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Jun 18
[NPL] easy beat
PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE UNI SOFTWARE PLUS GmbH Softwarepark Hagenberg A-4323 Hagenberg AUSTRIA phone: +43 (7236) 3338-82 fax: +43 (7236) 3338-30 email: www: easy beat - Brand-new Music Authoring Program for the Macintosh. Hagenberg, AUSTRIA, June-17-1999. UNI SOFTWARE PLUS is proud to announce a new music authoring program for composing, scoring, and playing songs. As its name suggests, easy beat is music for the Mac as it should be: powerful, yet easy to use. Instead of the usual tool-based user interface, easy beat uses a simple and intuitive point-and-click technique. Adding, selecting, moving, copying notes - all these operations are done with simple mouse gestures. With easy beat, you can compose your songs by drawing notes or record them with a MIDI instrument, see up to 16 tracks in multiple views, choose from 128 instruments and 7 drum sets, print the score and tabulature, add...
Jun 18
[NPL] iRemember
Forget to bookmark that great web page and now you can't find it? Do you use Netscape Navigator and wish it kept your browsing history? Do you use more than one browser and wish there was one place you could go to find any page you visited? Serac Software is proud to announce iRemember, a revolutionary new application for keeping track of your web browsing history that solves all of these problems! How often have you had to bookmark a page just because you aren't sure if you might want to revisit it later? iRemember lets you return to any page you ever visited just by typing a couple of words that describe the page! Instead of cluttering up your bookmarks with pages you might never visit again, you can use them for your favorite pages and use iRemember to revisit all the rest. iRemember works by indexing all of the words in every web page you visit using the Apple Information Access Toolkit (the same engine used by Sherlock). Later, when you want to revisit any page that you've ever...
Jun 17
[NPL] Photoshop LE
For Immediate Release Adobe Extends the Photoshop Family to Reach Imaging Enthusiasts and Business Professionals Adobe Photoshop LE Offers Affordable Entry Point to World Standard in Digital Image Editing San Jose, Calif., (June 17, 1999) (Nasdaq:ADBE)-Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced Adobe Photoshop Limited Edition (LE) software, an affordable entry to the world standard digital image editing family. Previously only available as an OEM-bundled solution, Adobe Photoshop LE will now provide imaging enthusiasts and computer savvy business users access to professional level image editing tools without the full range of Photoshop functionality at an estimated street price of just $99 (U.S.). Available through retail outlets and the Web, Photoshop LE software will round out Adobe Systems, extensive digital imaging product line which includes Adobe Photoshop 5.5, Adobe PhotoDeluxe, and Adobe ActiveShare. Adobe will demonstrate all of these new products-which serve the entire range...
Jun 17
[NPL] and ActiveShare Software
For Immediate Release Adobe and ActiveShare Software Make the Web a More Personal Place for Consumers New Integrated Internet Community and Desktop Software Combine to Offer Users an Easy Solution for Digital Imaging, Posting and Communicating on the Web San Jose, Calif., (June 17, 1999) (Nasdaq:ADBE)-Adobe Systems Incorporated is making communications on the Internet more personal for consumers, with the announcement today of Adobe ActiveShare software and Adobe A complete Web and software solution for sharing photos, Adobe and ActiveShare together give consumers a tightly integrated, start-to-finish process for digital imaging and ultimately sharing their images in personalized Internet communities. Adobe is an online resource, providing information for the growing consumer interest in digital imaging, combined with a worldwide Web community for sharing photos, events, memories and information. Adobe
Jun 17
[NPL] Photoshop 5.5
For Immediate Release Adobe Announces Photoshop 5.5 World Standard Image Editing Software is Now the First Integrated Solution for Web and Print San Jose, Calif., (June 17, 1999) (Nasdaq:ADBE)-Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced the newest version of Adobe Photoshop, the world's leading professional image editing software. Photoshop 5.5 software once again sets the standard-providing the first integrated solution for professionals who need to produce the highest quality images for both Web and print. Photoshop 5.5 includes Adobe ImageReady 2.0 software, the cutting-edge Web production component that interacts seamlessly with Photoshop software to provide a complete creative environment. This eliminates the need for customers to use multiple applications, which restricts both creativity and productivity. Adobe Photoshop 5.5 is part of Adobe Systems' complete family of digital imaging products, which includes Adobe Photoshop LE, Adobe PhotoDeluxe, and Adobe ActiveShare. Adobe...
Jun 17
[NPL] Vertigo Advertizer
Vertigo Software Corp. Announces Vertigo Advertizer Simple image compositor performs as a host for plug-ins, creates web banners Vancouver, B.C. - (March 9, 1999) - Vertigo Software Corp.(CDN:VSWR), a leading developer of high performance 3D and animation software, today announced Vertigo Advertizer, a web graphics utility that quickly and easily creates web banners by behaving as a host to the industry's leading Adobe Photoshop compliant plug-ins. As the web becomes the prominent vehicle for visual communication, this Quicktime-based utility provides the interactive tools and action buttons required for creating simple advertising. Easily import an image, make a rectangular selection and apply a number of effects from plug-ins such as Vertigo 3D HotText and Vertigo 3D Dizzy . Manipulate your designs with the provided scaling, color, wand and lasso tools, then export your final image to the web. "This opens up a whole new market possibility since traditionally the plug-in industry...
