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May 03
Server Sentinel 1.0
Intelli Innovations, Inc. releases Server Sentinel 1.0 Powerful server monitoring software for Macintosh. May 3rd, 2000 - Intelli Innovations, Inc. is proud to introduce Server Sentinel 1.0, a powerful server monitoring utility for the Macintosh platform. Sentinel will check your servers at specified intervals, and then run events if a server check fails like e-mailing or paging you, running AppleScripts, opening applications locally or over networks, resetting crashed computers, and much more. Server Sentinel is now available on our website at ( Server Sentinel works great alone, but also can integrate with third party hardware and software products as well to increase it's abilities. Sentinel currently supports: iLog from Sophisticated Circuits, Inc. ( PageNOW! from Mark/Space Softworks ( PowerKey Pro from Sophisticated Circuits, Inc. ( Simple Pager by James Sentman (
May 03
iLog Log Server
SOPHISTICATED CIRCUITS SHIPS iLOG LOG SERVER Fully Scriptable System Centralizes Log Information and Triggers AppleScripts Based on Content. Ships With New DiaLogger -- WOODINVILLE, Wash., May 3, 2000 -- Sophisticated Circuits, Inc. today announced iLog, a powerful Mac OS application that consolidates log data from multiple sources on a network and intelligently acts upon that data. Now, system administrators and power users can centralize and automate their monitoring of remote systems with this smart "log server," which intelligently filters log messages, sends notifications and even triggers AppleScripts, based on message priority and content. iLog receives standardized log information from local or remote applications and network devices and can respond in several ways, including forwarding it to another machine or a text file; automatically alerting the administrator via a notification, email or pager message; or triggering an AppleScript. iLog also provides access to log...
May 03
Aestiva Delivers Web-Based Database
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Aestiva Delivers Web-Based Database Torrance, CA. May 3, 2000. To most database vendors, a database is just one element of a Web site. But Aestiva, a proponent of Webputing, thinks databases should be more than just an afterthought. It is now delivering database management, access and control entirely through the Web. Aestiva's database technology allows HTML pages to automatically tie in to databases. "This is not possible with legacy databases," says David Silverberg, Aestivas Director of Technology. Adding, "Oracle, Microsoft SQL and Informix were not made for the Web." By building its database into its Web operating system, Aestiva has eliminated database integration and standards problems that hamper developers ability to build database-driven Web sites. The fully-functional database operates entirely over the internet through the Web browser. Customers have discovered that Aestiva databases are highly reliable. Setup of an Aestiva database is point-and-...
May 03
StructNamesPack v2.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automated Solutions Group Announces StructNamesPack v2.1 Obtain arrays of method names, list names and form names for a given table. Huntington Beach, CA - May 3, 2000: Automated Solutions Group today announced the release of StructNamesPack v2.1, a suite of routines for obtaining arrays of method names, list names, and form names for a given table. What's new in StructNamesPack 2.1 * 4D Server / 4D Client Support StructNamesPack now works with 4D Server without calling routine on server (all routines can now be executed from client) * Registration Routine Works with 4D Server Previously, when calling sn_Register, the plug-in would not be registered correctly and would not be functional. About StructNamesPack StructNamesPack includes a variety of functions, designed to enhance any 4th Dimension application, providing a suite of plug-in routines. Included in StructNamesPack are the following features: * Build an array of 4th Dimension lists * Build an array of...
May 03
AMP Radio 1.6
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 2nd, 2000 AMP Radio -- Listen to the World! Subband Software, Inc., Renton, Washington -- May 2nd -- Subband Software today announced AMP Radio 1.6, the latest version of their popular Internet Radio/MP3 Player. The most important new features include: -New Audio Format Support- CD Audio, MOD, MIDI, .m3u, and more! -AMP Radio now shows the ID3 tags for streaming files! Know what you're listening to on Shoutcast stations and .m3u's! -Random/Repeat Play-Mix it up! -Alias Resolving, to allow you to move your MP3 files anywhere on your HD. AMP Radio will find and play them! -Mono Enhancer, to make mono files and streams sound more like stereo! -Proxy support Full Feature List: - Input/DSP/Output plugin architecture with SDK for each component - HTTP Proxy Support for tracker & streaming - 99.9% IT 2.16 compatible playback along with XM/S3M/MTM/MOD and clickless(TM) mixer - CDDA/MIDI/Live In/AIFFc/WAVE/SID/QuickTime/RealAudio input modules (with streaming...
May 03
MacTech Magazine: Free Giveaway of ReplayTV!
MACTECH MAGAZINE FREE GIVEAWAY OF REPLAYTV! MAY 3 2000, WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA -- MacTech Magazine announced that each reader ordering a new subscription or renewing an existing subscription in May will be entered into a giveaway of a FREE 28 hour ReplayTV personal video recorder. Since 1984, MacTech Magazine has been bringing you the inside story on Macintosh Technology & Development. If you are a programmer, web developer, system administrator, multimedia developer, or just want to know what's under the hood -- you should be reading MacTech Magazine. Recent and upcoming MacTech articles have looked into wireless networks and Apple's AirPort, the inside story on Mac OS 9 and what's coming up with Mac OS X, how AltiVec (the velocity engine) works, home automation with Macintosh, backup management tricks, working with WebObjects, and more. It just keeps getting better. If you loved the last 12 issues, you'll be amazed by the next 12. To make it easier than ever to subscribe and renew...
