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Aug 26
[NPL] Web Archer 1.5
For Immediate Release Media Contact Susan Marlett ClearWay Technologies 617-262-4006 CLEARWAY TECHNOLOGIES SHIPS WEBARCHER 1.5 - QUICKEST "FIND" ON THE WEB -- New Search Tool Draws On Hundreds Of Search Engines; Automatically Selects Best Databases For Each Search. Mac and Windows Versions Released. -- BOSTON, MA - August, 26, 1998 - ClearWay Technologies, Inc. today announces the immediate availability Version 1.5 of Web Archer, their award-winning Internet search tool, for MacOS and Windows. Web Archer is the Web's quickest and most convenient search tool, with built-in Searchmark(TM) intelligence that automatically selects the best Web search engine or database for finding news, weather, phone numbers, on-line software, catalog shopping, stock quotes, and much more. The software costs just US$29.95; free demos are available from ( Search Intelligence As the Web has grown, so has the number of search engines...
Aug 26
[NPL] Farallon's EtherMac iPrint Adapter SL
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Farallon Announces EtherMac iPrint Adapter SL - The First and Only iMac Connectivity Solution for "serial" StyleWriters ALAMEDA, Calif., August 25, 1998 - Farallon today announced the addition of EtherMac iPrint Adapter SL to its complete range of iMac connectivity solutions. Available in September, the SL version of iPrint will allow users to integrate their iMacs with existing "serial only" Apple StyleWriter printers. Additionally, Farallon's EtherMac iPrint Adapter LT, which provides connectivity to LocalTalk printers and other LocalTalk devices, is now shipping- two weeks ahead of schedule. These two adapters offer the widest range of options for connecting iMacs with existing printers and other network devices in homes, schools and businesses. The EtherMac iPrint Adapter LT and EtherMac iPrint Adapter SL eliminate the need for iMac owners to purchase new printers for use with their iMac. "iMac's stunning looks and Pentium-toasting performance is exciting...
Aug 26
[NPL] Dragon 4.1 Now Exports to StatView
WAVES IN MOTION RELEASES THE DRAGON 4.1 Web-based survey solution now exports to StatView Company: Waves in Motion E-mail: Web: The Dragon is a web-based FileMaker solution that lets you quickly get a survey up and running for immediate feedback on the issues facing you and your organization. Online surveys can provide any business with a simple barometer of your customers' concerns and opinions, and when it's this easy to create, publish, and tabulate an online survey, there's very little standing between you and the information you need to make your important decisions. The Dragon also comes with most everything you need to analyze your results, and with version 4.1, Waves In Motion has added the ability to save your survey data in a text file ready for one-step importing into StatView, the acclaimed application from the SAS Institute Inc. ( that packs data management, statistical analyses, and presentation...
Aug 26
[NPL] BeatWare Communication between BeOS/Windows
BeatWare, Inc. 1150 Chestnut Street Menlo Park, CA 94025 BeatWare Enables Communication between BeOS and Windows Platforms For Immediate Release Wednesday, August 26, 1998 Contact: Karen Cassel BeatWare, Inc. 1-650-322-7253 Menlo Park, California - August 26, 1998 - BeatWare announced today that it has made giant strides in enabling BeOS users to thrive in a world dominated by the Windows operating system. Version 2.1 of BeatWare's popular productivity suite, Be Basics (tm), allows users to exchange document files with others on the Windows platform. Users of Be Basics can now open and save files in either a plain text or Rich Text Format. Files saved in either format can easily be read and edited by industry standards such as Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect. The company plans to add support for HTML, the standard for text on the Internet, in a future release. Be Basics(tm), which includes a frame-based...
Aug 25
[MD1] Green Mountain Conversion Services for Newton Applications
Green Mountain Software Announces Palm Pilot and Windows CE Conversion Services for Newton-based Applications Colchester, VT, August 25, 1998 -- Green Mountain Software Corporation of Colchester, Vermont today announced its custom development services for organizations with a need to convert Newton-based applications to Windows CE and/or Palm Pilot platforms. Founded in 1993, Green Mountain Software specializes in developing quality custom handheld applications for the Windows CE, Palm Pilot and Newton platforms, with an emphasis on developing robust software that users can easily grasp and adopt. "The Newton's demise hurt a lot of organizations who invested heavily in the Newton technology," said Lou Krieg, President of Green Mountain Software. "While we can't bring back the Newton, we can assist in making the transition to Windows CE or Palm Pilot platforms a less painful one. Our knowledge of all three operating systems has given us a valuable sense of what's involved in porting...
Aug 25
[NPL] MacOpener and Conversions Plus
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Kristen Moriarty 203-268-0030 x3066 New versions of MacOpener and Conversions Plus Solve More Mac-PC Compatibility Problems Trumbull, CT (August 25, 1998)- DataViz(R), maker of leading Macintosh and PC compatibility solutions for the past 15 years, has released new versions of its Windows products, MacOpener(tm) 4.0 and Conversions Plus(tm) 4.5. Its Windows product line has added additional features to provide even more compatibility to anyone working in a mixed platform environment. Added in the New Versions The new versions of MacOpener, 4.0 and Conversions Plus 4.5, now support the Windows 98 platform. MacOpener and Conversions Plus are the only utilities of its kind to support the new Mac OS disk format for large volume media, "Mac OS Extended Format" or "HFS+". Users can read, write and format this media on their PC with Conversions Plus or MacOpener. Conversions Plus also added new translators for Microsoft Office 98 for...
