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May 27
[NPL] AutoShare 4.0, a freeware list server
From: Mikael Hansen ( Subject: AutoShare 4.0, a freeware list server AutoShare is a robust and speedy list server and auto-responder and may be used with EIMS or SIMS. Available for both 68K and Power Macs, requiring little memory and tested with Mac OS 8.6, AutoShare can handle hundreds of mailing lists and thousands of subscribers for each list. Full scriptability is supported, and an Admin application with balloon help makes it easy to configure the richly featured server application. The AutoShare archive comes complete with script samples and documentation covering features such as multiple preference sets, fully automated web archives, remote administration by email, subscriber and administrator web forms and advanced mail-back confirmations. AutoShare is the only Macintosh list server offering a built-in automated bounce and unsubscribe module, supporting both hard and soft bounces. It can be used to launch external applications and includes built-in Cron support....
May 27
[NPL] iPresenter: iMac RGB Video Adapter
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SEATTLE WA, May 25, 1999 Power R announced the iPresenter, an RGB video adapter for iMac computers. The announcement was made by company president James Baker. " The iMac has a built in screen, but for some users that's not enough. With the iPresenter those users can now display their video on a projector, presentation monitor or TV" said Baker. The iPresenter is compatible with LCD or DLP projectors, presentation monitors and most scan converters. Installation takes 10 minutes. Two RGB connectors (VGA and Mac 15 pin) deliver RGB at any of 10 resolutions. The iPresenter is compatible with all versions and flavors of the iMac. Available now $99 US Photos Available at: Contact: Jeff Bakeman, Manager- email: Power R, Inc. 756 Aloha Street Seattle, WA 98109 (206) 282-2000
May 27
[MD1] New Wave Software SPI (Software Piracy Intervention)
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: New Wave Software, Inc. Phone... 800-920-9283 Fax... 215-736-3370 E-mail... or New Wave Software releases SPI to combat Software Piracy Morrisville, PA - May 25, 1999 - To prevent software piracy and track those who attempt it, New Wave Software, Inc. has developed SPI(TM) -- Software Piracy Intervention. SPI adds a protective layer to software products that allows only those end-users who legitimately purchased the software to install it. No matter how many copies of a protected program get distributed illegally, only the valid purchaser can install the product. SPI includes unique features such as passive and active encryption protection. SPI protected products can be distributed over the Internet, on CD-ROM or on diskette. Another unique feature of SPI is that it can remotely disable stolen prepackaged software. One phone call to New Wave can disable one, two or thousands of stolen software products,...
May 27
[NPL] Two New Timbuktu Products
From: "Jeff Porter" ( Subject: Netopia Announces Two New Timbuktu Products We are pleased to announce two new Timbuktu Products for the Macintosh community. Please find attached two Press Releases announcing our newest Timbuktu Pro 5.0 for Mac OS as well as Timbuktu HouseCall, a brand new product from the development team at Netopia. We hope you will be as excited about this release as we are and consider these products for your news and reviews sections, as well as your web site. Please feel free to forward this information to anyone within your organization that may be interested. Timbuktu HouseCall is an exciting new utility designed for those Mac experts that find themselves constantly supporting family and friends on their Macintosh systems. It's probably the coolest thing we've done since Look@Me! We think of it as Rx for Mac OS. Our new Timbuktu Pro 5.0 for Mac OS is focused on speed increases as well as comes with some great new Internet tools which help...
May 27
[NPL] OpenScript 1.7
From: Marco Bambini ( Subject: ANNOUNCE: OpenScript 1.7 What is OpenScript? OpenScript is a plugin for every HTTP server compatible with W*API 1.1 (like WebSTAR, Quid Pro Quo, AppleShare IP or WebTen). It allows you to include AppleScript, PERL and Frontier commands in your HTML pages; you can also write nested commands so you can use Frontier commands inside AppleScript scripts or AppleScript commands in Frontier scripts (also with PERL). How can I use it? Just write the scripts inside the (Applescript)...(/Applescript) or (Usertalk)...(/Usertalk) TAGs, OpenScript execute them and place the result in your HTML page. You can also write nested TAGs in order to use the best commands of both the scripting languages. OpenScript allows you to create powerful dynamic pages with AppleScript, MacPERL and Frontier!! This version offers the ability to encode in HTML the result of the script using the "?encode" parameter and fixed some minor bugs. For more information, or to...
May 27
[NPL] 1.0.9
Automatic field selection during script replication is now a reality! - the script replication utility for FileMaker Pro - has been updated to 1.0.9b10 and now includes the ability to automatically identify and select fields during script replication. Automatic field selection and Interactive Mode form a superb partnership, enabling you to script easier than ever before. Version 1.0.9b10 of is available in 11 flavours to support 11 language varieties of FileMaker Pro including German, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, French, Japanese, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Italian and English. FileMaker Pro users and developers everywhere are using the power of to speed script input and replication. Why script your life away when can do so much? can be found at ( is a Mac-only utility, and is compatible with Mac systems from version 7.5 to 8.6. Author Gregory Charles Rivers (...