May 02
SpinnerWorld & StyleSpinner
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SpinnerWorld opens with new StyleSpinner release Stockholm, Sweden - May 2, 2000 - Today Optima System has launched the SpinnerWorld Web site, a new Resource Center for PageSpinner users. The Web site will provide information to page spinning users about PageSpinner and related Web spinning software, resources, tips and news. PageSpinner is Optima's flagship HTML Editor for Mac OS that supports HTML 3.2, many parts of HTML 4.0 plus additional Netscape and Internet Explorer extensions. The PageSpinner software helps thousands of users around the world to understand and master HTML. Optima have also released StyleSpinner 1.0, a free Cascading Style Sheet tool for PageSpinner, available from the SpinnerWorld Web site. StyleSpinner is a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) helper application for PageSpinner version 2 and higher. The application enables users to create and insert Cascading Style Sheet declarations in PageSpinner files. Integrated...
May 01
Dotster Offers $15 Domain Name Registrations
Dotster Inc. Offers New Low Rate for Domain Name Registrations LONGVIEW, Wash. - Due to the success of its recent April pricing promotion, Dotster Inc., an ICANN accredited registrar of .com, .net and .org domain names, is pleased to announce that it has set its standard domain name registration pricing at only $15 per year. "Our April promotion was an overwhelming success," said George DeCarlo, general manager of Dotster. "We're excited to offer our customers this very competitive pricing, which we believe is one of the lowest prices among domain name registrars today." The new standard pricing extends to multiple-year registrations as well. Two year domain name registration pricing is now $30, five-year registrations are $75, and ten-year registrations are $150. All of Dotster's value-added Web site tools and access to customer service and support are included in this pricing. Launched on January 15, 2000, Dotster has quickly established itself as a major player among domain name...
May 01
FileMaker Pro 5 Web Security Alert
Blue World Announces FileMaker Pro 5 Web Security Alert May 1, 2000 Blue World Communications, Inc.--pioneers of the Web Data Engine(tm)--today announced to customers, partners, vendors, Internet security regulators, and the wider FileMaker Pro Web community that it has discovered at least three serious security holes in the Web Companion provided in the FileMaker Pro 5 product line. The security holes are a result of new XML and email capabilities introduced in the FileMaker Pro 5 product line. The first security hole permits anyone on the Internet to view all data contained in any FileMaker Pro 5 Web Companion configured database made accessible on the Internet, regardless of Web Database Security preferences set to deny such access. The second security hole permits anyone on the Internet to use the Web Companion's email capabilities to send email with data contained in any FileMaker Pro 5 Web Companion enabled database, regardless of Web Database Security preferences set to deny...
May 01
NuSpectra Ships SiteCam 5.0 & SiteZAP 5.0
For Immediate Release NUSPECTRA SHIPS NEW SITECAM 5.0 AND SITEZAP 5.0 Now SiteCam and SiteZAP Support Streaming Audio. SiteZAP Now With New Flash Interface. ALAMEDA, Calif., May 1, 2000 -- NuSpectra Multimedia, Inc. today announced new version 5.0 releases of both SiteCam and SiteZAP. Now with real-time audio streaming, SiteCam 5.0 and SiteZAP 5.0 automatically broadcast in three different encoding settings. In a related announcement today, Rearden Technology, former producers of SiteCam and SiteZAP, merged with NuSpectra Multimedia under whose name the products will be now produced and supported (see release dated today). SiteCam 5.0 and SiteZAP 5.0 are available immediately from ( starting at $149 and $1,995 respectively. SiteZAP 5.0, the remote-controlled motorized pan/tilt/zoom system based on SiteCam 5.0, includes all the new features in SiteCam 5.0, plus a new Macromedia Flash interface. Controllable via the Internet, anyone with the access password (...
May 01
iView 3.8 with iUpload 1.0
5/2/00 iView Multimedia 3.8 has several improvements like the ability to read Alias Pix format, AGD4 (Freehand 8), and drw7 (Canvas 7). Also iView Multimedia has added a Chinese plug-in so its menus and dialogs can be read in Chinese. Even more significant is the addition of a new module called iUpload which allows uploading images direct to photo upload sites on the web. iUpload can upload directly from and iView catalog directly to the Photopoint and Zing photo web sites. More sites will be added over time. Everyone is welcome to download the latest version of iView Multimedia from: It only takes opening the application once to fall in love with it. A couple of iView Multimedia users make these comments. "I wished there was one application that could open up and see all the Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Freehand, and Digital Camera files and formats we use. And then we found iView! Sometimes we get what we wish for."...
May 01
Cross-compile Valentina for REALbasic Professional 1.8
Cross-compile Valentina for REALbasic Professional 1.8 released UPGRADE SUPPORTS REALBASIC 2.1 CROSS COMPILATION, IMPROVED DEBUGGING WITH DCON May 1, 2000. Beaverton, Oregon. Paradigma Software today unveiled Valentina for REALbasic Professional 1.8, an advanced toolkit for compilation of database applications on Macintosh and Windows platforms, using REAL Software's award winning rapid application development environment. Valentina for REALbasic Professional 1.8 supports full compilation of Valentina enabled REALbasic applications to Macintosh and Windows platforms when used with REAL Software's REALbasic Professional 2.1. Also new is support for the Dcon system extension for advanced debugging of Valentina database applications. V4RB Professional also includes a single user license of Valentina RDBMS, normally sold for $49, an application for rapid, visual creation of Valentina "object relational" databases. Valentina for REALbasic Professional 1.8 is the first release in the...
