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Apr 03
SuperLock 4.0.2 Lite
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TriVectus Releases SuperLock 4.0.2 Lite Phoenix, AZ -- Monday, April 3, 2001 -- TriVectus, LC today announced the immediate availability of version 4.0.2 of SuperLock Lite, the company's slimmed-down version of the Macintosh's premier shareware security utility, SuperLock Pro. This new version fixes all known problems with 4.0.1, including incompatibility with Mac OS 9.1. A detailed list of the changes in 4.0.2 can be found at: ( ==About SuperLock Lite== SuperLock has been the premier Macintosh shareware security utility for eight years. It is available in two versions, a Pro version and a Lite version. The Pro version is a feature-heavy program designed to handle a nearly unlimited number of users, while the Lite version is slimmed down for use in primarily single-user environments. SuperLock Lite includes the following features: * Optionally blocks use of the Command-Option-escape key sequence to force-...
Apr 02
PageNOW! 2.0 Mac Paging/SMS
NEWS: PageNOW! 2.0 Mac Paging/SMS Released (Personal Edition, Lite, Server) ( A long time in the making, we are pleased to announce the availability of PageNOW! 2.0 for MacOS. With support for TCP based paging, and a number of new and improved features across the board, we are sure everyone will find something to look forward to in this widely anticipated update to PageNOW! With PageNOW! 2.0 you can reach pagers and digital phones with: --)Personal Messages Enter and manage urgent messages to colleagues and family on your Mac, then send them off via modem or internet connection. --)Appointments and Reminders Send yourself full-text reminder pages to keep you on time during your busy day. --)Wireless E-Mail Receive e-mail from Internet, online services, or your office network on your pager. --)Network Alerts Receive important messages from 3rd party network monitoring applications such as EtherPeek, InterMapper, LAN Surveyor, PageSentry, Server...
Apr 02
Macromind FreeHand 10 for Mac OS X
MACROMEDIA ANNOUNCES FREEHAND 10, SUPPORTS MAC OS X Next Generation Of Design Software Enhances Macromedia Flash Integration San Francisco, CA -- April 2, 2001 -- Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced Macromedia FreeHand 10, which features new creative tools, productivity enhancements, tight integration with Macromedia Flash(tm) 5, the Macromedia User Interface, and the ability to multi-publish to both print and the Web. Upon its release, FreeHand 10 will be available on Macintosh and Windows platforms, including Mac OS X, Apple's next generation operating system using the sleek new Aqua interface. "Macromedia FreeHand 10 is designed to make the lives of graphics professionals easier and more productive through rich Macromedia Flash integration, templates, and the ability to intuitively create content that can be delivered to both print and the Web," said Kevin Lynch, president of Macromedia products. "In addition, we are committed to developing our market-leading Web...
Apr 02
Symantec Products for Mac OS X
SYMANTEC'S INDUSTRY-LEADING INTERNET SECURITY AND PROBLEM SOLVING PRODUCTS SUPPORT MAC OS X CUSTOMERS BY PROVIDING IMMEDIATE COMPATIBILITY CUPERTINO, Calif. - April 2, 2001 - -- Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC), a world leader in Internet security technology, today announced that Norton AntiVirus 7.0 for Macintosh, Norton Utilities 6.0.for Macintosh, Norton SystemWorks for Macintosh, and Norton Internet Security for Macintosh support Apple's new Mac OS X platform through bootable compact disk and Mac OS 9.1, included with Mac OS X. Users of Mac OS X will immediately benefit from many of Symantec's market-leading innovations in Internet security, award-winning anti-virus protection and state-of-the-art problem-solving tools to provide comprehensive Macintosh computing solutions. Macintosh customers using computers released before 2001, as well as the 2001 Titanium PowerBook, can run the current versions of Symantec's Macintosh products with Mac OS X via the software packages'...
Apr 02
4D Bundles Products with Adobe GoLive 5.0
4D, Inc. news for immediate release April 2, 2001. San Jose, CA. 4D Bundles Products with Adobe GoLive 5.0 to Offer Complete Dynamic Web Server Solutions 4D SA, publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and WebSTAR Server Suite, announced today that it has bundled Adobe GoLive(tm) 5.0 software with several of its products to provide complete Web Server Solutions which will enable the integration of dynamic database content into HTML pages created with Adobe GoLive 5.0. The products bundled with GoLive 5.0 are 4D Developer Edition, 4D Server Standard, and 4D Server Developer Editions along with a new product called 4D Web Edition. Since 4D version 6.7 has so many new and improved Web features, an increasing number of 4D developers are using a combination of HTML editors and 4D as a Web server. 4D version 6.7.1 includes a plug-in for GoLive 5.0 called 4D Extend Script, which facilitates the setting-up of HTML tags inside GoLive 5.0. The plug-in installs a new '4D tab' in...
Apr 02
CommonGround Softworks - Qilan 2.0 (beta) for OS X
CommonGround Softworks Inc. Announces Qilan 2.0 (beta) for Mac OS X HOOKSETT, NEW HAMPSHIRE - April 2, 2001 - CommonGround Softworks Inc. today announces Qilan 2.0 (beta) for Mac OS X (final release). "Qilan 2.0 is a significant upgrade to our web-based data server and access environment. We have added access to MS SQL Server along with our existing access to FrontBase, OpenBase and Helix. Qilan 2.0 now deploys Java standards based technology for future access to a wider range of databases" Some of the significant new features are: *Session server *128 bit data block cipher encryption (TwoFish) available between the datasource and the web server *Like pattern matching *Improved Date and Time constant handling *Improved html controls for data iteration in Qilan table *Creates data relationships "on-the-fly" *Uses JDBC database connectivity *Improved flexibility of Qilan tag placement in a web page template "Qilan 2.0 can now be used by developers under OS X who are looking for a time...
