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Oct 25
PixMachineMac 1.0
Miami Beach, Florida, (October 24, 2000) -- TechSono Engineering Incorporated, creator of the popular Windows-based application PixMachine2000, announces entry in the MacOS environment with the release of PixMachineMac 1.0. PixMachineMac, a complete from-the-ground-up rewrite of our Windows program, excels at downloading, assembling, and decoding, and displaying files downloaded from usenet newsgroups. PixMachineMac Overview MacOS users have no doubt encountered articles in usenet newsgroups that have been segmented and UUEncoded using the popular Windows-only program, MasterSplitter. Well, now MacOS users can finally assemble and decode MasterSplitter files on their MacOS computers. TechSono Engineering, Inc., has released PixMachineMac which combines a powerful newsreader and a decent slide show player into a document-based environment. PixMachineMac can detect MasterSplitter files and, along with the MasterSplitter Widget, can quickly and easily assemble and decode MasterSplitter...
Oct 24
BBEdit 6.0.1 Update
Bare Bones Software Releases BBEdit 6.0.1 Update Bedford, MA--October 24, 2000--Bare Bones Software, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of version 6.0.1 of BBEdit(tm), the company's award-winning HTML and text editor. This update incorporates various enhancements, interface refinements, and fixes for reported issues. Among the changes presented in BBEdit 6.0.1 are substantial performance improvements in the link checker, additional flexibility in coloring of attributes in HTML tags, the option to save FTP passwords without the Mac OS Keychain, and more. A detailed list of additions and fixes included in this update can be found online: ( The BBEdit 6.0.1 update is available free of charge to all registered customers who own BBEdit 6.0. The BBEdit 6.0.1 update package may be downloaded directly from the Bare Bones Software web site at: ( Upgrades from Previous Versions...
Oct 24
4D v6.7
October 23, 2000. San Jose, CA. 4D v6.7 Moves to New Level of Database Development -------------------------------------------------- 4D, Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and WebSTAR Server Suite 4.3, announced today the release of the much anticipated 4D version 6.7. The next generation of 4th Dimension has made standard development easier, web development faster, and database repair capabilities have been improved significantly. Among the list of key features enhancements 4D v6.7 now; supports components and HTML tags, allows direct transport between platforms, and has made vast improvements to 4D Tools making 4D a more practical solution for the larger databases. One of the greatest benefits to 4D v6.7 is the time factor. The feature enhancements are designed to reduce development time and maximize the code that developers do generate. 4D also has a few new algorithms and minor feature enhancements that result in general speed improvements within the...
Oct 24
Nisus Writer 6.0
Nisus Software Releases Nisus Writer 6.0 Nisus Software, Inc. releases Nisus(R) Writer 6.0 - The number one multilingual word processor for the Macintosh. Solana Beach, CA - October 23, 2000 - Nisus Software, Inc. today announces the release of its latest product, Nisus Writer 6.0, the number one multilingual word processor available for the Macintosh operating system. According to Nisus Software President and CEO Jerzy Lewak, "Nisus Writer 6 includes some of the features most requested by our customers. It updates support for the new Apple technologies, adds convenience features and introduces a text analyzer, very useful for educators, students and for professional writers as an indexing tool." Building on our 16 years of text processing expertise, Nisus Writer 6.0 offers a unique, creative experience, unmatched by any other word processor. With its power and flexibility, Nisus Writer has always been the tool of choice for students, educators, and authors -- anyone looking for an...
Oct 23
aUtils For Filemaker: Free!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: aUtils For Filemaker Completely FREE!!!! Peninsula the leading British Software Company have announced today that they are giving away aUtils For Filemaker free of charge! Peninsula's aUtils For Filemaker is a product which has been wanted for a long time. The product contains many useful features in that you can save time with the utility routines, you only need one line of code to do each of the following calculations: Round numbers to 2 decimal places, put negative numbers in brackets and remove minus sign. You can convert a numeric value to the Ascii equivalent character and also remove white space. It is available for Mac or PC. But the most amazing feature about this product is that Peninsula Group are offering it completely free of charge with no obligation! Peninsula back their products with free full technical support via E-mail. The company has ten years experience of Barcoding software and are linked to large companies such as Black and Decker,...
Oct 23
VOODOO Server 1.2.1
VOODOO SERVER - VERSION CONTROL FOR CODEWARRIORS - v 1.2.1 AVAILABLE HAGENBERG, AUSTRIA, October-23-2000 -- UNI SOFTWARE PLUS GmbH is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new version 1.2.1 of their flagship version control tool VOODOO Server. The new release is a maintenance release which fixes some compatibility issues concerning CodeWarrior Pro 6 and BBEdit 6. Customers can view the complete version history and download the new package for free at: ( This release is not yet intended to run natively on Mac OS X Public Beta, but a Mac OS X version of VOODOO Server will be available soon. Those who are interested in a Mac-like version control tool running on OS X are encouraged to join the VODOOO Server mailing list at ( to stay informed about the latest news. Customers can view the complete version history and download the new package for...