May 27
[NPL] 3-D spreadsheet: Storeys 1.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: - - May 25, 1999 - - NEWS RELEASE: ProFunda is happy to announce the shipping of version 1.5 of its new 3-D spreadsheet Storeys. If you work with large sets of data or need to do sequential record keeping (such as monthly sales statistics, financial plans, scientific - or patient records), you can use the new 3-D technique in Storeys to save valuable time The new intuitive 3-D approach provides you with a new world of opportunities and changes your work in the 3rd dimension into real pleasure. - and you can even create spreadsheet models that could not be made in traditional spreadsheets. What is the secret? Dont clutter up your screen with spreadsheet documents, but use Storeys instead to create the depth exactly (and only) where it is needed - securing overview. Storeys 1.5 - IN SHORT: 1. New special third dimension providing better overview when working in layers. 2. Create layers with e.g. names of the months with a single mouse-click. 3. Calculate "...
May 27
[NPL] Vicomsoft: DHCP/DNS Integration
Vicomsoft's DHCP/DNS Integration Offers Unrivalled Flexibility in Network Administration The newly released version 6 of Vicomsoft's popular Internet sharing software, Internet Gateway and SoftRouter, feature both a DHCP server and a Local DNS server. The DHCP server automatically configures TCP/IP settings for all of the computers on the network, dramatically reducing the amount of administration required. The local DNS server resolves local host names to IP addresses, making it possible to use easy to remember names rather than numbers to locate personal web servers and other shared resources on the LAN. The Internet Gateway and SoftRouter integrate the DHCP and DNS servers seamlessly, making it possible to resolve local host names to IP addresses even when they are dynamically assigned via DHCP. With separate DHCP and DNS server products this would not be possible. The Internet Gateway and SoftRouter however, allow computers to be moved, renamed or have new addresses assigned with...
May 26
[NPL] LetterRip Pro 3.0.5
Fog City Software is pleased to announce the release of LetterRip Pro 3.0.5. You may find that our site is inaccessible due to excessive traffic. In this case, I'd be happy to email you a copy of the installer. Just send me a note. We recommend that all owners of LetterRip Pro update to this release. This update is free to owners of LetterRip Pro. LetterRip Pro Administrator has not changed since 3.0.4 and you can download just the server. Changes in 3.0.5: - Added ability to change incoming SMTP port in tweak settings. - LetterRip Server now refuses to handle AppleEvents during initialization. The return code errAEEventFailed (-10000) is returned. Previously, an untimely AppleEvent during initialization could cause a crash. - LetterRip Pro Server now gives up some time during the initialization of the address lists. This should remove the "freeze" effect at startup. - The -on, -off, -digest accounts are now automatically created when...
May 26
[MD1] MADE 1.4.0
Sig Software is proud to announce the release of MADE 1.4.0. Macintosh Application Development Essentials (MADE for short) is a tiny package of C/C++ code which provides all the lowest-level needs for a Macintosh application. It is used extensively at Sig Software for our own programs. Vesion 1.4.0 adds error contexts and hiding and linked list routines. Users who register will receive code for dealings with buffers, dialogs, strings, threads and opening URLs. But, best of all, they will receive unified wrapper functions for open/save dialogs which automatically use Navigation Services if available, or Standard File otherwise. The MADE page is at : Thank you, Gideon Greenspan Sig Software
May 26
[NPL] Unmounter Agent 3.2
Subject: The Unmounter Agent version 3.2 From: "Frdric Blondiau" ( The Unmounter Agent Plainevaux, May the 26th. DouWere ( is pleased to announce that The Unmounter Agent version 3.2 is available. The Unmounter application automatically unmounts unused shared disks and allows the user to remount them easily. This saves network resources and speeds up the Finder. What's New? This new version is Mac 8.6 compatible and now better supports any AppleShare IP server. It is distributed with a new - and smarter - installer. Pressing the option key while opening an unmounted volume will always bring a authentication dialog - so you can easily change the user name to remount the same volume with different access rights. The authentication dialog also let you specify passwords for password protected volumes (as in EtherShare, from Helios). The Unmounter is still shareware, but with a significant price reduction. The upgrade is free for...
May 25
[NPL] Director 7 to Support Streaming MP3 and QuickTime 4
MACROMEDIA DIRECTOR TO SUPPORT STREAMING MP3 AND QUICKTIME 4 Free Update for Registered Users Gives Developers an Edge in Creating Today's Most Compelling and Successful Web Sites San Francisco, CA -- Macromedia International Users Conference '99 -- May 25, 1999 -- Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced that Director(R) 7, the standard for creating and delivering powerful multimedia, has been updated with additional standards support and stability improvements. The enhanced Director 7.02 features superb sound with streaming MP3 and DirectSound support; QuickTime 4 video streaming; enhanced font embedding; and new support for Macromedia Flash(TM) 4 that provides developers with increased programmatic control to deliver better interactivity for end-users. Today's leading companies have leveraged Director's innovative technology to provide their customers with engaging, interactive Web sites. Optimized for fast, brilliant playback, Web sites utilizing Director and Shockwave...
May 25
[NPL] Equilibrium introduces new automation software
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Equilibrium Introduces OneButton Productivity Solutions for Digital Imaging, Photography, and Video New technology for digital cameras, scanners, and video cameras automates digital media production SAUSALITO, CA - May 24, 1999 - Equilibrium, the world's leading provider of automated graphics processing software, today gave the premier public demonstration of OneButton Productivity Solutions for digital imaging, photography, and video hardware. This technology, when bundled with digital cameras, video cameras, photo printers, and scanners, provides users with simple "OneButton" automated methods for preparing images for immediate Web, multimedia, and print use. "With our new OneButton Productivity Solutions, the time between image capture and image publishing is reduced to almost nothing," said Steve Denebeim, CEO of Equilibrium. "We've taken our award-winning automation engine and customized it to empower digital imaging, photography, and video hardware. Our new...
