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Mar 16
[MD1] Mac OS X Server Now Shipping
Mac OS X Server Now Shipping Apple's Macintosh Server G3 Fastest Web Server for Under $5000 CUPERTINO, California-March 16, 1999-Apple Computer, Inc. today announced the availability of Mac OS X Server, the Company's new server operating system, which combines the proven strength of UNIX with the simplicity of Macintosh. Customers can order Mac OS X Server from Apple Authorized Resellers and The Apple Store ( for U.S. $499-with an unlimited client license. Mac OS X Server, when coupled with a new Macintosh Server G3, is the fastest platform for running Apache for under U.S. $5000-outperforming Linux, Solaris and Windows NT Server.* "Our customers are excited about Mac OS X Server, Apple's first modern server operating system," said Steve Jobs, Apple's interim CEO. "Mac OS X Server is an incredibly powerful web server and by introducing it at an aggressive price of $499, we're putting power into the hands of millions of Macintosh customers in education and business." Mac...
Mar 16
[NPL] Mac OS X Server Now Shipping
Mac OS X Server Now Shipping Apple's Macintosh Server G3 Fastest Web Server for Under $5000 CUPERTINO, California-March 16, 1999-Apple Computer, Inc. today announced the availability of Mac OS X Server, the Company's new server operating system, which combines the proven strength of UNIX with the simplicity of Macintosh. Customers can order Mac OS X Server from Apple Authorized Resellers and The Apple Store ( for U.S. $499-with an unlimited client license. Mac OS X Server, when coupled with a new Macintosh Server G3, is the fastest platform for running Apache for under U.S. $5000-outperforming Linux, Solaris and Windows NT Server.* "Our customers are excited about Mac OS X Server, Apple's first modern server operating system," said Steve Jobs, Apple's interim CEO. "Mac OS X Server is an incredibly powerful web server and by introducing it at an aggressive price of $499, we're putting power into the hands of millions of Macintosh customers in education and business." Mac...
Mar 16
[MD1] Mac OS X Server Embraces Open Source With Launch of Darwin
Mac OS X Server Embraces Open Source With Launch of Darwin Apple Becomes First Mainstream OS Company to Make its System Software Available to Open Source Community CUPERTINO, California-March 16, 1999-Apple Computer, Inc. today announced the launch of Darwin-the Open Source release of the Mac OS X Server operating system foundation. Mac OS X Server is the Company's new server operating system which combines the proven strength of UNIX with the simplicity of Macintosh. Darwin will be available free to developers in the next few weeks at ( With this announcement, Apple becomes the first mainstream operating system provider to release its source code to the public and base its system software strategy on Open Source technologies. "The Open Source movement is revolutionizing the way operating systems evolve and Apple is leading the industry by becoming the first major OS provider to make it's core operating system available to Open Source developers," said Avie...
Mar 16
[NPL] Mac OS X Server Embraces Open Source With Launch of Darwin
Mac OS X Server Embraces Open Source With Launch of Darwin Apple Becomes First Mainstream OS Company to Make its System Software Available to Open Source Community CUPERTINO, California-March 16, 1999-Apple Computer, Inc. today announced the launch of Darwin-the Open Source release of the Mac OS X Server operating system foundation. Mac OS X Server is the Company's new server operating system which combines the proven strength of UNIX with the simplicity of Macintosh. Darwin will be available free to developers in the next few weeks at ( With this announcement, Apple becomes the first mainstream operating system provider to release its source code to the public and base its system software strategy on Open Source technologies. "The Open Source movement is revolutionizing the way operating systems evolve and Apple is leading the industry by becoming the first major OS provider to make it's core operating system available to Open Source developers," said Avie...
Mar 15
[NPL] NetMechanic Browswer Compatibility Service
Contact: Kristi Kosloske PR Unlimited, Inc. 847/253-6600 or For Immediate Release NetMechanic Eliminates Browser Compatibility Headaches Avoid Costly Analysis while Maintaining Web Site Standards Huntsville, AL --NetMechanic (, The leading independent web site maintenance service, announced the launch of a new FREE Browser Compatibility service that will automatically shows how each page appears when viewed on different computers with different browsers. While the constantly changing face of the World Wide Web is exciting, it is also burdensome for webmasters and designers to keep pace with the ever-evolving standards and diversity of browser applications. "Visitors won't last long if their browser isn't compatible with a site. Avoiding the confusion from the proliferation of browsers and proprietary tags on the market is a challenge. Savvy web designers will rush to use the preventative medicine NetMechanic provides to make viewing easier...
Mar 15
[NPL] Netscape Launches the My Netscape Network
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Nathan Tyler 650-937-4927 NETSCAPE OPENS MY NETSCAPE TO MILLIONS OF WEB PUBLISHERS Netscape Launches the My Netscape Network, Empowers Web Publishers to Create Channels for Popular My Netscape Personalized Internet Start Page MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (March 15, 1999) Netscape Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: NSCP) today announced the launch of the My Netscape Network that will allow Web publishers to create their own custom channel for Netscapes popular My Netscape personalized Internet start page service. The My Netscape Network is available on the Netscape Netcenter portal and, as part of the My Netscape service, enables consumers to create highly customized Internet start pages with their choice of Internet content. By participating in the My Netscape Network, Web publishers can expand their online audience to include the growing network of millions of My Netscape users and increase repeat traffic to their Web sites. The first...