Apr 28
iMovie as Free Download for PowerBook and Power Mac G4
Apple Offers iMovie as Free Download for PowerBook and Power Mac G4 Users Apple Continues to Lead Desktop Movie Making Revolution CUPERTINO, California-April 28, 2000-Reinforcing its lead in the desktop video revolution, Apple today announced that iMovie, its groundbreaking video editing software, is now available as a free download for its PowerBook and Power Mac G4 users. "In seven months, iMovie has become the most popular video editing software in the world," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "Due to popular demand, we're bringing this amazing Apple software to a wider range of Mac users, at no charge." iMovie was introduced in October 1999 and has earned rave reviews as the easiest to use video editing software ever, allowing users to create their own pro-quality movies. iMovie comes preinstalled on all iMac DV and iMac DV Special Edition systems, and will now be available to all PowerBook and Power Mac G4 users as a free download at With iMovie, users can...
Apr 27
4D Inc Announces First Annual WebSTAR Summit
April 27, 2000. Berkeley, CA. 4D Inc Announces First Annual WebSTAR Summit StarNine Technologies, Inc. publishers of the WebSTAR Server Suite and 4D, Inc. publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment, announced today that they will host the first annual WebSTAR Summit Conference to be held October 4-8 in San Diego, California. WebSTAR Summit 2000 will have sessions and programs highlighting technical issues concerning WebSTAR users of all levels and backgrounds presented by StarNine employees and members of WebSTAR's Third-Party community. For more information regarding program structure and event location please visit ( . "The WebSTAR Summit will provide an environment for WebSTAR users to harness the complete set of high-end features that only WebSTAR has to offer," said Brendan Coveney, President, 4D Inc. "We hope that this will be the first of many WebSTAR Summits to come." Planning is still in the initial stages, as more information becomes...
Apr 27
Fresh Start 2 Beta
From: Murray Yar IT ( Contact: Mike Hayes, Fresh Start 2 Beta posted. April 28, 2000 -- Murray Yar IT today posted a beta of Fresh Start version 2 to complement the Multiple Users facility in Mac OS 9. "Basically, as well as restoring the Mac OS and application preferences to a standard state at startup, Version 2 now restores a user's environment at login" said Mike Hayes, speaking for Murray Yar IT. "The user's preferences are reset to their standard state, the standard contents of the desktop and documents folder are optionally restored and old files and folders swept into a holding folder for later deletion. We think it complements the functionality of Apple's Multiple Users feature, and allows administrators to provide a standard environment for their users without needing extensive server and network infrastructure" said Hayes. Fresh Start now comes with a Setup Assistant, making installation and setting up much simpler than...
Apr 26
WS4D/eCommerce 3.2b16
From: Michael Ginsberg ( Subject: [ANN] WS4D/eCommerce 3.2b16 Now Available WS4D/eCommerce 3.2b16 is now available! Complete information is available at Overview: * Auto creation of PDF's of Confirmation Orders * Auto Printing of approved/completed web orders * Canadian GST/PST Tax Support * New Tag (User_Platform), returns Mac, Win, Other * New Tag (User_Browser), returns NetScape, Microsoft, Other * Added Product Actions - Sending Email/Adding Realms after Order is approved via Authorizenet * Added POP support for module WS4D/eEmail-Search * Supports Unique Products on StoreFront * Ability to Show Quantity Available * Different HTML Pages for each Product * Ability to Send Emails per product after order is Approved * Ability to Add User To Realms per product after order is Approved * Expiring Users for Realms * Bug Fixes 3.2 will be a free upgrade for anyone running version 3.0 - 3.1.1. Michael Ginsberg...
Apr 26 Adds "Lock Down" Service Provides Added Domain Name Security with New Lock Down Service New York, NY -- April 26, 2000 -, Inc. (NASDQ: RCOM), one of the leading domain name registrars on the Internet, today announced the launch of Domain Lock Down, a new service to help protect domain names from being hijacked. Domain Lock Down locks names at the registry level, which helps prevent unauthorized alterations to nameserver and registrar information and blocks deletions of a domain name for the length of the registration term. As a result, customers who use the service will have greater security over their domain names and can reduce the risk of illegal tampering. The current cost for Domain Lock Down is $99 per name. In light of the recent hijacking incidences, we are introducing Domain Lock Down to offer our Corporate Services customers added peace of mind, said Richard Forman, President and CEO of Because a domain name is the key access point to the Internet...
Apr 26
CyberGauge 3.0
Neon Software Announces CyberGauge Version 3.0 Powerful Internet Management Application Adds Alerts, Comprehensive Billing and Quality of Service (QOS) Report Generation LAFAYETTE, CA - April 26, 2000 Neon Software announced today CyberGauge 3.0, a significant upgrade to their popular Internet bandwidth measurement application. CyberGauge 3.0 enhancements feature alerts for both non-responsive devices and for traffic thresholds, and comprehensive billing and Quality of Service (QOS) report generation. CyberGauge is an inexpensive yet powerful Internet management utility which allows users to monitor and analyze the throughput of virtually every Internet router available on the market. Based on the industry standard management protocol, SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), CyberGauge can also be used to determine bandwidth utilization on many network-connected devices, such as switches and hubs. "Quality of Service reporting was a natural extension of CyberGauge's Internet...