May 25
[NPL] BBEdit 5.1
Bare Bones products are available through DevDepot (,, Toll free: 877-DEPOT-NOW, Outside US/Canada: 805-494-9797, Fax: 805-494-9798.
May 25
[NPL] 6-Port FireWire Hub
R O C K E T F I R E 6 - P O R T F I R E W I R E H U B MacWorks Announces New 1394a-Compliant 6-Port FireWire Hub Lenexa, Kansas, May 25, 1999 -- MacWorks today announced the first FireWire accessory in its new RocketFire line of products. The first FireWire product the company will ship is the 1394a-compliant, cross-platform RocketFire 6-Port Hub repeater. The hub will have six 1394a-compliant ports that allow Mac & PC users to seamlessly add peripherals to their computers without the need to power down. The six-port hub supports data transfer rates of 100, 200, and 400 Mbps (mega bits per second) and automatically switches to the highest speed supported by the connected peripheral. The hub is housed in a low profile enclosure measuring 5.57" x 2.52" x 4.00" for easy placement. Power is supplied to the hub through a 30-watt wall mount transformer. Currently more than 50 FireWire peripherals are shipping in the market, with new product announcements almost daily. The...
May 25
[NPL] ASCII Converter 1.3.1
From: Marco Bambini ( Subject: ANNOUNCE: ASCII Converter 1.3.1 What is Ascii Converter? ASCII converter is a simple "drag and drop" application that converts text files from Windows to Macintosh and vice versa. MacOS and Windows use two different ASCII tables (a way to represent the characters) so when you open a Windows text file with a Mac application all the special characters (like: ,,,,, etc.) are misinterpreted. ASCII converter fixes this drawback and enables you to correctly read the text. This version (1.3.1) corrects some minor problems. For more information, or to download a free copy, visit (software section). Thank you for your time, Marco Bambini
May 25
[NPL] PowerPrint for Networks
Infowave Ships PowerPrint for Networks PowerPrint for Networks allows Macs to print to virtually any printer across an Ethernet network Burnaby, British Columbia, May 25, 1999: Infowave Software Inc. (IWM) announced today that it has started shipping PowerPrint for Networks,the affordable, Macintosh-friendly way for SOHO, education, and consumer users to print from their Macintosh to virtually any PC printer over a network. With PowerPrint for Networks almost any printer becomes a Macintosh network printer. PowerPrint for Networks combines Infowave's award-winning suite of PowerPrint printer drivers, a fast 10/100BaseT print server, and a printer cable, to provide Ethernet network printing connectivity from a Macintosh to over 1600 inkjet, laser and specialty PC-printers. Infowave's PowerPrint for Networks is an ideal solution for: * Sharing a printer - whether you have a Mac network or mixed environment with Macs and PC1s, PowerPrint for Networks makes sharing a low cost, non-...
May 24
[NPL] Mainstay Releases JustProgress
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Mainstay 591-A Constitution Ave. Camarillo, CA 93012 For more information contact: Lance Merker-Mainstay (805) 484-9400 Mainstay Releases JustProgress(tm) Web-Based Gantt Chart Applets Camarillo, CA, May 24, 1999-Mainstay today released JustProgress, a set of web-based Gantt chart applets used to plan, track, and display project status. JustProgress offers an application-like look and feel, right in a web page. A project schedule is no longer limited to a static GIF image display. Planning and tracking are done via an associated JustProgressEdit applet in which a project manager lists and plans various tasks in a dialog box interface. Later, when the project is underway, the manager uses the same interface to indicate "progress completed" and "revised plans" for various project tasks. Anyone interested in viewing project status need only call up the web page with the JustProgress applet to see the latest updated information....
May 24
[MD1] PuppetTime Producer Supports Multiple Cameras
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PUPPETTIME PRODUCER NOW SUPPORTS MULTIPLE CAMERAS 3D storytelling company continues rapid development pace toward a complete virtual movie studio inside consumer PCs SAN FRANCISCO (May 24th, 1999) - PuppetTime, Inc. announced today that it has released a new version of PuppetTime Producer, 1.0d24, on its web site PuppetTime is a patent-pending 3D digital actor plug-in architecture built on top of Apple's QuickTime. PuppetTime Producer allows Macintosh users to create 3D movies by commanding digital actors around a virtual stage with point and click ease. The latest version of PuppetTime Producer now supports multiple cameras. Users can add cameras to their productions just like any other puppet or prop. All cameras are shown via tabs above the camera view. Clicking on a camera tab changes the view to that camera. Camera controls allow users to set the pan, tilt, boom, roll, and location of the current camera. Camera motions and...
May 24
[MD1] Free Flash Player Source Code
For Immediate Release MACROMEDIA ANNOUNCES FREE FLASH PLAYER SOURCE CODE Extends Flash Standard to Next-Generation of Web-Enabled Devices, Bringing High-Impact Flash Interfaces to all Online Consumers San Francisco, Calif. - Macromedia International User Conference '99 -May 24, 1999- Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced plans to license at no charge the source code for its popular Flash(TM) Player for inclusion in upcoming hardware and software platforms. Already installed in more than 100 million Web browsers according to a recent third party study, Flash is the Web's most widely distributed interactive media player and the standard format for high impact, vector-based Web sites. Many leading companies, including Citibank, PepsiCola, DaimlerChrysler, and Nestle are using Flash to create beautiful, effective sites. In addition, several key platform providers, such as Microsoft, Apple, Netscape Communications Corp., America Online, @Home Network, WebTV, and Real Networks...
