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Feb 18
24U Transcoding Table Utility for FileMaker
Today, 24U Software introduced a new 24U Transcoding Table Utility for creating and working with transcoding tables. What is 24U Transcoding Table Utility? 24U Transcoding Plug-In Utility is a new support file for 24U Transcoding Plug-In. It contains several utility functions for working with transcoding tables, witch you can use to translate text between text encodings. You can use it to create, combine, analyze, and test transcoding tables before implementing them in your solutions. More info and download: What is 24U Transcoding Plug-In? 24U Transcoding Plug-In is a powerful FileMaker Pro plug-in, that allows your databases to transcode and convert text and numbers in several ways. More info and download: About 24U Software Since 2000, 24U company has been committed to software development, modifications and distribution, creating custom software solutions for Mac OS, Mac OS X and Windows users....
Feb 13
Kaidan and EyeSee360 Announce PhotoWarp 2.0 and SLR Bracket
Kaidan and EyeSee360 Announce PhotoWarp 2.0 Public Preview and Support for Digital and Film SLR Cameras Major new panoramic software release and SLR camera support enables high-volume virtual tour production capabilities and high-resolution output Feasterville, PA - February 14, 2002: Kaidan Incorporated and EyeSee360 Inc. today announced major enhancements to their single-shot panoramic imaging solution, 360 One VR. The companies have announced PhotoWarp 2.0 Public Preview and the SLR Bracket which provide new capabilities and enhancements that streamline the production of panoramic virtual tours and permit the use of professional, high-resolution digital and film cameras. PhotoWarp 2.0 Public Preview 360 One VR is an optical system that captures a complete 360=B0 panoramic image in a single camera shot. It consists of a lightweight, rugged and precise optical camera attachment and the innovative EyeSee360 PhotoWarp software. Starting today, a Public Preview of the next generation...
Feb 12
IntelliMerge SQL 1.1
Intelli Innovations, Inc. is pleased to deliver IntelliMerge SQL 1.1, a new functionality update to its high-end, database-enabled business communication software. IntelliMerge SQL 1.1 adds: - Automatic Duplicate Skipping. For databases with multiple e-mail address matches in a single table (such as, for example, our transaction-based order database), IntelliMerge SQL can keep a local cache of which e-mail addresses have already received a specific message, and optionally skip over duplicates within a scope of a single campaign. - IntelliMergeStatus Code Conversion in the SQL Console: Database operations in IntelliMerge SQL work in both directions. Customer information is downloaded from the database, and an IntelliMergeStatus integer field is updated in exchange. This new addition to the SQL Console allows the software to automatically convert this number to its text equivalent. IntelliMerge's other included SQL Tools include an automatic POP3 bounce...
Feb 12
EZxslt: First Xslt Stylesheet Generator For Filemaker Pro 6
[ANN] EZxslt v1.03 Update EZxslt: FIRST XSLT STYLESHEET GENERATOR FOR FILEMAKER PRO 6 UPDATED Updated application from Chaparral Software makes it easy to create Microsoft Word documents using data from FileMaker Pro 6 databases using XML and XSLT. CALABASAS, California USA - February 12, 2003 - Chaparral Software & Consulting Services, Inc. today has released EZxslt(tm) 1.03, an update to its application that simplifies the generation of Microsoft Word documents using data stored in FileMaker Pro 6 databases EZxslt 1.03 is a free update for all customers, and includes the following enhancements: - Added support for multiple-line data fields without requiring separate calculation field. - Improved handling of MS Word documents containing embedded lists with merge fields. - Fixed some more issues with Word 2000 generated RTF files. - Added a progress window to indicate activity for larger files. - Minor documentation updates. - Stylesheets now open...
