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Nov 04
4D Column
Bordeaux, Nov 3rd, 2003 e-Node is pleased to announce the distribution of 4D Column, the data browsing solution for 4th Dimension. 4D Column is extremely easy to use: it takes a few minutes to implement a 4D Column area in most existing 4D applications. 4D Column is a 4D plug-in that allows displaying array and field columns, and mixed arrays and fields. Columns can dynamically be resized. Interface & fonts totally customizable, multi, single row selection. Custom interfaces for MacOS & Windows. e-Node is the major international publisher and distributor for 4D products. 4D Column is available at
Nov 04
Perforce is sole commercial SCM chosen for Xcode Integration
Perforce Applauds Apple's Tool Integration, Giving Xcode Developers Powerful Version Control Perforce is sole commercial SCM chosen for Xcode Integration Alameda, Calif., November 3, 2003 -- Perforce Software today announced the integration of its fast Software Configuration Management (SCM) system with Xcode, Apple's newest and most powerful set of development tools. Now Apple developers can be more productive by seamlessly accessing the Perforce source control system directly from their Xcode development environment. =93The push for Apple to implement this integration came from the Mac community,=94 said Christopher Seiwald, founder and chief technology officer of Perforce Software. "And, we're happy for the opportunity to show leading edge Macintosh developers the leading edge of SCM." Specific SCM features available in this integration include: check-in and check-out; file comparison via either the built-in Apple Filemerge tool or UNIX diff; file history; and updates to new and...
Nov 04
Multiple Picture Viewer v2.0
Multiple Picture Viewer v2.0 NICHENICH, Germany (November 4, 2003) -- Monkeybread Software Releases Multiple Picture Viewer v2.0, a simple picture viewer for image files which contain more then one picture. Includes export and copy to clipboard of the current picture. Multiple Picture Viewer v2.0 is made with REALbasic from REAL Software, Inc. New in Version 2.0 are the printing functions including a preferences dialog. Requires Mac OS X, Mac OS or Windows; source code is included. This application shows REALbasic developers how to use the QuickTime Graphics Importer class from the MBS Plugin to load and display pictures in different formates. The application is freeware, but contributions are accepted through PayPal. All freeware applications: ( The Multiple Picture Viewer website: (
Nov 04
PreFab's UI Browser 1.2
PreFab's UI Browser 1.2 North Andover, MA -- November 2, 2003 -- PreFab Software, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of UI Browser 1.2, an update to its utility to help scripters write user interface scripts using Apple's new "GUI Scripting" technology for AppleScript in Mac OS X version 10.3 and higher. UI Browser 1.2 adds full support for many new features of Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther," which was released on October 24 by Apple Computer, Inc. A free trial of UI Browser 1.2 is available now at Normally priced at $55.00, PreFab is offering an introductory price of $39.95 through December 31, 2003. Download the free 30-day trial version at . PreFab UI Browser is the ultimate assistant for GUI Scripting. It helps scripters explore, control and monitor the user interface of most Mac OS X applications, navigating the interface hierarchy then generating useful AppleScript statements with a single click. UI Browser 1.2 takes advantage of all of the...
Nov 04
F-Secure VPN+ provides safe networking for Mac OS X
F-Secure VPN+ provides safe networking for Mac OS X equinux is proud to announce the interoperability of F-Secure VPN+ and VPN Tracker; the VPN+ gateway software now supports Mac through its compatibility with VPN Tracker, it enables secure network opportunities for the Mac community. Boston / Munich - 11/03/2003: F-Secure VPN+ is a client, server and gateway software product running on Windows or Linux that secures the network connection, provides strong encryption and supports multiple protocols, security standards, connection types and authentication methods. The alliance of equinux VPN Tracker and F-Secure VPN+ provides a solution that enables Mac-users to securely connect to the corporate network using the flexibility of the Internet, without compromising their companies' interests. F-Secure presently support Windows with a VPN client, and today the announcement of the alliance with equinux also opens opportunities on the Mac market. "We are pleased announcing this...
Nov 04
Netopia Releases netOctopus Systems Manager 5.0
Netopia Releases netOctopus Systems Manager 5.0 Netopia's Enterprise Systems Management Solution Provides Enhanced Asset Management Tools, and Support for Apple's Panther OS Emeryville, CA October 30, 2003 - Netopia, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTPA), a market leader in broadband equipment, software and services, today released version 5.0 of its netOctopus=AE Systems Manager for Windows and Mac OS X including "Panther". IT managers have long used Netopia's award-winning netOctopus Enterprise Systems Manager to inventory, track and remotely manage all computers and software on a corporate network. netOctopus Enterprise Systems Manager is an indispensable tool for systems administrators managing both Windows and Macintosh computers. Netopia's new release includes many important feature upgrades and enhancements, including MSI compliant installers, improved software recognition and inventory, updated netOctopus Agent deployment tools, and an entirely new custom fields module designed to enable...
Nov 04
New Mergemill Upgrade Works Well with FileMaker Pro
New Mergemill Upgrade Works Well with FileMaker Pro Mergemill 2.6 Brings Many Improvements and a Smooth Work Flow with FileMaker Pro HONG KONG -- November 4, 2003 -- Cross Culture Limited today announced the immediate release of Mergemill 2.6, which is a tool for publishing database on the web or CD-ROM. The software merges templates with content source files to create the desired output. It enables users to quickly and easily generate web pages from a database, or reformat database data into readable form for publishing. The upgrade brings many improvements. The graphics processing output limit for trial users is removed, problems caused by hidden files are fixed, and a tutorial is added to the software package. The tutorial guides the user from planning the web pages, setting up and scripting a FileMaker Pro database, preparing format and source files, to finally working with Mergemill to generate the static html files. Mergemill now accepts source data files that have no column...