May 24
[NPL] Macromedia Debuts Flash 4
For Immediate Release MACROMEDIA DEBUTS FLASH 4 FOR DISTINCTIVE, FULL SCREEN WEB EXPERIENCES MP3 Streaming Audio, Powerful Interactivity, and Workflow Enhancements Make Flash the Optimal Solution for High-Impact, Bandwidth-Efficient Sites San Francisco, Calif.-Macromedia International User Conference '99 - May 24, 1999 - Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today unveiled a new version of its popular Flash(TM) authoring software. First introduced in 1996, Flash has become the standard for creating high-impact vector based Web sites that deliver sound, interactivity, graphics and animations and perform flawlessly across multiple browsers and platforms. Many leading companies, including Citibank, PepsiCola, DaimlerChrysler, and Nestle are using Flash to create beautiful Web sites that effectively communicate their brands. Flash 4 opens new design possibilities with enhancements such as integrated support for high-fidelity MP3 streaming audio and commands for easily creating personalized...
May 24
[NPL] AppleShare IP 6.2
Apple Releases AppleShare IP 6.2 Macintosh Server Software Suite Extends Sherlock Search Features; Introduces Shared Users & Groups CUPERTINO, California-May 24, 1999-Apple Computer, Inc. today released AppleShare IP 6.2, the latest version of the Company's integrated file, print, web and mail server software suite. Optimized for Apple's just released Mac OS 8.6 operating system upgrade, AppleShare IP 6.2 allows users to transfer files twice as fast as Windows NT*; introduces central management of user information through a new Shared Users & Groups feature; and extends support for Sherlock, Apple's ground-breaking search technology. In AppleShare IP 6.2, enhanced Sherlock capabilities allow indexing and "search by content" of shared folders and web sites hosted on AppleShare servers. "AppleShare IP 6.2, combined with the latest Macintosh Server G3, creates a powerful Apple server that is easy to set up and simple to administer," said Phil Schiller, Apple's vice president of...
May 24
[MD1] MacHack: Mac to the Past, Nostalgic Theme Unveiled
MacHack PR: Mac to the Past, Nostalgic Theme Unveiled MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers c/o Expotech 1264 Bedford Road Grosse Point Park, MI 48230 Contact: Carol Lynn Tel: (313) 882-1824 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dearborn, MI --May 24, 1999 -- Each year the MacHack software developers' conference centers all of its commemorative, collectible materials around a theme. Each year has featured some unique conference aspect be it a running conference joke or even play on the conference name. 1998 saw the rise of 'MacHack 13: The Return,' a play on the conference year and the ASCII code for the control-M (return key). Previous years have featured the 'Where's Waldemar' classic T-shirt and the cult of System 7 sacrificing a cartoon chicken to the OS gods. So what, in this year of rebirth for both the Mac and MacHack, will arise as the theme? Much ado has been made behind the scenes as the planning committee mulled this very issue. "We toyed...
May 24
[NPL] Farallon's Cross-Platform Home Phoneline Networking...
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Farallon First to Ship Cross-Platform Home Phoneline Networking Solution HomeLINE for Macs and PCs simplifies connectivity for sharing a single Internet connection, multi-player games, printers, files and more. San Leandro, CA, May 24th, 1999 - Farallon Communications, Inc., developer of reliable, plug-and-play networking solutions for Macs and PCs, ships their new, low-cost HomeLINE solution for networking both Macs and PCs over existing phonelines in the home. HomeLINE includes all the hardware and software users need for connecting computers to share Internet access, multi-player games, printers, files and more. Farallon is the only vendor with a cross-platform solution using the Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (HomePNA) standard geared towards networking in the home and small office over phone wire. Home networking represents a fast growing, rapidly emerging market opportunity. Dataquest estimates that there will be 17 million multiple computer homes in...
May 21
[NPL] XTen 6.1: New X Window Server for Mac OS
FOR RELEASE ON MAY 21, 1999 Contact: Anita Holmgren Phone: 805-963-6983 FAX: 805-962-8202 eMail: XTen 6.1: A Powerful, High-Performance X Window Server for Mac OS Supports encrypted passwords for LAN security, multiple password-protected desktops, centralized administration, and OpenGL Santa Barbara, CA, May 21, 1999. Tenon Intersystems today announced an upgrade to its unique X Window server for Power Macintosh. The new X server is the fastest X server on the Macintosh market and the only X server that supports local X Window managers and local X clients. Tenon's X is running in their highly-acclaimed Mach/BSD execution environment, providing the same multi-threaded architecture that is now being touted by Apple in their newly released Mac OS X Server. This foundation allows true X server operation and yields true X server performance, all in an easy-to-use Macintosh application package. The X server runs alongside Macintosh applications, giving...
May 20
[MD1] QuickTime 4 Downloads Pass Three Million in First Month
QuickTime 4 Downloads Pass Three Million in First Month CUPERTINO, California-May 20, 1999-Apple today announced that there have been over three million downloads of QuickTime 4 software during the first month since its launch. QuickTime 4 features "streaming" of live and stored video and audio over the Internet, and is the first Internet streaming solution to use open, industry-standard protocols (RTP and RSTP), eliminating the "server tax" charged to content providers by competitors using proprietary protocols. "QuickTime 4 provides the highest quality video and audio over the Internet," said Steve Jobs, Apple's interim CEO. "And, since content providers no longer have to pay RealNetworks' server tax, Quicktime 4 is attracting new 'Intercasters' every week." QuickTime 4 is the latest version of Apple's industry-leading multimedia software for Macintosh and Windows platforms. New features of QuickTime 4 include an all new, sleek QuickTime Player that offers easy access to QuickTime...