Mar 15
[NPL] Fireworks 2
For More Information, Contact: For Immediate Release: Macromedia Macromedia Kirsten Armstrong Susan Nicolls (415) 252-4088 (415) 553-2751 MACROMEDIA SHIPS FIREWORKS 2 Comprehensive Study by Shows Fireworks 2 to be the Leading Product for Web Graphics Optimization San Francisco, CA - March 15, 1999 - Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced that Fireworks(R) 2 is now shipping. Fireworks 2 is a major new release of Macromedia's award-winning Web graphics production environment that specifically addresses the needs of Web designers who create and maintain graphics-rich, interactive Web sites. With powerful new features for integrated graphics, coding and sitewide editing, Fireworks 2 effectively bridges the gap between graphics and code. Fireworks 2 enables rapid edits across multiple graphics, ensuring consistent design throughout an entire Web site and accelerating Web workflow. In a study...
Mar 15
[NPL] InterMapper 2.1 and SNMP Watcher 1.0 now available
Dartmouth College Releases Two Network Management Packages HANOVER, NH. Two advanced network management applications, InterMapper 2.1 and SNMP Watcher 1.0, are now available from Dartmouth College. InterMapper 2.1 is an upgrade to the sophisticated multiprotocol network monitoring tool now used by hundreds of network managers worldwide. SNMP Watcher is a new tool designed to retrieve information from devices on multiprotocol networks. "We built these programs to manage our own campus network because we couldn't find anything comparable on the market," says Richard Brown, Manager of Special Projects at Dartmouth. "These tools make complex network management vastly easier." InterMapper 2.1 is Free Update InterMapper 2.1 is an update to the monitoring package that the College has been marketing commercially since 1996. InterMapper 2.1 introduces a number of enhancements to its built-in web server, which gives the ability to view network information from a standard Web browser. The new...
Mar 15
[NPL] RasterMaster 8.0 Silver & Platinum Versions Now...
Press Contact: Scott Rill at 617-630-9495 or Sales Contact: Sales Department at 617-630-9495 or Newton, MA (March 15, 1999) Snowbound Software has announced the exciting release of Version 8.0 of its RasterMaster imaging components, a set of award- winning high performance, cross platform raster imaging components and tools. Available in Silver and Platinum editions, RasterMaster 8.0 brings many new formats, functions, and capabilities to the table. All versions of RasterMaster 8.0 feature progressive JPEG reading, support for the EXIF camera format, Image Pixel reading capabilities, and much more. RasterMaster 8.0 Platinum adds TWAIN high speed transfer scanning, TWAIN read and write CAPS, permanent conversion of 1-bit images to Scale to Gray, and PDF multipage writing. Additionally, RM 8.0 Platinum provides an Autocrop command, improved EPS output (includes LZW, Packbits, and JPEG), auto orientation, improved reentrancy capability, Window...
Mar 15
[NPL] Interaction 2.5 with Extensible HTML
MEDIA DESIGN IN*PROGRESS SHIPS INTERACTION 2.5 with Extensible HTML and DOM SAN DIEGO, CA, March 15, 1999: Media Design in*Progress ships Interaction 2.5, the XML based Mac web server companion for productive, flexible building and maintenance of personalized, social websites. The new release supports Extensible HTML, implements server-side DOM, and has an upgraded visual user interface. Interaction 2.5 is available from ( The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has announced that the next version of HTML will be based on the Extensible Markup Language (XML). Interaction is the first application to support Extensible HTML, combining features from XML with HTML. The application generates standard HTML pages at serving time from CSS, XML and Extensible HTML, so web professionals can take advantage of extensible markup and style sheets while keeping the pages accessible for all web browsers. Interaction provides a reasonable priced and easy to use Mac alternative...
Mar 15
[NPL] Mainstay Updates JustMail(tm)
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information contact: Lance Merker - Mainstay (805) 484-9400 591-A Constitution Ave. Camarillo, CA 93012 Mainstay Updates JustMail(tm) Private, Web-based Email Client Java Applet Now Supports APOP Camarillo, CA, March 15, 1999-Mainstay today began shipping an updated JustMail(tm), a private and secure client to access an email account anytime, anywhere, using only a web browser. The updated JustMail 1.0.5 adds support for APOP, automatic signature messages, and the ability to customize both the login page and the JustMail browser window. JustMail now supports the optional use of the industry standard APOP encryption protocol for secure email password authentication. The added security feature gives JustMail users the confidence that their email login process is as secure as it is using an email client application. JustMail 1.0.5 signatures give users the ability to set up a customizable message and automatically add it to...
Mar 15
[MD1] Bitwise 2.0
Bitwise 2.0 is now available. March 15, 1999: Eric Curtis announces the latest release of Bitwise. Bitwise 2.0 is a versatile, yet easy to use calculator with many unique features specifically designed for programmers of personal computers and microprocessors. Bitwise 2.0 is actually two calculators in one; with independent registers for integer and floating point math. Bitwise 2.0 key features include: + Integer and floating point math + Hexadecimal, decimal, octal, and binary conversions + Integer word sizes of 8, 16, and 32 bits + Signed and unsigned integer modes + Sign-extension of registers + Complete set of logical and bitwise operators + Floating point in fixed or scientific notation + Backspace key + Pop-up stack register display with register selection + Undo last operation + Macintosh drag & drop support + Built-in user's guide + Compatible with System 7.X and OS 8.X + Native 68K & PPC fat application Bitwise 2.0 and other Macintosh development utilities can be...