Oct 23
SyBrowser 3.5 - Cross-platform relational db Query Tool
Subject: SyBrowser 3.5 released - Cross-platform relational db Query Tool SyBrowser 3.5 for Macintosh is released. New features include - MySQL Support (Mac-only) - PostgreSQL Support (Mac-only) - History of commands pop-up menu - Macintosh only release SyBrowser is a suite of 32-bit Macintosh and Win32 ODBC client applications that provide an overview of the tables in Sybase, MS SQL, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases hosted on UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers. It allows the execution of SQL queries against these RDBMS and the query results can be exported to disk. Complex queries can be saved to disk for reuse. $45 USD Shareware from MacSOS, Australia Cheers, Dr Gerard Hammond Garvan Institute of Medical Research
Oct 20
Macintosh OS X Beta support for Team ASA Gigabit Ethernet
October 19, 2000 Team ASA Announces Macintosh OS X Beta support for its Stallion Copper and Fiber Gigabit Ethernet Adapters San Diego, CA -- Team ASA Inc., manufacturer of high-performance networking products for PrePress and Digital Media professionals, today announced support for the Macintosh OS X Beta operating system for its Stallion family of gigabit ethernet adapters. Team ASA is the first company to support both Copper and Fiber based Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Cards (NIC) for Macintosh OS 8, OS 9, and OS X Server and now OS X Beta. Team ASA continues its tradition of being the first in the marketplace to update its drivers to the latest Macintosh Operating System. Drivers have been optimized to achieve files transfer rates in excess of 20 Megabytes per second. Universal Driver Eases Installation Process All networks cards come with a universal installer. "Our goal is to make the transition to Gigabit easy, and with our universal installer the user simply picks their...
Oct 20
CyberGauge Adds Multi-Station Support
Neon Software Announces CyberGauge Multi-Station Support LAFAYETTE, CA - October 19th, 2000 - Neon Software announced today a significant enhancement to their award-winning Internet bandwidth measurement application CyberGauge. Multi-Station CyberGauge queries up to 100 SNMP enabled devices for bandwidth utilization. Placing CyberGauge on several machines allows a network administrator to divide the monitoring responsibility in a logical, network configuration-determined design. "100+ router networks are increasingly common today." notes Sharon Doi, Neon Software's director of marketing. "The Multi-Station version extends CyberGauge's value, growing as your infrastructure grows." CyberGauge is an inexpensive yet powerful Internet management software application which allows users to monitor and analyze the throughput of virtually every Internet router available on the market. Based on the industry standard management protocol, SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), CyberGauge can...
Oct 19
ConceptDraw v1.55
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CS-ODESSA RELEASES CONCEPTDRAW 1.55 Version 1.55 features Text Auto Expand mode, enhanced printing, new libary objects, better data exchange with Adobe Illustrator and other improvements. Odessa, Ukraine - October 19th, 2000 - Computer Systems Odessa Corp., today announced ConceptDraw v1.55 for MacOS and Windows, a newer version of the powerful flowcharting and diagramming software package. The update is free to registered users of ConceptDraw v1.52 or earlier. A free demo version is available from ConceptDraw's web site: ConceptDraw v1.55 adds the following new features and enhancements: - Text Auto Expand mode facilitates editing text in the objects. - Intuitive printing: Fuller control on the printing options, such as page order, orientation and arrangement. - Improved HTML export, EPS export, and data exchange between Adobe Illustrator and MS Word. - More library objects, including a special library for the MacOS X interface. Also...
Oct 17
SmoothType 2.2.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Greg Landweber, author of Kaleidoscope, Power Windows, and Greg's Browser, is pleased to announce the release of SmoothType 2.2.1, available now from: SmoothType is a shareware control panel that brings Mac OS X style font smoothing to machines running System 7 through Mac OS 9. SmoothType also works in the Classic environment under Mac OS X, giving Classic applications text that looks just as good as in Carbon and Cocoa applications. SmoothType effectively doubles the resolution of text on the screen by blurring the edges of bitmap fonts with shades of gray, a technique called "anti-aliasing". Although Apple introduced a limited form of font smoothing in Mac OS 8.5, SmoothType offers greater flexibility and uses a more aggressive algorithm--similar to how Adobe Acrobat views PDF files--that produces much better results. Apple is now switching to such smoothed text in Mac OS X, but only for applications that use the Quartz...
Oct 16
UnCoverIt 1.3.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE UnCoverIt updated to version 1.3.1 GERMANY, 17 October 2000 - Shareware author Ilja A. Iwas today released UnCoverIt1.3.1, an update to his popular label creating software . UnCoverIt offers a fast and easy to create and printout paper labels for a variety of storage medias for the Apple Macintosh. NEW TO VERSION 1.3.1: UnCoverIt 1.3.1 adds support for Castlewood ORB disks and improves the way audio covers are handled. Audio CD track names can now be imported directly from the "CD Remote programs" file which is used by AppleCD Audio Player and other applications. FEATURE OVERVIEW: UnCoverIt is a shareware application that automatically generates labels for different kinds of storage medias. Unlike other label printing applications the user doesn't have to enter the name of the files on the disk manually. UnCoverIt places icons and file names automatically at the right place and the right size. The uses chooses what files should be displayed on the cover....
Oct 16
MCF Software to distribute ListSTAR
October 16, 2000. San Jose, CA. MCF Software to distribute ListSTAR 4D Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and the WebSTAR Server Suite, are pleased to announce that MCF Software, LLC will handle sales and support of the popular ListSTAR list server product line. It was decided that MCF Software, headed by Farokh Irani, would best be able to provide current ListSTAR users with the attention and support they deserve. MCF Software will begin offering ListSTAR sales and support via email immediately. "ListSTAR is a powerful solution tool for handling mailing lists, auto reply email systems, etc. and I look forward to the opportunity to continue its success," said Farokh Irani, president MCF Software. "We plan to continue the success of ListSTAR. It is one of the few software packages I have used that is very stable due to its solid engineering." "ListSTAR is a popular product that fills an important role within the Mac community," said Brendan Coveney, president...
