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Jan 07
proFusion Software Announces QuickClick
For immediate release JANUARY 7, 2003 - proFusion Software (, a newly founded Mac OS X software development company, is proud to announce the public beta of QuickClick, a menu extra that allows you to launch applications, documents, aliases, and more from a system-wide menu. Featuring an intuitive preference pane, QuickClick is both highly customizable and easy to use. Allowing users to customize their menu by including submenus, dividers, headers, and relative folders, QuickClick also features more advanced features such as multilaunches that allow multiple items to be launched at once and plugin support. The public beta of QuickClick is free to use between January 7th and February 7th and can be downloaded from the QuickClick product page ( After February 7, the public beta of QuickClick will expire and a final, shareware version of QuickClick will be released from proFusion Software's web site. Pre-orders of...
Jan 07
SoftRAID 3 For Mac OS X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 6, 2003 Mendocino, CA SOFTRAID, LLC TO DEMO SOFTRAID 3 FOR MAC OS X AT MACWORLD SF SoftRAID, LLC, today announced SoftRAID 3 at San Francisco's MacWorld Expo in booth 2412. This new version is the highly anticipated Mac OS X release of the industry's leading RAID disk utility software. Since 1994, SoftRAID has dominated the RAID software market for the Mac. SoftRAID has been widely bundled with Apple's AppleshareIP Servers and with leading SCSI solutions, including the Adaptec and Initio SCSI cards. SoftRAID has been the RAID solution recommended by Pinnacle Systems for use with their acclaimed Cin=E9wave uncompressed video solution. SoftRAID's high quality, robustness, and superior performance has given confidence to Mac OS 9 Server Administrators worldwide. Continuing in that tradition, SoftRAID 3 has been totally rewritten for Mac OS X and is a 100% native application. This ensures high performance, both in the SoftRAID driver and its newly designed...
Jan 07
Anark Studio For Macintosh
ANARK ANNOUNCES DEVELOPMENT OF ANARK STUDIO FOR APPLE MACINTOSH Award-Winning Multimedia Authoring Software Coming to the Mac OS X See a Sneak Preview of Anark Studio at MacWorld Expo SAN FRANCISCO, January 7, 2003 - Anark=A8 Corporation today announced it is developing the next release of its award-winning interactive, multimedia authoring tool, Anark Studio for Macintosh. Anark will preview a Mac OS X version of Anark Studio during MacWorld Expo, January 7 - 10, in Meeting Room #214 in the East Mezzanine of San Francisco's Moscone Center. In an age where media consumers demand highly compelling visual experiences, Anark Studio for Macintosh will offer the power to create and deliver truly revolutionary interactive content with seamless integration and composition of 3D, video, images, audio and interactivity. "By developing a Mac OS X version of Anark Studio we have harnessed the Mac platform's superior power and graphics quality," said Justin Ebert, senior vice president...
Jan 07
SQL4X Manager J 2.2
SQL4X Manager J 2.2 released - Access JDBC compliant database servers from Mac OS X we are proud to announce the immediate availability of "SQL4X Manager J 2.2" for Mac OS X. SQL4X Manager J 2.2 is a comprehensive graphical interface for web developers and enterprise database users to access any JDBC enabled database server: browse database schema and table information view and edit data (including RTF and images stored in BLOB's) graphically create new tables, rename and drop existing tables create SQL queries (manually or guided by the SQL Query Assistant) create, organize and run SQL scripts import and export data New features in release 2.2 include: syntax coloring for SQL commands auto-completion for table and field names in SQL scripts all-in-one view of your schema, tables and data (including BLOB's) BLOB viewer to display images, RTF and multi-line text stored in your database SQL Query Assistant to easily create queries Create Table Assistant to graphically create new tables...
Jan 07
REALbasic 5 For Macintosh To Ship with Enhanced Jaguar Support
REALBASIC 5 FOR MACINTOSH TO SHIP IN FEBRUARY WITH ENHANCED JAGUAR SUPPORT REALbasic 5 makes creating software fun and easy, builds smaller applications, improves support for Jaguar, adds powerful new Internet capabilities, comprehensive Unicode support, and easy team development. Macworld Expo, January 7, 2003. - REAL Software announced today REALbasic 5 for Macintosh, the powerful, easy-to-use tool for creating your own software for both the Mac and Windows. This new version of the award-winning software includes enhanced support for Mac OS X version 10.2 "Jaguar" including drawers, brushed-metal windows, and toolbars. REALbasic 5 for Macintosh will ship in February. REAL Software will be previewing REALbasic 5 in their booth at Macworld Expo, #3261. "More enterprise customers are considering the Macintosh", said Geoff Perlman, President and CEO of REAL Software. "They need strong cross-platform tools and the ability for teams to easily collaborate on large projects. We're making...
Jan 07
AEC Software Launches Project Converter Site
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEWS: AEC Software Launches Project Converter Site -- Free Online Service to Provide Mac Users with Easy Data Exchange Between FastTrack Schedule and Microsoft Project -- STERLING, VA - January 7, 2003 -- AEC Software, developers of FastTrack Schedule, today launched a free online service that converts Microsoft Project files into FastTrack Schedule files. The new Project Converter website,, bridges the gap between the two popular project managers--enabling FastTrack Schedule users to acquire project data from Microsoft Project 2002, 2000, and 98 files. Through an easy four-step submission process, users can upload up to three Microsoft Project files simultaneously for conversion. Once uploaded, AEC Software's online servers convert the Microsoft Project files into FastTrack Schedule 8 files and return the converted files to users via email. Use of the Project Converter is free, and it does not require the installation or licensing of...