Mar 15
[MD1] Free MediaStorm with IncWell SuperCard, Upgrade
Special Offer: Free MediaStorm with IncWell SuperCard, Upgrade Chandler, Arizona. March 15, 1999 based IncWell DMG, Ltd, developers of the SuperCard advanced multimedia system announce a special offer for purchasers of SuperCard 3.5, or for version or competitive upgrades to version 3.5 of SuperCard, as part of the 10th anniversary celebration of the SuperCard product line. Customers that purchase SuperCard full version, or SuperCard upgrade or competitive upgrade versions after March 22nd and through April 30th, will receive in specially marked US English boxes a free license to MediaStorm, IncWell's easy to use interactive presentation tool. MediaStorm brings the power of multimedia production to the home, school, and office. MediaStorm meets a variety of communication needs with a simple, yet powerful program editor that lets you create full multimedia-powered presentations in a matter of minutes. Educators and trainers can create lessons, tutorials and tests for student work...
Mar 10
[MD1] PACE Releases USB Floppy Enabler
For Immediate Release: Wednesday, March 10, 1999 PACE Anti-Piracy Releases Standard Floppy Interface for iMac and G3 Systems; New USB Floppy Enabler Available Free from PACE Web Site SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- March 10, 1999 -- PACE Anti-Piracy Inc., a leader in the development of anti-piracy systems for the Macintosh, today released an innovative solution for software developers whose customers use Apple Computer's new iMac and G3 floppyless computer systems. PACE's USB Floppy Enabler is a driver that emulates the floppy drive interface, making supported third-party external USB floppy drives work with floppy-based software products. PACE developed the USB Floppy Enabler in response to the needs of customers using its InterLok anti-piracy products, a fifth generation tool set for protecting, distributing and selling software. The USB Floppy Enabler currently supports Imation's SuperDisk and Newer Technology's uDrive, two of the leading external USB floppy systems. PACE is working with...
Mar 10
[NPL] Netscape to Bundle Net2Phone
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Nathan Tyler Netscape Communications Corp. 650-937-4927 Sarah Hofstetter IDT Public Relations 201-928-2882 Janine Kutliroff IDT Investor Relations 201-928-4391 NETSCAPE AND NET2PHONE SIGN GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT Companies to Deliver Low Cost PC-to-Phone Service Enabling Millions to Instantly Place Calls From a Computer to any Telephone in the World MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and HACKENSACK, N.J. (March 10, 1999) Netscape Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: NSCP) and IDTs (NASDAQ: IDTC) Net2Phone subsidiary today announced a multi-year global distribution agreement under which Net2Phones PC-to-phone service will be exclusively bundled with Netscapes leading Internet browser, Netscape Communicator, and will be featured as a button on the browser Personal Toolbar. In addition, the Net2Phone service is scheduled to be prominently featured on Netscapes fast growing Internet portal, Netscape Netcenter enabling millions of consumers to place telephone calls...
Mar 09
[NPL] Clairvoyant Software to release ISP Planning Products
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Gregory Hampton Ford Kanzler Clairvoyant Software, Inc. Marketing/PR Savvy 408/245-7654 650/726-1055 CLAIRVOYANT SOFTWARE DELIVERS JUST-IN-TIME SOLUTIONS TO INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER'S NETWORK RESOURCE DEPLOYMENT Products Will be the First Providing ISPs with Timely Scheduling and Ordering of Network Resource Expansion to Improve Customer Satisfaction, Financial Planning and Cash Flow Sunnyvale, CA - March 8, 1999 - Clairvoyant Software, Inc., today announced its establishment as a provider of dedicated software products that enhance ISP's business success. The company will soon introduce products that solve the ISP's toughest Business question: "where, when and, and how to optimally add resources that prevent catastrophic reductions in performance and accessibility." Clairvoyant's solution assures an...
Mar 09
[NPL] WebStorm 2.5
For Immediate Release Contact: Shirley C Sharpe +44 (0) 411-505655, WEBSTORM 2.5 - Power Your Way Thru' The Web SharpeWare has released version 2.5 of WebStorm, a program that takes the pain out of searching the Web. WebStorm takes care of finding and reviewing the text from the links you need; checking their performance and age and managing their browsing. No need to wait for slow-loading search sites packed with advertising graphics - cut straight to the results you want. Now with SiteStorm technology, WebStorm version 2.5 will also take any site then find and check all links to other sites - even following pages within the site to build a single, complete and easy-to-browse list of checked links. And alongside each good link WebStorm displays an extract of the actual page. Whether obtained from search sites, or SiteStorm, checked results can be saved as formatted web documents - or exported into other programs. A history of past searches, and their results...
Mar 09
[NPL] Netscape Communicator 4.51
For Immediate Release Contact: Jim Adamson, (650) 937-6496 NEW VERSION OF AWARD-WINNING NETSCAPE COMMUNICATOR NOW AVAILABLE Includes Enhanced Instant Messaging with Group Chat and Quick Access to Stock Quotes via Netcenter Finance Channel MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., (March 9, 1999) - Netscape Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: NSCP) today announced the release of Netscape Communicator 4.51, the latest version of Netscape's award winning Internet mail and browsing software. When users download Netscape Communicator 4.51, they receive AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) 2.0, for real-time, person-to-person and group conversations with friends, family or colleagues. The new release also features Quotes Anywhere, a new capability of Smart Browsing™ that lets users access stock quotes from anywhere on the Net via the Netcenter Finance Channel. Version 4.51 builds on the huge momentum of Netscape Communicator 4.5, which was released in October, 1998, and continues to garner...
