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Sep 13
Vendors Step Up with Donations
To all, Typically, this news service is about press releases, but with this week's tragic events, a number of companies have stepped up with generous offers. Below are ones that we know of to date. If you are planning on purchasing items, you may want to direct those purchases towards the vendors who have generously offered their support. Once again, please join MacTech in sending our heartfelt sympathies, thoughts, and prayers to those affected by the horrific acts in New York and Washington, D.C. Furthermore, we applaud the efforts of the volunteers and rescuers risking all as we stand together in the face of evil. MacTech Magazine ______ Thursby Software Systems announced today that they are donating all sales from their on-line store to the American Red Cross. This special effort encompasses all Thursby products, is effective immediately and will continue through Friday September 21. RadGad is donating all profits from it's online store and...
Sep 13
CustomGrid for REALbasic
After very long wait then CustomGrid is finally out ! For those who don't know what CustomGrid is then its a Spreadsheet control for REALbasic which allows the programmer to custom draw in the cells. CustomGrid is based on the same technology as the other 2 sister controls, Grid and StyleGrid. New in CustomGrid 2.0: * The CustomGrid has now adopted the Einhugur Floating Engine from Grid/StyleGrid 2.0. Like in the other Grid plugins then the Floating Engine is: - Object oriented. - Garbage collected internally. - Multiple Grids can share the same data container and act as multiple views on the same data. - Rows can be shared across multiple Grids or within the same Grid. - Cells which have not been written to are virtual and do not actually exist until they are needed. - The floating engine is bounds checked to mimimise risk of crashes. * Now uses REALEntry API to make the Grid extendable for other...
Sep 11
MailCall 1.8
Ekim Software releases MailCall 1.8 - e-mail notification software to keep you informed of the status of your mailboxes Ekim Software - 9/11/2001 - Ekim Software announces an update of their popular e-mail notification software, MailCall. MailCall is an e-mail notification application. While running, MailCall preforms periodic checks of your account(s) and notifies you when new mail has arrived or when you have mail in your box. MailCall has many options that allow you to customize its behavior so it fits your needs. MailCall can be especially useful for people who use e-mail a lot and don't want to keep a large application, such as Outlook Express, open in the background hogging your RAM and CPU time. MailCall will notify you when mail has arrived in any of your accounts and then you can launch your favorite e-mail application with the click of a button and go fetch that new mail. Both POP3 and IMAP4 protocols are supported in MailCall. Version 1.8 adds OS X compatibility. Along with...
Sep 11
ObjectDomain R3
For Immediate Release OBJECT DOMAIN SYSTEMS RELEASES NEW VERSION OF UML MODELING TOOL Group development and reuse primary focus of ObjectDomain R3 Raleigh, NC, September 11, 2001 - Object Domain Systems Inc. today announced the release of ObjectDomain R3, a new iteration of its flagship UML modeling tool that offers a substantial increase in features and functionality. ObjectDomain is complete modeling solution that allows developers to analyze, design, build, and deploy enterprise systems. Popular for its extensive feature set, elegant user interface, and open architecture, ObjectDomain runs on any Java hosted environment including Windows, Linux, Unix, and Macintosh. Among its many new features, ObjectDomain R3 adds Shared Packages (TM), a unique mechanism for multi-user development that doesn't require a server component. "Team collaboration and reuse are fundamental to the success of model driven development," said Dan Snider, CEO of ObjectDomain." The Shared Package mechanism in...
Sep 11
Interface Mafia
INTERFACE MAFIA ANNOUNCES NEW WEB SITE New group provides free software interface review for Macintosh developers September 10, 2001 - The Interface Mafia, a non-profit group dedicated to improving interface design, today announced the opening of its web site at ( In addition to providing articles, links and other information related to interface design, the group offers software developers free reviews of their software. "We are passionate about user-friendliness," said Toby Rush, coordinator of the new group. "Our hope is that we can help developers make their programs easier to use by reviewing their software, and then help educate the public by posting those reviews." By filling out a form on the web site, programmers can submit their software for review by one of the group's volunteers. After a review is completed, it is published and made available for comment on the web site. Software reviews are limited to the program's interface, which may...
Sep 10
Free Memory Show 2.3
For immediate release: The Free Memory Show v2.3 Macintosh, OS 8.1 through 9.2.1 --- Short Description: Small tool to display free memory and to quit applications. --- Long Description: The Free Memory Show (TFMS) does three things: + Displays the computer's free memory in a small, unobtrusive floating window. + Notifies you when free memory drops a value that you determine. + Helps you regain memory by either quitting all applications or quitting them one by one, in the reverse order of launch, until enough memory is free. --- Links: Homepage: Readme: Download: --- License: The Free Memory Show is "pay-what-you-like-ware", starting at $5: ( --- Version Historie for The Free Memory Show 2.3: + A new function "Start step reverse quit of applications" let you quit applications step by step until the desired amount of memory is...
Sep 10
Carnoy 1.0: scientific imaging for Mac OS X and Windows
Carnoy 1.0: scientific imaging for Mac OS X and Windows LEUVEN, Belgium - September 10, 2001 - The Laboratory of Plant Systematics (K.U.Leuven) today announced the availability of Carnoy. Carnoy is an easy-to-use image analysis program. It is designed to carry out measurements on digital images and especially on micrographs obtained from light or electron microscopes. Carnoy features a unique one-click calibration option: click on the scale bar, enter its length and you are ready to carry out real-world measurements on your micrographs. Carnoy measures length and surface area of regular and irregular objects. It also performs automated particle analysis (counting and measuring). The program can handle BMP, PICT, Photoshop, JPEG, GIF, PNG, SGI, TGA, TIFF and QuickTime image files and can convert between these file types. Measurements are stored in a list that smartly manages all data. Every measurement can be annotated. Measurements can be exported to a tab-delimited file, which can be...
Sep 10
DataShell 1.6 for Valentina
DataShell for Valentina Delivers Object Relational DB for FutureBASIC^3 September 9, 2001. MacBrowse is proud to announce the availability of DataShell 1.6, a driver solution that allows FutureBASIC^3 developers to use Valentina XCMD, an object-relational, SQL-powered database engine, in their applications. What's new in DataShell 1.6: The following functions now require a string pointer for the language parameter; - BaseObject_MakeNewField - BaseObject_ChangeFieldLanguage - Field_GetLanguage DataShell did not work with Valentina XCMD 1.8.9r4. Fixed. Reference Manual and example projects updated. DataShell 1.6 is a maintenance release and is free for registered users. FutureBASIC, from Staz Software (, is an award winning development environment for the Apple Macintosh, based on the popular BASIC language. Thanks to DataShell, the wait for a FutureBASIC-enabled database engine is over. DataShell is very easy to use, no complex project setup or hard to learn...
