2 Update
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VSE ANIMATION MAKER 3.2 UPDATE (Bonn, Germany, November 26th, 1998). Voget Selbach Entertainment (VSE) announced today that an update to its popular Mac OS based GIF animation tool VSE Animation Maker is now available. The new version supports the new Mac OS 8.5 Open and Save dialogs, offers more animation frame editing tools and fixes various bugs. The award-winning shareware application VSE Animation Maker is used by thousands of users world-wide. It allows absolute precise timing of any animation frame, direct support of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer color palettes and it offers many tools for image editing. With the release of VSE Animation Maker 3.2, the whole company's web site at "" has been re-designed. PRICING US$ 19.95 (1-5 Single User Licenses) US$ 18 (6-20 Single User Licenses) US$ 15 (21- Single User Licenses) A VSE Animation Maker school license is available at US$ 159 and covers all computers in one school...
Nov 25
[NPL] 1.0.2
Please note that 1.0.2 is now available for download from the web site. (I know. 1.0.1 was only released a few days ago -- if that -- but reliability and stability are important to my customers and myself) 1.0.2 fixes a bug that stopped people like yourself from registering their copy of A couple of minute improvements have also been made to the About code. An updater exists for people who have already downloaded 1.0 or 1.0.1. For extra convenience, the updater urls are: ( ( Update instructions are available from the web site. 1.0.2 now available for download - released on November 26, 1998 For more information, please visit the web site at ( or contact Gregory at ( Gregory Charles Rivers...
Nov 25
[NPL] Depot Thanksgiving Clearance Sale
DevDepot'S THANKSGIVING CLEARANCE SALE NOW THROUGH NOVEMBER 29th! DevDepot (r) is your source for programming and developer tools. Whether you are an application developer, a web developer, or a system administrator, the Depot has the tools you're looking for! This holiday weekend you have an extra reason to be thankful, beginning immediately the Depot is clearing inventory with special reductions on our already low prices. These clearance prices will be available for this holiday weekend only (now through Sunday, November 29th)! Due to the overwhelming response expected, we cannot take phone orders at these discounted prices. If you need to speak to us by phone, send us an e-mail with your phone number and we will call you (you will still qualify for these special low prices). To Order from DevDepot: on the Web at: ( via e-mail at: ( or via fax to: 805-494-9798 Hurry and...
Nov 25
[MD1] Depot Thanksgiving Clearance Sale
DevDepot'S THANKSGIVING CLEARANCE SALE NOW THROUGH NOVEMBER 29th! DevDepot (r) is your source for programming and developer tools. Whether you are an application developer, a web developer, or a system administrator, the Depot has the tools you're looking for! This holiday weekend you have an extra reason to be thankful, beginning immediately the Depot is clearing inventory with special reductions on our already low prices. These clearance prices will be available for this holiday weekend only (now through Sunday, November 29th)! Due to the overwhelming response expected, we cannot take phone orders at these discounted prices. If you need to speak to us by phone, send us an e-mail with your phone number and we will call you (you will still qualify for these special low prices). To Order from DevDepot: on the Web at: ( via e-mail at: ( or via fax to: 805-494-9798 Hurry and...
Nov 25
[MD1] ActiveDeveloper
NEWS For Immediate Release: For further information, please contact: InterACTIVE-Technology ActiveDeveloper (Last Beta) -- now MULTI-USER and LICENSABLE November 26th 1998 -- Vestbjerg, Denmark -- Today, InterACTIVE-Technology delivers the Last Beta of ActiveDeveloper - our CrossPlatform Smalltalk-like Development Environment for NATIVE MacOS X, Windows and OpenStep Code - and our take on Thinking Different about the Best way to Develop Object-Oriented Code from OpenStep into Mac OS X. From Beta3 to Beta5 of ActiveDeveloper, the following Improvements have appeared: - Network and Multi-User Capability - Network Licensing System integrated - Code-Compile-Play Cycle (1-2 seconds even on the slowest P-II) - No Extra Installation needs for Demo Machines and Inhouse Test Users. ActiveDeveloper Beta5 is available Today. Fully functional - FREE of Charge - with a Single User Floating Network...
Nov 25
[NPL] Vicomsoft Updates
Vicomsoft Internet Facility Upgrade and Software Updates To accelerate and improve customer access to Vicomsoft's Internet facilities, we are currently upgrading to faster Internet connections. In line with this upgrade, there are updates to the Internet Gateway and SoftRouter Plus which take advantage of the new faster access for use within the integrated ping utility and the Internet Gateway content filtering redirection address. Free updaters are available for the Internet Gateway and SoftRouter Plus to update from version 5.01 to the latest version 5.02. These latest releases also incorporate minor software maintenance updates. For existing users of the Internet Gateway version 4.5.2, there is a free updater to version 4.5.3 which provides the required address changes. All Software Updaters can be found at: ___________________________________________________________ This message comes to you from the Vicomsoft Mail List System....
Nov 25
[NPL] Shift Key Suite v1.0.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Marc Mennigmann releases the "Shift Key Suite" v1.0.1 Iserlohn, Germany -- Nov 25, 1998 -- Marc Mennigmann today announced the release of the "Shift Key Suite" v1.0.1, a powerful collection of applications to extend the functionality of password protection systems for Macintosh computers. v1.0.1 adds compatibility for the Macintosh OS 8.5. Why Do I Want To Disable The Shift Key? Holding down the Shift key when launching your Macintosh will prevent all extensions to load at start-up. This is an interesting feature when you have start-up crashes from incompatible extensions and control panels. However, if your system is running smooth, you may want to protect your computer with a password protection or a similar application/extension. Most password protections for the Mac are extensions or controlpanels. Therefore you can simply bypass them when holding down the Shift key at start-up. This is where the "SKS" comes in. It gives you the option to disable the Shift...