Nov 04
macstl 0.1.5 released -- Xcode compatibility
Subject: [ANN] macstl 0.1.5 released -- Xcode compatibility From: Glen Low ( Pixelglow Software has just updated macstl to 0.1.5, which now works with Mac OS X 10.3 Panther and Xcode 1.0. The new version also has fixes for older gcc 3.1 and 3.3 compilers. (436K) macstl is a C++ source library designed to bring the Macintosh into the world of modern generic programming. The cornerstone is a fast valarray optimized for Altivec: it runs 3.9x - 18.2x faster than gcc 3.3 libstdc++ and 5.2x - 16.2x faster than Metrowerks MSL C++. Developers unfamiliar with Altivec can write to a portable, intuitive and standard component, and just flicking a single compiler switch will make it run fast on a G4 or G5, or run correctly on other non-Altivec systems. The license is BSD-like, which means you can change, redistribute, resell, chop up or burn the source code to your heart's content without...
Nov 04
XRay 1.0.7 - award-winning "Get Info" utility
XRay 1.0.7 - award-winning "Get Info" utility now with hot key Belo Horizonte, Brazil - November 28, 2003 Rainer Brockerhoff announces the release of version 1.0.7 of XRay, the File/Folder information utility for Mac OS X. This version is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) and Mac OS 10.3 (Panther) and supersedes the previous 1.0.6 release. XRay offers users a much more detailed view of files, folders, applications and volumes than Mac OS X's "Get Info" window does. Permissions can be changed without resorting to obscure terminal commands. Type, creator and extension can be examined and changed, and their effect on file-application binding is shown immediately. Types, creators and extensions can be selected from pop-up menus built from the system's own databases. XRay 1.0.7 can now be invoked from the Finder and many other programs, by selecting an item (or a full pathname in text) and typing Command-Shift-X. XRay can also be run from the Finder's Contextual menu, the...
Nov 04
MacMedia releases PhoneAgent 1.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MacMedia releases PhoneAgent 1.1 Kosice, Slovak Republic -- 1 Nov, 2003 -- MacMedia announced the release of version 1.1 of PhoneAgent for Mac OS X - the complete solution for Sony Ericsson T610, T616, Z600 mobile phone. PhoneAgent is a tool for Phonebook, SMS, MMS, Themes and Wap management of Sony Ericsson T610, T616, Z600. Main features: Phonebook editing, uploading, deleting, backup, export (extended phonebook supported - 5 numbers, 2 texts, email and a person's picture for each entry). SMS reading from the phone, sending, replying, forwarding, deleting, archiving. Composing MMS messages and uploading them to to the phone, recording sound and grabbing picture from Apple iSight camera. Creating and editing own themes and uploading them to the phone. Downloading pictures, sounds and themes from the phone Sending pictures, sounds, games, themes and other files directly to the phone. Editing phone Wap bookmarks. Writing notes and uploading them to the phone....
Oct 31
Runtime Revolution Press Introduces New Book Series
Runtime Revolution Press Introduces New Book Series and Web Community "Revolution: Software at the Speed of Thought" by Dan Shafer Edinburgh, Scotland October 31st, 2003 Runtime Revolution Press today announces the imminent publication of "Revolution: Software at the Speed of Thought, Volume 1" by software-development expert Dan Shafer. The ebook version will ship on Monday, 3rd of November. A free sample chapter is available for for download from ( from now until the publication of the printed edition. Authored with the needs of all developers - from novice to expert - in mind, the book is written in a humorous, approachable, and conversational style. This book is the first volume of a projected three-volume series, which will take developers from the basics to the most advanced aspects of Revolution. Revolution's user-centric approach to software development brings the power of an advanced, multi-platform development tool to programmers and authors at...
Oct 31
SSH Helper v1.1
Gideon Softworks, Inc. announces the immediate availability SSH Helper v1.1, SSH Helper is the only OpenSSH configuration utility for Mac OS X. SSH Helper allows you to easily : Control who's allowed to access your account, Generate new OpenSSH keys, View/Export your Public Keys, and Setup and Control the OpenSSH Server. SSH Helper also contains an Easy to use Wizard that allows you to get up and running with OpenSSH ( including Secure FTP ) in 4 mouse clicks. See website for release notes and download information. SSH Helper alleviates the need to use the command line to configure a working OpenSSH system. It's all point and click ! SSH Helper Home Page : ( Contact Gideon Softworks, Inc. ( for details.
Oct 30
Tenon Mac OS X 10.3 Server Bundle
Tenon Mac OS X 10.3 Server Bundle Panther Pandemonium: iTools & Post.Office discounted for Panther Santa Barbara, CA, October 31, 2003. Tenon Intersystems' popular Apache configuration software for Mac OS X 10.3, iTools 7.2, is being offered, along with their latest Post.Office 3.5.3, version 721, and their well-regarded technical support services at a special bundle price of $638 (a savings of $200). This limited-time bundle is recommended for Apple's new Panther client platform. iTools 7.2 includes the latest Apache 2 with enhanced scalability, domain-specific administration, as well as built-in web and mail log reports, features not yet available with Panther. Post.Office surpasses Apple's in-place Postfix/Cyrus in both operation and ease-of-use. Tenon recommends iTools and Post.Office on Panther client as a way to get all the server advantages of Apple's new OS, without the added cost of the server platform. This limited time Tenon bundle provides even further savings and...
