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Apr 05
Qarbon's MacOS Viewlet Tool
For Immediate Release April 4, 2000 Presents Innovative Viewlets to Mac Users Around the World: Qarbon's MacOS Viewlet Tool Allows Creation of Vivid and Dynamic Step-by-Step Movies That Illustrate Answers To Thousands of MacOS Questions. (SAN JOSE, Calif., April 4, 2000) -- Today, ( released its latest Viewlet development tool to the Macintosh community. After a highly successful debut earlier this year at Upside Events' Internet Showcase and immediate acceptance within prominent help desk website communities, Viewlet popularity has grown rapidly. Designed as a revenue sharing opportunity for Viewlet authors and Web sites playing Viewlets,'s technologies and strategies are now open to Mac developers and advanced users who can easily create Viewlets for any version of Macintosh OS, Mac application or development issue. Often called online "movies," Viewlets change help files and FAQs into vivid windows that "show" rather than "tell...
Apr 05
Apple Releases Darwin 1.0 Open Source
Apple Releases Darwin 1.0 Open Source New Mac OS Core and QuickTime Streaming Server Released to Tens Of Thousands of Developers INTERNET WORLD, LOS ANGELES, April 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Apple(R) (Nasdaq: AAPL) today announced the release of Darwin 1.0, the advanced operating system core at the heart of Mac(R) OS X, and the release of an updated Darwin Streaming Server. Darwin's open source model allows the tens of thousands of registered Darwin developers to modify, customize and extend key Apple software, including the modern mach kernel and BSD layers found in Apple's next generation operating system, Mac OS X. "The core of Mac OS X is the only mainstream operating system following an open source model," said Philip Schiller, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. "The new Darwin 1.0 posting includes some of the most advanced operating system technology available, and it's open to our customers and developers so that we may collaborate on the future of the Mac OS." The...
Apr 05
AGNetTools 2.5
AG Group Releases AGNetTools 2.5! WALNUT CREEK, California - April 4, 2000 AG Group, Inc. announces the release of a new, expanded version of AGNetTools, their popular cross-platform shareware suite of IP diagnostic tools. Version 2.5 represents a significant upgrade to the suite, currently available for Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2K and Macintosh platforms. Tens of thousands of AGNetTools licenses have been sold since it began shipping in November of 1998, making it an extremely pervasive and recognized toolset. Its wide appeal is due, in large part, to its straight forward, graphical user interface, which sets it apart from similar freeware, shareware and commercial products "Many of our clients have installed DSL lines and are not sure about levels of security. With AGNetTools, we can give them a system security profile along with recommendations for shoring up potential holes, if necessary," says John Moon of Digital Builders. "This particular diagnostic tool, in this day and age of...
Apr 05
Macsense iParrott: first speech recognition headset for Mac
MACSENSE ANNOUNCES FIRST SPEECH RECOGNITION HEADSET FOR THE MAC iParrott Patent-Pending Technology Provides Superior Noise Cancellation SANTA CLARA, CA, April 4, 2000 - Macsense, the leading developer of Macintosh peripherals, announced today iParrott, the first speech recognition headset for the Mac. iParrott's patent-pending Translator provides superior noise canceling for speech recognition in even the noisiest environments. The iParrott Translator is built directly into the headset, providing exceptional audio reception by canceling unwanted background noises that other headsets can't handle. This is a boon for voice recognition software, where distorted noises result in increased errors. Corey Happel, Macsense Director or Sales and Marketing, said, "The day is coming soon when we'll all be talking to our computers, asking for it to surf the Internet, send speech-mails, get stock quotes, make phone calls, write dictated documents, etc. And what users will discover is that the...
Apr 05
Startup Doubler 2.5.4
Subject: Startup Doubler 2.5.4 released today From: Marc Moini ( April 5th, 2000: Startup Doubler 2.5.4 is now available for downloading from Startup Doubler makes for quicker startups: Its software acceleration compensates for sub-optimal disk performance to make extensions, control panel, the Finder and startup applications load faster. Save time each time you startup your Mac! Those seconds spent waiting while your Mac starts add up to a lot of time. Startup Doubler usually makes startups 20% to 50% faster, depending on the performance of your startup disk and the number of Extensions, Control Panels and Startup Items in your System. Version 2.5.4, released today, adds support for Mac OS 9.0.4. Startup Doubler runs on Mac OS 9.0.4 and previous versions (going back to System 7.0), and supports multiple extension sets. It is shareware, so you can try it for free then buy only if you like it. The shareware fee is $20, registered users of previous...
Apr 04 Domain Name Search and Registration Cut to $17 Cuts Domain Name Search and Registration to $17 - Automated Online Process Takes Just Two Minutes - BETHESDA MD April 5 - Internet domain search and registration can now be done for only $17.00 annually in just two minutes at (, announced CEO Mike Mann. "We have achieved our goal of making the domain name registration process as fast, painless and economical as possible," said Mann. "There are no surcharges or hidden fees, and our online control panel eliminates waiting weeks or months to make changes to your Internet registration. We plan to generate volume sales and undercut the competition, which simply cannot match our level of service, which includes toll-free technical support as well as email support." has developed the fastest search and registration process, coupled with the most comprehensive customer support system in the business. is the only secondary domain market with the ability to...