Mar 09
[MD1] FileMaker Pro Developer Edition Wins Codie Award
FileMaker Pro Developer Edition Chosen Best Application Development Program by Software & Information Industry Association Los Angeles, Calif., March 8, 1999 -- FileMaker Pro 4.0 Developer Edition, the essential database development tool kit for corporate and commercial developers, was voted Best Application Development Program by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) during the association's 14th annual Codie Awards here last night. In winning the prestigious Codie Award for Best Application Development Program, FileMaker Pro 4.0 Developer Edition bested IBM's Visual Age for Java V2.0, RoboHELP Office 7.0 from Blue Sky Software, Software Engineering Risk Management: Finding Your Path Through the Jungle from LearnerFirst (in partnership with IEEE Computer Society), and Aion 8.0 from PLATINUM Technology. "As the workgroup database market takes off, the sky is the limit for FileMaker as the development platform of choice," said Dominique Goupil, president,...
Mar 08
[MD1] Graphics Demo Contest Announced
Mac Demos HQ 64k Graphics Demo Contest March 4, 1999 - A loose knit organization of Mac demo coders, sponsored by Mac Demos HQ and Stone Entertainment, are proud to announce the first 'Mac Demos HQ 64k Graphics Demo Contest'. This contest will serve to expand the realms of Macintosh development by bringing together graphically adept programmers from around the world in an all out battle of the fittest! "A graphics demo is a mathematically based artistic expression.", explains Kyle Ellrott, Mac demo coder and administrator of the Comp.Sys.Mac.Programming.Games FAQ: "Demo coding has been very popular on the Amiga and DOS platforms but until recently has been virtually nonexistent on the Mac." More major Mac demos have been announced this year than in the past five years combined! Today the Mac demo community walks out of obscurity and into the light. To learn more about the recent growth...
Mar 04
[MD1] MacTech Magazine's Call for Editors
MACTECH MAGAZINE, CALL FOR EDITORS March 4, 1999 --- MacTech Magazine, the journal for Macintosh resident programmers and developers, is seeking to expand it's editorial board. MacTech is looking for new contributing editors and would like to hear from experienced programmers and developers interested in contributing to the Macintosh development community. What MacTech expects from contributing editors: * Each contributing editor will help develop a focus area (a segment of the development community that the editor will help to represent on the editorial board). Current areas covered by MacTech include: Mac OS X JavaTech(tm) Cryptography I/O Technology Database Development Game Technologies Component System Development Palm OS Development Linux Development Network Technologies We're interesteded in expanding these areas to include new focus...
Mar 04
[MD1] MW Java Linker 1.4 patch
CodeWarriors, MW Java Linker 1.4 patch for Macintosh is available for downloading at This updated linker fixes problems merging .gif files into the .jar file output from the linker. The patch is recommended for all CodeWarrior Pro 4 and CodeWarrior Pro for Java R4 users. This archive was submitted on 03/01/1999 (CWPRO4 CWPROJAVA4 Release) and occupies 539k of disk space. You can also download it at URL: - or -
Mar 04
[NPL] Scorpion BarCode 1.50
Scorpion Research releases Scorpion BarCode 1.50 Chislehurst, Kent, England -- 4 March 1999 -- Scorpion Research today announced the release of version 1.50 of Scorpion BarCode, its popular BarCode creation software for Apple Macintosh computers. What is Scorpion BarCode? Scorpion BarCode is a complete Bar Code creation utility that you can use to quickly create Bar Code images for use in other applications. The software supports the following symbologies: * EAN-13 (With or without Add-On codes) * EAN-8 * EAN-128 * UPC-A (With or without Add-On codes) * UPC-E * Code-128 * Code-93 * Code-39 * Codabar * ITF (Interleaved Two Five) * ISSN * ISBN * PostNet (5 digit / 9 digit / 11 digit) * RM4SCC * Pharmacode * MSI By entering the text of a Bar Code, the software produces the graphic equivalent using one of the above selected symbologies. You can then use this graphic to: * Create a PICT file * Create an EPS file * Produce a desktop clipping file by dragging the graphic image to the desktop...
Mar 04
[NPL] Win: Free Y2K Test Tool For All PC's
For Immediate Release for further information: Al Anderson ( 607-754-9378 (voice) 607-754-9378 (fax) Free Y2K Test Tool For All PC's - First Time Offer By Mar. 3, 1999 -- Vestal, NY -- Small Businesses and individuals can now easily and safely test their PC's for Y2K compliance using a nationally recognized test tool that is supported by the NSTL (National Software Testing Laboratories). This test utility is free and has been used by hundreds of thousands already. It is available for immediate download and use at the y2kEasyFix website: Along with the utility are additional step by step directions for its use and an e-mail address for free trouble - shooting. Nearly everyone with a PC will face some kind of compliance problem with their computer system. About 70% of PC's in use will need a hardware fix but the problem facing most computer users is that they don't know if...
Mar 04
[MD1] CineMac 1.5: Creating Internet Screen Savers
Media Information For Immediate Release March 4 1999 MacSourcery simplifies creation of screen savers using Macromedia Director with CineMac for Director version 1.5 it just got easier to make screen savers - thanks to MacSourcery. Released this week, version 1.5 of CineMac for Director is designed to work with Macromedia Director 7 to create high-impact screen savers for Mac and PC using live internet content, animations and video. Developed by San Diego based software company MacSourcery, CineMac for Director has proved to be a hit with blue chip companies including Walt Disney, Sony, Columbia Pictures, Levi's and PepsiCo who use screen savers to promote their products and services. MacSourcery's CineMac for Director 1.5 converts Macromedia's Director files into screen savers. Version 1.5 adds support for Director 7 and includes the ability to create screen savers with internet updatable content. Version 1.5 is designed to make screen savers easier to create and faster to download....
