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Aug 02
[NPL] DSL Service Sold Online
For Immediate Release Wired Business' New Wired E-Business (W.E.B.) Direct Service First To Sell Commercial High Speed DSL Access On-Line Helps Small and Medium Sized Companies Quickly Order High-Speed Internet Access With a Click of a Mouse Wired Business Works With Cabletron and Covad To Provide Companies with Fast, Affordable Internet Access Via Web Site New York City, August 2, 1999 -- Wired Business today introduced its new Wired E-Business (W.E.B.) Direct service, the first high-speed Internet access service that enables small and medium sized companies to order Internet access directly from the web. Wired Business' W.E.B. Direct service enables companies to go on the web and easily configure and order all the hardware, software and services needed to secure a reliable, high-speed Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Internet connection. Previously, ordering a commercial DSL line could often be a time consuming and tedious process. The Wired Business service may include DSL circuits...
Aug 02
[NPL] HDF Import Plug-in v1.1 for Photoshop
For Immediate Release SCIENCE DATA PLUG-IN FOR ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Fortner Software provides low cost plug-in for seamless imports of science and remote sensing data into Adobe Photoshop Sterling, VA - August 2, 1999 -- Fortner Software, experts on the Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) data model, announced today the availability of the Power Macintosh HDF Import Plug-in v1.1 for Adobe Photoshop for online purchase and download. The Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) is a scientific data format widely used by NASA and research labs worldwide. HDF was developed by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) to store data, images, annotations and tables in binary, cross-platform, self-describing files. HDF makes it easier than ever before for scientists and engineers to share data across networks, platforms, and disciplines. "Fortner Software's goal is to make science and technical data accessible to anyone," said Ted Meyer, Chief Technology Officer. "The HDF Photoshop Plug-in...
Aug 02
[NPL] Consumer Entertainment
For more information contact: SHOCKWAVE.COM UNLEASHES THE NEXT WAVE OF CONSUMER ENTERTAINMENT SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. August 2, 1999 today launched a mass consumer interactive entertainment center at, wholly owned by Macromedia, Inc., breaks new ground by combining diverse forms of entertainment with online and offline play and new user control capabilities. The multi-dimensional entertainment hub offers an immersive entertainment experience for the community of millions of existing Shockwave Entertainment lovers, plus tens of thousands of new Shockwave downloaders who become members every day. shockwave.coms new interactive entertainment experience is enabled by an innovative new content development and distribution model and Macromedias advanced technologies. offers users a better entertainment experience through the combination of its cutting-edge web site at and two virtual on-screen devices...
Aug 01
[MD1] AppMaker CD #12
Grantham, NH - August 1, 1999 - Bowers Development announced that it is now shipping AppMaker CD #12. It is in the mail to all current subscribers, domestic and international. "Thanks again to user feedback, we've worked with real-world applications to find ways for AppMaker to do more of the programming job," said Spec Bowers, President of Bowers Development. - The generated code for modeless dialogs is more complete and automatic. Without any handwritten code, a dialog can display data from whichever window is frontmost or disable itself if no document window is active. - Users can define global application data and preferences data which will be instantiated automatically at startup. AppMaker will automatically create, open, read and write a Preferences file. - Generated applications call NavServices, if it is available, instead of Standard File. The generated code is "Carbon"-ready. - This release adds support for the few Appearance controls not previously supported: the...
Aug 01
[NPL] 1.1.1 1.1.1 -- the scripting utility for FileMaker 4 -- is now available. is a Mac-only utility designed specifically to make the transferring and re-entry of FileMaker scripts an easier one. with Interactive Mode and Automatic Field Selection is now available with support for 11 languages including English, Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese (although popup menus cannot yet display 2-byte characters), Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Dutch. A new installer and updater can be downloaded from the download page at: ( For more information, please visit the web site at ( or contact Gregory at (
Jul 30
[NPL] NetTen 1.4 Public Beta
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Anita Holmgren Phone: 805-963-6983 FAX: 805-962-8202 eMail: Tenon's NetTen 1.4 -- Industrial-strength Mail Server Public Beta Now Available Santa Barbara, CA, July 30, 1999. NetTen 1.4, a new version of Tenon's mail, POP mail, and IMAP server, is available for public beta. NetTen is based on Post.Office, a powerful mail server developed by is the uncontested leader in mail server software, having sold licenses for more than twenty-five million electronic mailboxes worldwide and representing 64% of the mail server market. Now with NetTen, Macintosh users can enjoy's premier mail server software. NetTen is the most robust, scalable, easy-to-administer, high-performance, multidomain mail server solution for Mac OS. Tenon's powerful mail server has the ability to pre-screen incoming messages, discarding unwanted mail according to a sophisticated set of filtering rules. Running a...
Jul 30
[MD1] Press Release Network
We are pleased to introduce to you, Press Release Network, the targeted electronic press release distribution service. Press Release Network at can be your information source for IT related news. Please visit our site for more information. Thanks and regards Sharad Agarwal Editor Press Release Network Post Box 53735 Dubai United Arab Emirates Tel: + 971 4 312627 Fax: + 971 4 318812 E Mail:
Jul 29
[NPL] Pardeikes Welcome Plugin 3.0 beta 5
27th July 1999, Andreas Pardeike announces his new beta of ------------------------------------- Pardeikes Welcome Plugin 3.0 beta 5 ------------------------------------- "Welcome" is a WSAPI-compatible server plugin that already provides features like - virtual hosting - authentication schemes based on almost every connection parameter - flexible, Apache like, URL manipulations and redirection - realtime hits/visits/error statistics in text/graphic form - remote configuration and flexible external scripting with auto-reloadable configuration files 3.0b5 adds the following new features: - AppleScript support in "Rules" Now you can build your own database password checking or customize Welcome to host your shopping basket transparently. A whole new world of possibilities... - Extended Log Format File naming was enhanced. Rolled logs are renamed with your patterns. A bug was fixed that stripped the...
