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Feb 17
[MD1] Sender: (
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Electrifier Pro Available from Terran Interactive Los Gatos, CA (February 16, 1999) - Terran Interactive, announced today that it is now accepting orders for Electrifier(R) Pro. Electrifier Pro is the first comprehensive authoring tool for QuickTime(TM) 3, offering multimedia and web developers a fundamentally new way to create interactive, fast-downloading multimedia unlike anything possible before. Electrifier Pro is available directly from Terran Interactive for $595. A special bundle price of $899 is available when the product is purchased in conjunction with Media Cleaner Pro. "The combination of Media Cleaner Pro and Electrifier Pro allows advanced developers unrivalled flexibility and control over compression and authoring of multimedia content," said Mihail Lari, CEO of Electrifier, Inc. "We are excited to be working with Terran Interactive to offer developers the most powerful solution for delivering QuickTime content on both CD-ROM and the World Wide...
Feb 16
[MD1] MacHack: Student Attendance Enhanced
MacHack PR: Student Attendance Enhanced; Time Running Out For Discounts MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers c/o Expotech 1264 Bedford Road Grosse Point Park, MI 48230 Contact: Carol Lynn Tel: (313) 882-1824 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dearborn, MI -- Students have always played a central role in MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers. The 1999 conference debuts a new and more vigorous student attendance program than any year since the conference began at the University of Michigan. MindVision Software (, maker of the ubiquitous Installer VISE, proudly announces support of the student discount package, a greatly enhanced version of the discount registration package. MindVision has generously provided support for student meals, including tickets to the Best Hack Contest Awards Banquet. "I was a student the first time I attended MacHack and I remember how tight my budget was." said Steve Kiene, CEO of...
Feb 16
[MD1] Digitool Releases CLIM 2.0
For Immediate Release Digitool Releases CLIM 2.0 Cambridge, MA, Feb 15, 1999 Digitool today released CLIM 2.0 for MCL, a MacOS implementation of the Common Lisp Interface Manager, a cross-platform user interface management system. CLIM provides a complete platform-independent windowing system having declarative layout control, context sensitive input, and interaction via mouse, menu, and keyboard. Digitool's CLIM is sold as an add-on to their flagship product MCL 4.2, a development environment for intelligent systems. When combined with your Macintosh, MCL and CLIM form a superior framework for developing intelligent multi-platform applications. MCL is an optimizing native code compiler for Common Lisp, an advanced computer programming language developed at the request of DARPA, and standardized (ANSI X3.226) in 1994 by the American National Standards Institute. CLOS, the Common Lisp Object System, thus became the first-ever standardized computer language for object programming. The...
Feb 15
[MD1] Mac OS Java Performance Now Five Times Faster
Apple Unveils Major New Release of Java for Macintosh Java Performance Now Five Times Faster CUPERTINO, California--Feb. 15, 1999--Apple Computer today announced a major new release of its Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for Macintosh which is up to five times faster than previous versions of Java on Macintosh, based on industry standard CaffeineMark3 benchmarks. The new release, named MRJ 2.1, is available for free downloading from Apple's website ( beginning today. "Customers will immediately notice the significant performance improvements in MRJ 2.1," said Avie Tevanian, Apple's senior vice-president of Software Engineering. "And its designed to run real-world Java applications from companies such as Autodesk, Oracle, SCT, and Zero G Software." MRJ 2.1 is based on Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.1.6 from Sun Microsystems, and allows Macintosh developers to extend the capabilities of Java applications by coupling them with core Apple technologies like QuickTime and AppleScript...
Feb 15
[NPL] Sonnet Drops Price on 366 MHZ G3 upgrade
February 15, 1999 For More Information, please contact: Joy Hsu 949-261-2800 PRICES ON SONNET'S 366 MHZ UPGRADES FOR G3 MACS DROP TO $699 SONNET LEADS MAC UPGRADE MARKET WITH DRAMATIC PRICE DROPS FOR G3 POWERMACS IRVINE, CALIFORNIA. February 15, 1999. Sonnet Technologies announced a dramatic price drop to $699.95 for the EncoreTM G3 366MHz/1M processor upgrade cards for G3 Power MacintoshTM computers. This new compelling price offering for the Encore G3 upgrade, based on PowerPCTM G3 (750) processor technology, sets new price performance standards for high-end G3 processor upgrades. The Encore G3 366 MHz model, geared for high-end, performance-hungry applications, produce impressive MacBench processor scores of 1350. The complete Encore G3 series is compatible with all PowerMac G3 Desktops, Towers, and All-in-Ones, and Servers and include the following speed options: Encore G3 300/1M $499.95 Encore G3 366/1M $699.95 Encore G3 400/1M $1299.95 All Sonnet...
Feb 15
[MD1] Valentina SDK - new database engine
Welcome to "Valentina", dear Developer. We are proud to introduce new database engine, which brings new levels of performance - it works in 100-1000 times faster on all major database operations then all existing database engines on MacOS, see benchmarks at ( In particular: indexing 100-200 times faster; searching 100-500+ times faster; sorting )1000 times faster. Yes, this is unbelievable! Not in 2 times, even not in 20 times, but in hundreds times faster. And this breakthrough was made in database area - one of the oldest area in computer siencies. Thanks to what? Thanks to the new algorithms. Note, Valentina on 68040/40 will works in 50 times faster then other DBMS on G3/233. And how it will works on G3/233 ?! Besides, "Valentina SDK" has very simple and intuitive API. With only few strings of code you will be able to describe very complex database structures, see "DevAdvantage" page on...