Apr 26
VSE Link Tester 2.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Most comprehensive link checker for Macintosh released Germany, 26 April 2000 - Voget Selbach Enterprises (VSE) announced today the release of VSE Link Tester 2.5. The new version adds new features and functions that make it the most comprehensive link checker application available for Macintosh computers today. VSE Link Tester tests links in normal hyperlinks, images, image maps and in intrinsic events ("onmousedown", "onclick", etc.) as well as links in JavaScript code. It also features a sophisticated filter system to sort out URL's that should not be tested and it supports a variety of web servers that don't follow strictly the HTTP standards. The easy to use application works online and offline. It can test multiple web sites at once and it creates a just-in-time report as well as a fully customizable, clearly arranged HTML report. It also explains all errors in detail. VSE Link Tester works hand-in-hand with web browsers and HTML editors so that errors can...
Apr 26
Metrowerks Announces WWDC Breakout Session
For Immediate Release April 26, 2000 Metrowerks to Participate in WWDC Sessions What and When: Metrowerks has confirmed that it will participate in three track sessions at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2000, as well as host its own session. The sessions are: "Moving to Mac OS X with CodeWarrior" May 16, 2000 Speaker: Berardino Baratta, Vice President of Engineering, Metrowerks This session will demonstrate how the next release of CodeWarrior will allow developers to work with Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X, and will provide a sneak peek at the future direction of CodeWarrior tools for the Mac. (Hosted by Apple.) "CodeWarrior is now rated X" May 17, 2000 Speaker and emcee: Tim Freehill, Director of Desktop Products, Metrowerks Attendees will experience a full demonstration of the upcoming release of CodeWarrior for Mac Version 6.0. Refreshments will be served, a prize will be given away, and the Metrowerks engineering and management team will be on-hand to discuss the product and...
Apr 25
VSE Be Found 1.7
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Macintosh web site promotion tool reflects latest search engine changes Germany, 25 April 2000 - Voget Selbach Enterprises (VSE) announced today the release of VSE Be Found 1.7. The popular Mac web site promotion tool is a combination of a search engine submission tool, a META tag manager and an FTP client. VSE Be Found creates and manages title, keywords, description and other META tags of a web site and it automatically submits a web site's URL to up 178 search engines on the Internet. New to this version The new version is much faster in analyzing web pages and offers an improved FTP client which is now compatible to more FTP server types. The built-in web page analysis and the search engine scripts have also been updated to reflect the latest search engine changes. Pricing VSE Be Found comes in two editions. The Professional version has all features of the Standard version plus it allows you to manage unlimited submit profiles. That makes it easier to submit...
Apr 25
Wireless SurfBoard' and SurfMouse
NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Company Contact: Paige Ratzel - Wireless Computing 512-263-8204 - New PS/2-to-USB Keyboard/Mouse Adapter Allows Mac, iMac Users Access to RF Products from Wireless Computing, Inc. New USB-25 port adapter enables Mac and iMac users fast, easy access to the company's super-reliable Wireless SurfBoard' and Wireless SurfMouse' products. AUSTIN, TX (April 24, 2000) - Wireless Computing, Inc., manufacturers of cutting-edge wireless computer peripherals, has announced the shipment of its newest product, the USB-25 . The USB-25 is a PS/2-to-USB-port keyboard/mouse adapter that enables Macintosh users access to the company's premium presentation products - including its critically acclaimed Wireless SurfBoard' and Wireless SurfMouse' - for the first time. Mac and iMac users can connect Wireless Computing's receiver directly into the USB-25, which then plugs into the USB port on all Macintosh computers. PC users with a...
Apr 24
Lasso Studio for Dreamweaver 1.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 24, 2000 BLUE WORLD SHIPS LASSO STUDIO FOR DREAMWEAVER VERSION 1.5 Significant update provides enhanced ease-of-use, performance and extensibility Bellevue, WA--April 24, 2000--Blue World Communications, Inc.--pioneers of the Web Data Engine(TM)--today released Lasso Studio for Dreamweaver version 1.5, a free update to the revolutionary new solution to quickly build powerful data-driven Web applications for deployment using Blue World Lasso Web Data Engine. "Lasso Studio for Dreamweaver version 1.5 makes it easier to instantly link databases to Web sites and to build powerful data-driven Web applications," said Bill Doerrfeld, president and CEO of Blue World Communications. "Blue World is pleased to provide our customers with a major update to Lasso Studio for Dreamweaver just a few months after the product's successful introduction." New and Enhanced Features New features in Lasso Studio for Dreamweaver version 1.5 include the following: Site Builder --...
Apr 24
Copper and Fiber based Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface
April 25, 2000 For Immediate Release Team ASA Makes Gigabit Ethernet Easier For Macintosh with Universal Installer, Enhanced Performance, and New Driver Support San Diego, CA -- Team ASA Inc., manufacturer of high-performance networking products for PrePress and Digital Media professionals, today announced enhanced software support for its line of Power Macintosh Stallion Gigabit Ethernet adapters. Team ASA is the first company to support both Copper and Fiber based Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Cards (NIC) for Macintosh OS 8, OS 9, and OS X Server. "Our goal is to make the transition to Gigabit easy, and with our universal installer the user simply picks their operating system and adapter characteristics and they are off and running," states Mark Murray President of Team ASA. For those using Mac OS X Server the process is made simpler with a universal driver program that runs with any Team ASA Stallion adapter. Network administrators can monitor the network through a new control...
Apr 24
FileMaker Developer 5 Ships
FileMaker Developer 5 Now Available From FileMaker, Inc. Enables Web and database developers to author custom databases using XML and other standards SANTA CLARA, CA - April 24, 2000 - FileMaker, Inc. has announced the immediate availability of FileMaker Developer 5, the essential tool for database developers creating powerful FileMaker Pro solutions for workgroups, the Web or as royalty-free runtime applications. Targeted for corporate, Web and independent developers at a suggested retail price of $499 (U.S.), FileMaker Developer 5 contains FileMaker Developer Tool, XML (Extensible Markup Language) support, and support for data standards including FileMaker ODBC and JDBC drivers. FileMaker XML Support FileMaker, Inc., one of the early adopters of XML, has improved Web performance and reduced unnecessary network traffic by embracing this exciting new technology. XML is the new standard for exchanging data in many important sectors, such as e-commerce and business-to-business data...
