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May 18
FileMaker Scriptology Training
The SCRIPTOLOGY FileMaker Hands-On Training Seminars 2 courses for serious FileMaker Pro 3.0/4.0/5.0 users, based on the popular Scriptology book and CD ROM COURSE CONTENT ---------------------------- FileMaker Pro Scripting and Calculations - 3 day Intermediate class - 2 day Advanced class INSTRUCTOR -------------------- John Mark Osborne (co-author of Scriptology) LOCATIONS ----------------- Santa Monica (Los Angeles), Washington D.C., Chicago, Boston, Palm Desert (FileMaker Developer Conference) and San Francisco Bay Area. These courses can also be brought directly to your company (contact us for details). DATES ---------- See below *NEW* The courseware for these classes has been newly revised to include new FileMaker Pro 5.0 features. Exisiting exercises have been completely rewritten based on the class room experience of teaching these classes over 25 times. ---- REGISTRATION ---------------------- To register for a Scriptology course, please visit:
May 18
Qilan 1.0: Internet Database for Mac OS X
PRESS RELEASE CommonGround Softworks Inc. Announces Qilan 1.0 HOOKSETT, NEW HAMPSHIRE - May 18, 2000 - CommonGround Softworks Inc. today announces the release of Qilan version 1.0, a new software development tool for producing powerful internet database systems. "Qilan is a database system designed to operate on a web server. It is a complete environment for the creation of user entry/output screens, logical data manipulation and data base access. With Qilan, the developer can easily link SQL database engines with the world wide web." "Qilan can be used by developers who don't like to program. Developers do not have to know or rely upon SQL or remember complicated or intricate symbols to create complex queries, manipulate data, or access databases. The initial release of Qilan can access FrontBase and Openbase as backend SQL database engines. It can also access non-SQL Helix Server databases" "Qilan works with your existing databases and web development tools. Developers merely need...
May 18
Goo Library 1.5: Helping you Carbonize
*** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE *** San Jose, CA - Michael Amorose today released Goo Library 1.5, a free programming library designed to help assist Macintosh developers in porting their software to the Carbon programming interface. Goo Library is an extensive Carbon Macintosh programming library that provides many useful functions for Macintosh software developers. Libraries are provided in PowerPC binary format compatible with CodeWarrior Beta Tools for Mac OS X. Version 1.5 of Goo Library offers these new enhancements: - Goo Library is now fully Carbonized. - Carbon wrapper API routines for replacing existing multiple Carbon Macintosh toolbox calls with a single wrapper call. - FireWire Utilities compatible with the Apple FireWire SDK 2.3.3. - USB Utilities compatible with the Apple USB SDK 1.3.5 - Full online and downloadable HTML documentation. Developers can download the free library from the web at Goo Library 1.5 is freely distributable if...
May 17
Mac to Windows Porting tools
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE San Jose, CA, 17th May 2000: AD Software and Bowers Development announce the launch at WWDC of the MFC Code Generator for AppMaker and PP2MFC. The MFC Code Generator allows AppMaker users to generate MFC screen resources and C++ code in the same high standard that AppMaker generates for Appearance, Tools Plus, PowerPlant and other environments. Coupled with PP2MFC this solution allows your PowerPlant applications to be ported to Windows with native code speed - no awkward emulation layers. AppMaker import allows existing PowerPlant screens to be imported and avoids the need to redraw them. PP2MFC (marketed separately and also included in the MFC Code Generator) provides a thin layer mapping the PowerPlant API to native MFC classes. Your major application logic such as ListenToMessage, ObeyCommand and other event and menu manipulation methods can be a single set of source used on both platforms. This technology has been proven in education support programs used by...
May 17
OOFILE now supports Faircom Server
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE San Jose, CA, 17th May 2000: AD Software announces the OOFILE Professional Server Edition which adds support for Faircom's popular Faircom Server. Faircom Server provides scalable client-server database technology from 68K Mac through to the largest Unix servers. On sale now at DevDepot at WWDC Show Special Prices. More information on this new member of the OOFILE family at after WWDC. OOFILE Professional Server Edition extends the OOFILE database API. The Open Source OOFILE report writer, graphing engine and PowerPlant forms integration software can all be used with the extended database API. Changing an existing GUI application to be server based requires less than 20 lines of code be changed to gain transaction-based client-server (TCP/IP or Appletalk) access at incredible speeds. For more information on the power of the Faircom Server see About AD Software: AD Software was founded in 1984 to provide a range of...
May 17
Email Merge version 1.9
From: Gideon Greenspan ( Sig Software is proud to announce Email Merge version 1.9. Email Merge is an intuitive program for creating mailings of individualized email messages. It takes a database and a message template, and merges the two to rapidly create customized email messages in Outlook Express, Eudora, Claris Emailer, Mailsmith or PowerMail. Version 1.9 adds support for CTM Dev's PowerMail, can add attachments with StuffIt compression and includes sample merges to demonstrate real-world uses of the product. The Email Merge page is at: Thank you, Gideon Greenspan Sig Software
May 17
Thing Detective 1.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THING DETECTIVE VERSION 1.0 FOR MACOS AVAILABLE NOW San Jose, California, May 17, 2000 Unthinkable Research today officially released Thing Detective version 1.0 for MacOS at the 2000 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, where it was demonstrated on stage at the "QuickTime and MacOS X" session. Thing Detective is a powerful new utility that provides detailed information about components on MacOS computers. It's an indispensable tool that can be used to help develop and debug components, to learn how to use the components provided by QuickTime and the MacOS operating system, and to determine what component capabilities are available on MacOS computers. With Thing Detective, you can: * Get a comprehensive list of the components installed on a MacOS computer; * Filter the component list to display only components with a particular type, subtype, and/or manufacturer; * Determine what processor a component has been compiled for; * Get the name, icon, information...