Apr 02
Iomega Predator External CD-RW Drive with FireWire
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE IOMEGA PREDATOR CD-RW DRIVE WITH FIREWIRE ADAPTER NOW SHIPPING ROY, Utah, April 2, 2001 - Iomega Corporation (NYSE: IOM), a global leader in data management solutions, is now shipping its Predator external CD-RW drive with FireWire connectivity to North American distributors. The new Predator FireWire drive combines style and performance, offering twice the CD-R write speed of USB 1.1 and five times the CD read speed. Iomega's Predator CD-RW drive with FireWire connectivity has a rated performance of 8X4X32X (8X write, 4X rewrite, 32X read) and supports additional popular interfaces by using detachable and interchangeable adapters. Users will be able to easily switch among any of four hot-swappable connection types: USB 1.1, FireWire, and PC Card and USB 2.0 when available. These choices will give Predator owners the freedom to transform their drives as needed for different desktop and laptop interfaces. "Offering the speed of FireWire with our sleek Predator CD-...
Apr 02
OpenBase SQL 6.5.5, For Mac OS X & other platforms
Latest Release of OpenBase SQL Offers MacOS X and PHP4 Compatibility New OpenBase for PHP License Just $499 Francestown, NH - April 2, 2001 - OpenBase International, Ltd. has begun shipping OpenBase SQL 6.5.5 -- the latest release of its high-performance SQL database for MacOS X and other platforms. New features include PHP4 compatibility and numerous enhancements. "OpenBase SQL already provides the best performance for WebObjects and client/server applications," says Scott Keith, CTO of OpenBase International. "Now developers have the option to build and deploy inexpensive PHP applications as well." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Proven Architecture Delivers Optimal Database Performance ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OpenBase ensures data availability and integrity through its proven fault tolerant architecture -- and delivers superior performance, with applications running at...
Mar 31
For Immediate Release: Saturday, March 31, 2001 Galactic Dreams Software proudly presents METAL v1.7a! METAL v1.7a is a 100% free extended BASIC language metacompiler. See below for download info. One of the fastest BASICs around, METAL (Meta Language) has a rich command library that includes powerful graphics, sound, speech, math and file I/O routines. METAL is a complete programming environment that readily produces standalones and features numerous examples, 5700 lines of hypertextual documentation and a pleasant to use editor. METAL is used in scientific research around the globe (quick calculations), in software development companies (for prototyping), in K-12 and higher education and, of course, by the beginners who are trying to enter the world of programming. What's new in METAL v1.7a (a brief summary): - vastly improved compiler stability - better editor - better help system - tremendously improved error reporting - new loop constructs - new constructs for...
Mar 30
DevDepot Launches Home Automation Store
DEVDEPOT LAUNCHES HOME AUTOMATION STORE! Imagine your home coming to life -- lights turning on as you enter a room, drapes that close at sundown, being able to start your morning coffee brewing with a bed side switch. Home automation can make your life easier, bring down expensive utility bills, and make your home or office more secure. It's *so* easy to do! And the place to start is: ( Home Automation is based on PowerLine Carrier signaling (sometimes called X-10) that enables control signals to be transmitted anywhere in your house on your existing 110V electrical lines. Just plug a controller into one electrical outlet and a module at another -- you now have remote control! Controllers can be a console setting by your bed, wall switches, timers, or a key chain wireless remote. They can also be sensors that know when a door or cabinet opens, that recognize motion -- even monitor daylight or the weather. Control modules can turn on your...
Mar 30
REALbasic 3.1b5 now available
Mac OS X 10.0 (the version released on March 24) is substantially different from the Mac OS X Public Beta. REALbasic 3.0 works fine on the Public Beta but not on version 10.0. If you are using Mac OS X 10.0, you need to be using REALbasic 3.1, currently in beta. REAL Software offers open betas, that is anyone who wants to can download a REALbasic beta and use it. (
Mar 29
CtoFB3: Translates C to FutureBASIC^3
CtoFB3 translates functions and programs from the C programming language into FutureBASIC^3 LOCAL FNs requiring minimal editing. CtoFB3 gives FutureBasic^3 programmers easier access to the substantial C Libraries that are widely available. CtoFB3 is in the final stages of development and has been released so that programmers can take advantage of its power now. Almost all C statements and operators are currently handled. Code fragments and entire programs can be translated, including those containing multiple nested include statements. The current beta and details can be found at CtoFB3 is being released as freeware for FB programmers, however, if you use CtoFB3 in a project please credit this program, CtoFB3, and the author, Michael Kluskens, in your program's About Box. Commercial distribution of CtoFB3 is prohibited without written permission from the author. CtoFB3 is a compiled PowerPC FutureBASIC^3 application (StazSoftware FutureBASIC^3 is...