Jun 17
[NPL] Attain Objects For Dreamweaver
For Immediate Release Macromedia Announces Attain Objects For Dreamweaver Dreamweaver 2 and Macintosh Support Combines with Special Introductory Pricing to Broaden Tools Market for Creating Interactive Web-Based Learning Content Redwood Shores, Calif.- June 17, 1999 - The Interactive Learning Division of Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced Attain Objects for Dreamweaver, a powerful extension application for Dreamweaver designed for creating Web-based learning content and complex Web interactions. The second generation of Macromedia's award-winning Dreamweaver Attain product, Attain Objects for Dreamweaver now supports the Macintosh(R) platform and is fully compatible with Dreamweaver 2. Attain Objects for Dreamweaver is part of Macromedia's Attain Enterprise Learning System, which includes Macromedia's Authorware 5 Attain and Pathware 4 software. "Now Dreamweaver developers can quickly create learning content for a broad range of Web sites." said Ian Richmond, president of...
Jun 17
[NPL] MultiTimer Pro 3.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 17, 1999 CONTACT: Karl Bunker Iron Software MultiTimer Pro 3.5 Released; Update To Powerful, Easy To Use Time-Tracking and Billing Utility for Macintosh-Using Professionals Macintosh software developer Karl Bunker of Iron Software announces the release of MultiTimer Pro 3.5. MultiTimer Pro is a utility for tracking the time spent on projects and jobs performed on a Mac. MultiTimer Pro will be a valuable resource for graphic designers, Web designers, content creators of all types, consultants, lawyers, technical writers, and anyone who uses a Mac and either bills for their time or needs to keep track of time for any other purpose. The defining characteristic of MultiTimer Pro is ease of use coupled with powerful features. Its clear, clean design makes it "instantly usable", yet it also delivers a range of sophisticated capabilities not found in any competing product. Here are just a few of the features of...
Jun 17
[NPL] Macromedia Licenses Flash Player to Sun Microsystems
For Immediate Release MACROMEDIA LICENSES FLASH PLAYER TO SUN MICROSYSTEMS Flash Player to be Incorporated into Java(TM) Media Framework, Enabling Java Developers to Integrate Flash into Java Applets SAN FRANCISCO - JavaOneSM Developer Conference -- - June 17, 1999 - Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced that Sun Microsystems will integrate Macromedia's Flash Player, the standard for high-impact, vector-based Web sites, into future versions of the Java(TM)Media Framework reference implementation. Java(TM)technology-enabled applications can now make use of Flash content, including sound, interactivity, graphics and animations. Sun's Java Media Framework API specifies an architecture to synchronize, capture, and control time-based media, such as audio and video, within applets and applications written in the Java programming language. The announcement builds on Macromedia's commitment to make Flash a ubiquitous solution for creating the most compelling Web experience. Because...
Jun 17
[MD1] NetBeans End-to-End Java Development Solution
NetBeans Announces End-to-End Java Development Solution through Integrations with Leading Java UML and Debugging Vendors JavaOne, San Francisco, June 17th, 1999 - NetBeans announced integrations of its Java IDE (integrated development environment) NetBeans Developer 3.0 with Together/J 3.0 UML (Unified Modeling Language) tool from Object International and with Metamata Debug, the leading Java debugging environment from Metamata, Inc. Developer 3.0 is written in Java 2 and enables rapid construction of Java applications on any Java 2 platform. Publicly available this summer, its modular, open architecture gives developers the power to extend their development environment with plug-in modules from NetBeans and a wide variety of third parties. "Developer 3.0 is the first cross-platform Java development environment that is able to evolve along with the Java 2 platform," said Ian Formanek, Vice President of Development at NetBeans, Inc. "Our open, modular architecture and close...
Jun 17
[MD1] Valentina Cross-Platform DB Engine/Visual Builder Unveiled
June 17, 1999. Beaverton, Oregon. Paradigma Software today released version 1.2.2 of its cross-platform database software development kit, Valentina SDK and unveiled a new visual upgrade to its popular scriptable database tool, Valentina. Valentina SDK for Macintosh OS, and Valentina SDK for Windows 95/98/NT allow developers to add powerful database functionality to applications developed in Metrowerks CodeWarrior environment, and Microsoft Visual C++ development product. The Valentina SDK kernel has over 200 powerful internal classes that developers can address through 20 light weight classes of the SDK. The Valentina database kernel has such a small and efficient footprint that databases can be as small as a few kilobytes. Paradigma Software also made available Valentina 1.5, built with the Valentina SDK. Now in public beta testing, Valentina 1.5 adds a powerful visual browser to quickly create object oriented relational databases. Valentina allows users to create, modify, search,...
Jun 17
[MD1] VR Toolbox Offers Support for Roundabout Customers
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - VR Toolbox, Inc. Contact: Walter Neals, Vice President of Marketing e-mail: toll-free 1-877-878-6657 direct 407-673-0357 VR TOOLBOX, INC. OFFERS TECH SUPPORT AND SPECIAL UPGRADE FOR FORMER CUSTOMERS OF ROUNDABOUT LOGIC, INC. Pittsburgh, PA, June 17, 1999 -- VR Toolbox has announced a program to offer technical support and an upgrade special, both for a limited time only, for former customers of Roundabout Logic, Inc. As a result of the settlement between VR Toolbox, Inc. and Roundabout Logic, Inc. with regard to the copyright infringement case, Roundabout Logic, Inc. will no longer be selling or supporting their line of QuickTime VR Products. Roundabout Logic, Inc. has issued an announcement proclaiming VR Toolbox as the sole and exclusive owner of the source code used in those products. As a gesture of good will and good faith, VR Toolbox is offering free technical support for sixty days, beginning June 17, 1999, to all former Roundabout...