Aug 25
[NPL] DataViz Ships MacLinkPlus Deluxe 10
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Kristen Moriarty Phone: 203-268-0030 x 3066 e-mail: DataViz Ships MacLinkPlus Deluxe, the Winner of Macworld's "Best of Show" Award -DataViz remains committed to the Mac market after Apple "unbundles" MacLinkPlus- Trumbull, CT (August 25, 1998) -DataViz(R) announced today the release of an exciting new version of MacLink(R)Plus Deluxe, with the most dramatic changes ever made to this "Mac survival Kit". This new version comes at a pivotal time as Apple(R) is reducing the amount of third party software included with the Macintosh OS over the next 3 months. "Millions of Mac users will no longer have the compatibility they are accustomed to when they purchase a new Mac. However they will be able to depend on DataViz to provide the PC compatibility that has become so vital in today's world. Apple's decision does not change DataViz' lifetime commitment to the Mac," comments Dick Fontana president of DataViz Inc. DataViz commits itself...
Aug 25
[MD1] Shareware News mailing list
New shareware for the macintosh mailing list: The purpose of Shareware news list is to provide information and help about shareware for the Macintosh. You can read the latest news about shareware releases, talk to shareware authors, and keep in touch with other precious info about shareware for both shareware authors and users. By addressing these issues in an open public forum, ShareTheMac UsersGroup can get the most information out to the most people. We are also happy to receive your letters, squish your bugs, and register your membership on a personal level. Shareware news list web site is at: To subscibe to Shareware news list send a message to: and place in the body of the message the following command: subscribe news.sharethemac S h a r e T h e M a c U s e r s G r o u p The Shareware for the Macintosh UsersGroup
Aug 25
[MD1] Apple to Distribute Zero G's InstallAnywhere Now!
Apple to Distribute Zero G's InstallAnywhere Now! with Mac OS Runtime for Java Software Development Kit Allows Developers to Create Java Software Installers on the Mac OS CUPERTINO, Calif.-August 25, 1998-Apple Computer, Inc. today announced an agreement with Zero G Software, Inc. which allows Apple to distribute Zero G's InstallAnywhere Now! with the Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) Software Development Kit (SDK) for free via the World Wide Web ( InstallAnywhere Now! enables developers to build installers on the Mac OS that can run on any Java-enabled platform, including Mac OS, Windows and Unix. InstallAnywhere Now! allows developers to quickly create platform-independent installers that can be distributed over the web or on CD-ROM. By leveraging the Project Wizard capability found in the award-winning InstallAnywhere family of products, InstallAnywhere Now! enables installers to be built in six easy steps, utilizing its ability to...
Aug 25
[NPL] TCP/IP plug-in for FileMaker poll
TCP/IP plug-in for FileMaker poll Dear NetAdmins, We are investigating the possibilities of developing a TCP/IP plug-in for FileMaker Pro 4. Possible uses would include sending email, receiving email, Telnet sessions, Finger sessions and FTP or HTTP (Web) requests. In order for us to evaluate whether or not this would be of interest to FileMaker users and developers we are conducting a short poll at If you can spare the time to complete our poll that would be very much appreciated. Cheers from England Dick Williams Amsys plc
Aug 25
[NPL] AppleShare IP 6.0 Supports Rebound! & PowerKey
For Immediate Release Media Contact: Naomi Pearce Pearce Communications 510/528-0824 APPLESHARE IP 6.0 SUPPORTS SOPHISTICATED CIRCUITS' REBOUND! & POWERKEY PRO -- Built-in Support Extends Capabilities of AppleShare IP 6.0 To Allow Automatic Restart of Servers -- BOTHELL, WA - August 25, 1998 - Sophisticated Circuits, Inc. today announced that Apple Computer, Inc. has provided direct support for its Rebound! and PowerKey Pro server reliability devices in Apple's new AppleShare IP 6.0, giving AppleShare IP 6.0 users built-in application-level fault detection in addition to the standard system-level fault detection. Built-in AppleShare IP 6.0 support makes Rebound! and PowerKey Pro natural companions for any AppleShare server, giving users an easy way to ensure their servers remain operational 24x7. Rebound! retails for US$99, while PowerKey Pro models are priced from US$99.95 to US$199.95. Rebound! and all models of PowerKey Pro products are available at (http...
Aug 25
[NPL] VSE File Pirate
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Johannes Selbach, Marketing Director, ( VSE FILE PIRATE - FIND HIDDEN TREASURES ON YOUR HARD DISK (Bonn, Germany, August 25th, 1998). Voget Selbach Entertainment (VSE) announced today the release of their new tool VSE File Pirate. ENTER YOUR FILES VSE File Pirate is a unique tool that allows you to find all hidden resources on any hard disk: pictures, icons, sounds, texts and much more. Every Macintosh application stores its resources (e.g. pictures, sounds, texts and even the appearance of dialog boxes) in a resource fork. VSE File Pirate is able to "extract" those resources from the resource fork of any application of your choice. It will save picture resources as usual picture files, sound resources as System 7 Sound files and so on. BENEFITS - grabs tons of pictures from your hard disk - rips lots of sounds from your hard disk - displays hidden texts of your applications - extracts color palettes and desktop patterns - collects...
Aug 24
[NPL] TRAQtix 1.1 -- Time and Project Tracking
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Christina Ramin Red Rock Software, Inc. 801.322.4322 TRAQtix V 1.1 allows for easy time and project tracking in a multi-platform environment Red Rock Software announces TRAQtix V1.1 for Windows and MacOS servers Salt Lake City, Utah, August 25, 1998 -- With its latest release, TRAQtix is the only internet-based time and project tracking solution on the market that runs on both Windows and MacOS servers with cross-platform file compatibility. This significantly improves deployment flexibility for project management groups working in a multi-platfrom environments. Additionally, Red Rock Software has added a number of new product features such as customized invoicing within TRAQtix's reporting function as well as time-browsing and editing features within its integrated cross-platform desktop based timer. "We are very satisfied with TRAQtix and we use it as a very helpful Project Management tool in our multi...