Feb 14
[NPL] Mac OS Runtime for Java 2.1
From: rea/Apple_Software_Updates/English-North_American/Macintosh/System/Jav a/ Name: Mac OS Runtime for Java Version: 2.1 Released: February 13, 1999 Requires: A Macintosh computer with a PowerPC processor; System 7.6.1 or later; 24 megabytes (MB) of RAM. For better performance, 32 MB of RAM is recommended, with virtual memory turned on and set to at least 33 MB. Installing more than 32 MB of RAM will greatly improve performance and increase the number of Java applets and applications that can run simultaneously; At least 20 MB of free disk space; Open Transport 1.1 or later; improved performance if you have QuickTime 3.0 installed. QuickTime 3.0 is installed with Mac OS 8.5, or you can download it at Description: Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) 2.1 is Apples implementation of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), based on Sun Microsystems Java 1.1.6 specification. MRJ allows...
Feb 12
[MD1] SpriteWorld 2.2
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A MAJOR UPDATE TO THE FREE, FAST, POWERFUL, AND EASY TO USE PROGRAMMER'S LIBRARY FOR CREATING SPRITE ANIMATION IN MACINTOSH PROGRAMS February 12, 1999 Vern Jensen today officially released SpriteWorld 2.2 as freeware to the Macintosh programming community. SpriteWorld 2.2 is the latest update to the widely respected SpriteWorld animation library originally written by Tony Myles in 1993-94, and updated to version 2.0 by Karl Bunker and Vern Jensen in 1996. SpriteWorld 2.2 is a major update to that release, and provides many new features, improved routines, and even some bug fixes. As with the earlier versions, SpriteWorld 2.2 will be of particular interest to Macintosh game programmers. Using the SpriteWorld library, programmers can easily produce highly complex sprite-based animation effects, with high frame rates, smooth overlapping, pixel-precise collision detection, an unlimited size and number of sprites, optional scrolling and tiled backgrounds, and many...
Feb 12
[NPL] Lasso 3 Web Data Engine for Netscape Servers
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 12, 1999 BLUE WORLD ANNOUNCES LASSO 3 WEB DATA ENGINE FOR NETSCAPE SERVERS Blue World first to support both FileMaker Pro and ODBC data sources using Netscape Enterprise and FastTrack Servers for Windows NT 4. Lasso 3 Web Data Engine penetrates the Enterprise market as the price/performance leader. BELLEVUE, WA - February 12, 1999 - Blue World Communications, Inc. today announced the Lasso 3 Web Data Engine for Netscape Enterprise Server and Netscape FastTrack Server for Windows NT 4 offering the first and only product for Web-enabling market leading FileMaker Pro 4.x databases as well as industry standard ODBC-compliant data sources using market leading Netscape Server products. "We're pleased to bring the power, flexibility and ease-of-use provided by the Lasso 3 Web Data Engine to the vast number of enterprise customers using Netscape Web Servers," said Blue World president and CEO Bill Doerrfeld. "With support for Netscape Servers, the Lasso 3 Web...
Feb 12
[NPL] Java Servelet Authoring Tool for Non-Programmers
ZAT ANNOUNCES FIRST JAVA SERVLET AUTHORING TOOL FOR NON-PROGRAMMERS New product exploits JavaBeans technology to enable rapid development of distributed Internet applications. PORTLAND, OR February 2, 1999 Zat, Inc., a provider of standards-based visual development environments and authoring tools, today announced a preview release of the first authoring tool for Internet applications that enables development of both server- and client-side applications by non-programmers. Called Spin, the new product leverages the simplicity of the JavaBeans architecture and a revolutionary authoring technology to make it possible for professionals such as web designers and businesspeople to create interactive, distributed applications for Ecommerce, intranets, entertainment, and education. Spin is the first authoring tool to use Java as a scripting language, combining the ease-of-use of an authoring system with the power and flexibility of a full programming system. Non-programmers can create...
Feb 11
[NPL] WebSTAR FTP 3.0.3
StarNine Technologies is pleased to announce the release of WebSTAR FTP 3.0.3, a free upgrade for WebSTAR 3 users. All WebSTAR FTP users are encouraged to upgrade to WebSTAR FTP 3.0.3 from the WebSTAR Updates page at ( Changes and fixes for WebSTAR FTP 3.0.3 include: - Fixed numerous problems with long path names or argument variables. - Fixed problem with possible memory corruption bug when logging or sending responses to FTP clients. - Fixed a problem with PASV connections that specifically effected the STOR command, but potentially could have effected RETR as well. - Improved internal error handling. For more information about WebSTAR -- a set of easy to use Internet servers for the Mac OS, providing support for Web, FTP and Proxy services -- we encourage you to visit the StarNine Web site at ( and download an evaluation copy of WebSTAR 3.
Feb 10
[MD1] COM Toolkit for PKI-Enabled Applications
News Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 8, 1999 Entrust" Technologies Adds to Open Developer Suite with Release of New Toolkit to Developer Community; Addition of Macintosh Support COM Toolkit Now Available For Download To Spur Growth of PKI-Enabled Applications as Momentum Builds for Entrust Open Toolkit Offerings Richardson, TX-Entrust" Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: ENTU), global leader in managed public-key infrastructures (PKI), today announced the commercial availability of a new open toolkit to its recently-announced developer suite. Entrust/Toolkit Component Object Model (COM) Edition is available now for download at no cost directly from the company's web site at Entrust Technologies has also added support for the Macintosh platform to its Entrust/File and Entrust/Session toolkits. The Macintosh versions of these open toolkits are also available now for download at no cost directly from the company's Open Developer Web site. Today's announcement...
