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Apr 25
[NPL] GoLive Headquarters
NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE GoLive Headquarters - Now Open For Business Web Site Provides Information and Solutions for Adobe GoLive Users DAVIS, CA - Nucleus Productions, in cooperation with Point In Space Web Hosting, has announced GoLive Headquarters. The new web site can be accessed at Dedicated to providing information and solutions for Adobe GoLive Users, GoLive Headquarters consists of daily news, software, forums, training and job listings. Largely user driven, GoLive Headquarters' goal is to provide developers with a forum to get their questions answered, share their insights and expand their knowledge base. Nucleus Productions (, a California-based company specializing in internet development and database solutions, has designed GoLive Headquarters around a FileMaker and Lasso engine to allow for future expandability and ease of management. Point In Space Web Hosting (http://www.pointinspace....
Apr 25
[NPL] OpenScript 1.6
From: Marco Bambini ( Subject: OpenScript 1.6 OpenScript allows you to create powerful dynamic pages with AppleScript, MacPERL and Frontier!! This version offers better I/O support and HTML encoded errors. For more information, or to download a free, fully-functional demo of OpenScript 1.6, visit (software section). Thank you for your time, Marco Bambini
Apr 23
[MD1] AppMaker Generates Carbon-ready Source Code
Grantham, NH - April 24, 1999 - Bowers Development has posted a minor update for AppMaker #11 to generate Carbon-ready source code. With this update AppMaker generates C++ code which uses Appearance controls and Nav Services, and which compiles for Carbon or for Mac OS 8.x (or for System 7.x with the Appearance Extension installed). The update is available for download from About AppMaker - AppMaker is a programming tool that makes it faster and easier to make a Macintosh application - not just the user interface, but also the functional code. With AppMaker you create the menus, windows, dialogs and their contents by clicking and dragging to arrange what you want on-screen. You also point and click to declare data structures and to connect UI items to data items. AppMaker creates resources to describe your design, and generates "human, professional quality code" in your choice of either procedural or object-oriented programming languages...
Apr 23
[MD1] PuppetTime Producer
For more information, contact Deeje Cooley 415-244-0828 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PUPPETTIME, INC. PICKS A NEW NAME, POSTS PREVIEW RELEASE OF PUPPETTIME PRODUCER Visitors flock to preview new 3D technology for storytelling and previsualization SAN FRANCISCO (April 23rd, 1999) - PuppetTime, Inc. announced today that it has renamed it's flagship product to PuppetTime Producer, and released a new version, 1.0d22, on its web site PuppetTime Producer allows users to create 3D movies by commanding digital actors on a virtual stage with point and click ease. PuppetTime's patent-pending 3D digital actor plug-in architecture is built on top of Apple's QuickTime. "The response to PuppetTime has been absolutely phenomenal," says Deeje Cooley, PuppetTime's founder and CTO, "Educators are excited about the use of storytelling tools to augment student curriculum, screenwriters want to see and pitch their works with more...
Apr 23
[NPL] Microsoft Develops Office 98 Add-In for Integration With...
Microsoft Develops Office 98 Add-In for Integration With FileMaker Pro Microsoft Celebrates Its One-Year Anniversary of Office 98, More Than 1.5 million Copies Distributed Worldwide REDMOND, Wash. - April 22, 1999 - Microsoft Corp. is announcing today the availability of a new add-in that extends the functionality of its award-winning productivity suite, Office 98 Macintosh Edition, which has sold more than 1.5 million copies worldwide. This add-in will make it easy for customers to use familiar tools in Office 98 with data stored in FileMaker Pro for Macintosh. For the first time, it is easy to integrate the power of FileMaker Pro with the analysis and communication features of Office 98. The free* Office 98/FileMaker Pro Importer is available for immediate download from Microsoft's Macintosh Web site, MacTopia, at "We are thrilled with customers' response to Office 98 around the world and pleased that Office 98 was chosen more than any other...
Apr 23
[NPL] Silly SAP Client 0.1d1
"Silly SAP Client 0.1d1" released. Want to watch those IP RTP Multicast sessions with QuickTime? Wonder where QuickTime TV, not to mention QuickTime Conferencing, went? So do I. Here is a little something, anyway: Get it from: or afp:// login as guest, Public, Silly SAP Client 0.1d1.sea Silly SAP Client is used as a helper program for receiving IP Multicast RTP (Real Time Protocol) sessions. It does (parts of) what the Unix program "sdr" does. It receives the SDP (Session Description Protocol) messages, and puts each in a separate file. The SDP files are currently created in the same folder as the program! Put it in a folder in your Apple Menu, and let it run for a while to find groups. If you don't get any, you probably don't have a multicast feed to your network. Ask your network manager! You'll have to clean up your SDP folder from old announcements yourself! Make sure you have QuickTime 4.0...
Apr 23
[NPL] devSoft Releases IP*Works
devSoft Releases IP*Works! Version 4.0 Most Comprehensive Internet Toolkit in the Industry FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 22, 1999, Research Triangle Park, NC - devSoft Inc. today released the first public beta of the newest release of its IP*Works! Internet Toolkit, IP*Works! Version 4.0. This new version introduces a number of new components, including LDAP, IMAP, and SNMP, making IP*Works! the most comprehensive Internet Toolkit in the industry. Initially introduced in 1995, IP*Works! is actively used by most Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies, as well as thousands of independent software developers worldwide. The product eliminates much of the complexity of developing connected applications for Windows platforms. The range of functionality covered by this release is wider than that of all competing products put together. Coupled with the excellent performance record of the package, and devSoft's royalty-free licensing policy, IP*Works! is an excellent value for anyone developing...