Jul 29
[NPL] SafeMail for Mac OS
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE HIGHWARE SHIPS SAFEMAIL FOR THE MACINTOSH A SECURE WAY TO PROTECT AND SIGN E-MAILS AND FILES Brussels, July 22, 1999. - Highware announces SafeMail, its new security software, compatible with the OpenPGP standard, that allows Macintosh users to communicate securely over the internet. SafeMail is a high security cryptographic software with an easy-to-use interface, based on a technology known as Public Key Encryption. SafeMail allows you to communicate and exchange information securely with other people. The information (mail, files, etc.) can be sent over the Internet or through any kind of electronic channel or media. SafeMail is compatible with OpenPGP, a standard in public-key encryption software. This means that files encrypted or signed with SafeMail can be opened by the receiver whether he uses PGP or SafeMail. Alternatively, you can also verify signatures or decrypt data encrypted with PGP under any operating system be it Mac OS, Windows or UNIX. "Thanks...
Jul 29
[MD1] VOODOO plug-in for CodeWarrior Pro 5
PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Subject: New VOODOO plug-in for CodeWarrior Pro 5 Hagenberg, AUSTRIA, July-29-1999, UNI SOFTWARE PLUS GmbH announced the availability of an new plug-in (v 1.1) that ensures compatibility between VOODOO 1.8.1 and CodeWarrior Pro 5. CodeWarrior Pro 5 includes version 4.0 of the IDE that features a new version control API. Unfortunately, this new VCS API is not fully backward compatible and therefore does not work with the VODOOO plug-in v 1.0.3, which is distributed as part of VOODOO 1.8.1. The new plug-in (v 1.1) solves this problem and is compatible with CodeWarrior Pro 4 AND Pro 5. Note: There is no update necessary for VOODOO Server. The current version of VOODOO Server is already compatible with CodeWarrior Pro 4 and Pro 5. The new plug-in, which is free for registered customers, can be downloaded from: The Quick Guide to VOODOO and VOODOO Server! VOODOO (Versions Of Outdated Documents...
Jul 29
[MD1] MySQL and mSQL Released
O'Reilly Releases the Eagerly Anticipated Book: "MySQL and mSQL" Sebastopol, CA--MySQL and mSQL are popular and robust database products that support key subsets of SQL on both Linux and UNIX systems. Both products are free for non-profit use and cost a small amount for commercial use. "A recent study predicted that within the next few years, over one quarter of all Internet servers will run Linux," says Randy Jay Yeager, co-author of the just released book "MySQL and mSQL" (O'Reilly $34.95) "Throw in the rest of the Unixes and you have the largest single population of servers on the Internet. MySQL and mSQL are the choice for inexpensive database solutions in this realm. Their popularity grew with the Internet and the World Wide Web and their rate of growth only seems to be increasing." Even a small organization or Web site has uses for a database. Perhaps you keep track of all your customers and find that your information is outgrowing the crude, flat-file format you started with....
Jul 28
[NPL] TeamSuite Released
Contact: Steve Albers OPTYM Professional Services 7927 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 500 McLean VA 22102 703-883-9112 phone 703-883-9122 fax ( ( The Solution for Managing Multi-Site Projects: OPTYM Announces TeamSuiteTM McLean, VA, July 28, 1999--TeamSuite brings a new dimension to project management by providing a web-based platform for individuals and teams to work together in new ways. This platform eliminates long start-up times, lowers costs, and physical barriers, while increasing the leveraging of subject matter expertise and information resources. TeamSuites collaborative features transform it from a document repository into a place where people can work as a team. TeamSuite participants can review progress, coordinate activities, share efforts and accumulate re-usable resources. "TeamSuite is designed to work the same way that people do," says Carl Dickson the lead developer of TeamSuite and OPTYMs Vice President of Electronic Commerce...
Jul 28
[NPL] NetBarrier 1.0 Released
INTEGO SHIPS NETBARRIER 1.0, THE FIRST PERSONAL SECURITY SOLUTION FOR THE MAC OS -- Personal Firewall, Antivandal and Internet Packet Filtering software for the Mac OS is sophisticated, yet easy to use -- NEW YORK, NY, July 22, 1999 -- at Macworld Expo Booth #587 -- Intego, Inc. announced today that it is now shipping NetBarrier 1.0, the first personal security software suite for the Mac OS, including integrated firewall, antivandal and Internet packet filtering technology. Based on professional firewall technology used by network administrators, NetBarrier is the first single-user firewall software for the Mac OS, securing both Internet and LAN-based traffic directly at the individual computer level, with intelligent antivandal and Internet packet filtering software for a complete single-user security solution. Designed for ease of set-up and use, NetBarrier offers sophisticated security optimized for the Mac OS and capable of handling AppleTalk. Available today directly from Intego...
Jul 28
[NPL] Aestiva releases HTML/OS Version 1.7
Aestiva releases HTML/OS Version 1.7 ____________________________________ Torrance, Calif. -- Aestiva, LLC announces the immediate availability of Aestiva HTML/OS 1.7, the latest version of the company's flagship product. Aestiva HTML/OS is powerful Web site software for developing advanced, dynamic sites. The 1.7 upgrade includes features for developers of Web-based software who require the ability to copy-protect the products or Web sites they distribute to customers. HTML/OS compliments HTML _______________________________________ Aestiva HTML/OS is a compliment to HTML that enables Web designers to merge HTML documents with information stored on the server "on-the-fly". Designers implement HTML/OS by placing tags in their HTML pages. They can also use ready-written clips and applications from the HTML/OS freeware library. HTML/OS' ease-of-use means that designers with little or no programming skills can build sophisticated advanced web sites. HTML/OS replaces CGI programming...