Apr 21
FileToolkit 3.0 for 4D
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automated Solutions Group Announces FileToolkit 3.0 Release Huntington Beach, CA & Bordeaux, France - April 21, 2000: Automated Solutions Group and e-Node today announced the release of FileToolkit 3.0, a 4th Dimension plug-in which provides a variety of enhanced and optimized document management and network operation routines. FileToolkit Features FileToolkit for 4D (FTK) adds over 100 new commands to the 4D language, providing a variety of enhanced and optimized document management and network operation commands. * Path/FSSpec Operations * Finder/Explorer Operations * File Info Operations * Network Operations * Alias/Shortcut Operations * Standard Dialogs * File I/O Operations * AppleScript Operations FileToolkit provides a complete set of routines for performing standard and enhanced Finder or Explorer operations. With its unique use of low-level Macintosh and Windows API routines to perform all internal operations, FTK provides significant...
Apr 21
ie Bug Tracker
For Immediate release April 21, Sydney Australia iecan Software today announced that it had released version 1.1 of ie Bug Tracker- the new way of testing software for apple computers incorporating an advanced GUI, user aided design and a small disk footprint. ie Bug Tracker is the easiest, least expensive and fastest way to collaborate with your beta testers. It combines an extremely easy to use interface that allows multiple bug reports, with the standard way of reporting bugs- email. Users have an interface that allows them to provide as much information as possible about a bug, then get it sent to you immediately from within the application. From the developers point of view, you get an email message with a standard subject line (allowing easy filtering) and an email message listing the users machine configuration, and all information about the bugs listed in an easy to view format. New features in version 1.1 include: * Improved Report Window * More Machine Configuration...
Apr 20
PowerPrint Mobile Edition
PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT INFOWAVE POWERPRINT MOBILE EDITION GIVES APPLE iBOOKS AND POWERBOOKS FREEDOM TO PRINT ON THE ROAD New product provides travelling Mac users the ability to easily connect to virtually any PC printer anywhere Burnaby, BC, April 20, 2000 Infowave Software, Inc., creators of the awardwinning Mac printing solutions PowerPrint and StyleScript, today announced PowerPrint Mobile Edition, the first customized printing solution for Mac users who travel with their USB Powerbook or iBook. As a Mac portable accessory, PowerPrint Mobile Edition also includes Delorme Street Atlas USA 6.0 for Macintosh, a TeleAdapt Telespool and an Ethernet crossover cable. PowerPrint Mobile Edition makes it easier for users to access over 1600 PC printers while they are away from their office or home. "Almost 90% of printers the road warrior encounters do not come with Mac drivers," says KevinJampole, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Imaging Division for Infowave Software. "PowerPrint...
Apr 19
Apple Reports Second Quarter Profit of $233 Million
Apple Reports Second Quarter Profit of $233 Million Revenues up 27 percent; Profits up 72 percent Consolidated Statements CUPERTINO, California-April 19, 2000-Apple today announced financial results for its fiscal 2000 second quarter ending April 1, 2000. For the quarter, the Company posted a net profit of $233 million, or $1.28 per diluted share. These results compare to a net profit of $135 million, or $.84 per diluted share, achieved in the year-ago quarter. Revenues for the quarter were $1.94 billion, up 27 percent from the year-ago quarter, and gross margins were 28.2 percent, up from 26.3 percent in the year-ago quarter. International sales accounted for 51 percent of the quarter's revenues. The quarter's results included a $73 million after-tax gain from the sale of 1.5 million shares of ARM Holdings plc., which contributed $.40 to earnings per diluted share. Without non-recurring items, the Company's net profit was $160 million, an increase of 72 percent from the year-ago...
Apr 19
Macromedia Exchange for Dreamweaver
MACROMEDIA EXCHANGE FOR DREAMWEAVER LAUNCHES Web site builds community among Macromedia professional Web developers San Francisco, California -- April 19, 2000 -- Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today launched the Macromedia Exchange for Dreamweaver, a Web destination for the over 500,000-strong Macromedia Dreamweaver developer community. The Macromedia Exchange for Dreamweaver contains over 100 free downloadable extensions created by developers and third-parties that add helpful new features such as page reformatting, rich media integration, and e-commerce functionality to the market-leading Macromedia Dreamweaver. It also offers information and discussions about extending the functionality of Dreamweaver. The site is a feature of the recently launched Macromedia Membership Center, which is a centralized location for customer interests and information. Macromedia Dreamweaver is the platform of choice for professional Web site design and production. Dreamweaver is the only Web...
Apr 18
Canvas 7 Standard Edition
News From Deneba Software Curtis Christensen / Public Relations Coordinator (305) 596-5644, ext. 134 Deneba Software Announces Canvas(tm) 7 Standard Edition Miami, FL - April 12, 2000 - Deneba Software today announced the expansion of the Canvas product line to include Canvas 7 Standard Edition (SE), designed to provide a unique set of graphics capabilities optimized to the needs of small-business users, educators, students and home users. This economy priced version of the award-winning Canvas 7 is now available for as low as US$85 via electronic internet delivery, or US$99.95 in boxed form including 500 URW fonts and 10,000 clip art images. All national store-front retailers, online resellers and Deneba's own web commerce site ( will be stocking the Standard Edition. For one low price, Canvas 7 SE offers non-graphics professionals all the tools and capabilities they need to create high quality graphics. "Deneba understands that business users,...