Apr 22
[NPL] Vicomsoft: QuickTime 4 Streaming Support
First NAT Software Router with Transparent Support for QuickTime 4 Streaming Media Vicomsoft announces the first NAT routing software to fully support QuickTime 4 RTP/RTSP standards-based streaming media. Internet Gateway and SoftRouter 6 deliver QuickTime 4 streaming media to multiple clients on a LAN without any complex proxy configurations. Multiple LAN users can now access video feeds through a NAT router as they would any web site. Vicomsoft engineers have been working closely with the Apple QuickTime development team to ensure that NAT routing products would be available with support for QuickTime 4 streaming media capabilities, on both MacOS and Windows platforms. Vicomsoft Internet Gateway and SoftRouter fully comply with RFC 2326 and RFC 1889. For more information see:
Apr 22
[MD1] Lightsoft Cross Translation 2.00
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lightsoft releases LXT V2.00. For further information, please contact: Lightsoft email: Grantham, UK, April 22 1999. Lightsoft, makers of Fantasm (a Macintosh assembly language development environment) announce the immediate availability of Lightsoft Cross Translation (LXT) v2.00. LXT is a 68K to PowerPC cross translator for Fantasm V5.1x and upwards. It will translate 68K source code, including Mac OS system calls to a PowerPC executable. It can also act as a general purpose low level language for Macintosh offering both 68K and PowerPC output. Version 2.00 adds improved PPC code generation, supports translation of additional Mac OS calls and the ability to automatically generate code that will detect illegal read/write operations at runtime; for example writing out of the heap thus offering valuable runtime QA. LXT is provided free of charge to Fantasm users. More information and download is available at: http://...
Apr 22
[NPL] AKA: File Renaming Utility
Press Contact: Dan Wagner 805-966-2432 ext. 187 For Immediate Release MIRAMAR MAKES MAC FILE RENAMING UTILITY AVAILABLE ONLINE AKA Makes Cross-Platform File Sharing Fast and Easy by Renaming Mac Files with PC File Extensions SANTA BARBARA, Calif., April 21, 1999 Miramar Systems, a leader in cross-platform networking software, announced that its versatile Macintosh-based file renaming utility, A.K.A., is now available for online purchase. A.K.A. enables PCs to recognize Mac files by adding PC file extensions to Mac files and replacing illegal PC characters. The smart utility has the capability of learning new file types and automatically adding them to its already vast Character and Extension Mapping databases. These databases may also be edited manually to recognize unique or custom applications. A.K.A. is Miramars Mac-based solution for cross-platform file sharing, commented Mike Sheffey, Miramars Director of Sales. Its a fast and easy alternative to the labor...
Apr 21
[NPL] SITEFORUM Communications, DocFather Professional
SITEFORUM Communications, DocFather Professional for Macintosh Released Bingham, United Kingdom - April 22, 1999. Germany based SFS SOFTWARE, makers of enterprise 100% Java solutions for web site management and ecommerce have released Macintosh friendly versions of their flagship enterprise web products, SITEFORUM Communications 2 and DocFather Professional 2.2. The SFS SOFTWARE product line consists of powerful, enterprise ready 100% Java solutions that can run on any of 30 different operating systems. SITEFORUM Communications builds on SFS SOFTWARE's SITEFORUM application server, delivering a scalable communications platform for collaboration and conferencing on an intranet or the Internet. Developers can quickly create templates using HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript or VBScript for customized, branded communications boards. Clients can work with documents, as well as use the same underlying full-text and keyword search found in the DocFather product line to find and sort information...
Apr 21
[NPL] Everything CD for FileMaker
April 21, 1999 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Upgrade to the popular Everything CD for FileMaker Pro now available (Livermore, CA) ... ISO Productions, Inc., a leading provider of FileMaker Pro developer tools and learning resources, confirmed today that Volume III of their popular Everything CD for FileMaker Pro is now shipping. The most comprehensive compilation of FileMaker Pro resources available, this eagerly-awaited CD-ROM contains over a gigabyte of FileMaker tips, tricks, solutions, tutorials, templates, shareware and freeware, together with searchable mailing list archives and back issues of ISO's popular ISO FileMaker Magazine. "The CDs just arrived at our warehouse this morning and we're processing the back orders first," confirms ISO President and CEO Matt Petrowsky. "We'll start to fill new orders in a day or two." People who have back-ordered copies of the popular CD can expect them to arrive around April 29th. International orders should arrive the first week of May and...
Apr 21
[NPL] Vicomsoft Internet Gateway: Web Caching Server now...
Web Caching Server now integrated in Vicomsoft Internet Gateway New Vicomsoft Internet Gateway now incorporates transparent Web Caching Server with Offline Mode MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. April 21, 1999 -- Vicomsoft today announced a major upgrade to their popular Internet Gateway software router used to connect networks to the Internet. Version 6 incorporates a new high performance transparent caching server that significantly speeds up Internet browsing for network users. It also includes an exclusive Offline Library Mode that allows browsing of cached content even when not connected to the Internet. The Vicomsoft integrated caching server automatically saves incoming web content on the server's disk, while simultaneously delivering it to requesting clients' browsers. The content is then delivered at high speed to network users on all subsequent requests. This direct cache-to-browser delivery avoids delays experienced by users resulting from Internet access bandwidth limitations, ISP...