Nov 25
[NPL] Mailsmith 1.1.2 Update
Mailsmith 1.1.2 Update Released Bedford, MA--November 25, 1998--Bare Bones Software released a new update to Mailsmith, the company's Internet email client. The Mailsmith 1.1.2 update brings various interface enhancements, additions to the feature set, and fixes for reported problems. Improvements found in this release include: + Display of more information in mail browsers and message views + An option to disable automatic filtering of downloaded messages + The ability to script the Compact and Rebuild mailbox commands + More navigation shortcuts, including quick access to "Find Selection" + as well as various performance enhancements and fixes. For a complete list of additions and fixes incorporated in this release, please refer to the company's web site: ( Mailsmith 1.1.2 is available to all registered Mailsmith customers free of charge. The updater package may be downloaded at (http://web....
Nov 24
[NPL] Macromedia Announces Flash Player for Linux
For Immediate Release: MACROMEDIA ANNOUNCES FLASH PLAYER FOR LINUX Free Public Beta of Popular Player Technology Brings Compact, Vector-Based Web Graphics and Animations to Solaris and Linux Users San Francisco, Calif. --- November 24, 1998 --- Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today released a free public beta of its popular Flash Player for the Sun Microsystems, Inc.'s Solaris operating environment and the co-operatively developed Linux operating system. The new UNIX players allow Web surfers on Solaris and Linux systems to view beautiful, fast-downloading, vector-based graphics, animations and Web interfaces created with Macromedia Flash authoring software. The free player is available today from Macromedia's Web site at ( e/download. Flash content is standard on many leading corporate and entertainment Web sitesand can now be displayed on UNIX systems, said Ben Dillon, director of Flash product management...
Nov 24
[NPL] AOL and Sun Form Strategic Alliance
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AMERICA ONLINE, INC. AND SUN MICROSYSTEMS, INC. FORM STRATEGIC ALLIANCE Will Accelerate Growth Of E-Commerce And Develop Next-Generation Internet Devices Three-Year Development and Marketing Agreements Sun to Become A Lead Systems and Services Provider to AOL DULLES, VA and PALO ALTO, CA, November 24, 1998 -- America Online, Inc. (NYSE: AOL), the world's leading provider of branded interactive services, and Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW), a leader in network computing products and services, today announced that they have entered into a strategic alliance to accelerate the growth of enterprise-class e-commerce, and to use Sun's Java technology to develop selected Internet devices that will help Internet users access America Online brands from anywhere, anytime. The alliance follows America Online's separate announcement today that it will acquire Netscape Communications Corporation. Under their definitive three-year development and marketing agreements,...
Nov 24
[NPL] AOL to Acquire Netscape
AMERICA ONLINE, INC. TO ACQUIRE NETSCAPE COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION IN STOCK TRANSACTION VALUED AT $4.2 BILLION Acquisition To Significantly Advance AOL's Multiple Brand Strategy, Broaden Audience, and Take E-Commerce to New Level AOL To Operate Most Popular and Diverse Family of Brands in Cyberspace AOL and Sun Microsystems, Inc. to Develop Next Generation of E-Commerce Solutions and Internet Devices DULLES, VA, November 24, 1998 -- America Online, Inc. (NYSE: AOL) today announced that it will acquire Netscape Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: NSCP) in a transaction that will extend America Online's leadership in interactive services. The stock-for-stock, pooling-of-interests transaction, in which stockholders of Netscape will receive 0.45 shares of AOL common stock for each share of Netscape common stock, is valued at $4.2 billion. It is expected to close in the spring of 1999, subject to various conditions including customary regulatory approvals and approval by Netscape's...
Nov 24
[MD1] MADE App Dev Essentials 1.2
Sig Software is proud to announce the release of Macintosh Application Development Essentials version 1.2. MADE is a tiny package of C/C++ code which provides all the lowest-level needs for a Macintosh application. It is designed for people who are learning, or know how to program Macs, but don't have the time, energy or desire to write basic menu, event, memory and error handling routines. Version 1.2.0 adds support for suspend and resume events and the Open Application AppleEvent, and extends user documentation. Users purchasing a MADE license will now receive extra code for dealing with memory and file buffers, dialog boxes, strings and opening URLs. The MADE web page is at : ( Gideon Greenspan Sig Software
Nov 24
[NPL] 1.0
News Flash! Version 1.0.1 of available Finally, there's an easier way to duplicate FileMaker Pro scripts. Version 1.0 of - the new developer tool that makes duplicating FileMaker scripts from one database file to another easier - will be available from a fully revamped web site beginning November 21, 1998. After rigorous beta testing, and stringent quality demands by the author, promises to help countless FileMaker users and developers with their day to day development. A surprise in version 1.0.1 is full compatibility with *large* Script Definition windows, so all of those people who love their large input windows don't have to miss out (grin). is also compatible with Mac OS 8.5. The script process is simple and quick (eg: close to 300 script steps in just 8 mins). 95% of the script commands are faithfully reproduced with all parameters intact. FileMaker Pro users will be able to save literally hundreds of hours of...