Apr 04
Lasso 4D Web Data Engine
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 3, 2000 BLUE WORLD RELEASES LASSO 4D WEB DATA ENGINE Blue World and ACI US partnership delivers powerful solution for deploying high-performance data-driven Web applications. Save $200 through end of June. Bellevue, WA--April 3, 2000--Blue World Communications, Inc.--pioneers of the Web Data Engine--today announced the immediate availability of Lasso 4D Web Data Engine. Lasso 4D Web Data Engine is the result of the co-development, marketing and distribution agreement between Blue World and ACI US, publishers of the 4th Dimension family of database products. Lasso 4D Web Data Engine provides direct Lasso Web Data Engine connectivity to the fully multi-threaded 4D Server with performance over twice as fast as connectivity to common desktop database products. "Lasso 4D Web Data Engine is the answer to numerous requests from customers who desire an easy to use, cross-platform, multi-threaded database that tightly integrates with the Lasso product line," said...
Apr 04
Adobe GoLive 5.0
For Immediate Release Adobe Advances Web Site Design With Adobe GoLive 5.0 Professional Web Authoring Tool Combines Intuitive Visual Design With Powerful Programming Capabilities For Creating Engaging and Dynamic Web Sites Internet World, Los Angeles, (April 4, 2000) (Nasdaq:ADBE)-Adobe Systems Incorporated, the leader in digital publishing for Web, print and dynamic media, today introduced Adobe GoLive 5.0 software, the award-winning professional Web authoring tool. Adobe GoLive 5.0 introduces numerous innovations, including an on-board interactive editor for editing multimedia, '360Code' that enables complete control over any Web design source code, superior site planning and management, 'asset' check in and out through WebDAV support, and 'smart links' that provides drag-and-drop object-sharing with other Adobe products. Plus, advanced functionality such as Dynamic Link simplifies the incorporation of dynamic database and e-commerce capabilities. "Web pages often move from designer...
Apr 04
Adobe PDF Web-hosted Service from the Web Site
For Immediate Release Adobe Introduces Create Adobe PDF Web-hosted Service from the Web Site Company Extends the Adobe Acrobat Franchise with an Addition to its ePaper Solutions to Provide a Cost-effective solution for Small to Medium-sized Businesses Internet World, Los Angeles (April 4, 2000) (Nasdaq:ADBE)-Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced the immediate availability of a new Web-hosted service for creating Adobe PDF files online. Available now on ( Create Adobe PDF Online is a paid subscription service that provides business users with a flexible and convenient way to create Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) documents. PDF documents created with Create Adobe PDF Online can be viewed and printed across a range of platforms and printing systems, regardless of operating system or application version. "A Web-hosted service for creating Adobe PDF files is a great solution for smaller businesses that are becoming increasingly...
Apr 04
Lasso Web Data Engine 3.6.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 3, 2000 BLUE WORLD RELEASES LASSO WEB DATA ENGINE 3.6.5 Lasso Web Data Engine 3.6.5 free update provides numerous new features and enhancements Bellevue, WA--April 3, 2000--Blue World Communications, Inc.--pioneers of the Web Data Engine--today announced the immediate availability of Lasso Web Data Engine 3.6.5, a free update to Lasso 3.x providing support for Java 2 on Windows, vastly expanded Date support, new tags for Images, Validation, and Email along with numerous enhancements. "The Lasso Web Data Engine 3.6.5 free update continues Blue World's unswerving commitment to bring the best Web application server tool to the rapidly growing Lasso community," said Bill Doerrfeld, president and CEO of Blue World Communications. Lasso Web Data Engine 3.6.5 New and Enhanced Features Lasso Web Data Engine 3.6.5 includes the following new features: * Java 2 Support on Windows-Provides enhanced reliability using Java on Windows * Expanded Date Support-Supports...
Apr 04
Aestiva's Approach Attractive to Mac Users
For Immediate Release: Aestiva's Approach Attractive to Mac Users Torrance, Calif. April 4, 2000. "Never count out the Apple," says Aestiva's Director of Technology, D.M. Silverberg. Just as the iMac helped Apple resurrect itself as a viable competitor to Microsoft in the marketplace, MacOS X, its upcoming OS, promises a bright future for Apple. Apple's next-generation OS promises more power than many of its rivals. Today most Web site hosting providers do not yet offer Mac server hosting. That's a big dilemma in the Mac world: Apple enthusiasts often have to commit to non-Mac servers. By using Aestiva, however, they can go with a non-Mac hosting provider and still use Mac for development. Unlike products that anchor themselves in Microsoft or UNIX operating systems, Aestiva's Web approach gives an equal footing to Mac users. Aestiva's customer base includes a high percentage of Web designers who prefer Mac over other platforms. As a Web-based product, designers can develop with...
Apr 03
SpriteWorld 2.3 for Pascal and PDF Docs Released
The interface files and libraries necessary to use SpriteWorld 2.3 from Pascal have been released. The libraries were compiled using CodeWarrior 4; if they do not work on your system, you can use the C sources to create your own library. PDF Documentation for SpriteWorld 2.3 has also been released.