Apr 20
[NPL] XML-based Rightdoc v2.0
RightDoc's ODBC integration with XML and CSS Internet standards drives the creation of personalized business documents for cross-media output. (Colbert, WA - April 13, 1999) RightDoc Company ( announces the immediate availability of RightDoc (TM) 2.0, an XML and CSS Internet standards-based business document writer and cross-media publishing engine. Application data-driven RightDoc creates multi-faceted Enterprise or Web-based business document solutions, providing the ability to produce personalized billing statements, letters, financial statements, invoices, forms, legal contracts, and business intelligence reports that get results fast. RightDoc also renders documents cross-media: Directly View and Print, generate HTML 4.0 Web format, and device independent PDF format, as well as PostScript format for the printing industry. RightDoc's native integration of external ODBC data combined with conditional processing tags, reusable XML-based text elements,...
Apr 20
[MD1] Terran Licenses QDesign Audio Processing Libraries
Press/Analyst Contact: John Geyer John Rowe Terran Interactive, Inc. QDesign Corporation (408) 356-7373 x227 (604)688-1525 x34 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Terran Licenses QDesign Audio Processing Libraries - For Use in Media Cleaner 4 - NAB Expo, Booth S4635, Las Vegas, NV (April 19, 1999) - With today's release of Media Cleaner Pro 4, Terran Interactive strengthens its position as the industry leader in media compression. Media Cleaner 4 uses audio processing technology licensed from QDesign to provide professional-quality audio resampling and filtering, resulting in the best audio quality regardless of platform or format. "Media Cleaner Pro has been recognized as an award-winning tool that is indispensable for preparing video targeted for the Web and CD-ROM," says Richard J. Beaton, President and CTO of QDesign. "With the professional audio processing capabilities from QDesign, we expect Media Cleaner Pro to become the leading tool for...
Apr 19
[NPL] LANsurveyor 5.0 with IP Monitoring
For Immediate Release Contact: Sharon Doi Neon Software, Inc. 3685 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Suite 253 Lafayette, CA 94549 Phone: 925-283-9771 Fax: 925-283-6507 Internet: Announcing LANsurveyor 5.0 with IP Monitoring LAFAYETTE, CA - April 19th, 1999 - Neon Software announced today the latest upgrade to LANsurveyor, their network mapping, managing, and reporting application. LANsurveyor 5.0 adds the ability to query the network via IP as well as other new features, including folder distribution, instant messaging and a host of new query abilities. LANsurveyor 5.0 also features tight integration with Netopia's Timbuktu screen-sharing application and Neon Software's CyberGauge Internet bandwidth utility. LANsurveyor 5.0 autodiscovers both IP and AppleTalk nodes and draws a network map. From the map, fully customizable template reports can answer hundreds of questions about hardware and software assets. LANsurveyor runs on the MacOS and maps and audits up/down status of any IP...
Apr 19
[MD1] QuickTime Streaming Software Goes Open Source
Apple Updates Public Source License QuickTime Streaming Software Goes Open Source as Darwin Downloads Top 160,000 in First Month NAB, LAS VEGAS-April 19, 1999-Apple Computer, announced that it has updated its Open Source software license-the Apple Public Source License (APSL)-based on feedback and discussion with the Open Source community. The Company today also made its new QuickTime Streaming Server software 'Open Source', with the launch of Darwin Streaming Server (see separate release). Darwin, the Open Source release of the Mac OS X Server operating system foundation, is proving popular with developers: since it's release a month ago there have been over 160,000 downloads of Darwin source code components and over 20,000 developers have registered on the Darwin web site ( "Launching Darwin Streaming Server and working with developers to update our public source license demonstrates that Apple is listening to and is serious about embracing the...
Apr 19
[MD1] QuickTime 4 Public Beta With Internet Streaming
Apple Releases QuickTime 4 Public Beta With Internet Streaming Apple First To Embrace Non-Proprietary Streaming Server Software NAB, LAS VEGAS-April 19, 1999-Apple Computer, Inc. today released the public beta of QuickTime 4, its industry-leading multimedia software, for both the Macintosh and Windows platforms. QuickTime 4 features "streaming" of live and stored video and audio over the Internet, and is the first Internet streaming solution to use non-proprietary industry-standard RTP and RTSP protocols for streaming over the Internet. In addition, Apple announced that it has begun licensing its open Internet Streaming Server software under an Open Source model (see separate release). The public beta software also includes an all new QuickTime Player that offers easy access to QuickTime content, and significant enhancements to the QuickTime PictureViewer application and QuickTime Web Browser Plug-in. "We are embracing the non-proprietary open server model for Internet streaming, and...
Apr 19
[NPL] WebTen 3.0 -- now with WEBmail
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Phone: 805-963-6983 888-2-WebTen FAX: 805-962-8202 Contact: Anita Holmgren Internet: WEBTEN 3.0 - AWARD WINING WEB SERVER FOR MAC ADDS WEBMAIL New release includes enhanced security, compatibility, robustness, and extensibility Santa Barbara, CA, April 19. Tenon Intersystems today announced WebTen 3.0, an upgrade to its industrial-strength, high-performance Apache-based Web server for Power Macs. The new WebTen now supports web-based email, secure remote administration, enhanced SSL certificate support, dynamically loadable Apache modules, and a Sherlock-compatible high-performance search engine. WebTen, one of the easiest-to-use and fastest Apache web servers in the world, is available for both Mac OS and for Apple's new OS X Server. WebTen's new anytime, anywhere web mail enables users to access email from any device running a browser. WebTen's web mail, based on EMUmail, is compatible with SMTP...