May 20
[NPL] UniTrap Add-on for iMac/G3 Round Mouse
Press Release: For Immediate Release Contour Introduces the UniTrap(TM) Salem, New Hampshire, May 20,1999- Contour Design, makers of the popular UniMouse, today announced a revolutionary add-on enhancement to the iMac and G3 round mouse. The UniTrap transforms your iMac or G3 mouse to a sleek, comfortable, full-sized mouse. It is a three piece snap-on design consisting of one top shell, one bottom shell, and five tasty flavored interchangeable buttons all in one pack-age. It completely encloses the round mouse to give the user maximum com-fort and control. In addition, the larger contoured button provides easier clicking. "One Advantage of the UniTrap is that it does not add additional width to the already wide 3" diameter of the round mouse," said Timothy Donaghy, Director of Marketing for Contour Design, Inc. "The UniTrap design allows the user to remove the sides of the round mouse to minimize the width, prior to placing it into the bottom shell. One piece slip-on shells currently...
May 20
[NPL] Zope Portal Toolkit
Digital Creations Introduces Zope Portal Toolkit Toolkit provides news, search and directory services for the Zope 2.0 Application Server FREDERICKSBERG, Va. -- May 20, 1999 -- Digital Creations, a Virginia-based company providing consulting services for Web business applications, today announced the release of its Zope Portal Toolkit, a service facility that extends the power of the company's Zope 2.0. Zope is a free, Open Source Web application platform used to build, deploy and manage dynamic, high-performance Web sites. The Zope Portal Toolkit provides news, search, directory and membership services that interact with Zope 2.0's built-in and extended capabilities. Zope 2.0 is a second-generation application server for Web site development and content management, providing a high performance index for fielded- and full-text searches, "news" and hierarchical views. The Toolkit also supports powerful membership-based customization and presentation features. "The Zope Portal Toolkit...
May 19
[NPL] Analog Helper 1.1
Subject: Analog Helper 1.1 Release From: Gideon Greenspan ( Sig Software is proud to announce the release of Analog Helper 1.1. Analog Helper is a graphical configuration tool for Analog 3, which is a free program to analyse the logfiles from your web server. Analog Helper lets you control and preview the results of hundreds of settings. Version 1.1 adds toggles to all settings lists, support for Navigation Services, more control over Analog's warnings reporting, and more. The Analog Helper page is at : Thank you, Gideon Greenspan Sig Software
May 19
[NPL] Cruise Control Software: Voice Agents
WALNUT SYSTEMS ANNOUNCES CRUISE CONTROL VOICE AGENT PLUG-IN Drag-and-Drop Macintosh Automation Software Adds Voice Command Capabilities MIDDLETOWN, NY (May 28, 1999) Walnut Systems today announced a new plug-in that further enhances the power and flexibility of their Cruise Control Software. The new plug-in, Voice Agents, is the first in a comprehensive set of tools that will add new functionality and capability to the drag-and-drop automation software. The Voice Agents plug-in adds speech recognition capabilities to Cruise Control, enabling users to easily create any series of voice-triggered tasks without having to program or write complicated scripts. Tasks can be as simple as checking E-mail and printing reports, or as complex as telling the computer to with one spoken command log onto the Internet, download a complete stock portfolio, print the results, and then turn itself off! Building even complex voice-controlled tasks requires nothing more than dragging and dropping the...
May 19
[NPL] Netscape Gecko Growing Momentum
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NETSCAPE GECKO BROWSING ENGINE AND MOZILLA.ORG WINNING INDUSTRY RECOGNITION WITH GROWING DEVELOPER SUPPORT Mozilla Open Source Development Initiative Receives CNET 'Web Innovator Of The Year' Award MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (May 19, 1999) - Netscape, a subsidiary of America Online Inc. (NYSE: AOL), today announced growing momentum for Gecko, its next-generation small, fast, and standards-based browsing engine. More than 10,000 open source developers have downloaded the software from and leading companies including Bradbury Software, CiTEC, Cyberworld, NeoPlanet, Sausage Software and Telescan Imagicast are working to integrate it into their products. Netscape Gecko is the first software product from Netscape based on contributions from, the organization chartered with managing Netscape's open source initiative. Earlier this month, CNET awarded the second annual "Web Innovator of the Year" award to ((http://...
May 19
[MD1] 4D Version 6.5
ACI US news for immediate release Contacts ACI US Marketing Brendan Coveney 800-881-3466 x4608 ACI US Engineering Jim Staples Jr. 800-881-3466 x4609 May 18, 1999. San Jose, CA. Web Application Development Tuned with 4D Version 6.5 ACI US, Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment, announced today the public release and shipment of 4th Dimension Version 6.5 (4D v6.5). The release of 4D v6.5 provides significant speed and functionality enhancements. In addition to the 130 new commands, 75 of which are web-related. The integrated web server has been tuned for tighter control of on-the-fly HTML created by 4D. New web administrative functions, web authentication and the ability to serve JAVA applets are just some of the web enhancements found in the new version. 4D Version 6.5 now includes the ability to execute SMTP, POP3, FTP and other low-level TCP operations. "4D 6.5 builds upon 4D 6.0's revolutionary architecture to provide a...