Nov 23
[NPL] Netscape and AOL in Merger Discussions
NETSCAPE AND AMERICA ONLINE IN MERGER DISCUSSIONS MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (November 23, 1998) -- Netscape Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: NSCP) today confirmed that it is in negotiations with America Online, Inc. (NYSE: AOL) regarding a proposed merger; however, no agreement has been reached. The discussions involve a stock-for-stock, pooling-of-interests transaction in which stockholders of Netscape would receive 0.45 shares of AOL common stock for each share of Netscape common stock. There can be no assurance that an agreement will be reached or a transaction consummated. Netscape expects to release its financial results for fiscal quarter and year ended October 31, 1998 on Tuesday, November 24, at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Netscape Communications Corporation is a leading provider of software and services for businesses that want to transform the way they create and keep customers in the emerging Net Economy. The company offers a full line of enterprise software solutions,...
Nov 23
[NPL] BarbaBatch 2.5 for Internet Audio Developers
Media Information For Immediate Release November 23 1998 BarbaBatch 2.5 Simplifies Audio Production for the Internet MacSourcery and AudioEase, developers of multimedia and professional digital audio software jointly released version 2.5 of their BarbaBatch Batch audio processor today. Designed for fast high quality conversions of digital audio for use in internet, multimedia and professional production, BarbaBatch 2.5 now provides users with greater automation and sound processing flexibility. Described by MacWorld Magazine as, 'the best conversion tool money can buy', BarbaBatch has been upgraded to allow conversion of just selected segments of an audio file. Segment conversion allows users to convert custom 'snippets' of audio directly into internet savvy formats. Clips from an entire CD collection can be put on the internet with one click of the mouse. Other new features include the ability seperately control the fade-in and fade-out of converted files as well as the conversion...
Nov 23
[MD1] Snowbound's Fast TIFF and Document Imaging Applet
Snowbound Software Announces Fast TIFF and Document Imaging Applet for Netscape and Internet Explorer Java Imaging Applet Released NEWTON, Mass., Nov. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Snowbound Software has announced the release of a powerful, new Java imaging applet created from their RasterMaster for Java toolkits. This is Snowbound's latest Java imaging solution for cross platform image viewing and manipulation. Some of the potential for this applet's can be seen at With Snowbound's RasterMaster for Java component library, any Java developer can create a Java applet that download and views, from the Internet or Intranet, imaging formats such as TIFF, BMP, JPEG, MO:DCA, CALS, and GIF through Netscape(R) and Internet Explorer(R). Additionally, with the DICOM and JEDMICS support option, two significant imaging market segments - medical imaging and military engineering imaging - are now served with true 100% Java technology. "Many of our customers have...
Nov 23
[NPL] Browser Market Share Shifts to Microsoft
MICROSOFT ECLIPSES NETSCAPE IN INTERNET BROWSER WAR ACCORDING TO EXCLUSIVE WEB INTELLIGENCE FROM ADKNOWLEDGE Leading Web Advertising Management Company Tracks Dramatic Browser Market Share Shift to Microsoft Palo Alto, Calif. -- November 23, 1998 -- AdKnowledge, the only independent provider of end-to-end web advertising management products for agencies and marketers, today revealed exclusive statistics that indicate as of November, market share of the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser has surpassed that of Netscape Navigator. AdKnowledge's browser data was derived from a daily sample taken in November of nearly 15 million ads served by the AdKnowledge System across more than 1,000 of the leading web sites, and provides the most current and unbiased picture of browser activity today. The statistics show that Explorer users in November accounted for 49.5 percent of the browser market, while Navigator users accounted for 45 percent. The data also reveals that Navigator's share has...
Nov 21
[MD1] MacA&D Updates
Subject: Software Design Tool Updates Date: Fri, 20 Nov 98 23:34:03 -0000 x-sender: From: Excel Software ( To: ( Software Design Tool Updates MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa --- Excel Software is pleased to announce availability of maintenance releases to its software engineering products for Macintosh and Windows 95/98/NT. MacA&D and WinA&D support system analysis, requirements specification, software design and code generation. MacTranslator and WinTranslator are used to generate design diagrams from existing source code. QuickCRC supports object-oriented software design using CRC cards. The new maintenance releases include minor enhancements and bug corrections made since the last major release. Detailed product information and news releases for each of the following products can be found at Macintosh Products: MacA&D Standard 6.2.3 priced at $695 MacA&D Desktop 6.2.3 priced at $1295 MacA...
Nov 20
[NPL] Stalker Releases CommuniGate 3.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE STALKER SOFTWARE EXPANDS COMMUNIGATE'S FUNCTIONALITY WITH THEIR NEW 3.0 RELEASE Key features: New Blacklisting (RBL) implementation, Dial-Up Connectivity, Faxing Over the Internet, E-Mail-On-Demand, Paging and More. MILL VALLEY, Calif., November 23rd, 1998 - Stalker Software Inc. today announced their latest release of CommuniGate, an advanced, Mac OS Intranet and Internet messaging system. Since its first release in September 1995, CommuniGate is still recognized as the only integrated messaging system supporting LAN, Internet E-mail, network Fax, Paging, IMAP, Lists and more. Improved Anti-Spam Features During the past year Stalker Software has released two new Internet Mail Servers, Stalker Internet Mail Server (SIMS) for the Ma cOS and the industry strength mail server, CommuniGate Pro supporting most major platforms including Apple's upcoming Mac OS X Server. For these new servers, Stalker has developed and implemented that latest technologies against SPAM...