Sep 10
PandaWare TimeCache 4.1.2
For immediate release: THE PANDAWARE COMPANY UPDATES TIMECACHE TO VERSION 4.1.2 Popular time and expense tracking application for Mac Classic and OS X receives minor bug fixes. Trial versions available at ( The PandaWare Company has released an update to TimeCache, its popular time and expense tracking application for Macintosh users who bill clients for project work. PandaWare(r) TimeCache(tm) 4.1.2 is a free maintenance update that includes bug fixes. This update addresses bugs that could affect print previews, difficulties entering projects under rare conditions, and in timing projects in certain circumstances. There are also improved font selection dialogs. TimeCache 4.1.2 runs on Power Macintosh (PPC) machines, under Mac OS 8.0 or higher. A separate Carbon version for use with Mac OS X is also available. Fully feature-enabled trial versions of TimeCache 4.1.2 are available for download at The PandaWare Company's web site: (
Sep 10
CPLAT v3.5
ksoft is pleased to announce the latest version of CPLAT (version 3.5), a low-cost cross-platform framework for MacOS and Windows development. This version features the following major new features: Linux support - this version includes beta Linux support for the framework. The majority of the classes are now in place for Linux. The CP_Demo has about 90% functionality under Linux, with the remainder coming shortly. New set of text classes for text editing with WASTE, MLTE, and RichEdit2. Many new demos and classes. CodeWarrior Pro 7 Carbon and MachO support. Updated class reference in both HTML and PDF format. CPLAT is an easy-to-use full-featured (not just a thin layer over the underlying OS) modern C++ (STL, exception handling) framework for MacOS/Windows/Linux development including support for the lastest MacOS technologies including MLTE, sheets, MacOSX and Carbon, and Windows applications for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. The Linux version uses the Gtk/Gdk widget set. CPLAT also...
Sep 10
Elite Computers Reopens ComputerWare Stores
For Immediate Release: ELITE COMPUTERS & SOFTWARE ANNOUNCES THREE NEW STORE LOCATIONS USING COMPUTERWARE NAME! CUPERTINO, CA (Monday, September 10, 2001) Elite Computers & Software announced today that it would open three new locations, to be operated using the name "ComputerWare, by Elite Computers & Software." Elite Computers & Software also unveiled a new logo for the stores, which merges the traditional ComputerWare logo with the Elite Computers & Software name. "We will be combining the best of both operations to bring customers one of the premier Macintosh shopping experiences in the country," said Thomas Armes, President & CEO of Elite Computers & Software. "We very much look forward to seeing the old ComputerWare customers, as well as anyone else interested in experiencing the best computing experience in world"' The first new store will be opening in San Rafael, California at 1031 "C" Street, the same spot formerly occupied by the old...
Sep 10
Extension Overload v5.9.1
Announcing the release of Extension Overload v5.9.1 Date of Release: 6/9/2001 Extension Overload is an extensions, control panels, control strip modules and contextual menus management application. It offers detail information of 5200 extensions and control panels, control strip modules and contextual menu items in your system. It also lets you activate and deactivate them, so that you can always easily tailor your system to your current requirements. In addition, Extension Overload includes a useful collection of helpful information and tidbits. New features 5.9.1 released September 6, 2001 * Compatible with Mac OS 9.2.1 * Now with definitions of 5200 extensions, control panels, CSM and CMM, up from 5100 previously. * EO now reads and display description in 'balloon help' or 'CCI=81' resources (if available) only when the description is no available in our database. This seldom happen as we have a very comprehensive database. You can download the latest version from http://www....
Sep 10
=?iso-8859-1?Q?WebView=81?= 1.0.7
WebView=81 1.0.7 Released - Web/Ftp Server Traffic Log Analyzer Brindisi, Italy, September 7, 2001 - Warp Corporation announced the immediate availability and shipment of WebView=81 1.0.7, a Web/Ftp Server Lo= g Analyzer allowing Web Administrators to better understand and analyze their Web/Ftp Server traffic. WebView=81 1.0.7 supports both Windows and MacOS platforms. "We're delighted about WebView=81 and the unique advantage it gives Web Professionals implementing e-marketing strategies or just monitoring accesses to their servers," said Adriano Cisternino, President and CEO of Warp Corporation "We've been on the look out for a specific solution to address our e-marketing strategies for a long time, and WebView= =81 1.0.7 equips Webmasters and Marketing professionals with a powerful new tool for delivering solutions in the enterprise." By allowing a completely intuitive access to Web/Ftp servers log files, WebView=81 1.0.7 provides a wide range of possibilities to analyze traffic t...
Sep 10
Metrowerks Ships CodeWarrior 7
Metrowerks Ships CodeWarrior Development Tools for Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X AUSTIN, Texas-September 10, 2001- Today, Metrowerks began shipping CodeWarrior for Mac OS, Version 7.0, development tools. With these tools, developers can build a single application that runs on both Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X architectures. The latest version of CodeWarrior tools provides the power to develop for multiple hosts and multiple targets: Classic Mac OS, Carbon, Native Mac OS X, and Java. Version 7.0 also includes the Metrowerks PowerPlant framework, the industry's most popular object-oriented C++ framework, which allows developers to create applications faster and easier. CodeWarrior for Mac OS, Version 7.0, is an easy-to-use tool suite that saves development time by allowing developers to create new applications using existing code. Additionally, Version 7.0 includes a sophisticated Mach-O project converter that automatically converts Carbon PEF projects to Mach-O, enabling projects to...
Sep 06
4D Maintenance Releases
September 7, 2001 4D, Inc. Announces New Maintenance Releases ------------------------------------------- 4D, Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and WebSTAR Server Suite 4.4, announced today three maintenance releases now available from the 4D, Inc. Web site. These releases, all of which will run on Windows and Mac OS 8.6 and 9.x, offer 4D users continued product maintenance and stability while providing technical improvements. 4D 6.7.2 and 4D Open for Java 6.7.2 are free updates to current 4D 6.7 owners while 4D 6.5.9 is a free update to current 6.5 users. "We are committed to continuing the quality engineering and product maintenance for which 4D is renowned," said Brendan Coveney, President and CEO of 4D, Inc. "Our dedication to the continuous improvement of our products is what drives releases such as these guaranteeing users the strongest, most reliable features that 4D products have to offer." About 4D, Inc. -------------- Located in San Jose, California...