Apr 19
[NPL] CopyPaste 4.3.1
Press Release 4/19/99 CopyPaste is the shareware utility that was awarded a 5 mouse rating by MacUser and was their shareware utility of the year 1996. Shareware Junkies declared it Mac Product of the year for 1997. CopyPaste also appeared in the June 97 Wired and has been featured in MacWeek, TidBits, MacAddict and many other magazines. CopyPaste magnifies the clipboard in many different ways and has been declared indespensible by web developers, editors, writers, dtp professionals and everyone who uses the clipboard. CopyPaste is available online and can be downloaded free at: it is also on the major shareware archives and AOL. One of the early wonders of the Mac was its revolutionary ability to do copy and paste across various applications. Unlike other areas in the Mac's system software that have changed and progressed over the years, copying and pasting has not evolved. How many times have you found yourself going back and forth copying in one...
Apr 19
[NPL] MessageTools 3.1.3
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automated Solutions Group Announces MessageTools 3.1.3 Update Enhanced message notification plug-in for 4th Dimension based application Huntington Beach, CA - April 19, 1999: Automated Solutions Group today announced the release of MessageTools 3.1.3 for Macintosh and Windows. MessageTools 3.1.3 is a free update for all registered users of MessageTools 3.0. Introduction MessageTools includes platform native (uses Macintosh or Windows API calls) replacement dialogs for the standard Alert, Confirm, Request and Message commands as well as new dialogs for enhanced Progress Bars (included indeterminate dialog on Macintosh), as well as a multi-button dialog. Version 3.1 includes support for Macintosh Appearance Manager (available in Mac OS 8 or Appearance control Panel), display appearance savvy notification dialogs. MessageTools Features Include: All MessageTools dialogs provide the ability to customize the appearance of the dialog through a series of custom...
Apr 19
[MD1] Adobe Premiere Supports Apple's QuickTime 4
For Immediate Release Adobe Announces Support for Apple's QuickTime 4 in Adobe Premiere New QuickTime features in Adobe Premiere to include Web streaming and native DV editing San Jose, Calif., (April 19, 1999) (Nasdaq:ADBE)-The world of desktop video editing and distribution is being revolutionized by two emerging technologies-digital video (DV) cameras and streaming video on the Web. These technologies will put the ability to create and distribute video content into the hands of millions. One of the core video architectures helping to advance these technologies is the newly announced QuickTime 4. As a leader in video content creation, Adobe Systems today announced its support for QuickTime 4. Adobe's flagship video editing product, Adobe Premiere, will take advantage of a host of new features within QuickTime 4, including impressive new capabilities for video streaming on the Web and native DV editing. This update to Adobe Premiere will be available this summer as a free plug-in for...
Apr 19
[MD1] Toolchest 1.0.3 for 4D
For more information contact Adrienne L. Coerper Director of Marketing and Administration Automated Solutions Group (714) 375-4252 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automated Solutions Group Announces Toolchest 1.0.3 Update 4th Dimension utility plug-in and code library Huntington Beach, CA - April 19, 1999: Automated Solutions Group today announced the release of Toolchest 1.0.3 for Macintosh and Windows. Toolchest v1.0.3 is a free update for all registered users of Toolchest 1.0. Introduction Toolchest is a collection of 4th Dimension methods, forms and plug-in routines designed to enhance your 4th Dimension applications. Toolchest is also provided as a bundled component with PowerTools and a variety of Automated Solutions Group development tools. Toolchest has been developed to provide a universal library of 4th Dimension methods, forms, and plug-in routines which can be used in any number of applications, extending the existing 4th Dimension command set. Toolchest...
Apr 19
[NPL] QuicKeys Mac 4.0 Released
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contact: Sue Nail CE Software, Inc. (515) 221-1801 ext.3025 or (605) 235-1991 Suggested Retail Price: $99.95 Upgrade price from version 3.5: $35.95 Free 30-day demo available April 22: CE SOFTWARE RELEASES QUICKEYS 4.0 FOR MACINTOSH Must-have upgrade to popular automation tool adds Mac OS 8.5 compatibility, better performance and new time-saving features WEST DES MOINES, Iowa, April 19, 1999 - CE Software, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of CE Software Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ SC Symbol: CESH), today announced the release of QuicKeys 4.0 for Macintosh, its industry-leading automation utility software. Version 4.0 adds Mac OS 8.5 compatibility, new toolbar functionality and 50 new time-saving features. A free 30-day demo is available for download this week from "QuicKeys 4.0 is the best makeover and function-adding upgrade since Mac OS 8," said Ryan Wurtz, QuicKeys 4.0 preview tester. "I'm very impressed....
Apr 19
[MD1] InterLok 1.2 - Software Rental Features
For Release: Monday, April 19, 1999 PACE Anti-Piracy Releases Version 1.2 of InterLok for Macintosh; Update Supports Software Rentals, Offers Enhanced Challenge/Response Options SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA - April 19, 1999 - PACE Anti-Piracy, the leading developer of secure software distribution systems for the Macintosh and Windows operating systems, today released an update to its InterLok for Macintosh product. InterLok for Macintosh 1.2 better supports software rentals, a distribution mechanism that allows software developers to broaden customer options for acquiring their products. Using InterLok, software developers can provide their customers with time-limited product licenses and "pay as you use" rental arrangements, or securely allow customers to evaluate software before purchasing it. The new version of InterLok released today also offers a wider range of challenge/response customization options for developers and publishers using InterLok for the distribution of their software...