Oct 30
One Percent Software Announces ProjectLocker
One Percent Software Announces ProjectLocker AUSTIN, Texas -- October 29, 2003 One Percent Software is proud to announce the immediate availability of our new service, ProjectLocker. ProjectLocker is designed to help software teams build better software faster. ProjectLocker managed project solutions save time by eliminating the administrative burden of maintaining project infrastructure. With ProjectLocker, developers can focus on building business value instead of slogging though system administration tasks. That's better for business, and the developers will like it too. Managers and customers will like the improved quality that comes from following best practices. The debut release of ProjectLocker consists of two core components needed on any software project: source control and bug tracking. ProjectLocker's managed source control system uses a secured version of the industry-standard CVS as its base. Our 24x7 Network Operations Center ensures availability, and all data is stored...
Oct 30
Apimac Clean Text 3.0 for both Mac OS X and Mac Classic
Apimac released Apimac Clean Text 3.0 for both Mac OS X and Mac Classic. Apimac is pleased to announce Apimac Clean Text 3.0, the final release of its handy application for removing, converting, encoding and replacing attributes from a text, setting it up for other uses. In public beta for a few weeks, Apimac Clean Text 3.0 is now available for download. Apimac Clean Text 3.0 is a significant revision of the application that involved a complete rewrite of the code. It sports a renovated interface where the most significant change is that buttons are now arranged in five sections accessible by tab panes (Fix, Convert, Encode, Change, and Replace). Under these tabs there are buttons for removing multiple empty lines between paragraphs, converting multiple spaces to a single space, replacing tabs with spaces and vice versa, capitalizing sentences and words, setting characters to uppercase or lowercase, removing duplicate lines, sorting lines, encoding characters from Windows to Mac or...
Oct 30
Blue World Releases Lasso Syntax Module For Adobe Golive Cs
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 30, 2003 BLUE WORLD RELEASES LASSO SYNTAX MODULE FOR ADOBE GOLIVE CS Syntax coloring and code completion within Adobe GoLive CS to simplify Lasso development Bellevue, WA--October 30, 2003--Blue World Communications, Inc.--pioneers of the Web Data Engine(tm)--today released the Lasso Syntax Module for Adobe(r) GoLive(r) CS. The Lasso Syntax Module makes it easier for developers to build and maintain sites based on Lasso Dynamic Markup Language (LDML). The Lasso Syntax Module is immediately available at no charge to users of Adobe GoLive CS, the latest version of Adobe's authoring tool for Web professionals which recently shipped. "Lasso developers have yearned for Lasso syntax coloring and code completion and now they can get it for free, right within Adobe GoLive CS," said Bill Doerrfeld, CEO of Blue World. "It's never been easier to begin coding projects based on Lasso." Adobe GoLive CS is a component of the Adobe Creative Suite, a complete design...
Oct 30
CyberGauge 4.2 now supports Mac OS X 10.3
New CyberGauge 4.2 Supports Panther Free Update Now Available for Customers and Xserve Owners Lafayette, CA - October 29, 2003 - Neon Software announced today CyberGauge 4.2, an update to the award-winning bandwidth monitoring software. CyberGauge works with any SNMP-based device, including routers, switches, and servers. CyberGauge monitors bandwidth usage and automatically creates utilization graphs as well as daily, weekly, and monthly quality of service (QoS) and billing reports. CyberGauge 4.2 now supports Mac OS X 10.3 ("Panther") and includes minor bug fixes. "Customers were asking for Panther support before Apple released the final software," said Craig Isaacs, Neon Software's president. "There's quite a bit of momentum, and Apple should be able to gain some new customers based on the strength of Mac OS 10.3." Availability CyberGauge Version 4.2 upgrades and free updates are available immediately from the Neon Software web site: Free Xserve...
Oct 28
FileMaker Web Companion 6.0v2 Updater
(tt)FileMaker Web Companion 6.0v2 Updater Released  on FileMaker has released an important updater for all Mac OS X users sharing FileMaker files over the Web using FileMaker Web Companion. FileMaker  Web Companion allows FileMaker users to publish databases to the Web instantly or with middleware and web authoring software for customized database Web publishing. FileMaker Web Companion 6.0v2 updater ((font color="#0000FF")(u) )) fixes the problem of  files unexpectedly closing when published via FileMaker Web Companion via Mac OS X
Oct 28
Ovolab renames InTouch to Phlink
For immediate release Ovolab renames InTouch to Phlink, shipping today. Torino, Italy (Europe) - Oct 28, 2003 - Ovolab(tm) today released Ovolab Phlink, the final version of its breakthrough telephony product for the Macintosh. Formerly known as Ovolab InTouch, the product was introduced at Apple Expo in Paris and has since been tested by many users worldwide. Combined with the Ovolab Telephone Adapter, a small USB device, Ovolab Phlink can answer telephone calls and identify the caller through Caller ID. Ovolab Phlink can answer calls, take messages, and send them by email to a predefined email address - encoded in a highly-compressed format such as AAC or 3GPP (the latter can turn a one-minute message into a small, 60KB attachment). Your voicemail will reach you, anywhere in the world, by email! Additionally, Ovolab Phlink can be set to execute scripts, launch applications or open documents by simply pressing numbers on the telephone keypad during the call. You can set up Ovolab...