Apr 18
MACWORLD Conference & Expo/NY On Record Setting Pace
April 18, 2000 For Immediate Release July 18-21 at Jacob Javits Convention Center MACWORLD CONFERENCE & EXPO/NEW YORK 2000 ON RECORD-SETTING PACE FOR NEW PRODUCTS, SEMINARS AND SPECIAL FEATURES Framingham, MA, April 18, 2000 A record number of new products for the Macintosh platform are expected to be showcased by more than 400 leading Mac developers and suppliers at MACWORLD Conference & Expo/New York, July 18-21, 2000 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Encompassing more than 100,000 net sq. ft. of exhibit space, hundreds of new software, hardware and peripherals and services for "all things Macintosh" will be on display for the first time to tens-of-thousands of Mac enthusiasts. "We are expecting a record number of exhibitors, attendees, and new product offerings for the East Coast MACWORLD Conference & Expo," predicted Rob Scheschareg, Vice President, Events for IDG World Expo, the MACWORLD Conference & Expo show producers. "The tremendous popularity of...
Apr 18
XLR8's Parent Company Interex Acquired by Tripp Lite
X L R 8 P R E S S R E L E A S E XLR8's Parent Company Interex Acquired by Tripp Lite Atlanta, GA - Today, XLR8, the award-winning leader in Macintosh performance and peripherals, formally announced the purchase of its parent company, Interex. Tripp Lite, a world leader in the manufacture of power protection equipment, officially purchased the assets of Interex on April 14, 2000. Headquartered in Chicago, Tripp Lite plans to continue to operate the Atlanta-based XLR8 as a separate division, allowing it the flexibility to respond to the evolving needs of the Macintosh community. Jack Kolk, General Manager of XLR8, commented on the purchase. "We have been working with Tripp Lite over the last few months as the acquisition was formalized. They are committed to expanding XLR8 and have already funded ongoing R&D, prototypes, builds and continued operational growth. This has allowed projects such as the Carrier 2.0 upgrade and the imminent release of InterView 2.0 to progress rapidly...
Apr 17
REALbasic 2.1
REAL SOFTWARE, INC. RELEASES REALBASIC 2.1. Free update offers improved Windows compilation support, faster code execution, and over 20 new features. Austin, TX April 17, 2000 REAL Software, Inc. today released REALbasic 2.1, the latest version of their award-winning, visual, object-oriented BASIC development environment for Macintosh. This update will be free for registered users of REALbasic 2.0. REALbasic 2.1 is available for download now at REALbasic allows you to use your Macintosh to quickly and easily create applications that run on both Macintosh and Windows. It is easy enough for beginners and powerful enough for professionals to use. "REALbasic was an invaluable tool in the development of Internet Explorer 5 Macintosh Edition. REALbasic is a phenomenal application-modeling tool that allows even non-technical designers to quickly prototype complex features and interface elements. The seamless integration of Apple technologies and the rapid...
Apr 17
Visual Projector 2
Now, with the release of "Visual Projector 2" Macintosh users have a shareware alternative to version control systems with an intuitive interface. With Version 2, VCS databases can be created and manipulated, files can be checked in, out and shaken about in a intuitive manner. Visual Projector is a user interface for Apples SourceServer which is freely available from Apples web site. This release opens the world of source control via SourceServer to those outside of the programming fraternity. VisualProjector can be used easily for source management of web sites, word processor documents, spreadsheets, applescripts,etc. Visual Projector allows users of Apples MPW Projector and SourceServer to examine the status of files on disk and within projector databases. Filtering of files makes it easy to see which ones aren't under project control. The filtered display of projector databases highlights which files already under version control are checked out and to whom. Current Features...
Apr 17
DVD Player Helper 1.0
Bare Bones Software is pleased to announce the release and immediate download availability of the "DVD Player Helper". Beginning with the Power Mac G4 AGP ("Sawtooth") machines, Apple introduced version 2.0 of the Apple DVD Player software. This version (and subsequent releases) of the Apple DVD Player do not require DVD decoding and playback hardware in order to play DVD video disks. However, at the same time, Apple introduced a limitation into the DVD player: if you have MacsBug (Apple's machine-level debugger) installed, the Apple DVD Player will display an error message, and then exit. If you're a developer, and you use your machine for both software development and recreation, the error message is probably frustratingly familiar. Until now, the only way to watch DVDs using the Apple DVD Player has been to remove MacsBug from your system folder, restart the machine, watch your DVD video(s), put MacsBug back in the system folder, and restart the machine again. An inconvenient...
Apr 17
Good Bye ACI US, Hello 4D, Inc.
April 17, 2000. San Jose, CA. Good Bye ACI US, Hello 4D, Inc. ------------------------------- ACI US, Inc. publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment, announced today that they will change their name to 4D, Inc. After 16 years ACI US decided it was time to change their name to reflect the more recognizable name of their popular product line. 4D, Inc. hopes that this change will increase brand recognition and make it easier for developers to help clients benefit from the powerful features that the 4th Dimension (4D) product line has to offer. Now, customers who are curious about 4D can go to and actually find information about our products instead of utilizing a search engine because they couldn't remember ACI US. If you have links to the web site do not worry about broken links, 4D, Inc. will continue to retain the domain name and will transfer all requests it receives to the site. However to reduce the risk of broken links efforts should...