Jul 28
[NPL] Active Software Announces Euroconverter 1.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ACTIVE SOFTWARE ANNOUNCES EUROCONVERTER 1.0 Powerful utility makes deploying Euro ecommerce solutions a snap. GORIZIA, Italy - July 27th 1999 - ACTIVE SOFTWARE announces the release of EuroConverter, a powerful utility to convert local currencies into the Euro, the new European currency. EuroConverter can be used with any application - databases (FileMaker, 4D, etc), spreadsheets or any other application capable of generating a tab delimited file. EuroConverter was developed by Active Software using RealBasic, the popular Macintosh OS based development environment. EuroConverter makes coverting large archives of information an easy process.The conversion ratio is easily controlled in the application preferences. For example, a FileMaker can contain some fields with values which need to be converted from your local currency into Euros. The conversion is easily done in three simple steps - Export, convert with EuroCoverter and finally reimport. EuroCoverter...
Jul 28
[NPL] Mailsmith 1.1.4 Released
Mailsmith 1.1.4 Now Available from Bare Bones Software Bedford, MA -- July 28, 1999 -- Bare Bones Software today announced the release and immediate availability of Mailsmith 1.1.4, the company's powerful Internet email client. This new version of Mailsmith brings significant enhancements to the message composition and viewing environments, further extends its scripability, and addresses an assortment of customer-reported problems. An update is available free of charge to all Mailsmith customers. Among its interface refinements, Mailsmith 1.1.4 brings an updated message composition pane, which provides immediate selection for sending accounts, as well as simplified correction of entered addresses, and direct display of X-Face header information. The message reading environment benefits from a number of changes, including resizable column widths in mail message lists, and the option to display unread messages in boldface. Mailsmith 1.1.4 now gives users the ability to customize...
Jul 23
[NPL] Valentina Database Gains Enhanced Text Handling Features
Valentina Database Gains Enhanced Text Handling Features July 23, 1999. Beaverton, Oregon. Paradigma Software announced an upgrade to its Valentina database technology, adding significant text handling features to its entire product line. Version 1.3 represents an upgrade to the powerful Valentina database kernel, adding enhanced flexibility in working with textual data. String fields can now contain up to 65,535 bytes of data; Valentina also adds indexing by words within each string. For very large continuous pieces of text, there is also a new BLOB Text type, allowing very large volumes of text to be searched and indexed, limited only to the operating system disk file size of 2 GB. Valentina databases can also now be searched using a regular expression, such as that found in popular scripting tools like UserLand's Frontier. "The increased size and indexing features is perfect for creating web log analysis solutions, or any other case where huge volumes of text needs to be stored,...
Jul 22
[NPL] NetWare 5 Services for AppleShare
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 22, 1999 Prosoft Engineering's NetWare 5 Services for AppleShare Integrates Macs with Novell NetWare 5 Servers Robust Macintosh NetWare Connectivity Solutions Help Keep Macs on More Desktops! Pleasanton, CA - July 22, 1999 - Prosoft Engineering is pleased to announce the Beta release of NetWare 5 Services for AppleShare, a new set of NetWare Loadable Modules (NLMs) that provide AppleTalk services over a Novell network. NetWare 5 Services for AppleShare enables a Novell NetWare 5 server to "speak" AppleTalk and appear as if it were an AppleShare file server to all Macintosh workstations on the network. NetWare 5 Services for AppleShare is one of two ways to integrate Macintosh workstations into the NetWare environment. This set of NLMs is installed directly on the NetWare server side, whereas the NetWare Client 5.12 for Mac OS, which has been available since January 1999, installs on individual Macintosh workstations to "speak" native NCP over IPX to...
Jul 22
[NPL] Rebound! 2.0
For Immediate Release Media Contact: Naomi Pearce Pearce Communications 510/528-0824 SOPHISTICATED CIRCUITS SHIPS REBOUND! 2.0 SOFTWARE UPGRADE -- Significant Upgrade for ADB Auto-Restart Device Offers Smarter Application Crash Detection and Recovery, Crash Avoidance and Advanced Logging -- WOODINVILLE, Wash., July 21, 1999 -- Sophisticated Circuits, Inc. today announced it is shipping Rebound! 2.0, a significant software upgrade for its popular ADB auto-restart device, with advancements in automatic crash detection, recovery and prevention, plus new advanced logging and event messaging features. The Rebound! 2.0 software upgrade is available immediately from the Sophisticated Circuits' Web site at ( The software-only upgrade is priced at $19.95 for currently registered users or free to anyone who purchased Rebound! in 1999 with proof of purchase. New Rebound! units complete with version 2.0 software are available for $99 directly...
Jul 21
[NPL] Stalker Adds LinuxPPC version to CommuniGate Pro
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Stalker Announces the LinuxPPC Version of the CommuniGate Pro Mail Server. Key Features: Multi-platform Support Industry-strength, highly scalable Administration via the Web Extensive multi-domain support Unique IMAP multi-mailbox features HTTP access to E-mail, built-in Web Mailer Extensive Anti-Spam techniques Mailing Lists with Web Access and Interactive Archive Search LDAP and ACAP Support Personal Web Pages with automated publishing Cluster Support MILL VALLEY, CA - July 20, 1999 - Stalker Software, Inc. today announced the LinuxPPC version of their hi-end CommuniGate Pro messaging system. CommuniGate Pro is a Unified Messaging Server which supports most major operating systems. CommuniGate Pro is recognized for its many features, high speed and reliability. Since its first commercial release in September 1998...