Oct 28
ASCII/edit is the first WYSIWYG editor for tables, diagrams, or simple graphics made of ASCII characters for Mac OS X. It lets you arrange text on a page, as with a layout software; align and indent paragraphs, like in a word processor; and add lines and rectangles, as in a drawing application. The output, however, is simple ASCII text, which you can include in e-mails, newsgroups, or source code. If you need to do anything similar, ASCII/edit will greatly simplify these time-consuming and nerve-racking tasks. It comes with a reasoned, easy-to-use, and Mac-like user interface and an extensive collection of useful little goodies. ASCII/edit is Shareware (10,-- Euros or 12,-- US-$). It requires Mac OS X 10.1 or later, and is available in English. More information, sample files, a screenshot, and download at:
Oct 28
Iconfactory Releases Wild West Vol. 2 Icons
October 28th, 2003 Iconfactory Releases Wild West Vol. 2 Icons The Iconfactory is pleased to announce this Tuesday's icon collection - Wild West Vol. 2. This new set of freeware icons from Iconfactory artist, Kate England, picks up the trail left by her earlier set of Wild West icons and continues the journey to the land of tumbleweeds and desert towns. The set includes icons of a Panther and a Longhorn so platform junkies can decide who should rule their desktop range. We invite visitors to mosey over to the Iconfactory Showroom to rustle up these new icons as well as see a sneak peek at next week's release. Wild West Vol. 2 is available as standard Mac or Windows icons as well as a handy Pixadex iContainer complete with keywords for easy searching. Related Links: IF Showroom: Wild West Vol. 1 The Iconfactory:
Oct 27
SimplyProjects 1.1b1
SimplyProjects 1.1b1 I would like to take this opportunity to announce version 1.1b1 of SimplyProjects (developed using REALbasic 4.5.3). SimplyProjects is a project management system for small-scale and shareware software development. Users can use SimplyProjects to enter and track feature requests, to-do tasks and bug reports on a per-project basis. They can also export project information and accompanying records either as plain text (ASCII) or HTML files. Users can also use SimplyProjects to generate initial drafts of report documents such as Read-Me's and Version Histories which could be bundled with their finished software products. These documents can be generated in either plain text (ASCII) or HTML 3.x file format. Users can also use their favourite text or HTML editor to further refined these documents prior to bundling. Users can download a copy of SimplyProjects at the following URL: More information...
Oct 24
VPN Tracker brings IPsec features to Panther
VPN Tracker brings IPsec features to Panther Boston / Munich - October 24, 2003: The new release of Panther is welcomed and celebrated by a worldwide Mac community; with its superior user performance and excellent new features there is no doubt that Panther will take the Mac fans by storm. "It is great that Panther is finally released. We love it! And it is compatible to our VPN client", comments Sofie Lindbergh, Marketing Manager at equinux. Panther presents its users with improved features for secure networking; however the security features in Panther does not support the standard IPsec and is therefore not compatible to most VPN gateways. "VPN Tracker is compatible to over 150 gateways devices and will be the ultimate choice for Panther users to secure their networking", explains Sofie Lindbergh. By operating Panther and VPN Tracker secure networks can be established and all branch and home office users and mobile workers will be able to securely share files...
Oct 24
ADmitMac v1.1
October 27, 2003, Arlington, Texas Thursby announces major security enhancements with ADmitMac v1.1 Thursby Software Systems announced the immediate availability of ADmitMac v1.1. Thursby, well known for their leading Mac to PC connectivity solution DAVE, first released ADmitMac v1.0 earlier this year. ADmitMac allows for the integration of Macintosh systems into Microsoft Active Directory and Windows NT domains. ADmitMac v1.1 contains many improvements including Panther (Mac OS X 10.3) support, significant improvements in security, and support for Microsoft's Distributed File System (Dfs). Microsoft has stated that its earlier protocols were "vulnerable to widely published attacks for obtaining user passwords." ADmitMac v1.1 is the only Mac product that provides full support for NTLMv2 in addition to its use of Kerberos and encrypted LDAP authentication. These enhancements allow the new release of ADmitMac to be used with Windows Server 2003 running at full security levels. Other...
Oct 24
Quadbase Systems Releases EspressReport v3.5
For Immediate Release Quadbase Systems Releases EspressReport v3.5 EspressReport now supports full integration with WebObjects, and includes enhanced design tools, template security, and page-serving technology. Santa Clara, CA -- October 23, 2003 -- Quadbase Systems, a leading supplier of Java-based information delivery and presentation solutions, today announced the release of EspressReport=C6 3.5. The new version adds over 50 new features and enhancements to Quadbase=EDs powerful reporting tools. Full WebObjects integration enables rapid development and deployment EspressReport 3.5 now offers full integration with WebObjects. User=EDs building Web applications can easily include the powerful reporting features into their projects. The report API can use WOComponent classes to return dynamic pages. In addition, report data can be passed in using NSArray, allowing EspressReport to integrate with WebObjects=ED EO Model and Fetch specifications. Key features enhance template re-...
Oct 23
Comictastic 2.1: Comic Strip Viewer
Spiny Updates Comictastic to 2.1 Sparta, WI - October 23, 2003 -- Spiny, developers of applications for Apple Mac OS X, is proud to announce the update of their shareware comic-strip viewer Comictastic to version 2.1. The job of Comictastic is to make finding and viewing your favorite comic-strips a quick and convenient process. Supporting 18 strips out-of-the-box, all you have to do is choose your favorites, and Comictastic does the rest. Version 2.1 is a free upgrade for all registered 2.0 users. FEATURES: - Support for 18 comics built-in. - Auto-find makes adding your favorite comics easy -- simply type in the web page address. - Download comic archives automatically. - Select only your favorite comics to be displayed and downloaded with Subscriptions. - Simple, intuitive interface. - Disk caching, so you can view previously downloaded comics, even when you're offline. - Save comics in JPEG, TIFF and PNG with drag-and-drop. - Export comic definitions, or import definitions created...