Feb 10
[NPL] Internet Setup Monkey 4.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ROCKSTAR SOFTWARE SHIPS THE INTERNET SETUP MONKEY 4.0 - Admin Kit for ISPs and enterprise service providers delivers remote software installation, Internet configuration and service sign-up through a distributable Internet Access Kit - SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., FEBRUARY 10, 1999 - Rockstar Software., developers of Internet access utilities including FreePPP and GearBox, has begun shipping the Internet Setup Monkey 4.0 for Macintosh. The Internet Setup Monkey Admin Kit ("ISMAK") allows Internet Service Providers and enterprise network administrators to build custom Internet access kits for users-providing software installation, system and application configuration, and new user registration sign-up capabilities in a distributable access kit. A demo version is available at along with license pricing. Most significantly, the latest version of Internet Setup Monkey includes support for its companion product, the Gearbox Connection Kit. Internet Service...
Feb 10
[MD1] WWDC 99
Steve Jobs to Kick Off Apple's 1999 Worldwide Developer Conference CUPERTINO, California-Feb. 10, 1999-Apple Computer, Inc. today announced that Steve Jobs, Apple's interim CEO, will deliver the kick off keynote on the first day of Apple's 1999 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), to be held on May 10-14 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California. Jobs will be joined by Avie Tevanian, Apple's senior vice president of Software Engineering, and together they will give developers an overview of Apple's software "roadmap," including the first in-depth look at Mac OS X, Apple's next-generation operating system. "Macintosh has returned as a high volume platform for software developers serving the professional, consumer and education markets," said Steve Jobs, Apple's interim CEO. "WWDC is a must-attend event for developers seeking to enhance their applications and their profits." The WWDC will include technical tracks on Mac OS, Mac OS X, Carbon, the Internet, Java,...
Feb 10
[NPL] ToolDeamon 1.0
TOOLDEAMON February 9, 1999, Plainevaux, Belgium. DouWere ( is pleased to announce the imminent release of ToolDeamon, version 1.0. ToolDeamon can be used on any TCP/IP enabled Macintosh. ToolDeamon makes your MacOS computer remotely accessible to authorized users, from any platform, through any Telnet client. Indeed, your MacOS computer becomes a true multi-threaded, multi-user environment, where logged users can simultaneously take *any* action on the system. "ToolDeamon gives a Telnet access to one the most complete and nicest shell a personal computer ever got (command-line-interface speaking).", said Luc Demarche, from Pyramide-Ingenierie. Unique features -- Benefits ToolDeamon is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to control a networked Macintosh remotely, from a UNIX system, a Windows PC or even a PDA. ToolDeamon can also be used on AppleShare IP servers, to coexist happily with the WEB server, the mail server or any other TCP/IP deamon. ToolDeamon...
Feb 10
[NPL] Tango Development Studio - 90 Day Eval
Starting Monday, February 8th, Tango Development Studio version 3.52 is available at NO CHARGE for 90 days! You can download Tango Development Studio NOW or order a FREE CD. This is the first time an offer of this kind has ever been made by Pervasive. Read on how you can get not only a complete web development suite, but also 60-days of support at NO CHARGE! With the combination of increasing demand, compressed development cycles and a shortage of developers, there is a significant increase in the demand for development productivity. This in combination with the opportunities created by new Web applications, means demand is sky-rocketing within companies, with developers and IT managers struggling to keep up. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to try at no charge, the first integrated web-application development environment, complete with the award winning Tango Development Studio. This full version of the leading Visual Web Application Development Environment is now available...
Feb 10
[NPL] DigiChat v1.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Release of DigiChat v1.5 Offers Unprecedented Stability and Feature Set in Java chat software DigiChat v1.5 adds unparalleled performance, password protected rooms, multiple administrative security levels, live URLs, push technology and enhanced administrative controls in one easy to use package. GAINESVILLE, Florida - February 10, 1998-- Digi-Net Technologies today released DigiChat v1.5, a major upgrade to the company's acclaimed interactive Java chat software. DigiChat v1.5 introduces new features that enable Webmasters and Internet Providers to provide best-of-class, interactive, real-time chat solutions to their clients' sites at prices thousands below competing products. "Adding interactive real-time chat services to an organization's web presence significantly enhances the chances of a web site's success," said Robert Parker, President of Digi-Net Technologies. "DigiChat v1.5, blows away the high cost and administrative headaches associated with current...
Feb 09
[NPL] VisualActive's MAGNIVIEW
VisualActive's MAGNIVIEW FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New On-line Tool lets E-tailers & Web Sites make Instant Zoomable Images Concord, CA-MagniView solves the product display riddle. How can an e-tailer show off products better without frustrating the on-line shopper with long image download times? Shoppers love good pictures, but hate the wait. Using MagniView, an e-tailer lets the shopper control the detail of the product presentation. A MagniView is an image that magnifies when the shopper clicks on it. Each click magnifies the image more. E-commerce developers and retailers will find MagniView to be a fast, low-cost, and effective way to supercharge their web sites. They do not have to worry about special software, complicated viewers, servers, high costs or bandwidth issues. The shopper doesn't need to download plug-ins. Displaying a product with MagniView is a simple 2-step process. First, upload a high-resolution image to the MagniView server. Second, MagniView gives the e-...
Feb 09
[MD1] Developer Central at MACWORLD Expo/Tokyo 1999
IDG World Expo Japan, Apple Japan, MacTech Magazine and NetProfessional would like to invite you to see Developer Central at the upcoming Macworld Tokyo. Below is information on this important event next from video editing to movie production, at this pavilion featuring digital videos, for beginners and professionals alike! Plans include combining CG characters with actual photographic images, and much more. "Developer Central & Net Innovators" Pavilion (Supported by Apple Computer, MacTech and NetProfessional) This pavilion features the software, hardware, and related solutions designed for the Macintosh platform that are one of the major attraction at the U.S. MACWORLD Expo. Digital Mabika Rental Booth (Supported by Sony) This booth allows you to use a digital camera to take your best shot of MACWORLD Expo. You can take home its floppy disk with the memories of the event. (Free of charge) "Macintosh Museum" The "Macintosh Museum" will feature a historical line-up of...