May 17
Rainbow Painter version 1.9.1
Addiction Interactive has released Rainbow Painter1.9.1, a new version of their award-winning $20 shareware image editor. Rainbow Painter is a unique painting and photo retouching program for the Macintosh. The unregistered version lets you try all features, with the exception of some effects and the export function. Any pictures you produce in the unregistered version are saved internally, and can be exported when you have registered. FEATURES *Innovative design. *Unique user interface. *Let's you edit and view a picture in multiple windows simultaneously with individual magnifications and layer controls. *Up to 8 image layers with alpha/opacity channels. *More than 60 different effects and tools to use on your pictures. *Mask layer with special sets of tools and operations/effects. *Three different studios, where you may rearrange and add windows as you like. *Imports/exports Jpeg and PICT images, as well as a few other formats. ABOUT THE NEW VERSION Improved image editing features...
May 17
Court Dismisses All Sony Copyright and TM Claims in Connectix...
Court Dismisses All Sony Copyright and Trademark Claims in Connectix Case SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., May 16, 2000 - A San Francisco Federal Court today dismissed all Sony copyright and trademark claims against Connectix Corporation for its Connectix Virtual Game Station software. The decision resolves seven of Sony's nine claims in favor of Connectix, eliminating the need to bring these to trial. The Honorable Charles Legge issued his summary judgment from the bench and established a 90-day schedule for the two remaining claims, trade secret and unfair competition, to be reviewed. During this period Sony and Connectix may provide the court additional evidence and arguments to determine whether these claims will also be subject to summary judgment. The prior June 12 trial date was vacated and a later date will be established if necessary. "Once again, the court has found that both copyright and trademark law favor broad consumer choice. We are confident that we will prevail on the...
May 16
REALbasic Announces Support for Mac OS X
REAL SOFTWARE, INC. ANNOUNCES REALBASIC SUPPORT FOR MAC OS X REALbasic now runs on and compiles for Mac OS X Austin, TX May 16, 2000 REAL Software, Inc. today announced the availability of a technology preview of REALbasic that supports Mac OS X. REALbasic is the award-winning, visual, object-oriented BASIC development environment for Macintosh. This technology demonstration runs on Mac OS X and creates native, Carbon compliant Mac OS X applications complete with Aqua interface. It is available now for download at REAL Software will continue to offer solutions for Mac OS X throughout the development and release of Apple's next generation operating system. REALbasic allows you to quickly and easily create powerful applications that run on Macintosh and Windows. It is easy enough for beginners and powerful enough for professionals to use. "We are excited by the opportunities Mac OS X presents and are committed to delivering the fastest, most...
May 16
Chronos Personal Organizer 3.03 and Group Organizer 3
NEW PRODUCT NAMES! PARK CITY, UTAH - May 16, 2000 -- Chronos L.C. today announced the release of Personal Organizer 3.03 and Group Organizer 3.03. These two products are the official successors to the award-winning Consultant and Office Consultant personal information managers, respectively. Both users and industry experts welcome the new name changes which more clearly describe the products. Chronos calls the popular Consultant the "Swiss Army Knife" of productivity software. It integrates a calendar, address book, word processor, memo taker, personal journal, phone dialer, and alarm clock into a single easy-to-use application. To top it off, it synchronizes with both the PalmPilot and the new Handspring Visor handheld organizers. NEW OPEN TRANSPORT NETWORKING Group Organizer 3.03 is now the first Mac client/server PIM to support native Open Transport networking. Users may access their calendar, contacts, memos and to-dos over an AppleTalk network or a TCP/IP network including the...
May 16
University of Pervasive
Pervasive Software ANNOUNCES University of pervasive EDUCATION SITE Through Agreement with, Pervasive Delivers Free, On-line Software Education at AUSTIN, TEXAS-May 16, 2000-Pervasive Software Inc. (Nasdaq:PVSW), a leading provider of software that delivers the freedom to create applications for everyone, everywhere, today launched The University of Pervasive, a free, on-line academy delivering courses taught by industry experts. Through a relationship with, a pioneer of business-to-business eduCommerce, The University of Pervasive offers Web developers, Web masters, students and professionals a convenient, interactive way to learn more about Web application development and database technologies. The University, located at, opens for registration today for the following courses: Introduction to Tango 2000 - Learn to use the visual Tango 2000 interface to build Web-based applications that are linked to databases...
May 16
Preview Systems: Digital Goods Commerce Solution
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PREVIEW SYSTEMS UNVEILS NEW DIGITAL GOODS COMMERCE SOLUTION FOR APPLE DEVELOPERS New Tools Give Apple Developers a Solution for Creating Trial-Enabled Applications and Facilitate Online Distribution APPLE WORLDWIDE DEVELOPER'S CONFERENCE, SAN JOSE, CA - May 16, 2000 - Preview Systems (NASDAQ: PRVW) is showcasing its new digital goods commerce solution for the Apple Macintosh platform at the Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference this week. The new Vbox Builder and SDK (Software Development Kit) for Macintosh, which is part of Preview Systems' ZipLock(tm) technology platform, enables Macintosh software developers to create applications that feature try-before-you-buy capabilities. It also enables developers to leverage Preview's network of resellers for selling and distributing software electronically. Preview Systems is also offering a free Sony Walkman Digital Music Player (valued at US$ 450) when customers license Vbox Builder and SDK for Macintosh. This...