Sep 06
PagePlanet's PagePOP3 for MGI 2
PagePlanet Software, Inc. is pleased to offer PagePOP3, a web-based POP email client using Modular Gateway Interface (MGI) Version 2. Features -------- PagePOP3 is perfect for checking your email remotely from home, during trips or at public terminals. Your email is always safe, even if you forget to logout, with our automatic timeout feature. PagePOP3 works with multiple emails accounts. Each user has separate, secure access to their email and password-protected control over account preferences such as a custom signature. Manage your email by saving emails you have sent and received or drafts of new emails in separate folders. All emails are searchable by folder, subject, sender, and/or date so you can locate the email you need. Add contacts to your address book for quick reference. PagePOP3 takes literally minutes to set-up with our full web-based administration for adding, modifying and deleting users. Special Pricing --------------- Until the end of September, receive one free...
Sep 06
TCP Deux v1.0.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., Announces Release of TCP Deux v1.0.1 Maintenance Release of 4th Dimension Component Vero Beach, FL - Thursday, September 6th, 2001: Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the full release of TCP Deux v1.0.1 for Macintosh and Windows. TCP Deux is a 4th Dimension component which provides cross-platform TCP wrappers for different TCP plugins available for 4th Dimension. The plugins supported within TCP Deux include 4D Internet Commands v6.7.x, Internet ToolKit v2.0.x, and Internet ToolKit v2.5.x. With the TCP Deux component, a 4th Dimension developer can code TCP level routines without worrying about which particular plugin is going to be used. TCP Deux provides a very simple upgrade path for developers to write one set of code. With TCP Deux, a 4D developer can begin by using the free 4D Internet Commands for all TCP communications and upgrade to the commercial Internet ToolKit plugin when the needs arises, all without...
Sep 06
SMTP Deux v1.0.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., Announces Release of SMTP Deux v1.0.0 First Full Release of New 4th Dimension Component Vero Beach, FL - Thursday, September 6th, 2001: Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the full release of SMTP Deux v1.0.0 for Macintosh and Windows. SMTP Deux is a 4th Dimension component which provides a complete implementation of the SMTP protocol. SMTP Deux works on top of the commercial TCP Deux 4D component, currently in beta from Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. With the SMTP Deux component, a 4th Dimension developer has a complete implementation of the SMTP protocol from within 4D. The protocol relies on the TCP Deux component for all TCP communication needs, thereby removing any reliance on current or future TCP plugins which are available for use in 4D. The implementation of SMTP within the SMTP Deux component also eliminates long standing bugs and anomalies that have existed in plugin implementations of the SMTP protocol. The...
Sep 06
HTTP Client Deux v1.0.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., Announces Release of HTTP Client Deux v1.0.1 Maintenance Release of 4th Dimension Component Vero Beach, FL - Thursday, September 6th, 2001: Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the full release of HTTP Client Deux v1.0.1 for Macintosh and Windows. HTTP Client Deux is a 4th Dimension component which provides a comprehensive set of HTTP and HTTPS request methods for use throughout 4D based projects. HTTP Client Deux provides many automation and management functions for use in writing HTTP request and response processing code. It automatically handles most of the common operations involved in managing HTTP communications in 4D. HTTP Client Deux works "on top" of TCP Deux, another 4D component available from Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. TCP Deux provides completely transparent operation with 4D Internet Commands v6.7.x, Internet ToolKit v2.0.x, and Internet ToolKit v2.5.x; any of these plugins can be used without any coding...
Sep 05
REALmaker 1.0 fc1
Mac-X- Software announce REALmaker 1.0 fc1 REALmaker is the workgroup information management tool, which allows you to quickly create solutions adapted to your business needs. With an easy to use interface, REALmaker 1.0 is a must have application for anyone who needs to track and manage people, projects, and information. REALmaker is 100% compatible with REAL Database, which allows you to quickly create database to use in your REALbasic project. REALmaker give you mores tools to simplify your works. - Form Builder allows you to add form in your database. - Query Constructor allows you to create and run query. - Encrypt engine to keep your data in secure. - Export tables and fields to insert in other database. - Open multiple databases. - Copy and paste tables or fields in others database. -- Francis Lessard Mac-X- SoftWare
Sep 05
Style Master 2.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WestCiv Webware releases version 2.0 of their cascading style sheet editor Style Master for the Macintosh. September 5, 2001 - Bondi Beach, Australia - WestCiv Webware announced today the release and immediate availability of Style Master version 2.0, their CSS development environment for web professionals. CSS, a cornerstone of standards compliant, accessible web development, gives developers control over the appearance of whole sites through changes to a single style sheet. Style Master provides a framework for editing CSS, helping developers avoid its pitfalls through WYSIWYG editors, integrated browser support and innovative online help. Widely adopted by novice developers needing to flatten the CSS learning curve, Style Master is also invaluable to experts too busy to waste time remembering countless CSS properties, selectors and values, and their level of browser support. Style Master supports all of the CSS2...
Sep 05
Elite Computers Purchases ComputerWare Rights
For Immediate Release: ELITE COMPUTERS & SOFTWARE PURCHASES COMPUTERWARE NAME! CUPERTINO, CA (Wednesday, September 5, 2001) Elite Computers & Software, an Apple Specialist located across from Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, CA, announced today that it has purchased the rights to the name "ComputerWare", along with other certain trademarks and assets associated with the Mac-only chain that closed earlier this year. ComputerWare had been the largest Apple Specialist in the country, with 10 stores in the San Francisco Bay Area. "ComputerWare had been around for many years, and was a valued name with a unique place in the Macintosh community," said Thomas Armes, President and CEO of Elite Computers & Software. "ComputerWare was especially synonymous with Apple Macintosh in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is the premier Macintosh market in the country. I'm quite sure we can put the name ComputerWare to good use in the near future." Elite Computers & Software is located...