May 19
[MD1] Fourth Annual Software Design Awards Winners
Apple Announces Winners of Fourth Annual Software Design Awards CUPERTINO, California-May 19, 1999-Apple Computer, Inc. today announced the winners and runners-up of the fourth annual Apple Design Awards for Mac OS developers. The Apple Design Awards recognize outstanding applications developed for the Macintosh platform over the last year and highlight the creativity and innovation of Apple's developer community. The awards were presented during Apple's recent Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, which this year attracted over 2,500 developers, setting an all-time record for paid attendance. "Developers have rediscovered that Macintosh is where they can create a great business," said Clent Richardson, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "Over 3,100 new or updated Mac software titles have been announced in the last year, and these awards honor the best of them." Apple Design Award winners and runners-up in each category include: Best New...
May 18
[MD1] LeadChaser: Trade Show Lead Follow Up System
Contact: Charles L. Sprague 303-232-4321 x15 303-233-4343 (fax) DataCraft 12600 West Colfax Avenue Suite C-210 Lakewood, CO 80215 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Low-Cost Lead Follow-Up Software Released Lakewood, Colorado -- May 19, 1999 -- DataCraft has released a software program to help exhibitors follow-up with leads acquired at trade shows. The new product, LeadChaser, can import leads from most popular lead retrieval terminals, or from other software programs. Exhibitors can then use LeadChaser to print mailing labels and form letters, and schedule phone calls and meetings. The software is available for both Windows and Macintosh computers. Unlike other sales automation programs that require the exhibitor to decode the complex file formats created by most lead retrieval terminals, LeadChaser users simply insert the lead retrieval diskette and click a button. Leads are imported into the LeadChaser database, with notes and follow-up codes intact. LeadChaser makes it simple to send...
May 18
[NPL] Instant ASP: For all platforms
HALCYON SOFTWARE INTRODUCES INSTANT ASP, THE ULTIMATE IN CROSS-PLATFORM PORTABILITY FOR ASP DEVELOPERS The Capacity for Build Once, Deploy Anywhere Web Applications on Linux, IBM, HP, Sun, Novell and more at Only $495 SAN JOSE, CA, May 18, 1999 - Halcyon Software announces the introduction of Instant ASP (iASP) which lets developers deploy Active Server Pages (ASP) or JavaServer Pages (JSP) on all leading Java-enabled operating system platforms, Web servers, and application servers. A FREE developer version of iASP is available at which offers five concurrent sessions; the standard edition is $495 SRLP. As an open deployment framework, iASP gives developers true cross-platform deployment capabilities on leading server and operating system platforms. These include Apache, Linux, Sun WebServer, Java WebServer, Netscape Fast Track, Enterprise Server, IBM WebSphere, Lotus Domino, Zeus, WebStar, WebTen, Microsoft IIS, Oracle Application Server, Microsoft Windows...
May 18
[NPL] iDo Script Scheduler
For Immediate Release SOPHISTICATED CIRCUITS DEBUTS iDO SCRIPT SCHEDULER INSIDE MAC OS 8.6 -- Power of AppleScript Now Expanded to Automatically Run Unattended, Any Time -- WOODINVILLE, Wash., May 18, 1999 -- Sophisticated Circuits, Inc. today announced the debut of their new iDo Script Scheduler(tm) in the newly released Mac(R) OS 8.6. Now any Mac OS 8.6 user can schedule their AppleScripts(R) to run automatically -- any time, day or night. Available now from (, the iDo Script Scheduler is an easy to use Control Panel that gives users the ability to schedule their AppleScripts to run even when the computer is unattended. First introduced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the new iDo Script Scheduler is included as a "lite" version in the new Mac OS 8.6. A full version of Sophisticated Circuits' iDo Script Scheduler is due for release in June from Sophisticated Circuits. "We're extremely pleased to include the iDo Script...
May 18
[MD1] Startup Doubler 2.0b5
Subject: Startup Doubler 2.0b5 released today From: Marc Moini ( Startup Doubler 2.0b5 is now available for downloading from Startup Doubler 2.0's new startup acceleration technology improves startup times by 10% to 30% over previous versions, and adds the following main features: Fastest startup acceleration available today. Speeds loading startup applications in addition to extensions, control panels and Finder. Actively supports multiple Extension Sets. Supports Mac OS 8.6. Startup Doubler 2.0 has a free trial period of 15 days. The shareware fee is $20, registered users of previous versions may upgrade for free. Cheers, Marc
May 18
[NPL] DNS Expert 1.5
Men & Mice is pleased to announce the release of version 1.5 of DNS Expert for Windows and Mac OS, now with integrated Ping, Traceroute and DNS Query capabilities. * The Ping statistics can be viewed graphically, with a histogram and advanced logging information. * Traceroute executes a user-defined number of traceroutes, averages those traceroutes and presents the data as a scatterplot graphic with high, low and average values. * The DNS Query function can return all of the information pertinent to the host, including A Records, NS Records, MX Records, CNAME, SOA, HINFO, PTR Record and Zone Transfers. DNS Expert 1.5 now comes in two editions, Standard and Professional. The upgrade to the Standard Edition is FREE for current users of the Lite version of DNS Expert and the upgrade to the Professional Edition is FREE for current users of the multi-domain version of DNS Expert. To upgrade from previous versions, you can download at ( The new version will...