Feb 09
[NPL] Open Door Ships ShareWay IP 2.0
Contact: Charles McHenry 541-772-2382 OPEN DOOR NETWORKS SHIPS SHAREWAY IP 2.0 MACINTOSH FILE SHARING NOW AS EASY OVER IP AS OVER APPLETALK ASHLAND, OR. -- February 9, 1999 -- Open Door Networks Inc. today announced that is was shipping ShareWay IP 2.0, a major new release of its groundbreaking Internet and intranet file sharing product. ShareWay IP 2.0 makes sharing Macintosh files through Internet protocols as easy as sharing the same files through AppleTalk, and is the first Macintosh product to utilize the Internet-standard Service Location Protocol (SLP). ShareWay IP 2.0 also includes additional ease-of-use and security features requested by users. "With Mac OS 8.5, Apple has made the Internet as easy to use as a Macintosh," said Peter Lowe, director of worldwide product marketing, Mac OS. "And now with ShareWay IP 2.0's support for Apple's Network Service Location, Open Door Networks has made Internet-based personal file sharing as easy to use as file...
Feb 09
[NPL] MacAMP Lite: Audio Multimedia Player
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MacAMP Lite Promotes New Standard for MacOS Applications Lugano, Switzerland, Jan 20, 1999 -- @soft announces its new product, MacAMP Lite. MacAMP Lite is an innovative audio multimedia player for the MacOS, featuring a small and easy to use interface, plugin architecture and playlist support. The application with a particulary low memory requirements (only 1024Kb for best performance) and a wide range of supported sound formats, including CD Audio, MP3, IT, MOD, XM, MIDI and more, promises to be an outstanding tool for every Mac user. The user interface for the program is made of a single control strip-like window, floating above all other applications, allowing easy access to most of MacAMP Lite's features, such as playlist, play, stop, forward and rewind buttons. Users can also customize MacAMP Lite with custom appearance files, called "Skins", that greatly change the look of the player. MacAMP Lite makes use of a new technology invented by @soft, called...
Feb 09
[NPL] Stairways Sherlock Tester 1.0
Both the Sherlock "Search Internet" feature of Mac OS 8.5 and the Sherlock-compatible "Net Search" feature of Stairways Anarchie Pro 3.5 use Apple-standard Internet Search Site files to access web services such as AltaVista and Yahoo. At Stairways we have just released Sherlock Tester 1.0. It will enable you to verify Internet Search Site files for correctness and report any formatting errors they contain. This is especially useful if you are writing your own plugins or for correcting poorly written ones. As one of our users you are welcome to download the 58K distibution directly from us at: ( or if you encounter trouble getting it from there come to: ( Sherlock Tester 1.0 is a completely free tool - I hope you find it useful...
Feb 08
[NPL] Gigabit Ethernet
February 8, 1999 For Immediate Release From: Mark Murray (619) 279-2316 Email: Next Generation Gigabit Ethernet Offers higher performance for Power Macintosh San Diego, CA -- Team ASA Inc., manufacturer of high-performance networking products for PrePress and Digital Media professionals, today announced its second generation Gigabit Ethernet adapter. The Stallion-GE-II is a new high performance line of Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Cards (NIC) for Power Macintosh based platforms. These NICs bundled with Team ASAs PDQ software provides a high speed cross-platform file transfer solution for professionals transferring large multi-megabyte files across their computer network, saving time and money in daily production operations. The new Stallion-GE-II is an advanced series of PCI Network Interface Cards (NIC) utilizing the IEEE P802.3z specification for support of 1 Gigabit Ethernet. The Stallion-GE-II series will be available with a fiber interface, a copper...
Feb 08
[NPL] UNIFACE WebApp Server
**NEWS RELEASE** Compuware Enters Web Application Server Market UNIFACE WebApplication Server Delivers True Enterprise E-business Applications FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.--February 15, 1999--Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ: CPWR) today announced UNIFACE WebApplication Server, a highly scalable, open enterprise application server for deploying strategic e-business applications. UNIFACE WebApplication Server enables organizations to deploy new and existing business-critical components and legacy applications on the web, reaching out to customers and suppliers while protecting organizational investment in current technology and developer skills. UNIFACE WebApplication Server features a multi-user component construction and application assembly environment with an integrated visual HTML page designer. These features enable developers to develop applications at a high level of abstraction and without knowledge of the underlying technology. Additional development features includes a built-in...
Feb 08
[NPL] W: Backdora for Eudora
For Immediate Release Backdora for Eudora is a back-up maker and restore'a Seem Software introduces Backdora version 2, the easy-to-use Windows 98/95/NT4 utility that lets you effortlessly back up, copy, move and restore Eudora e-mail folders. In addition to giving you "one-button" back-up capabilities for saving all or selected Eudora e-mail folders, Backdora also secures your Eudora Address Book, add-in's, attachments, signature files and user profiles. With e-mail being a vital communication link between business people, Backdora adds convenience and safety to the management of this crucial resource. It lets you quickly compress and move any number of e-mail folders from your desktop computer to your laptop - and back again. In addition, Backdora allows you to easily create backups of your key e-mail folders, with or without your e-mail's attachments, for convenient on-site or critical off-site storage. The program's Quick Backup function works like your telephone's re-dial button...