Mar 04
[NPL] GIFCruncher Desktop
EVANSTON, IL: Announcing GIFCruncher Desktop for Macintosh and Windows ( GIFCruncher Desktop is a Web graphics utility developed by (the developers of the award-winning HVS series) that allows you to select a GIF from your desktop or an HTTP or FTP URL, and automatically reduce the download time and file size of the GIF by up to 90%. Auto mode generates several optimized versions, and you decide on the best tradeoff between file size and quality. GIFCruncher does this while you wait - single optimizations generally only take a few seconds. Why use GIFCruncher? Because it makes your site load much faster, your files take up less server space, and it provides the best image quality in the industry. Faster and smaller means more users, more pages, and a more enjoyable web site. See for yourself - download the demo or visit GIFCruncher Online. ( GIFCruncher Desktop Features: * Optimize GIFs on your hard drive,...
Mar 03
[MD1] CWCVS 2.0
CWCVS 2.0 Press Release Electric Fish, Inc. announces the release of CWCVS 2.0, a shareware version control plugin for Metrowerks CodeWarrior, which allows you to use the public domain CVS client MacCVS for version control without leaving the CodeWarrior IDE. CVS is a widely used POSIX-based version control system and CVS clients are available on many platforms, including the Macintosh, making it a reasonable choice for multiple platform development. CWCVS allows Macintosh developers to use CVS with CodeWarrior without arcane command line arguments or scripts. Version 2.0 features include: Conversion to the latest CodeWarrior API; Advanced dialogs for most commands; Recursive command versions for Difference, History and Status; rtag support in the Label command; Default to -kb for adding non-text files Automatic login upon connect; Automatic directory creation on Add; Watchers support; New default options preferences panel...
Mar 03
[NPL] Survey Catering
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Sylvia Burke, (888) 876-0044 (US) Outside US (505) 522-0027 Email: INTERNET SURVEYS -- WITHOUT THE WORK! LAS CRUCES, NM, USA - Survey Catering, a new service from Cogent Computing Corporation, provides clients a way to conduct web-based surveys over the Internet without buying software or programming services. Survey Catering allows clients real-time processing of their own surveys on the Web for almost any purpose; including research, customer feedback, employee questionnaires, opinion polls, etc. A variety of question types are supported, along with graphics, sound/video, and html links. With one mouse click you can view instant and ongoing reports of survey results. Reports may be made public for instant viewing by respondents. Sample Survey picture: ( Sample Report picture: ( The Survey Catering service is ideal for users who need a fast, flexible and inexpensive...
Mar 03
[MD1] CWProjector 3.1 Released
CWProjector 3.1 Press Release Electric Fish, Inc. announces the release of CWProjector 3.1, a shareware version control plugin for Metrowerks CodeWarrior, which allows you to use MPW's Projector for source control without leaving the CodeWarrior IDE. CWProjector provides an easy to use source-code control system, at minimal cost, using established technology from Apple. It is well suited for individuals and small organizations which want the benefits of source-control with a minimum of hassle and expense. Version 3.1 includes the following new features: Helper applications for Difference; Various bug fixes; CWProjector is available now at: Electric Fish, Inc. is a software development company based in Seattle, Washington. For more information, contact Richard Wesley, - rmgw
Mar 03
[MD1] Flex 2.5.4A-R2 For MPW
This announcement is from the EvangeList Gilles Depeyrot ( Those of you who use GNU tools under MPW or ToolServer may want to get a copy of the latest version of Flex. The GNU Bison parser generator version 1.26a was released recently Following the release of GNU Bison 1.26a, this is the second release of Flex for MPW rebuilt with the latest version of Bison. The package contains the source, and a prebuilt tool for MPW. The texinfo documentation converted to html using texi2html is available as an extra download. ( Please keep in mind that any bugs in this code are probably my doing, so before you sending bug reports to the GNU folks, please send me a note so I can fix whatever problems you may find.
Mar 03
[NPL] iForm 1.0
iForm 1.0 -- The Versatile Little Forms Server Setauket, NY, March 1999 - Limit Point Software introduces iForm 1.0 for Mac OS, the elegant but affordable little forms processor for intranet and internet. Simple storefronts, guest books, surveys, quizzes, mailing lists -- all are good jobs for iForm but its applications are limitless. iForm messengers any form's results to multiple e-mail destinations, then warehouses the form's results in a text-and-tabs data archive for database import. Plus, iForm will messenger multiple attachments -- HTML, PDF, images, audio, video and more -- and even optionally auto-binhex any file format on the fly. And no mail server or web server required -- iForm will serve forms from any Mac on your TCP/IP network independent of, or as a complement to your web server. In the spirit of Boolean Search 2, iForm reflects Limit Point's philosophy of custom-fit solutions. iForms may sport custom graphics and any form element in any quantity -- pop-ups, check...
Mar 03
[NPL] e-Picture for BeOS
BeatWare Brings Professional Graphics Capabilities to the BeOS(r) For Immediate Release Monday, March 8, 1999 Contact: Karen Cassel BeatWare, Inc. 650-556-7906 Redwood City, CA - March 8, 1999 -- BeatWare, Inc., the leader in software development for the BeOS(r), today announced e-Picture(tm), its professional solution for creating dynamic web graphics. e-Picture is the first professional graphics application to be developed for the modern Be Operating System. Under development for the past eighteen months, e-Picture has been created to meet the specific needs of graphic designers producing content for the Web. "The heavyweight tools currently used to produce web graphics were originally designed for the print publishing industry and simply aren't the right tools to create small, animated, color-safe images efficiently," said Karen Cassel, VP of Sales and Marketing for BeatWare, Inc. "Designers waste hours moving files back and forth between multiple publishing...