Nov 20
[NPL] Lasso 2.5.2 Update
BLUE WORLD RELEASES LASSO 2.5.2 UPDATE Maintenance update improves overall stability and introduces new encoding feature. BELLEVUE, WA - November 18, 1998 - Blue World Communications, Inc. today released the Lasso 2.5.2 Update, a maintenance update for the Lasso 2.5 Product Line. The free update improves overall stability by addressing various memory and malformed syntax related issues. In addition, a new encoding keyword is now available. The "None" encoding keyword disables encoding for the values of substitution tags providing customers with more flexible control of the display of extended characters. "We felt it was important to provide the installed base of Lasso 2.5 customers with some of the product stability improvements introduced recently by the Lasso 3 Product Line," said Blue World president & CEO Bill Doerrfeld. "The update allows Lasso 2.5 customers to use Lasso more effectively while they ready their Lasso 3 Product Line upgrades." Further details about the Lasso 2....
Nov 20
[MD1] CWProjector 3.0 public beta
From: (Richard Wesley) Subject: [ANN] CWProjector 3.0 public beta Electric Fish, Inc. announces the public beta of CWProjector 3.0, a shareware version control plugin for Metrowerks CodeWarrior, which allows you to use MPW's Projector for source control without leaving the CodeWarrior IDE. CWProjector provides an easy to use source-code control system, at minimal cost, using established technology from Apple. It is well suited for individuals and small organizations which want the benefits of source-control with a minimum of hassle and expense. Version 3.0 includes the following new features: Difference between local file and any version; Full support for reporting (ProjectInfo) commands; Recursive versions of most commands; Export/import support via the Purge (OrphanFiles) and Add commands; Improved Task Name support in Add, Checkout, Checkin and Comment; Improved label support; Checkin revision specification...
Nov 19
[NPL] X2O 1.1 WebSTAR Plug-in
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 19, 1998 Xperts, Inc. Announces Release of X2O 1.1 Richmond, Virginia -- Xperts, Inc. today released version 1.1 of X2O for Mac OS. X2O is a WebSTAR Plug-in and development kit that serves as an interface between Oracle databases and Web Servers, including Personal Oracle for Power Macintosh. With X2O clients can create industrial strength Dynamic HTML Internet and Intranet applications from their existing Oracle Database. X2O 1.1 is now available for Solaris, AIX and Windows NT as well. X2O 1.1 enables the delivery of server and platform independent Internet and Intranet applications in an affordable package. The new release includes support for: dynamic HTML, dynamic PDF, HTTP support, state management (cookies), file upload and download, HTML templates, generation of any text-based content type and JavaScript support. With X2O developers have unlimited control of web content through the use of Oracle PL/SQL and additional packages that come with X2O...
Nov 19
[NPL] MoniSwitch
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT Eric Prentice URL: ( PH: 503-380-6622 FAX: 503-892-2475 THE MACINTOSH GUY OF PORTLAND IS THE US DISTRIBUTOR FOR MONISWITCH PRODUCTS The Macintosh Guy of Portland is pleased to announce an importing and distribution relationship with Dr. Bott KG for their MoniSwitch and video products in the United States and Canada. November 19th, 1998 [Portland, Oregon] The Macintosh Guy of Portland together with Dr. Bott KG announced the availability of the MoniSwitch video and ADB switches for Macintosh in the United States and Canada. SHARE ONE MONITOR AND KEYBOARD BETWEEN MULTIPLE MACS The MoniSwitch allows you to control and operate two or up to four Macintosh computers from a single keyboard and mouse by conveniently allowing the user to switch between machines. The manual switching device is economical, it saves money by eliminating the need for multiple peripheral devices, it is simple to use and...
Nov 19
[NPL] OneWorld 5000 Mac Update
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ONEWORLD SYSTEMS ANNOUNCES NEW SOFTWARE RELEASE FOR ONEWORLD 5000 COMMUNICATIONS SERVERS SUNNYVALE, Calif., - November 19, 1998 - OneWorld Systems,(TM) Inc. (Nasdaq: OWLD) today announced a new software release for its OneWorld(R) 5000 communications server product family. New features include support for Macintosh-centric networks and enhancements to GlobalFax(TM) fax software, support for fax billing codes, and a new Configuration Wizard. OneWorld 5000 software release Version 1.6 is free to registered users of the OneWorld 5000 family of communications servers and will be available from value-added resellers or directly from the company beginning Friday, November 20, 1998. OneWorld 5000 Server Now Supports Macintosh-centric Networks The OneWorld 5000 is the only communications server that offers Internet routing, remote access, send fax, and receive fax in a single product. With the new OneWorld 5000 Version 1.6 software release, Macintosh-centric networks can...
Nov 18
[NPL] Simply Collaborate for FileMaker Pro
NeoNotion Introduces Simply Collaborate for FileMaker Pro Web-Based Forum Discussion Application Brings Group Collaboration to FileMaker Pro Users Burke, VA --November 11, 1998--NeoNotion announced today the release of Simply Collaborate, a web-based group collaboration application for FileMaker Pro. Simply Collaborate is a group communication tool that enables your organization to have on-line collaborative discussions. Using a web browser, people write messages to an open forum for others to read and reply. "It is an ideal tool to encourage collaboration within your organization. Simply Collaborate can be used to hold virtual meetings, create a knowledge-base and improve communication," notes John Skowlund, NeoNotion business partner. "By collaborating, your organization will share ideas, discover solutions and learn from experience." Simply Collaborate organizes messages in expandable discussion threads for organized viewing. With a dual frame web browser interface, navigating...