Jan 07
WiebeTech Introduces FireWire Encrypt Technology
NEWS RELEASE WiebeTech introduces FireWire Encrypt WICHITA, KS - January 7, 2003 - WiebeTech announces a new patent pending encrypting storage technology entitled "FireWire Encrypt." This technology allows a storage device to be a self-contained encryption/decryption system. "FireWire Encrypt represents a breakthrough in data security and storage technology," said James Wiebe, CEO of WiebeTech. "We will publicly demonstrate the technology for the first time from WiebeTech's booth #1651 at MacWorld San Francisco January 7 through January 10. "This patent pending technology provides important benefits to the user which improve portability of encrypted data while simultaneously increasing the security of the data. First and foremost, the encryption and decryption occurs 'on the fly' within the storage enclosure, not in the host computer. As a result, the encrypted volume is much easier to use compared to software host based encrypting/decrypting programs. The technology is also very...
Jan 06
Netopia Announces netOctopus ESM Enhancements
NETOPIA ANNOUNCES NETOCTOPUS=E2 ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT ENHANCEMENTS New Version to include Installer VISE Software Distribution Utility EMERYVILLE, Calif., January 6, 2003 - Netopia, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTPA), a market leader in broadband equipment, software and services, today announced an exciting addition to the netOctopus Enterprise Systems Manager planned for release in March 2003. In partnership with MindVision Software, Netopia will include a special version of Installer VISE, along with a snapshot utility, with all netOctopus licenses, enabling administrators to build, distribute and execute software packages on all Windows and Mac computers. Installer VISE is an application that automates a variety of tasks involved in the installation of software. This includes putting different pieces of software in the correct folders on a drive, decompressing data, and assembling data from smaller files. With this powerful new addition to the netOctopus suite, administrators will be able...
Jan 06
First Rendezvous implementation for FTP
Hamburg, January 6th 2003 Xnet announces the worldwide-first Rendezvous implementation for FTP complementary solution. In the day of opening MacWorldExpo in San Francisco, Xnet Communications GmbH officially presents complementary solution for file transfer with the implementation of the brand new Apple's Rendezvous technology. It is the very first time you can use your Mac and Windows PC as a common platform for your business without the need of engineer skills to configure each other. The revolutionary Rendezvous technology lets you create an instant network of computers and other smart peripheral devices just by getting them connected to each other. This scenario requires ZERO configuration. Before Apple's Rendezvous, network configuration was a nightmare. With Rendezvous your computer will discover others, making file sharing, printing and life completely simple. With Rendezvous support, Captain FTP can find any Rendezvous-capable FTP server on your local network. Today Xnet...
Jan 05
McSerialnumber Shareware Edition v2.0 for Mac OS X and Classic
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE McWare USA Ships McSerialnumber Shareware Edition v2.0 for Mac OS X and Classic McSerialnumber Shareware Edition v2.0 is an integrated Registration, Design and Administration Database including a high quality SoftDongle Workshop for small and medium developers and ISV's Oldsmar, Florida USA, January 3, 2003 - McWare USA today announced the release of McSerialnumber Shareware Edition v2.0 for Mac OS 9.x and Mac OS X 10.x. The McSerialnumber Shareware Edition v2.0 offers a perfect combination of an cost effective registration database solution and a development tool to create individually Soft-Dongle-Type-Libraries. This can be easily integrated into any new and existing development software project. Version 2.0 has a major user interface redesign to the successful McSerialnumber Shareware Edition v1.4 for the Macintosh. A completely new and improved Product- and Soft-Dongle-Master-Code management is added. While maintaining backward customer database...
Jan 05
/n software Releases IP*Works! for Mac OS X
FOR RELEASE: January 7th, 2003 /n software Releases IP*Works! for Mac OS X at the 2003 Macworld Expo The most comprehensive suite of Internet Programming Components now running natively on Mac OS X San Fransisco, CA, January 7th, 2003 - /n software inc. (( - a leading provider of Internet Development Components, releases IP*Works! V5 for Mac OS X, a special version of IP*Works! built for native Mac OS X development. This release provides developers with more then 30 components that bring unprecedented new functionality in the hands Mac OS X developers facilitating the integration of Internet functionality within native Mac OS X applications. Initially introduced in 1995 for the Microsoft Windows=E5=FA platform, IP*Works! is actively used by most Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies, as well as thousands of independent software developers worldwide. The product eliminates much of the complexity of developing connected applications, by...
Jan 05
TypeIt4Me for Mac OS X Debuts
Hello and Happy New Year. My name is Riccardo Ettore and I've been writing Mac software since 1985 when I released the freeware desktop clock, BigBen. Then came SoundMover, IBeep2, SndControl and Sounds4Fun. I am Italian, but was born in Egypt and currently live in London after spending 19 years in Belgium. Back in 1989, I released a piece of software called TypeIt4Me and I am quite confident that your readers, listeners or viewers would be well pleased to discover it, since many users tell me they just cannot live without it. So what exactly is TypeIt4Me? As Mister Spock would put it: "It's autotext, Jim, but not as we know it!" With TypeIt4Me, more text is typed with fewer keystrokes. YES, it's like autotext/autocorrect, BUT TypeIt4Me works in ALL applications, not just one. YES, macro utilities can type text 4 u, BUT TypeIt4Me lets you define meaningful abbreviations, so you can type them naturally, as part of your writing, without memorizing - or reaching for - obscure ctrl-cmd-...