Apr 19
[NPL] Check Point Software now at 17,000 VPN Gateways
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EDITORIAL CONTACT: Ter Hui Peng / Seamus Phan McGallen & Bolden (News/Media) tel: +65-3246588 email: Check Point Software Leads Virtual Private Networking Market More than 17,000 VPN gateway installations and industry's most comprehensive and integrated product offering move Check Point Software to forefront of VPN Market. SINGAPORE - April 19, 1999 -- Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP) today announced that it has surpassed its 17,000 VPN-1 Gateway installation milestone, and has distributed millions of VPN clients, extending its breakaway leadership in the growing VPN market. Recent reports and client studies from leading market research firms further support Check Point's VPN leadership with its VPN-1 family of products. "Client-to-site remote access for mobile and remote users as well as total integration with overall network security and centralized management are the key drivers behind the rapid growth in today's...
Apr 19
[NPL] PreFab Player 1.5, Run scripts without user interference
*** Breakthrough: Run scripts without user interference *** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WESTFORD, MA -- April 19, 1999 -- PreFab Software, Inc. is pleased to announce that version 1.5 of Player shipped today. Although an increasing number of applications and control panels include some support for scripting, key features are left untouched. Player fills the gap, adding verbs to AppleScript and Frontier to query and control the user interface. The 1.5 release adds support for MacOS 8.5.x, user-requested commands and options, plus a breakthrough feature: a verb to disable user input to prevent interference with running scripts. Very cool! This is the last piece of my major puzzle. Thanks! Steve Briggs,, Wow Pages Interactive, PreFab Player 1.5 will retail for $139 ($79 for education); the current $95 price will be honored through May 15. The price includes one license for Player Runtime. Additional Runtime licenses are $25 each, with volume...
Apr 19
[NPL] Electrifier Announces QuickTime 4 Support
** Electrifier Announces Support for QuickTime 4 * Electrifier Pro 2.0 Delivers Rich Media with Real-Time Streaming via Apple Computer's Industry-Standard QuickTime Software RESEARCH TRIANGLE, NC--April 19, 1999--Electrifier, Inc., a provider of rich media solutions for the Internet, announced today that Electrifier(R) Pro 2.0, its award-winning tool for streaming rich media, will fully support QuickTime 4, Apple Computer's new streaming digital media delivery solution, also announced today. With Electrifier Pro's powerful yet intuitive drag-and-drop authoring, every Web site creator can instantly turn static Web sites and marketing materials into dazzling, interactive rich media sites. Electrifier Pro is the only rich media tool which gives Web professionals the power to integrate every type of content--text, images, virtual reality, 3-D, animation, audio, and video. Electrifier Pro 2.0's new capabilities allow Web professionals to create and integrate real-time streaming video and...
Apr 17
[MD1] ActiveDeveloper v2.07
NEWS For Immediate Release: For further information, please contact: InterACTIVE-Technology ActiveDeveloper v2.07 -- Shipping, Ready and Productive -- for $199 Vestbjerg, Denmark -- InterACTIVE-Technology is now shipping ActiveDeveloper v2.07 - our CrossPlatform Smalltalk-like Development Environment for NATIVE MacOS X, Windows and OpenStep. And, also our take on Thinking Different about Developing Object-Oriented Code from OpenStep into Mac OS X. We are excited to see MacOS X Server now shipping, and at the current $499 price tag. Because, we know MacOS X Server isn't just another Unix Server OS. Together with WebObjects and YellowBox it makes a Magic and Premium Cross-Platform Developer Station. And, we with the current price tag, we can also buy it as such - cool - thank you. To celebrate the shipping of MacOS X Server - we have opened an Introduction Offer of ActiveDeveloper v2.x floating network licenses,...
Apr 16
[NPL] QuickMail Pro 2.0 Announced
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Editorial Contact Sue Nail CE Software, Inc. (515) 221-1801 ext. 3025 or (605) 235-1991 Available: June 1999 QuickMail Pro 2.0 client upgrade from version 1.0: $12 per user QuickMail Office 2.0 upgrade from version 1.0: $13-$16 per user To download the QuickMail Office 2.0 preview: CE Software Unveils QuickMail Office 2.0 Major upgrade to popular Internet E-mail software sports all-new interface and new contact-management features; Public preview available now WEST DES MOINES, IA, April 15, 1999 -- CE Software, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of CE Software Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ SC Symbol: CESH), today announced QuickMail Office 2.0, a major upgrade for its easy-to-use Internet and interoffice E-mail system for mid-sized businesses. Version 2.0 features an all-new interface, advanced contact management features, hierarchical folders for filed E-mail and dozens of other improvements. QuickMail...
Apr 16
[NPL] ASTARTE Ships DVD Authoring Tools
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ASTARTE Ships DVD Authoring Tools DVDirector and DVDirector Pro released after two years of development and testing. Friday, April 16, 1999 - ASTARTE GmbH today announced the immediate availability of our flagship DVD authoring packages for the Macintosh: DVDirector version 1.0.1 and DVDirector Pro version 1.0.1. First previewed at the DVD Pro conference last summer, DVDirector is the result of over two years of development work by ASTARTE's award-winning software team. ASTARTE made CD recording easy and accessible with Toast CD-ROM Pro, now they're doing it again for DVD Video creation. DVDirector combines unprecedented ease-of-use with sophisticated capabilities that let anyone create professional-quality Video DVDs in record time. Priced at USD 5,399, DVDirector offers breakthrough features at an industry-leading price. Included in that price is the DVDirector authoring application, plus M.Pack, our acclaimed MPEG-2 encoding software, and our new Subtitle...