Nov 18
[NPL] "Load Time Check" Web Maintenance Tool
For Immediate Release Dont Lose Another Visitor to Your Site Because of Slow Load Times NetMechanics New FREE Service Load Time Check Helps Web Pages Load Fast Huntsville, AL -- NetMechanic (, a leading web site maintenance service, has just announced the launch of a new FREE service that will prevent web sites from losing visitors due to slow loading web pages. NetMechanic Load Time Check will search the pages of a web site to find HTML, images, multimedia plug-ins, and other objects with extremely long load times and alert the webmaster with a full report including advice on how to remedy problem areas. Unlike other fee based services, NetMechanic Load Time Check also offers free advice on how to improve the rendering time, that is, the time it takes for the browser to display the finished web page. This is an exceptional service that were offering at no charge, said Tom Dahm, Manager of NetMechanic. Thousands of dollars are spent on cutting-edge graphic design,...
Nov 18
[NPL] Macworld Expo - New Pavilions
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MACWORLD Expo/San Francisco adds NetInnovators and Consumer Showcase to Special Interest Environments MACWORLD Expo also to feature Corporate Buyers Alliance, connecting exhibitors with corporate buyers SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 18, 1998 MACWORLD Expo/San Francisco 99, Jan. 4 -- 8 at the Moscone Convention Center, will feature two new "Special Interest Environments" geared to consumers, network administrators, web developers and gaming aficionados, IDG Expo Management Co., producers of the show, announced today. "Net Innovators" and "Consumer Showcase," which includes the Macintosh Gaming Championship and Exhibits, will appear for the first time on the show floor alongside other successful and long-running MACWORLD Expo/San Francisco special interest areas, such as: "Developer Central," the "Education District," "Business Solutions," "Extensions Workshop for Creative Content," "Digital Media Studio Featuring QuickTime," and "Digital Art Gallery." "The Special Interest...
Nov 18
[NPL] CDFinder 2.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CDFINDER 2.5 RELEASED November 18, 1998, Johannesberg, Germany The author today announced the immediate availability of version 2.5 of CDFinder, the popular shareware disk catalog tool for the Macintosh. The new version is free for all registered owners of CDFinder and can be obtained from the CDFinder-Homepage ( A single user license is $15, multi user licenses are available . CDFinder is a very fast and powerful tool to create catalog files of your hard disks, floppies, ZIP's and anything else that spins. It has a great user interface and very useful search functions. CDFinder supports drag&drop and requires at least a 68020 or PowerPC CPU. While System 7 is required, CDFinder is also fully compatible to MacOS 8.5. A special feature is the multi-lingual user interface (German/French/English/Italian/Swedish). New features in CDFinder 2.5: - It is now possible to select more than a single item at once in the list...
Nov 18
[NPL] Sonnet G3 Upgrade Compatibility
G3 UPGRADE CARD COMPATIBILITY A recent MacWeek article brought focus to what has been, for some, a suspicion of compatibility problems between PowerPC G3 (750) processor upgrade cards and the ROMs in PowerPC 601/604/604e-based systems. We feel this story rightfully identified one potential for incompatibility, but did not adequately address Sonnet's superior approach to compatibility assurance. We would like to shed additional light on this topic and make sure that our customers understand what steps Sonnet takes early in the development of our Crescendo G3 products to insure compatibility. Sonnet Capability It is worth establishing Sonnet's credibility in this matter as a preface to the discussion. Sonnet had been designing and manufacturing its own upgrade cards for 12 years. Sonnet's staff includes the former director of hardware engineering at DayStar Digital, the former director of software engineering at Applied Engineering, and engineers for the Macintosh 604e multiprocessor...
Nov 17
[MD1] ClibPDF - ANSI C Source Library for Direct PDF Generation
From: "Isamu Ohzawa" ( Subject: [ANN] ClibPDF - ANSI C Source Library for Direct PDF Generation We, at FastIO Systems, are pleased to announce the availability of ClibPDF: an ANSI C Source Library for Direct PDF Generation. PDF (Portable Document Format) will be the native graphics format for the upcoming MacOS X. While we wait for its arrival, you can start creating PDF (Acrobat) files programatically using ClibPDF. For details and downloading of ClibPDF, visit our web site, ## What is ClibPDF ClibPDF is a library of ANSI C functions, distributed in source form, for creating PDF (Acrobat) files directly via C language programs without relying on any Adobe Acrobat tools and related products. It is suitable for fast dynamic PDF Web page generation in response to user input and real-time data, and also for implementing publication-quality graph plotting for both on-screen viewing and printing in any custom application. Since there is minimal platform...
Nov 17
[NPL] FileMaker Pro Programming Mailing List
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: FileMaker Pro Programming Mailing List Provides Developer Level Peer-to-Peer Support. A long term freeware developer of FileMaker Pro support utilities created a moderated, low traffic mailing list for people of various programming experience to share their knowledge. Since it's intial creation in early July, it has acquired a list of over 100 programmers who use FileMaker Pro. This mailing list is meant primarily as a learning tool for writing code for use with FileMaker Pro. The primary focus is writing in C for the purpose of External Function Plug-in creation, but may include other things like using AppleScript with FileMaker Pro. This list is for any level of programming experience, and filters out anything not related to programming and FMP. You won't be getting any emails of someone hocking their new product. How to subscribe and unsubscribe: The list is handled by a professional third-party mailing list service named "Listbot" (
Nov 17
[NPL] Microtech's USB to SCSI Converter
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Comdex Fall - Booth #L 7128 Microtech Announces USB to SCSI Converter. Low cost connectivity solution brings flexibility to iMac owners. COMDEX - Las Vegas, NV - November 16, 1998 -- Microtech International announced today that they will manufacture and ship a converter cable that allows SCSI storage devices to be connected to a standard USB port. The Microtech Xpress USB is a USB to SCSI Converter which targets the hundreds of thousands of new iMac owners who may own older SCSI peripherals, such as hard drives, SyQuest, CD-ROM, or Iomega Zip and Jaz cartridge drives. With an MSRP of just $79, the USB to SCSI converter is an affordable solution, filling a void created by the connectivity limitations of the iMac. "The iMac is exclusively configured with a USB port for peripheral devices and does not allow SCSI connectivity." said Al Conte, Director of Digital Imaging products at Microtech. "While some manufacturers are offering USB compatible products, the...