May 16
VOODOO Server Version Control: Price Reduction
VOODOO SERVER VERSION CONTROL FOR CODEWARRIOR - PRICE REDUCTION HAGENBERG, AUSTRIA, MAY-15-2000 -- UNI SOFTWARE PLUS GmbH announced at Apple's World Wide Developer Conference a new offer that makes their flagship version control tool VOODOO Server available at a dramatically reduced, limited time, price. This special limited time offer is designed to make professional version control tools easily available for single programmers and version control newcomers. In its debut year VOODOO Server has earned acclamation and established itself as the premiere version control system for software developers using Metrowerks CodeWarrior. With this special offer, UNI SOFTWARE PLUS is making VOODOO Server available to first time purchasers for only $79 (regular list price is $229). This will be a limited time offer. "We are thrilled at the numbers of developers who have adopted VODOOO Server during its first year. But, we also know that many more are hesitating to apply version control for two...
May 16
Farallon Ships SkyLINE 11MB Wireless PC Card
Farallon Ships SkyLINE 11Mb Wireless PC Card for Macintosh PowerBooks and PC Notebooks 11Mb LAN connectivity for cross-platform networking without wires. SAN LEANDRO, Calif. May 16, 2000 - Farallon Communications, Inc., developer of reliable, plug-and-play networking solutions for Macs and PCs, today announced their SkyLINE 11Mb Wireless PC Card for portable computers is now shipping. SkyLINE provides both Macintosh PowerBook and PC notebook users access to network resources such as file servers, email, printers and the Internet without the hassle of wires. The SkyLINE 11Mb Wireless PC Card is based on the IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum standard and will interoperate on the same wireless network along with other 802.11 DSSS solutions. SkyLINE 11Mb comes with support for 40-bit WEP encryption and enhanced Control Panels for simplified configuration and management. SkyLINE is compatible with wireless solutions from vendors such as Apple, Lucent and Nokia. "The availability...
May 16
4D University Offers Mastering WebSTAR Course
May 16, 2000. Berkeley, CA. 4D University Offers Mastering WebSTAR Course --------------------------------------------- 4D University, the training source for the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and WebSTAR Server Suite, announced today that they will offer a course for intermediate and advanced WebSTAR users called 'Mastering WebSTAR.' 'Mastering WebSTAR' is a two-day long course that will focus on performance optimization, security, extending WebSTAR, and using WebSTAR for e-commerce solutions. The course will discuss WebSTAR's SSL encryption capabilities and recommended e-commerce solutions. It is being offered at three locations around the US; to find a location near you view the 4D University training schedule located online at ( "We want users to take full advantage of their WebSTAR servers and really get the most out of their investment," said Brendan Coveney, President, 4D Inc. "That is why we are offering the 'Mastering WebSTAR'...
May 15
Mac OS X Developer Preview 4 with Final API Specs
Apple Releases Mac OS X Developer Preview 4 with Final API Specs Preview Comes Bundled with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and Supports the Java 2 Platform WWDC, SAN JOSE, California-May 15, 2000-Apple today released its fourth developer preview of Mac OS X to the 4,000 developers attending its annual Worldwide Developer Conference. This preview version of Apple's next generation operating system includes the final API specifications required by developers to complete upgrades of their applications to take full advantage of Mac OS X's new capabilities. Mac OS X Developer Preview 4 also includes a version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5 specifically for Mac OS X, and support for the Java 2 Platform. "With this Preview release, developers now have everything they need to make killer applications for Mac OS X," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "We are incredibly pleased at the support we are getting from many of the world's best software developers for Mac OS X, the future of the Mac...
May 15
Metrowerks Outlines Plans for New Dev Tools for Mac OS
For Immediate Release Metrowerks Outlines Plans for New Development Tools for Mac OS X at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference 2000 WWDC, SAN JOSE, Calif.-May 15, 2000-Metrowerks today outlined plans to deliver CodeWarrior(r) development tools and online training for Apple's upcoming Mac OS X operating system. Metrowerks released a beta version of its CodeWarrior development tools for Mac OS X today at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference. The new CodeWarrior tools are designed to take advantage of the unique new features of Apple's Mac OS X and will incorporate the look and feel of Mac OS X's new "Aqua" user interface. The tools will also offer backwards compatibility, allowing Mac developers to write applications for Mac OS X that will also run on earlier versions of Mac OS. The beta released today includes tools that will be part of a new version of CodeWarrior for Mac OS available late third quarter of this year. "Our development tools for Mac OS X ... will provide...
May 15
Blue World Ships Lasso XML Developer Kit
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 15, 2000 BLUE WORLD SHIPS LASSO XML DEVELOPER KIT Free offering allows developers to easily incorporate XML and wireless communications with unrivaled flexibility Bellevue, WA--May 15, 2000--Blue World Communications, Inc.--pioneers of the Web Data Engine(tm)--today released Lasso XML Developer Kit, a free development kit providing thorough documentation, examples and templates on how to generate XML (Extensible Markup Language) data using Lasso for both Instant and Custom Web Publishing. What's more, Instant WML Publishing capabilities allow instant access to data retrieved from wireless devices via Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) and Wireless Markup Language (WML). Lasso XML Developer Kit also provides support for XML implementations in popular database products such as FileMaker, Inc. FileMaker Pro 5 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000. "We're delighted to provide Lasso developers a highly flexible solution for incorporating data via XML and wireless...