Apr 16
[NPL] MacTuner 2.0
For Immediate Release Contact: Trexar Technologies, Inc.,, Phone: (770) 442-8045. ALL NEW MacTuner 2.0 makes it easier than ever to enjoy Worldwide Radio & TV on the Net! Trexar announces the availability of MacTuner(tm) 2.0! MacTuner is a Macintosh multimedia program that lets you enjoy more than 1500 world-wide live and recorded radio and TV stations on your Macintosh. Using the Internet and your computer's sound card, you can watch and listen to news, talk, sports and information programming, and listen to rock, country, jazz, classical and oldies stations. Our new version supports 68040 and later Macs (including PPC/G3) and requires only 16MB of memory. Performance is excellent, and the application is now less than 1MB (MacTuner 1.0 was 4MB). MacTuner 2.0 also supports all popular screen sizes and resolutions. MacTuner supports RealAudio and RealVideo and brings more than 1,500 stations to your Mac. Your one-time purchase of MacTuner for $22.95 entitles you to...
Apr 15
[MD1] Script Runner 1.2 for CodeWarrior
Elegant Chaos is pleased to announce the release of Script Runner 1.2 Script Runner is a post-linker plugin for Metrowerks CodeWarrior. Script Runner allows you to execute any AppleScript or application in the post-link phase of your compilation. Sample AppleScripts are included to do such things as: add a custom icon, compress the linked file, copy the linked file to another folder. Version 1.2 adds support for locating the script file using access paths, rather than specifying an absolute location - particularly useful for multi-programmer projects where the scripts may be stored in different places on different machines. download from: ( read more at: ( Sam Deane / Elegant Chaos / / April 1999
Apr 15
[NPL] Syslogd 2.0
From: Brian Bergstrand ( Subject: [ANNC] Syslogd v2.0 final release Syslogd 2.0 has the following new features: Syslog network send and receive over UDP port 514 Host filtering Finder shutdown/restart events are trapped and logged Repeated messages are handled like the UNIX version Log any facility.priority combination to multiple logs Console logging (through the Finder) Unlimited number of logs A verbose logging option Enhanced AppleScript support over v1.x AppleShare IP 6.x logging Supports the MARK facility Version 2.0 also supports the v1.x feature that allows local Mac applications to use the Syslog faciltiy. The PPC and 68K(FAT) release can be downloaded at: This link also contains complete support information for Syslogd 2.0, including full Help documentation. Make sure to read the included Release Notes for important release information. Syslogd is $20 Honorware. Honorware is the same concept as...
Apr 14
[MD1] REALbasic 2.0
Contact: Janet Davis, 512-263-1233, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE REAL SOFTWARE SHIPS REALBASIC 2. Major upgrade offers many new features including Windows compiler, database engine, and database connectivity AUSTIN, TEXAS - Apr. 12th, 1999 - REAL Software, Inc. today announced that REALbasic 2.0 for Mac OS is shipping. This new version comes in two editions: Standard and Professional. The Professional edition contains all the features of the Standard edition but also includes the ability to create Windows executable applications, a single-user, relational database engine, and database connectivity. Users who purchased REALbasic version 1 on or after March 5th, 1999 will receive a free update to REALbasic Standard Edition version 2. A fully functional trial version of REALbasic version 2 is available from REAL Software's web site. REALbasic 2.0 Standard Edition adds the following new features: o New Interface Controls. Version 2 adds eight new Appearance Manager savvy...
Apr 14
[MD1] New CodeWarrior Palm FAQ
From: (MW Ron) Subject: [ANN] New CW Palm FAQ Palm Warriors, There is a new and improved CodeWarrior for Palm FAQ is up on our website, complete with spiffy artwork and updated factoids :-)
Apr 14
[NPL] Customizable HTML Templates for Fireworks 2
For more information, contact: For Immediate Release Macromedia Macromedia Kirsten Armstrong Susan Nicolls (415) 252-4088 (415) 553-2751 MACROMEDIA DELIVERS FREE CUSTOMIZABLE HTML TEMPLATES FOR FIREWORKS 2 Fireworks 2 Customers Using Dreamweaver, GoLive or FrontPage Benefit from More Efficient Web Workflow Internet World Spring - Los Angeles, CA - April 14, 1999 - Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced new customizable HTML templates for Fireworks(TM) 2, the newest release of Macromedia's award-winning Web graphics production environment. With the new templates, Fireworks 2 users can export clean, compact HTML code pre-formatted for Adobe GoLive. The new templates also address customer requests for specific HTML and JavaScript coding styles. The new Adobe GoLive templates round out Fireworks 2 support for popular Web authoring software -- including the award-winning Macromedia Dreamweaver(TM) 2, and...