Jun 16
[NPL] WebCatalog Supports
WEBCATALOG SUPPORTS AUTHORIZE.NET PAYMENT PROCESSING San Diego (Calif.) June 16, 1999 - WebCatalog, Pacific Coast Software's popular eCommerce package, has been updated to include integrated support for Authorize.Net payment verification. Online product catalogs and digital storefronts using WebCatalog's automated payment processing module, WebMerchant, have the option of processing customer shopping carts with credit card and checking account information sent through Authorize.Net's secure, encrypted transaction processing system. Authorization occurs online, in a few seconds, so customers receive instant feedback regarding their purchase. Merchants have the flexibility of accepting credit cards and electronic checks for payment. In addition to Authorize.Net, WebMerchant supports credit card verification and payment processing using MacAuthorize, ICVerify, CyberCash, and CyberGold. "We have designed WebCatalog and WebMerchant so that new payment processing modules can be added to the...
Jun 16
[NPL] WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0 Final Candidate 1 Release
StarNine Technologies is proud to announce the release of WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0 (aka WebSTAR 4.0) Final Candidate 1, now available for download at: ( WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0 includes literally hundreds of new features and improvements including a dramatically faster Web server and caching architecture, a new WebSTAR Mail server supporting SMTP/POP/IMAP with LDAP and Web-based email access capabilities, integrated SSLv2 and SSLv3 with support for multiple IP addresses, certificates and encryption options, and Lasso-based publishing of FileMaker and ODBC databases.
Jun 16
[NPL] InDesign Talk Email Discussion Forum
Blue World Announces InDesign Talk Email Discussion Forum June 16, 1999 - Blue World is pleased to announce the launch of the new InDesign Talk email discussion forum. InDesign Talk is an interactive email discussion forum providing a venue for sharing tips, techniques and user-to-user support for Adobe's forthcoming InDesign page layout software product. The new service will provide the InDesign community with the latest information pertaining to Adobe InDesign and companion products. All posts to InDesign Talk are automatically archived in a Lasso Web Data Engine powered database searchable via the Web at As archives for other Blue World hosted email lists have proven themselves invaluable for users of many leading sofware products, the new InDesign Talk archives are destined to provide one of the most exhaustive and frequently utilized resources for information on the Adobe InDesign product. Blue World cordially invites...
Jun 16
[NPL] VSE Be Found 1.2 and two new expansion kits
For Immediate Release Mac search engine submitter now improved and bundled (Koblenz, Germany, 16 June 1999). German Macintosh shareware developer Voget Selbach Enterprises (VSE) has released VSE Be Found 1.2 and two new expansion kits for the program. VSE Be Found is the first Macintosh application that automatically submits a web page to the most popular search engines. It is also a META tag manager that allows control of all META tags of a web site with an easy-to-use interface. The new version makes it much easier to submit web sites and it now supports web proxy servers. The update also fixes several bugs and offers many minor improvements. The new US-Plus expansion kit adds 10 new US search engines to VSE Be Found and the new FR-Basic expansion kit adds 10 new French search engines. Further information about the application can be found at "". EXPANSION KITS VSE Be Found expansion kits extend the number of search engines to which VSE Be Found submits...
Jun 16
[NPL] Spinalot 3.4
From: tom ( Subject: Spinalot 3.4 -- A tool to build web sites that support virtual communities Spinalot is CGI software to support building Online Learning Communities. Features include... web-based page authoring site newspaper conferencing messaging resource sharing multimedia file-upload, such as asynchronous QuickTime Discussions. ...and for the webmaster, because Spinalot uses HTML templates, embedded SQL queries and AppleScript triggers both the design AND functionality are completely editable. tom smith phone (+44) 1245 252009 fax (+44) 1245 252047 ICQ: 36369526 ULTRALAB, North Block, Anglia Polytechnic University, Victoria Road South, Chelmsford, UK, CM1 1LL
Jun 15
[NPL] Check Point Meta IP now runs Linux
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EDITORIAL CONTACT: Ter Hui Peng / Seamus Phan McGallen & Bolden (News/Media) tel: +65-3246588 email: Check Point Software Announces Industry's First IP Address Management Solution for Linux New Linux Product Furthers Integration with Complete, Scalable, Enterprise-wide VPN SINGAPORE - Wednesday, June 16, 1999 - Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP), the worldwide leader in secure enterprise networking, today announced Check Point Meta IP Services for Linux, the industry's first IP address management solution available for the popular Linux operating system. With Meta IP Services for Linux, network administrators now can run Meta IP's powerful DNS and DHCP services natively on Linux servers. Meta IP integrates with FireWall-1 and VPN-1 Gateway from Check Point Software, seamlessly providing them with user information. Meta IP enables administrators to easily manage the IP address and name space for complex, global networks and...