May 18
[NPL] VSE Be Found 1.1 with 30 new search engines
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VSE Be Found 1.1 with 30 new search engines (Germany, 18 May 1999). German shareware developer Voget Selbach Enterprises has released VSE Be Found 1.1, an update to the first Macintosh search engine submit application. In addition, 3 new expansion kits have been released which add 30 new search engines to VSE Be Found. VSE Be Found is a combination of a search engine submitter, a keyword finder, an FTP client and a META tag manager. If a web site is not getting as many visitors as it should, it is likely that it is not ranked high in the major Internet search engines. To obtain a high ranking, VSE Be Found analyzes the web page, automatically finds keywords and adds all necessary META tags. Then, VSE Be Found uploads the web page and submits it to the most popular search engines, including AltaVista, AOL NetFind, Excite, HotBot and Lycos. The update fixes a bug with Mac OS 8.0 and 8.1, fixes the problem with Microsoft Network WebSearch and improves the diagnosis...
May 18
[NPL] ActiveDeveloper v2.08 on MacOS X Server
NEWS For Immediate Release: For further information, please contact: InterACTIVE-Technology ActiveDeveloper v2.08 -- Now released on MacOS X Server -- for $199 May 1999 -- Vestbjerg, Denmark -- Today, InterACTIVE-Technology have released ActiveDeveloper for MacOS X Server - our Cross-Platform Smalltalk-like Runtime Object IDE for Developing NATIVE WebObjects and Cocoa / YellowBox Apps - and our take on Thinking Different about Developing Object-Oriented Code with both a Smalltalk and OpenStep heritage. With ActiveDeveloper: "Grow" dynamic Objects - running "Pedal to the Metal" Cross-platform. To get InterACTIVE Today - on your Native WebObjects and Cocoa / YellowBox Developments. try ActiveDeveloper for Runtime Development on MacOS X Server, Windows or OpenStep. We offer you All platform enabled Quad-Fat licenses at an Introduction price All licenses are ActiveDeveloper version 2.x floating network licenses...
May 17
[MD1] BugLink Solo v1.1.2 Upgrade
Press Release - BugLink Solo v1.1.2 Upgrade Released For Immediate Release Glendale, California, May 17, 1999 -- The PandaWave is pleased to announce the latest release of BugLink Solo, a free upgrade of our single-user bug tracking environment for existing customers. What is BugLink Solo? BugLink Solo is a bug tracking system for both the Macintosh and Microsoft Windows 95/NT. BugLink Solo is a single-user version of our BugLink bug tracking system, and provides developers an easy mechanism for software developers to track problem reports. What's New In This Release This update, which is free for all existing customers, fixes a number of problems, includinng a problem with getting e-mail from some POP3 servers. Other changes include improved integration with the Macintosh Appearance Manager. This upgrade is highly recommended for all users and can be downloaded from About The PandaWave The PandaWave provides commercial and shareware software...
May 17
[NPL] ShareWay IP Professional 2.0
Contact: Charles McHenry 541-772-2382 OPEN DOOR NETWORKS UPGRADES SHAREWAY IP PROFESSIONAL TO 2.0 ENTIRE PRODUCT LINE NOW PROVIDES EASY IP-BASED FILE SHARING ASHLAND, OR. -- May 17, 1999 -- Open Door Networks Inc. today announced that it was shipping ShareWay IP Professional Edition version 2.0, a major new release of its high end Macintosh IP file sharing product. With the addition of ShareWay IP Pro 2.0, Open Door's entire ShareWay product line now supports the Service Location Protocol (SLP) technology first introduced with ShareWay IP 2.0 Personal and Standard Editions. SLP, an Internet standard, enables AppleTalk-like dynamic browsing and choosing of IP-based servers. Open Door also announced an upgraded version of its AppleTalk to IP Migration Suite. ShareWay IP Pro 2.0 takes advantage of the implementation of SLP included in Mac OS 8.5 to address one of the few remaining issues with IP-based file sharing: ease-of-use. Since shipping ShareWay IP in...
May 17
[MD1] MacHack: Student Package Just Keeps Getting Better
MacHack PR: Student Package Just Keeps Getting Better MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers c/o Expotech 1264 Bedford Road Grosse Point Park, MI 48230 Contact: Carol Lynn Tel: (313) 882-1824 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dearborn, MI -- May 17, 1999 -- Student attendance at MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers has always been a bargain. For a meager $50, students have had a chance to code alongside programming legends. First meals were added to the student package, now even more value. MacHack ( and Aladdin Systems ( are pleased to announce that all 50 student attendees will receive copies of StuffIt Deluxe and FlashBack as part of their attendance package, a value of over $120 all by themselves. "I know that students don't have a lot of money to spend, I didn't." said Jonathan Kahn, president of Aladdin. "So, anything we can do to help and encourage these student...
May 14
[NPL] Personal MacLan Connect as Freeware
MEDIA CONTACT: Dan Wagner Public Relations Manager Miramar Systems, Inc. 805-966-2432 ext. 187 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MIRAMAR DESIGNATES PERSONAL MACLAN CONNECT AS FREEWARE The Original PC-to-Mac File and Printer Sharing Connectivity Solution Available at No Cost to Windows 3.x Users SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - March 24, 1999 - Miramar Systems announced today that it's launching its award winning Personal MACLAN Connect (for Windows 3.x) software as a worldwide Freeware package. Personal MACLAN Connect for Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11 is still the only PC-based cross-platform networking product to provide bi-directional file and printer sharing between Macintosh and Windows 3.x PCs. It offers users from both platforms a method for sharing files, disk drives, PostScript printers, CD-ROM drives and other resources on a mixed network. "We decided to create a global freeware program for Personal MACLAN Connect based on the success of our academic give-away...