Sep 05
Canvas 8 For Mac OS X Technology Preview
For Immediate Release Deneba Releases Canvas(tm) 8 For Mac OS X Technology Preview Public Beta Preview Release Is Now Available For Free Download Miami, FL - September 5, 2001 - Deneba Software today announced the availability of a special public preview version of Canvas 8 Professional fully optimized for Apple Computer's new Mac OS X. This preview edition targets illustrators, graphic artists and business professionals who are early adopters of Mac OS X or are considering a transition to the new operating system. Now, for the first time, the OS X user community will be able to experience the award-winning power and features of the new Deneba Canvas 8. The Mac OS X version of Canvas 8 contains hundreds of enhancements and advanced new features including: vector and raster Sequence recording, AppleScript(tm), ColorSync(tm), and QuickTime(tm) support. The new version also contains customizable Web Image Slicing and direct Flash export. Deneba's enthusiastic support for OS X should not...
Sep 05
Support Crossing
WEB CROSSING ANNOUNCES NEW SUPPORT CROSSING SOLUTION Customer and Technical Support-oriented Online Community Solution for Cost-Effective Support and Customer Feedback SAN FRANCISCO, September 5, 2001 -- Web Crossing, Inc. today announced its newest specialized community solution, Support Crossing. Support Crossing is a new Web Crossing-based intranet/extranet implementation pre-configured with tools especially tailored for customer and technical support. Now setting up a high-quality, full strength online customer support space is easy, with ticket tracking and support team administration features. Beyond direct technical support, Support Crossing makes it easier than ever to establish an online community space for enthusiastic customers to help each other and provide valuable feedback to the company. Support Crossing is available today as a complete server hosted solution or as a licensed product on all major platforms. Complete Support Crossing information is located at (http://...
Sep 04
ConceptDraw-Visio Converter 2.0
FOR RELEASE ON SEPTEMBER 04, 2001 ConceptDraw-Visio Converter 2.0, providing two-way document exchange between ConceptDraw and MS Visio, is released by CS-Odessa. CONCEPTDRAW-VISIO CONVERTER 2.0 RELEASED Odessa, Ukraine - September 4th, 2001 - Computer Systems Odessa Corp., today releases the final version of ConceptDraw-Visio converter 2.0. The converter allows users to convert documents from MS Visio to ConceptDraw and vice versa. "The service of converting documents from Visio to ConceptDraw has been available for a year. Many of our users find it very convenient. Complying with their numerous requests, we have made two-way conversion possible. Now the documents can be converted from ConceptDraw into Visio and vice versa. We beleive thus we will make working with ConceptDraw more comfortable" - says Gregory Zhukov, President of Computer Systems Odessa. There exist two variants of converting a Visio or a ConceptDraw document with the help of ConceptDraw-Visio Converter 2.0. The...
Sep 04
Sleeper 3.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE St. Clair Software Releases Sleeper 3.5, adding multiple configurations, processor cycling, and more (Youngstown, OH -- September 4, 2001) St. Clair Software has released version 3.5 of Sleeper, its popular screen saver and energy-saving utility. Sleeper delivers a host of energy-saving features that work on nearly every Macintosh, from the Mac Plus to the latest iMacs, PowerBooks, and G4 PowerMacs. Sleeper provides more options, greater control, and broader hardware compatibility than Apple's Energy Saver control panel. This gives older Macs many of the energy saving features of Apple's newer hardware, and provides newer Macintoshes with more extensive, flexible, and reliable power management. Version 3.5 delivers a host of new features and fixes, including the ability to save multiple setting configurations, improved reliability on G4 PowerMacs, powering down of LCD screens, and options to control processor cycling. Highlights include: - Sleeper now saves...
Sep 04
Thursby announces MacSOHO Lower Price
Thursby announces MacSOHO=81 for $49. September 4, 2001, Arlington, Texas Thursby Software Systems announced today, a Fall Special on MacSOHO, their award winning file share software for the home office/small office market. From now through December 31,2001, MacSOHO will be available at a special promotional price of $49. You can purchase directly from the Thursby e-store or from participating retailers and catalogs. For details on the MacSOHO Fall Special, go to "We felt it was a good time to help out our small business and home users," said Warren Witt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Thursby. "With the downturn in the economy, many of our customers need to network their existing PCs and Macs rather than invest in new hardware. With MacSOHO, they can share files between the two platforms without purchasing additional hardware or software." With MacSOHO, sharing files could not be easier. MacSOHO uses a simple protocol that will not interfere with Internet...
Sep 04
OSAXen Fixer for REALbasic
OSAXen Fixer for REALbasic Download version 1.0 (17K) ( OSAXen Fixer makes it possible for REALbasic applications to invoke AppleScript Scripting Additions directly (i.e. without using AppleScript) on Mac OS X systems. Scripting Additions and MacOS X On classic Mac OS systems it is possible to invoke a Scripting Addition by simply sending the addition's AppleEvent to yourself. It is also possible to invoke Scripting Additions in other applications by sending the addition's AppleEvent to any other process. However, under Mac OS X the rules change dramatically. It is still possible to invoke Scripting Additions within the current application with the aid of OSAXen Fixer. It is no longer possible to invoke Scripting Additions within other applications.
Sep 04
BASh v1.6.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., Announces Release of BASh v1.6.0 Vero Beach, FL - Tuesday, September 4th, 2001: Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the release of BASh v1.6.0 for Macintosh and Windows. BASh is a 4th Dimension component which provides extensive utility functionality for 4D programmers, including a dynamic stack space module for reusing variable space, encoding and cryptography routines, and much, much more. BASh is the first 4D component publicly available after the release of 4D v6.7.0 by 4D, Inc., and 4D SA. And, in keeping with the tradition of offering high quality and services, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., has made the BASh component available for free to the developer community. BASh v1.6.0 contains 29 new methods. All total, the BASh component now consists of 293 methods across 25 modules of code. The manual is over 375 pages long and describes every single method call in detail. As well, this release of the BASh component includes...
Sep 04
4D Server 6.7.5 for Mac OS X
September 5, 2001, San Jose, CA 4D, Inc. Ships 4D Server 6.7.5 for Mac OS X Free Update for Fast Migration to Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server with Absolutely No Re-coding Required 4D, Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and 4D WebSTAR Server Suite, today announced the immediate availability of 4D Server 6.7.5, now native for Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server with an easy migration path and no code changes required for migration from Mac OS 9. Already known as a "zero admin" server in which changes to an application are automatically updated on clients, now users of 4D Server 6.7 can upgrade their database server to 4D Server 6.7.5 and run automatically on Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server. 4D Server 6.7.5 is compatible with current 4D client software on Mac OS 9 and Windows. 4D 6.7.x native Mac OS X client software is currently under development, expected to ship before the end of the year. 4D Server 6.7.5 is available today, free for registered 4D Server 6.7 users and...