Jun 15
[NPL] webSavant
For Immediate Release "Savants Only" Stay Up-to-Date on the Web Chicago, IL -- Savant Interactive has added yet another reason to try their highly-acclaimed software product, webSavant. When you purchase a copy of webSavant and send in your registration card, you now have access to a special section of their Web site called "Savants Only." Savants Only keeps registered users of webSavant up-to-date with the latest in Web development news, online tutorials of new topics, a place to post Web design questions, and much more. Until July 1st, you can take a peek at the Savants Only section without being a registered owner of webSavant. Simply visit the Web site at, click on "Savants Only" and enter the Login Name "sneak" and the password "peek". About webSavant webSavant is a revolutionary way of learning Web design and development. On a set of four CD-ROMs, it uses QuickTime movies to teach everything from the basics to the most sophisticated elements of Web site...
Jun 15
[NPL] Macromedia Ships Flash 4
MACROMEDIA SHIPS FLASH 4 Now with MP3 Streaming Audio, the Web Standard for Creating High-Impact, Vector-Based Sites Delivers Wealth of New Enhancements San Francisco, Calif - June 15, 1999 - Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced the worldwide availability of Flash 4, the new version of its popular Flash(TM) authoring software. Flash 4 includes integrated support for high-fidelity MP3 streaming audio and commands for easily creating sites with sophisticated interactivity. In addition, Flash 4 dramatically streamlines the development process with a revamped authoring environment optimized to help developers create bandwidth-efficient Web sites that combine the production values of television with the immediacy of the Internet. Since its introduction in 1996, Flash has become the standard for creating high-impact vector-based Web sites that deliver sound, interactivity, graphics and animations and perform flawlessly across multiple browsers and platforms. Macromedia last month...
Jun 15
[MD1] Realtime Multimedia Capabilities for Java
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LiquiMedia Inc. Demonstrates Realtime Multimedia Capabilities for Java(tm) Technology SAN FRANCISCO, CA - June 15, 1999 * LiquiMedia Inc. today announced at JavaOne(tm) that it has completed development of its breakthrough realtime multimedia operating system technology, and demonstrated an integration of realtime scheduling with the Java(tm) platform. The LiquiMedia(tm) technology enables multiple independently-authored hard realtime applications -- such as digital video decoders, audio/video recording and mixing, games, and Internet telephony -- to run smoothly and concurrently. "Because the LiquiMedia technology operates correctly even in the face of malicious applications, we think it is the ideal underpinning for a realtime Java virtual machine aimed at media applications in both the embedded and desktop markets," said Robert Kroeger, the company's founder and Chief Technology Officer. "LiquiMedia's admission control mechanism is a necessary component of the...
Jun 15
[NPL] TEAC ships USB Hot-Swappable Floppy
TEAC SHIPS ITS FIRST MACINTOSH-COMPATIBLE FLOPPY DRIVE Hot-Swappable USB Floppy Drive Delivers Compatibility for iMac and G3 Users (MONTEBELLO, CA)TEAC, a world leader and pioneer in the manufacture of floppy disk drives and other removable storage technology, today announces the shipping of its new USB Floppy Drive for the iMac and the Power Macintosh G3. The USB drive is TEAC's first offering for iMac and G3 users, providing a hot-swappable, external floppy drive for backup, transfer and installation of data. TEAC's iMac floppy drive utilizes the Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface of the iMac and G3 systems, allowing plug-and-play convenience by eliminating the need to turn-off or restart the computer when attaching the new floppy drive. Being a one-cable device, the iMac floppy drive does not require a second power supply as may be needed by other peripheral storage devices and requires only one simple installation. "TEAC is proud to offer the addition of Macintosh-compatible...
Jun 15
[NPL] PhotoSphere Images Giveaway Extravaganza
Vancouver, BC - PhotoSphere Images, provider of high quality, royalty-free stock images, is pleased to announce their second annual giveaway extravaganza, appropriately titled "Fertilize My Mind II." Contestants are eligible for a random draw of many great prizes. Not only will PhotoSphere be giving away some of it's royalty free collections, but other sponsors include: software manufactures (Alien Skin, Intense Software, Auto F/X, MetaCreations, Scream Design, Xara, Vertigo 3D, Ultimatte, Right Hemisphere, Hot Door, Cerious Software, Extensis, Infowave) and publishers (Delmar Publishers Desktop Cafe, Rockport Publishers, Peachpit Press). The contest will run from now until July 31, 1999. More information regarding the products, and the sponsors can be found at . Contestants may also visit this URL to immediately register for the opportunity to win one of these fabulous prizes. This contest follows the mission statement of PhotoSphere's Creative...
Jun 15
[NPL] Custom Lasso Objects for Dreamweaver
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 15, 1999 BLUE WORLD ANNOUNCES AGREEMENT WITH MACROMEDIA TO DELIVER INTEGRATED SOLUTION FOR DYNAMIC WEB PUBLISHING Custom Lasso Objects for Dreamweaver to be available from both Blue World and Macromedia Bellevue, WA--June 15, 1999--Blue World Communications, Inc.--pioneers of the Web Data Engine(tm)--today announced a new agreement with Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) to integrate Blue World Lasso and Macromedia Dreamweaver through a set of custom Lasso objects for Dreamweaver. The combined solution will enable the efficient creation of dynamic, database-driven Web sites. Macromedia and Blue World will also participate in co-marketing activities to promote the Lasso objects for Dreamweaver and will distribute the Lasso objects free of charge on their Web sites. "We're pleased to collaborate with Blue World to provide a powerful yet easy to use solution for building database-driven Web sites," said David Mendels, senior vice president of Macromedia's Web...