Jul 21
[MD1] Calculator v1.0.1
Tri-Bar Software has released Calculator v1.0.1, a novel calculator based upon 'fifth generation' and declarative programming languages. It is easy to use, yet extremely powerful and is ideal for experimenting, schools and for everyday calculations. This version solves problems the original version was having with some computers. Users should no longer experience a type 2 or type 11 error after clicking on the "Not Yet" button. It also incorporates the following changes: * Calculator now supports multiple monitors properly * Command+Delete has been added in to delete the current line of work * Forward Delete has been implemented * Preferences are now globally saved * Files can now be double clicked and dragged to the application to open them * The "special number" formula for 1729 has been corrected Calculator v1.0.1 can be downloaded from our website at Calculator v1.0.1 web page is Direct download...
Jul 21
[MD1] Lotus Launches Notes R5 for the Macintosh
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lotus Launches Notes Release 5 for the Macintosh Designed to Provide Cross Platform Support By Delivering Full-featured Notes Client Specifically Tailored for the Macintosh NEW YORK, July 21, 1999 -- At MACWORLD Expo today, Lotus Development Corp. announced plans for the availability of Lotus Notes Release 5 (R5), the latest version of the world's leading client software for information management, messaging and collaboration, for the Macintosh operating system. By offering Notes for the Macintosh operating system, Lotus will provide businesses and enterprises of all sizes with unrivaled cross-platform solutions for messaging, collaboration and knowledge management. Notes R5 for the Macintosh will be generally available to Lotus Business Partners and customers later this summer. "Lotus continues to fulfill its core vision of innovation and knowledge management across platforms," said Eileen Rudden, Lotus senior vice president, Communications Products Division. "...
Jul 21
[NPL] Adobe Premiere 5.1
7/21/1999 Adobe Premiere Announcement SAN JOSE, Calif., July 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq: ADBE) announced the availability of an enhanced version of Adobe(R) Premiere(R) 5.1 software, providing Apple(R) Power Macintosh(R) G3 computer users with an even easier and more cost effective way to incorporate video content and creation into their everyday work. The Adobe Premiere 5.1 software update is available at no additional charge to registered Mac customers on the Adobe Web site at . The enhanced version of Adobe Premiere 5.1 software delivers a seamless digital video (DV) editing solution to Mac G3 customers, allowing them to plug in a DV camcorder to a new G3 shipping with FireWire and begin editing high quality video from the desktop without the need for additional hardware. By providing support for NTSC and PAL Digital Video, Adobe Premiere provides users with the ability to directly control DV cameras, to capture and...
Jul 21
[NPL] SkyLINE Wireless PC Card
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Macworld NY, Booth #1637 Farallon Announces SkyLINE(tm) Wireless PC Card for Cross-Platform Networking; 802.11 Wireless Connectivity for Macintosh PowerBooks & PC Notebooks Macworld NY, Booth #1637, July 21st, 1999 - Farallon Communications, Inc., developer of reliable, plug-and-play networking solutions for Macs and PCs, introduces SkyLINE Wireless PC Card for portable computers. Farallon's SkyLINE Wireless PC Card provides both Macintosh PowerBook and PC notebook users 2Mbps access to network resources such as file servers, email, printers and the Internet. "SkyLINE eliminates the requirement to deploy structured wiring everywhere," states Ken Haase, Director of Marketing, Farallon. "Additionally, for roaming computer users such as on college campuses where students go from building to building, wireless connectivity means anytime, anywhere access to network resources." Through IEEE 802.11 DSSS compatible access points from manufactures such as Nokia (...
Jul 21
[MD1] Apple Unveils iBook, AirPort, QuickTime TV
Apple Unveils iBook Consumer Portable with Wireless Internet Access at Macworld Expo QuickTime TV Debuts with One-Click Access to Highest-Quality Content on Internet MACWORLD EXPO, NEW YORK-July 21, 1999-During the kick-off keynote today, Apple introduced iBook, the first consumer portable to provide untethered Internet access for home and schools via AirPort, Apple's revolutionary new wireless local area network (LAN) solution. The Company also unveiled QuickTime TV (QTV), the Internet's highest-quality network for web-based video and audio, seamlessly integrating four key elements: Apple's award-winning QuickTime 4 Player software; Apple's open-source QuickTime Streaming Server software; the Apple/Akamai Technologies streamed content delivery service; and compelling content from leading providers. Building upon its success in the consumer and education markets with the popular iMac, Apple's iBook, the "iMac to Go" features "all day" battery life of up to 6 hours, a PowerPC G3...
Jul 21
[MD1] Electrifier Pro Supports Flash, MP3, and QT4!
Contact: Anna Haas; Booth 1346; ** Electrifier Pro Supports Flash, MP3, and QuickTime 4 RTSP Streaming * New $395 Price Offered For Award-Winning Rich Media Tool NEW YORK, NY -- MACWORLD EXPO BOOTH 1346 -- July 21, 1999 -- Electrifier, Inc., a leading provider of rich media solutions for the Internet, announced today that Electrifier(R) Pro now supports Flash, MP3, and QuickTime 4 real-time streaming content. In recognition of the growing mainstream interest in QuickTime 4, Electrifier, Inc. also announced a SRP of $395 for Electrifier Pro -- a $200 reduction from the $595 price. Attendees at Macworld Expo New York can take advantage of a special show price at the Electrifier, Inc. booth, #1346. With Electrifier Pro's powerful yet intuitive drag-and-drop authoring, every Web site creator can instantly turn static Web sites and marketing materials into dazzling, interactive rich media sites. Companies and developers can use their entire library of existing content...