Apr 17
Syslogd 2.1.7
From: Brian Bergstrand ( Subject: [ANNC] Syslogd 2.1.7 Syslogd 2.1.7 is now available from ( This release adds support for machines that do not follow the syslog standard message format, completely re-written Help and fixes a couple of message processing bugs. For more information see the Release Notes file and Syslogd Help. Syslogd for the Mac OS is a syslog compatible Shareware program that will log messages from network devices (UNIX machines, printers, routers, etc) including Apple's AirPort Hub. Syslogd also includes support for Mac applications and AppleScript programs to log messages. Syslogd includes a graphical administration program that allows for easy configuration and setup; you do not have to edit a text file with an obscure format. For more information see ( Brian Bergstrand
Apr 16 Undercuts Domain Market with $17 Registrations Undercuts Domain Market with $17 Registrations - WhoisPlus makes finding business names easy BETHESDA MD April 17 - Internet domain search and registration can now be done for only $17.00 per year in just two minutes at (, announced CEO Michael F. Mann. "We have achieved our goal of making the registration process as fast, painless and economical as possible," said Mann. "There are no surcharges or hidden fees, and our online control panel allows customers to make instantaneous changes to their registration details. It also enables the forwarding of Web traffic to preexisting Websites." "We plan to generate volume sales by undercutting competition which usually charges $70-$119 for 2 year registrations. The competitors simply cannot match our pricing or level of service, which includes responsive toll-free technical support and email support." Furthermore, the site has a free proprietary engine called WhoisPlus...
Apr 14
From: Opus Software ( Subject: ShadowKeys 1.0 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 10,2000 Opus Software today officially released ShadowKeys version 1.0 for Mac OS as shareware ($5) to the Macintosh user and developer community. The extension ShadowKeys provides two missing keys (Forward-Delete and End) for the Apple USB Keyboard. Compatibility and System Requirements: iMac, G3, or G4 with an Apple USB Keyboard. ShadowKeys 1.0 works fine under Mac OS 8.5, 8.6, 9.0, and 9.0.4. ShadowKeys has been tested successfuly with many applications and particularly with Adobe FrameMaker, QuarkXPress, ClarisWorks, MS Office, and several developer tools. The memory usage (footprint memory) is very tight, less than 200 bytes in system heap, and ShadowKeys doesn't patch any system trap, it uses a documented service! ShadowKeys version 1.0 can be downloaded at ( Daniel Muller Opus Software
Apr 13
VST Portable 100GB FireWire-based RAID array
SmartDisk Announces VST Portable 100GB FireWire RAID Ultimate DV Solution for Apple Macintosh Computers Las Vegas, NV -- April 12, 2000 -- SmartDisk Corporation (Nasdaq: SMDK), a company whose products simplify the digital lifestyle, today announced a 100GB FireWire-based RAID array (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) designed to work with all FireWire-equipped Apple- Macintosh computers. This product was under development by VST Technologies, Inc., a leading FireWire- and USB developer, which was recently acquired by SmartDisk. The VST FireWire RAID array is being demonstrated at the National Association of Broadcasters Expo in Las Vegas this week at the Sands Hotel, booth number MI 1138. The VST FireWire RAID array is a compact, portable tower that supports up to four VST FireWire hard drives which can be used separately or together for the efficient storage and rapid transfer of digital data. RAID arrays are typically used in demanding professional applications, such as video...
Apr 13
QuickCode Pro v4.0b11
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automated Solutions Group Announces QuickCode Pro v4.0b11 Huntington Beach, CA - April 13, 2000: Automated Solutions Group today announced the public beta release of QuickCode Pro 4.0b11 for the Macintosh, the popular assistant editor for 4th Dimension. A full working version, limited to 30 days of use, can be downloaded from QuickCode Pro (QCP) dramatically enhances the 4th Dimension method editor with a host of features designed to simplify and accelerate the process of writing 4D code. New QuickCode Pro Enhancements Search Tool - The look of the Find and Replace dialog has been changed to conform more closely with 4D's dialog style. New QuickCode Pro Bug Fixes AutoComment - If the 80th character of a comment was a hyphen, the word before the hyphen was wrapped along with the hyphen. Now the hyphen and the word before it remain where they were and subsequent characters are wrapped to the next line. - Whitespace at the end of a line was...
Apr 13
MacHack 2000: Session tracks announced
MacHack 2000: Sessions tracks announced, early registration ending MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers April 13, 2000-Dearborn, MI-The MacHack 2000 conference committee is pleased to announce the preliminary program for the June 22-24 event. The resurgence of interest in Macintosh programming has launched the conference to the cutting edge of software design and has turned this year's MacHack is one of the meatiest programs ever. There are lots of reasons for active programmers to attend be they purely Macintosh developers, engineers in a cross-platform environment or open source programmers looking to enhance their repertoire of skills. The annual program, which has always included a variety of cutting edge topics, has expanded to five conference tracks: Yoot (Youth) track: Eight "yoot"-oriented sessions are planned, ranging from Cal Simone's famous "Programming for Kids" to sessions intended to inform young people about the industry and...