Feb 11
Exhibit, an HTML Photo Gallery Creation Tool
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Saint Louis, Missouri -- February 11, 2003 -- Melonsoft announced the first release of Exhibit, an HTML photo gallery creation application geared towards photographers and artists. Exhibit uses a simple, straightforward interface to quickly guide the user through all the necessary steps to photo gallery creation. Exhibit allows the user to specify HTML 'templates' to quickly build dynamic, fully customizable photo galleries. Images linked to within the template are also automatically copied to their appropriate locations when galleries are built. Other features include the ability to scale down images by percentage and specify a number of thumbnails to display on each index page. Ryan Staake President / Lead MacOS Engineer Melonsoft
Feb 11
New Post.Office with WebEdge Available with Improved Spam
New Post.Office with WebEdge Available Now Improved SPAM Filtering and Web-base Mail Client Santa Barbara, CA, February 11, 2003. Post.Office 3.5.3 version 717, the premier mail server and list server for Mac OS X, is now available for Mac OS X 10.2.3 with a new web-based mail client, WebEdge 3.6. This enhanced version of Post.Office adds SPAM filtering extensions and IMAP improvements to the myriad of Post.Office features that make it a leader on the Mac OS X platform. The new WebEdge supports both POP and IMAP, includes a spell checker, an address book, a calendar, and customizable HTML templates to let you hand-tailor the look and feel to suit your needs. Dennis Dawton, Academic Computing Manager at The Moore College of Art & Design, and a new Post.Office customer, says, "Having a student body that largely do not have their own computers, it was important to provide our students with "Hotmail-style" accounts. We looked at and dismissed the Cobalt RAQ, Microsoft and Sun...
Feb 11
SpamSieve 1.3
SpamSieve 1.3 is now available. Like your professional e-mail client, but jealous of's spam filter? SpamSieve brings powerful Bayesian spam filtering to other popular e-mail clients. It learns what your spam looks like, so it can block nearly all of it. It also learns what your good messages look like, so it won't confuse them with spam. Other spam filters get worse over time as spammers adapt to their rules; SpamSieve actually gets better over time as you train it with more messages. SpamSieve doesn't delete any messages--it only marks them in your e-mail client--so you'll never lose any mail. SpamSieve works with any number of mail accounts, of whatever types are supported by your e-mail software (e.g. POP, IMAP, Hotmail, AOL). Requirements: Mac OS X 10.1 or later Supports: Emailer, Eudora 5.2, Entourage, Mailsmith, PowerMail Price: $20 (shareware); free upgrade from 1.0-1.2.2 Download: ( More Info: (...
Feb 11
X11 v0.2
Due to the hugely positive response to the initial beta of X11 for Mac OS X (over 100 thousand downloads!), Apple is pleased to provide a second public beta for X11 at: This second beta is available as a free download for anyone using Mac OS X 10.2.x. It contains a wide range of bug fixes and feature enhancements (below) We have also updated the Technical Q&A: If you have additional questions, please join the user mailing list at Sincerely, The X11 Team at Apple New in X11 v0.2 * Support for Gnome, KDE hints * Application windows now cascade instead of piling on top of each if they do not have an explicit placement policy * Added /usr/include/X11 and /usr/lib/X11 symlinks * Menu in the Dock now shows a list of X11 windows. * Support for Copy & Paste working with other window managers. * No-click-to-focus option : defaults write wm_ffm...
Feb 11
WWDC 2003: Registration Open, New for QuickTime & Enterprise
Apple has opened registration for WWDC 2003 with new content focusing on the QuickTime and Enterprise market. Register today and get the early bird discount at WWDC 2003 Join developers from around the world to explore first-hand the next generation of technology innovations from Apple at Worldwide Developers Conference 2003, May 19-23 in San Jose, California. Whether you're a longtime Mac programmer or recent platform Switcher, an IT manager or commercial developer, content creator, Open Source coder, web manager, systems administrator or in-house developer, WWDC 2003 offers an expanded agenda that will help you make the most out of Apple's innovative technologies and the robust and flexible Mac OS X platform. WWDC is your unique opportunity to meet fellow developers and benefit from the rapidly-growing Mac OS X community, to network and learn the things you can only learn talking face-to-face with your peers and Apple's technical architects and...