Oct 22
Troi Dialog Plug-in 3.5 for FileMaker Pro 6
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Troi Automatisering releases Troi Dialog Plug-in 3.5 for FileMaker Pro Updated cross platform plug-in adds unrivalled flexibility in creating custom dynamic dialogs in FileMaker Pro. Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands, October 22nd, 2003--Troi Automatisering today announced the immediate availability of its Troi Dialog Plug-in 3.5 for FileMaker Pro 6. What is Troi Dialog Plug-in? Troi Dialog Plug-in is a very powerful tool for displaying all sorts of dialogs in FileMaker Pro. The text of the dialog and of the buttons can be created dynamically by using a calculation. All from within FileMaker you can: - show dialogs with variable text and up to 4 buttons - show an input dialog to let a user input data in up to 9 fields - choose these input fields to be any of the following: simple text, password field, popup list or check box - mix these input field types as you see fit - pre-enter text into all input fields - have the results of the dialog put into fields...
Oct 22
24U FMDev Pack
Wednesday, October 22, 2003 Today, 24U Software introduces an integrated 24U FMDev Pack. This pack is especially created for FileMaker developers, who wish to simplify development of complex database solutions based on FileMaker Pro, an industry-leading cross-platform database environment. "We have combined 24U SimpleHelp Plug-In and 24U SimpleDialog Plug-in to constitute the most powerful bundle of user interface plug-ins ever offered for FileMaker Pro." said Honza Koudelka, Quality Control Manager of 24U Software. "This bundle will shift any FileMaker solution to a higher level of simplicity for both users and developers." 24U FM Dev Pack contains developer licences for 24U SimpleHelp Plug-In 1.x and 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In 1.x. This allows developers to spend less time, energy and money developing FileMaker Pro databases, and to make their solutions easier and quicker to use for their clients. More info: The first plug-in in 24U FMDev Pack is...
Oct 22
SightFlex Flexible Stand For Apple iSight
SightFlex Flexible Stand For Apple iSight October 22, 2003 - For Immediate Release Today, MacMice announces its SightFlex, a flexible desk stand for Apple's iSight web cam. The SightFlex is a flexible metal tubing stand designed to provide virtually unlimited mounting and positioning options for owners of Apple's iSight Firewire web cam. The 20-inch tall, satin chrome plated flexible stalk can be easily adjusted to a variety of positions from very near the desk top to well above Apple's tallest Cinema Display. The soft silver color hemispherical base is heavily weighted to provide a stable platform for the iSight. And, the clear coated, shielded, silver braid Firewire cable is five feet long and terminated in a clear 6-pin Firewire plug. The iSight camera is placed on another clear 6-pin Firewire plug at the top of the flexible metal stalk. The SightFlex is fully described and available for paid pre-order from the MacMice Workspace Products Co. web site, will ship on November 7th, and...
Oct 22
Apple Unveils New Generation G4 iBooks Starting at Just $1,099
Apple Unveils New Generation G4 iBooks Starting at Just $1,099 Most Affordable G4 Notebooks Ever CUPERTINO, California-October 22, 2003-Apple today unveiled its new iBooks featuring PowerPC G4 processors, with the 12-inch display model starting at just $1,099 (US) and the 14-inch display model starting at just $1,299 (US). The new iBook line offers advanced connectivity with AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth, and all models include 256MB of Double Data Rate (DDR) memory and slot-load Combo drives for burning CDs and watching DVDs. The new iBooks also include Apple's latest operating system, Mac OS X version 10.3 "Panther," pre-installed with over 150 breakthrough new features, including FileVault to secure data for iBook users on the go. "2003 is the 'year of the notebook' and Apple has the industry's best notebook lineup, which has resulted in Apple's mix of notebooks growing to double the industry average," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product...
Oct 21
Big Nerd Ranch Announces Cocoa Training on Panther/XCode
Big Nerd Ranch Announces Cocoa Training on Panther/XCode in November 2003 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Emily Herman Big Nerd Ranch, Inc. (678) 595-6773 Atlanta, GA - October 21, 2003 - Big Nerd Ranch Announces Cocoa Training on Panther/XCode in November 2003. November 10-14, 2003, the Big Nerd Ranch will offer its revised Cocoa training class, modified to incorporate new features added to the Panther release of Apple's Mac OS X operating system and developer tools. Students will receive the edited draft of the second edition of Aaron Hillegass's book, "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X." The Xcode IDE and the new bindings mechanism will be covered in the revised course. "Xcode is the future for Mac programmers, and we're the only ones teaching it," said Aaron Hillegass. "We first taught this class in September to a sold-out crowd, and I think it was the best Cocoa course I've ever taught. November's students will get the same topic coverage, with the added...
Oct 21
Point In Space Announces Restructured Pricing And Features
NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - October 21, 2003 POINT IN SPACE ANNOUNCES RESTRUCTURED PRICING AND FEATURES KEENE, NH, October 21, 2003 - Point In Space ( today announced restructured hosting account pricing and features. Of particular interest are dramatic savings on MySQL hosting accounts, as well as larger disk and traffic quotas on their popular FileMaker hosting plans. "We are always interested in bringing our services to as wide an audience as possible," says John May, Point In Space's President. "Our new pricing and enhanced feature sets will help to forward this goal, while continuing to provide the support level we have come to be known for." Point In Space is now offering MySQL hosting accounts with Lasso 5 or 6 support for as little as $25/month, with additional savings for multiple month payments and resellers. For more information on Point In Space's hosting accounts, please visit the Hosting Plans section of their web site at (http://www....