May 15
QuickTime 4 Tops 50 Million Copies/Previews Next Version
QuickTime 4 Tops 50 Million Copies and Apple Previews Next Version Named Number One Movie Trailer Site WWDC, SAN JOSE, California-MAY 15, 2000-Apple today announced that more than 50 million copies of its QuickTime 4 player software have been distributed for Mac and Windows users worldwide, and gave developers at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) a sneak preview of the next version of QuickTime which will debut this summer. In addition, Nielsen//NetRatings has named Apple's website,, the most popular destination for movie trailers on the web.* Contributing to the success of's Quicktime-based movie trailer section, downloads for New Line Cinema's "The Lord of the Rings" preview, encoded exclusively in QuickTime, topped 12 million since its April 7 debut, making it one of the largest online entertainment events ever. "We're thrilled that there are now over 50 million copies of QuickTime 4 on both Mac and Windows platforms, and that most on-line...
May 15
Apple Expands Professional Services Organization
Apple Expands Professional Services Organization Apple iServices Broadens Professional Support for WebObjects, Mac OS X and QuickTime WWDC, SAN JOSE, California-May 15, 2000-Apple today announced it is expanding its professional services organization to deliver consulting, integration and training services for WebObjects, QuickTime Streaming Server and Mac OS X. The expanded services organization, Apple iServices, will provide professional services for Apple customers and developers in the creative, education and business markets. "Apple has accumulated many years of experience designing, developing and deploying web-based applications, managing software projects and integrating heterogeneous systems with WebObjects," said Mitch Mandich, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Sales. "We are now expanding that expertise to address the growing number of customers seeking customized Internet solutions and integration services relating to Apple's QuickTime Streaming Server and Mac OS...
May 15
Apple Drops WebObjects License Price to $699
Apple Drops WebObjects License Price From $50,000 to $699 New Version to be Entirely Java-Based WWDC, SAN JOSE, California-May 15, 2000-Apple today unveiled aggressive new pricing for its industry-leading WebObjects web application server software, and also revealed that the next version of WebObjects will be written entirely in Java. Starting today, customers can purchase a complete solution for developing and deploying WebObjects applications for $699. This new price includes both the award-winning WebObjects developer tools and a high-end deployment license which allows unlimited usage on one server, which together were previously priced at over $50,000. Later this year, Apple will ship WebObjects 5 for Java, which will be built using 100 percent pure Java technology. WebObjects 5 for Java will enable Internet developers using Java to quickly build complex solutions which can be deployed on virtually any server. WebObjects 5 for Java also will support a wealth of Internet standards...
May 15
TextBroom 2.0
Switzerland--May 15, 2000--Blue Line Studios today announced the release of TextBroom 2.0 for Macintosh in OS X Aqua look. The product homepage is at TextBroom is an utility that handles nightmarish text files. Suppose you got a list containing 3,796 e-mail address lines and you suspect it to contain duplicate entries. TextBroom lets you remove all duplicate lines easily with just one click. Or perhaps you just saved a spreadsheet from within Excel "As plain text"; the resulting document now contains no less than ten thousand tabs; 10, 12, 17, 31, etc. tabs in a row. Before you despair, let TextBroom replace the superfluous tabulators with just a single one, or with the character you specify. Other features include the smart finding&replacing of funny number separators, e.g. the apostrophe within "10'000", while the string "you're", also containing an apostrophe, will not be changed; the automatic removing and adding of space characters...
May 14
Freeway 3
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ** SoftPress Systems Ships Freeway 3 ** Oxford, England --- May 15th 2000 --- SoftPress Systems today announced that the company has started customer deliveries of Freeway 3.0, a major upgrade to their award-winning Web design software for the Apple Macintosh. The new version, which requires Mac OS 8.1 or later debuted at MacWorld Tokyo in February where a fully localized Japanese version, Freeway 3-J, was shown on the Kato-Denki booth. A fully-working 30-day trial version of Freeway 3.0 is now available from the SoftPress Web site. The recommended retail price of Freeway 3 is maintained at $299 with substantial discounts for education and site licences. With the release of Freeway 3, SoftPress Systems has also launched a new competitive upgrade program and licensed users of Adobe GoLive, Macromedia Dreamweaver and NetObjects Fusion qualify for a 50% discount. NEW FEATURES IN FREEWAY 3 * Productivity Improvements - up to 10 times faster: Freeway's integrated...
May 12
OpenBase SQL 6.5 Beta & RADstudio 1.0.5
OPENBASE NEWS 1. OpenBase SQL 6.5 Beta Available 2. RADstudio 1.0.5 3. RADstudio Training FRANCESTOWN, NEW HAMPSHIRE - May 12, 2000 - OpenBase International, Ltd. announces OpenBase SQL 6.5 beta and RADstudio 1.0.5 for MacOS X platforms. Both products will be shown next week at WWDC in San Jose, CA. ================================== 1. OpenBase SQL 6.5 Beta Available ================================== OpenBase SQL database engine provides high-performance data storage and retrieval for demanding multi-user applications. Easy-to-use GUI administration tools allow users to design database schemas, edit table data, manage database user accounts and even control databases from across the internet. OPENBASE SQL PERFORMANCE: OpenBase SQL 6.5 offers unrivaled performance on MacOS X Server for demanding enterprise applications. OpenBase is two times faster than the nearest competitor. Here are some performance statistics: * With a 1 million row database containing name, address and phone...