Mar 29
Beehive ftp forms v2.7
P R E S S R E L E A S E Albuquerque, NM - March. 28, 2001 - Pine Island Software is releasing new 2.7 versions of our "Beehive ftp forms" desktop file transfer client for Macintosh ,Windows and Browsers. We are also releasing and new 2.7 versions of our "Beehive ftp manager" automation utility for Macintosh and windows. New features include, native html forms support, job numbering, scheduled folder polling and auto-send, multiple email notifications, central administration and updating and complete integration with Pine Island's universal file transfer portal SendFile.NET. (BEEHIVE FTP FORMS DEMOS AT ) SendFile.NET is the first complete JAVA ftp applet for use with Macintosh browsers with MRJ! Pine island Software has installed over 500 site licenses of the new Browser-based Java ftp client at printing, prepress and Newspaper sites. Unlike other Browser-based file transfer products, SendFile.NET supports true ftp (file transfer protocol) and does NOT...
Mar 29
WWDC 2001: Exhibitor Fair
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EXHIBITOR FAIR SHOWCASE RETURNS TO APPLE'S WWDC 2001 - Exhibit space is available on a first come, first served basis! WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA -- March 29, 2001 -- Xplain Custom Services today announced the return of the official "WWDC Exhibitor Fair" to Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (May 21-25, 2001). In the exhibit area, developers will showcase their newest products which support Mac OS X and other Apple technologies. "WWDC Exhibitor Fair is the focal point for seeing the latest technical wares on the Mac," said Neil Ticktin, CEO, Xplain Corporation and Publisher of MacTech Magazine. "With a mission focused on serving the developer/technical communities, the WWDC Exhibitor Fair will have vendors of all types and sizes showing off the best the Mac has to offer. If you're just beginning as a programmer, developing web content, managing networks, or have been a part of the developer community for years, you'll have the opportunity to meet the experts face-...
Mar 28
SuSE Linux 7.1 PowerPC Edition
The PowerPC Edition of Europe's bestseller Linux available in early April Today, SuSE Linux announced the upcoming release of SuSE Linux 7.1 PowerPC Edition in early April. SuSE supplies the latest Linux operating system and more than 1,000 assorted applications for Mac users on 6 CDs. With SuSE's optimized Kernel 2.4.2 SuSE Linux 7.1 PowerPC Edition boasts a greatly enhanced USB support. SuSE Linux 7.1 PowerPC Edition also features the support for the sound system ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) for PowerMacs. SuSE Linux 7.1 PowerPC Edition (6 CDs, 500-page manual, 60 days installation support) will be available in early April directly from the manufacturer as well as from bookstores and software retailers. The recommended retail price is USD 49.95. For more information, please see: About SuSE: Linux Expands Its User Market TNS EMNID survey in Germany: one out of four computer owners intends to install Linux operating...
Mar 28
FrontBase 2.22 for Mac OS X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FRONTBASE, INC. UNVEILS FRONTBASE 2.22 FOR MAC OS X FOOTHILL RANCH, CA., March 28, 2001 - FrontBase, Inc., today announced FrontBase database, version 2.22, the first scalable relational database server available for Mac OS X. FrontBase 2.22 is designed to be the foundation for dynamic and scalable website and application deployments on Mac OS X. "We built much of FrontBase 2.22 in Cocoa for fast, native performance on Mac OS X and excellent interoperability with WebObjects," said Geert B. Clemmensen, founder and CEO of FrontBase, Inc. "Utilizing the Cocoa environment has allowed us to develop associated and necessary tools as much as 5 to 10 times faster than on any other platform." "Mac OS X's open source foundation, advanced standards based networking, and superior performance make it an ideal platform for web development and deployment," said Clent Richardson, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "With FrontBase providing a robust,...
Mar 27
Class Software and CSDC Systems
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CLASS SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS AND CSDC ANNOUNCE MARKETING AND TECHNOLOGY ALLIANCE VANCOUVER, BC, TORONTO, ON - MARCH 27, 2001 - Class Software Solutions Ltd. (CSS) and CSDC Systems Inc. (CSDC) announced today an agreement on a Memo of Understanding on a comprehensive Cooperative Development and Joint Marketing Agreement to provide common, on-line, integrated, e-government solutions to local governments in North America. With global e-commerce spending expected to rise from $111 billion this year to $1.3 trillion in 2003 (International Data Corporation), Internet delivery of services will be a growing concern for local and regional governments. The objective of the alliance is to allow local governments to more easily develop citizen-centered service delivery using the Internet. The alliance will provide governments with the ability to: o Eliminate duplicate data entry o Provide the optimum in administrative efficiency o Use a common e-commerce framework o Use a common...
Mar 27
Web Crossing for Mac OS X
For Immediate Release Media Contact: Naomi Pearce Pearce Communications 510/528-0824 WEB CROSSING FOR MAC OS X NOW IN PUBLIC BETA Enterprise-level Communications Software for Online Communities Maximizes the Power of Mac OS X SAN FRANCISCO, March 27, 2001 -- Web Crossing, Inc. today announced its Web Crossing on Mac OS X is now in public beta, maximizing the power of Unix while taking full advantage of the stability, reliability and performance advances of Apple's new ultra-modern Mac OS X. Available as a complete server hosted solution or as a traffic-based sliding-scale licensed download, Web Crossing is located at ( The new public beta of Web Crossing is available for testing or 30-day trial today at ( "Mac OS X showcases the power, scalability and extensibility of Web Crossing," said Tim Lundeen, founder and CEO of Web Crossing. "Our ease of customization dovetails well with the advanced graphics...