Aug 24
[NPL] Apple Network Assistant 3.5
Macintosh Network Management Made Even Easier with Availability of Apple Network Assistant 3.5 New Release Offers Network Managers Improved Management Capabilities CUPERTINO, California -- August 24, 1998 -- Apple Computer, Inc. today announced the availability of Apple Network Assistant 3.5, the latest version of the Company's remote management software. Designed for network administrators primarily in business and education markets, Apple Network Assistant 3.5 simplifies the task of managing a group of networked Mac OS-based computers from a central location over TCP/IP and AppleTalk networks. "For our business and education customers, Apple Network Assistant 3.5 is the clear choice for simplified Macintosh networking," said Phil Schiller, vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing at Apple Computer, Inc. "Apple Network Assistant 3.5 provides all the commands needed to remotely access and manage systems, saving network administrators time and money." Apple Network Assistant 3.5...
Aug 24
[NPL] Apple Delivers AppleShare IP 6.0
Apple Delivers AppleShare IP 6.0 Major Server Software Upgrade Adds Support for Sherlock Server-Side Searching, Windows Clients and IMAP Mail Services CUPERTINO, California -- August 24, 1998 -- Apple Computer, Inc. today announced the availability of AppleShare IP 6.0, a significant upgrade to the Company's award-winning Mac OS server software and file-server suite. AppleShare IP 6.0 delivers new features and performance improvements to critical network servicessuch as file, email, print, web and ftpunder a single administration and security system, giving users simplified access to information on their Mac OS server. "AppleShare IP 6.0 is the worlds easiest-to-use server software," said Phil Schiller, vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing at Apple Computer, Inc. "AppleShare now supports advanced server-side searches using Sherlock technology. Additionally, we've really tuned performance and AppleShare IP is now twice as fast as Windows NT servers at performing large file...
Aug 24
[NPL] Intergraph Ships 450 MHz System
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Shelley Miller (256) 730-7631 Marla Robinson (256) 730-1813 Intergraph Computer Systems Ships New Hardware Systems with Latest Intel Pentium II 450 MHz Processor Delivers extreme performance systems including graphics workstations, PCs, and high-availability network servers at competitive price points HUNTSVILLE, AL, August 24, 1998 -- Intergraph Computer Systems today announced that its graphics workstations, PCs, and workgroup and departmental servers now incorporate Intel's new 450 MHz Pentium(r) II processor, the fastest Pentium II processor available today. The new Windows and Windows NT-based systems are available immediately and offer ultimate performance at competitive price points for all segments of Intergraph's product line, which includes award-winning TDZ(tm) 2000 ViZual Workstations, affordable TD(tm) professional PCs, and robust InterServe(tm) servers for workgroup and departmental...
Aug 24
[NPL] Miramo gets dynamic charting
Press Release Location: Seybold San Francisco, '98 Dateline: September 1st 1998 Miramo gets dynamic charting Datazone is proud to announce that it will be demonstrating a major enhancement to it's industry-leading Miramo database publishing package at the Seybold SF'98 Publishing conference. The new, in-built capacity for embedding dynamic, data-driven charts breaks new ground in the automated production of compound documents. The new Miramo dynamic charting module is designed to meet the needs of several market sectors. One of these is the financial services industry, which is under increasing pressure to produce performance monitoring reports including graphic displays. The new Miramo module provides unique capabilities for enhanced presentation quality and high speed document production. Michelle Grant, Miramo product marketing manager, said: "Released versions of Miramo have already established its position as the most versatile personalized publishing system. We have recently...
Aug 24
[NPL] Sharing a Single Dial-Up Connection
Press Release Internet Sharing for Less than $30 (Jacksonville, Florida) Internet sharing with multiple computers via a single dial-up or dedicated line is now affordable with Software602's 602Pro INTERNET SERVER Lite. Now end users can have their entire network hooked up with secure simultaneous Internet access for the cost of one connection. In addition, 602Pro INTERNET SERVER Lite allows full control of Internet content by allowing end users to easily setup who on the network can go where, even during what time period. Its built in firewall keeps unwanted guests from intruding on the network. Also its enhanced web server allows end users to host a web site. Since end users will now have Internet access to all computers, most Internet ready games will be accessible to all the network users. Technically speaking 602Pro INTERNET SERVER Lite includes network HTTP cache, HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS/FTP/, TELNET Proxy, DNS Server, and TCP/IP Firewall. End users are acting fast to get Software602's...
Aug 24
[NPL] Stalker's iMac Specials
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Stalker Software Announces iMac Specials - PortShare Pro 5 User License and 20% off SCSIShare. MILL VALLEY, CA - August 24th, 1998 - Stalker Software, Inc. has announced a five user license for their PortShare Pro application geared especially for the new iMac Users and a 20% discount off their SCSIShare program from now until December 1st, 1998. PortShare Pro allows serial devices such as modems, printers, label writers, and plotters to be shared over an AppleTalk/EtherNet network. PortShare Pro will allow applications like PPP or other dial out applications to dial out from a shared modem. Passwords can be assigned and modem pools can be created. PortShare Pro works in the background as a server/client control panel. iMac Compatibility Since the new iMac's only have Universal Serial Bus ports, connecting any serial device directly is not possible. PortShare Pro offers a solution. By using Portshare Pro users will be able gain access simply by installing the...