Sep 04
WebMerge 1.7
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fourth World Releases WebMerge 1.7 LOS ANGELES, California - 4 September, 2001 Fourth World today released WebMerge 1.7, a tool for Mac OS and Windows which generates static Web pages from database files. The new version offers even greater flexibility for the layout of index pages, along with a few minor big fixes, and minor enhancements to its AppleScript support and documentation. WebMerge 1.7 can work with any database that exports in Merge or tab-delimited format, including FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Access. The user creates a template HTML page with simple place holder tags, and WebMerge creates a new HTML page from the data in each record of the exported Merge file. WebMerge can also create an index page with links to each of the generated pages. Generated pages can be hosted on any Web server without the need for a specialized database hosting solution. "Customers have been very happy with the flexibility for index pages we added in version 1.6," said...
Sep 04
Effects Packs for QuickTime
For immediate release: Chicago, IL - Buena Software, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Effects Pack 1, 2 and 3 version 2.0. These 3 sets of QuickTime video effects plug-ins allow users to apply a wide variety of filters and transitions to their movies in any application that uses QuickTime effects, including QuickTime Player Pro and Adobe Premiere. Version 2.0 adds native support for OS X applications! Pricing starts at $30US per Effects Pack with discounts for buying 2 or 3 Effects Packs. Users of older versions of the Effects Packs can upgrade for $10US per Effects Pack. Users can find more information on the web at the following addresses: Effects Pack 1: ( Effects Pack 2: ( Effects Pack 3: ( Effects Pack Bundle pricing: ( New features in version 2.0: - All effects work natively in MacOS X without needing to run the...
Sep 03
Water's Edge Puts Tools Plus Pro Source Code in Open Source
Water's Edge Software Released Tools Plus Pro Source Code in Open Source Program OAKVILLE, ONTARIO - SEPTEMBER 3, 2001 - Water's Edge Software, makers of the award-winning Tools Plus Pro libraries + framework, announced an Open Source program in which source code for their Tools Plus Pro and SuperCDEFs products will be made available to existing customers, and to new customers who purchase the current version, Tools Plus Pro 5. Tools Plus Pro 6 is expected to start shipping at the end of September 2001. Tools Plus Pro libraries + framework allow you to quickly build applications and plug-ins, with a minimal amount of source code, using CodeWarrior C/C++ and Pascal compilers, as well as Symantec's discontinued Symantec C/C++, THINK C/C++, and THINK Pascal compilers. Important Details about Tools Plus Pro 6 and SuperCDEFs ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````` o Source code for Tools Plus Pro and SuperCDEFs is written in Pascal. o Tools Plus Pro source code is compiled...
Sep 03
Trolltech to include Qt/Mac in the Qt Academic Program
Trolltech to include Qt/Mac in the Qt Academic Program Sept. 3, 2001 - Oslo, Norway --Trolltech is adding Qt/Mac, the Mac OS X port of Qt, the cross-platform GUI application, to the Qt Academic Program. The addition of Qt/Mac to the Academic Program allows educational institutions to acquire and use, for educational purposes, Qt for Mac OS X for free. "With Qt/Mac being offered to educational institutions, instructors can teach students how to develop a single application, yet have it run on all major desktop platforms, with a simple recompile," said Haavard Nord, Trolltech's CEO. Trolltech currently provides free versions of Qt/Windows, Qt/X11 (Linux/Unix) and Qt/Embedded to registered academic institutions so that they may teach cross-platform development to their students. To enroll in the Qt Academic Program, please complete the enrollment form located here: For interested parties located in the Boston area, Trolltech and Apple are...
Sep 03
Opera 5 for Mac OS X Carbon Beta 1
Opera 5 for Mac OS X Carbon Beta 1 released Oslo, Norway - Sept. 3, 2001 - Opera Software today released Opera 5 for Mac OS X Carbon Beta 1. The Opera 5.0 for Mac, which has received international recognition for its speed, small size and standards-compliance, now offers Mac users the same stability whether they use systems 7.5.3 to 9.x or Mac OS X Carbon. Mac OS X Carbon users can now enjoy keychain support and auto-completion of URLs like their fellow Mac users were offered through the release of Opera for Mac Beta 2 at Macworld in New York, July 18. Furthermore, users are offered an extra button set originally designed for MacWorld which blends well into the design of Mac OS X, in addition to the default Opera button set. "The development toward a final version for all systems for Mac users is important to us," says Hakon W. Lie, Chief Technology Officer of Opera Software, "and we are very happy to announce that we now can offer the same stability to all our Mac users." Opera 5 for...
Sep 03
Grid 2.0: Spreadsheet plugin control for REALbasic
Introducing Grid 2.0 Spreadsheet plugin control for REALbasic. New in Grid 2.0: * The Grid has now adopted the Einhugur Floating Engine from StyleGrid 2.0. Like in the StyleGrid then the Floating Engine is - Object oriented. - Garbage collected internally. - Multiple Grids can share the same datacontainer and act as multiple views on the same data. - Rows can be shared across multiple Grids or within the same Grid. - Cells which have not been written to are virtual and do not actually exist until they are needed. - The floating engine is bounds checked to minimize risk of crashes= =2E * Now uses REALEntry API to make the Grid extendable for other plugin authors. Same API calls are avalible as to the StyleGrid. * The Grid has now adopted the Einhugur Grid Rendering Engine 4.0 from StyleGrid 2.5, which gives much faster cell rendering than previous versions. *...
Sep 03
ObjectTools: Also a new version and new home
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ObjectTools upgrade offer extended to September 30th Innovative 4th Dimension plugin has a new version and a new home. New York, NY - Sunday, September 2nd, 2001: Aparajita Fishman today announced that the free upgrade offer for ObjectTools will be extended to September 30th. Current owners of ObjectTools can upgrade to 1.6 for free. ObjectTools is a 4th Dimension plugin which provides a suite of commands for creating BLOB-like data structures called "objects". Formerly sold by Automated Solutions Group, sales of support of ObjectTools are now handled by Aparajita, the author, at Version 1.6 of ObjectTools is a minor update which fixes a few bugs and adds some user-requested features, as well as a dramatically improved PDF Reference Manual. An All-Purpose Tool ------------------- ObjectTools is an all-purpose tool which solves or simplifies many common problems faced by 4D developers. "ObjectTools is an incredibly versatile product that...