Jun 15
[MD1] WinA&D 3.0 Mac Document Compatible
MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa, June 14, 1999 --- Excel Software is pleased to announce WinA&D 3.0 for system analysis, requirements specification, software design and code generation. Version 3.0 adds Java code generation, design namespaces, UML enhancements, dictionary enhancements, document templates and productivity features. WinA&D has diagram editors for process models, data models, class models, state models, object models, structure models and task models. Each model shows a different view of a software system that is integrated through a global data dictionary. In addition to integrated modeling, the tool provides requirements specification and traceability, design verification reports, scriptable HTML reports and complete text import/export features. WinA&D for Windows 95/98/NT and the document compatible MacA&D for Macintosh are used by thousands of system analysts and software designers in over 30 countries. WinA&D 3.0 generates Java, Delphi or C++ code from a...
Jun 15
[MD1] QDesign Ships MP3 SDK
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contact: John Rowe QDesign Corporation (604) 688-1525 ext. 34 MP3 Encoding and Decoding is NOW Available from QDesign QDesign ships MP3 software development kit for Mac and Windows OS June 15, 1999 -- Vancouver, B.C., Canada -- QDesign Corporation, a leading provider of digital audio compression technologies, announced today the release of its MP3 encoding and decoding software. Fully compliant with the ISO MPEG standard for MP3 (ISO/IEC 11172-3 and 13818-3), QDesign's MP3 is highly optimized to provide encode speed and quality that rivals the MP3 implementations by industry stalwarts, such as Fraunhofer and Xing Technology. The QDesign MP3 technology is available as a cross-platform software development kit ("SDK"). Developers on both the Macintosh and Windows OS are now able to license the SDK for easy integration of MP3 for digital audio encoding and playback capability in custom applications. "MP3 has become a widely-used format for on...
Jun 14
From: Ken ( Ken Stahlman ( is pleased to announce the availability of RAD (rapid application development) for CPLAT. Now you can enjoy the benefits of RAD development with the power of C++ cross-platform development. Combined with the CPLAT C++ cross-platform framework you can now enjoy the power of RAD to develop applications that run on the MacOS and/or Windows while enjoying the benefits of the C++ language. Full details on the CPLAT cross-platform framework and its RAD tool, along with copies of the user documentation can be found at: ( Creator of: FontCat - Macintosh font viewer / cataloger CPLAT - Cross-platform application framework e-mail:
Jun 14
[NPL] Email Effects 1.6
From: Sig Software ( Subject: Email Effects 1.6 Released We are proud to announce the release of Email Effects 1.6, simultaneously for Macintosh and Windows 95/98/NT. Your current registration code will continue to work with this release. New features include : * Support for the standard Figlet font system. * Live animation for button settings. * Compound character mode available in rectangle and circle tools. * Proportional scrollbars and live scrolling. * Improved 3D interface. * Numerous other minor interface improvements. * Support for Navigation Services (Mac). If you are having trouble re-registering your copy of Email Effects, that is because the registration mechanism has changed - please contact us for assistance. You can download the update from the Email Effects page at : ( As always, we are open to suggestions on features for future releases. Thank you, Sig Software
Jun 14
[NPL] Tango 2000
Pervasive Software Announces Tango(tm) 2000 Open Web Development Solution First Visual Interface for Object Support Provides No-coding Drag-and-drop Environment for Faster, More Cost-effective Web Development AUSTIN, TEXAS*June 14, 1999*Pervasive Software Inc. (NASDAQ:PVSW), a pioneer in developing software for powerful yet radically simplified Web and packaged application development, deployment and information management, today announced the new Pervasive Tango(tm) 2000 Web development solution. The new Tango 2000 visual development environment includes full COM object and JavaBean support, so developers can simply drag and drop objects (with business code already included) directly into their application files without having to know the underlying syntax. Used by organizations ranging from and Chase Manhattan Bank to Mary Kay Cosmetics and the Chicago Board of Trade, Tango provides the speed of deployment, power, flexibility, security and ease-of-use crucial to the...
Jun 13
[NPL] Compuware UNIFACEWebApp Server to feature Dreamweaver 2
NEWS RELEASE Compuware UNIFACE WebApplication Server to Feature Macromedia Dreamweaver 2 Web Authoring Environment Integration Enables Efficient Creation and Deployment of New and Existing Enterprise Business Applications for the Web FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich--June 14, 1999--Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ: CPWR) and Macromedia Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced that Compuware's UNIFACE WebApplication Server now features Macromedia Dreamweaver 2 as its exclusive visual web authoring environment. The combination enables UNIFACE users building Internet, e-commerce and media-rich enterprise applications to efficiently create and publish sites that leverage new and existing information with extended reliability, availability and data management. UNIFACE WebApplication Server is a highly scalable, open enterprise application server for deploying strategic e-business applications. Macromedia Dreamweaver 2 is the current release of Macromedia's industry-leading visual web authoring environment...
Jun 13
[MD1] Tools Plus Pro 5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tools Plus Pro 5 Makes Mac Programming Fast and Easy OAKVILLE, ONTARIO--June 14, 1999--Water's Edge Software has announced immediate availability of Tools Plus Pro 5, the award-winning libraries and framework for Macintosh developers. The new release is updated for Mac OS 8.6 and includes new Apple Event and Help Manager support. Tools Plus Pro, the premium Macintosh rapid-development tool for novice to expert level developers, is now updated to take advantage of Apple Computer, Inc.'s latest operating system, Mac OS 8.6. New additions include extended support for "themes," and automatic response to a user's real-time changes to theme and appearance settings. For the first time, Tools Plus includes built-in Apple Event support which early reviewers have called "brilliantly simple." Out of the box, Tools Plus libraries include default behaviors for all core Apple Events. The implementation lets a developer integrate Apple Event support into his application with...