Jul 21
[NPL] SiteZAP Cam Online
Rearden Technology has installed a SiteZAP (Zoom-Angle-Pan) Internet camera at MacWorld Expo, NY Booth 1446, available to the public at ( Featuring live video, historical images, and links to the sponsors Borders Books and PeachPit Press. The Web Cam is running on a G3 PowerBook using SiteCam software and the SiteZAP camera system. SiteCam is on sale for a MacWorld special price of $89, regularly $199 only via ( Sincererly, Brad Lowe Rearden Technology Brad Lowe Rearden Technology We have moved to sunny Alameda! New phone and fax numbers below. voice 510-523-CAMS fax 510-864-0820
Jul 21
[NPL] Blue World and Partners Showcase Lasso eCommerce
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 21, 1999 BLUE WORLD AND PARTNERS SHOWCASE LASSO E-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS AT MACWORLD EXPO 99 IN NEW YORK CITY Lasso Web Data Engine featured in Macworld Small Business Pavilion theater and in Nationwide E-Commerce Solutions for Small Business Seminar Sponsored by Apple Computer NEW YORK, NY -- July 21, 1999 -- Blue World Communications, Inc. -- pioneers of the Web Data Engine (tm) -- today announced its presence at this week's Macworld Expo held July 21-23 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. Blue World and partners will showcase e-commerce solutions based upon the award-winning Lasso Web Data Engine, the leading Web Application Server for Macintosh and beyond. The Blue World booth at Macworld is located in the Small Business Pavilion (#1925) where visitors can view demonstrations using Lasso for e-commerce, inquire with qualified consultants on how to build custom e-commerce solutions, and purchase Lasso and companion products via the Blue World Store...
Jul 21
[NPL] WS4D/eCommerce 3.1 Now Available
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MDG Computer Services, Inc. 231 Faircroft Road Bartlett, IL 60103-1363 USA Phone: +630-497-0220 FAX: +630-497-8893 Email: MDG Ships WS4D/eCommerce 3.1 - adds SSL and Inventory Tracking Bartlett, IL July 21, 1999 -- MDG Computer Services, Inc, a leading developer of web and eCommerce tools for Macintosh and Windows, announced today that it would ship version 3.1 of WS4D/eCommerce, its a single application that includes a full featured web server, shopping carts, storefronts, credit authorization, virtual domains, and database publishing. The new version adds inventory tracking within eCommerce and SSL for MacOS. SSL Support for Windows is currently under development. The most significant addition in WS4D/eCommerce 3.1 is support for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL is available as an option for anyone running WS4D/eCommerce 3.1 or Web Server 4D 3.1. Since every site does not require SSL, SSL will be sold as an option. That way, the...
Jul 21
[NPL] Empower Pro
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JULY 21, 1999 Empower Pro Sales (408) 879-7900 or ( Empower Pro Communications (408) 879-7900 or ( Announcing Empower and Empower Pro version 5.6 Compatible with Mac OS 8.6, iMac, Power Mac G3 and PowerBook G3 Tech Support Hours Extended to 24 x 7 Campbell, CA: Wednesday, July 21, 1999. . . . Empower Pro, the Internet-based software company which produces and distributes the World's Most Advanced Macintosh Security Software, has released Empower Pro(tm) 5.6. Empower Pro is designed exclusively for the Apple Macintosh, Power Macintosh, PowerBook, and iMac families of computers. Empower Pro allows Macintosh owners to control access to their computers and password-protect their data with just a few mouse clicks and keystrokes. Versions 5.6 of Empower and Empower Pro are available for immediate download from (, as updates for current Empower users, upgrades for owners of previous...
Jul 21
[NPL] Funnel Web 3.5 Update release
For Immediate Release ACTIVE CONCEPTS' SHIPS FUNNEL WEB 3.5 -- Easy Set-up Wizard, Built-in Log File Viewer and Three New Reports in Free Update to High-performance Internet Analysis Solution -- CARLTON, Victoria, Australia, July 20, 1999 -- Active Concepts today announced the release of a Funnel Web 3.5 update. New features include a set-up wizard and log file viewer for easier Web Site analysis; referral filtering for independent click-through verification; three new reports measuring Loyalty, Circulation and Time Online; and a 100% performance increase in processing the Mean Path Through Site report. Funnel Web 3.5 is available today for Windows '95, Windows '98, Windows NT and Mac OS at (, for US$249/standard and US$499/professional, with free upgrades from version 3.0. Crossgrades and educational discounts are also available (see pricing and availability section below). "Verifying banner click-throughs, determining loyalty, and generally measuring...
Jul 20
[NPL] NetMind Launches Mind-it 3.0
For Immediate Release NetMind Launches Mind-it 3.0 Largest Web Information Tracking Service Now Notifies of Changes Within 24 Hours to Keep Users Updated Daily CAMPBELL, CA - July 20, 1999 - NetMind Technologies, Inc. ( today launched a new version of Mind-it, its free online service that tracks changes to any Web-based information and proactively notifies users by email when changes have occurred. Today, Mind-it serves over five million individuals who are tracking both personal and business information on the Web. This version offers significant new features to Mind-it users and Webmasters alike, including a new My Mind-it page, QuickMinds, Minder Wizard utility, and SmartLinks. Also, new benchmarks show that Mind-it 3.0 notifies users well under 24 hours after a change has occurred, on average, as compared with 72 hours for other similar services. "I've used Mind-it for years on the job," said Jan Palin, Automation Processes Engineer at NASA - Kennedy Space...
Jul 20
[MD1] Be Going Public
PRESS RELEASE FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT In the U.S. and Pacific: Europe: Sylvie Pelaprat Marie-Franoise Lelong-Weinberg (650) 462-4113 +33-1-55-91-7736 Shelly Eckenroth or Mary Leddy CHEN PR (650) 357-8749 Be Incorporated Announces The Sale of 6,000,000 Shares of Common Stock MENLO PARK, CA, July 20, 1999 - Be Incorporated (Nasdaq: BEOS) today announced the initial public offering of 6,000,000 shares of its Common Stock at an initial public offering price of $6.00 per share. The underwriters have an option to purchase up to an additional 900,000 shares at the initial public offering price to cover over-allotments, if any. The initial public offering is being managed by Volpe Brown Whelan & Company, LLC and Needham & Company, Inc. Be Incorporated offers the BeOS operating system, an operating system designed for digital media applications and Internet appliances. BeOS is capable of providing faster and more predictable processing...