Oct 16
XTension 3.1.0
XTension products and a full starter kit are available through Developer Depot (,, Toll free: 800-MACDEV-1, Outside US/Canada: 805-494-9797, Fax: 805-494-9798.
Oct 16
REALbasic 3.0a10
October 16, 2000 We are proud to announce the availability of REALbasic 3.0a10. Using this alpha release gives you the chance to learn about new features in REALbasic early, work with Carbon, and participate in setting the direction for the next release. It runs on and compiles for both Classic (7.6.1 to Mac OS 9) and Mac OS X DP 4. It uses Carbon and the Aqua User Interface for both the IDE and the compiled applications when running in Mac OS X, and Platinum in Classic. This release marks the appearance of the new file format. You will have the option of using it or the old one, but if you use the new format for an existing project MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR ORIGINAL PROJECT. More file format fun in the form of stationery (templates). Plus changes to the Project window, including editing Project items in their native applications, contextual menus, drag and drop folders and more. Tons of bug fixes, especially on the Windows side! ( Lorin Rivers...
Oct 16
Vicomsoft Internet Gateway Solutions v6.7
Vicomsoft are pleased to announce that version 6.7 of the Internet Gateway solutions are now available. 6.7 has fantastic new features, and we continue to pride ourselves on bettering our connectivity solutions with every release. All our Gateway Suites now have these features: - Remote Control - The Gateways now include a remote control feature - authorized users can log into the server, see its connection status, and can even turn the product on or off remotely! User accounts can be created giving different users alternative remote control options. - RapidCache - is now the standard cache function of all Gateways - RapidCache is Vicomsoft's highly rated (Macworld & ZDNet both gave it 4/5!) caching server. And now we include it in the Gateway Suites for free! - The DHCP Server can now 'learn' current DHCP clients, then limit serving DHCP to just these computers. This means extra security for networks, and added support for cable modems used with single Ethernet interface...
Oct 15
MacSQL Monitor 1.1
For Immediate Release October 16, 2000 MacSQL Monitor 1.1 Released New York, NY (October 16, 2000) Runtime Labs, Inc. today announced the 1.1 release of MacSQL Monitor, the premier MacOS application for working with SQL Databases from the Macintosh. Version 1.1 adds support for saving connections as documents, a window menu, enhanced Oracle support, and a new version of the MySQL networking code that eliminates user-reported disk errors. MacSQL Monitor allows Macintosh users to interact with MySQL, Oracle, mSQL, and ODBC databases. The software allows users to view database schema, issue queries, import SQL scripts, and export data as SQL scripts or text files. The application is fully AppleScriptable and makes extensive use of MacOS technologies such as AppleScript, the Appearance Manager, Navigation Services, Balloon Help, Contextual Menus, Keychain, Drag & Drop, and more. MacSQL Monitor requires a MacOS-compatible computer with a PowerPC processor and MacOS 8.1 or greater. It...
Oct 13
OneApp Software's Clean Text
Friday, October 13, 2000 OneApp Software has released new version of 'OneApp Clean Text'. OneApp Software has released new version of OneApp Clean Text. 'OneApp Clean Text' is a shareware tool that eliminates all text formatting, removes empty lines, multiple spaces, tab characters, fixes paragraphs etc. OneApp Clean Text has the ability to apply changes to all the document or to only selected parts of it. Among the enhancements made in this release are: Improved the Fix Paragraphs feature; the word "OneApp" has been added in the name of the program: the new name is 'OneApp Clean Text'. Download page:
Oct 13
Joy 2.2 for Mac OS X Public Beta
For immediate release. JOY 2.2 AVAILABLE FOR MACOS X PUBLIC BETA Vienna -- Joy 2.2, the popular developer productivity and RAD tool by AAA+ Software, is now available for Mac OS X Public Beta! Joy provides the fastest path for developers to learn Cocoa, the new way of developing applications for the Mac. It is the tool of choice for everyone who wants to peek under the hood of Apple's next generation OS. Use Joy's run time class browser and object inspector to debug your own programs, or even to inspect Cocoa applications you don't have the source code for. Use the built in scripting language (syntactically compatible with Objective-C and JavaScript) to send messages to any object and to teach new methods. Call C functions and Java methods interactively from the Joy command window. Use Joy with Apple's InterfaceBuilder to develop standalone MacOS X applications in record time. What else can I do with Joy? ---------------------------- That depends only on your imagination! Here at AAA...
Oct 13
Griffin Technology Super Res Video Enabler
PR: Griffin Releases Super Res Video Enabler Nashville, TN - October 13, 2000 Griffin Technology, Inc. today annouced they have released Super Res, a free universal video resolution enabler for the Mac. Super Res has both a Control Panel and a Control Strip component that allows one to choose from nearly 50 different video resolutions on current Macs. Super Res enables a much larger range of video resolutions than are normally available. It works with all Macs since the PowerMac 7200 including G3s, G4s, PowerBooks, iMacs, and G4 Cubes. Super Res is not only free but extremely powerful. It allows one to select resolutions of up to 1920x1440. It also allows the selection of bit depths. It is compatible with the built in video of all Macs as well as third party video cards. With Super Res you can now access ALL video resolutions supported by your video card or built in video not just the ones limited by your display. Super Res can be downloaded free from: (http://www.griffintechnology....