Jun 11
[MD1] IFile 2.0b released
IFile 2.0b from Kickstand Software released ------------------------------------------- IFile is a simple database library for software developers to use in their projects. The database files it creates use a b-tree indexing to ensure quick performance in all sorts of applications. IFile 2.0b is a beta, it adds new features and numerous bug fixes. Features -------- Multisegment noncontiguous keys B-Tree indexing for fast performance Intelligent reuse of space Static or Variable length records Sequential access, next & previous record retrieval calls Get record =, (, ), )=, or (= than a specified key Duplicate keys supported Licensing --------- For use in a freeware project, the license is nothing but giving credit where credit is due. For a shareware project, the license is $25 or a registration swap. For a commercial project, $100. Source code can also be made available to paying license holders for an additional fee. See the IFile documentation for the full details on...
Jun 10
[NPL] Launches ISP-Q (ISP Quote) Service
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE StartPlace Launches ISP-Q Quote Service for Finding the Best Price for Web Site Hosting Plain English Guides and Tutorials Help Novice Users Learn Basics of Web Building Allentown, PA -- June 10, 1999 (Xpress Press) -- AT Media, an Allentown, Pennsylvania-based web design company, this week launches web host locator StartPlace and ISP-Q, a service enabling users to obtain quotes from web hosting companies by e-mail. ISP-Q (ISP Quote)users fill out an online form that is sent automatically to a list of web hosting companies offering services 'matched' to those requested on their form including: FTP, Telnet, MS FrontPage, streaming audio and video, SSL encryption, shopping carts and database support and web log statistics. The sender receives a reply quote by e-mail within 24 to 48 hours. In addition to ISP-Q, StartPlace publishes a Top 25 list of web hosts. Hosts are graded on server speed, service offerings, price, and support response times. Currently the top...
Jun 09
[NPL] Emil 1.0 XML Editor for Mac Ships
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRESS CONTACT: Terje Norderhaug 619-437-0664 MEDIA DESIGN IN*PROGRESS SHIPS EMIL 1.0 XML EDITOR FOR MACINTOSH SAN DIEGO (CA) June 9, 1999: Media Design in*Progress today ships Emil 1.0, the first XML editor for Macintosh. Emil is the commercial edition of the free Emil Lite XML editor that was released in April. Emil is a highly customizable XML editor that supports productive markup with XML, liberating the author from detailed knowledge of the XML specification by providing context-sensitive dialogs and menus listing allowed tags and common markup constructs. The editor automatically adapts the user interface to the current document type (DTD), and comes with a validator to ensure correct markup. "Emil is a robust, yet elegantly sleek workhorse that manages a multitude of markup editing tasks with unencumbered ease. Users can learn it quickly, and it has been a success both in our Electronic Thesis and Dissertation...
Jun 08
[NPL] Public Access Software acquires sLog from Catara Software
Catara Software, former publisher of sLog System Monitoring and Logging software and MiniCalendar. Public Access Software is committed to furthering development of these innovative products and will begin with minor updates to rebrand the software as well as address any outstanding issues in the coming weeks. Public Access Software is now solely responsible for the support and distribution of sLog and MiniCalendar and asks that all email be directed to the following addresses: * General info, comments or questions: ( * Support issues, bug or conflict reporting: ( * Sales, licensing questions: ( In addition sLog and MiniCalendar are being distributed via the Public Access Software web site: sLog: ( MiniCalendar: ( All existing customer's purchases will be honored by Public Access Software as well as new users who purchase...
Jun 08
[NPL] Apple Ships QuickTime 4
Apple's QuickTime 4 Goes Primetime More Than Five Million Copies Downloaded In First 50 Days FOX News Online, FOX Sports Online and The Weather Channel Join QuickTime Content Providers CUPERTINO, Calif. - June 8, 1999 - Apple today released the final shipping version of QuickTime 4, its industry-leading multimedia software for both Macintosh and Windows platforms. QuickTime 4 features "streaming" of live and stored video and audio over the Internet and is the first Internet streaming solution to use non-proprietary industry-standard RTP and RTSP protocols. More than five million copies of QuickTime 4 public beta software have been downloaded from Apple's web site during the first 50 days since its release in April. Apple today also announced that FOX News Online and FOX Sports Online have joined the growing lineup of QuickTime content providers offering live programming, which also include BBC WORLD, Bloomberg, HBO, NPR (R) and WGBH Boston. The Weather Channel(R) joins the QuickTime...
Jun 08
[MD1] Apple Ships QuickTime 4
Apple's QuickTime 4 Goes Primetime More Than Five Million Copies Downloaded In First 50 Days FOX News Online, FOX Sports Online and The Weather Channel Join QuickTime Content Providers CUPERTINO, Calif. - June 8, 1999 - Apple today released the final shipping version of QuickTime 4, its industry-leading multimedia software for both Macintosh and Windows platforms. QuickTime 4 features "streaming" of live and stored video and audio over the Internet and is the first Internet streaming solution to use non-proprietary industry-standard RTP and RTSP protocols. More than five million copies of QuickTime 4 public beta software have been downloaded from Apple's web site during the first 50 days since its release in April. Apple today also announced that FOX News Online and FOX Sports Online have joined the growing lineup of QuickTime content providers offering live programming, which also include BBC WORLD, Bloomberg, HBO, NPR (R) and WGBH Boston. The Weather Channel(R) joins the QuickTime...