Oct 21
Class One Software releases QuizMaker Pro 5.0
October 20, 2003 ** For immediate release ** Class One Software, Shareware for Education, announces the release of QuizMaker Pro version 5.0 for Macintosh OS X, Classic Macintosh, and Windows 95-XP. Version 5.0 is a complete rewrite of QuizMaker Pro which was first released in 1994. This version provides increased stability while adding visual elements designed for OS X and Windows XP. QuizMaker Pro is a full featured application which can create, archive, administer, grade, and analyze multiple choice, matching and short answer quizzes. New features in version 5.0 include: - Enhanced appearance for best look on Mac OS X and Windows XP - Toolbars added to creating quiz screens for easier navigation. - Score files can be saved to a server so all scores will be reported to a single file. - Preferences can be saved to a server so all copies will read the same preferences folder (requires Site License) - Opening quizzes and scores defaults to the previously selected folder. -...
Oct 21
Navicat 4.3.1, by PremiumSoft MySQL Studio
Product Name: Navicat 4.3.1, by PremiumSoft MySQL Studio, URL: (a href="" ) href="")(/a)   What's new in this version: Navicat 4.3.1, by PremiumSoft MySQL Studio is a powerful MySQL Frontend Tool for administrating and monitoring MySQL server on Mac OS X platform. The new version allows the importing/exporting of CSV, Text or XML files to/from MySQL database using Import/Export wizard.   An evaluation version of PremiumSoft MySQL Studio is available for download at (a href="" ) To use the product, you'll need Mac OS X 10.1 or later.   Brief product description: Navicat 4.3.1 is a graphical database management tool with intuitive user interface. Except normal database administration features, Navicat also provides import/export, backup, and data transfer...
Oct 21
URL Manager Pro 3.1
October 21, 2003, Alco Blom announces the immediate release of URL Manager Pro 3.1, the popular shareware ($25 or 25 Euro) bookmark manager for the Mac. It is available now in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. This latest version adds a new system-wide bookmark menu, lets you select a destination bookmark file when you add a bookmark and significantly improves the Mac OS X look and feel and of the application. URL Manager Pro's features include: System-Wide Access : You can access your bookmarks in any application through a system-wide menu (a.k.a., a Menu Extra). Integration : You can access your bookmarks from the browser's menu bar (including Safari and Mozilla) and from the Mac OS X Dock. Accessible Document Files : Your bookmarks are stored in URL Manager Pro bookmark files, which you can store and manipulate in an intuitive way. No need to hunt for your bookmarks in browser preferences folders. You can set the app to automatically save at certain intervals as well as...
Oct 20
QuickerTek Announces Antenna Products for G5 Computers
QuickerTek Announces Antenna Products for Apple(r) G5 Computers WICHITA, Kan. --10/20/03-- QuickerTek, Inc (tm) announces the immediate availability of two new external antenna upgrades for all models of Apple's G5 desktop computers. QuickerTek's antenna products add significant range and speed to Apple wireless networks - ideal for those network installations with needs that exceed the standard wireless capability. QuickerTek's solutions move the WiFi antenna from behind the computer and allow users to mount it in a more RF efficient location. QuickerTek has two offerings for the G5. A custom designed cable extender using the stock G5 "T"Antenna, the other is a custom 5dbi omni antenna. The cable extender more than doubles the usable range of the Apple supplied antenna, while the 5dbi antenna kit extends the range up to 500 yards in open space. Both products allow for polarization optimization. These upgrades work with all versions of OS X and require no special software upgrades or...
Oct 20
PdfCompress 4.2 takes a bite out of fonts
For immediate release London and Berlin - October 20th, 2003 metaobject announces the immediate availability of version 4.3 of the popular PDF compression tool for Mac OS X. Version 4.3 of PdfCompress now also tackles edit-data left in PDF files by applications such as Adobe Photoshop. Removing this data can make files up to 10 times smaller. PdfCompress has received rave reviews from users and a 4.7 star rating (of 5 possible) from pdfworker, better than any other PDF compression utility. PdfCompress still costs just US $27 per copy to license, and version 4.3 is a free upgrade for existing users of previous versions. PdfCompress is a fully native Cocoa application. For more information, downloads and purchasing, see our Products page at: ( or contact Berlin: +49 / 171 958 6433 London: +44 / 7792 757917 About metaobject With offices in near Berlin's Olympic Stadium and London's Royal Borough of...
Oct 20
Intelli Innovations Releases ProSQL 2.0 Database Management
INTELLI INNOVATIONS RELEASES PROSQL 2.0 DATABASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Major Upgrade Brings Panther Support, Faster Query Capabilities, SQL Favorites, AppleScript Capabilities To Easy-To-Use Database Software RALEIGH, NC - October 20th, 2003 - Intelli Innovations, Inc. today released ProSQL 2.0, a major upgrade to its object-oriented remote database management system for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. ProSQL connects to remote MySQL, PostgreSQL, FrontBase, OpenBase, REALbasic Database, and ProSQL data sources. New features and improvements in ProSQL 2.0: - SQL Favorites stores commonly used SQL statements, allowing for easy "quick execution" from the SQL menu, or custom execution using the Favorites menu in the SQL Console. - New AppleScript query automation capabilities, allowing ProSQL to act as a helper application to other applications for SQL data retrieval. ProSQL can pass or tab-export any query via AppleScript commands. - Support for Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther". - Single-...