Jan 03
NXRAID 1.1 Now Shipping and $20 Rebate Program
For Immediate Release NYRO Technix, Inc. Announces NXRAID 1.1 Now Shipping and $20 Rebate Program FAIRFIELD, CA =96 (January 3, 2003) - NYRO Technix is pleased to announce that NXRAID v1.1 for Mac OS X is now shipping. NXRAID, the first software-based RAID 5 solution announced for Mac OS X, offers partition- based RAID for IDE, FireWire, SCSI and Fiber Channel systems running server or consumer Mac OS 10.2.1 and higher. This latest release includes new features, such as four-drive advanced configuration for the Xserve, auto-degrade on the Xserve and select fiber channel systems, and GUI with authentication on all systems. NXRAID will be available exclusively in the DevDepot truck at MacWorld Expo January 7-10. Purchasers of NXRAID from DevDepot will receive a $20 rebate when they register the product. This is a limited-time offer, and available only through DevDepot. Registered owners of NXRAID 1.00 will automatically receive a free upgrade to v1.1. For more information, or to...
Jan 02
Heuris Announces Mpeg Power Professional For OS X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE HEURIS ANNOUNCES MPEG POWER PROFESSIONAL FOR OS X(tm) New Version of HEURIS' Flagship High Definition Software Encoding Product-MPEG Power Professional Now Available for Apple's OS X(r) Operating System. St. Louis, Missouri, January 2, 2003- HEURIS, makers of the most widely used professional MPEG encoder MPEG Power Professional(tm), announced today that they are shipping MPEG Power Professional for OS X, a Mac OS X version of their award winning MPEG encoding software. MPEG Power Professional for OS X will contain all the features and functionality of the other products in the MPEG Power Professional 2.5 line but is compatible exclusively with MAC OS X. New versions of all of the products in the MPEG Power Professional 2.5 line from the inexpensive MPEG-1encoding software to the top of the line DTV-HD encoding software will be available for the new Macintosh operating system. "Interest in an OS X version of our powerful and fully featured MPEG Power Professional...
Dec 31
Online Icon Collections For Developers
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE One of the biggest online icon collections for developers You can find one of the biggest online (and FREE) icon collections for developers at the following address: (b) (/b) You can find icons in the JPEG and ICO formats. It is for free for everyone to download.
Dec 31
Subject: GTK+OSX For Macintosh OS X - FINK THAT !! A little story I think your readers mite like :-) GTK+OSX For Macintosh OS X - FINK THAT !! Popular free open source GUI library now available for Mac OS X Aqua GTK+OSX has released a native Macintosh Aqua port of the Linux-based GTK+ open source graphical user interface library. GTK+ (GIMP Toolkit) is a popular widget library supporting graphical applications for Linux. GTK+OSX version 0.1 is an alpha release intended for developers. Check out the whole story here ... Thanks Scott
Dec 28
New eCommerce Products: eShox and mShox
We are announcing the release of two new eCommerce products we have developed, eShox for standard web store deployment and mShox for music-specific web store deployment. recently published the following announcement about the products: "eShox uses Apache and mySQL to offer a Mac OS X-based ecommerce solution with Web-based administration and reporting, real-time payment processing, a theme-based customzable interface, customer tracking/notification, and integration with most shipping companies for real-time quotes. Web administration allows the administrator to set preferences, update order status, modify customer information, track customer order totals, view product order statistics and print invoices and packing slips. It also offers support for multiple currencies, regional tax rates and product-specific tax rates. mShox provides similar functionality but is specifically designed for the music industry with support for sample song tracks in QuickTime, MP3, AC3,...
Dec 23
Archive 5
Company: YENCO.COM Release Date: Monday, December 23, 2002 Product: Archive Version: 5.0 Size: 774K Class: Shareware Cost: $20.00 Product Description / What's New: Monday, December 23, 2002 YENCO.COM is proud to announce the release of Archive 5.0! Archive 5.0 is a major upgrade which includes the following new features: - Carbonized for native Mac OS X support - UNIX powered disk catalog engine under Mac OS X - "Classic" disk catalog engine under Mac OS 8.6 - 9.2.2 - Catalog manager system to use appropriate engine - Support for Archive 4.8/4.9 "Classic" catalogs - Searches Mac OS X catalogs under Mac OS 8.6 -9.2.2 - Browse Mac OS X catalogs under Mac OS 8.6 - 9.2.2 - Search manager system to use appropriate engine(s) - Improved search code - All content disk browse mode for "Classic" catalogs - Multi-column disk browse mode for Mac OS X catalogs - Full genuine support of Aqua and Platinum appearance - Double-click launch of found...
Dec 21
Hess Memorial Macworld Events and Party Page
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- 12/20/02 WHERE TO GO FOR THE SHOW - MW SF Events Boston, MA. 12/20/02 -- Macworld Expo San Francisco is just over the holiday hills and The Hess Memorial Macworld Events and Party Page is where you can find ALL the related events. Even if you don't go to the show, check the list for related Internet events. There's no reason to be left out just because you're not in San Francisco! I made the list, so you should check it twice. Now in its seventh year (14th show), the Hess MacWorld Events list is *the only* source for every event and press function held during MacWorld Expo week in San Francisco, Jan. 6th through Jan. 10th. All companies, user groups, and web sites are requested to send their announcements before Sunday, Jan. 5th. Please email any scheduled events, press conferences, or product information to Companies are encouraged to post a product announcement or contest on the "Fun Stuff to See at the Show" page. Please send a 2-...