Apr 02
Thing Reporter 1.0
Subject: Thing Reporter version 1.0 for MacOS From: Gary Woodcock ( FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THING REPORTER VERSION 1.0 FOR MACOS NOW AVAILABLE April 2,2000 Unthinkable Research today officially released Thing Reporter version 1.0 for MacOS as freeware to the Macintosh user and developer community. Thing Reporter is a simple utility that lets you see what QuickTime components are installed on your Macintosh computer. It lists each component by name, type, subtype, and manufacturer, and it reports how many instances of the component are open. The list can be sorted by any of the reported characteristics. Thing Reporter version 1.0 for MacOS can be downloaded at Requirements: MacOS 8.1 or later, QuickTime 3.0 or later, and a PowerPC Macintosh computer.
Mar 31
Lasso Studio for Dreamweaver
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 31, 2000 MACROMEDIA AND BLUE WORLD ANNOUNCE LASSO STUDIO FOR DREAMWEAVER Partnership propels Web application development for the Lasso Web Data Engine San Francisco, California and Bellevue, Washington -- March 31, 2000 -- Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) and Blue World Communications, Inc., pioneers of the Web Data Engine, today announced Lasso Studio 1.5 for Macromedia(R) Dreamweaver 3(R). Blue World will showcase this update at next week's Internet World Expo in Los Angeles. The companies also announced a comprehensive tutorial on the integration between the Blue World Lasso Web Data Engine and Macromedia Flash, the industry standard for high-impact, vector-based Web sites that deliver motion, sound, interactivity, and graphics. Lasso Studio 1.5 for Dreamweaver, which will be available as a free update to Lasso Studio beginning in April, will provide Lasso customers with new wizards, palettes, and performance enhancements to speed development. Lasso...
Mar 30
ACI US releases 4D v6.5.5
March 30, 2000. San Jose, CA. ACI US releases 4D v6.5.5 ------------------------- ACI US, Inc. publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment, announced today that 4D version 6.5.5 has been released and is now available from the ACI US web site. 4D Version 6.5.5 is an important maintenance release and fixes bugs found in earlier 4D v6.5.x releases. "We are committed to ensuring that developers have quality tools they need to grow their businesses," said Brendan Coveney, President, ACI US, Inc. "4Dv6.5.5 continues to improve upon the stability, power, and flexibility 4D users are accustomed to." Current 4D v6.5.x owners can download the update free of charge. The update can be downloaded from the ACI US web site at: About ACI US ------------ Located in San Jose, California, ACI US, Inc. is the US distributor of 4th Dimension and the 4D family of products, which has set the relational database standard for over fifteen years. ACI...
Mar 30
Intermediate/Advanced FileMaker Pro Hands-on Training
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Intermediate and Advanced FileMaker Pro Hands-on Training based on the wildly popular Scriptology book and CD ROM Mountain View, Calif., March 30, 2000 -- Following the success of the original Scriptology hands-on training for FileMaker Pro, John Mark Osborne has rewritten this training course to include new exercises and the latest techniques. Here is what a few students have to say about the Scriptology hands-on training courses: "I'm sure you've heard it MANY times before but... an outstanding course. Your humor and wit are only matched by your knowledge." - Steve Monroe "I don't recall a single question that could not be answered by one of you off the top of your head. I would highly recommend any class you offered." - Bruce Littrell John Mark Osborne has been working with FileMaker Pro for the last 10 years and has become one of the leading industry experts. John Mark is co-author of the wildly popular Scriptology book and CD ROM which has become the...
Mar 30
NetMinder Ethernet 4.3
For Immediate Release Neon Software Announces Immediate Availability of Support for Wireless Network Analysis in NetMinder Ethernet LAFAYETTE, CA - March 30th, 2000 - Neon Software announced today the immediate availability of version 4.3 of NetMinder Ethernet, their software-based protocol analyzer and traffic monitor. Version 4.3, available as a free download update on Neon Software's website to registered version 4 users, adds support for wireless communication technology and and additional decodes for 802.1q VLAN protocols. "With the explosive growth of wireless networking, users must have analysis tools to support wireless networks. Our new version of NetMinder Ethernet provides critical analysis data for wireless network architectures." said Michael Swan, Chief Technical Officer. NetMinder Ethernet 4.3 Wireless Network Support NetMinder Ethernet 4.3 supports Apple Computer's new AirPort wireless technology family of products. AirPort users can now capture and...
Mar 30
REALbasic 2.1 enters beta
March 30, 2000 REAL Software, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of REALbasic 2.1 beta 1. REALbasic 2.1 packs over twenty new features and hundreds of improvements into this free update. Visit ( to learn more and download your free demo/update. REAL Software, Inc. PMB 220 3300 Bee Caves Road, Suite 650 Austin, Texas 78746 512.263.1233
Mar 29
SpriteWorld 2.3
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A MAJOR UPDATE TO THE FREE, FAST, POWERFUL, AND EASY TO USE PROGRAMMER'S LIBRARY FOR CREATING SPRITE ANIMATION IN MACINTOSH PROGRAMS March 29, 2000 Vern Jensen and Anders Bjrklund today officially released SpriteWorld 2.3 as freeware to the Macintosh programming community. SpriteWorld 2.3 is the latest update to the widely respected SpriteWorld animation library originally written by Tony Myles in 1993-94, and updated to version 2.0 by Karl Bunker and Vern Jensen in 1996. SpriteWorld 2.3 provides many new features and improvements, and even some bug fixes. As with the earlier versions, SpriteWorld 2.3 will be of particular interest to Macintosh game programmers. Using SpriteWorld, programmers can easily create animations with high frame rates that contain smooth overlapping of sprites, pixel-precise collision detection, an unlimited size and number of sprites, special effects via. custom blitters, fast scrolling, and many other features. These features lend...