Sep 02
Blackboard Style for iEvents
Company: YENCO.COM Release Date: September 1, 2001 Product: Blackboard Style for iEvents Version: 1.0 Size: 23 K Class: Enhancement (Requires iEvents) Cost: FREE Product Description / What's New: September 1, 2001 YENCO.COM is proud to release a new Blackboard style for iEvents! iEvents has been very popular with schools and educators wanting an easy way to create and post their calendar of events online. Blackboard is the first of many FREE theme based styles that YENCO.COM plans to release for iEvents users. iEvents is a powerful client-side tool for quickly creating custom calendar websites that can then be easily uploaded to any internet server or iDisk. It is compatible with Mac OS 9 and the Mac OS X Classic Environment. To download the Blackboard style please visit: To view a sample site created with the new style check out: Mike Yenco YENCO....
Sep 02
QuickCode Pro: New version & New home
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE QuickCode Pro upgrade offers extended to September 30th Essential 4th Dimension plugin has a new version and a new home. New York, NY - Sunday, September 2nd, 2001: Aparajita Fishman today announced that the upgrade offers for QuickCode Pro (QCP) will be extended to September 30th. Current owners of QCP 3.x can upgrade to version 4.3 at a 27% discount off the retail price. Current owners of version 4.x can upgrade to 4.3 for free. QuickCode Pro is a 4th Dimension plugin which significantly enhances the 4D method editor and dramatically increases programmer productivity. Formerly sold by Automated Solutions Group, sales of support of QuickCode Pro are now handled by Aparajita, the author, at Version 4 of QCP is a complete rewrite from version 3.x which focuses and stability and functionality. When used with 4D 6.5+, QCP is integrated into 4D's event loop through special hooks created especially for it. In a recent survey, most users...
Aug 31
Free Code Red virus detection plug-in for EtherPeek
Free Code Red virus detection plug-in for EtherPeek available! WildPackets Inc., developers of comprehensive, affordable network and internet management tools, today released a Code Red Plug-in for EtherPeek for Macintosh that provides filtering and decoding options that make the identification of Code Red attacks extremely simple. The Plug-in is free and unsupported, and is available for downloading from a link on their home page at The Macintosh download is a 18K .hqx file distributed as non-supported freeware for use with EtherPeek 4.0.2/4.0.2r2. Please note that WildPackets will not provide technical support. Installation instructions and notes are provided in the README that accompanies the software. WildPackets, Inc. 2540 Camino Diablo Walnut Creek CA 94596 (925) 937-7900 (925) 937-2479
Aug 31
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SANDIA PARK, New Mexico -- August 31, 2001 -- Pocket Software is very pleased to announce the release of PocketNotes 1.0. PocketNotes is an easy-to-use, flexible notepad application for outlining and planning. PocketNotes has the following features: * A simple but powerful outliner. * Notes attach to each item in an outline and support multiple fonts, text colors and images. * Multiple skins or looks. * Ability to set priorities by item. * Multiple outlines in a single notepad using intuitive tab based user interface. * Multiple notepads. * Search by tab, notepad, priority or text. * Set reminders for any item. * Make notepads read only or password protected. * Customize priorities by tab, notepad or application. * Undo support. * A links shelf to store web links, email addresses, files, etc. * Customizable toolbar. PocketNotes costs $20.00 (US) and can be purchased online at: A free 30 day trial version of...
Aug 30
See Jane Code Ships JaneBUILDER 1.1 now Includes JaneSQL 1.0!
From: See Jane Code <> Subject: See Jane Code Ships JaneBUILDER 1.1 now Includes JaneSQL 1.0! (b)For Immediate Release:(/b) SANTA MONICA, California-August 31 2001- See Jane Code today announces release of JaneBUILDER for PHP! 1.1 with brand new features and announced it will ship with JaneSQL 1.0 free to registered users! "1.1 has new features and a whole new product (Jane SQL) included with it. More new stuff, more free stuff. We hope this is another step towards our users making PHP web sites faster than ever before." Two new Auto-Janes, user requested features, brand new features and a whole new program (That makes two for the price of one.) make up this, the biggest upgrade to JaneBUILDER yet. JaneBUILDER is a visual editor for PHP. JaneBUILDER allows users to build complex PHP pages with ease. The files created are native PHP (text) files that can be opened by any html tool or text editor and uploaded to your web server for deployment. JaneSQL...
Aug 30
Sambucus v1.2
PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Malus Softwares releases Sambucus 1.2 Montr=E9al, Qu=E9bec, CANADA - August 30th, 2001 Malus Softwares released to= day Sambucus 1.2, the multi-tasks time-management freeware for the Macintosh. This version introduces the capability to select a different currency symbol than the default "$". It also introduces a basic exporting feature of time-stamps to a tab-delimited text file. Sambucus? Through a simple interface, the user can manage the time spent on different projects, each divided into one or more tasks. Furthermore, notes can be saved for each task. Like all Malus products, Sambucus is offered in both english and french versions, and the "Undo" function is only limited by the amount of memory allocated to the application; this way the user can safely try-out features, knowing that the action can be undone. System Requirements - MacOS 8.0 or later (Sambucus *is not* optimised for MacOS X); - at least 3MB of RAM; - 1.6MB of disk space for the...
Aug 30
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Vienna, Austria - August 29th, 2001 DATABASE AND CONTENT MANAGEMENT THE EASY WAY New innovative tools for Designers and Developers - Great variety of plugins available Aggressively priced top-level software. Crosslinks GmbH and SQLBoss Inc. are pleased to announce a new product line of Database- and Content-Management Systems. The growing demand on dynamic WebSites, forces Graphic Designers & Developers to produce more sophisticated applications than ever before. SQLBoss Monitor is the first-choice tool for managing the content of web-enabled databases. The import/export functionality and the dynamically generated data entry layouts provide a very easy and flexible way to keep WebSites up-to-date. The built-in WYSIWYG HTML Field-Editor even makes it possible to highlight text (i.e. bold, italic) with a single click. SQLBoss Developer is the premier application for rapid database development on remote hosts. Designers can create and change databases and export...