Mar 27
DataShell 1.2
DataShell for Valentina Delivers Object Relational DB for FutureBASIC^3 Users March 27, 2001. MacBrowse is proud to announce the availability of DataShell 1.2, a driver solution that allows FutureBASIC^3 developers to use Valentina XCMD, an object-relational, SQL-powered database engine, in their applications. DataShell 1.2 features an improved parameter cache system and is slightly faster than previous versions. FutureBASIC, from Staz Software (, is an award winning development environment for the Apple Macintosh, based on the popular BASIC language. Thanks to DataShell, the wait for a FutureBASIC-enabled database engine is over. DataShell is very easy to use, no complex project setup or hard to learn syntax. You will be creating database applications from scratch in a very short period of time. "FutureBASIC is a favorite for creating small, extremely fast applications on the Macintosh platform. However no major database vendor has stepped up to the plate...
Mar 27
Iomega and SONICblue
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Iomega Announces Strategic Relationship with SONICblue's Rio Division for Future Technology Offerings ROY, Utah, March 27, 2001 - Iomega Corporation (NYSE: IOM), a global leader in data management solutions, announced today that it will work with Rio, a division of SONICblue Incorporated (Nasdaq:SBLU), to incorporate Iomega's internal 100MB PocketZip(TM) drive into future Rio(R) offerings. "Even before we announced our new 100MB PocketZip drive earlier this month, we knew we were going to create excitement among industry leaders," said Bruce Albertson, president and CEO, Iomega Corporation. "It's gratifying to be starting at the top with Rio, the pioneer and market leader in portable digital audio players, as our first 100MB PocketZip OEM partner." Iomega's new PocketZip 100MB drive uses matchbook-sized 100MB disks that are protected from scratches by a durable metal shell. PocketZip 100MB disks will retail for as little as $10 each, lowering the cost of...
Mar 27
O'Reilly Book Relese: Learning Web Design
For immediate release For more information, a review copy, cover art or an interview with the author, contact: Kathryn Barrett (707) 829-0515 ext 387 or IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO LEARN WEB DESIGN SAYS O'REILLY AUTHOR Sebastopol, CA--Confronted with the increasing complexity and sophistication of today's web pages, would-be designers may feel that they have arrived too late to make their mark in the world of web design. Best-selling web design author Jennifer Niederst assures budding designers that this is not the case in her new book, "Learning Web Design, A Beginner's Guide to HTML, Graphics, and Beyond" (O'Reilly, US $34.95). "Although it may seem that the whole world has a personal web page, or that your colleagues are all light years ahead of you in web experience, I can assure you that you're not too late," says Niederst. "Furthermore, there is plenty of room for you in the business. The industry is thirsty for folks who know how to make web pages (even at an...
Mar 27
VPCom VPN Client Software: Mac OS Version
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ashley Laurent Releases Mac OS Version of VPCom VPN Client Software for OEM and Enterprise Customers, Names Neon Software Enterprise Distributor Comprehensive OEM Product Line now includes Windows, Mac OS, and Embedded operating system support AUSTIN, March 27, 2001 - Ashley Laurent, a market leader in network security solutions, has released its VPCom VPN client software for the Macintosh platform. Built upon the VPCom 2.6 client for Windows, the VPN client of choice for IBM and other manufacturers, the new client offers secure, IPSec compliant remote access for Mac OS users. Ashley Laurent has also partnered with Neon Software Inc. to provide the VPN clients to customers who require a robust, hardware independent VPN Client solution for their extranet business needs. Neon Software will offer both the Mac OS and Windows clients as stand-alone solutions to enterprise customers. With this new offering, Ashley Laurent has expanded its OEM software lineup. Ashley...
Mar 27
PowerLogix Announces Mac OS X Compatibility
PowerLogix Announces Mac OS X Compatibility AUSTIN, TEXAS -- March 27, 2001 -- PowerLogix has tested and now confirmed Mac OS X compatibility with some of their most popular G3 processor upgrades. Testing with Apple's new Mac operating system has confirmed that the iForce G3 processor upgrades for the iMac rev. A-C machines are already fully compatible and require no updates. Equally compatible are the BlueChip and BlueChip LS processor upgrades for the Wall Street and Lombard PowerBook G3's respectively. Owners of PowerForce G4 and G3 ZIF cards will need a new version of the G3/G4 Cache Profiler utility in order to enable the high speed backside cache on these processor upgrades. This revised system Extension is expected within two weeks and will be posted on the PowerLogix site when testing is completed. "For those who were waiting for the release of Mac OS X before they considered investing in a compatible upgrade, the time is now," said Robin Sharp-Howdershelt, Marketing Director...
Mar 26
New Mac OS X Developer Books
These O'Reilly titles are available for pre-order through DevDepot (,, Toll free: 800-MACDEV-1, Outside US/Canada: 805-494-9797, Fax: 805-494-9798.
Mar 26
OSErrrs database 2.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Troi Automatisering releases OSErrrs database 2.0 FileMaker Pro database explains over 4000 Operating System error codes for both Mac OS and Windows! Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands, March 26th, 2001-- Troi Automatisering today released Troi OSErrrs 2.0, a FileMaker Pro database which lists Operating System error codes for both Mac OS and Windows. What is the OSErrrs database? The Troi OSErrrs database lists over 4000 error codes and their explanation. All current Mac OS and Windows error codes known by Troi are listed in this database. Some of these errors might be returned by one of the Troi plug-ins (but of course not all!). Troi OSErrrs can be searched for a particular error code and also contains the name, category and a short description of the error, which makes it a useful tool for (database) developers. Version 2.0 adds 735 Mac OS errors and 1659 Windows errors, making a total of 4300 error codes. We also cleaned up the interface. We now offer the...