Mar 03
[NPL] Opera for Linux
News Release OPERA SOFTWARE AND TROLL TECH AGREE TO MAKE OPERA, THE POPULAR WEB BROWSER, AVAILABLE ON THE SUCCESSFUL LINUX PLATFORM. Oslo, Norway, - 2. March, 1999 - Troll Tech AS, producer of the Qt cross-platform application framework and Opera Software AS, producer of Opera, the fastest and most user friendly Internet browser, today announced a cooperative development effort to make Opera available on the increasingly popular Linux platform. This initiative between the two companies, Opera Software AS and Troll Tech AS, is taken to secure a rapid offering of the Opera web browser on the Linux platform. The first prototype will be showcased this week at the Linux World Expo in San Jose. The Linux version of Opera is based on Qt, Troll Tech's widely used cross-platform application framework. Troll Tech started the porting of the user interface and the general framework three weeks ago, and has already produced a working prototype. The development team consisted of seven Troll Tech...
Mar 03
[NPL] QuicKeys 4.0 for Macintosh Public Preview
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Editorial Contact Sue Nail CE Software, Inc. (515) 221-1801 ext. 3025 or (605) 235-1991 Free QuicKeys 4.0 preview: QuicKeys 4.0 for Macintosh Public Preview Version Now Available New upgrade adds OS 8.5 compatibility, improved interface, 50 new features and performance boost for leading Macintosh automation software West Des Moines, Iowa, March 3, 1999-CE Software, Inc. today announced that a free "preview" version of the new QuicKeys 4.0 is now available for download and evaluation from its Web site. The latest upgrade to CE Software's popular automation software, QuicKeys 4.0 features compatibility with Mac OS 8.5, more than 50 new automation capabilities, an updated interface, completely revised documentation and several other improvements. QuicKeys 4.0 is scheduled to ship in the next 60 days. "As a long-time QuicKeys addict, I'm looking forward to this next revision," said Sharon Steuer, QuicKeys...
Mar 03
[NPL] OTSessionWatcher 2.0
Stairways releases OTSessionWatcher 2.0 Perth, Western Australia -- 3 March 1999 -- Stairways Software, Pty Ltd, today announced the release of version 2.0 of OTSessionWatcher an update to our Open Transport Stream debugging utility. What is OTSessionWatcher? OTSessionWatcher allows you to examine the data transmitted through Open Transport UDP and TCP streams. This is useful for debugging network applications and network problems, learning about networking protocols, or watching for strange or unwanted TCP traffic. If you have ever wondered what your computer was saying when it was talking to other machines on the network, this program is the answer. OTSessionWatcher is one of those simple, powerful tools that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it. OTSessionWatcher requires a PowerPC (Power Macintosh or clone) and Open Transport 1.1.1 or later. What's New? OTSessionWatcher 2.0 adds support for watching UDP streams as well as displaying more complete stream information...
Mar 03
[NPL] Assimilator 2.0.2
Stairways releases Assimilator 2.0.2 Perth, Western Australia -- 3 March 1999 -- Stairways Software, Pty Ltd, today announced the release of version 2.0.2 of Assimilator, an elegant and powerful laboratory administration tool. What is Assimilator? Assimilator is the product of years of managing student laboratories. It is designed for situations where you wish to make a large number of Macintoshes look virtually identical. Assimilator mirrors an AppleShare server folder on to the client machines to make them all look almost identical. Since you generally do not want the machines to be exactly identical, Assimilator provides a mechanism for building a database of your machines, allowing the owner name, machine name, harddisk name and most importantly the IP number of the client machine to be configured automatically. It also has a method for customizing machines on an individual or group basis. Although Assimilator is designed for student lab situations, it has also proven useful in...
Mar 03
[NPL] RumorMill 1.2
Stairways releases RumorMill 1.2 Perth, Western Australia -- Stairways Software, Pty Ltd, today announced the release of version 1.2 of RumorMill, its shareware Mac OS News (NNTP) server. What is RumorMill? RumorMill is a news (NNTP) server. The News protocol is ideally suited to public discussion, and RumorMill is designed to make it easy to create (and remove) local or shared Newsgroups. RumorMill (and other NNTP) servers can easily be linked together to create a wide spanning communication network. RumorMill is ideal for business groups, schools, universities and any one else who is interested in a simple, scalable and widely supported means of providing group discussion. RumorMill can easily mix USENET newsgroups with local or off-site newsgroups which can be selectively pulled or fed from multiple servers. RumorMill can be Remotely Administered, supports Newswatcher Prefs and Newsrc files and it has a small memory footprint. Amongst other security features RumorMill has Site...
Mar 03
[NPL] Sonnet Drops G3 Upgrade Prices
March 3, 1999 For More Information, please contact: Joy Hsu 949-261-2800 SONNET DROPS PRICES ON G3 UPGRADES FOR PCI & NUBUS POWER MACS SONNET LEADS MAC UPGRADE MARKET WITH DRAMATICALLY LOWER PRICES FOR PCI & NUBUS POWER MACS IRVINE, CALIFORNIA. March 3, 1999. Sonnet Technologies sets new price/performance standards for G3 processor upgrades with lower prices on its CrescendoTM G3 product lines for the PCI and NuBus Power Macs. Crescendo G3 for PCI Power Macs New prices are as follows: Crescendo G3 250/512K $299.95 Crescendo G3 300/512K $399.95 Crescendo G3 300/1M $599.95 Crescendo G3 333/1M $699.95 Crescendo G3 400/1M $999.95 These cards are compatible with the following Macintosh models: Power Mac 7300, 7500, 7600, 8500, 8515, 8600, 9500, 9515, 9600 Workgroup Server 7350, 8550, 9650 Power Computing PowerCenter, PowerCenter Pro, PowerTower, PowerTower Pro, PowerWave, PowerCurve UMAX J700/S900 DayStar Genesis 360, 400, 528, 600, 720, 800, 900,...