Dec 20
4D Business Kit Dreamweaver Plug-in Now Available
4D Business Kit Dreamweaver Plug-in Now Available -- Creating E-commerce Sites with Macromedia Dreamweaver is Fast and Easy with Free, Cross-platform, GUI Extension -- SAN JOSE, Calif., December 20, 2002 - 4D, Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and 4D WebSTAR Server Suite, today announced the immediate availability of the 4D Business Kit Dreamweaver plug-in (4DBK Dreamweaver) for rapid deployment of 4D Business Kit e-commerce Web sites from within Macromedia Dreamweaver MX(tm). 4DBK Dreamweaver is a GUI extension to Dreamweaver that allows HTML page designers to easily add specific 4D Business Kit tags directly into HTML documents. The new 4DBK Dreamweaver plugin is available today, free-of-charge at ( . "Web designers can now develop full-featured e-commerce sites in Macromedia Dreamweaver with the greatest of ease," said Brendan Coveney, president and CEO of 4D, Inc. "Now, adding dynamic 4D Business Kit e-commerce...
Dec 19
DAVE v4.0.2: Free Upgrade
Thursby Software Systems is offering DAVE 4.0 customers a free upgrade to DAVE v4.0.2. Effective December 19, 2002 this may be downloaded from our web site at . DAVE v4.0.2 adds the following improvements to DAVE: * Better support for Mac OS 9 applications that are HFS+ aware * Enhanced browsing for networks with large numbers (more than 3700) of servers * Improved copying for large ()10GB) data files * Better support for Mac OS X 10.2.2 * Better support for Windows shortcuts * Improved directory listing speed * Corrected display of non English file names in Classic systems
Dec 19
Virtual PC For Mac 6.0 With Faster Performance For Jaguar Users
CONNECTIX LAUNCHES VIRTUAL PC FOR MAC, Version 6.0 WITH FASTER PERFORMANCE FOR JAGUAR USERS Available Now, Virtual PC 6.0, Delivers Speed-Enhanced, Powerful New Features and Benefits for OS X Users SAN MATEO, CA -- December 19, 2002 -- Connectix, a leading provider of cross-platform compatibility software, today announced the immediate availability of Virtual PC=99 for Mac, version 6.0, a major new release of its widely-used and award-winning software solution that runs PC-based operating systems and applications on Macintosh computers. This newest generation of the company=92s flagship product delivers improved performance for Mac users running Mac OS X -- especially those using the latest version of Jaguar -- and is a "must have" product for anyone migrating to Mac OS X. "Virtual PC for Mac, Version 6.0 makes it easier than ever for users to run and access Windows=AE applications and files, which greatly expands the capabilities of their Mac," said Kurt Schmucker, Vice President of...
Dec 19
Blue World Ships Lasso Studio 6 For Adobe Golive 6
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 19, 2002 BLUE WORLD SHIPS LASSO STUDIO 6 FOR ADOBE GOLIVE 6 Significant enhancements provide complete solution for quickly building data-driven Web sites within an easy to use graphical environment. Bellevue, WA--December 19, 2002--Blue World Communications, Inc.--pioneers of the Web Data Engine(tm)--today announced the immediate availability of Lasso Studio 6 for Adobe GoLive 6 on Mac OS X and Windows 2000/XP. "Lasso Studio allows non-programmers to quickly build data-driven Web sites using an intuitive set of tools and wizards," said Bill Doerrfeld, CEO of Blue World. "The enhanced productivity offered by Lasso Studio allows Web designers to save time and money so they may focus less on technical challenges and more on creative and business advancements." About Lasso Studio 6 Lasso Studio 6 is the successor to Lasso Studio 1.x. Lasso Studio transforms leading Web site editors into robust environments for building Lasso-based data-driven Web sites....
Dec 18
Measles 2.0: Desktop companion and CPU Monitor
Measles 2.0 released by Stick Software Shareware desktop companion and CPU monitor is all new for OS X Redwood City, CA, December 18, 2002 - Stick Software announced the release of a new product for Mac OS X, Measles. Measles is a fun, bouncy desktop companion that can act as a CPU monitor if so desired. It provides the user with Aqua-style spheres on their desktop that bounce off of windows and each other, adding life and energy to the user's environment. They are highly configurable in their appearance and behavior, and if desired, can change colors to indicate the load on the user's processor, free memory or disk space. They even make sounds when they bounce! (File attached: measlesample2.jpg) Measles joins Stick Software products such as Eyeballs, BigFoot, Issa and Fracture in making OS X more fun and more aesthetic. It is shareware, with a price of $10, but is free to try, and like all Stick Software products, does not use registration codes or annoying timed delays to...
Dec 18
MP3 Dock 1.0 - New MP3 Player for Mac OS X Released
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MP3 Dock 1.0 - New MP3 Player for Mac OS X Released Play and Browse MP3s from Mac OS X Dock December 18, 2000 - Today Kanex Group Inc. ( has added the newest MP3 player to its previously released MP3 Strip and Air Whisper players. MP3 Dock resides in the Mac OS X Dock, enabling a high-quality playback and easy browsing through MP3 files. In spite of MP3 Dock's small size, no need to run any other program to listen to your favorite MP3s. It will take you less than a single minute to download, install the program and play your favorite song. With MP3 Dock you just click the program icon from the Dock and select your favorite song from a convenient menu. You can sort your music by Album, Artist or Folder name, see what's currently playing right in the Dock and play MP3 songs with any bitrate. Why people need another MP3 player, while there are many of them available for a Mac? Because, hardly, are you willing to spend time waiting while the...