Aug 24
[NPL] DNS Expert from Men&Mice
Men & Mice Ships DNS Expert, an Essential DNS Analysis Tool for IPSs and Enterprises Revolutionary Tool Brings Reliability and Ease-of-use to DNS Server Administration Reykjavik, Iceland August 24/-- Men & Mice today announced the immediate availability of DNS Expert for Mac OS, a revolutionary DNS analysis and problem-solving tool for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and IT professionals. Facilitating the task of DNS administration, Men & Mice has utilized its expert background in DNS software development and provided a diagnostic utility that maximizes the reliability of DNS server administration while minimizing administration time. DNS Expert offers fast and comprehensive error tracking and provides easy-to-understand solutions to complex DNS problems. DNS Expert analyzes DNS records on all DNS servers for Mac, Unix, Windows, or any other operating system. Says Cricket Liu, co-author of the O'Reilly & Associates book "DNS & BIND" after beta testing DNS Expert...
Aug 24
[NPL] Macromedia Announces Freehand 8.0.1
For more information, contact: For Immediate Release: Macromedia Andrea Coffey (415) 252-2260 MACROMEDIA ANNOUNCES FREEHAND 8.0.1 Free Update to the Industry's Leading Multipublishing Tool Enables Users to Output to both Web and Print San Francisco, Calif. August 24, 1998 Macromedia (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced FreeHand 8.0.1, a free update to the company's popular FreeHand design software. Available September 1 as a free download for registered users from Macromedia's Web site FreeHand 8.0.1 helps designers multipublish their content to both the Web and print by supporting the open Flash 3 file format standard and providing full compatibility with Photoshop 5. Award-winning FreeHand 8 has been enthusiastically received by creative professionals for its innovative new features such as editable vector transparency, new shape tools, customizable toolbars and keyboard shortcuts, and breakthrough performance. It has been widely adopted by organizations at the...
Aug 24
[MD1] Visual MacStandardBasic Offer Extended
Product Release Information ZCurve Software 8206 Rockville Road #280 Indianapolis, IN 46214 Visual MacStandardBasic $ 29.95 special offer extended through October 31st. INDIANAPOLIS, IN, August 24, 1998 : ZCurve Software has announced that it has extended its special offer of $29.95 for Visual MacStandardBasic through October 31st, 1998. Visual MacStandardBasic normally has a retail price of $ 99. Professional Macintosh applications can be visually created in minutes. Visual MacStandardBasic uses and extends BASIC's easy to learn format to utilize the power of the Macintosh. It is easy for users to integrate sound, speech, color graphics, sprite animation, movies into their applications. Users can purchase and download the complete Visual MacStandardBasic package from the ZCurve Software web site ( Currently, Macintosh users anywhere in the world can get Visual MacStandardBasic within minutes over the Internet. Visual...
Aug 24
[NPL] Visual MacStandardBasic Offer Extended
Product Release Information ZCurve Software 8206 Rockville Road #280 Indianapolis, IN 46214 Visual MacStandardBasic $ 29.95 special offer extended through October 31st. INDIANAPOLIS, IN, August 24, 1998 : ZCurve Software has announced that it has extended its special offer of $29.95 for Visual MacStandardBasic through October 31st, 1998. Visual MacStandardBasic normally has a retail price of $ 99. Professional Macintosh applications can be visually created in minutes. Visual MacStandardBasic uses and extends BASIC's easy to learn format to utilize the power of the Macintosh. It is easy for users to integrate sound, speech, color graphics, sprite animation, movies into their applications. Users can purchase and download the complete Visual MacStandardBasic package from the ZCurve Software web site ( Currently, Macintosh users anywhere in the world can get Visual MacStandardBasic within minutes over the Internet. Visual...
Aug 24
[NPL] Adobe Announces Illustrator 8.0
Press/Analyst Contact: Jill Nakashima Adobe Systems Incorporated 408.536.4288 For Immediate Release Adobe Announces Illustrator 8.0 Industry-Standard Illustration Software Redefines Computer Drawing San Jose, Calif., (August 24, 1998) (Nasdaq: ADBE) - Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced Adobe Illustrator 8.0, a powerful, innovative upgrade that spans the creative needs of professional designers and business users. This exciting upgrade redefines computer drawing by offering groundbreaking creativity tools which produce effects never before seen in a computer drawing application. Illustrator 8.0 software successfully combines the control and precision of computer drawing with results closer to those achieved using more traditional methods. Version 8.0 also boasts improved productivity and ease-of-use. Illustrator 8.0, together with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe ImageReady, and Adobe Premiere software, forms an exceptional,...
Aug 24
[NPL] iView Multimedia 3.3 Now Does 3DMF
8/24/98 iView Multimedia 3.3 Press Release The Multimedia Experiencer and Organizer for the Mac Catalog, archive, play and display all kinds of multimedia. Now with version 3.3 iView Multimedia is the only program to offer cataloging of 3DMF. Already iView Multimedia supports Painter, PageMaker, Canvas, Freehand, Quark, Illustrator, gif, jpg, tiff, PICT, GX, BMP, Targa, EPS, and dozens of other formats. It can also: Play animations Display fonts Export movies Play movies Play sounds Export HTML Play quicktime VR Play karaoke Export images Photographers, VRgraphers, galleries and museums can all use it to create a web site of their entire collections. Download it free from: System 8 compatible. Uses Apple's Amazing Quicktime 3 Who Its For Everyone who needs to track multimedia files. Anyone with a digital camera will find iView Multimedia essential but it is also designed for newspapers, DTP pros, photographers,...