Mar 26
LogotypeMaker 2.2.1
LogotypeMaker has just been updated to version 2.2.1. Download area: New features in 2.2.1 - Added text size popup button in the slide show prep dialog. - Added a rapid advance function in the slide show window; pressing the "Auto-Play" button will now immediately go to the next frame. The following bugs found in version 2.2.0. have been fixed: - Trying to move lines between the fields would yield to unexpected results. This new bug has been fixed. - Kerning: The "Wide" button would not always work properly. Quick Summary in case you have missed the former PRs: LogotypeMaker's main function is the typesetting of a text string using all the user's activated fonts. The application's purpose is to help graphics professionals choosing an appropriate typeface in the early stages of creating a logotype. Thanks. Contact: Daniel C. Kueng BLUE LINE STUDIOS Hueningerst 18 CH-4056 Basel Switzerland ___________________________________ Phone: ++41 61...
Mar 26
Return For Filemaker
Press Release Press Contact: Louisa Ireland Tel: +44 (0) 1262 673591 For Immediate Release: Fed up of being bound by Filemakers enter key? Then you need "Return For Filemaker!" Have you had enough of being bound by Filemakers enter key? Are you tired of hitting the return key by accident? Then "Return For Filemaker" is definitely for you! Peninsula's "Return For Filemaker" is a brand new revolutionary plug in which enables you to press the return key rather than the enter key when doing loops. It really is amazingly helpful because "Return For Filemaker" is something that has been longed for for a very long time. It's extremely easy to use, all you do is install the plug in and away you go! Needing to save time? then this plug in is excellent because rather than wasting time accidently pressing the return key, you'll be able to press the return key at your leisure and save it! It's available for either Mac or PC, so whatever you've got - it isn't a problem. The best thing about this...
Mar 26
iView PhotoMover 2.0 for OS X and 9
Press Release - iView PhotoMover Released for Mac OS X and 9 3/26/01 iView PhotoMover is the easiest way to share your photos online. iView MediaPro is the easiest and most powerful way to organize your photos. iView PhotoMover and MediaPro are essential tools for every beginner and professional digital photographer. iView PhotoMover provides Mac users with an easy way to upload photos directly to some of the top photo archive sties on the net, including Club Photo, Zing, Sony ImagaeStation, Nikon.Net, FotoTime and PhotoPoint. PhotoMover works with the very best and most popular photo archive sites on the net. Share all your digital photos with family and friends without having to email megabytes of images. Your clients, friends and family can order professionally printed copies of your photos on many different media (including photographic paper, posters, t-shirts, mugs and even cookies) from these sites and have them shipped anywhere. Download the latest version of iView PhotoMover...
Mar 26
Whisper 2.0
Whisper is a free, open source, general purpose Mac/Win32 C++ application framework. It's the successor to the Mac framework Raven. Like Raven Whisper is a modern framework that takes advantage of templates, multiple inheritance, STL, and exceptions. It's also designed around the notion of Design by Contract and includes numerous debugging tools. Whisper 2.0 and a complete change history can be found at ( This is a big release with numerous bug fixes and changes, but there are three main changes: 1) Instead of one monolithic framework Whisper is now divided into nine framelets. This should make it a lot easier to pull in just what you want from the framework. 2) I've added a COM-like object model. This is similar to Microsoft's COM but plugins are required to be written in C++, exceptions are used instead of return codes, strings instead of GUID's, and reference counting is automated. This makes it possible to create very...
Mar 26
CDFinder 3.1
CDFINDER 3.1 RELEASED March 24, 2001, Moerfelden, Germany The author today announced the immediate availability of CDFinder 3.1. CDFinder is the first disk cataloger tool for Apples new operating system for the Macintosh, Mac OS X. Together with CDWinder 1.1 for Windows, ( this is the first cross platform, network solution to catalog disks and CD-ROMs on a Macintosh and a PC. The new version can be obtained from the CDFinder Homepage ( A single user license of CDFinder is $20, multi user licenses are available. CDFinder is a very fast and powerful tool to catalog your hard disks,CD-ROMs, DVDs, floppies, ZIPs and anything else that spins. It has a great user interface and very useful search functions. CDFinder supports drag&drop and requires a PowerPC CPU. While System 8.5 is required, CDFinder is also fully compatible to MacOS 9.1 and Mac OS X. A special feature is the multi-lingual user interface (German/French/English/Italian/...
Mar 26
PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 26, 2001 For Information Contact: Bill Martin VP Sales & Marketing APCON, Inc. 17938 SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd. Portland, OR 97224 - USA PH: 503-639-6700 FAX: 503-639-6740 E-Mail: URL: APCONS IntellaPatch Electronic Fiber Optic Patch Panel Now Supports Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP), 32 Ports, and 2 Gbd Portland, OR -- APCON, a leading manufacturer of network hardware and software solutions, has announced two new versions of their industry leading Intelligent Electronic Fiber Optic Patch Panel or IntellaPatch panels. The new products, Model ACI-2048 and ACI-2049 offer up to 32 ports with fixed or Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) optical transceivers in 1 and 2 Gbd formats. These systems offer new and previously unavailable flexibility in management of fibre channel connections for test and compatibility labs, Storage Area Networks (SAN), and high value cable management. APCONs IntellaPatch panel is the...