Feb 08
[NPL] Mainstay Releases JustEdit Plus
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Mainstay 591-A Constitution Ave. Camarillo, CA 93012 For more information contact: Lance Merker-Mainstay (805) 484-9400 Mainstay Releases JustEdit Plus(tm) Browser-Based, Fill in the Blanks Web Page Editing Camarillo, CA, February 8, 1999 - Mainstay today began shipping JustEdit Plus(tm), a Java applet offering manual and automatic editing of web pages anytime, anywhere, using only a web browser. Manual editing of any target web page is done in the applet's HTML editing window. Or, automatic editing lets the user simply fill in fields in the applet's editing window to update selections in a target web page. JustEdit Plus facilitates on the fly updates of a headline, price, date or the correction of a typo or broken or changed link. The automatic fill in the blank approach is ideal for web pages which maintain a basic form but have data that change frequently; for example, a price list or daily events descriptions. This simplicity...
Feb 08
[NPL] ComNet/DC '99
ComNet/DC 99 Showcases Future of Enterprise Networking New product competition, industry leaders, Critical role of Internet draw attendees to ComNet/DC WASHINGTON, DC, FEB. 8, 1999 Reinforcing its reputation as the show for enterprise networking communications, this year's ComNet/DC 99 saw the launch of more than 300 new products, served as a platform for first-of-its kind conference programs and hosted keynote speakers presenting the Internet and its role in the changing face of telecommunications. Nearly 50,000 attendees flooded ComNet/DC held Jan. 25 28 at the Washington, DC Convention Center and Washington, DC Renaissance Hotel. ComNet annually brings together leading edge companies from the rapidly converging networking and communications industries. And as it does every year, the show provided a platform to showcase cutting edge technologies that promise to remake the communications and networking landscapes. Of the 420 companies that exhibited at ComNet/DC more than 300...
Feb 08
[NPL] Extensis Acquires Symantec's Suitcase
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Extensis And Symantec Announce Strategic Licensing Agreement for Suitcase Suitcase Joins Extensis' Full Product Line Designed to Increase Creative Professionals' Productivity and Efficiency Portland, OR - February 8, 1999 - Extensis Corporation and Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced they have reached a definitive agreement on an exclusive licensing arrangement for the Suitcase font management system. Effective March 1, 1999, Extensis will assume sole responsibility for development, marketing, sales, and distribution of Suitcase. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed. "Given Extensis' strategic focus on productivity and management tools for professionals, this agreement is a win-win situation for Suitcase users and Extensis customers alike," said Craig Barnes, president and CEO, Extensis Corporation. "We look forward to continued development, enhancement and support of the existing technology to ensure that Suitcase remains the most...
Feb 08
[NPL] NetMechanic "Spell Check"
For Immediate Release "Spell Check" NetMechanic's Newest Free Service Spelling Power Tool Will Polish Any Web Sites' Professional Image Huntsville, AL - NetMechanic (, a leading web site maintenance service, has just announced the launch of a new FREE service that will put an end to embarrassing web site typos. NetMechanic Spell Check is a web "robot" that will search any web site for mistakes. Users just visit the NetMechanic web site, type in the URL of a home page and the work is done. The NetMechanic web "robot" scans the site for spelling errors and mails out a report of its findings. "Nothing is more embarrassing than a spelling mistake on a web site. Web sites are often the 'first impression' of a company and spelling errors that are simple to correct leave web site visitors with a less than professional impression of the company," said Tom Dahm, NetMechanic's Chief Technical Officer. NetMechanic makes no changes to the web site. Instead, Spell Check scans...
Feb 08
[NPL] FTP Control Version 3
For Immediate Release Media Contact: Thomas Bradford BMT Micro, Inc. Phone: 910-792-9100 Fax: 910-350-2937 Email: Web: Transoft & BMT Micro Announce the Release of FTP CONTROL VERSION. 3.00: New Version Includes Server to Server Transfers & Automates Many Tasks WILMINGTON, NC, February 8, 1999-- BMT Micro, Inc. in partnership with TransSoft Ltd. is proud to announce version 3.00 of FTP Control. This release is a major update and introduces new features and additional functionality unique to FTP Control. FTP Control is an FTP client for Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0. The application is used to transfer files over the Internet or any network supporting the FTP protocol. FTP Control is freely available by download and can be installed and evaluated for 30 days at no charge. At any time during the evaluation period the user may electronically purchase a license for a "Lite", "Professional" or "Power User" version of the application. The...
Feb 08
[NPL] Cisco and Motorola Form Strategic Wireless Network Alliance
CISCO AND MOTOROLA TO FORM STRATEGIC ALLIANCE TO BUILD INTERNET-BASED WIRELESS NETWORKS Anytime, Anywhere Access To A New World Of Combined Internet, Voice and Video Wireless Services NEW ORLEANS, La., Feb. 8, 1999 -- Cisco Systems Inc., the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, and Motorola Inc., the worldwide pioneer in wireless communications for nearly 70 years, announced today the first phase of a strategic alliance to develop and deliver a New World framework for Internet-based, wireless networks. This collaboration will deliver the first all-IP platform for the wireless industry, which will unite different standards for wireless services worldwide, and introduce an open Internet-based platform for integrated data, voice and video services over cellular networks. Cisco and Motorola plan to jointly invest as much as $1 billion over four to five years to deliver a wireless Internet. Both companies plan to cross-license technology and develop complementary products....
Feb 05
[NPL] DeltaGraph 4.5
Easy, All-Purpose Charting Software Now Available as DeltaGraph 4.5 for Macintosh Ships Software provides graphing power above and beyond everyday graphing solutions CHICAGO -- - It's easy to make your graphics stand out now that SPSS Inc. is shipping DeltaGraph 4.5 for Macintosh. With 11 new chart types, DeltaGraph's 80+ chart types and 200+ chart styles enable users in general business, marketing communications, research, science, education and engineering to create customized, publication-ready charts with ease. Added support for popular programs such as Excel 98, Word, PageMakerTM, Quark XPress and Adobe PhotoShop helps DeltaGraph users easily add charting power to almost any application's data. "The improvements to this version can be attributed to the customer feedback that we have received since acquiring this product in 1997," said DeltaGraph Product Manager Chris Gregory. "Users from all industries can bring the power of professional charting to their desktop with DeltaGraph'...