Aug 30
HELIOS beta for Mac OS X
HELIOS beta for Mac OS X now available Chicago, PRINT 01 Booth #6557--- September 6, 2001--- Supporting more AppleShare servers worldwide than any other UNIX-based server software, HELIOS Software GmbH, a leading provider of network and prepress software, announced the beta availability of its server products for Mac OS X. Based upon beta feedback, HELIOS expects to ship by mid October. HELIOS' leading server products now in beta and to be demonstrated during PRINT 01 include: EtherShare 2.6 Highest-Performance server for Mac clients PCShare 3.0 Highest-Performance server for Windows clients EtherShare OPI 2.1 Server-based OPI, including Image Replacement with Color Separation And Proof Printing support PDF Handshake PDF Printing, OPI and Imposition includes: PDF Internet Printing & Create PDF Server Print Preview Convenient & reliable last minute proofing The Helios suite of networking and prepress servers represents the most extensive offering of Mac OS X native software...
Aug 29
ASCII Tools version 1.0
TRINFINITY SOFTWARE RELEASES V1.0 OF ASCII TOOLS For immediate release. Trinfinity Software releases ASCII Tools version 1.0. NEW YORK, N.Y. - - August 28, 2001 - - Trinfinity Software released today ASCII Tools version 1.0, a freeware development tool for Macintosh. ASCII (Pronounced ASKEEEE) stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. ASCII is a standard code for representing characters as numbers so that they can be stored in a computers memory. ASCII Tools gives developers quick and easy access to ASCII table data. ASCII Tools contains an ASCII character table with values in decimal and hexadecimal, as well as quick conversion utilities for ASCII value to character, and ASCII character to value. By selecting "Show Global Windows" from the "Windows" menu, developers can have access to any or all of the features of ASCII tools from within their current application. This eliminates the need to switch back and forth. Features * Simple, easy to use interface. * ASCII...
Aug 29
Applimac Clean Text 2.1
Applimac Clean Text 2.1 now available for download. Applimac today released Applimac Clean Text 2.1 for Mac OS and Mac OS X. Applimac Clean Text is a text-utility that eliminates all text formatting, preparing it for pasting and performs other useful functions, such as removing empty lines, removing multiple spaces, removing forwarding characters from email text, removing tab characters, converting straight quotes with curly quotes etc. New in this release: improved the straight quotes to curly quotes feature: in addition to double quotes, now the option works also for single quotes and a bug fix under Mac OS X: now the main text field works better in Mac OS X, in the previous version the arrow cursor didn't change to I-beam cursor when over the main field of the application. Download page: ( English Direct Download URLs: Mac OS Classic: ( Mac OS X: (
Aug 28
QuizMaker Pro 4.1
August 25, 2001 MacMuse Software, Shareware for Education, announces the release of version 4.1 of QuizMaker Pro, the all-in-one quiz application for the Macintosh. This upgrade adds several user requested features as well as fixing some bugs from version 4.0. Version 4.1 is a free upgrade for registered user of 4.0 and a $5 upgrade for users of previous versions. A manual, as well as a utility to convert quizzes from QMPro versions prior to 4.0, are included with the download. Online help is available within the application. Registrations are $18 single, $100 site, and $5 upgrade from version 3.x. Registration information is included with the program. More Information: ( Direct Download: ( Contact: System Requirements: Any Power PC Macintosh Macintosh Sys 7.6.1 or newer 640x480 monitor or larger 3.8 Meg Hard Drive space 4 Megs free RAM (optional)...
Aug 28
SQLGrinder 1.0
ADVENIO SOFTWARE RELEASES SQLGRINDER 1.0 FOR MAC OS X Watertown, MA -- August 27, 2001 - Advenio Software, a company specializing in Mac OS X application development, today announced the release and immediate availability of SQLGrinder 1.0 for Mac OS X. SQLGrinder, a native Mac OS X SQL editor and developer tool, allows developers to easily create, edit and execute SQL queries as well as browse their database structures. Using SQLGrinder and JDBC drivers, developers can connect to databases that support JDBC 2.0, including Oracle 8i, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FrontBase, Openbase SQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. Because SQLGrinder is built using Apple's Cocoa framework, it looks and feels like a Macintosh OS X application and adheres to Apple's Aqua Human Interface Guidelines. SQLGrinder provides many tools that add to developer productivity and make building SQL queries and database schemas easier than it has ever been on the Macintosh: - Drop-in support for any database with an available...
Aug 25
Shift Key Suite v1.0.6
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Marc Mennigmann releases the "Shift Key Suite" v1.0.6 Iserlohn, Germany -- Aug 25, 2001 -- Marc Mennigmann today announced the release of the "Shift Key Suite" v1.0.6, a powerful collection of applications to extend the functionality of password protection systems for Macintosh computers. v1.0.6 adds compatibility for the MacOS up to 9.2.1 Why Do I Want To Disable The Shift Key? ======================================= Holding down the Shift key when launching your Macintosh will prevent all extensions to load at start-up. This is an interesting feature when you have start-up crashes from incompatible extensions and control- panels. However, if your system is running smooth, you may want to protect your computer with a password protection or a similar application/extension. Most password protections for the Mac are extensions or controlpanels. Therefore you can simply bypass them when holding down the Shift key at start-up. This is where the "SKS" comes in. It...

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Macs Fan Control - Monitor and c...
Macs Fan Control allows you to monitor and control almost any aspect of your computer's fans, with support for controlling fan speed, temperature sensors pane, menu-bar icon, and autostart with... Read more
NetShade 6.3.1 - Browse privately using...
NetShade is an anonymous proxy and VPN app+service for Mac. Unblock your Internet through NetShade's high-speed proxy and VPN servers spanning seven countries. NetShade masks your IP address as you... Read more
Dragon Dictate 4.0.7 - Premium voice-rec...
With Dragon Dictate speech recognition software, you can use your voice to create and edit text or interact with your favorite Mac applications. Far more than just speech-to-text, Dragon Dictate lets... Read more
Persecond 1.0.2 - Timelapse video made e...
Persecond is the easy, fun way to create a beautiful timelapse video. Import an image sequence from any camera, trim the length of your video, adjust the speed and playback direction, and you’re done... Read more
GIMP 2.8.14p2 - Powerful, free image edi...