Oct 13
gHEAD: Headless Server Killer/Resolution Enabler
For Immediate Release Dr. Bott LLC Ships gHEAD, Headless Server Killer/Resolution Enabler Portland, OR - October 13, 2000 Dr. Bott LLC today announced the shipping of gHEAD, Headless Server Killer/Resolution Enabler. ( gHEAD is a VGA to VGA adapter that is two products in one.... -Headless Server Killer! The gHEAD allows Macintosh G3 & G4s to be operated and restarted without a monitor. Perfect for servers or machines accessed remotely. Also perfect for machines that might be restarted when not selected on a KVM Switch like the MoniSwitch. -Resolution Enabler! The gHEAD opens resolutions and refresh rates not available by default on many monitors, up to 1920 x 1440. Pricing: The gHEAD is available immediately for $19.95. About Dr. Bott LLC: Dr. Bott LLC of Portland, Oregon (, is a manufacturer and distributor of Macintosh peripherals dedicated to serving resellers, VARs, and individuals with third party Macintosh...
Oct 12
4D Version 6.5.7
October 12, 2000. San Jose, CA. 4D Inc. Announces Release of 4D Version 6.5.7 4D, Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and WebSTAR Server Suite 4.3, announced today that 4D version 6.5.7 has been released and is now available from the 4D, Inc. web site. 4D Version 6.5.7 is an important maintenance release, which improves upon earlier 4D v6.5.x releases. "4D v6.5.7 continues to build upon the solid engineering of earlier 4D v6.5.x releases to provide developers with improved performance and stability and reinforces our commitment to the 4D development community," said Brendan Coveney, president, 4D Inc. Current 4D v6.5.x owners can download the update free of charge. The update can be downloaded from the 4D, Inc. web site at: ( The URL for this press release is: ( About 4D, Inc. Located in San Jose, California, 4D, Inc. is the US distributor of 4th...
Oct 12
VSE Be Found 2.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Macintosh web site promotion tool with over 30 improvements Germany, 12 October 2000 - Voget Selbach Enterprises (VSE) announced today the release of VSE Be Found 2.1. VSE Be Found is the first complete web site promotion tool for Macintosh computers, including a search engine submitter, a ranking checker and a link popularity tool. It also analyzes web pages and optimizes them for a high search engine ranking. NEW TO VERSION 2.1 The new version 2.1 can now open up to 9 simultaneous connections to submit a web page to the search engines making it nearly twice as fast the previous verson and saving more time. The new version features over 30 interface enhancements and bug fixes, including speed improvements in various areas and an updated web page analysis. In short: VSE Be Found 2.1 submits much faster and saves even more time. PRICING VSE Be Found is available in two editions: - VSE Be Found Lite, $19.95 - VSE Be Found Professional, $89.95 VSE Be Found Lite is a...
Oct 11
ACTION Menus Update
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SOMETHING NEW ON THE ACTION MENUS Power On Software Releases Update to Premiere Menu Customization Product Columbus, Ohio - October 11, 2000 - Power On Software announced today that it had released an update to ACTION Menus, the best-selling Macintosh menu configuration utility. ACTION Menus affords complete control over menu customization by providing a flexible array of options that allow users to be more productive. Also available as part of the Eddy-Award nominated ACTION Utilities collection that includes ACTION Files, ACTION WYSIWYG and ACTION GoMac, ACTION Menus enables users to create, customize and configure menus so that a user's most frequently used files, folders, applications, and volumes are instantly available. The update, version 1.0.1, incorporates several improvements aimed at enhancing operation with Mac OS 9 and G4 Macintoshes. The ability to assign keyboard commands to virtually any application's menus has been improved so that items...
Oct 10
QuickTime 5 and QuickTime Streaming Server 3 Public Previews
Apple Releases QuickTime 5 and QuickTime Streaming Server 3 Public Previews Open, Industry Standard Streaming Technologies Feature New Web "Skip Protection" and Updated User Interfaces QUICKTIME LIVE!, LOS ANGELES-October 10, 2000-At the second-annual QuickTime Live! conference today, Apple released public previews of QuickTime 5 and QuickTime Streaming Server 3, the next generations of Apple's industry-leading software for creating, streaming and playing high-quality audio and video over the Internet. QuickTime 5's many new innovations include an updated media player with a new QuickTime TV (QTV) network channel display and new audio controls; a new component downloader for adding plug-ins on the fly; and support for new web codecs including Macromedia Flash 4, Cubic VR and Shoutcast. QuickTime 5, in combination with the new open-source QuickTime Streaming Server 3, offers "Skip Protection," a collection of Apple-invented technologies that ensures a higher quality experience for...
Oct 10
Electric Rain Releases Swift 3D for the Macintosh
Electric Rain Releases Swift 3D for the Macintosh Industry-Leading 3D Vector Graphics Software is the First Tool Of Its Kind Available for the Macintosh Community BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Electric Rain, Inc.(R) today announced the release of its newest version of their 3D vector graphics tool, Swift 3D(TM) v1.0 for the Macintosh(R). This powerful standalone design tool allows users to create vector-based 3D imagery that compliments 2D and motion graphic authoring tools such as Macromedia Flash and Adobe LiveMotion. "After Swift 3D v1.0 Windows was released in April, we received thousands of emails asking us to support the Macintosh platform. It was very apparent that a Mac version of Swift 3D was our next critical mission," commented Mike Soucie, President of Electric Rain. "Electric Rain is passionate about supplying innovative multimedia tools to the Macromedia Flash and graphics community and we were determined to allow Mac users access to our 3D vector graphics...