Jun 08
[NPL] White Pine's MeetingPoint First to Support Linux OS
Press Release Contacts: Tanya Prather Alisa Valudes Bryan Scanlon White Pine Software Merritt Group Schwartz Communications 603.886.9050 ext 359 703.435.6000 ext. 115 781.684.0770 WHITE PINE SOFTWARE FIRST IP CONFERENCING SOLUTIONS PROVIDER TO SUPPORT THE LINUX OPERATING SYSTEM White Pine to Support Red Hat Linux for Carrier-Class Videoconferencing and IP Telephony Applications NASHUA, New Hampshire - June 8, 1999 - White Pine Software, Inc., (NASDAQ: WPNE), a leading provider of multimedia conferencing applications for the Internet and intranets, today announced plans to support the Linux( operating system for its MeetingPoint( conference server, the industry's leading software for multipoint IP conferencing. White Pine has joined as a Developer Partner with Red Hat(, Inc., the market leading Linux developer and service provider. MeetingPoint, which is currently available for Windows NT( and Sun Solaris( operating...
Jun 08
[NPL] HexVector: Support for Adobe Illustrator
CONTACT: Ellen Pinto Pantone, Inc. 201/935-5500 Pantone Releases HexVector; Provides Hexachrome Support for Adobe Illustrator Allows Illustrator Users to Design in Hexachrome and Create Six-Color Separations Within Workflow Carlstadt, NJ, June 7, 1999 Pantone, Inc. today announced the availability of PANTONE HexVector, the first cross-platform Hexachrome plug-in for Adobe Illustrator. HexVector allows graphic designers, packaging designers, prepress and service bureaus to take advantage of the expanded color gamut of Hexachrome with the ability to design in Hexachrome and create six-color separations from within Illustrator. Hexachrome is an ultra high fidelity process printing technology that renders almost twice the number of colors than is possible with traditional four color process printing. The new plug-in enables designers to seamlessly integrate Hexachrome capabilities into an Illustrator-based design workflow, allowing image separations to be output...
Jun 08
[MD1] MacHack: Sessions Finalized, No Excuses
MacHack PR: Sessions Finalized, No Excuses MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers c/o Expotech 1264 Bedford Road Grosse Point Park, MI 48230 Contact: Carol Lynn Tel: (313) 882-1824 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dearborn, MI -- June 8, 1999 -- Still sitting on the fence? Want to come but can't justify the expense? Just waiting for that last minute excuse? Well, the time has come. The MacHack sessions list is being finalized. The sessions list for MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers is available today on the conference website ( The conference takes place from 12:01 AM June 24 through the evening of June 26. Plan to arrive on the 23rd. The Meat on OS Issues Mac OS 8.6, OS X, Palm OS, they're all here. Mac OS coverage from inside Infinite Loop is of course essential and this year is no different, but the way to Mac OS X is paved with NeXTStep and we have the developers to prove it. MacHack has...
Jun 07
[MD1] REALbasic 2.0.2
REALbasic 2.0.2 is now available at or This free update improves reliability. Geoff Perlman REAL Software, Inc.
Jun 07
[NPL] iType 2.0
Press Release 6/6/99 iType was created by the people who made the award winning CopyPaste multiple clipboard utility. We wanted to create a new software that would help people with something they do all the time, typing! iType is a new type of performance enhancement utility designed to save you time and energy when typing. With iType you do not have to remember anything!! Start typing and the intelligence in iType will help you type more quickly and accurately. iType can be downloaded free from: Who needs iType? The answer is simple, anyone who types and uses a Mac. What is iType? iType is an extension which watches as you type. As you type in any application you build up iType's vocabulary. This happens automatically and invisibly in the background. After a short time iType starts to use its expanding database to recommend words based on the first few letters you type. iType supports expansion of mnemonics, language translation, auto-correction, spell...
Jun 05
[MD1] Startup Doubler 2.0
Startup Doubler 2.0 is now available for downloading from The new startup acceleration technology in this major update makes startups about 20% to 50% faster, and adds the following main features: Fastest startup acceleration available today. Speeds loading startup applications in addition to extensions, control panels and Finder. Actively supports multiple Extension Sets. Supports Mac OS 8.6. Startup Doubler 2.0 has a free trial period of 15 days. The shareware fee is $20, registered users of previous versions may upgrade for free. Cheers, Marc
Jun 04
[NPL] SecurePass
Wilmington, DE June 3, 1999. Highwinds Trading Company ( is pleased to introduce SecurePass(tm), a desktop archiving utility for encrypted passwords and other security keys. SecurePass is shareware ($15. US). It is available via FTP at, and as an email attachment via autoresponder at mailto:// The purpose of SecurePass is: a. To give the networked professional maximum password and passkey protection (with strong encryption), in a flexible and simple environment where he memorizes just one password for access to all of his other passwords and encrypted keys. b. To allow the user to store these secure keys on the local disk rather than remove them to a "more secure" place (which is rarely as secure as one might imagine); also to allow multiple users to store SecureKeys on a shared computer without compromising their individual privacy. c. To provide incentives for the user to use longer and more...