Nov 17
[NPL] X-Cal and X-Cal-Multi WSAPI Plug-ins
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Damon Myers X-Cal and X-Cal-Multi Now Available November 16, 1998 - CalendarServe has announced the release of X-Cal v1.0.3 and X-Cal-Multi v1.0.2e, its high-performance calendar plug-ins for WSAPI compatible Macintosh webservers. X-Cal-Multi is designed specifically for Web Presence Providers and Educational or Corporate Webmasters who wish to set up multiple, independent calendars. X-Cal offers webmasters an inexpensive way to add a single interactive calendar to their website. Both X-Cal and X-Cal-Multi offer a combination of price, performance, features, and ease of use that put them it in a class by themselves. They are, in fact, the only calendar web-server plug-ins available for the Macintosh platform. Features Include: * 100% browser-based administration for simple administrative management. * Numerous display formats. * Templates for customized calendars consistent with your or your...
Nov 17
[NPL] For Password Utilities
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Dmitry Sumin Passware +7 (095) 768-7985 (202) 478-0752 (Fax) Lost the Password? Find it at New Password-Recovery-Dedicated Web Site Rapidly Becoming Overall Internet Hit November 17, 1998 (INB) -- by Passware is the new, easy URL for every PC user to remember. The site features a unique collection of advanced utilities to gain access to the password-protected files of most popular Microsoft programs. With forgotten or lost passwords occurring often, it's no surprise the site experiences thousands of hits every day, and the traffic is increasing steadily. The site is updated frequently, as enhancements and new products are announced almost every month. Visitors to find password recovery software for: o Microsoft Word files (.doc) o Microsoft Excel files (.xls) o Microsoft Exchange and Outlook e-mail contacts files (.pst) o...
Nov 17
[NPL] Analog Helper 1.0
Sig Software is proud to announce Analog Helper 1.0 for Mac. Analog Helper is a graphical configuration tool for Analog 3, which is a free program to analyse the logfiles from your web server. Analog Helper lets you control and preview the results of hundreds of settings. Analog Helper can import your old .cfg files and allows multiple analysis configurations to be maintained. It can also automatically create multiple reports based on specified time periods. More details, screenshots, and the download are at : Thank you, Gideon Greenspan Sig Software
Nov 17
[NPL] KlepSig 1.1 Released
From: Scott J. Kleper ( KlepHacks Shareware is pleased to announce that version 1.1 of KlepSig is now available. KlepSig is a plugin for Eudora that randomly picks a signature from a folder of text files. The new version fixes an incompatibility with Internet Config and no longer relies on any other plugins to work. The shareware version of KlepSig choose from up to 3 signatures. For a $5 registration fee, users can purchase the registered version with support as many files as the MacOS allows in a single folder. KlepSig 1.1 can be downloaded from: Scott J. Kleper President, KlepHacks Shareware Associate Editor, The Kleper Report
Nov 16
[MD1] Rainbow SentinelExpress 2.0 for ELD and ESD
RAINBOW TECHNOLOGIES ANNOUNCES SENTINELEXPRESS 2.0 FOR SOFTWARE PURCHASING AND ACTIVATION OVER THE INTERNET Las Vegas, NV, COMDEX (#S2666), November 17, 1998 - Rainbow Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: RNBO), a leader in high performance security solutions for the Internet and electronic commerce, today announced the release of SentinelExpress 2.0, an E-commerce tool for developers, providing secure software distribution and license activation via the Internet. SentinelExpress 2.0 combines Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) and Electronic License Distribution (ELD) with the security and flexibility of License Manager technology. Developers can securely distribute demos and licensed applications over the Internet with SentinelExpress, and automatically generate/activate software licenses from their web site. Combined with SentinelLM-Shell, SentinelExpress offers an easy to implement, low cost ESD solution for developers looking to get on-line quickly to sell their software. "Rainbow...
Nov 16
[NPL] WebSTAR 3.0.2 Update
StarNine Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce the release a of WebSTAR 3.0.2, a free upgrade for WebSTAR 3 users. This update offers a number of fixes and enhancements to the current feature set including improved FTP and MacBinary compatibility, work-arounds for Open Transport memory leaks on PowerPC machines, data cache fixes to prevent files from being held "open" and various SSI improvements, among others. In addition, WebSTAR 3.0.2 adds support for FTP uploading of MacBinary III files and implements the new multi-vendor standard Virtual Domain Manager API (VDMAPI) that allows Plug-Ins to configure and set various virtual host related information. We encourage all WebSTAR 3.0.x customers to upgrade to WebSTAR 3.0.2 using one of the following archives: WebSTAR 3.0.2 Updater (updates all previous versions of WebSTAR 3, including WebSTAR/SSL, to version 3.0.2) - 12.6 MB ( WebSTAR 3.0.2 Active Installer (contains only the main...