Dec 18
Aladdin introduces enhanced Mac OS HASP 4 development tool
Aladdin Knowledge Systems Extends Cross Platform Leadership, Increasing Mac Software Developer Flexibility and Ease-of-Use for End-Users With HASP 4 software upgrade release Aladdin introduces enhanced Mac OS development tool, and greater end-user convenience CHICAGO, December 18, 2002 -- With the introduction of upgrades to HASP 4 (Hardware Against Software Piracy) now available from Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd. (Nasdaq: ALDN), Mac software publishers have even greater flexibility to enhance the security of their intellectual property without adding complexity or cost to the development process. With this latest version of HASP software, Aladdin introduces an extremely comprehensive set of Mac OS-specific enhancements that significantly improve developer flexibility and deliver ease-of-use and convenience to end-users: -- New Envelope Utility for Mac -- Remote Update System for upgrading HASP keys on Mac computers in the field -- Mac-platform API V8.0 -- Full...
Dec 18
Trolltech releases Qt Script for Applications (QSA)
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TROLLTECH RELEASES Qt SCRIPT FOR APPLICATIONS BETA Trolltech's new multiplatform scripting toolkit tightly integrates with the Qt libraries to provide a powerful combination of C++ and script-based interfaces for developers OSLO, Norway and SANTA CLARA, Calif. - December 18, 2002 -Trolltech, the leading provider of single-source, multiplatform C++ software development tools, today announced the beta release of Qt Script for Applications (QSA). QSA is Trolltech's new multiplatform scripting toolkit for Qt-based application developers. QSA lets developers and end-users extend and customize Qt applications through a powerful ECMA standard scripting environment. "QSA was designed to provide Qt developers with the ability to create extendable, customizable applications without having to re-release a new version of their application every time a small modification is needed," said Eirik Eng, Trolltech president. "By tightly integrating the scripting libraries, most Qt...
Dec 18
Extensis Ships New Suitcase Server and Suitcase 10.2 Client
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Extensis Ships New Suitcase Server and Suitcase 10.2 Client Powerful font management products deliver additional auto-activation support for Mac OS X and improved font management for workgroups. Portland, Ore. - December 18, 2002 - Extensis today announced the release of a powerful new Suitcase Server and an update to the Suitcase client that previews, organizes and activates fonts. The new enhancements to the world's best selling font management tools provide users with increased functionality such as additional auto-activation support in Mac OS X as well as a brand new version of Suitcase Server. The Suitcase client (version 10.2) is a free upgrade for registered Suitcase 10 users and both Suitcase 10.2 and Suitcase Server products are available now through the Extensis website at "The release of these two new 'updates' to the Suitcase product line are a clear demonstration of Extensis' commitment to provide our users with the...
Dec 17
Qilan 2.7b3 public beta released for Jaguar
PRESS RELEASE CommonGround Softworks Inc. Announces an OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) compatible public beta version of Qilan=81 . HOOKSETT, NEW HAMPSHIRE - December 17, 2002 - CommonGround Softworks Inc. today is pleased to announce the availability of an OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) compatible version of Qilan (2.7b3) as a public beta release. The Qilan 2.7b3 public beta is available for download as a free time limited trial. A nominal web based registration process will allow access to the file download area and generation of enablement keys. This upgrade also adds the capability to access Microsoft Access database schema and data. Please review the 2.7b3 ReadMe notes for this configuration. We expect that the final version 2.7 will be released as a paid upgrade for existing Qilan users for $99 USD. Qilan Overview: Qilan provides a powerful tool for web developers seeking to overcome the limitations of existing products, who seek to integrate, migrate or scale upward from existing web projects. Web...
Dec 17
beezwax datatools
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE beezwax datatools presents The Hive Group Meeting and Project Organizer at MacWorld 2003 Complete time and project management software available for organizations of all sizes SAN FRANCISCO, CA - January 7, 2003 - beezwax datatools, designer and customizer of FileMaker Pro database systems, makes available Version 1.0 of The Hive, a Group Meeting and Project Organizer. Visit the beezwax datatools booth at the MacWorld Conference & Expo for demonstrations of the Hive and other examples of their expertise. The Hive is a FileMaker Pro solution with an intuitive graphic interface, which enables offices of any size to quickly plan all scheduling and projects. Designed to easily accommodate any previously existing FileMaker Pro database file, the Hive enables all date-sensitive and project information to be displayed within one master calendar interface. The Hive will be continuously demoed during the MacWorld Expo, at the beezwax datatools booth in the Business...
Dec 16
Web Application Server Designed For Embedded Systems
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Web Application Server Designed For Embedded Systems GLENDALE, CA - Dec. 16, 2002 -- Art & Logic, Inc., a leading provider of embedded systems products and services, today released the Device Management Framework 2.1, a web application server for creating device monitoring and control applications. Version 2.1 includes the ability to deploy device management applications as standards-based Web Services with no additional programming. The Device Management Framework is a complete solution for creating HTTP-based device management applications for a variety of client types, including web-browsers, SOAP clients, and XML-RPC clients. More than just an embedded web server, the Device Management Framework includes many of the features common to traditional web application servers such as PHP or ASP.NET. The Device Management Framework's ASP-style scripting language was designed for building cross-platform applications in small memory spaces. Other advanced features...