Apr 14
[MD1] GL4Java 2.0.0
From: gerard ziemski ( Subject: [ANN] GL4Java 2.0.0 [ANN] GL4Java 2.0.0 I have updated GL4Java, a shared library that lets Java applications access OpenGL, to work with both Mesa and Apple OpenGL library. You can download GL4Java here: (
Apr 14
[NPL] Blue World Ships Lasso 3.5 Web Data Engine
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 14, 1999 BLUE WORLD SHIPS LASSO 3.5 WEB DATA ENGINE New version supports JavaScript and XML standards and advanced functions for Web application developers. Now available in full-featured Application Server editions along with specially priced Developer editions. BELLEVUE, WA -- April 14, 1999 -- Blue World Communications, Inc. today shipped the Lasso 3.5 Web Data Engine (tm), a significant upgrade to Blue World's popular award-winning tool for building and serving powerful database-driven Web applications. Key new features include support for Server-Side JavaScript, XML, syntax errors notification, data interaction with other CGIs, fault recovery, advanced security and enhanced credit card validation. In addition, Lasso 3.5 introduces support for Web servers from Netscape Communications and support for Windows 95/98. What's more, Lasso 3.5 introduces exclusive protection against service affecting issues associated with Web hosting FileMaker Pro databases...
Apr 13
[NPL] Ch-ching! 2.6 Internet Store Builder
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Imacination Software Releases Ch-Ching! 2.6 for Windows and MAC OS with automated credit card processing, UPSonline shipping, easy store setup, and tight integration with Adobe GoLive 4.0 allows merchants to create a complete fully-functional Internet store in as little as 15 minutes with no programming required. To download the Ch-Ching! 30-day demo visit Review copies available on request by mail to media Visit Imacination at Spring Internet World Los Angeles #234EC (eCommerce Section) VENTURA, Calif. -- April 13, 1999 (Xpress Press) -- Imacination Software today made available their new edition of Ch-Ching! the Instant Internet Store Builder. Ch-Ching!, the popular eCommerce store solution targets small to medium-sized businesses wanting to make sales on the Web through a secure, database-driven site. Building upon the ease-of-use and rapid deployment capabilities of previous versions, Ch-Ching! 2.6, adds a tremendous amount of new...
Apr 13
[NPL] Email Merge 1.7.5
Sig Software would like to announce Email Merge version 1.7.5. Email Merge is an intuitive Macintosh program for creating mailings of individualised email messages. It takes a database of information and a message template, and merges the two to create customised email messages. On high-end Macs, over 1000 messages per minute can be queued for sending. Version 1.7.5 adds full support for Outlook Express 4.5. Other improvements include more comprehensive message verification (with explanations) and a fix for sending multiple attachments via Eudora. Email Merge supports Claris Emailer, Outlook Express, or Eudora. The Sig Software home page is at : The Email Merge page is at : Thank you, Gideon Greenspan Sig Software
Apr 13
[NPL] Hotline Connect 1.5
For Immediate Release Hotline Communications Ltd. launches Hotline Connect 1.5 at Spring Internet World, Los Angeles Community-building software suite first to provide Windows and Mac users with real-time, easy-to-use collaborative communication over the Internet - with or without the Web and e-mail. Editor's Highlights - Builds instant, online communities by turning any desktop computer into a forum for live, efficient communication and collaboration - Provides private and public chatting and conferencing to allow individuals in associations, educational institutions, government departments, corporations and other groups to interact quickly and easily in real time with minimal technical knowledge through a simple graphical user interface - Offers the flexibility of dispatching instant messages and news, privately and publicly - Conducts fast and resumable file transfer - Saves disk space by allowing the user to view images and text before downloading - Runs along with or...
Apr 13
[NPL] PowerPrint for Networks
Infowave Announces PowerPrint for Networks New product allows Macs to print to virtually any printer across an Ethernet network Burnaby, British Columbia, April 13, 1999: Infowave Software Inc. (IWM) is pleased to announce PowerPrint for Networks, the affordable, Macintosh-friendly way for SOHO, education, and consumer users to print from their Macintosh to virtually any printer over a network. With PowerPrint for Networks almost any printer becomes a Macintosh network printer. PowerPrint for Networks consists of Infowave's award-winning suite of PowerPrint drivers, a fast 10/100BaseT multi-protocol print server, and a printer cable, to provide Ethernet network printing connectivity from a Macintosh to over 1600 inkjet, laser and specialty PC-printers. Infowave's PowerPrint for Networks is an ideal solution for: Mixed environments where you want Macintosh and PC computers to share printers on an Ethernet network. PowerPrint for Networks makes sharing a low cost, non-Postscript printer...
Apr 12
[MD1] MacHack Early Registration, Palm Promo To End
MacHack PR: Early Registration, Palm Promo To End MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers c/o Expotech 1264 Bedford Road Grosse Point Park, MI 48230 Contact: Carol Lynn Tel: (313) 882-1824 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dearborn, MI -- April 13, 1999 -- Even as the momentum for the 1999 incarnation of MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers grows stronger, some things are disappearing quickly. In the last two weeks, the conference has announced its keynote speaker, popular Macintosh and technology columnist Andy Ihnatko. The preliminary list of technical sessions has been released and more sessions are slated to be announced in the coming weeks. The academic paper finalists have been announced. More information on all of these conference features can be found on the MacHack web site ( If the looming tax deadline were not enough to conjure fear and loathing, on April 15, we will witness the demise of early...