May 12
ACDSEE FOR MAC BETA NOW AVAILABLE Leading Digital Image Management Solution Available for Trial by Professional and Home Mac Users Including Artists, Photographers, Multimedia Types VICTORIA, British Columbia-(May 9, 2000)-ACD Systems International, Inc. (CDNX: ASA), the leading provider of digital imaging management solutions, today announced that the Macintosh beta version of its leading digital image management software, ACDSee, is now available. ACDSee for Mac is a high speed, full-featured image viewer that displays digital images in high resolution and allows users to find and organize image archives, movie and sound clips. It supports over 40 popular image formats, plus provides fast viewing and playing of multimedia files using QuickTimeT technology including MPEGs and MP3s. ACDSee for Mac is ideal for professional or home users who do photography, graphic design or multimedia related tasks and who need to manage image, movie or sound file archives. "This first product release...
May 12
Tenon open sources W*API Apache module
APACHE MODULE DEVELOPMENT KIT AVAILABLE FOR MAC WEBMASTERS Tenon open sources W*API Apache module to accelerate OS X Transition Santa Barbara, CA, May 12, 2000. Tenon Intersystems today released the sources for a significant component of their WebTen Apache implementation. This open source distribution is designed to help Macintosh WebSTAR plug-in developers who want to develop Apache modules. The distribution also includes dynamic module Apache plug-in support, Mac OS Toolbox API for building hybrid UNIX/Mac modules and Macintosh ACGI support. WebTen, heralded as the fastest and easiest to use Apache, was introduced in 1997, bringing Apache to the Macintosh platform for the first time. A key component of the WebTen development included extending Apache to support WebSTAR-style plug-ins. The WebSTAR plug-in interface is unique to the Mac OS platform. Including a mod_wsapi (the Apache module that implemented the WebSTAR plug-in specification) allowed Macintosh webmasters that embraced...
May 12
text2graphic 2.0
From: Joerg Pressel ( Subject: [ANN] text2graphic 2.0 Hi, we are proud to announce version 2.0 of our shareware text2graphic for Apple Macintosh Computers - download it from our new text2graphic homepage: text2graphic is an application that batch-converts text to graphic files with shadows, anti-aliasing and more. New features: - double-byte aware; lets you e.g. use japanese fonts to create graphics - more rendering output formats - [pro version] new views for e.g. testing formats as button - double as fast as the last version - localized versions in english, german and japanese Prices dropped to $69 for the "pro" version with the full feature set and $25 for the "le" version with basic functionality. Last, but not least, we founded a text2graphic mailing-list at egroups: Join the list to get up-to-date information, discuss experiences and tricks with other users and suggest new features!...
May 12
TableText 1.0 beta
Sig Software is proud to announce the public beta version 1.0 of TableText, its new product for the Mac OS. TableText is a program which allows tabular information to be represented, manipulated and scanned as plain text. With it, you can convert spreadsheets and tables to ASCII text with ease. It can be used for email messages, source code comments and cross-platform documentation. It also allows text to be converted back into tabular form, for importing into a spreadsheet, word processor or database. The public beta is fully functional, but expires on June 1st, 2000. More information and the TableText download is available at: ( Thank you, Gideon Greenspan Sig Software
May 10
Aestiva First to Market with "Server-Jumping"
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Aestiva First To Market With "Server-Jumping" Torrance, Calif. Aestiva announced this week a new scaling technology known as "server-jumping." An innovation of Aestiva's Webputing technology team, server-jumping enables dynamic sites to span multiple computers in support of hundreds of thousands of users in the same way "static" sites have historically been able to do. Aestiva insiders familiar with alternative technologies claim server-jumping is a breakthrough that could shake up the high-end computing market. Server-jumping allows Web-applications to operate across multiple servers with no programming required. Server-jumping eliminates the need for CORBA, DCOM and other well-known distributed-computing technologies. Best of all, the technology is Web-centric. It can be deployed on Unix, Windows and MacOSX servers, a cross-platform capability unavailable to existing technologies. Server-jumping gives Web sites the ability to scale up as needed. Users can...
May 10
TWAIN Toolkit for Mac, 3000 Downloads
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TWAIN ANNOUNCES OVER 2500 DEVELOPER DOWNLOADS OF NEW VERSION OF INDUSTRY STANDARD FOR MACINTOSH PLATFORM New version of image acquisition standard provides Mac developers access to latest features of digital cameras and scanners BOULDER CREEK, Calif. - May 10, 2000 - The TWAIN Working Group today announced that the TWAIN Toolkit for Mac, targeted at developers, has received almost 3000 downloads since its release in February. The updated Macintosh version of the industry standard TWAIN interface enables Macintosh application developers to acquire images from digital cameras and scanners for use in their imaging applications. The new version of the standard application program interface (API), called Macintosh TWAIN Data Source Manager Version 1.7, is a free download currently available online at ( The Data Source Manager (DSM) is the industry standard cross-platform (Windows and Mac) API for image acquisition. The Macintosh DSM...
May 10
Web Confidential 2.0/Mac, 1.0/Palm
May 10, 2000 Macintosh developer Alco Blom and Palm developer Rene Laterveer announced today the releases of Web Confidential 2.0 for Mac and the introduction of Web Confidential for Palm 1.0. Web Confidential for Palm is supplied with a Macintosh Conduit, which synchronizes data between Macintosh and Palm. Although widely imitated, Web Confidential is still the most powerful password manager on the Mac today and is currently the only password manager which is able to HotSync with a Palm device using a Macintosh Conduit. Like the Macintosh version, your data on the Palm handheld can be protected by state-of-the-art encryption technology. Web Confidential is an intuitive, easy-to-use program for managing user IDs, passwords, registration numbers, and the like. While Web Confidential is suitable for a wide variety of personal data, from credit card numbers to serial numbers, Alco Blom designed Web Confidential particularly for the World Wide Web in mind. "Increasing numbers of Web sites...