Mar 29
Adobe Ships InDesign 1.5
For Immediate Release Adobe Ships InDesign 1.5 and Enhances Toolset for Professional Publishers Company announces promotional pricing for InDesign upgrade San Jose, Calif. (March 29, 2000) (Nasdaq:ADBE)-Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced the shipment of Adobe InDesign 1.5 and announced a new worldwide promotion for InDesign. Shipping this week, InDesign 1.5 is the newest version of the award-winning page layout and design program for the professional publisher. Effective immediately, all registered customers of InDesign 1.0 software are qualified for an upgrade to the new version at an estimated street price of U.S. $29.95. "Adobe has a longstanding commitment to meet the needs of our customers with superior products that are also an excellent value," said John Warnock, CEO and president, Adobe Systems Incorporated. "With the shipment of InDesign 1.5, we believe we are well on the way in making InDesign the tool of choice for professional publishers. The price promotion for...
Mar 29
BackJack for Macintosh: International Service
MEDIA RELEASE For Immediate Release - March 29, 2000 MARKDALE, Ontario, Canada - Synectics Business Solutions, Inc. (Synectics) just announced the availability of its BackJack Online Backup Service to an international Macintosh market. BackJack is a Mac-only online backup solution which enables users to get their critical files backed up and offsite - automatically, securely and cost effectively. Since its launch in June of 1998, BackJack has revolutionized the way Macintosh users back up and restore their critical data. International Export of BackJack -------------------------------- Until now, Synectics was prohibited from the international export of its BackJack service due to the strength of the encryption algorithm (128 bit CAST) built directly into its software. Approval from the Canadian government (under the General Export Permit No. 39) now means that Synectics can offer BackJack to Macintosh-based organizations and individual Mac users around the world with the exception of...
Mar 29
Now Up-To-Date & Contact Now Support Palm OS
For Immediate Release Power On Provides Palm OS Support in New Release of Now Up-to-Date & Contact Extensive Synchronization Options Added for Palm and Visor Columbus, Ohio -- March 29, 2000 -- Power On Software announced today that it had completed development of its forthcoming release of Now Up-to-Date & Contact. Version 3.9 adds support for handheld computing devices based upon Palm Computing's Palm OS. The new release offers seamless integration of the best-selling Macintosh contact management and calendaring application in history with the handheld computing devices based on the Palm OS. World Debut Scheduled for Macintosh Business Expo The product will make its worldwide debut in Portland, Oregon on April 5th at a special reception to be held at the Macintosh Business Expo, presented by Apple Computer, Inc. and The Computer Store. Effective immediately, Power On will be accepting orders for shipments to commence on April 6th. Wide Range of Palm OS Integration and...
Mar 29
VSE Link Tester
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Mac Tool Finds Broken Links And Missing Resources Germany, 29 March 2000 - Voget Selbach Enterprises (VSE) announced today the release of their new application VSE Link Tester, a link validation tool that fixes broken links and locates missing resources. Webmasters know that one of the biggest problems associated with maintaining your web site is keeping all the hyperlinks updated and free of errors. One usually first finds out about a broken link when a visitor complains. For every person who complains, there are a multitude of others who just give up on the site out of frustration. The effectiveness of the web site is impaired and becomes worse if these problems aren't fixed. Bad links and malfunctioning site features cost page impressions, customers and respect. VSE Link Tester helps Mac users to fix these errors before they harm their online business. Features: The easy to use application works online and offline. It can test multiple web sites at once...
Mar 28
BeOS 5: Personal, Pro, and Open Source Announcements
BE DELIVERS NEW PERSONAL AND PRO EDITIONS OF BEOS 5 No-cost Downloadable Version of Powerhouse Media OS Removes "Barrier of Choice" for Programmers and Users MENLO PARK, Calif.--March 28, 2000--Be Incorporated (Nasdaq: BEOS) today announced the availability of the latest release of its highly-acclaimed digital media operating system, BeOS 5. The Personal Edition of the operating system, renowned for its rich media handling capabilities and ideal for first-time or casual users, is now available at no charge, via the web at Additionally, BeOS 5 Pro Edition, a fully-featured version designed for audio and video applications, has also been made available to third-party publishers in North and South America, Asia, and soon to follow, Europe. With the new release, Be is offering a programmers development kit (BeIDE, or Be Integrated Development Environment) and a library of demonstration applications at no charge. These development tools aid software developers in...
Mar 27
Virtual PC with Windows 2000
IMMEDIATE NEWS DATE: March 27, 2000 NEWS: Connectix Corporation Ships Connectix Virtual PC with Windows 2000 - Award-winning PC emulation product family for the Macintosh - Two Computers-in-One; it's like getting a Pentium chip in software, without the added costs - Fast, easy, and convenient way to access the Windows world from your Mac Connectix Virtual PC with Windows 2000 gives you a seamless and hassle-free way to run Windows 2000 on your Mac. Installation is no different than any Mac application. With Virtual PC, your computer easily becomes a Mac and a Windows machine all in one. PRODUCT: The Connectix Virtual PC product line bridges the compatibility gap between Mac and PC environments by allowing Mac users to run PC applications, access networks, and share files. Virtual PC is currently available in five versions: with PC-DOS, with Red Hat Linux, with Windows 95, with Windows 98, and with Windows 2000 each pre-installed and pre-configured. FEATURES: * Run Windows Programs...