Jun 04
[MD1] DataProtector
Wilmington DE - June 3, 1999. Highwinds Trading Company re-releases DataProtector(tm), and announces new pricing of $50 per platform (Macintosh or Windows). A demo is available via FTP at, and as an email attachment via autoresponder at Macintosh: mailto:// Windows: mailto:// DataProtector is a modern data security package that brings data access protection and data validation functions to the 4th Dimension environment in the form of a standard 4D plug-in. Available on both Macintosh and Windows platforms, it uses industry standards to provide both a one-way hash function and a public key digital signature for text and string values. DataProtector's one-way hash function can be used to provide context specific password features such as requiring management validation for large orders or checks; password verification for access to sensitive data; and any other function where a...
Jun 04
[MD1] EnScrypt
Wilmington DE June 3, 1999 Highwinds Trading Company ( is pleased to introduce EnScrypt(tm), an encryption utility for Macintosh based scripting environments. EnScrypt is one in a series of software products for both the developer and the consumer which concentrate on the functional area of security. What Is EnScrypt? It is sophisticated software to do encryption. Built as a "Scripting Addition", EnScrypt is an indispensable tool for software developers, script writers and anyone needing to provide encryption security on the Macintosh platform. Encryption is provided for EnScrypt by the "Blowfish" algorithim. "Blowfish" is one of several very secure and well-known symmetric encryption algorithims. EnScrypt (Lite): Freeware. This is a demo version of EnScrypt which is restricted in the power of its encryption, but its 24 bits of encryption power make it satisfactory for many security purposes. It is available via FTP at, and as an email...
Jun 04
[NPL] Freebees
Wilmington, DE June 3, 1999. Highwinds Trading Company ( is pleased to introduce FreeBees(tm), a suite of freeware security tools for Macintosh based cryptographers who work in apple-scriptable environments. The Freebees suite performs the indispensable tasks of: * "Hashing" (creating a one-way hash of any text) * "Hexing" (translating text to/from its hexadecimal equivalent). The hashing routine in FreeBees is based on the "SHA-1" algorithim, the choice of many of today's most widely used security systems. Hashing produces a "fingerprint" of any text. Use it for verifying passwords or for creating digital signatures. The hexing routine converts ascii strings which include potentially unprintable characters into hexadecimal strings. Use it for transporting binary characters via email. FreeBees is one in a series of software products for both developer and consumer which concentrate on the functional area of security. It is available via FTP at ftp://...
Jun 03
[NPL] WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0 PB5
Subject: WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0 PB5 Released From: "Eric Zelenka" ( StarNine Technologies today announced the release of WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0 (aka WebSTAR 4.0) Public Beta 5, now available for download and testing at: ( WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0 PB5 is likely the last Public Beta release version of the server before the Final Candidate so we encourage everyone to download and test this latest release. WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0 includes literally hundreds of new features and improvements including a dramatically faster Web server and caching architecture, a new WebSTAR Mail server supporting SMTP/POP/IMAP with LDAP and Web-based email access capabilities, integrated SSLv2 and SSLv3 with support for multiple IP addresses, certificates and encryption options, and Lasso-based publishing of FileMaker and ODBC databases. We're confident that you'll find WebSTAR Server Suite easy to use, fast, powerful and reliable. Eric Zelenka...
Jun 03
[NPL] NetBeans announces integrated EJB, CORBA and XML support...
NetBeans announces integrated EJB, CORBA and XML support in Java 2 Technology Development Suite. Partners with leading EJB vendor, Gemstone. Prague, Czech Republic, June 3, 1999 - NetBeans announced a roadmap for the next generation of its cross-platform Java(tm)technology Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). Written in the Java language, NetBeans Developer Enterprise 3.0 is one of the first tools to merge the power of a cross-platform development environment with enterprise middleware based on Enterprise Java Beans(tm) (EJBs), CORBA, Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and XML standards. The IDEs' modular, open architecture gives developers and partners the power to extend their development environment with plug-in modules from NetBeans as well as a wide variety of third parties. A Beta version of Developer 3.0 is available from "With the Developer 3.0 suite, NetBeans is putting the power in the hands of the Java technology developer by not only providing support...
Jun 03
[MD1] VR Toolbox Curriculum
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - VR Toolbox, Inc. Contact: Walter Neals, Vice President of Marketing e-mail: toll-free 1-877-878-6657 direct 407-673-0357 VR TOOLBOX DEVELOPS QUICKTIME VR CURRICULUM FOR EDUCATORS Pittsburgh, PA, June 3, 1999 -- VR Toolbox, Inc. has just announced the completion of a long-awaited adjunct to multimedia education..."The VR Toolbox Curriculum"...workbook for teaching interactive imaging. "The VR Toolbox Curriculum," subtitled "building better learning with immersive media," is a powerful asset for every teacher involved with desktop multimedia. Written as a companion piece for VR Toolbox's outstanding line of QuickTime VR products, "The VR Toolbox Curriculum" is the first publication produced specifically as QTVR curriculum for today's educator. "The VR Toolbox Curriculum" addresses a definite need in the Academic market, a methodology of instruction developed specifically for the teaching of immersive imaging, one of the fastest-growing...
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**Job Summary** The ASC is an Apple employee who serves as an Apple brand ambassador and influencer in a Reseller's store. The ASC's role is to grow Apple Read more
*Apple* Solutions Consultant (ASC) - Apple (...
**Job Summary** The ASC is an Apple employee who serves as an Apple brand ambassador and influencer in a Reseller's store. The ASC's role is to grow Apple Read more
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