Mar 03
[NPL] Nisus Compact -- FREE!
Solana Beach, California---March 1, 1999--In honor of its 15th year anniversary, Nisus(R) Software Inc. announces the FREE release of its blazingly-fast and tiny word processing application, Nisus Compact. According to Jerzy Lewak CEO, "We are giving away another software title from our high quality line of Macintosh(R) products. Macintosh users can download Nisus Compact for FREE and get a taste of word processing at its best and most efficient. In these days of bloated software, Nisus Compact is a refreshing reminder of how powerful and useful a small application can be." Nisus Compact has many of the features of its big brother Nisus Writer 5.1.3, but is almost as small as SimpleText(TM). At a mere 1.1 MB for the full download, it's amazing that this tiny application can do so much! Here are just a few Nisus Compact features: FILES COMPATIBLE WITH NISUS WRITER: You can interchange fully formatted files between the two applications. FLUID GRAPHICS: Paste graphics as characters or on...
Mar 03
[NPL] Microsoft Takes Two-to-One Lead in Browser War
For Immediate Release March 2, 1999 MICROSOFT TAKES A TWO-TO-ONE LEAD IN BROWSER WAR WebSideStory's StatMarket Reports Advantage Based on Data Compiled from Over 13 Million Unique Visitors Daily (SAN DIEGO, CA)- WebSideStory ((, the leader in Internet traffic analysis, traffic building and user trends, today reported that Microsoft's Internet Explorer accounts for more than two thirds of the browsers used on the Internet, according to data published on StatMarket (( The information published on StatMarket reflects real-time data gathered from more than 40,000 Web sites using the HitBOX Tracker and over 13,000,000 unique visitors a day to those sites. StatMarket data represents the largest sampling of Internet users and the most accurate depiction of user trends available. WebSideStory updates StatMarket daily, publishing Internet user trends and statistics vital to Webmasters...
Mar 03
[NPL] ColorSync 2.6
ColorSync 2.6 Now Available for Download New Version Includes Enhanced Support for AppleScript and Popular Internet Image Formats SEYBOLD, BOSTON, March 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Apple Computer, Inc. today announced the availability of ColorSync 2.6, the latest version of the Company's color-management work flow software for publishing and design professionals. ColorSync 2.6 includes significant enhancements to AppleScript integration; support for color management of popular Internet standards like JPEG and GIF image formats; and updated Photoshop plug-ins. ColorSync 2.6 is available for free download today at Apple also announced the availability of the ColorSync Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows, which will allow hardware and software developers to create ColorSync-compatible products for Windows platforms. "ColorSync is the leading software for managing color with over one million users, including professional publishers like PEOPLE and Kinko's who...
Mar 03
[NPL] Stalker Announces Version 2.9 of CommuniGate Pro
Stalker Announces Version 2.9 of CommuniGate Pro Server for MacOS X Server Key Features: Multi-platform Support Industry-strength, highly scalable Administration via the Web Extensive multi-domain support Unique IMAP multi-mailbox features HTTP access to E-mail, built-in Web Mailer Extensive Anti-Spam techniques Mailing Lists with Web Access and Interactive Archive Search LDAP and ACAP Support Personal Web Pages with automated publishing. MILL VALLEY, CA - March 2, 1999 - Stalker Software, Inc. today announced its release of CommuniGate Pro version 2.9, a Unified Messaging Server which supports Apple's new high-performance Mac OS X Server. With this announcement, Stalker Software provides the only commercial Internet Mail Server for the MacOS X Server. "Stalker Software is pleased to continue their long history of development with Apple, beginning...
Mar 03
[NPL] VSE HTML Turbo 2.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VSE HTML TURBO 2.1 UPDATE (Bonn, Germany, March 3rd, 1999). Voget Selbach Entertainment (VSE) announced today that a new version of its popular Mac OS based shareware HTML optimizer VSE HTML Turbo is now available. VSE HTML Turbo is a tool that optimizes HTML documents so that they become much smaller and load much more quickly into web browsers. It is the winner of Mac Now's Editor's Choice Award and it has received 4 stars from MacNN and 4 Logos from Applelinks. The new version fixes several bugs, uses Navigation Services if installed, recognizes PNG images and offers severall small improvements. Further information can be found at "". PRICING VSE HTML Turbo is available for $49.95. You can order it online at "". DOWNLOAD AND DISTRIBUTION VSE HTML Turbo 2.1 can now be downloaded at "". The application can be included free of charge on cover CD-ROM's of computer...
Mar 03
[NPL] Stone Design Announces Web Tools Suite
For Immediate Release For more information: Katie Graunke 505-345-4800 Stone Design Announces Stone Web Tools Suite For Mac OS X Server Boston, March 2 1999 - Veteran OpenStep and Macintosh developers, Stone Design, today announced the Stone Web Tools Suite for World Wide Web content developers who are taking advantage of Apple Computer, Inc's powerful new Mac OS X Server and its cross-platform companion, the Yellow Box, which runs on Windows NT, 95 and 98. The Suite is featured on Apple Computer, Inc's Mac OS X Server Solution CD, which will be shipping with each copy of Mac OS X Server. Users of WebObjects 4.0 for NT, can use these tools today! The suite is made up of the following 5 applications, which work together to provide artists and content developers with WYSIWYG tools to create web pages without programming in HTML: CreateTM 5.0 is THE multipage draw application with instant graphic conversion, web page authoring, autotracing, PostScript programming...