Dec 16
MacRADIUS version 1.2
December 16, 2002 - MCF Software today announced the release of the MacRADIUS version 1.2. MacRADIUS version 1.2 fixes bugs in handling proxy RADIUS requests, adds support for the Ascend abinary type and introduces a new license key scheme. Upgrades start at $40. MCF Software...simply dependably engineered Developers of ListSTAR (, MacRADIUS (, Address List Sorter (, SimpleText Filter for EIMS ( and Auto Reply plug-in for EIMS (
Dec 16
e-CryptIt Engine 7.0 for REALbasic
e-CryptIt Engine 7.0 is out New in 7.0: * Added a BlowfishECB class (This replaces the old functions). * Added a BlowfishCBC class which adds a CBC chained Blowfish encryption to the plugin. * Added a TwofishECB class which adds a ECB unchained Twofish encryption to the plugin. * Added a TwofishCBC class which adds a CBC chained Twofish encryption to the plugin. * Added a IEncryptionAlgorithm Interface which BlowfishECB BlowfishCBC, TwofishECB and TwofishCBC implement. * Removed the old function based BlowFish ECB encryption and all the ByRef string referencing relating to it. * Added new example projects for the new algorithms. * The ZStream class is now implemented with native MacOS calls rather that MSL calls making it 35% smaller on Carbon and 50% smaller on PPC. * Fixed a bug with the ZStream that made it crash when used on OS 8.6. * Fixed a minor memory leak in the ZStream constructor. *...
Dec 16
FTP Suite for REALbasic 1.1 Released
FTP Suite for REALbasic 1.1 Released New functionality for REALbasic FTP solution. December 16, 2002. Brick, NJ - Pyramid Designs, a software development firm, announces an update to FTP Suite, a set of classes and code modules that allows FTP operations to be implemented in REALbasic applications. Release 1.1 of FTP Suite adds the following new features: Get Directory - Transfers all the content from a server directory and copies the entire directory structure to the local machine. Get Directory List - Returns a list of all the files and subdirectories in a given server directory, storing it in a global property, DirectoryFileList. End FTP Session - Stops the current FTP transfer sequence as soon as possible. FTPTransferDone - A global Boolean property that is set to true when an FTP session ends, either as planned or if interrupted by calling EndFTPSession. Configurable Transfer Type - allows the transfers to be in Binary or ASCII format. It also includes a bug fix to prevent...
Dec 16
Vacation Plug-In for EIMS version 1.0
December 16, 2002 - MCF Software today announced the release of the Vacation Plug-In for EIMS version 1.0. The Vacation Plug-In for Eudora Internet Mail Server is a simple auto-reply filter that will only send one reply per email address. This allows the administrator of an EIMS server to easily set up vacation, or any other type of auto reply, ensuring that any particular sender will get only one reply. It avoids the loops that can occur with the built-in functionality in EIMS and is much easier to administer than other solutions. The Vacation Plug-In is available from the MCF Software web site ( and is priced at $50. MCF Software...simply dependably engineered Developers of ListSTAR (, MacRADIUS (, Address List Sorter (, SimpleText Filter for EIMS ( and Vacation Filter for EIMS (
Dec 15
Classical Software Announces TFM 1.1 For Mac OS X, Source Code
For Immediate Release CLASSICAL SOFTWARE ANNOUNCES TFM 1.1 for MAC OS X Dec 15, 2002: Classical Software announces the release of TFM 1.1, a tool for searching and viewing documentation and source code. It is now available at: ( This version has many new features, including: Class hierarchy diagram One click definition lookup Method/class/page Inspector Global Find palette Greatly sped up HTML display Rebuild Index cmd Screen shots are here: ( WHAT IS IT? TFM is a tool for searching and viewing Mac OS X documentation and source code: Apple's documentation, system framework headers or /usr/include, the Examples source and your own code. Since it parses C and ObjC, HTML, RTF, and Apples Java documentation, TFM is able to generate class diagrams, lookup method definitions and provide other developer-oriented abilities not possible in a web browser, HelpViewer or...
Dec 15
RealNetworks Ships Gold Release of RealOne Player for Mac OS X
RealNetworks Ships Gold Release of RealOne Player for Mac OS X For Immediate Release RealNetworks Ships Gold Release of RealOne Player for Mac OS X RealOne SuperPass, RealOne RadioPass and TurboPlay Near-Instant Playback Now a Reality for Mac OS X Users SEATTLE, December 16, 2002 =F1 RealNetworks=C6, Inc., (Nasdaq: RNWK), the global leader in Internet media delivery, today shipped the gold release of RealOneTM Player for Mac OS X, indicating the final code-complete version of RealOne technology for Mac OS X introduced in beta in July. The gold version of RealOne Player for Mac OS X now features TurboPlayTM, giving broadband users near-instant playback of RealVideo=C6 and RealAudio=C6 by dramatically reducing the time it takes to load or =ECbuffer=EE a clip prior= to playback through the intelligent utilization of available bandwidth on a broadband connection. This latest version of the RealOne Player also gives Mac users direct radio tuner access to the industry's best radio...
Dec 12
IOXperts USB WebCam Driver 1.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 12, 2002 IOXperts GIVES MAC USERS ACCESS TO MORE THAN 30 USB VIDEO CAMERAS CAMBRIDGE, MA, November 12, 2002 - IOXperts, Inc. announces release 1.0 of its USB WebCam Driver for Mac OS X. Priced at $19.95, the IOXperts USB WebCam Driver gives Mac users full-speed access to dozens of USB video cameras, either available only for the PC or not supported by their vendors on Mac OS X. More video and video conferencing applications are becoming available on Mac OS X, but people shopping for inexpensive webcams find that most models don't support Mac OS X. IOXperts has been working for over a year to solve this problem for the Mac community. The software supports more than 30 USB webcams, including many of the most popular models from Logitech and Philips. Over the course of the beta period, the company has been steadily adding support for additional cameras. IOXperts VP of Engineering Dave Koziol talked a little about what the company has in store. "Upcoming...