Feb 05
[NPL] PC MACLAN for Windows 95/98
MIRAMAR SHIPS PC MACLAN FOR WINDOWS 95/98 New Version 7.2 Improves User Interface and Consolidates LAN, IP, Remote and Windows 98 Support into One Package SANTA BARBARA, Calif., February 2, 1999 - Miramar Systems announced today it has begun shipping PC MACLAN for Windows 95/98 (version 7.2). This latest upgrade to Miramar's PC-to-Mac interoperability software line combines LAN, internet and remote access; with Windows 98 support into one all-inclusive connectivity package. "Today's network environments are more diverse and complex than ever," stated Neal Rabin, Miramar's CEO. "By providing a comprehensive solution, PC MACLAN empowers Windows 95/98 users to answer cross-platform connectivity challenges; whether small home networks or global enterprise-wide WANs (wide area network)." In addition to providing a consolidated version of PC MACLAN that addresses the majority of the users connectivity options, Miramar has focused its improvements on enhancing the user interface and software...
Feb 04
[NPL] DataWave 4.0
Foresight Solutions, Inc. Releases DataWave 4.0 February 4, 1999 -- East Lansing, Michigan USA -- Foresight Solutions, Inc. is now shipping DataWave 4.0, a Macintosh/Windows-compatible tool that allows you to publish your database on the Web without any custom coding. Some of DataWave 4.0 features include: - Allows you to publish database on the Web directly or using an existing Web server - View, add, modify and delete 4D records from a Web browser - Provides password protected Web access to your database - Web pages created have a new, polished look - Allows you to edit the HTML headers and footers of all HTML pages - HTML Editor lets you easily customize placement of 4D navigation controls on Web pages - Table Editor can customize the appearance of HTML tables with the click of your mouse This unique product for Macintosh and Windows builds HTML-tagged Web pages on-the-fly. DataWave can serve the HTML pages directly, or work in unison with most popular Windows and Macintosh...
Feb 04
[MD1] eMediaweekly Suspends Publication
For Immediate Release Contact: Kelvin Gee, 415-243-3633 or Sharon Sanderson, 415-243-3640 eMediaweekly Suspends Publication SAN FRANCISCO, February 4, 1999: Mac Publishing, L.L.C. today announced the immediate suspension of eMediaweekly, the only weekly news publication dedicated exclusively to multi-platform digital content creation. eMediaweekly, formerly MacWEEK magazine, debuted on August 24, 1998 with a BPA-controlled circulation of 85,000 digital media managers across North America. eMediaweekly targeted digital media professionals who needed to multi-purpose content across multiple publishing platforms such as traditional print, the Web and multimedia. The newsweekly will cease publication with its February 1, 1999 issue. "Computer publications across the industry had a difficult year in 1998 and we have seen indications 1999 will be no easier," said Mac Publishing, L.L.C. President/CEO and eMediaweekly Publisher...
Feb 04
[NPL] eMediaweekly Suspends Publication
For Immediate Release Contact: Kelvin Gee, 415-243-3633 or Sharon Sanderson, 415-243-3640 eMediaweekly Suspends Publication SAN FRANCISCO, February 4, 1999: Mac Publishing, L.L.C. today announced the immediate suspension of eMediaweekly, the only weekly news publication dedicated exclusively to multi-platform digital content creation. eMediaweekly, formerly MacWEEK magazine, debuted on August 24, 1998 with a BPA-controlled circulation of 85,000 digital media managers across North America. eMediaweekly targeted digital media professionals who needed to multi-purpose content across multiple publishing platforms such as traditional print, the Web and multimedia. The newsweekly will cease publication with its February 1, 1999 issue. "Computer publications across the industry had a difficult year in 1998 and we have seen indications 1999 will be no easier," said Mac Publishing, L.L.C. President/CEO and eMediaweekly Publisher...
Feb 04
[NPL] QuickDNS Pro 2.2
-- For Immediate Release -- CONTACT: Press only: Sjofn Agustsdottir, Men & Mice +354-520-5306 or QuickDNS Pro 2.2 from Men & Mice Released: QuickDNS Pro 2.2 Provides Extensive DNS Security and Robustness Reykjavik, Iceland, February 4/-- Men & Mice's leading DNS server for the Mac OS, QuickDNS Pro, now provides extensive DNS security and robustness with the release of version 2.2. The upgrade includes security features such as zone transfer restrictions to guard against outside attacks and secure privacy, live DNS log window to monitor the traffic on the DNS server, and support for Rebound! from Sophisticated Circuits Inc., which adds further to the reliability of responses from each DNS server. DNS security is significantly enhanced with the new features in version 2.2 of QuickDNS Pro. DNS administrators can now restrict zone transfers from their DNS servers, thereby offering more protection for their domains against outside attacks, in...