Mar 24
Dynamic Scrolling 1.0 Source (freeware)
From: (Vern Jensen) Subject: [ANN] Dynamic Scrolling 1.0 Available (freeware) Anyone interested in easily supporting Dynamic (or "Live") scrolling in their applications, including systems that do not have Appearance, should download Dynamic Scrolling 1.0. This package includes a single call that allows you to seamlessly perform dynamic scrolling on both new and old systems. The entire C source code is included. The package is free, and is only 6k: Let me know if you find this useful! -Vern
Mar 24
Proteron unleashes Easy MP3, next generation MP3 software
March 24, 2000 For Immediate Release: Proteron unleashes EasyMP3, next generation MP3 software Omaha, Nebraska USA - Proteron, LLC today releases EasyMP3, the first in the second generation of MP3 encoders. Sporting the industry's best MP3 codec, EasyMP3 packs all the most-advanced features, include ID3 tagging and CDDB2 access, into a revolutionary, unobtrusive, easy-to-use interface. A small footprint and ultra-sleek design make EasyMP3 the perfect MP3 encoder for UltraPlayer, WinAmp and Sonique users. The software ranks among the fastest and highest quality MP3 products currently available and effectively builds MP3 encoding functionality directly into the operating system, making conversion of digital audio seamlessly integrated with Windows functionality. EasyMP3 is the successor to Proteron's encoder N2MP3 encoder for the Macintosh. N2MP3 was released in August of 1999 and quickly became the encoder of choice for Macintosh users, winning several top awards, including a five star...
Mar 24
Vicomsoft SurfDoubler Now With PPPoE Support and Optional...
Vicomsoft SurfDoubler Now With PPPoE Support and Optional Connection Teaming Vicomsoft announces the release of SurfDoubler 6.6 including native support for DSL connections using PPPoE. A new optional Connection Teaming module is also available. Support for PPPoE allows users to transparently share DSL connections without the need for third party software. Connection Teaming increases aggregate Internet access bandwidth by combining multiple simultaneous Internet connections of any type. Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE), which provides login functionality, has been adopted by major DSL service providers. Some existing Internet sharing solutions are not compatible with PPPoE. Vicomsoft offers direct PPPoE support as a standard feature in SurfDoubler, making Internet sharing available to all DSL home users. Connection Teaming allows home users to achieve quantum rather than incremental increases in bandwidth and throughput by establishing multiple simultaneous Internet...
Mar 23
WebSTAR Secure
March 23, 2000. Berkeley, CA. WebSTAR Secure Where Others Fail StarNine Technologies, Inc. publishers of the WebSTAR Server Suite and ACI US, Inc. publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment, today reaffirmed their commitment to creating the most secure server products possible. This announcement comes after the successful repulsion from an attack early last week by a group of Brazilian hackers on the United States Army's site which is currently served by WebSTAR Server. These same hackers did successfully manage to access several other government sites last week including the Bureau of Land Management's National Training Center and two other U.S. Army web servers which were not running WebSTAR. In September of last year, the U.S. Army changed their operating system from a Windows NT based server to the Macintosh based WebSTAR Server Suite after the Army's main Web site was altered by a hacker. The continuous attempt this server faces has only served to...
Mar 23
VOODOO Server 1.1.2
PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VOODOO Server 1.1.2 - the easy-to-use version control tool for CodeWarriors Hagenberg, AUSTRIA, March-23-2000, UNI SOFTWARE PLUS GmbH is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new version 1.1.2 of their flagship version control tool VOODOO Server. Right in time before the daylight-saving time starts the new release of VOODOO Server makes use of UTCUtils introduced in MacOS 9 which guarantees a hassle-free switch to daylight-saving time without having the usual problems that local files seem to have changed modification dates. Registered customers are therefore encouraged to make use of the FREE upgrade before the daylight-saving time starts. What else has been added and improved: + An additional check-sum mechanism increases safety of data transfers. + Detection and clean-up of broken connections has been improved. + Some example scripts have been modified to work with Mac OS 9 as well as over TCP/IP connections. + Communication...
Mar 23
easy beat 1.1
PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE UNI SOFTWARE PLUS GmbH Softwarepark Hagenberg A-4323 Hagenberg AUSTRIA phone: +43 (7236) 3338-82 fax: +43 (7236) 3338-30 email: www: easy beat 1.1 - adds support for XG and GS, including all QuickTime voices Hagenberg, AUSTRIA, March-22-2000. UNI SOFTWARE PLUS is proud to announce version 1.1 of our music software easy beat. Many things have been added, fixed and improved since the initial release of easy beat 1.0 in September 1999. The following is an incomplete extract from the list of changes, which should give you a brief impression of the most important changes and enhancements. * easy beat now has an "Inspector": a floating window that shows various properties of the current selection. * A new "Playback Options" dialog lets you specify some settings for use with external synthesizers. * A new "Recording Options" dialog (accessible from the Music...