GIMP is a multi-platform photo manipulation tool. GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. The GIMP is suitable for a variety of image manipulation tasks, including photo retouching,... Read more
Sandvox 2.10.2 - Easily build eye-catchi...
Sandvox is for Mac users who want to create a professional looking website quickly and easily. With Sandvox, you don't need to be a Web genius to build a stylish, feature-rich, standards-compliant... Read more
LibreOffice - Free, open-source...
LibreOffice is an office suite (word processor, spreadsheet, presentations, drawing tool) compatible with other major office suites. The Document Foundation is coordinating development and... Read more
f.lux 36.1 - Adjusts the color of your d...
f.lux makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. Ever notice how people texting at night have that eerie blue glow? Or wake... Read more
VirtualBox 5.0.2 - x86 virtualization so...
VirtualBox is a family of powerful x86 virtualization products for enterprise as well as home use. Not only is VirtualBox an extremely feature rich, high performance product for enterprise customers... Read more
File Juicer 4.43 - Extract images, video...
File Juicer is a drag-and-drop can opener and data archaeologist. Its specialty is to find and extract images, video, audio, or text from files which are hard to open in other ways. In computer... Read more

ReBoard: Revolutionary Keyboard (Utilit...
ReBoard: Revolutionary Keyboard 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Utilities Price: $1.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: Do everything within the keyboard without switching apps! If you are in WhatsApp, how do you schedule a... | Read more »
Tiny Empire (Games)
Tiny Empire 1.1.3 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $2.99, Version: 1.1.3 (iTunes) Description: Launch cannonballs and blow tiny orcs into thousands of pieces in this intuitive fantasy-themed puzzle shooter! Embark on an... | Read more »
Astropad Mini (Productivity)
Astropad Mini 1.0 Device: iOS iPhone Category: Productivity Price: $4.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: *** 50% off introductory price! ​*** Get the high-end experience of a Wacom tablet at a fraction of the price with Astropad... | Read more »
Emo Chorus (Music)
Emo Chorus 1.0.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Music Price: $1.99, Version: 1.0.0 (iTunes) Description: Realistic Choir simulator ranging from simple Chorus emulation to full ensemble Choir with 128 members. ### introductory offer... | Read more »
Forest Spirit (Games)
Forest Spirit 1.0.5 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $2.99, Version: 1.0.5 (iTunes) Description: | Read more »
Ski Safari 2 (Games)
Ski Safari 2 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $1.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: The world's most fantastical, fun, family-friendly skiing game is back and better than ever! Play as Sven's sister Evana, share... | Read more »
Lara Croft GO (Games)
Lara Croft GO 1.0.47768 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $4.99, Version: 1.0.47768 (iTunes) Description: Lara Croft GO is a turn based puzzle-adventure set in a long-forgotten world. Explore the ruins of an ancient... | Read more »
Whispering Willows (Games)
Whispering Willows 1.23 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $4.99, Version: 1.23 (iTunes) Description: **LAUNCH SALE 50% OFF** - Whispering Willows is on sale for 50% off ($4.99) until September 9th. | Read more »
Calvino Noir (Games)
Calvino Noir 1.1 Device: iOS iPhone Category: Games Price: $3.99, Version: 1.1 (iTunes) Description: The film noir stealth game. Calvino Noir is the exploratory, sneaking adventure through the 1930s European criminal underworld.... | Read more »
Angel Sword (Games)
Angel Sword 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $6.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: Prepare to adventure in the most epic full scale multiplayer 3D RPG for mobile! Experience amazing detailed graphics in full HD.... | Read more »

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iPad Air 2 on sale for up to $100 off MSRP
Best Buy has iPad Air 2s on sale for up to $100 off MSRP on their online store for a limited time. Choose free shipping or free local store pickup (if available). Sale prices available for online... Read more
MacBook Airs on sale for $100 off MSRP
Best Buy has MacBook Airs on sale for $100 off MSRP on their online store. Choose free shipping or free local store pickup (if available). Sale prices for online orders only, in-store prices may vary... Read more
Big Grips Lift Handle For iPad Air and iPad A...
KEM Ventures, Inc. which pioneered the extra-large, super-protective iPad case market with the introduction of Big Grips Frame and Stand in 2011, is launching Big Grips Lift featuring a new super-... Read more
Samsung Launches Galaxy Tab S2, Its Most Powe...
Samsung Electronics America, Inc. has announced the U.S. release of the Galaxy Tab S2, its thinnest, lightest, ultra-fast tablet. Blending form and function, elegant design and multitasking power,... Read more
Tablet Screen Sizes Expanding as iPad Pro App...
Larger screen sizes are gaining favor as the tablet transforms into a productivity device, with shipments growing 185 percent year-over-year in 2015. According to a new Strategy Analytics’ Tablet... Read more
Today Only: Save US$50 on Adobe Elements 13;...
Keep the memories. lose the distractions. Summer’s winding down and it’s time to turn almost perfect shots into picture perfect memories with Elements 13. And get the power to edit both photos and... Read more
1.4GHz Mac mini on sale for $449, save $50
Best Buy has the 1.4GHz Mac mini on sale for $50 off MSRP on their online store. Choose free shipping or free local store pickup (if available). Price for online orders only, in-store price may vary... Read more
12-inch 1.1GHz Gold MacBook on sale for $1149...
B&H Photo has the 12″ 1.1GHz Gold Retina MacBook on sale for $1149.99 including free shipping plus NY sales tax only. Their price is $150 off MSRP, and it’s the lowest price available for this... Read more
27-inch 3.3GHz 5K iMac on sale for $1849, sav...
Best Buy has the 27″ 3.3GHz 5K iMac on sale for $1849.99. Their price is $150 off MSRP, and it’s the lowest price available for this model. Choose free shipping or free local store pickup (if... Read more
Worldwide Tablet Shipments Expected to Declin...
Does Apple badly need a touchscreen convertible/hybrid laptop MacBook? Yes, judging from a new market forecast from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker, which... Read more

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**Job Summary** We are seeking an enthusiastic electrical engineer for the Apple Watch team. This is a design engineering position that entails working with Read more
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**Job Summary** The iTunes Apps project management team oversees iTunes, Apple TV, DRM and iOS Applications. We are looking for a project manager to help manage and Read more
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