Dec 11
Email Magician 2.0 Unveils Setup Wizard
EMAIL MAGICIAN 2.0 UNVEILS SETUP WIZARD December 12, 2002 -- Email Magician, the popular utility for Eudora Mac, has arrived at version 2.0. The new version includes a powerful Setup Wizard with 37 screens designed to teach you the program's features while you configure the software for your unique email habits. The new price is $36. The upgrade is free for registered users. The program checks for around 1,500 spam characteristics when it generates hundreds of spam filters and "possible spam" filters customized to your individual needs. But this veritable "Swiss Army Knife" for Eudora is more than a solution to your spam problems. By detecting with whom you regularly correspond, Email Magician automatically creates filters, mailboxes, and address book entries. And it doesn't stop there. Email Magician also automates many tasks related to optimizing your email activities, including one-click archiving of email messages, with options to export to FileMaker and strip html from messages....
Dec 11
Ancodia Software Releases Iconeer 1.3.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ancodia Software Releases Iconeer 1.3.1 Kosice, Slovak Republic -- December 11, 2002 -- Ancodia Software announced the release of version 1.3.1 of Iconeer - advanced icon builder and batch icon creator. Iconeer is a powerful, full featured Mac icon builder. Creates standard, new, and OS X icons of all sizes and color depths. Supports 1-bit and 8-bit icon masks. Different pictures can be optionaly assigned to each icon size and depth. Features real-time preview and output in 4 formats - custom icon file, folder with a custom icon, icon resource file, or copy to clipboard. With Iconeezer - batch icon builder - more custom icons can be created with a click. Iconeer is an ideal tool for desktop customization, icon artists and developers. Overview of Features: Builds standard, new, and OS X icons. Creates small, large, huge, and thumbnail icon sizes, 1-bit, 4-bit, 8-bit, and 32-bit color icons. Supports 1-bit and 8-bit (transparent) icon masks. Allows separate access...
Dec 11
PDF Enhancer 1.0
For Immediate Release Philadelphia, PA and Alpharetta, GA; December 11, 2002 - PDF Sages, LLC and Apago, Inc announce the release of their much anticipated PDF Enhancer product for both desktops and servers. PDF Enhancer improves the quality and functionality of your PDF files in several ways. It repairs any errors or damage in the document while reducing them in size sometimes as much as 90% of their original size! Users can also optionally apply such features as security and linearization to their documents. All of this is accomplished while preserving annotations, hyperlinks, and form fields. "By optimizing PDF files for their intended use, the file size can be significantly reduced - saving money and time. The smaller size PDF files can be stored, transmitted and downloaded more quickly, making them more efficient for archiving, distribution via the web or email and on-screen reading," says Apago president Dwight Kelly. PDF Enhancer is able to achieve such small files sizes by...
Dec 11
4D v6.8.3 Update Ready for Download
4D v6.8.3 Update Ready for Download - Fully Compatible with Jaguar SAN JOSE, Calif., December 11, 2002 -- 4D, Inc. today made available 4D v6.8.3, a free update to all registered users of 4D v6.8.x. Now fully compatible with Mac OS X v10.2 (Jaguar), 4D v6.8.3 is a maintenance release with improved stability, bug fixes to printing and interface issues, and includes a noteworthy speed increase. The 4D v6.8.3 update can be downloaded from ( 4D, Inc. is the publisher of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment, 4D WebSTAR Server Suite and 4D Business Kit. Further information can be found at (
Dec 11
Fire - Multi-Protocol IM client version 0.32.a
Subject: Product Release: Fire -  Multi-Protocol IM client version 0.32.a From: Alan Humpherys <> The open-source Fire development team proudly announces another FREE update to its multi-protocol instant messaging client for MacOS 10.1 and above. (Which supports AIM, MSN, Yahoo, IRC, ICQ, and Jabber) Version 0.32.a is a huge release with improvements across the board. The highlights include Oscar support (AIM file send, .mac support, typing notifications, away message reading, direct IM receive), upgraded ICQ library, MSN file send and receive, upgraded Yahoo library and smiley support, Jabber SSL support, updated Help files, and improved handling of server buddy lists in AIM Oscar, MSN, and Yahoo. (See the Readme for the full list of over a hundred enhancements) This release includes English, German, Italian, and Icelandic versions of the program. Happy Holidays and enjoy! The new version is available at:(font color="#1919FF")(u) http://prdownloads....
Dec 10
SyBrowser 4.1 Released. RDBMS for MacOS X, MacOS and Win32
SyBrowser. Macintosh, MacOS X,9,8 and Win32 applications that can browse Sybase, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MS SQL databases hosted on UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers. New SyBrowser v4.1 features - Native (ie ODBC-less) connections to Sybase 11 and greater on MacOS 8, 9, X and Win32. - MacSOS X and Win32 support improved. - Resize widget added between Table and Columns lists. SyBrowser Overview SyBrowser is a suite of 32-bit Macintosh, MacOS X and Win32 ODBC and native client applications that provide an overview of the tables in Sybase, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MS SQL databases hosted on UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers. It allows the execution of SQL queries against these RDBMS and the query results can be saved to disk. Complex queries can be saved to disk for reuse. $45 Shareware from MacSOS, Australia Cheers, Dr Gerard Hammond Bioinformatic Analyst Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney, Australia.