Aug 23
PRESS RELEASE -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Motohiko Inada inADA, inc. P. O. Box 401, Belmont, CA 94002-0401 inADA inc. announces availability of the RAMDISK PCI card. Yano Electric Co., Ltd. and inADA inc. have jointly developed the RAMDISK PCI card. The RAMDISK card was introduced at Apple Computer's Worldwide Developer's Conference vendor exhibition. This card is now available for sale. The RAMDISK PCI card has the following features: 1) High Speed Data Access 2) TRUE Plug and Play 3) SCSI Manager 4.3 Compatibility 4) 2 GB Capacity 5) AC Adapter Backup (Optional) 6) CD-ROM and Internet Emulation (Under Development) 1) High Speed Data Access The RAMDISK card performs high speed data transport, achieving the peak transfer rate of 132 MB/second, and surveyed average transfer rate is over 40MB/second. There is no seek time and no sector wait time. If you compare to a RAID system, 3 SCSI PCI cards with 2 hard disk drives per card, the RAMDISK PCI...
Aug 22
[NPL] Language-Specific Keyboards
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE World Language Resources Simplifies International Communications with Language-Specific Keyboards LOS ANGELES, CA (August 21, 1998) -- World Language Resources, Inc. (WLR), a five-year veteran in supplying language learning, translation, software and hardware products, announced today that it is now offering nearly 30 language-specific keyboards for both PC and Mac systems through its database-driven Web site at and its catalog. Designed to simplify communications between multinational businesses, government agencies and individuals, the customized language keyboards can be easily integrated multi-national capabilities into any environment using Windows, Windows 95 or Macintosh software. Users can quickly switch between national standard keyboards with a simple hotkey and a cable swap. Once installed, the keyboard provides direct access to the symbols and accented characters which are native to the chosen language. "Until now, users had...
Aug 21
[NPL] Macromedia Ships Web Design 101
For more information, contact: For Immediate Release: Macromedia Kirsten Armstrong (415) 252-4088 MACROMEDIA SHIPS WEB DESIGN 101 FREE Educational Tool Suite for Qualified Instructors Includes Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash and FreeHand; Special Back-to-School Student Pricing Also Available San Francisco, Calif. -- August 21, 1998 -- Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced the general availability of Web Design 101, a new educational tool suite for faculty of degree-issuing institutions that offer Web design or Web design-related courses. Macromedia Web Design 101 includes six hours of hands-on course curriculum for each of Macromedia's award-winning Web design tools -- Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash and FreeHand -- including sample files and project assignments. Macromedia Web Design 101 also includes full 90-day versions of Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash and FreeHand for installation on up to 50 lab computers. To receive a free copy of Macromedia Web...
Aug 21
[MD1] DataWave 3.0
Contact: Lena Loeffler Public Relations & Marketing Specialist Foresight Solutions, Inc. (517) 333-0307, ext. 19 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Foresight Solutions, Inc. Announces DataWave 3.0 for Macintosh and Windows East Lansing, Michigan USA - August 21, 1998 - Foresight Solutions, Inc. announces the distribution of DataWave 3.0 for Macintosh and Windows. Authored by David Robbins, DataWave 3.0 is Foresight's most compelling new product. It is a collection of 4D methods, forms, and a plug-in that allows any 4th Dimension database to be published on the worldwide Web with no custom coding. Installation takes just a few minutes. Add just one line of code to display the DataWave control palette. You don't need to know how to write HTML or how to use the lower-level TCP/IP or CGI tools to use DataWave. Once installed, DataWave's configuration dialog allows the database administrator to select files and fields to make available to Web browsers. The administrator can...
Aug 20
[MD1] Metrowerks' 4th Qtr FY98 Results
Metrowerks Announces Results for the Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year Ended July 31, 1998 AUSTIN, Texas-August 20, 1998 - Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK), a leading provider of software development tools for desktop and embedded systems, today announced its results of operations for the fourth quarter (Q4FYJuly98) and year ended July 31, 1998. Revenues for Q4FYJuly98 totaled $5.1 million compared to revenues in Q4FYJuly97 of $6.2 million. Product sales for Q4FYJuly98 were $4.9 million, or 97% of total sales, compared to product sales of $5.0 million in Q4FYJuly97, or 80% of total sales. Revenues from the embedded market represented 56% of revenues for Q4FYJuly98 compared to 35% for Q4FYJuly97. The Company recorded a net loss of $2.0 million ($0.15 per share) for Q4FYJuly98 compared to a net loss of $3.2 million ($0.25 per share) in Q3FYJuly98. In Q4FY July 97, the company recorded net income of $155,000 ($0.01 per share). Revenues for the year ended July 31, 1998 totaled $19...
Aug 20
[MD1] StarNine Introduces Developer Relations Program
For Immediate Release Media Contact: Naomi Pearce Pearce Communications 510/528-0824 STARNINE INTRODUCES DEVELOPER RELATIONS PROGRAM -- Developer Program Provides Free WebSTAR Developer Toolkit, WebSTAR API Discussion Forum, Marketing Support, and More -- BERKELEY, Calif., August 20, 1998 -- StarNine Technologies, Inc. today introduced the StarNine Developer Program, a free program that provides technical and marketing assistance to developers of Plug-ins and CGIs for WebSTAR, the leading Mac OS Web server. The program includes a new WebSTAR Developer Toolkit, the latest information on WebSTAR API (W*API) server compliance and implementation, access to a community of experts, WebSTAR API-specific discussion lists, and marketing support. The focal point of the developer program is the StarNine Developer Program Web Site, opened today at ( "A big part of WebSTAR's success is attributable to the wide range of WebSTAR Plug-ins and CGIs...