Mar 23
CPLAT trial versions
From: Ken ( Subject: ksoft announces CPLAT trial versions ksoft has just released a trial version of the CPLAT cross-platform C++ framework, and a trial version of the CPLAT RADTool / Resource Editor. These trial version allow you to download and try-out CPLAT and its RADTool / Resource Editor to see how powerful and easy CPLAT makes cross-platform C++ development. CPLAT is a low-cost modern C++ framework enabling development of applications that run under MacOS from System 7.5 through Mac OS9 including Carbon and Windows 95, 98, NT, and soon a Linux version will be available. In addition to providing full UI support for the various platforms, CPLAT includes classes for working with application, documents, dialogs, alerts, files, unlimited undo, and more. Registered users of the CPLAT framework get the full source code, headers, and projects to the entire CPLAT framework, demos, and the source code to the RADTool / Resource Editor is also included. Full registration...
Mar 22
Bowers Development Enhances AppMaker Support for Tools Plus
Grantham, NH - March 22, 2000 - Bowers Development has posted an update for AppMaker #12 to add several major features to its Tools Plus code generator. This update includes support for scripting, custom multi-column lists, NavServices, proxy icons, and overriding. With this update, AppMaker generates scriptable applications. It generates the 'aete' resource, and code to resolve object references, to handle GetData and SetData events, and to create elements. Scripting support is free. It is generated automatically from existing DataDefs in an AppMaker project. Users don't have to do any extra work to get scriptability because they are already specifying DataDefs for other purposes. This update also supports custom multi-column lists. Each row of the list corresponds to an element of an array. Each column represents an attribute of the array element. The generated code now uses NavServices for the standard Open and Save file dialogs. Window titles now display proxy icons and a file...
Mar 22
Farallon 4-Port Gigabit Switch
Farallon Ships Plug-and-Play Fast Starlet Gig Switch/4SX Ideal for 1000Mbs inter-switch connectivity within a high-speed network backbone SAN LEANDRO, Calif. March 22nd, 2000 - Farallon Communications, Inc., developer of reliable cross-platform networking solutions, today announced their Fast Starlet Gig Switch/4SX is now shipping. With 4 1000Base-SX Fiber Gigabit ports, Farallons Fast Starlet Gig Switch/4SX is ideal for creating a high-speed 1000Mbps network backbone. "The connections between switches is one of the most common points of congestion on a network," states Ken Haase, VP Marketing for Farallon Communications, Inc. "When combined with our Fast Starlet Switch 10/100/100, the Fast Starlet Gig Switch/4SX allows users to eliminate inter-switch congestion and still benefit from the easy-install of a plug-and-play solution. Farallons family of Gigabit solutions also includes a Gigabit PCI card for high-end Mac OS or Windows servers, and the Fast Starlet Switch 10/100/1000 with...
Mar 22
Troi File Plug-in 2.0b1 for FileMaker Pro 5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Troi Automatisering releases Troi File Plug-in 2.0b1 for FileMaker 5 New Plug-in lets you manipulate any information on your disk outside your database directly from within FileMaker Pro. Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands, March 22nd, 2000--Troi Automatisering today announced the availability of its Troi File Plug-in 2.0b1 (beta), for FileMaker Pro 5 (and 4) both on Mac OS and Windows. What is the Troi File Plug-in? The Troi File Plug-in is a very powerful tool for getting access to information outside the FileMaker Pro database. Any files stored on the rest of the computer can be accessed through the functions of the plug-in. All from within FileMaker you can: - get data out of files that are on the disk of the computer - create files anywhere on the hard disk and put data from FileMaker fields into it - manipulate files and folders on the disk: this includes creation, deletion, copying, moving and modifying files and folders Peter Baanen,...
Mar 22
MADE 1.6.0 (Carbon) Release
Sig Software is proud to announce the release of MADE 1.6.0. Macintosh Application Development Essentials (MADE for short) is a tiny package of C/C++ code which provides all the lowest-level needs for a Macintosh application. It is used extensively at Sig Software for our own programs, including Drop Drawers, Email Effects and NameCleaner. The main new feature in version 1.6.0 is support for the Carbon (Mac OS X) API. Detailed instructions are included on how to create a Carbon MADE-based project in CodeWarrior. MADE also continues to support the Classic (Mac OS) API. The MADE page is at: Thank you, Gideon Greenspan Sig Software
Mar 21
IMACINATION SOFTWARE RELEASES LASSO EMAIL TOOL New Lasso developer tool, Inbox!, provides connectivity between Web servers and POP email accounts. March 20, 2000 -- Imacination Software today released Inbox! for Lasso, an easy to use plug-in for Blue World Lasso Web Data Engine that enables developers to access any POP3 email account on any server. Using Inbox! for Lasso, developers can create Web based client interfaces to email accounts, or archive email lists to any database Lasso connects with, such as FileMaker Pro, 4D, Microsoft Access, and SQL Server. The plug-in is cross platform, multi-threaded and works with Lasso Web Data Engine 3.6 allowing simultaneous access and archiving of multiple email accounts. "We are very enthusiastic about the release of Inbox!", says Allon Bendavid,president of Imacination Software. "Developer's will now be able to create broader Web applications integrating both email and datasources. This plug-in is definitely a 'Must Have!'" "Inbox! is a...