Nov 16
[NPL] Dantz Certifies Internet Backup Site
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press contact: Kerry MacInnes Director, Marketing Communications 925.253.3035 IBS Program contact: Jenny Shelby King International Sales Coordinator 925.253.3077 DANTZ ANNOUNCES NEW CERTIFIED INTERNET BACKUP SITE ORINDA, CANovember 16, 1998Dantz Development Corporation and Committed to Memory, LLC of Novato, CA have announced a strategic alliance under which Committed To Memory will provide Internet backup storage space as a Dantz certified Internet Backup Site. The combination of Dantzs award-winning software, Retrospect, and Committed To Memorys Internet service provides users with a complete and automatic Internet backup solution. New Retrospect 4.1 allows data to be stored on FTP sites via the Internet. Using Retrospects EasyScript feature, users can create backup routines that automatically copy their important files to a secured server via the Internet. Because the backups run on a schedule established by the user,...
Nov 16
[MD1] CodeBuilder 1.1
Contact: Anita Holmgren Phone: 805-963-6983 FAX: 805-962-8202 E-mail: Tenon Enhances CodeBuilder - UNIX Tools for Mac Powerful Software Development Toolsuite Available for all Power Macs Santa Barbara, CA -- Today, Tenon Intersystems began shipping an enhanced version of MachTen CodeBuilder, a cross-platform toolsuite for Power Mac. The new CodeBuilder 1.1 release includes updated UNIX and X software development tools, web development tools, a Java development environment, and enhanced performance. In contrast to other UNIX tools for Macintosh, CodeBuilder runs in conjunction with MacOS and MacOS applications and is supported on all Power Macs, including iMacs and G3 PowerBooks. This inexpensive package will give users a preview of the development capabilities that will soon be available with MacOS X Server. MachTen CodeBuilder includes a native fast file system, an enhanced suite of UNIX software development tools based on the latest GNU (gcc 2....
Nov 16
[MD1] Rainbow Add USB Support to Sentinel Line
RAINBOW TECHNOLOGIES ADDS USB SUPPORT FOR PC AND MACINTOSH SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS TO SENTINEL LINE Las Vegas, NV, COMDEX (#S2666), November 17, 1998 - Rainbow Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: RNBO), a leader in high performance security solutions, today announced the availability of SentinelSuperPro-USB and SentinelEve3-USB software protection keys for PC and Apple Macintosh software developers. These hardware keys plug into the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port on PCs and the new Apple iMac product line, providing developers with the highest level of software protection. "Software developers will enjoy the smaller size of the USB devices, and the Plug and Play features," says Norm Denton, senior vice president of Rainbow's Sentinel Business Unit. "The new USB keys offer developers the same functionality they've relied upon in Rainbow's parallel port and ADB devices." In addition to eliminating software piracy, Rainbow's USB keys can also be used as authentication or access control devices. A...
Nov 16
[MD1] SuperCard Server, Avail in Italy
Incwell Expands Distribution of SuperCard Products in Italy, Announce Server Edition Chandler, Arizona - November 16, 1998. Chandler, Arizona-based Incwell DMG Ltd, a provider of high end multimedia and web authoring development tools, announced availability of its products in Italy through Gorizia, Italy based Active Software. "We at Incwell are excited about our new relationship with Active Software. They are positioned well in the Italian marketplace and well understand the Macintosh revival started by the iMac," said Keith B. Shaw, CEO of Incwell DMG, Ltd. At the direction of Proactive International, LLC, an international channel agency, Incwell DMG, Ltd entered the exclusive distribution agreement with Active Software. Active Software will assume all sales, marketing and support of Incwell products in Italy. Livio Valdemarin, a well-known high-technology Italian entrepreneur, founded Active Software. SuperCard 3.5.1, released recently, supports Macintosh 8.5 system enhancements,...
Nov 16
[NPL] FileMaker Plug-in Talk
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Troi Automatisering starts FileMaker Plug-in Talk mailing list. Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands, November 16, 1998--Troi Automatisering today announced the creation of a new email based mailing list: FileMaker Plug-in Talk This is a discussion list for all matters regarding FileMaker Pro plug-ins and other extensions. If you have a question regarding the use of plug-ins with FileMaker Pro or want to stay informed on the exciting developments of plug-ins you should subscribe to this (not moderated) list. Peter Baanen, company president, states that "Although Troi Automatisering hosts and supports this list, the discussion is not limited to Troi plug-ins. This list is intended to be a source of information for all FileMaker plug-ins". How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe Subscribe by sending this email: ( You may also subscribe by simply sending an email message using your regular mail client with the words "...
Nov 16
[NPL] Director 7 Shockwave Internet Studio
For more information contact: For Immediate Release Macromedia Macromedia Andrea Coffey Kirsten Armstrong (415) 252-2260 (415) 252-4088 MACROMEDIA UNVEILS DIRECTOR 7 SHOCKWAVE INTERNET STUDIO AND NEW SHOCKWAVE 7 Major Upgrade to the Premier Tool for Creating and Delivering Powerful Multimedia Enables Richer, More Compelling Web Experiences San Francisco, Calif. November 16, 1998 - Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced Director 7 Shockwave Internet Studio, a major upgrade to the companys flagship authoring software. The established standard for creating and delivering powerful multimedia, Macromedia Director is re-architected for the Internet, enabling developers to build the most engaging, entertaining Websites possible. The company also debuted Shockwave 7, a major new release of the popular Web interactive multimedia player. Optimized for speed and ease of use, Shockwave 7 provides the fastest, most...