Oct 10
Troi Plug-in Power 4.1 CD-ROM
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Troi Automatisering ships Troi Plug-in Power 4.1 CD-ROM for FileMaker Pro 5 & 4. Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands, October 10, 2000--Troi Automatisering today announced it has begun shipment of the Troi Plug-in Power CD-ROM volume 4.1, for FileMaker Pro 4 and 5 on Mac and Windows. The Plug-in Power CD-ROM contains demonstrations of 10 powerful Troi Plug-ins for FileMaker Pro and 20 plug-ins and utilities from other leading developers. You'll find all plug-in demonstrations neatly organized and the CD-ROM saves you from hunting down the plug-ins from the Internet. Peter Baanen, company president, comments: "We have added all the latest versions of the Troi plug-ins to the CD-ROM we showed at the 2000 FileMaker Developer Conference in Palm Desert. Together with the range of third party plug-in demos and the comprehensive, searchable database of all FileMaker plug-ins available on the market, this CD-ROM is a must-have for all FileMaker developers who want...
Oct 09
Barcode for FileMaker
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: WANT TO MAKE BARCODES IN FILEMAKER BUT CAN'T? NOW YOU CAN!!!!!! It's official! Peninsula the leading British Software Company manufactures a product which lets you make barcodes in Filemaker! Peninsula's Barcode for Filemaker contains may useful features, e.g it only requires one line of code in your database, any code types are possible and for one price, as accurate as your printer even working on ink jets, reduces errors and mistakes and what's more it's quick and easy to use. The program gives you full control over size, shape and even bar width reduction from within Filemaker as an external function. There is no need for separate software applications because it is self generating within Filemaker. Within the program you may reduce the width of the bars to suit the material onto which you are printing, or allow for wear on the print head. The full version supports all code types; if the code type you want is not listed Peninsula will add it- for free!...
Oct 08
SockeToome - The Personal File Sender
From: "k.brett" ( Subject: SockeToome - The Personal File Sender Released Black Diamond Products today announced the release of the first public beta of its innovative new internet application SockeToome. SockeToome is an application to send files to other users, directly, person-to-person. It involves no central server, and can be used by people with both static and dynamic IP addresses. It works at the sender's convenience, queueing files for transmission to other users, and holding them in a queue until successfully sent. If you regularly exchange files with other people, SockeToome can simplify your life. SockeToome: * both retries and resumes transfers * transmits directly between the sender's and receiver's computers * involves no central server, preserving your privacy * works at the sender's convenience as well as at the receiver's * works between Macs and PCs * can handle up to four outgoing and three incoming transmissions simultaneously * is...
Oct 06
Griffin CubePort
Griffin Ships the First G4 Cube Peripheral Nashville, TN - October 6, 2000 Griffin Technology, Inc. today annouced they are shipping the CubePort universal serial port adapter for G4 Cubes. The CubePort is the first and currently the only G4 Cube specific product available. The CubePort uses the G4 Cube's modem port to provide 'board level' compatibility that does not exist in other serial adapter solutions. The CubePort supports all serial devices that worked with previous Macs including PDA's, modems, digital cameras, midi, lab equipment, and serial printers. The CubePort's serial support is so complete it even supports Localtalk file sharing and printing. At a MSRP of $49.00 the Cube Port offers a great solution for G4 cube owners with existing serial and Localtalk equipment. More information about the CubePort can be found at ( iMate Driver Update Griffin has posted version 2.51 of the iMate USB to ADB driver. Version 2.51 has a...
Oct 05
Media 100 Cleaner 5
Media 100 Announces Immediate Availability of Cleaner 5; Cleaner 5 Ships in Volume; Breakthrough Web Design Technology Defines Future of Interactive Streaming Media MARLBORO, Mass.--Oct. 5, 2000--Media 100 Inc. (NASDAQ: MDEA), the leading provider of software, systems and services for streaming media on the Internet, today announced the immediate availability of its breakthrough interactive streaming media design solution, Cleaner 5. Developed by Media 100 subsidiary, Terran Interactive, Cleaner 5 is the first interactive streaming media design solution to enable web designers, media professionals and Internet broadcasters to quickly and easily produce highly-interactive, dynamic streaming media content for next generation, video-enabled web sites. Cleaner 5 was announced last month to critical acclaim at the International Broadcasters Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam, winning the Best Technology of Show award. "Cleaner 5 will fuel the growth of streaming on the web, enabling entirely...
Oct 02
VirusBarrier 1.0 Now Shipping
PRESS RELEASE VirusBarrier: the new generation antivirus for Mac. Intego, the leader in Internet security software for Macintosh, announces the release of VirusBarrier 1.0, the new antivirus solution for Mac. This new product is the perfect companion to NetBarrier, the first personal firewall for Macintosh, which was presented at the 1999 Macworld Expo in New York. While the Internet is the leading source of information today, it is also the main source of computer viruses. With the sharp increase in the use of the Internet and other computer networks, Macintosh users receive more files from unknown sources than ever before. VirusBarrier is the perfect solution for Macintosh protection: it identifies, eradicates, and, above all, stops viruses dead in their tracks. Intego's new antivirus program contains many innovations: - A user-friendly interface Intego has focused on making VirusBarrier easy to use, and you can scan your Macintosh, or any disk or volume, with just one click....
Oct 02
VirusBarrier 1.0 Now Shipping
PRESS RELEASE VirusBarrier: the new generation antivirus for Mac. Intego, the leader in Internet security software for Macintosh, announces the release of VirusBarrier 1.0, the new antivirus solution for Mac. This new product is the perfect companion to NetBarrier, the first personal firewall for Macintosh, which was presented at the 1999 Macworld Expo in New York. While the Internet is the leading source of information today, it is also the main source of computer viruses. With the sharp increase in the use of the Internet and other computer networks, Macintosh users receive more files from unknown sources than ever before. VirusBarrier is the perfect solution for Macintosh protection: it identifies, eradicates, and, above all, stops viruses dead in their tracks. Intego's new antivirus program contains many innovations: - A user-friendly interface Intego has focused on making VirusBarrier easy to use, and you can scan your Macintosh, or any disk or volume, with just one click....