Oct 17
VINC v1.7: Integrated Disk Navigation, Document Viewing/...
Press Release - VINC v1.7 Ships RecoSoft Corporation announces that it has started shipping VINC v1.7, a major upgrade to its integrated disk navigation, document viewing and conversion tool. VINC (View, Navigate & Convert) provides rapid viewing and high quality conversion of MSWord, PDF, AppleWorks, RTF, PNG, JPEG, Photoshop etc...files. VINC v1.7 now provides the capability of viewing PDF files and converting PDF* files into any of the other word processing file formats VINC supports. Users are now able to extract the PDF text data for editing in their favorite word processing software. Additionally VINC v1.7 contains the following enhancements - - Added Support for the following file formats o MSWord 2003 o Unicode UTF-8 o Unicode UTF-16 - MSWord File Format Enhancements o Word Art o Text box o Footnotes/Endnotes o Native graphics/drawings o Complete support for embedded WMF graphics...
Oct 17
DropDMG 2.2
DropDMG 2.2 is now available. DropDMG is the easiest way to create ".dmg", ".img", and ".smi" disk images on Mac OS X. It can encrypt images and encode them with BinHex, GZip, BZip2, or MacBinary. It can create images with rich-text license agreements. It also supports segmented images and images that auto-open when you mount them. There are many time-saving features such as temporary preferences when you hold down Option, remembering recent folders, and the ability to create more than one image at a time by dropping multiple folders onto DropDMG. All the options are available from AppleScript and from the "dropdmg" command-line tool. New in this Version: * Added "dropdmg" tool for creating images from the command-line. * You can now create an image from a file by dropping it on DropDMG; you no longer have to "wrap" the file in a folder. * You can now specify the passphrase for an encrypted image via AppleScript. * Can save a passphrase in the system Keychain, so that...
Oct 14
SplashData Launches SplashPhoto 4.0, PDA Image Viewer
SplashData Launches SplashPhoto 4.0, PDA Image Viewer, for Macintosh Users SplashPhoto enables users to create and manage electronic photo albums on their Palm OS handhelds; the first to enable Mac desktop synchronization SEATTLE (October 14, 2003) - - SplashData, Inc., the leading developer of "virtual wallet" applications for mobile devices, announces the launch of SplashPhoto 4.0 for users of Macintosh personal computers and Palm OS handhelds. SplashPhoto is the first image viewer to enable Palm OS handheld users to manage and synchronize their image libraries with a Macintosh. SplashPhoto, recently named "Best Image Viewer" by the editorial staff of Handheld Computing Magazine, and winner of the Handango Champion Award for "Best Lifestyle Application," offers a fast, easy-to-use image viewer for handhelds and smartphones. Version 4.0 includes a desktop catalog feature with two-way synchronization, offering the easiest means of managing photos on a Macintosh computer and handheld...
Oct 14
Web Dumper v1.8.1
Max Programming, LLC - Web Dumper v1.8.1 October 14, 2003 Maxprog is proud to present another update of its web tool product named 'Web Dumper' a full featured internet tool that allows users to download web sites for offline browsing. Available in English, French and Spanish. What's new in this release? - Referer support - "Referer:" header added to all HTTP commands. - Better BASE HREF support with auto-correction. - "%20", "'", "./" enhanced handling. Screenshots available at: Registration is $16.90 Overview If you are viewing a Web site with your browser and you decide that you would like to make a copy of it on your hard drive, you have to manually save each page as you view it along with embedded pictures, sounds and so on. This can be a very long and tedious process, and in many cases it's more trouble than it's worth. It doesn't have to be that way, however, as Web Dumper...
Oct 14
QuiXample is an Editor plug-in tool for FutureBasic
QuiXample is an Editor plug-in tool meant to search FB source code files. QuiXample is a blazzingly fast plain-text searching tool that can give you access to the bazillions of FB source code files that populate your folders and subfolders on your hard drive. The plug-in is Carbon only. It can search in ordinary text files (up to 8 Mb in size). It supports Drag & Drop and can be driven remotely by AppleScript scripts. QuiXample can memorize up to 20 favorite folders for quick access. )From the resulting list you can open any FB source code file in the )Editor, reveal it in the Finder, copy it to the Clipboard and even style )it with Code Styler. Please fasten your belt, \'cos the speed is totally insane! QuiXample is freeware. Further Information:
Oct 14
Aladdin Updates HASP Software Security Solution
Aladdin's HASP Software Security Solution Offers Enhanced Security For Developers CHICAGO, October 13, 2003 -- Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: (a href= "")(span )(/span)ALDN(/a)) today announced it added enhanced security features to the HASP software protection, anti-piracy and software licensing tool. All HASP (Hardware Against Software Piracy) customers now benefit from an upgraded Win32 Envelope, one of Aladdin's continued efforts to remain several steps ahead of security threats. Aladdin periodically improves the security level within its award-winning hardware and software tools. The updated Envelope features an automatic wrapping tool that improves anti-debugging features. Accompanying the enhancement is a new feature that optimizes network utilization by...