May 10
Developer Central @ WWDC - Sold Out!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DEVELOPER CENTRAL RETURNS TO WWDC 2000 EXHIBIT SPACE IS PACKED AND SOLD OUT! WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA -- May 10, 2000 -- Xplain Custom Services today announced that Developer Central, the developer showcase co-sponsored by Apple Developer Connection and MacTech Magazine, is sold out for Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference being held next week. Developer Central is the de facto presence for developer tools, services and utilities, is present at shows around the globe. Xplain Custom Services, which manages Developer Central, has completely sold out it's exhibit space for WWDC -- Apple's conference for developers held May 15-19, 2000 at the San Jose Convention Center. There will be over 65 exhibitor stations with the latest, greatest, hottest wares from developers who support the Mac development/engineering community. This makes this showcase the largest Developer Central at any venue at any show at any point in time. Developer Central has been managed by Xplain...
May 09
UserLand Submits SOAP 1.1 to W3 Consortium
UserLand Submits SOAP 1.1 to World Wide Web Consortium BURLINGAME, Calif., May 9 /PRNewswire/ -- UserLand Software, Ariba (Nasdaq: ARBA), Commerce One (Nasdaq: CMRC), Compaq Computer Corporation (NYSE: CPQ), Developmentor, Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE: HWP), IBM (NYSE: IBM), IONA Technologies (Nasdaq: IONA), Lotus Development Corporation (NYSE: IBM), Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq: MSFT), SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today jointly proposed to the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) a new protocol called the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) that will allow revolutionary new applications connecting graphic user interface desktop applications to powerful Internet servers using the standards of the Internet, HTTP and XML. "SOAP has been a two-year project, starting as a collaboration between UserLand, Microsoft and Developmentor, in April 1998, and now has the potential of being very widely deployed and supported in virtually every programming and scripting environment on every operating system,...
May 09
QuickCode Pro v4.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automated Solutions Group Announces QuickCode Pro v4.0 Release Huntington Beach, CA - May 9, 2000: Automated Solutions Group today announced the release of QuickCode Pro 4.0 for the Macintosh, the popular assistant editor for 4th Dimension. A full working version, limited to 30 days of use, can be downloaded from QuickCode Pro (QCP) dramatically enhances the 4th Dimension method editor with a host of features designed to simplify and accelerate the process of writing 4D code. "Automated Solutions Group has once again proven their overwhelming dedication to the 4D Community with the release of Quick Code Pro 4.0. Improvements have been made in countless areas making this a must have tool for any 4D Developer." -- said Brendan Coveney, President, 4D, Inc. "Where I come from we have one word to describe QuickCode Pro 4.0: awesome! If you are a professional 4th Dimension programmer you must have QCP 4.0. QCP makes the 4D method editor so much...
May 08
Keyspan Ships USB Parallel Printer Adapters
Keyspan ships USB Parallel Printer Adapters for Windows and Macintosh RICHMOND, Calif---May 8, 2000--- Keyspan, a leading manufacturer of USB connectivity solutions, announced it is shipping USB Parallel Printer Adapters that enable users to connect parallel printers to their USB-equipped Windows or Macintosh PCs. Distributed by Ingram Micro and available through leading resellers and catalogs, the Adapters have an MSRP of $39. The Keyspan USB Parallel Printer Adapter is available for PC s running Windows 98 or WIndows 2000. The adapter enables you to free your parallel port for other devices, easily hook multiple printers to your PC, or use parallel printers with new "legacy free" PC's such Dell's WebPC, Gateway's Astro and Compaq's iPaq. The adapter provides a bidirectional (IEEE-1284/1994) interface and works with existing Windows printer drivers. The Macintosh version of the USB Parallel Printer Adapter lets you connect Epson inkjet printers to the USB port on your Macintosh...
May 08
MoniSwitch Pro LDI
For Immediate Release Dr. Bott LLC announces MoniSwitch Pro LDI, the first KVM for digital flat panel displays, developed with cooperation of Silicon Graphics Inc. Portland, OR - May 5, 2000 ( Dr. Bott is pleased to announce MoniSwitch Pro LDI which allows the sharing of Silicon Graphics digital flat panel display and USB peripherals between multiple computers. "We are excited that Dr. Bott is delivering the first digital KVM switch to the market with MoniSwitch Pro LDI." said Joel Ingulsrud, Product Manager for flat panel displays at Silicon Graphics, Inc., "The ability our customers with multiple CPUs now have to maximize their investment in SGI's market-leading digital flat panel without compromizing image quality is yet another example of the pure digital advantage that the 1600SW represents." Developed with cooperation from Silicon Graphics, Inc., MoniSwitch Pro LDI allows display sharing across a number of platforms with absolutely no...
May 08
Insider UpdateAgent 8.0.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Rio Sabadicci Insider Software, Inc. 760-804-9900 UPDATEAGENT 8 ELEVATES INTERNET UPDATING SERVICE TO NEW LEVEL OF EXCELLENCE Five-Mouse-Rated Service Gets Advanced User-Engineering Features May 8, 2000 [Carlsbad, California] Insider Software today announced the availability of Insider UpdateAgent 8.0.1, a new release of its Macintosh software updating service. The release improves support for hardware platforms, operating-system versions, and application releases, including: * Fixes for 68k Mac compatibility issues * Specific updates for various OS versions * Unique updates for specific Macintosh models * Targeted updates for applications with non-standard versions FIXING THE INCONSISTENCIES IN THE MAC SOFTWARE WORLD "The software updating process uncovers just how complex and quirky the software development world can be," said Rio Sabadicci, president of Insider Software. "This release of UpdateAgent 8 addresses all the...