Oct 02
CWProjector OSX public alpha
From: Richard Wesley ( Subject: [Ann] CWProjector OSX public alpha available Electric Fish, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of an OSX ready version of our CWProjector tool. CWProjector is a CodeWarrior version control plug-in which provides access to the MPW Projector system from inside the CodeWarrior IDE. CWProjector 3.4a1 can be downloaded from: (
Oct 02
Lasso Lite 3.6.5 For Mac OS X, Apache, and MySQL
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 2, 2000 BLUE WORLD ANNOUNCES LASSO LITE 3.6.5 FOR MAC OS X, APACHE, AND MYSQL Lasso Lite 3.6.5 First Commercial Middleware to Support Mac OS X Public Beta, Apache and MySQL. Available Immediately for Free. Bellevue, WA-October 2, 2000-Blue World Communications, Inc.-pioneers of the Web Data Engine(tm)-today announced Lasso Lite 3.6.5 for Mac OS X, Apache and MySQL delivering on its commitment to bring award-winning Lasso technology to Unix-based platforms such as Mac OS X running Apache, the most popular Web server. Blue World also demonstrates a commitment to support direct connectivity to MySQL, one of the most popular and best performing SQL databases used on the Internet. "Lasso Lite 3.6.5 for Mac OS X, Apache and MySQL furthers our longstanding position as the leading Web database tool vendor for Macintosh and beyond, " said Bill Doerrfeld, founder, president & CEO of Blue World. "With support for Apache and MySQL, the legendary power and ease-of...
Oct 02
text2graphic pro 2.1
Subject: [ANN] text2graphic pro 2.1 From: Joerg Pressel ( Hi, We are proud to announce version 2.1 of our shareware text2graphic pro for Apple Macintosh Computers - download it from the text2graphic homepage: text2graphic is an application that batch-converts text to graphic files with shadows, anti-aliasing and more. It is very useful for multimedia-producers and web-designers who need to produce many text graphics. New features in version 2.1 include: - added writing direction (left-right, right-left, top-down) - in the rendering dialog it is now possible to render all active formats in one single graphic - bug fixes Best, Jrg Pressel three-2-one interaktive Medien GmbH fon: +49 2151 319450 ____ Read me info Version 2.1 10/02/2000 three-2-one interaktive Medien GmbH Author: Jrg Pressel text2graphic is a tool for multimedia producers to generate graphic-files out of text...
Oct 02
PRESS RELEASE: Tri-CATALOG LITE 4.04 for MACINTOSH and WINDOWS AVAILABLE NOW We are very proud to announce a new version of our software for Macintosh: Tri-CATALOG LITE. This new version is free for all previous version 4 users. This product is a volumes cataloger and pictures displayer. Hundreds of volumes, Millions of files, 300,000 images ??? Just catalog them once and you'll find easily any file About Tri-CATALOG LITE: Tri-CATALOG LITE automatically scans user's volumes (including hard disks, floppies, cartridges, CD-ROMs, ...) and save their content in its database. Tri-CATALOG gives a very easy way to browse and find any file (even if you have hundreds of volumes with millions of files). Tri-CATALOG LITE has specific "Images" functions: it saves reduced views for all picture typefaces (TIFF, JPEG, EPS, GIF, PSD (Photoshop 4+), PNTG, PICT, and BMP) and has specific search and display functions as well. Availability: Tri-CATALOG LITE is available in both...
Sep 29
Date Format OSAX 1.0
For Immediate Release September 29, 2000 Date Format OSAX 1.0 Released New York, NY (September 29, 2000) Runtime Labs, Inc. today released Date Format OSAX 1.0, an AppleScript Scripting Addition that allows scripters to format dates in a variety of formats. Date Format provides AppleScripters the equivalent functionality of the C strftime function and the Java SimpleDateFormat class. Date Format OSAX is available for download from the Runtime Labs web site at ( About Runtime Labs Founded in 2000, Runtime Labs, Inc. develops software applications for the Macintosh, Java, WebObjects, and the World Wide Web. Runtime Labs' premier application is MacSQL Monitor, which allows Macintosh users to communicate with Oracle, MySQL, ODBC, and mSQL databases. Runtime Labs, Inc.
Sep 29
DevDepot FREE GIVEAWAY OF MACTANK SWISS ARMY BRIEF! SEP 29 2000, WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA -- DevDepot announced it would give away a FREE Swiss Army MacTank Computer Brief (a $280 value). The deluxe expandable computer brief (Swiss Army Model 36021) is a dependable, durable computer case that sports an embossed MacTank logo. Any Depot customer purchasing a MacTank pre-paid support card from DevDepot during the month of October will automatically be entered into a drawing for the free computer brief. No purchase is required, to enter the contest without a purchase simply fill out the contest entry page at DevDepot, your source for technical and development products, is offering the FREE MacTank computer brief to introduce MacTank pre-paid support cards. MacTank pre-paid support cards for everything Mac include three calls -- all calls are guaranteed for 30 days and MacTank will send the caller a detailed "how to" wrap message, documenting the steps necessary to...