Aug 20
[NPL] StarNine Introduces Developer Relations Program
For Immediate Release Media Contact: Naomi Pearce Pearce Communications 510/528-0824 STARNINE INTRODUCES DEVELOPER RELATIONS PROGRAM -- Developer Program Provides Free WebSTAR Developer Toolkit, WebSTAR API Discussion Forum, Marketing Support, and More -- BERKELEY, Calif., August 20, 1998 -- StarNine Technologies, Inc. today introduced the StarNine Developer Program, a free program that provides technical and marketing assistance to developers of Plug-ins and CGIs for WebSTAR, the leading Mac OS Web server. The program includes a new WebSTAR Developer Toolkit, the latest information on WebSTAR API (W*API) server compliance and implementation, access to a community of experts, WebSTAR API-specific discussion lists, and marketing support. The focal point of the developer program is the StarNine Developer Program Web Site, opened today at ( "A big part of WebSTAR's success is attributable to the wide range of WebSTAR Plug-ins and CGIs...
Aug 20
[NPL] Purity Software Announces WebSentinel v2.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Purity Software, Inc. 715 West 23rd Street, Suite O Austin, TX 78705 +1.512.328.2288 FAX +1.512.328.2688 Purity Software Announces WebSentinel v2.0 (Austin, TX - August 17, 1998) - Purity Software announced WebSentinel v2.0 today, a major upgrade to its popular web site security and administration tool. With the release of WebSentinel v2.0, Purity builds on the elegant and easy to use interface of the previous version with a slew of powerful new features for managing a web server. "When we shipped the first version of WebSentinel late in 1997 we showed the Internet server community that administration of a web site is as easy as drag and drop," said Nathan Nunn, president of Purity Software, "and with the introduction of WebSentinel v2.0 today we extend on that same ideal with even greater functionality." This version of the site management tool has been created to specifically attend to the feedback received from users of...
Aug 20
[NPL] Macromedia Ships Generator
For more information, contact: For Immediate Release Macromedia Kirsten Armstrong (415) 252-4088 MACROMEDIA SHIPS GENERATOR American Greetings, E*Trade and Hewlett Packard Among Top Sites to Adopt New Server-Side Solution for Automated and Personalized Web Site Graphics San Francisco, Calif. - August 17, 1998 - Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced the general availability of Macromedia Generator, the solution for automated and personalized Web site graphics. Macromedia Generator is powerful new server-based software that uses templates created in Flash 3 to create Web graphics on the fly with dynamic data. The Generator product line includes the Developer's Studio for authoring graphic templates, and the Generator Graphics Server for delivering real-time Web graphics. By automating the process of linking data-driven content to Web site graphics, Generator enables Web designers to create real-time headlines, mastheads, advertising, interactive...
Aug 20
[NPL] Net.Dreams ships MailAgent Pro
For Immediate Release Media Contact: Naomi Pearce Pearce Communications 510/528-0824 NET.DREAMS SHIPS MAILAGENT PRO WITH ENCRYPTION AND ATTACHMENT SUPPORT -- Webmasters Extend Interactivity With Reliable Web-based Email, Now With Attachment and PGP Support -- ROHNERT PARK, Calif., August 17, 1998 -- Net.Dreams today announced the immediate availability of MailAgent Pro for reliably sending email from Mac-based Web sites, now with integrated attachment handling capabilities and PGP encryption. Compatible with email readers on all platforms, MailAgent Pro is an easy-to-implement Web-to-email plug-in for any business-critical, W*API-compatible Web server, such as WebSTAR, WebTen, and Quid Pro Quo. Available today MailAgent Pro is priced at $249, and can be downloaded at ( Users of MailAgent Lite can upgrade to MailAgent Pro for $199. "A shocking number of 'secure' Web sites gather information over a secure connection, then...
Aug 20
[NPL] Macromedia & Allaire Announce Cold Fusion Objects for...
Macromedia Allaire Corporation Kirsten Armstrong Richard Eckel (415) 252-4088 (617) 761-2075 MACROMEDIA AND ALLAIRE ANNOUNCE NEW COLD FUSION OBJECTS FOR DREAMWEAVER Integration Gives Web Developers New Tools To Create Transactive Content Applications San Francisco, Calif. and Cambridge, Mass. --- August 18, 1998 --- Macromedia (NASDAQ: MACR) and Allaire Corporation today announced an enhanced level of integration between Macromedia Dreamweaver and Allaire Cold Fusion through a new set of Cold Fusion objects for Dreamweaver. The new objects allow Dreamweaver users to incorporate dynamic data into their Web sites and build Web applications without complicated programming. The new Cold Fusion objects for Dreamweaver will be available this month as a free download from the Dreamweaver Web site at, and the Allaire Web site at The new Cold Fusion...
Aug 20
[NPL] Xaos Tools/XOOM Announce Web Site Templates 250
Xaos Tools is excited to announce that through a special arrangement with XOOM, we can offer the XOOM Web Site Templates 250! This is the best tool for getting your web site up and running in no time. XOOM developed 250 full-blown web sites you can use right out of the box or customize them for your own personal look! PLUS, you'll get thousands of brand-new clip art images from XOOM! XOOM is offering the XOOM Web Site Templates 250 to the public from their web site for $79.95 and for members it will be $49.95. Today, through this special email offer, we can offer this to you, Xaos Tools customers for only $29.95. That's a savings of over 60% off of their web pricing and an extra $20 off of regular XOOM member pricing. Hurry, this offer is good through September 12, 1998. To order or for more information on this offer visit this secret URL: Check out these features: EACH WEB SITE CONSISTS OF 19 THEMED PAGES AND AN EMAIL BUTTON! *Use the Home Page to...