Mar 24
XLR8 and Mac OS X
XLR8 and Mac OS X are compatible! with MACh Speed G4 ZIF MPe today, you can have MP tomorrow... Does your upgrade offer this? Atlanta, GA, USA. March 24th 2001: XLR8, the leading manufacturer of Macintosh upgrade and expansion products, is pleased to announce support for the latest Apple operating system, Mac OS X. XLR8 is committed to providing solutions that compliment what is without doubt the best operating system in the world. With XLR8's modular power users can upgrade to G4 today with the MACh Speed G4 ZIF MPe install and run Mac OS X straight out of the box with no further software required, due to the advanced engineering of XLR8 products. At a later date users can step up to multi-processing using the recently announced MACh Velocity G4 MPe 66 upgrade (for beige G3 systems). Today XLR8 is the only upgrade manufacturer offering Mac OS X support with an upgrade path to multiprocessing that includes the users' current investment. The message is simple... do not waste your...
Mar 23
Sonnet Upgrade Path for OS X
News Flash! SONNET HAS BIG PLANS FOR OS X As the Macintosh industry is well aware, Apple will release OS X this Saturday, March 24, 2001. Sonnet remains committed to providing broad support for this final release, and wants you to have the latest information on our plans for this exciting new arrival. While Apple has officially dropped support for pre-G3 systems, Sonnet is preparing to deliver the future to many of these loyal users. In the coming weeks, Sonnet will provide an OS X upgrade path for users of popular PCI platforms like the Power Mac 7500, 8600 and the 9600. We also have plans to expand this reach to other PowerMac and Performa users. Only Sonnet has made this commitment and invested the engineering resources to make it possible. For Sonnet's latest OS X compatibility statement, and a Mac OS compatibility matrix, please visit:
Mar 23
TimeCache 4.0
THE PANDAWARE COMPANY RELEASES TIMECACHE 4.0 Popular Mac time and expense tracking application receives usability and performance upgrades. Trial version available at ( The PandaWare Company has released a new version of TimeCache, its popular time and expense tracking application for Macintosh users who bill clients for project work. PandaWare(r) TimeCache(tm) 4.0 makes it easier than ever to enter and review time and expense data. Every day, hundreds of Macintosh users around the world - designers, architects, web developers, attorneys, consultants, freelancers, and other professionals - depend on PandaWare TimeCache to keep track of their billable time and expenses. This new version will make it easier and faster for them to do so. New in this version are features like application launchers for timed projects, resizable data columns, independent, resizable windows for different views, easier navigation, a new Date View screen, more preferences for...
Mar 23
GLUON Slugger
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For: GLUON, Inc., 443 Greenwich Street, Suite 2E, New York, NY 10013 Contact: Seth Elgart, 212-343-1755, GLUON Slugger XTension upgrade changes the way QuarkXPress documents are looked at Multiple slugs, barcodes, color chips and inter-XTension communication are among new features March 2001, New York City. Software developer GLUON is releasing a major upgrade to Slugger, its slug-making XTension for all types of publishers. It has been evolving for ten years and is now an integral part of the workflow in the top ad agencies of the world. Among the many new features in Slugger 5 are multiple slug layouts, special postscript slugs, cover page slugs, bar codes and Cropster/Slugger inter-XTension communication. Slugger is the preeminent software for creating slugs on documents. Slugs are printed on every page and contain pertinent trafficking information about all sorts of things, from who worked on the document, and when, to what fonts and images...
Mar 23
HELIOS server and client support for Apple's Mac OS X
HELIOS announces server and client support for Apple's Mac OS X Hannover, Germany--- March 22, 2001 ---- HELIOS Software GmbH (CeBIT 2001 Hall 9 Booth #C54), a leading provider of network and prepress software, announced both its server products and client support for Mac OS X. HELIOS expects to ship the updated server software and client support by the time Apple pre-loads Mac OS X onto new Macintosh CPUs. HELIOS' leading server products now in beta and being demonstrated during CeBIT include EtherShare 2.6, PCShare 3.0, EtherShare OPI 2.1, PDF Handshake including PDF Internet Printing and Print Preview. The HELIOS Macintosh software programs EtherShare Admin, LANTest, Tagger, and Touch will also be available soon for Mac OS X. HELIOS client software enables users to configure users, groups, volumes, printers, fonts, OPI settings, Spot Colors, and other server settings remotely using a networked CPU running Mac OS X. The HELIOS remote server administration programs fully utilize Mac...
Mar 23
Mathematica to Be Fully Native for Mac OS X
Mathematica to Be Fully Native for Mac OS X Champaign, Illinois--March 23, 2001--Wolfram Research, makers of the world's leading technical computing system, announced today that Mathematica for Mac OS X will be commercially available in July. Customers who buy Mathematica for Macintosh now will get the final Mac OS X version free when it is released. Wolfram Research plans to start shipping a preview beta version of Mathematica OS X to its Premier Service customers by early April. "We have been running Mathematica for Mac OS X internally for over two years and have worked closely with Apple to optimize its performance," said Theodore Gray, cofounder of Wolfram Research and chief architect of the Mathematica user interface. "Mathematica 4.1 running on Mac OS X has the makings of a remarkable environment for scientific computing. It is a no-compromise combination of speed, stability, capability, and ease." "The supercomputing speed of Apple's Power Mac G4 provides an incredible...