Sep 28
db Reports 2.1.1
Available immediately at, db Reports has made the following changes since version 2.1: - Fixed bug with postgreSQL source selection. - Removed Primebase source... will be added back once it works properly. - Data source with no records no longer gives zero width fields in report generator - Expressions can now properly contain a negative numeric constant Full Description: Database report writing application for the Macintosh that supports the following data sources: 4DServer 6.5, ODBC, OpenBase, Oracle, postgreSQL, REAL Database, and Valentina.The program has an automatic report generator. By default, report templates are saved as XML files, but they can be encoded and optionally password protected. Protected files can be previewed and printed, but not edited. REALbasic developers can include and print pre-made reports with their projects. Aaron Bratcher Got Data? See it with db Reports
Sep 28
Free Diffusion Effect for QuickTime
From: Darrin Cardani ( Subject: Buena Software Releases Free Effect For Immediate Release Buena Software Releases Free Quicktime Effect We are pleased to announce that we have released a free Quicktime Effect- the Diffusion Effect. You can download it from our website at ( This effect allows you to add an impressionistic or pointillistic style to your video clips. It can also be used to create interesting transitions. We are giving this effect away for free to thank our loyal customers of the Effects Pack series, and to let the rest of the world know about them. Enjoy! Sincerely, Darrin Cardani - President, Buena Software, Inc. ( Video, Image and Audio Processing Development
Sep 28
OpenStrip 0.2: Open Source Control Strip of Mac OS X
From: "Joseph J. Strout" ( Subject: [ANN] OpenStrip v0.2 I've just posted version 0.2 of OpenStrip, the open-source replacement for the Control Strip for Mac OS X. This version includes the following improvements: - implemented SBLoadPreferences and SBSavePreferences - modules now receive a sdevSaveSettings message before closing - strip window position is now saved between runs - OpenStrip now responds to the Quit AppleEvent; this means that it quits properly when the system is shutting down, or when the Quit command under the application menu is used These changes constitute a significant step forward over the last release of OpenStrip. OpenStrip comes with several built-in modules (including a digital clock that doesn't get in your way!), and should be immediately useful to users of OS X. Additional modules are under development, and I encourage the authors of any Control Strip modules to contact me about updating those modules for OS X. For more information, or to...
Sep 28
MacAT v5.4: Cron for Macintosh
MacAT - The automated task scheduling application for Macintosh server administrators MacAT v5.4 features include: - Re-implemented the On/Off checkbox. Tasks can be temporarily disabled while still retaining their scheduling information. - New Task: "Hide All Applications". MacAT is a "cron" task scheduling application for Macintosh server administrators. It is a PowerPC application that allows 38 of the most common MacOS tasks to be run daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly without user intervention. These scheduled tasks include: Launching Applications, Files and AppleScripts; Quitting individual applications or alternatively quitting all currently running processes; Rename and Delete any File or Folder; Hide and Show applications, Mount remote AppleShare volumes; Copy Files or Folders to mounted AppleShare volumes; Unmount nominated AppleShare volumes; Restart or shutdown the Macintosh, eject Zip disks and send eMail. $49 Shareware from MacSOS, Australia http://www.garvan....
Sep 27
KnowledgeMiner 3.2
Cutting Edge Macintosh Technology for DataMining now uses AppleScript KnowledgeMiner is a software application being used by NASA, Boeing, MIT, Columbia, Notre Dame, University of Hamburg, Mobil Oil, Pfizer Inc., Dean & Company and many other corporations, universities, research institutions and individuals around the world. Because it is a datamining technology it can be used in any field of human enquiry to reveal new and previously unknown relationships in data. KnowledgeMiner is the first choice in datamining because it provides the most objective, easiest, fastest and least expensive data mining technologies in the world. Also as it learns about a new dataset it generates equations on the fly that model that data. It is knowledge extraction in its most advanced form. Version 3.2 - Now AppleScriptable - Can protect/unprotect cells KnowledgeMiner can be downloaded from: and Included datasets and examples range from...
Sep 27
Email Effects 1.6.5 for Mac OS, OS X
Sig Software is proud to announce the simultaneous release of Email Effects 1.6.5, both for the traditional Mac OS and as a native Carbon application for Mac OS X. Email Effects is a program for getting the most out of email. With it, you can send pictures and drawings with simple plain text. It is also the world's premier ASCII art creator and great for creating vivid comments in source code. Aside from being ported to OS X, version 1.6.5 also adds support for Bare Bones Mailsmith and CTM Dev PowerMail and uses system themes for the toolbar (on OS 8.5 or later), making Email Effects Kaleidoscope-aware. More information and the Email Effects downloads are available at: ( This release brings the total number of OS X-optimized Sig Software products to 5 - others are Classic Menu, Drop Drawers, MADE and TableText. Thank you, Gideon Greenspan Sig Software
Sep 25
Tenon iTools Public Beta
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE iTools for Mac OS X Public Beta A suite of tools to dramatically simplify Apache configuration & maintenance Santa Barbara, CA, September 25, 2000. Tenon Intersystems, today announced a public beta of iTools for Mac OS X Public Beta. Tenon's iTools is a web server that takes advantage of the preemptive multitasking and memory protection of Apple's next-generation OS. Tenon's iTools runs natively on OS X, extending and enhancing Mac OS X's networking performance, efficiency, ease-of-use, and functionality, with a family of tools essential to serious, commercial content delivery and eCommerce. iTools for Mac OS X is an evolution of Tenon's WebTen for Mac OS, heralded for being the easiest and fastest Apache in the world. Tenon's iTools package is designed to complement and extend the Apache that is included with Apple's new OS X and to make it easy for webmasters to set up and support sophisticated network servers. Using Apple's bundled Apache as a point of...