Apr 12
General Edit Lite 1.1
QUADRIVIO UPDATES FREE HEX/ASCII/UNICODE FILE TOOL General Edit Lite 1.1 Edits Simple Formats, Performs Hex Searches Berkeley, CA-April 12, 2000-Quadrivio Corporation announced General Edit Lite 1.1, an update to the free tool for Mac OS programmers who need to edit data files. It is based on the commercial version of General Edit. General Edit Lite allows programmers to: 1) Open and edit disk files as hexadecimal bytes, ASCII characters, Unicode characters (Roman encoding only), 16-bit decimal integers, or 32-bit decimal integers. Files can be larger than RAM. 2) View and edit the Finder information (FInfo record) for disk files. 3) View RAM. The new version can search for hex strings. General Edit Lite requires a Mac OS PowerPC computer. It is available from Quadrivio's web site,
Apr 12
Omikron Basic 6.53 Version for all PowerMacs
New Omikron Basic 6.53 Version for all PowerMacs: The new Omikron Basic is noted for its extended functions for controlling and monitoring of the serial interfaces. Listings can now be printed better, and the programming of print routines is improved with the enhanced Extension Library. WHAT'S NEW? The Extension Library was extended with a few procedures and functions. Now it is possible to use 'Get_Lpr_Pagesize' to determine the size of the printed page in pixels and thus optimally adjust any printouts to the set page format. Advanced users find in the new function 'FN Get_Thprint' the handle of the print record utilized by Omikron Basic. The procedures 'Ser_Hshake' and 'Ser_Status' were introduced to improve the programming of the serial interfaces, enable the many settings of the handshake options, and return accurate information about the current status of the serial interface. - Program listings and other expressions can now feature page numbers if so desired. - Labels that are...
Apr 12
Fantasm 6 and LIDE 3
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lightsoft is pleased to announce the release of Fantasm 6 and LIDE 3. Fantasm 6 is a Macintosh assembly language development environment. LIDE 3 provides all the functionality of Fantasm 6 and also integrates Apple's highly optimizing PowerPC compilers MrC and MrC++ allowing the building and maintenance of C and C++ projects. Prices run from US$74 to US$107. More information and 30 day demos at our web site: (
Apr 12
UtilityDog 1.0
April 12, 2000: Sunnyvale, CA. Probability One Technologies LLC announces the initial release of UtilityDog 1.0 for the Macintosh. UtilityDog is a multi-purpose file utility that provides a whole new way of interacting with the files and folders on your hard drive and auxiliary disks. The program provides an unusually powerful "find file" capability and can find files and folders by virtually any criteria imaginable. This powerful search engine remains easy to use because the complexity is hidden behind an intuitive interface similar to the one to which all Mac users are accustomed. UtilityDog can even find duplicate files, enabling users to eliminate them and recover wasted disk space. Another extremely useful feature of UtilityDog is its ability to display the contents of most files and folders instantly in its "Contents View" area. Users can browse through disks or through the results of a "find file" search, viewing the contents of each item without opening additional applications...
Apr 12
Driveway Brings Drag-and-Drop Online Storage to Mac Users
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DRIVEWAY'S "SAVE DIRECT TO WEB" ONLINE FILE STORAGE NOW AVAILABLE TO MACINTOSH USERS Through WebDAV Technology, Mac Users Can Drag-and-Drop Desktop Files Directly to the Internet SAN FRANCISCO -- April 12, 2000 -- Macintosh users now have direct access to's personal online file storage service and can drag-and-drop files straight to the Internet with the newest version of Goliath software, created independently by developer Tom Bednarz and distributed free at Through the use of WebDAV technology, Bednarz's Goliath application allows Mac owners to view the contents of their accounts in a Finder-like interface on the desktop. Users can employ simple drag-and-drop operations to save, access and organize files in a personal account. "Driveway's service lets users organize their information, share documents and access files from anywhere with a quick drag-and-drop," Bednarz said. "I hope my Goliath...
Apr 12
Extension Wizard
Cajun Software, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Extension Wizard, a utility for Macintosh computers that assists users in opening difficult to open documents. Often, when documents are downloaded from the internet, received as e-mail attachments, or copied from a network, they can be very difficult to get open. Moreover, sometimes these documents will open, but in one of the last applications you'd want them to...well Extension Wizard is a utility created to help end these frustrating situations! Extension Wizard Features: - extremely easy to use - can convert hundreds of kinds of documents such as pictures, text, HTML, sound, compressed archives, and much, much more - fully customizable - contains a contextual menu plug-in for fast, convenient document conversion - works on almost any Macintosh computer For more information, please visit our website at: ( And while you're browsing, please visit ( for...
Apr 11
PuppetTime and ProSoft Announce Partnership to Advance Web 3D...
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PUPPETTIME AND PROSOFT ANNOUNCE PARTNERSHIP TO ADVANCE WEB 3D STORYTELLING Web 3D Company Blends Entertainment And E-Commerce For Mass Market Content Creation SAN FRANCISCO (April 10th, 2000) - PuppetTime, Inc. And Prosoft Engineering, Inc. today announced a strategic development partnership. The companies signed a Letter Of Intent (LOI) that provides PuppetTime access to Prosoft's innovative engineering resources to accelerate development of PuppetTime's patent pending Web 3D storytelling technologies across platforms and across the Internet. "We see a vast market potential for 3D on the Internet," says Greg Brewer, CEO of Prosoft Engineering, "While others focus on e-commerce visualization and web character solutions that require professional skills to create, PuppetTime advances a whole new concept of entertainment that gives non-professionals access to the expressiveness of 3D animation. Prosoft Engineering is excited to be able to partner with PuppetTime and...
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B&H Photo has the new 2014 13″ and 15″ Retina MacBook Pros on sale for up to $125 off MSRP. Shipping is free, and B&H charges NY sales tax only. They’ll also include free copies of Parallels... Read more
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