Mar 23
Mac OS X for Users Email Discussion List Greetings. I'm excited to announce the transition of "Mac OS X Beta" list into "Mac OS X for Users". A forum focused on providing discussion, support and community around the new Mac OS X Public Beta. Discussion will focus on the needs of end users dealing with everyday issues. Mac OS X Beta list has been one of our most succesful lists with over 1200 subscribers and averaging about 1500 messages each month. This is a high volume list and a digest version is available. Thank you for considering the inclusion of this announcement in your publication! Eric Prentice
Mar 23
NameCleaner 2.1.2
Sig Software is proud to announce the release of NameCleaner 2.1.2, available in both a Classic version for Mac OS 7/8/9 and a brand new Carbon version for running natively on Mac OS X. NameCleaner is an industrial-strength utility for the Macintosh OS to manipulate file names and types. It is specially designed to help move files to and from foreign file systems such as MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000, NetWare and Unix. NameCleaner includes mappings for over 100 PC Extensions and 100 Macintosh file types as well as allowing system file mappings to be used. All cleaning operations can be previewed before they are performed and NameCleaner also produces a full report of all cleaning operations. The NameCleaner page and downloads are at: Thank you, Gideon Greenspan Sig Software
Mar 23
Pingtel xpressa IP phone
Pingtel chooses Global IP Sound speech processing software for Pingtel xpressa IP phone GIPS technology on IP phone to set new standard for audio and speech quality WOBURN, Mass., and SAN FRANCISCO, March 22, 2001 Global IP Sound (GIPS), the leader in sound processing software for real-time, interactive communications over packet networks, and Pingtel, creator of the world's first Java-based, voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone, announced today an agreement that will deliver high-fidelity audio over IP telephony that far surpasses audio possible over PSTN. Under terms of the partnership agreement, Pingtel will license and integrate the GIPS SoundWare solutions, NetEQ, GIPS Enhanced G.711 and iPCM-wb (wideband), into the Pingtel xpressa SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) phone appliance. The announcement was made at the Voice over the Net (VON) conference in Phoenix. According to various surveys and market research, the main obstacle for wide VoIP adoption is poor sound quality. With the...
Mar 23
FILTERiT4 Adobe Illustrator Plug-ins
FILTERiT4 Adobe Illustrator Plug-ins Press release FILTERiT4 for Mac is ready to ship today(March 22nd)! (Windows version will be available in May) CValley, Inc. announced that their latest version of Adobe Illustrator plug-ins, FILTERiT4 is ready to ship as of today. The company expects to release the Windows version in May. We received many favorable comments/evaluations from Illustrator users, desktop publishers, and designers. It has been almost a year after the release of FILTERiT3 and now the latest version of FILTERiT is completed. Some of the new features include the "Trace" feature added on the FILTERiT Tools, 3D Transform and Fractalize and more. FILTERiT4 provides a wide variety of options, from simple distortion to 3D Transform. With 3D Transform filters, your objects can be transformed into spheres, spirals, donuts, or cylinders with just a click of the mouse. Preparing images for Web animation is made simple with the Trace option. This option also lets you produce...
Mar 23
WebSiphon 2.0.2 Released
Purity Software Press Release -- Thursday, March 22, 2001 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Maintenance release fixes issues and provides enhanced features. Austin, TX -- Purity Software Inc, releases WebSiphon 2.0.2, a free maintenance release of their high-performance multi-threaded Web application server product. What's New in v2.0.2? --------------------- WebSiphon 2.0.2 addresses a few minor issues for increased stability. An issue with file date functions returning improper date strings was fixed as well. A new feature in WebSiphon 2.0.2 is an alternate escape notation for inserting variables into HTML portions of SiphonScript templates. This feature lets WebSiphon users fully integrate client-side JavaScript into their SiphonScript templates without modification. WebSiphon 2.0.2 is now available for download from the Purity downloads page ( All WebSiphon 2.0 users should upgrade to...
Mar 23
Be Announces Agreement with Sony
Be Announces Licensing and Distribution Agreement with Sony MENLO PARK, Calif. -- March 22, 2001 -- Be Incorporated (Nasdaq: BEOS) today announced it has signed an OEM license and distribution agreement with Sony Electronics Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, Sony is granted a license to include the BeIA Client Platform in the Sony eVilla Network Entertainment Center. Since March 2000, Be has been working with Sony under a previously announced non-binding memorandum of understanding. Under the terms of a Professional Services Agreement that supplements the OEM license and distribution agreement, Be has been providing BeIA Integration Services to Sony. "Working with Sony has been an incredibly productive learning experience for Be because it has allowed us to work directly with a world-renowned consumer products company dedicated to delivering great customer experiences," said Lamar Potts, vice president of sales and marketing for Be. "Sony's eVilla Network Entertainment Center...
Mar 23
Verbatim 30GB, 50GB ADR Tape Cartridges
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Verbatim Confirms Continued Availability of 30GB, 50GB ADR Tape Cartridges CHARLOTTE, NC (March 22, 2001) Verbatim Corporation provided customers of OnStream Inc.'s Advanced Digital Recording Technology (ADR) drives with assurance today that Verbatim-branded ADR tape cartridges continue to be available from Verbatim and its resellers. Verbatim made the announcement in response to OnStream's statement last week that it has ceased operations for all of its business units. Verbatim assisted OnStream in developing the technnology for ADR media in 1998, and has been filling the growing need for ADR 30 and 50GB cartridges since the drives were first introduced. The high capacity and low storage cost, combined with the performance and reliability features Verbatim designed into the media, have made it ideal for network server, workstation, power desktop, and desktop backup, as well as multimedia removable storage applications. Verbatim 30GB and 50GB ADR cartridges are...