May 08
iTools for Mac OS X (DP 3)
iTools for Mac OS X (DP3) A suite of tools to dramatically simplify Apache configuration & maintenance Santa Barbara, CA, May 8, 2000. Tenon Intersystems, today announced a public beta of iTools for Mac OS X (DP3). Tenon's iTools is a web server that takes advantage of the preemptive multitasking and memory protection of Apple's next-generation OS. iTools for Mac OS X Server has been available for over one year and is being used worldwide for secure, commercial web service. Because iTools runs natively on OS X, Tenon has been able to leapfrog traditional Macintosh vendors who are pursuing Carbonized versions of their existing Macintosh applications for Apple's upcoming OS X. Tenon's iTools extends and enhances Mac OS X's networking performance, efficiency, ease-of-use, and functionality, with a family of tools essential to serious, commercial content delivery and eCommerce. iTools for Mac OS X is an evolution of Tenon's WebTen for Mac OS, heralded for being the easiest and fastest...
May 05
MERANT's DataDirect ODBC Products
For Immediate Release MAY 5, 2000 METRO TECHNOLOGIES LANDS EXCLUSIVE NORTH AMERICAN DISTRIBUTION RIGHTS TO COVETED MERANT MAC OBDC DRIVERS GURNEE, ILLINOIS. Metro Technologies, L.L.C. a national, full-service consulting and development firm, announced today that they will begin offering MERANT's DataDirect ODBC products for both domestic and international sales starting May 15, 2000. Among the MERANT (NNM: MRNT; LSE: MRN) products to be distributed by Metro Technologies are the highly sought-after DataDirect Connect ODBC drivers for Macintosh and the complete end-to-end middleware technology -- DataDirect SequeLink 4.51 for Macintosh. With this agreement, Metro Technologies will be the exclusive authorized reseller in North America for MERANT's new ODBC Macintosh products and will also provide support to its customers for such products. The MERANT DataDirect product line covers a wide range of standards, platforms, and data stores, ensuring the flexibility and reliability needed for...
May 05
FileMaker Developer Conference 2000
FileMaker Developer Conference 2000 Slated for August 27-30 Worldwide conference for corporate and independent FileMaker developers to focus on future directions of data for the Web and Workgroups. Register online at SANTA CLARA, Calif., -- May 8, 2000 -- "The Future of Data: Workgroup, Web and Beyond" will be the theme of the FileMaker Developer Conference 2000, to take place August 27-30 at the Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa, Palm Desert, California, it was announced by FileMaker, Inc. The annual conference will boast a wide variety of general, business and technical sessions focused on current and future directions of FileMaker Pro database technology. Last year's conference, which drew a record 1,200 corporate and independent FileMaker Pro database developers from 28 countries, featured several new product previews by FileMaker, Inc. Quotes from last year's attendees "A marvelous sense of the FileMaker community/family - FileMaker truly values...
May 05
H2C 1.6
Antoine Beyeler proudly annouces the release of the much-awaited H2C 1.6. H2C is a time saving jewel for C++ programmers. Instead of declaring each class member functions twice -- once in the header file (.h) and once in the source file (.cp) -- H2C automatically generates a source file containing all the class member functions from a given header file. H2C features: ++ rapid access with drag and drop of header files ++ plug-in architecture to create personalized output (source files written with a customized style, or, for example, code documentation template generation or object database filling) ++ ships with Template 1.1, a plug-in based on template text file that provide an even easier way to personalize H2C Changes in version 1.6: ++ support for C, nested classes and namespaces added ++ support for some C++ features added ++ API modified and improved to take advantage of the changes ++ Template plug-in updated ++ a few bugs fixed Requirements: System 7.5 or later PowerPC...
May 04
UNIX Console v2.0 Released
UNIX Console v2.0 Released UNIX Console is a Solaris UNIX system analysis and performance tool for Power Macintosh and Windows 9x/NT computers. It consists of a series of modules that send commands to a remote UNIX server and displays a graphical interpretation of the results. Many modules make an analysis of the commands result set and highlight potential problems and suggest possible options. The modules will never override the current users access permission level on the server. Analyses are based on published work. This application works best with Sun Microsystem's Solaris UNIX, although some modules may work on other platforms. At this stage only Solaris 2.6 is supported. No non-Solaris server-side components need be installed. Features include: - RAM and SWAP Usage - SAMBA and EtherShare client overview modules - Display of BSD printer spools - Disk utilisation module - Ethernet interface module - Telnet terminal - Load analysis - RAM usage analysis (requires sar to be installed...
May 04
REALbasic 2.1.1
We are proud to announce the availability of REALbasic 2.1.1. This update offers new features, improved performance, and increased reliability. Please visit ( to learn more and download this free* update. REALbasic 2.1.1 is available for US$149.95 for the Standard Edition and US$349.95 for the Professional Edition. More details are available on the REAL Software, Inc. website. Release Notes for REALbasic 2.1.1 May 4, 2000 This release contains the following new features: * (Win32) FolderItem: SaveAsPicture now works for Win32. Note: On Win32 saves a bitmap file (or .bmp file) rather than a 'PICT' file. Saves in all supported picture depths. Appends '.bmp' to if not already present, truncates file to fit if necessary. QuickTime is NOT REQUIRED. * (Win32) FolderItem: SaveAsJPEG now works for Win32. Saves in all supported picture depths. Appends '.jpg' to if '.jpg' or '.jpeg' not already present...