May 14
[NPL] Preview ofEmilXML editor
A preview of the Emil XML editor for Mac is now available from: The full edition of Emil is faster and more powerful than the free Emil Lite XML editor that we released last month, adding features such as: * Contextual Menus for efficient markup, listing allowed elements only. * Validator to ensure correct markup based on any document type (DTD). * Menus and Tag Catalog indicate elements valid in the cursor position. * Palettes displaying document outline and element context. * MacOS8 support for the Navigation Service and Appearance Manager. Emil can export an XML document as HTML, allowing authors to take advantage of extensible markup today while still keeping the pages available for all browsers. We offer early adapters a pre-release discount price of just $39, less than half of the suggested retail price. Emil 1.0 is scheduled for release later this month. -- Terje Norderhaug ( President & Chief Technologist Media...
May 14
[MD1] Heuris MPEG Export Engine for Avid Cinema
For Immediate Release FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Marielle Rodier Marketing Manager HEURIS Phone: 314.534-1514 HEURIS ships MPEG Export Engine for Avid Cinema for Macintosh(tm) with USB New version of HEURIS MPEG Export Engine allows Avid Cinema for Macintosh with USB users to convert edited files directly to MPEG St. Louis, MO, Mai 13, 1999-- HEURIS, makers of the most widely used professional MPEG encoder, today announced a new version of the HEURIS MPEG Export Engine designed exclusively for users of Avid Cinema for Macintosh(tm) with USB, an award winning consumer video editing and publishing product. The HEURIS MPEG Export Engine( is a QuickTime( plug-in that converts QuickTime( files directly from Avid Cinema to MPEG-1 streams. The HEURIS MPEG Export Engine allows Avid Cinema users to quickly and easily create MPEG streams for presentations, CD-ROMS or the Internet. HEURIS MPEG Export Engine for Avid Cinema for Macintosh with USB makes it very simple for...
May 14
[NPL] Brain Wave works on iMac
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Brain wave controlled computers made affordable by Apples iMac Darien, CT -- May 13, 1999 (Xpress Press) -- IBVA Technologies, Inc. announces today full compatibility with the Apple iMac and current generation Apple G3 computers. Compatibility with the Apple iMac enables delivery of the IBVA brain/computer interface system to a greater market at a lower price point. "Even we are amazed at what you can do with our system and an iMac at this price point," said Drew DeVito, Executive Vice President of IBVA Technologies, Inc. "It used to be that you had to match our system up with a fairly expensive computer to get a great experience with brain/computer interaction. Now you can get our system and an iMac for the same price that you used to only be able to buy a computer alone. It really is amazing to see this happen." The IBVA System allows anyone to use their actual, real time brain wave activity to change movies as they are watched, create interactive brain wave...
May 13
[NPL] Paradigma Releases Fastest Scriptable Database Valentina 1...
Paradigma Releases Fastest Scriptable Database Valentina 1.2.1 May 13, 1999. Beaverton, Oregon. Paradigma Software unveiled the latest upgrade of its scriptable Macintosh OS based database product, Valentina 1.2.1. Valentina is a powerful scriptable Macintosh OS based application which allows users to assemble extremely fast database driven solutions using Apple Computer's AppleScript. Using AppleScript, a developer or designer can create, modify, search and sort databases, by sending commands and receiving data back from Valentina, from within any Macintosh application that is AppleScript savvy. The update includes added functionality for scripting the default language of a database, allowing greater flexibility on sorting and searching multiple, open databases using different languages. Its ability to receive multiple records from a single query has also been dramatically improved. "This update gives Valentina designers the ability to work with greater volumes of data from users...
May 12
[MD1] CodeWarrior Tools for Carbon and Mac OS X
Metrowerks Introduces CodeWarrior Tools for Carbon and Mac OS X Special Renewal Option Extended for CodeWarrior Users San Jose, California-May 12, 1999-Metrowerks Inc., (Nasdaq: MTWK, TSE/ME: MWK) a leading provider of software development tools for desktop and embedded systems, today announced CodeWarrior support for Apple Computer's Carbon Application Environment (Carbon) and Mac OS X Developer Preview Release. Metrowerks also announced the company has extended its renewal policy until June 30th for customers updating their CodeWarrior for Mac OS license. A special developer release of Mac OS-hosted CodeWarrior tools for Carbon and Mac OS X was introduced by Greg Galanos, president and chief technology officer at Metrowerks, during today's Metrowerks session at Apple's 1999 Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose. Attendees received a copy of CodeWarrior tools that support Mac OS X development with CodeWarrior Professional, Release 4. These tools will be released to all...
May 12
[NPL] WS4D/eCommerce Beta 15 Public Beta
WS4D/eCommerce Beta 15 is now available for public beta testing. More information is available at WS4D/eCommerce Features: Features: - No Programming, No CGI, No HTML to Write, enter your StoreFront data and products and you are done! - If you know HTML, completely customizable from HTML - Products can easily be published to Search Engines - Each StoreFront can be maintained from HTML (edit storefront, edit products and view orders from any Browser) - Unlimited StoreFronts or 1 StoreFront - Shipping Charges (Flat Rate, By Weight or by Order Total) - Sales Tax (complete flexibility for each StoreFront) - Support Multiple Currencies! - Includes AuthorizeNet Support for automated credit card authorization. - Email Notification of new orders - Repeat customers only need to enter email address and password, instead of reentering all data. - On order completion. Order receipt email to person purchasing, StoreFront email address and order saved in Saved Order Folder. -...
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