Feb 11
WWDC 2003: Registration Open, New for QuickTime & Enterprise
Apple has opened registration for WWDC 2003 with new content focusing on the QuickTime and Enterprise market. Register today and get the early bird discount at WWDC 2003 Join developers from around the world to explore first-hand the next generation of technology innovations from Apple at Worldwide Developers Conference 2003, May 19-23 in San Jose, California. Whether you're a longtime Mac programmer or recent platform Switcher, an IT manager or commercial developer, content creator, Open Source coder, web manager, systems administrator or in-house developer, WWDC 2003 offers an expanded agenda that will help you make the most out of Apple's innovative technologies and the robust and flexible Mac OS X platform. WWDC is your unique opportunity to meet fellow developers and benefit from the rapidly-growing Mac OS X community, to network and learn the things you can only learn talking face-to-face with your peers and Apple's technical architects and...
Feb 11
FAQtor 1.1
Temponautics has released FAQtor 1.1, an update to their freeware word processing tool for creating, editing and saving "FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions) documents. It exports to HTML, XML and its' own format. FAQtor makes it easy to maintain a database of frequently asked questions. FAQtor 1.1, which is made with REALbasic, adds support for Mac OS X, multiple levels of undo, better sorting of topics and questions, better HTML output, improved user interface and includes fixes for all known bugs. It can be downloaded here: Classic version: ( Mac OS X version: (
Feb 11
HELIOS LanTest Garbsen, Germany--- February 10, 2003--- HELIOS Software GmbH, a leading developer of network and prepress server solutions, announced the release of HELIOS LanTest for Mac OS X. Used widely throughout the networking industry as a standard testing, diagnostic and benchmarking tool, HELIOS LanTest helps users determine network server volume and local hard disk performance. HELIOS LanTest testing includes: * Create, open, and delete files * Write/Read throughput test * File locking performance * Printing and spooling performance testing * Single user and multi-user server testing HELIOS LanTest is used by many vendors and users for: * Network switch throughput testing * Local hard disk throughput and reliability testing * Macintosh hardware burn-in and reliability testing HELIOS LanTest 3.1 is completely Mac OS X native including support for Apple's Mac OS X Aqua interface. LanTest is also fully compatible with OS 9 clients. It can test any AFP-compatible file server or a...
Feb 10
Reliabit Releases MDDS 1.1
Reliabit Releases MDDS 1.1 which includes a new integrated relay subsystem for transmitting multicast data over non multicast enabled networks, distributed file user and permission preservation, user interface improvements, revised documentation and bug fixes. The Reliabit Multicast Data Distribution System is an IP Multicast based file transfer system. The system is designed to transmit files from one computer to a large number of target computers simultaneously and efficiently. The system offers security features for the encryption of data in transit, packet correction of multicast data, and distribution management. Pricing is targeted towards enterprise customers and is sold on a site license basis. New Features: * TCP/IP relay subsystem for relaying multicast data over networks that are not multicast enabled * Web interface for configuring the relay subsystem integrated into MDDS preferences * Users settings have an additional checkbox to enable local multicast * Users and...
Feb 10
Konfabulator 1.0
Konfabulator, Released! PALO ALTO, California-February 10, 2003-Arlo Rose and Perry Clarke are proud to announce the release of Konfabulator 1.0. Konfabulator is a JavaScript runtime engine for Mac OS X that lets you run little files called Widgets that can do pretty much whatever you want them to. Widgets can be alarm clocks, games, can tell you your AirPort signal strength, will fetch the latest stock quotes for your preferred symbols, and even give your current local weather. What sets Konfabulator apart from other scripting applications is that it takes full advantage of Apple's Quartz rendering. This allows Widgets to blend fluidly into your desktop without the constraints of traditional window borders. Toss in some sliding and fading, and these little guys are right at home in Mac OS X. The format for these Widgets is completely open and easy to learn so creating your own Widgets is an extremely easy task. For the "skinning" crowd, Konfabulator is a dream come true. You can...
Feb 10
ThreadTracker 0.3
THREADTRACKER 0.3 RELEASED FROM ORANGED.NET SOFTWARE February 10, 2003 -- Software, a graphics design/software company, releases a new product for OS 9/X, used to easily find replies to posts made on InfoPop forums, such as ThreadTracker is a freeware application developed for use with Infopop forums, such as MacCentral's forums ( All you have to do is enter your user name and ThreadTracker will list your most recent posts, and then count the replies to each post. It will tell you how many replies are new since the last time you visit that post through ThreadTracker. This program was made to help frequent forum users. No longer will you have to check every post you have made, looking for a reply. ThreadTracker is freeware, and will continue to be freeware in future versions. It is being developed for the benefit of the Macintosh forum using community. Future versions will see compatibility with more types of forums.