Dec 10
Pliable Display Technology SDK 2.1 and PDT 3d SDK Released by
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Pliable Display Technology SDK 2.1 and PDT 3d SDK Released by IDELIX -New SDKs offer efficient integration of PDT within partners' leading applications- VANCOUVER, British Columbia - December 10, 2002 - Two months after beta release, IDELIX(TM) Software Inc. has released both Version 2.1 of the Pliable Display Technology (PDT) Software Development Kit and the PDT 3d SDK. Evaluation copies of these SDKs are available to qualified applicants through the IDELIX Partner Program. Pliable Display Technology was developed as a solution to the problems encountered when working with high-density 2D information and 3D models within the spatial limitations of a display screen. With existing viewing tools it is difficult to understand how, when zoomed into a detailed region of interest, this information relates to the rest of the data set that would otherwise have been zoomed off the screen. PDT provides a more efficient method of working with data by enabling end users to...
Dec 10
Troi File Plug-in 2.6 for FileMaker Pro 6
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New plug-in lets you manipulate your files and folders and use file and folder information directly from your FileMaker Pro databases. Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands, December 10th, 2002--Troi Automatisering today announced the availability of its Troi File Plug-in 2.6, for FileMaker Pro 5 through 6. What is Troi File Plug-in? Troi File Plug-in is a very powerful tool for getting access to information outside the FileMaker Pro database. Any files or folders stored on the computer can be accessed through the functions of the plug-in. All from within FileMaker you can: - get data out of files that are on the disk of the computer - (batch) import pictures, sounds etc. and optionally store only a reference to them in FileMaker Pro - create files anywhere on the hard disk and put data from FileMaker fields into them - manipulate files and folders on the disk: this includes creation, deletion, copying, moving and modifying files and folders - query detailed...
Dec 10
Fetch 4.0.3 Available, Affiliate Program Announced
FETCH 4.0.3 AVAILABLE, AFFILIATE PROGRAM ANNOUNCED ETNA, N.H.--Fetch Softworks today announces the release of Fetch 4.0.3, a free upgrade to the award-winning File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client for the Macintosh. Fetch 4.0 was among the first FTP clients for Mac OS X, and quickly became one of the most frequently downloaded Mac applications. Version 4.0.3 offers improved compatibility with Apple's Mac OS X Jaguar release, version 10.2, along with dozens of improvements in such areas as AppleScript support, Kerberos security, and the use of SOCKS gateways. At the same time, Fetch 4.0.3 remains the only Mac FTP client that supports all versions of Mac OS starting with System 7.0. Fetch Softworks also announces the introduction of its new affiliate program. Printers, ISPs, web designers and others can offer links to the Fetch Softworks web store on their websites and earn a percentage of each sale. For more information on the Fetch Softworks affiliate program, see http://fetchsoftworks....
Dec 09
OpenOSX Ships OpenWeb 2.5 CD
OpenOSX Ships OpenWeb 2.5 CD CROWLEY LAKE, Calif.--(OPENOSX-COM)--Dec. 9th, 2002-- OpenOSX's today began shipping a new version of their popular OpenWeb for Mac OS X 10.2.2+ product. This version brings updated software, dozens of additional enhancements and applications including optional support for the new and slightly experimental Apache 2 Web Server series. The product includes separate Apache 1.27 and 2.0.43 based packages for the long list of software included. Both versions may be installed on the same system separately or simultaneously. The OpenWeb product was designed to empower webmasters with a wide range of ready to use tools as fast, conveniently and easily as possible. By double-clicking the installer, the OpenWeb CD will install and fully configure a suite of popular server software and web-applications including: a secure shopping cart, an advanced content management and publishing system, web-based graphical server administration (supports DNS, SSL, Apache, MySQL,...
Dec 09
MacZ Software releases HTML Converter 2.0
10.12.2002 - MacZ Software releases HTML Converter 2.0 HELSINKI, FINLAND -- The Finnish Mac software developer MacZ Software has released a new version of free HTML utility, HTML Converter. HTML Converter is a free utility for converting special characters to corresponding HTML character codes in HTML, PHP and ASP files. These character codes are required by web browsers for displaying special characters correctly. HTML converter will also handle correctly JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheet code. The new version has been rewritten from scratch. Its engine is now open source and about 10 times faster than previous version. Support for ISO Latin-1 encoding is added. The conversion engine itself runs on several platforms in command line interface. HTML Converter 2.0 is Cocoa application, and it runs native under Mac OS X. To download HTML Converter 2.0 for Mac OS X, HTML Converter CLI (command-line interface) for several other platforms or source code, go to HTML Converter product page...
Dec 09
MGE UPS SYSTEMS Provides Mac OS X Power Management
MGE UPS SYSTEMS Provides Mac OS X Power Management First to Offer Jaguar UPS Control with Free Downloads for Desktop, Server,= and Multiple Server Configurations COSTA MESA, Calif. - December 9, 2002 - MGE UPS SYSTEMS, a global leader in high-availability power solutions, has released the industry's first uninterruptible power supply (UPS) management software for Apple's popular Macintosh version 10.2 "Jaguar" operating system. The new software protects connected systems by verifying the UPS connections and, in the event of a prolonged power outage, initiating a graceful shutdown when the UPS battery level is low. Power protection with the ability to perform a proper shutdown sequence has become especially important now that the Mac OS is based on a Unix platform. Although Unix is very stable in many ways, it has always been particularly susceptible to system corruption resulting from any hard shutdown such as those that occur when power fails. Recognizing this, Mac OS X ships with a...

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