Feb 04
[NPL] Microsoft Resources
Windows NT Migration Rebate From January 16 through April 15, 1999, earn a 10% rebate - up to US $2000 - every time you sell BackOffice Small Business Server, or under Open License the Microsoft Windows NT Server Competitive Upgrade or Microsoft BackOffice Server Competitive upgrade. Register today! Microsoft Direct Access Microsoft Direct Access is a comprehensive and open program that allows independent technology providers of any size to actively and easily engage with Microsoft. The MSDA Web site, quarterly briefings, training events, and action packs are all designed to enable the technology provider to take advantage of the latest market opportunities. With such a broad range of products, services and support, technology providers can mix and match the components that work best for them-when they need them. Microsoft Direct Access Action Pack
Feb 03
[NPL] Farallon 10/100 Driver 35% Faster - MacOS 8.5 Optimized
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Farallon Announces Optimized Drivers for New MacOS 8.5 Improves Performance of 10/100 Fast Ethernet Cards up to 35% SAN LEANDRO, California, February 3rd, 1999 - Farallon today announced new drivers that dramatically increase the networking performance of MacOS 8.5. With new optimized high-performance drivers for Farallon's Fast EtherTX-10/100 PCI and Comm Slot II cards, users can take full advantage of the latest performance improvements built into MacOS 8.5. "Mac OS 8.5 features significant performance improvements that make the Macintosh the fastest personal computer for transferring files across high speed networks," said Peter Lowe, director, Mac OS product marketing at Apple Computer, Inc. "Today's announcement from Farallon extends these industry-leading performance improvements to all Mac OS 8.5 customers with Farallon network interfaces." Now available, the updated driver (version 2.0) for Farallon's Fast EtherTX-10/100 PCI and CommSlot II cards can be...
Feb 03
[NPL] SIMCHECK II PLUS memory tester
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For: INNOVENTIONS Inc., 10425 Bissonnet Street, Houston, TX 77099 For more information please call: Brandy Williams, 281/879-6226 SIMCHECK II PLUS NOW TESTS SO DIMMs AND TSOP SDRAM CHIPS Houston, Texas - February 3, 1999 -- INNOVENTIONS, Inc. has released two new test adapters for its SIMCHECK II PLUS memory tester to allow testing of S.O. DIMMs and individual TSOP SDRAM chips . The Sync DIMMCHECK 144 tests all 144-pin Small Outline DIMMs, including PC-100 SDRAM, EDO and FPM types. The Sync CHIP Tester is designed to test individual SDRAM chips in TSOP packages with 44, 50, and 54 pins. Both new test adapters are easily plugged into the SIMCHECK II PLUS and are automatically recognized by the tester. The SIMCHECK II PLUS provides a comprehensive testing solution for the state-of-the-art PC-100 SDRAM DIMM modules and for standard EDO/FPM DIMMs and SIMMs. Stand alone and portable, the SIMCHECK II PLUS and the new adapters combine a patent-pending 125MHz...
Feb 03
[NPL] InstantObjects Automates e-Business Web Site Development
InstantObjects Automates e-Business Web Site Development InstantObjects Platform Dramatically Reduces Time, Cost and Complexity Of Creating and Managing Interactive, Commerce-Enabled Web Sites SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 1 -- InstantObjects, Inc., today announced its flagship product, InstantObjects(TM), a fully integrated Java platform for the rapid development, cost-effective deployment and automated maintenance of complex and customizable e-Business web sites. Featuring an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) to automatically manage a site's data and business processes, the InstantObjects e-Business Platform dramatically reduces the time, cost and complexity of creating and maintaining endlessly adaptable commerce web sites. The e-Business Platform allows developers to create sophisticated web sites and web-based applications that can interact with users, dynamically manage data, manage business rules and offer commerce functionality -- all without requiring complex, costly and time-...
Feb 03
[NPL] EES transforms iMac into retail POS station
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: E.E.S. Companies, Inc. Sales: 508- 653-6911 Fax: 508- 650-1872 Natick, MA - Febuary 1, 1999 - EES transforms iMac into retail POS station. Through cutting edge technology, EES's new MRL-USB(tm) device links all POS peripherals needed to use POS/OE 4 Mac with the affordable Apple iMac computer for retail point of sale operations. "In response to many calls from existing POS/OE 4 Mac users who wanted to use the Apple iMac for point of sales operations, we began to develop a device to enable iMac as a POS station by linking all required peripherals," said Hank Szretter, EES President and author of POS/OE 4. These clients were attracted to the iMac as a point of sale station for many reasons, including its compact size and affordability. Point of sale operations require hookups for many devices, such as cash drawers, credit card readers, receipt printers, bar code scanners, and pole displays. The MRL-USB provides a solution to...
Feb 03
[NPL] Orange Micro's Fast/Ultra/Ultra Wide SCSI, PCI cards
SUBJECT: Orange Micro breaks through the price/performance barrier with its Fast SCSI, Ultra SCSI and Ultra Wide SCSI, PCI cards. Starting at $49. Anaheim, CA On the heels of Apple's announcement of its new "Blue" G3's which are missing the traditional Apple SCSI port, Orange Micro has introduced three highly price-competitive SCSI cards. Apple's previously built-in SCSI ports were based on SCSI-1 technology, and had a data transfer rate of only 5MB/sec. All of Orange Micro's new offerings, the Grappler SCSI 906F, the Grappler SCSI 930U and the Grappler SCSI 940UW were designed using the more advanced SCSI-2 or SCSI-3 technology. The cards will transfer data at 10, 20 or 40MB/sec respectively. Economical SCSI; 10MB/sec Many of the "Blue G3" customers are looking for an inexpensive way to hook their existing, slower SCSI devices such as scanners and Zip drives to their new G3. The Grappler SCSI 906F is a Fast SCSI-2 device capable of 10 MB/sec through-put. It is double the speed of...