Aug 20
[NPL] Everything CD for FileMaker, Volume III
Database Pros and Robin Consulting Services are proud to present: The SCRIPTOLOGY Hands-On Training Seminars * FileMaker Pro Demystified * two courses for serious FileMaker Pro 3.0/4.0 users Based on the popular Scriptology book and CD ROM from ISO Productions Course Content: Scripting Location: Phoenix, Arizona (Cold drinks and air conditioning provided) Upcoming classes: INTERMEDIATE classes September 16-18, 1998 November 11-13, 1998 January 20-22, 1999 ADVANCED classes Advanced: Nov. 16-17, 1998 Advanced: Jan. 25-26, 1999 NOTE: It is possible to take both the intermediate and advanced scripting class with one trip to Phoenix. In fact, we encourage it with a 10% discount for anyone who takes both the intermediate and advanced scripting class. That's a $200.00 savings. You will get a weekend break in between the two courses. The course will be taught by: John Mark Osborne, co-author of Scriptology, and Jerry Robin, nationally renowned FileMaker trainer For more information: send...
Aug 20
[NPL] ISP Billing V7.0
We are delighted to announce the release of ISP BIlling V7.0 with many new features and a redesigned interface making it the easiest billing program to learn and use. For a list of enhancements and new features: To view the new interface: To download a fully functional demo of V7.0, press the download button on our home page and see why ISP BIlling remains the most used ISP account billing management program. Kind regards, Michael Rochard Chief Technical Officer ISP BIlling Software LLC (702) 253 9421 for Tech (702) 253 770 for sales
Aug 20
[NPL] ATTO ExpressPCI UL2D Ultra2 SCSI Dual Channel Host Adapter
Contact: Ron Davis (716) 691-1999 x119 For Immediate Release: August 10, 1998 ATTO Introduces ExpressPCI UL2D Ultra2 SCSI Dual Channel Host Adapter with ADS Technology AMHERST, NEW YORK -- ATTO Technology, Inc., announces the introduction of their new ExpressPCI Ultra2/WIDE dual channel SCSI host adapter (UL2D) with Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) technology. This 64-bit/32-bit compatible host adapter provides two independent SCSI channels -- each delivering up to 80 Mbytes/sec. of data throughput for high-end digital video, imaging, database and fileserver applications. The ATTO ExpressPCI UL2D host adapter employs advanced Low Voltage Differential (LVD) technology that doubles the throughput of UltraSCSI performance and now allows users to connect up to 16 SCSI device IDs over a distance of 12 meters per channel. In addition, the UL2D offers backward compatibility with existing single-ended SCSI devices and features firmware that supports both...
Aug 20
[NPL] eMerge 1.5.4
We've just put the final touches on eMerge 1.5.4. This release fixes a problem eMerge on older 68000-based Macintoshes that caused eMerge to crash intermittently, especially at start-up. We've also made the importation of variable data a little clearer and added the ability to skip variables and import only names and address. If you are using eMerge 1.5.3, you should upgrade as soon as possible to this latest version. To do so, download the upgrader from our FTP site and follow the instructions built into the upgrader application. ( If you are upgrading from an earlier version of eMerge, you first have to use the previous upgraders we've archived on our website. ( If you have any problems with the 1.5.4 upgrader, please give us a call at 416-955-1777. Regards, Roy Schulze Galleon Software
Aug 20
[NPL] Lasso 3 Beta Release 1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 19, 1998 Media Contact: Bill Doerrfeld, President & CEO Blue World Communications, Inc. 425.646.0288, BLUE WORLD ANNOUNCES LASSO 3 BETA RELEASE 1 BELLEVUE, WA - August 19, 1998 - Blue World Communications, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of Lasso 3 Beta Release 1 for the following Lasso 3 product line applications and modules: Lasso 3 ISAPI Plug-in for IIS 2 for Windows NT, Lasso 3 W*API Plug-in for Mac OS, Lasso 3 CGI for Mac OS, Lasso 3 Server for Mac OS, Lasso 3 ODBC module for Windows NT and Mac OS and Lasso 3 FileMaker Pro module for Windows NT and Mac OS. Organizations and individuals who have waited for the power and flexibility of Lasso technology operating on multiple platforms with multiple data sources are encouraged to immediately evaluate the capabilities in Lasso 3. In addition, third-party developers are encouraged to explore specifications now available for the newly introduced Lasso Java Application...
Aug 20
[MD1] Java 101 Workshop - A crash course for C++ Programmers
Java 101 Workshop - A crash course for C++ Programmers Tuesday August 25, at CSD Training Lab 8:30am Registration, 9:00am - 5:00pm Workshop David A. Wilson, Ph.D. Co-sponsored by CSD and the Software Forum Java SIG Back by popular demand! "Java for C++ Programmers" is a one-day, crash course designed to give programmers the basic skills they need to create basic Java applications and applets. The course includes Java language syntax, object-oriented programming as it is done in Java, and use of many of the standard Java packages (libraries). You cannot become an expert on all of Java in one day, but you will learn how to write small, but useful, Java applets and applications. Experience with C++ and object-oriented programming is recommended. Includes two hours of free time in the CSD Walk-In Lab. Limited to 22 people. Cost: $199 for CSD/Software Forum members, $249 for non-members. Includes continental breakfast and lunch. Please contact CSD at (408) 494-8378 to register.
Aug 20
[MD1] First Java Virus Spotted August 19, 1998 Web posted at: 11:15 AM EDT by Ellen Messmer From... (IDG) -- Symantec, a maker of antivirus software, said it has spotted the first Java virus. However, the company said Java users should not be alarmed because the virus, which was recently posted on a hacker Web site, isn't deliberately destructive and the security features in Java browsers make it unlikely the virus could infect a user's files. The Java virus, said to weigh in at about 3,890 bytes, can replicate itself across any machine running the Java Virtual Machine, said Cary Nachenberg, chief researcher at Symantec's antivirus research center. It tries to search for Java class files, and when it finds them, it inserts itself into them. "It does nothing intentionally malicious," said Nachenberg about the Java virus. The virus is the first of its kind in a cyberspace now populated with tens of thousands of different virus programs, many of them...