Oct 13
Biferno: Web Scripting Environment
Biferno: Web Scripting Environment Tabasoft ( announces the availability for free download of Biferno (, a new object-oriented, HTML embedded, scripting language for web development. The high-level built-in classes, with their methods and properties, make the code very clean and easy to mantain. Biferno is an open-source, cross-platform project for Linux, Windows, MacOSX and Classic and with the effort of other programmers can be recompiled on other operating systems. This makes very easy to move a site created with Biferno from one system to another. Biferno has a plug-in architecture that makes the language completely extensible, allowing other developer to easely add functionality through internal and external classes. For more information please visit where you can download the software, including guides, manuals and an on-line reference. Best regards Valerio Ferrucci Tabasoft Italy
Oct 13
PXM 2.10: Project Management Software
October 13th, 2003 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JTECH SOFTWORKS, INC. RELEASES LATEST VERSION OF POPULAR MAC OS X PROJECT MANAGEMENT APPLICATION PMX for Mac OS X continues to lead the way in price, performance and aesthetics. New features for 2.10 include PDF and HTML Export options as well as 2 reports: PERT and Resource Overbooking. Current release is English only. Any 2.0X license is valid for use with 2.10. The Mac OS X market is in sore need of a quality, simple to use project management application. To fill this need has been the driving motivation behind the folks at JTech Softworks, Inc. ( In recognition of this, JTech Softworks, Inc. is proud to announce the availability of PXM 2.10, its flagship project management application for Mac OS X. Some of the new or improved features you get with PMX 2.10: Ability to print Project and Resource views as well as Gantt. PDF Export of Gantt, Project and Resource views. HTML Export of full project, including a...
Oct 12
GCam: Free iSight Video Recording Software
GCam: Free Video Recording Software October 13, 2003 - For Immediate Release Today, MacMice announces a free software application for recording video from an Apple iSight or other Firewire video source. Developed in partnership with Ben Software, maker of the popular BTV video applications, GCam is a full-featured video recording application that lets iSight web cam owners easily record clips in Quicktime format. GCam is freeware, and is fully described and available for download from the MacMice Workspace Products Co. web site. ( )
Oct 10
X-Builder version 1.0.2, Authoring Tool for Mac OS X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Acrux Software announces X-Builder version 1.0.2, the company's flagship authoring tool for OS X Version 1.0.2 is a maintenance release with minor bug fixes and improvements, as listed on this web page: Registered users of version 1.0 can upgrade for free. A new registration code is not required. About X-Builder X-Builder is an authoring tool specially designed for creating multimedia projects and applications for Apple Macintosh computers running OS X. X-Builder combines a powerful, intuitive multimedia authoring environment with the ability to save projects as standalone applications. These are royalty-free, so you can give them to friends and colleagues, or sell them as shareware or as commercial applications. X-Builder distinguishes itself from other authoring systems with it's modern, simple and intuitive project development environment. Much less intimidating than most other comparable authoring...
Oct 09
MacWireless Announces 802.11G Products
"MACWIRELESS ANNOUNCES 802.11G PRODUCTS!" BERKELEY, CA, October 2003: announces new line of 802.11g products! 802.11G PRODUCTS: MacWireless now offers 802.11g Cardbus and PCI solutions. Speed up your notebook or desktop computer and still talk to 802.11b networks. Supports AppleTalk, TCP/IP and other network protocols. IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi Compliant. Works with Apple AirPort Base Stations, including Extreme as well as other 802.11b/g Access Points. Works with all PowerBook computers and machines with a PCI slot, running OS X 10.2.4 and higher, Windows 98 (SE) ME, 2000, & XP notebook systems. 54 Mbps max performance up to 150 feet. For more info visit: MACWIRELESS ANTENNAS: MacWireless now offers a new line of Antennas for the AirPort Extreme base stations and Classic (Snow or Graphite) base stations and 802.11b AirPort cards. 8 different styles to suit your needs. Choose either Omni or Directional and the...
Oct 09
Iconfactory Releases iPulse v 2.0 System Monitoring Utility
October 9th, 2003 Iconfactory Releases iPulse v 2.0 System Monitoring Utility The Iconfactory is pleased to announce the immediate availability of iPulse Version 2.0 for Mac OS X. iPulse is a compact and visually pleasing utility for monitoring the numerous statistics of OS X and your Macintosh. Created by veteran programmer, Craig Hockenberry, iPulse v1.0 was rated Four Mice by MacWorld in May of 2003. Version 2.0 builds on the critical and popular success of version 1.0 by introducing over 40 new features that add power, ease of use and aesthetic flexibility. Here are just some of the new features in iPulse v2.0: * Pop-up windows that show info for the gauge under your cursor * Load & save the application's appearance via iPulse Jackets * Mobility gauges monitor battery power and wireless signal strength * Disk activity gauges show when your disk is being accessed * Automatic and logarithmic scaling modes for disk and network activity * System hotkeys show or hide the iPulse...

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Dropbox 24.4.17 - Cloud backup and synch...
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WhatsApp 0.2.4238 - Desktop client for W...
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SteerMouse 5.1 - Powerful third-party mo...
SteerMouse is an advanced driver for USB and Bluetooth mice. It also supports Apple Mighty Mouse very well. SteerMouse can assign various functions to buttons that Apple's software does not allow,... Read more
OmniPlan Pro 3.7.1 - Professional-grade...
With OmniPlan Pro, you can create logical, manageable project plans with Gantt charts, schedules, summaries, milestones, and critical paths. Break down the tasks needed to make your project a success... Read more

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B&H Photo has the 15″ 2.7GHz Space Gray Touch Bar MacBook Pro in stock today and on sale for $2599…$200 off MSRP. Shipping is free, and B&H charges NY & NJ sales tax only: - 15″ 2.7GHz... Read more
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