Jul 20
[MD1] Puppet Development Kit
For more information, contact Deeje Cooley 415-244-0828 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PUPPETTIME(R) ANNOUNCES IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY OF PUPPET DEVELOPMENT KIT 3D Internet Company Provides APIs And Sample Code For Hosting 3D Characters In QuickTime NEW YORK (July 20th, 1999) - PuppetTime, Inc. announced at Macworld today that it has included the full source code to the Eggy puppet as part of its Puppet Development Kit (PDK) preview release. Developers interested in creating PuppetTime puppet components in "C" code can download the PuppetTime PDK from the company web site at The Eggy Puppet was the first puppet developed by PuppetTime, Inc., and includes features such as dynamic texture mapping, a simple runtime behavior model, and phoneme-to-viseme conversion routines. Eggy demonstrates how to export actions and properties to PuppetTime Producer and is also good sample code for cross-platform QuickTime component...
Jul 20
[MD1] PuppetTime Producer
For more information, contact Deeje Cooley 415-244-0828 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PUPPETTIME(R) ANNOUNCES FEATURE COMPLETE RELEASE OF PUPPETTIME PRODUCER(tm) 3D Internet Company Achieves Major Milestone With Revolutionary Web Animation Technology NEW YORK (July 20th, 1999) - At Macworld Expo, PuppetTime, Inc. today announced that PuppetTime Producer is now feature complete, and that a time-limited beta version has been released for user testing and evaluation. PuppetTime Producer is an easy-to-use 3D character animation program that implements the concept of digital actors. Users can create compelling 3D animations in minutes simply by choosing the characters, typing the dialog, and selecting the actions. 3D modeling or animation experience is not required because the digital actors, or puppets, know how to draw and animate themselves, and have many animations, costumes, and emotional states to choose from. "I started PuppetTime three...
Jul 20
[NPL] Corel Announces Upcoming Macintosh Products
For Immediate Release Corel Announces Upcoming Internet-Ready Products for the Macintosh Ottawa, Ontario-July 20, 1999- Corel Corporation (NASDAQ: CORL, TSE: COR) renewed its commitment to the Macintosh platform today with the announcement of three new Internet ready products - Corel Print Office(tm) 2000 for Macintosh, Corel Print House(tm) 2000 for Macintosh and Corel Custom Photo for Macintosh. (To read about the features and enhancements in these new products, visit Features). "The Macintosh continues to be the platform of choice for many of our customers," said David Hayes, vice president of brand marketing at Corel Corporation. "These latest releases illustrate our dedication to providing software solutions which address the need for Internet-ready, entry-level consumer products." "As demand for the iMac and Power Macintosh G3 computers continues to rise, consumers are increasing looking for great, productivity enhancing...
Jul 20
[NPL] Maxum Adds PDF, Customizing to Phantom Web Crawler
Press Contact: Steven Isakson Phone: (773) 252-5237 Fax: (815) 444-0301 E-Mail: ---Maxum Development adds PDF, Customizability to Phantom Web Crawler--- Crystal Lake, IL, July 20, 1999 -- Maxum Development Corporation, a leading developer of tools for Macintosh and Windows Internet servers, announced today that it would ship version 2.2 of Phantom, its Web crawler and site search engine. The new version adds significant new features, driving it into a new class of solution. Avi Rappoport, industry Analyst at, says that Phantom 2.2 has "An excellent browser interface, providing power and flexibility in a very usable format, accessible to both webmasters and programmers. It allows designers to control the look and feel of their search interface, making it easy to set up completely different designs for different areas or sites. Phantom is a strong contender in the midrange market (500 - 5000 page sites) and as a small portal search engine." The most...
Jul 19
[NPL] E.Key Upgrade Allows ADB to use PS/2 or MF-2 Compatible...
For Immediate Release Contact: Carole Holcomb (408) 360-8951 MacTreasures (, a web site specializing in Macintosh software and hardware not found on retail shelves has recently added the E.Key Upgrade to use PS/2 or MF-2 Compatible Keyboards on a Macintosh. E.Key by Code Mercenaries allows you to use PS/2 or MF-2 compatible keyboards on the ADB of the Macintosh. E.Key adapts the interface protocols and simulates an Apple Extended II Keyboard. No additional software needs to be installed. E.Key is accepted by the system as a standard keyboard. Installation is as simple as plugging the cables. The "Alt" keys of the PC keyboard are redefined to become Command keys and the two "Control" keys become "Alt" and "Control" respectively. Win95 keyboards are supported. Only the power key of the Mac keyboard can not be emulated. E.Key offers the broad selection of application specific PC keyboards to the Macintosh. Water resistant keyboards or cashier consoles are no...
Jul 19
[MD1] ActiveWire USB Interface Kit
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ActiveWire, Inc. Announces a Universal Serial Bus (USB) Interface Kit, ActiveWire(TM)-USB PALO ALTO -- July 19, 1999 /Xpress Press/ -- ActiveWire, Inc., an embedded technology company, announced the immediate availability of its Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface kit, ActiveWire-USB. ActiveWire-USB kit consists of example software and interface hardware with programmable input/output pins that can interface to many devices such as switches and LEDs. ActiveWire -USB allows hobbyists and engineers to easily connect devices to the ubiquitous USB interface instead of the old, slow RS-232 and parallel interfaces. Applications include interfacing a pan/tilt head for a small camera, robots, automating various high speed electronic devices, and computer interface education. "When I first tried to connect devices to USB, it was not easy," says Mato Hattori, president of ActiveWire, Inc. "I decided to provide a quick and easy way to interface to USB for engineers and...