Sep 22
WS4D/eCommerce 3.3b8
WS4D/eCommerce 3.3b8 is now available! Complete information is available at Overview: New Since 3.3b8 * Added Support for HTTP File Upload (upload files from a browser without FTP) * Added optional Banner module ($295) to track banner ads, impressions and clickthrus New in 3.3 * Added Support for Verisign's PayFlow Link * Added Optional Support for CyberCash's WebAuthorize (requires purchase of key to activate) * Added Different email for merchant & customer * New Security Features * Automatic Daily Export to Quicken/QuickBook and others * Ability to link Products to external QuickTime Links * Bug Fixes Michael Ginsberg Internet: MDG Computer Services, Inc. Web:
Sep 21
MacHack 2001 Dates Announced
MacHack 2001: MacHack 2001 Dates Announced, Registration Open MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers Contact: Carol Lynn c/o Expotech 1264 Bedford Road Grosse Point Park, MI 48230 September 21, 2000-Dearborn, MI-MacHack, The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers is proud to announce the 16th annual event. Taking place at the same Dearborn, MI, locale as always, the event will run for 72 continuous hours beginning at 12:01 AM on June 21, 2001. Online Registration for the event is now open and special deep discount rates apply. For regular attendees who register before February 28, 2001, the conference costs $425. A regular registration includes a meal package as well as full access to all conference events including the Hack Contest and Awards Banquet. Total registration is limited to 400. Student registration is $50 but limited to the first 50 registrants. This deep discounted admission includes all access to...
Sep 21
CHROMiX ColorThink Tool Set
CHROMiX ships ColorThink toolset at $99 introductory price September 20, 2000 - Seattle: CHROMiX today shipped ColorThink. The ColorThink toolset is a suite of tools for managing, repairing, and graphing ICC profiles and understanding the color capabilities of devices. "Never before has there been a suite of tools such as this available - and it's offered at very a reasonable price." said Steve Upton, president of CHROMiX "After announcing and demonstrating ColorThink at Seybold in August we are very excited to now deliver this great new toolset" ColorThink 1.0 is composed of 9 modules: *** ColorThink Profile Manager - Like the Extension Manager except it works with ICC profiles installed in the System Folder to enable and disable profiles individually or in sets. *** ColorThink Profile Inspector - Opens profiles in a unique graphical profile viewer. *** ColorThink Profile Medic - the Profile Medic performs 16 comprehensive tests on profiles and the system to ensure problems are...
Sep 21
CHROMiX ColorThink Tool Set
Subject: CHROMiX ships ColorThink toolset at $99 introductory price September 20, 2000 - Seattle: CHROMiX today shipped ColorThink. The ColorThink toolset is a suite of tools for managing, repairing, and graphing ICC profiles and understanding the color capabilities of devices. "Never before has there been a suite of tools such as this available - and it's offered at very a reasonable price." said Steve Upton, president of CHROMiX "After announcing and demonstrating ColorThink at Seybold in August we are very excited to now deliver this great new toolset" ColorThink 1.0 is composed of 9 modules: *** ColorThink Profile Manager - Like the Extension Manager except it works with ICC profiles installed in the System Folder to enable and disable profiles individually or in sets. *** ColorThink Profile Inspector - Opens profiles in a unique graphical profile viewer. *** ColorThink Profile Medic - the Profile Medic performs 16 comprehensive tests on profiles and the system to ensure problems...

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12-inch 1.2GHz Silver Retina MacBook on sale...
B&H Photo has the 12″ 1.2GHz Silver Retina MacBook on sale for $1399 including free shipping plus NY sales tax only. Their price is $200 off MSRP, and it’s the lowest price for this model from... Read more
iPads on sale at Target: $100 off iPad Air 2,...
Target has WiFi iPad Air 2s and iPad mini 4s on sale for up to $100 off MSRP on their online store for a limited time. Choose free shipping or free local store pickup (if available). Sale prices for... Read more
Target offers Apple Watch for $100 off MSRP
Target has Apple Watches on sale for $100 for a limited time. Choose free shipping or free local store pickup (if available). Sale prices for online orders only, in-store prices may vary: - Apple... Read more
Apple refurbished 2014 13-inch Retina MacBook...
Apple has Certified Refurbished 2014 13″ Retina MacBook Pros available for up to $400 off original MSRP, starting at $979. An Apple one-year warranty is included with each model, and shipping is free... Read more
Macs available for up to $300 off MSRP, $20 o...
Purchase a new Mac or iPad using Apple’s Education Store and take up to $300 off MSRP. All teachers, students, and staff of any educational institution qualify for the discount. Shipping is free, and... Read more
Watch Super Bowl 50 Live On Your iPad For Fre...
Watch Super Bowl 50 LIVE on the CBS Sports app for iPad and Apple TV. Get the app and then tune in Sunday, February 7, 2016 at 6:30 PM ET to catch every moment of the big game. The CBS Sports app is... Read more
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Apple dominated the smart watch market in 2015, accounting for over 12 million units and two-thirds of all shipments according to Canalys market research analysts’ estimates. Samsung returned to... Read more
12-inch 1.2GHz Retina MacBooks on sale for up...
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B&H Photo has the 12″ 1.1GHz Gray Retina MacBook on sale for $1199 including free shipping plus NY sales tax only. Their price is $100 off MSRP, and it’s the lowest price available for this model... Read more
Apple now offering full line of Certified Ref...
Apple now has a full line of Certified Refurbished 2015 21″ & 27″ iMacs available for up to $350 off MSRP. Apple’s one-year warranty is standard, and shipping is free. The following models are... Read more

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