Aug 20
[MD1] MetaCard Delivers on the Promise of Hypercard
For immediate release Contact: Scott Raney (, 303-447-3936 METACARD DELIVERS ON THE PROMISE OF HYPERCARD Boulder, August 19, 1998 --- After 8 years of continuous development, MetaCard Corporation is now delivering on the promise of HyperCard. Whether you need it for graphical application development or multimedia authoring, MetaCard 2.2 has the features to make the job go quickly and smoothly: * Support for Windows 3.1/95/98/NT, all popular UNIX platforms, and new support for MacOS 68K and PowerPC. No preprocessing, recompiling, redesign, or platform-specific debugging is required to deploy a product on all platforms simultaneously. MetaCard has a fully functional development environment on all platforms and doesn't rely on limited-function "players". * Native look and feel on all platforms, with cross-platform support for advanced controls including combo-boxes, hierarchical menus, and a tab control. Built-in support for popular audio, video, and image formats...
Aug 20
[MD1] [Apple PR] Retailers Experience Record Consumer Demand for...
For Immediate Release Retailers Experience Record Consumer Demand for iMac Apple to Refill Dealer Shelves by this Weekend CUPERTINO, California--August 19, 1998--Reports from Apple Computer Inc.'s retail channel indicate record consumer demand for iMac which hit retail store shelves on Saturday, August 15. Many retailers reported complete sell-outs and many took orders for iMacs scheduled for delivery this weekend and beyond. "iMac has been the biggest computer launch we've seen in our history," said Jim Halpin, CompUSA president and CEO. "Apple is back, and iMacs are flying off CompUSA store shelves across the U.S." "It's Christmas in August!" said Paul Ramirez, vice president of marketing for ComputerWare. "ComputerWare sold more iMacs on Saturday than all desktop PCs combined in the month of July." "iMacs sold out at most of our dealers this past weekend," said Steve Jobs, Apple's interim CEO. "We are refueling them with tens of thousands more for this weekend." Apple is supporting...
Aug 20
[MD1] Raven Mailing List Open
I'm pleased to announce that the Raven mailing list is now open. To subscribe send email to ( with "subscribe raven" in the message body. To post a message send email to ( Raven is a modern C++ framework similar to PowerPlant and MacApp. Jesse Jones
Aug 20
[MD1] MacZoop 1.8.5 now available
August 17th, 1998 2.00 pm European Central Time Today, Graham Cox, a private individual, announces the latest upgrade to his free C++ Application framework for Macintosh, MacZoop. Version 1.8.5 fixes a number of minor bugs in the framework, and introduces a couple of new features. The URL for the main MacZoop website is: There are also some additional mirror sites that you can link to from the main site to speed up downloads. =========================================================== MacZoop is a 100% free C++ framework for developing Macintosh applications. It is designed to be easy for beginners to learn, but has sufficient power to be useful for small to medium-sized projects. MacZoop is supplied as a complete source-code SDK, so it is also a valuable source of example code. Full technical support via eMail is available. MacZoop is designed to be used in conjunction with the CodeWarrior development system- an MPW compatible...
Aug 20
[MD1] YAAF v1.0a3 Released
Press Release - YAAF v1.0a3 Released For Immediate Release1 Glendale, California, August 15, 1998 -- The PandaWave announced today it's release of the YAAF Application Framework, a freeware C++ framework for developing cross-platform applications. What is YAAF? YAAF stands for "Yet Another Application Framework." It is a C++ YAAF is designed to allow the easy development of cross-platform applications for the Macintosh OS, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT, and X Windows. Written in C++, YAAF provides a basic core framework for working with windows, views, menus, and controls in a portable fashion. YAAF is copyright 1998 by William Woody and The PandaWave, all rights reserved. YAAF is released under the GPL Library License, meaning that you may build applications using YAAF and resell them even for commercial purposes. You may also modify and distribute the YAAF libraries, but only as free software--while you may resell the YAAF libraries, you must do so under the GNU LGPL. For more...
Aug 20
[MD1] Macintosh C, Version 2.0
MACINTOSH C: A HOBBYIST'S GUIDE TO PROGRAMMING THE MAC OS IN C "... a fabulous guide ..." MACWORLD, Feb 98 ********************************************************************* Version 2.0 of MACINTOSH C is now available at: Version 2.0 of MACINTOSH C comprises a 950-page book and an associated package of demonstration program files. The HTML version of the book is available on-line at the above site; in addition, Microsoft Word 98 and PDF versions, together with the demonstration programs package, may be downloaded from the site. Version 2.0 is a complete rewrite and re-structuring of Version 1.1. It brings the book and demonstration programs up-to-date with Mac OS 8.1 plus Navigation Services. The demonstration programs were written using CodeWarrior Pro 3 and assume Version 3.1 of the Universal Headers. All demonstration programs are now fully Appearance-compliant...
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FinderPop 2.5.6 - Classic Mac utility, n...
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SpiderOak 5.1.7 - Secure cloud backup, s...
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Espionage 3.6 - Simple, state of the art...
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calibre 1.45.0 - Complete e-library mana...
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B&H Photo has the 15″ 2.0GHz Retina MacBook Pro on sale for $1829 including free shipping plus NY sales tax only. Their price is $170 off MSRP. B&H will also include free copies of Parallels... Read more
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For more information about TIAA-CREF, visit our website . The Apple Engineer will provide engineering and third-level incident support for 300- 500 MacOS desktop/laptop Read more
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…satellite service provider, and Dish is currently looking for an experienced Apple /Mac Systems Administrator. Apple systems administrator will be responsible for Read more
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