May 03
Server Sentinel 1.0
Intelli Innovations, Inc. releases Server Sentinel 1.0 Powerful server monitoring software for Macintosh. May 3rd, 2000 - Intelli Innovations, Inc. is proud to introduce Server Sentinel 1.0, a powerful server monitoring utility for the Macintosh platform. Sentinel will check your servers at specified intervals, and then run events if a server check fails like e-mailing or paging you, running AppleScripts, opening applications locally or over networks, resetting crashed computers, and much more. Server Sentinel is now available on our website at ( Server Sentinel works great alone, but also can integrate with third party hardware and software products as well to increase it's abilities. Sentinel currently supports: iLog from Sophisticated Circuits, Inc. ( PageNOW! from Mark/Space Softworks ( PowerKey Pro from Sophisticated Circuits, Inc. ( Simple Pager by James Sentman (
May 03
iLog Log Server
SOPHISTICATED CIRCUITS SHIPS iLOG LOG SERVER Fully Scriptable System Centralizes Log Information and Triggers AppleScripts Based on Content. Ships With New DiaLogger -- WOODINVILLE, Wash., May 3, 2000 -- Sophisticated Circuits, Inc. today announced iLog, a powerful Mac OS application that consolidates log data from multiple sources on a network and intelligently acts upon that data. Now, system administrators and power users can centralize and automate their monitoring of remote systems with this smart "log server," which intelligently filters log messages, sends notifications and even triggers AppleScripts, based on message priority and content. iLog receives standardized log information from local or remote applications and network devices and can respond in several ways, including forwarding it to another machine or a text file; automatically alerting the administrator via a notification, email or pager message; or triggering an AppleScript. iLog also provides access to log...
May 03
Aestiva Delivers Web-Based Database
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Aestiva Delivers Web-Based Database Torrance, CA. May 3, 2000. To most database vendors, a database is just one element of a Web site. But Aestiva, a proponent of Webputing, thinks databases should be more than just an afterthought. It is now delivering database management, access and control entirely through the Web. Aestiva's database technology allows HTML pages to automatically tie in to databases. "This is not possible with legacy databases," says David Silverberg, Aestivas Director of Technology. Adding, "Oracle, Microsoft SQL and Informix were not made for the Web." By building its database into its Web operating system, Aestiva has eliminated database integration and standards problems that hamper developers ability to build database-driven Web sites. The fully-functional database operates entirely over the internet through the Web browser. Customers have discovered that Aestiva databases are highly reliable. Setup of an Aestiva database is point-and-...
May 03
StructNamesPack v2.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automated Solutions Group Announces StructNamesPack v2.1 Obtain arrays of method names, list names and form names for a given table. Huntington Beach, CA - May 3, 2000: Automated Solutions Group today announced the release of StructNamesPack v2.1, a suite of routines for obtaining arrays of method names, list names, and form names for a given table. What's new in StructNamesPack 2.1 * 4D Server / 4D Client Support StructNamesPack now works with 4D Server without calling routine on server (all routines can now be executed from client) * Registration Routine Works with 4D Server Previously, when calling sn_Register, the plug-in would not be registered correctly and would not be functional. About StructNamesPack StructNamesPack includes a variety of functions, designed to enhance any 4th Dimension application, providing a suite of plug-in routines. Included in StructNamesPack are the following features: * Build an array of 4th Dimension lists * Build an array of...
May 03
AMP Radio 1.6
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 2nd, 2000 AMP Radio -- Listen to the World! Subband Software, Inc., Renton, Washington -- May 2nd -- Subband Software today announced AMP Radio 1.6, the latest version of their popular Internet Radio/MP3 Player. The most important new features include: -New Audio Format Support- CD Audio, MOD, MIDI, .m3u, and more! -AMP Radio now shows the ID3 tags for streaming files! Know what you're listening to on Shoutcast stations and .m3u's! -Random/Repeat Play-Mix it up! -Alias Resolving, to allow you to move your MP3 files anywhere on your HD. AMP Radio will find and play them! -Mono Enhancer, to make mono files and streams sound more like stereo! -Proxy support Full Feature List: - Input/DSP/Output plugin architecture with SDK for each component - HTTP Proxy Support for tracker & streaming - 99.9% IT 2.16 compatible playback along with XM/S3M/MTM/MOD and clickless(TM) mixer - CDDA/MIDI/Live In/AIFFc/WAVE/SID/QuickTime/RealAudio input modules (with streaming...
May 03
MacTech Magazine: Free Giveaway of ReplayTV!
MACTECH MAGAZINE FREE GIVEAWAY OF REPLAYTV! MAY 3 2000, WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA -- MacTech Magazine announced that each reader ordering a new subscription or renewing an existing subscription in May will be entered into a giveaway of a FREE 28 hour ReplayTV personal video recorder. Since 1984, MacTech Magazine has been bringing you the inside story on Macintosh Technology & Development. If you are a programmer, web developer, system administrator, multimedia developer, or just want to know what's under the hood -- you should be reading MacTech Magazine. Recent and upcoming MacTech articles have looked into wireless networks and Apple's AirPort, the inside story on Mac OS 9 and what's coming up with Mac OS X, how AltiVec (the velocity engine) works, home automation with Macintosh, backup management tricks, working with WebObjects, and more. It just keeps getting better. If you loved the last 12 issues, you'll be amazed by the next 12. To make it easier than ever to subscribe and renew...
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