Feb 03
[NPL] TurboMAX/StudioMAX: EIDE/Firewire Solutions
Two announcements from ProMax: ProMax Systems Inc. Announces First-Ever TurboMAX/ATA 33 Storage Solution for Apple Macintosh Shipping ProMax Systems Inc. Announces StudioMAX Software for the New Apple G3s is Shipping!7-3977 Sales: 1-800-977-6629 FAX: 949-727-3546 ===================== ProMax Systems Inc. Announces StudioMAX Software for the New Apple G3s is Shipping! IRVINE, CA., February 2, 1999 - ProMax Systems Inc., the world's leading integrator of desktop video production systems and peripherals, is now shipping StudioMAX software for the built-in FireWire ports on the new Blue Apple Macintosh G3s. StudioMAX provides high level professional feature support for desktop video production including timecode capture, batch capture, true low-resolution DV, support for multichannel DV audio, the FireSNAP single frame capture utility, real-time output through FireWire while scrubbing or previewing, and deck/camcorder control for a wide range of DV devices. The bundle including the full...
Feb 03
[NPL] Funnel Web 3.0
********* February 3, 1999 ************* Active Concepts today released Funnel Web 3.0, setting a new standard in web analysis. Funnel Web 3.0 was announced on January 5 at MacWorld San Francisco. Version 3.0 features powerful new streaming analysis techniques for real-time traffic monitoring and processing large logs. This release also features platform-independent remote control, event messaging and notification and multiple FTP downloads. It is currently available in both standard and professional versions for MacOS and Windows. Full demonstration copies are now available online from: System Requirements and Compatibility: Funnel Web 3.0 for the Mac requires a Macintosh 68030 or greater, or any Power Macintosh. Mac OS version 7.1 or higher should be installed with a minimum of 8 MB of RAM, 12 MB Hard Disc space and 8 bit video. Pricing and Availability Funnel Web 3.0 is available for the Mac OS, Windows '95, '98 and NT. A Professional version...
Feb 03
[NPL] AppleScript Sourcebook - New Home
From: Bill Cheeseman ( Subject: [ANN] The AppleScript Sourcebook has MOVED For more than two years, The AppleScript Sourcebook has been a major source of news and information about AppleScript, Apple Computer's system-level scripting language for the Mac OS. The site includes extensive links to other web sites relating to AppleScript, as well as many tips and sample scripts aimed at intermediate to expert scripters. The AppleScript Sourcebook has moved to a new location: ( Please make a note of it and update your bookmarks. Bill Cheeseman, Wellesley, Massachusetts ( The AppleScript Sourcebook (
Feb 02
[NPL] sLog 2.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Catara(tm) Software Releases sLog 2.1, "Your personal system manager." Contact: Steven Marcotte Lawrence, KS Feb 3, 1999 Catara(tm) Software today announced the release of sLog 2.1, a system management utility for the Macintosh and PowerPC. What is sLog 2.1? sLog 2.1 is a handy system management utility that allows you to keep track of your system's stability by recording the time your computer restarted or crashed. sLog, intended to be used by both users and administrators alike, has many potential uses, including: * Logging how much a computer is used (for tax or record keeping purposes) * Finding out how stable a particular computer is * Determining if a new piece of software or hardware is causing subtle problems * Letting you know if a computer is being improperly shutdown * Finding out if someone has been using a computer when they weren't supposed to be * Loads of other things sLog 2.1 is an update...
Feb 02
[NPL] Headline Studio
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MetaCreations to Deliver New Tool for Web Advertising Headline StudioTM to Bring Powerful Broadcast-Quality Animation to Web Banners Carpinteria, CA - February 1, 1999 - MetaCreations Corporation (Nasdaq: MCRE) announced today dynamic new software for Web design professionals who want to create animated, broadcast-quality Web advertising banners. Headline StudioTM will contain all the necessary tools in an easily accessible format to quickly create animated GIF banner ads for the Web that can be viewed on any browser at multiple bandwidths. Planned to be available for the Windows and Macintosh platforms via e-commerce and electronic distribution later this month and on retail shelves in March, the release of Headline Studio represents the next component of the company's new 'Creative Web' strategy. "The dramatic increase in commerce on the Internet has significantly raised the bar for the development of compelling Web advertising," said John Dearborn, senior vice...
Feb 02
[NPL] ParaSoft Releases Beta Version of CodeWizard for HTML
ParaSoft Releases Beta Version of CodeWizard for HTML, A Web Error Prevention Tool for Use with WebKing ParaSoft's CodeWizard for HTML is an Innovative Web Tool That Prevents Errors by Enforcing HTML Coding Standards, Ensuring Web Pages Appear Correctly on All Browsers and Allowing Developers to Compose Effective Code Efficiently MONROVIA, Calif., Feb. 1 -- ParaSoft, leading provider of software productivity solutions, announced today the beta release of CodeWizard for HTML, an error prevention tool that comes as a plug-in for ParaSoft's web management tool, WebKing. CodeWizard for HTML is an error-preventing web tool that automatically enforces HTML coding standards and helps ensure that web pages appear correctly on all browsers. With web development becoming a significant undertaking for today's businesses, CodeWizard for HTML is a necessary tool for companies that demand on-line exposure or use the web for commercial purposes. CodeWizard for HTML is a must for developers because...
Feb 02
[MD1] CPLAT 1.1
From: (Ken) Subject: ANNOUNCE: CPLAT 1.1 now available CPLAT is a low-cost cross-platform framework for developing MacOS and Windows applications. Version 1.1 has now been made available. This version fixes bugs with the previous version and adds support for cross-platform drag and drop. In addition CPLAT is now avilable to registered users via ftp access and updates are posted on a monthly basis. Full details, including demonstration programs and documentation can be found at: Thanks Ken
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*Apple* Retail - Multiple Positions (US) - A...
Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, you're also the Read more
*Apple* Retail - Multiple Positions (US) - A...
Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, you're also the Read more
*Apple* Retail - Multiple Positions (US) - A...
Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, you're also the Read more
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