Apr 12
[NPL] WEBFM 4.1 for FileMaker Pro, Now Faster
This announcement is from: Eric Bickford, Web Broadcasting, FASTER WEBFM 4.1 FOR FILEMAKER PRO NOW AVAILABLE AND BUNDLED WITH PICTFM Palo Alto, CA -- April 12, 1999 -- Web Broadcasting announces the immediate availability of WEBFM 4.1 for FileMaker Pro. WEBFM 4.1 is a third-party plug-in to popular Mac OS web servers including WebSTAR, WebTEN, and AppleShare IP providing a web browser interface to FileMaker Pro databases. Version 4.1 of WEBFM includes faster performance, bug fixes, and PICTFM 1.0 bundled free. ABOUT TEMPLATE FILE SUPPORT WEBFM 4.1 includes support for easy-to-use Template files. Template files are Internet standard HTML documents void of confusing, incompatible, and proprietary markup [/tags]. For this reason a webmaster need not learn yet another markup language, and Template documents are compatible with web page editors and client browsers. A highly intelligent parsing algorithm in WEBFM automatically selects appropriate pop-up/...
Apr 12
[MD1] InstallAnywhere Now! For Free
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Colin Sanford Zero G Software, Inc. (415) 512-7771 x29 Zero G Software Launches Aggressive Distribution Program Offering InstallAnywhere Now! For Free Availability of Multi-Platform Deployment Tool Provides All Developers With Easy-to-Use Solution For Deploying Java Based Software SAN FRANCISCO, April 12, 1999 - Zero G Software, Inc., the leading developer of multi-platform deployment tools, today announced an aggressive distribution program for InstallAnywhere Now!, the entry-level version of the industry's most popular Java application installer, making the product available to all software developers free of charge. The free availability of InstallAnywhere Now! gives every software developer access to award-winning technologies and provides an easy-to-use solution for deploying software to multiple platforms. To kick-off this new distribution program, InstallAnywhere Now! will be available for download from the Java Lobby Web site (...
Apr 12
[NPL] "Flat-Rate" transaction processing solution
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Charge Solutions, LLC 8690 Aero Drive, #312 San Diego, CA 92123 Toll Free: 800-888-1152 P: 619-640-4348 F: 619-640-4311 Contact: Don Wilson, Managing Director CHARGE SOLUTIONS.COM ANNOUNCES FLAT RATE TRANSACTION PROCESSING FOR INTERNET MERCHANTS. SAN DIEGO, CA, April 1, 1999 -- Charge Solutions, LLC, the fastest growing Credit Card Processing System for facilitating web site e-commerce integration has announced the launching of CS-VPOS 3.0 and a new "Flat-Rate" transaction processing solution. Internet merchants no longer have to pay a percentage of sales for on-line transaction processing. The latest version of CS-VPOS Processing Solutions Software allows merchants access to many valuable features allowing the Internet merchant the ability to create transactions from any location with Internet connectivity, including: transactional reporting, complex transaction searching, password administration systems, fraud control, address...
Apr 12
[NPL] Shockwave Multiuser Server
For Immediate Release SHOCKWAVE GOES MULTIUSER, ENABLING COMMUNITY AND MULTIPLAYER ENTERTAINMENT ON THE WEB Shockwave Multiuser Server Provides Rich Media Solution For Up To 1,000 Simultaneous Users San Francisco, CA - April 12, 1999 - Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced the availability of its Shockwave Multiuser Server licensing program, so that up to 1,000 users can simultaneously connect to the same engaging, rich media Shockwave experience on the Web. Multiplayer games, multiuser presentations, shared whiteboards, multimedia chat, connected entertainment, auctions, and many other people-to-people applications can now be shared by interactive online communities. "Everyone on the web is interested in community. By adding multimedia, Shockwave player delivers the richest multiuser experience available," said Ron Short, president and creative director of Gizmo Gypsies Inc. "With Macromedia's Shockwave Multiuser Server, users can share those experiences in real-time in a...
Apr 12
[NPL] Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Available
For Immediate Release Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Software Makes Collaborating and Sharing Documents A Breeze Adobe Acrobat 4.0 is Now Available and Adobe Delivers New Technology to Make PDF Files More Accessible San Jose, Calif., (April 12, 1999) (Nasdaq: ADBE)-Adobe Systems announced today the immediate availability of Adobe Acrobat 4.0 software for Windows and Macintosh. Introduced in February, Adobe Acrobat 4.0 is simply one of the most reliable tools to help people collaborate and share information across computers, corporate Intranets and the Web. Adobe Acrobat 4.0 delivers a rich set of annotation tools, support for digital signatures, the ability to easily collect Web content into the Portable Document Format (PDF) and re-use information within PDF files. Additionally, in a world where computer viruses are becoming pervasive, PDFwill not pass along viruses across computer systems or the Internet. The new features in Acrobat 4.0 will enhance the ability of Palo Verde, the largest power-...
Apr 12
[NPL] MailAgent Plus (and v.1.2 update)
For Immediate Release Media Contact: Naomi Pearce Pearce Communications 510/528-0824 NET.DREAMS INTRODUCES MAILAGENT PLUS AND RELEASES FREE V.1.2 UPDATE -- International Webmasters Score with New MailAgent Plus; New, Free MailAgent v.1.2 Update Improves Compatibility with ASIP, Extends 8-bit Character Support, and More -- ROHNERT PARK, Calif., April 12, 1999 -- Net.Dreams today announced the immediate availability of a new MailAgent Plus product, and a new MailAgent 1.2 update for MailAgent Lite and MailAgent Pro. The new MailAgent Plus has all of the core MailAgent functionality for reliably sending email from Mac-based Web sites, plus integrated attachment capabilities, making it a good mid-range option, especially for users outside of the U.S. The new MailAgent 1.2 update includes improved 8-bit character support, compatibility improvements with ASIP, QuidProQuo and WebTEN, and a simplified key management system for the integrated PGP capabilities in MailAgent...
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