Jul 19
[NPL] Thursby Software Ships TSStalk
PRESS RELEASE FOR RELEASE JULY 19 CONTACT: Peter Filidoro 1.817.478.5070 e-mail: Thursby Software Ships TSStalk New York City -July 19, 1999 --Thursby Software Systems, Inc. (Thursby Software) announced this week at the Macworld Expo in New York City that it has released TSStalk for Windows 95/98. TSStalk is a complete AppleTalk client implementation for Microsoft Windows that allows PC's to join AppleTalk networks to share files and printers. TSStalk is based on the COPSTalk technology that Thursby Software acquired from COPS, Inc. in April of this year. Thursby Software is the maker of DAVE; a multiple award wining Macintosh based solution for connecting Apple Macintosh computers into Microsoft networks. Major enhancements to the TSStalk product are planned over the next twelve months to ensure total compatibility with DAVE based systems. Thursby also announced that a free evaluation of their new product can be downloaded from their web site at
Jul 19
[NPL] Tenon Debuts Three New Products at MACWORLD/NY
FOR RELEASE ON JULY 19, 1999 Phone: 805-963-6983 888-293-2836 Contact: Anita Holmgren FAX: 805-962-8202 eMail: Tenon Debuts Three New Products at MACWORLD/NY iTools 5.0, WebTen 3.0, and NetTen 1.4 - Serious Tools for Mac OS & OS X Santa Barbara, CA, July 19, 1999. This week, Tenon Intersystems will be demonstrating three new products at MACWORLD Expo in Booth 1538 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. Tenon's new iTools 5.0 extends and enhances Mac OS X Server's networking performance, efficiency, ease-of-use, and functionality with a family of tools essential to serious, commercial web content delivery and eCommerce. WebTen 3.0 for Mac OS is the easiest-to-use and fastest Apache web server in the world. NetTen 1.4, a Mac OS version of's highly-acclaimed Post.Office, is an industrial-strength mail, POP mail and IMAP server with state-of-the-art SPAM control. Whether you opt for Mac OS or Apple's new Mac...
Jul 19
[MD1] New MacTech CD includes THINK Reference Collector
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press contact: Nick DeMello Editor, MacTech Magazine New MacTech CD ROM includes THINK Reference Collector -- Now THINK Reference users can have updated Mac OS API information Westlake Village, California - July 19th, MacTech Magazine, the Journal of Macintosh Technology and Development, releases the MacTech CD ROM (volumes 1-15, through June 1999) with new THINK Reference Collector. Debuting at Macworld in New York, the new release of the MacTech CD ROM provides the most complete reference collection available for Macintosh programmers and developers -- and features a new tool for collecting and compiling the latest references for Mac OS APIs into compact, easily searchable, THINK Reference format. The MacTech CD ROM includes the entire history of MacTech Magazine, 2000 articles from almost 170 issues of MacTech Magazine running from 1984 through June of 1999. This wealth of programming tutorials, introductions to new technologies, and how to...
Jul 18
[NPL] eMerge the Dragon
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EMERGE THE DRAGON Two desktop marketing tools join forces in the e-commerce battle Contacts: Macworld New York, July 21-23, 1999 Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center, Booth 378 Vince Menanno, Waves in Motion Phone: 602-956-7080 E-mail: Roy Schulze, Galleon Software Phone: 416-955-1777 E-mail: MACWORLD NEW YORK. JULY 17, 1999. eMerge. The Dragon. Together these two Macintosh applications may sound like a forgotten Bruce Lee classic, but in fact they've teamed up to fight quite a different battle, the struggle for customer loyalty on the World Wide Web. The Dragon 5.0, from Waves in Motion, is the latest version of their FileMaker Pro solution that lets anyone create, publish, and tabulate simple or sophisticated online surveys. In addition to being great Web-traffic generators, online surveys can provide any business with a simple barometer of their customers' concerns and opinions, and the information they need to make their...
Jul 18
[NPL] eCommerce Plug-in for FileMaker Pro
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WAVES IN MOTION ANNOUNCES OAZIUM CC AUTHORIZE 1.0 Credit card validator plugs FileMaker Pro into the world of Internet commerce. Contact: Vince Menanno Waves in Motion Phone: 602-956-7080 Fax: 602-956-6754 E-mail: Web: 4131 N. 24th Street, Suite C206 Phoenix, Arizona 85016 MACWORLD NEW YORK. July 21, 1999. There's nothing quite so important to successful Internet commerce as building a robust transaction system and connecting it securely to the Internet. Unless, of course, it's finding the easiest way of moving the money from your customers' bank accounts and into yours. FileMaker Pro includes pretty much everything you need to bring in the sales and process the orders, but how are you going to verify all those credit cards, when the only solution for the Macintosh still relies on a steam-driven modem connection? With oAzium cc Authorize, the developers at Waves in Motion have built credit card authorization into a simple...
Jul 16
[MD1] Developer Central/Net Innovators Return to Macworld Expo
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DEVELOPER CENTRAL PAVILION RETURNS TO, AND NET INNOVATORS PAVILION MAKES ITS EAST COAST DEBUT AT MACWORLD EXPO/NEW YORK JULY 1999 NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- July 16, 1999-- Apple Developer Connection, Xplain Custom Services, and MACWORLD Expo are pleased to announce TWO technical special interest pavilions at MACWORLD Expo/New York. Developer Central, sponsored by Apple Developer Connection and MacTech Magazine, makes its return catering to the Macintosh programmer and developer community. And this year, Net Innovators, sponsored by Apple Developer Connection and NetProfessional, makes its east coast debut showing off technologies for web developers and network administrators. MACWORLD Expo/New York, July 21-23, 1999, is hosting both pavilions on the main floor (level three) of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Developer Central is located at booth 1360. Right next to Developer Central, is Net Innovators at booth 1461. The pavilions are located in Hall 3B of the...