Nov 16
[NPL] HTMLEdit - Yellow Box HTML editor
The 7th part in the HTMLEdit series is now available on Stepwise. In this article, we show how to support drag and drop of color swatches to add color tags to your HTML. HTMLEdit is an Yellow Box HTML editor application that is being constructed and extended over a period of articles. When completed, it will support multiple documents, drag and drop, previewing, undo and redo, find, user preferences, templates and more. The source that accompanies each article is available from our FTP server. Article 1: Working with NSDocument - A Practical Primer Building the basic application. Article 2: Adding Drag and Drop and Previewing to HTMLEdit Adding the ability to accept links that are dragged and dropped from other applications (most notably OmniWeb) and the option of previewing your HTML in OmniWeb. Article 3: Using the new unified NSTextView Pasteboard API for drag-and-drop Backtracking slightly, and explaining some of the implementation choices so far. Article...
Nov 16
[MD1] VOODOO Supports Alpha Text Editor
PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE UNI SOFTWARE PLUS GmbH Softwarepark Hagenberg A-4323 Hagenberg AUSTRIA phone: +43 (7236) 3338-82 fax: +43 (7236) 3338-30 email: www: Subject: VOODOO version control tool integrates with text editor Alpha Hagenberg, AUSTRIA, November-16-1998, UNI SOFTWARE PLUS GmbH is pleased to announce the availability of an integration between the company's award-winning version control tool VOOODOO and the text editor Alpha. Like with the already existing integrations with CodeWarrior and BBEdit, the new integraton with Alpha offers full access to everyday version control tasks from directly inside the host application. "We are very happy about this new integration with Alpha. It is a next step after already existing integration with CodeWarrior and BBEdit, and demonstrates that VOODOO continues to become THE version control standard for Macintosh computers for programming projects as well...
Nov 13
[NPL] PlanetUplink Includes Linux
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Mary A. Carson, Corp. Sales Manager Planet Computer 910 16th Street, Suite 624 Denver, CO 80202 (303) 825-1778 Linux Included in PlanetUplink Expansion November 13, 1998 (INB) -- Planet Computer nationally unveiled their newest business solution, PlanetUplink, on October 30. PlanetUplink IBN (Internet Based Network) allows businesses to gain access to and share virtually any application or database simultaneously (real time) on almost any computer from their remote and multiple offices, globally, via the Internet. This week, Planet Computer announced the expansion of PlanetUplink to support Linux (server and client), in addition to the currently supported Macintosh, OS/2, UNIX (Solaris/Sparc, Solaris/x86, SGI, IBM, SCO, HP/UX, DEC, SunOS), Windows (Win95, NT, Windows CE, Win3.x), DOS and Java. CEO of Planet Computer, Cori Fountain states, "We are very proud to add Linux to PlanetUplink. This...
Nov 13
[NPL] UpdateAgent 3.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT Rio Sabadicci 760-804-9900 INSIDER UPDATEAGENT SETS NEW STANDARD FOR UPDATE DOWNLOADING POWER Five-Mouse Rated Utility Adds Flexible, Powerful Controls and New User Interface November 12, 1998 [Carlsbad, CA] Insider Software today announced the immediate availability of Insider UpdateAgent 3.0, the five-mouse-rated Macintosh software-update utility formerly known as Insider Updates. The new release adds many unique features and sports a new interface that delivers unrivaled control of the updater selection and downloading process. NEW, UNPARALLELED FILE SELECTION After UpdateAgent 3.0 automatically scans a system's drives, it displays a list of programs that it can update. Standard Macintosh disclosure triangles provide users with the date the updater was created and a precise summary of each updater's features. For each application, users can specify which files are to be downloaded. Users can also block the downloading of all...
Nov 12
[NPL] Ultimate Web ISP List
Contact: Kristi Kosloske/Jennifer Stonebreaker 847/253-6600 For Immediate Release Sumo, Inc. Announces the Launch of Ultimate Web ISP List, the only list with verified ISP information www.webisplist.comThe Ultimate Guide to Internet Service Providers Sunrise, FL - Sumo, Inc. a leader in niche Internet directories, announces the launch of yet another valuable Internet resource, the Ultimate Web ISP List ( The new site provides users with a detailed directory of Internet Service Providers with a powerful database searchable by specific criteria. In addition the site offers a "Top Ten List" of leading ISP's as voted on by the public, monthly reviews, ISP opinion polls, related resources, articles, and more. "The Ultimate Web ISP List is another step in our commitment to bring order to the Internet," said Jonathan Caputo, President and CEO of Sumo, Inc. "Our goal is to provide the public with the information necessary to make informed decisions that will better the way...
Nov 12
[NPL] iShell Unleashes the Internet and QuickTime 3
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Amy Bonetti Principal Big Mouth Communications 415-837-1900 iShell Frees Interactive Media Creators Unleashes the Power of Internet and QuickTime 3 San Francisco, CA. -- November 10, 1998 -- Tribeworks, Inc. today announced a revolutionary approach to media creation and delivery with iShell, a digital media suite that offers creators of interactive digital content an unprecedented level of freedom and complete control over application delivery. iShell enables creation of interactive media-rich applications without writing code. Creative professionals are free to specify exactly how users interact with content at every level. iShell also provides a powerful environment for programmers to extend the capabilities of the system without impeding the content development process. "With iShell, interactive media creators are limited only by their imagination, not by their programming skills," said Duncan Kennedy, president and CEO of...
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PopChar X 7.0 - Floating window shows av...
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*Apple* Solutions Consultant (ASC) - Apple (...
**Job Summary** The ASC is an Apple employee who serves as an Apple brand ambassador and influencer in a Reseller's store. The ASC's role is to grow Apple Read more
*Apple* Solutions Consultant (ASC) - Apple (...
**Job Summary** The ASC is an Apple employee who serves as an Apple brand ambassador and influencer in a Reseller's store. The ASC's role is to grow Apple Read more
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