Mar 03
[NPL] WebColors for Mac OS X Server
For Immediate Release For more information: Katie Graunke 505-345-4800 Stone Design Announces Web Colors(tm) 1.0 For Mac OS X Server and Yellow Box Boston March 2, 1999 - Veteran Mac OS X/Yellow Box developers, Stone Design, announced the handy color picking tool, Web Colors, and its companion Stone Web Color Lists, for Mac OS X Server and Web Objects for NT today. Chief engineer at Stone Design and author of Web Colors 1.0, Andrew Stone said, "This application allows Internet content designers to have quick and easy access to the colors that will look best globally." Web Colors helps web designers select colors that look good on the vast majority of low grade color monitors used throughout the world. Since most color displays only support 256 colors, the colors in the palette provided in Web Colors are guaranteed to be rendered in one solid color. There are millions of possible RGB color combinations, but these RGB triples will not be dithered, and thus will...
Mar 03
[MD1] Software Developers Announce Support for Mac OS X Server
Software Developers Announce Support for Mac OS X Server SEYBOLD, BOSTON March 2, 1999 Apple Computer, Inc. today announced that developers are lining up to support Mac OS X Server with innovative new software solutions that utilize the power of Apple's new server operating system. Many companies are using Seybold to showcase new Mac OS X Server solutions, spanning publishing, digital asset management, Internet development and general productivity applications. Due to ship in the next few weeks, Mac OS X Server combines the proven strength of UNIX with the simplicity of Macintosh . "Mac OS X Server is Apple's first modern server operating system and developers are already making it a platform for innovative software releases," said Clent Richardson, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "For publishing customers, Mac OS X Server will be a great product for managing Mac networks and running new high-performance publishing solutions, asset management software and...
Mar 03
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PARAGON SOFTWARE RELEASES OAK CORBA ORB FOR APPLE OS X SERVER PLATFORM VIENNA, VA - MARCH 2, 1999 - Paragon Software Inc., a leading provider of CORBA technology for Apple products, has released a version of its OAK CORBA ORB package for Apple's new OS X Server platform announced today at the Seybold show in Boston. The OAK CORBA ORB is a complete, enterprise-class CORBA development suite for building and deploying CORBA-compatible solutions. It features many exclusive capabilities that make it a compelling choice for OS X Server developers, including: * Seamless integration with Apple Project Builder using the new OAK Project Builder Wizard * YellowBox Java code generation that allows direct use of CORBA objects in WebObjects Builder * Objective-C support for easy, integrated CORBA development with Objective-C-based systems The OAK CORBA ORB has been the premier CORBA option for Apple platforms since 1994. The OAK CORBA ORB is...
Mar 02
[MD1] MacHack: New Discount Program Announced
MacHack PR: New Discount Program Announced MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers c/o Expotech 1264 Bedford Road Grosse Point Park, MI 48230 Contact: Carol Lynn Tel: (313) 882-1824 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dearborn, MI -- March 1, 1999 -- Sometimes even the greatest minds in the business lose track of time. Maybe they procrastinate a little too long, or maybe they get tied up in projects. Whatever the cause, MacHack ( is here to help. For years, discounted registration for this developers conference has extended well into the spring and up to tax time. This year is no different. Attendees that register for MacHack 1999 by Midnight on April 15 will purchase their registrations at a $475. This represents a $50 discount off of the regular conference rate. "Even at the regular rate, MacHack is a bargain," said Peter N. Lewis, genius behind Stairways Software and dedicated MacHacker. "With the discount, things are even better...
Mar 02
[NPL] PRAM Battery Checker
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Polar Orbit Software Announces PRAM Battery Checker for Macintosh San Francisco, Calif., March 1, 1999 -- Polar Orbit Software announces the release of a new utility for Macintosh computers, PRAM Battery Checker v1.0. This software will warn the computer user if the internal battery that backs up the important Parameter Ram (PRAM) dies. If this battery fails this information can become corrupted causing system disruption or errors. The software checks the system at startup time and will inform the user if the battery has died, otherwise the user will notice nothing out of the ordinary. PRAM Battery Checker is perfect for lab or corporate environments where many Macintosh computers are deployed. It will allow you to catch a major source of easily prevented system errors. It is also a useful utility for people who help out less savvy computer users who might not realize that this battery exists. The program can be downloaded from the Polar Orbit web page at: (http...
Mar 01
[NPL] The Vector Zone by Macromedia
For Immediate Release MACROMEDIA ANNOUNCES THE VECTOR ZONE New Online Information Resource Helps Developers Understand Vector Graphics Tools and Technologies Boston, MA - Seybold '99 - March 1, 1999 - Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced the Vector Zone, a comprehensive vector graphics resource for Web developers available online at The Vector Zone is a new online destination providing information about vector graphics technologies and standards, and the benefits of vectors for the Web. Featuring articles, interviews and technical pointers for both novice and professional Web developers, the new site builds on Macromedia's long-term commitment to deliver a richer, more compelling Web experience with open vector graphics technologies, such as Macromedia Flash(TM). In related news today, Macromedia announced that over 100 million Web users can experience Flash content without having to download and install a player. The news establishes Flash and...
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