Mar 21
Tenon: OS X Transition Strategy for Macintosh Webmasters
OS X TRANSITION STRATEGY FOR MACINTOSH WEBMASTERS WebTen and iTools give WebSTAR users a graceful transition to Apache Santa Barbara, CA, March 21, 2000. Tenon Intersystems, award winning Mac OS web server developer, announced today a transition strategy for Macintosh webmasters and web developers. Tenon's OS X Transition Package provides a point and click Apache, DNS, and FTP server for Mac OS, Mac OS X Server, and Mac OS X, along with expert technical assistance to help Macintosh webmasters evolve from their current set up to each new platform. For a limited time, WebSTAR customers can purchase the OS X Transition Package for only $795. The package includes WebTen 3.0, NetTen 1.4, iTools 5.0, a free upgrade to iTools for OS X and technical support for each transition -- a $2500 value! A Transition Starter Package, which includes WebTen 3.0, is also being offered for only $199. Because WebTen uses the popular Apache web server engine,...
Mar 21
Steve Jobs to Kick Off Apple's Worldwide Developer...
Steve Jobs to Kick Off Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference CUPERTINO, California-March 21, 2000-Apple CEO Steve Jobs will deliver the opening keynote address at this year's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which takes place May 15-19 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California. "This conference will be the most important event of the year for Mac OS X developer and marketers," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "We're planning for the biggest and best developer conference in Apple's history." WWDC will feature technical tracks on: Mac OS X (Darwin, Cocoa, Quartz, Carbon and Aqua); Digital Media (QuickTime, OpenGL and Java); Networking and Security (IPv6 and 802.11); Hardware (iMac, iBook, PowerBook, Power Mac G4 with Velocity Engine, AirPort, USB and FireWire), and Tools (WebObjects, Velocity Engine performance and optimization). Cost & Registration: Developers worldwide can register for the conference at The cost of the...
Mar 21
Syslogd 2.1.6
Syslogd 2.1.6 is now available from ( This release includes minor performance enhancements, and fixes a situation where Syslogd would try to access low memory as well as other bugs. Full details are in the included Release Notes file. An incompatibility with Timbuktu seems to have been identified. Running Timbuktu while running Syslogd may cause Syslogd to randomly crash. Currently there is no solution to this problem, other than not running Syslogd and Timbuktu at the same time. Syslogd for the Mac OS is a syslog compatible Shareware program that will log messages from network devices (UNIX machines, printers, routers, etc) including Apple's AirPort Hub. Syslogd also includes support for Mac applications and AppleScript programs to log messages. Syslogd includes a graphical administration program that allows for easy configuration and setup; you do not have to edit a text file with an obscure format. For more information...
Mar 21
MediaCue: Media Player Makes Standalone Kiosks
MARCH 21, 2000 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Michael O'Connor Leptonic Systems Inc. EMail: Phone: (516) 547-0640 LEPTONIC SYSTEMS INC. ANNOUNCES MEDIACUE 1.0 MACINTOSH MEDIA PLAYER MAKES STANDALONE KIOSKS Leptonic Systems Inc. announces the release of MediaCue, an application for the Macintosh computer which makes standalone media catalogs, plays full screen movies. MEDIACUE FEATURES Plays QuickTime movies in standard windows or full screen Displays Picture files Creates media catalogs in various layout formats Creates stand-alone kiosk applications Embeds QuickTime movies into the kiosks Exclusively for Macintosh PowerPC MediaCue lets you view QuickTime movies and picture files on your Macintosh. You can collect these items into catalogs that show preview images, descriptions, and file info. It can turn a catalog into a stand-alone kiosk application which embeds the catalog, movies, and a display application into a single, easily distributable file....
Mar 20
FileMaker Exploits XML
FileMaker, Inc. exploits XML for FileMaker Pro 5 and FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited with launch of FileMaker XML Central IT professionals and web developers may now leverage the power of XML within FileMaker Pro 5 and FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited by visiting FileMaker XML Central ( SANTA CLARA, Calif. - March 20, 2000 - FileMaker, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of FileMaker XML Central. A comprehensive resource for IT professionals and web developers, FileMaker XML Central provides essential documentation that details the Extensible Markup Language (XML) support in FileMaker Pro. It also includes instructional examples and useful links for learning more about XML and XML formatting technologies. The XML documentation and examples will also be included in the forthcoming FileMaker Developer 5, planned for shipment in April. They immediately equip IT professionals and Web developers to deploy an XML solution using dynamic data from their FileMaker...
Mar 20
Qilan Public Beta
March 20, 2000 CommonGround Softworks, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of Qilan (public beta), our web data base development system. Qilan is a native Mac OS X Server application which allows developers to create dynamic web sites linking SQL data base engines. A knowledge of SQL or code level programming is not required. This beta is provided with adaptors to OpenBase and FrontBase SQL databases. In addition to SQL engines, Qilan provides full access to Helix data using the Osmosis Gateway. Qilan communicates with the Osmosis Gateway by TCP/IP, enabling Helix collections to be located anywhere on the Internet. Qilan can be downloaded by visiting: and following the download link. Referenced Database sites: Phil McNamara Power Services of NE Inc. PO Box 687 Middleborough, MA 02346 508.947.9980
Mar 19 ~$15 Domain Name Registration
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Beck Web Servers & Design (BWSD) Announces $22 CDN (~ $15 USD) Domain Name Registration at Instant Domain Control at Oshawa, ON, Canada - March 18, 2000 Beck Web Servers & Design introduced $22 CDN domain name registration, along with a promise of INSTANT control over your domain registration, in order to change nameservers or contact information for the domain. "This will benefit consumers enormously," said Eric Beck, President of BWSD, who went on to add, "BWSD's move, means that the consumer won't have to fight with their registrar to try and get a record changed." As many people have noted already, some of the other new players in the domain name registration business are using the SRS (Shared Registry System) to benefit the registrar, but without giving the consumer the benefit of the single-most advantageous element of the new SRS, besides price. That is, control and ease of...