Jul 16
[NPL] Developer Central/Net Innovators Return to Macworld Expo
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DEVELOPER CENTRAL PAVILION RETURNS TO, AND NET INNOVATORS PAVILION MAKES ITS EAST COAST DEBUT AT MACWORLD EXPO/NEW YORK JULY 1999 NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- July 16, 1999-- Apple Developer Connection, Xplain Custom Services, and MACWORLD Expo are pleased to announce TWO technical special interest pavilions at MACWORLD Expo/New York. Developer Central, sponsored by Apple Developer Connection and MacTech Magazine, makes its return catering to the Macintosh programmer and developer community. And this year, Net Innovators, sponsored by Apple Developer Connection and NetProfessional, makes its east coast debut showing off technologies for web developers and network administrators. MACWORLD Expo/New York, July 21-23, 1999, is hosting both pavilions on the main floor (level three) of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Developer Central is located at booth 1360. Right next to Developer Central, is Net Innovators at booth 1461. The pavilions are located in Hall 3B of the...
Jul 16
[MD1] DevDepot Announces Second Quarter 1999 Results
DevDepot Announces Second Quarter 1999 Results Quarterly Sales Revenue Grow 33% Quantity of Online Orders More Than Doubles New Shopping Basket Rivals the Fastest Ones on the Net WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., July 16, 1999 -- DevDepot, the leading direct marketer of over 1000 Mac OS developer, web content developing, and system development tools, today announced its second quarter results. Second quarter 1999 net sales grew 33% compared to the second quarter of 1998. Quantity of orders processed through the new shopping basket more than doubled when compared to the first quarter of 1999. Last quarter, the Depot introduced a new shopping basket which rivals the fastest ones on the net. DevDepot will have a large presence at Macworld Expo/New York within both Developer Central (Booth 1360) and Net Innovators (Booth 1461). Macworld Expo is at the Javitz, July 21-23. Attendees are encourage to stop by and see an array of great products and show specials. Neil Ticktin, CEO of DevDepot's...
Jul 16
[MD1] ObjectTools v1.0 for 4D
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automated Solutions Group Announces the Release of ObjectTools v1.0 Huntington Beach, CA - July 16, 1999: Automated Solutions Group today announced the release of ObjectTools v1.0 for Macintosh and Windows. ObjectTools is a 4th Dimension plug-in which provides a set of routines that allow you to create Objects: a single entity in which you can store and retrieve any amount of data of differing types. This is similar to what you can do with 4D BLOBs, but with several important differences: Rather than using offsets, data is stored into and retrieved from Objects by name. Whereas BLOBs are the equivalent of ROM -- once written, you cannot really modify their contents -- Objects are more like RAM. Once stored, data in Objects can be modified in place, retrieved into 4D variables, and copied to other Objects. Because Objects are represented by Longint handles, you can create arrays of Objects. What are Objects Good For? While the uses of Objects are virtually...
Jul 16
[NPL] Enhanced Version of Vicomsoft Internet Gateway and...
PRESS RELEASE Vicomsoft to Launch Enhanced Version of Internet Gateway and SoftRouter Plus at MacWorld New York Vicomsoft Internet Connectivity Server Suites To Incorporate Additional Extended Modules Including Remote Administration and WebHeaders MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., July 16, 1999 -- Vicomsoft, a market leader in Internet connectivity solutions for education and business will launch and demonstrate enhanced versions of their Internet Gateway and SoftRouter Plus Internet connectivity products next week at MacWorld Expo, New York. Significant new features include the ability to monitor or administer servers remotely and a WebHeader notice-board function. Vicomsoft staff will be demonstrating on Booth 1637 in the Education District. MacWorld visitors will be able to try out the new versions as well as discuss their individual Internet connectivity requirements. Visitors are also encouraged to provide feedback and feature requests for future releases. The Vicomsoft Internet Gateway...
Jul 16
[MD1] Macworld Expo Palm OS Interactive Show Guide
News Release For release July 16, 1999 Palmtop Publishing Media Contacts: Trina Clickner Palmtop Publishing Tel: (206) 923-0901 Fax: (206) 923-0902 New Pocket-Sized Power Tool Arms You for Macworld Expo - Get Your Palm OS(TM) Interactive Show Guide Macworld Expo show attendees power-up their pockets with this innovative Palm OS quick reference to exhibitors, booths, agendas, and workshops plus bonus catalog of key handheld solutions from show exhibitors and leading software providers SEATTLE, WA, July 16, 1999 - Palmtop Publishing today introduced the created by Macintosh (R) Macworld Expo Pocket Trade Show Guide for 3Com's (NASDAQ: COMS) Palm OS. It is filled with show-going essentials, fun tidbits, and special offers for reference, learning, fun, and to help you make most of Macworld Expo, July 20 - 23 at the Jacob Javtiz Convention Center in NY. "This easy to use and informative guide is a handy pocket tool that spans or...
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PDFKey Pro 4.0.2 - Edit and print passwo...
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Yasu 2.9.1 - System maintenance app; per...
Yasu was originally created with System Administrators who service large groups of workstations in mind, Yasu (Yet Another System Utility) was made to do a specific group of maintenance tasks... Read more
Hazel 3.3 - Create rules for organizing...
Hazel is your personal housekeeper, organizing and cleaning folders based on rules you define. Hazel can also manage your trash and uninstall your applications. Organize your files using a... Read more

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