Mar 23
Keyspan releases beta Serial to USB drivers for Mac OS X
Keyspan releases beta Serial to USB drivers for Mac OS X Richmond, Calif- March 22, 2001- Keyspan, America's top selling brand of USB connectivity products, announced the release of its beta USB drivers for Mac OS X. The drivers are available now for download from Keyspan's website at: Keyspan's drivers enable its USB Twin Serial Adapter (USA-28X), USB PDA Adapter (USA-19), and USB High Speed Serial Adapter (USA-19W) to be used with Mac OS X. The drivers are an update of the Developer Seed that Keyspan released in September of 2000 and are feature complete--- including support for PPP under Mac OS X using serial modems---and include an installer. The ability to use Keyspan's adapters with popular serial peripherals (i.e. printers, Palm Pilots) under Mac OS X will often depend upon the availability of Mac OS X drivers for the peripheral device. Users should check with the peripheral manufacturer for information on this topic. As beta software,...
Mar 23
Screen Catcher 2.3.2
For immediate release ST. CLAIR SOFTWARE RELEASES SCREEN CATCHER 2.3.2 5 mouse-rated screen capture tool broadens email support, improves compatibility. (Youngstown, OH -- March 21, 2001) St. Clair Software announced today that version 2.3.2 of Screen Catcher, their popular screen capture utility, is now available. Screen Catcher 2.3.2 adds support for Mulberry to its "email a screen snapshot" feature. It also includes a fix for a conflict with Kensington MouseWorks that could cause buttons in some dialogs to disappear, and corrects several problems in Screen Catcher's AutoFile feature. Recently given a perfect "5 mouse" rating by MacUser UK, Screen Catcher is a scriptable screen capture utility that includes a unique Catch-All feature which auto-scrolls windows to capture entire documents. This capability, combined with flexible scaling, color palette control, and support for a large number of file formats, has made Screen Catcher the tool of choice for both professionals...
Mar 23
Tri-CATALOG 4.04
PRESS RELEASE: Tri-CATALOG 4.04 and READER available Tri-CATALOG 4.04: ================= Version 4.04 of our CD and images cataloger now recognizes comments in Photoshop files. The new version of Tri-CATALOG is available on our web site (link is unchanged). Upgrade is free for registered users. Tri-CATALOG READER : ==================== There is now a solution for Tri-CATALOG users desiring distribute their data base as well as their pictures, for both Mac and Windows platforms. We propose a "Tri-CATALOG Distribution Pack", including 2 versions of Tri-CATALOG (Mac and Windows) and 2 versions of Tri-CATALOG READER (Mac and Windows). The Pack includes a licence agreement allowing an unlimited distribution of the READER version accompanying a Tri-CATALOG data base. "Tri-CATALOG Distribution Pack" price is US$ 290. For further information, please contact:
Mar 23
MACh Velocity 66 G4 MPe
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MACh Velocity 66 G4 MPe ships! XLR8 Dual G4 MV66 ships with rave reviews from beta testers. Atlanta, GA, USA. March 22nd 2001: XLR8, the leading manufacturer of Macintosh upgrade and expansion products, is pleased to announce the shipping of latest addition to its award-winning range of Power PC G4 upgrade cards: The MACh Velocity 66 G4 MPe. Available Now, the MACh Velocity 66 G4 MPe (the 66 refers to the bus speed of the beige systems) offers XLR8 customers a solution that turns a standard Apple beige G3 PowerMac into a dual G4 multiprocessing powerhouse. The MACh Velocity 66 G4 MPe continues XLR8's commitment to address their primary customer base in pre-press, graphics and design, and offer them yet more ways to use its modular technology. Using the ZIF (zero insertion force) socket and now for the first time the similar LIF (low insertion force) socket, the architecture of the MACh Velocity 66 G4 MPe card means that XLR8 customers can, at a later date,...
Mar 23
Roxen Platform 2.1 for Mac OS X shipping in 30 days
Roxen Platform 2.1 for Mac OS X shipping in 30 days Roxen Platform is the first Web Content Management software to ship on Mac OS X. There is a perfect match between Roxen Platform's high-end features and the high ground that Mac OS X servers cover. Stockholm, March 22, 2001 - Roxen Internet Software today announced Roxen Platform 2.1 for Mac OS X, the production version of the first Web Content Management system available on Mac OS X. Availability is approximately 30 days after Apple's release of Mac OS X, scheduled for 24 March. Roxen Platform is a high-end Web Content Management product that perfectly matches Apple's Mac OS X and the high ground it coves in the server market. "We are proud to be able to ship our Web Content Management product this close to the release of Mac OS X. We see Apple creating a new class of Internet servers, and Roxen Internet Software is part of the action. Roxen Platform and Mac OS X is simply a perfect match for demanding Web sites," said Henning...
Mar 23
Asante Supports MAC OS X
PRESS RELEASE FOR RELEASE Friday, March 23, at 6:00 am PST ASANTE IS FIRST NETWORK COMPANY TO SUPPORT APPLE'S MAC OS X - Drivers for 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet Adapters Now Available - San Jose, California, March 23, 2001 --- Asant Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASNT.OB) today announced product and technical support for Mac OS X in support of Apple Computer's new Mac operating system launch. Asant, the leading vendor of networking equipment and peripherals for Apple Macintosh computers, is the first to support Mac OS X on its FriendlyNET GigaNIX PCI 1000TA and AsantFast 10/100 PCI adapters. FREE UPGRADES AVAILABLE ------------------------------------------------ "We've dedicated a lot of testing time to make sure our drivers function well with Mac OS X," said Judy McKay, Asant's Mac OS Technical Manager. "We're pleased to offer driver support to the new Mac operating system so our customers will be ready when Apple ships Mac OS X on March 24." Free upgrades are now available at the...

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