Mar 17
DICOM Import for QuickTime and SDK, v1.1 for Mac and Windows
Escape Information Services ( is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the DICOM Import component for QuickTime and its associated Software Development Kit (SDK), version 1.1, both available for the Mac and Windows platforms. New in version 1.1 ------------------ - Images in DICOMDIR files are now accessible - Non-image data in DICOM files are now accessible - Data in DICOM files with no images are accessible - Additional image variants are supported About DICOM Import ------------------ DICOM Import is a new QuickTime component that works on both Mac and Windows, and enhances QuickTime-savvy applications with the ability to import medical images that conform to the DICOM standard. DICOM files are being produced by all major radiology systems, such as CT and NMR imagers. DICOM Import currently supports a wide subset of the DICOM standard, such as: - single and multiple image files - compressed (lossy & lossless JPEG; RLE) and uncompressed -...
Mar 16
Timbuktu Pro 2000
NETOPIA LAUNCHES TIMBUKTU PRO 2000 FOR INTERNET-BASED REMOTE CONTROL New Internet Features Make it Easy for Customers to Find Each Other and Collaborate Across Virtually Any Platform. ALAMEDA, Calif., March 16, 2000 Netopia, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTPA) today announced the introduction of Timbuktu Pro 2000, the first solution to offer customers a high performance, multi-platform, remote control and Internet communication tool for Windows and Mac OS computers in one universal package. Timbuktu Pro 2000 is the ideal solution for mobile workers, telecommuters, and day extenders who need to connect to and communicate with other users across the Internet, over direct telephone lines, and across multiple platforms. Timbuktu Pro 2000 enables telecommuting and collaboration across any Internet, network, or direct dial modem connection from any personal computer. New enhancements make it easier than ever to find other Timbuktu Pro users on the Internet, eliminating the complexity of cryptic TCP/IP...
Mar 16
ACI Acquires StarNine Technologies, Inc.
March 15, 2000. San Jose, CA. ACI Acquires StarNine Technologies, Inc. ACI SA, ACI US' parent company and publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment, announced today that they have acquired StarNine Technologies Inc., makers of WebSTAR Server Suite, from Platinum Equity Holdings. StarNine has been a leader in the development of Internet server software, content creation tools and email connectivity products for the Mac OS. They have been awarded numerous honors for their WebSTAR Web server software which is considered a de facto standard within the industry. ACI has been delivering desktop relational databases management systems (RDBMS) to developers since 1984. In 1997, with the release of 4th Dimension version 6.0 (4Dv6.0), ACI began focusing on bringing its RDBMS environment to the web development market. Both ACI and StarNine are serious about the web development market and the combined resources between the two companies of people and technology will benefit both the...
Mar 15
MacA&D Deliver HTML Distribution
Placitas, NM - March 15, 2000 - Excel Software today extended its industry lead in scriptable HTML report generation with its Macintosh and Windows software modeling tools. Software design information created with MacA&D and WinA&D products can be instantly distributed as highly customized reports to team members, reviewers, subcontractors, customers, managers, maintenance engineers and others involved in the development process. New MacA&D 7.1.1 and WinA&D 3.1.3 features include hotspot links on diagram images, custom page headers and footers, an integrated script debugger, a script wizard for quickly generating highly customized reports, memory optimizations and increased model capacity for large projects. MacA&D and WinA&D are comprehensive tools for system analysis, requirements specification, software design and code generation. Popular modeling notations include object-oriented analysis and design with UML and structured analysis and design using Yourdon/...
Mar 15
Drop Drawers 1.2
From: Gideon Greenspan ( Sig Software is proud to announce the final release of version 1.2 of Drop Drawers, after an extended beta testing period. The program continues to draw rave reviews - according to one seasoned user, it is "by far the most elegant implementation of a dock I have seen on any platform." Drop Drawers is a revolutionary user-interface enhancement which provides floating pull-out, snap-shut drawers on the sides of your screen to store text, URLs, aliases, pictures, sounds, movies and anything else. Major new features in version 1.2 include drawers listing running processes, optional speech recognition for drawer items, patterns and pictures for drawers and tabs, optional thumbnails for any item and hierarchical menus for folders in drawers. The new version can be downloaded from: ( English, Japanese and German versions are already available - Traditional Chinese and French translations should appear soon....
Mar 14
Funnel Web 3.7
Announcing Funnel Web 3.7 Active Concepts, today released Funnel Web 3.7, an upgrade to its leading web site analysis product, which is now optimized for Windows 2000 and the PowerMac G4 velocity engine. This version features analysis support for several new search engines such as Viola, Google, DirectHit and several others. This version also supports improved speed and Virtual domain reporting, including support for the Welcome plugin and various other bug fixes and improvements. Updaters are available for existing users from: New users can download a free 30 day trial from The Active Concepts Team Intelligent analysis for your eBusiness needs
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