Feb 10
Fe77 Software Introduces Server Suite for OS X 10.2
Fe77 Software Introduces Server Suite for OS X 10.2 Powerful Unix Server Software, Mac Ease-Of-Use. San Francisco, California, February 4, 2003 - Fe77 ( today introduced a new line of powerful Open source server components built with Mac OS X Client users in mind. Fe77 Server Suite comes standard with Apache 2.0.43, Jakarta Tomcat 4.1.18, the mod_webapp connector and Server, our desktop client used to configure server settings from the comfort of the Finder. Fe77 Server Suite is an integrated server system with graphical installer and configuration utility designed to help Mac users leverage their existing software and hardware investments with a powerful set of web development tools and production quality server components, Including powerful WebDav support in both Apache2 and Tomcat. Additional modules can be ordered from our website,, and include a OS X optimized version of Apache SSL for secure commerce transactions, and an integrated shopping...
Feb 10
Apple Introduces Xserve RAID Storage System
Apple Introduces Xserve RAID Storage System With Breakthrough Performance and Pricing 2.5 Terabytes of High Availability Storage In a Single 3U Enclosure CUPERTINO, California-February 10, 2002-Apple=AE today introduced Xserve=81 RAID, the first 3U rack storage system with a massive 2.5TB storage capacity, blazing performance of up to 400 MB/s and the industry's most aggressive price point of just over $4 (US) per gigabyte. A unique architecture delivers the massive storage density and incredible performance of Xserve RAID. Fourteen independent ATA/100 drive channels provide up to 2.5TB of storage. Dual independent RAID controllers with up to 1GB controller cache memory provide fully-redundant storage. And a dual 2Gb Fibre Channel host interface delivers unprecedented performance. Each 180GB Apple Drive Module uses a dedicated drive channel, maximizing the 400 MB/s industry standard Fibre Channel host connection. Xserve RAID scales in capacity and performance by adding more drives, or...
Feb 10
Apple Upgrades Xserve
Apple Upgrades Xserve Dual 1.33 GHz PowerPC G4 Processors, FireWire 800 & up to 720GB of Storage CUPERTINO, California-February 10, 2003-Apple=AE today upgraded its Xserve= =81 1U rack servers to deliver incredible price performance through dual 1.33 GHz PowerPC G4 processors, up to 2GB of 333 MHz Double Data Rate (DDR) memory and up to 720GB of hot-plug storage, with configurations starting at just $2,799 (US). Building on the success of its predecessor, the new Xserve delivers even greater performance at a more affordable price and is designed to be the perfect complement to Apple's new Xserve RAID storage system. "Just six months after we shipped the first Xserve, we're now offering more power and more storage at an even lower price," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. "Xserve is already in use at over 100 Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of universities and schools across the country, and we're making it even better based on...
Feb 05
DTerm 3.2
VANCOUVER, Washington - 5 February, 2003 Austin-Soft today announced the release of DTerm 3.2, the developer utility to make other developers' lives easier by providing an external tool to display and capture their diagnostic information. The new version adds the ability to specify the default buffer size and better documentation among other new features. DTerm has been updated to better utilize memory so that more output can be saved, while permitting developers to specify how much output will be saved. In addition, the current preferences are used when creating a distributable monitoring app so that customers can provide the output in the format that developers specify. "With DTerm 3.2, we are putting more power into the hands of developers," said Glenn L. Austin, CEO of "DTerm 3.2 not only uses memory more efficiently than in the past, now developers can determine how much output each window will retain." DTerm 3.2 sells for $64, while upgrades from previous...
Feb 05
ScriptOrganizer for FileMaker Pro
NEW MILLENNIUM COMMUNICATIONS RELEASES SCRIPTORGANIZER BOULDER, CO - February 5, 2003 - New Millennium Communications, Inc., a FileMaker Solutions Alliance Partner, announces the immediate availability of ScriptOrganizer for FileMaker Pro, running on Windows 95-XP and Macintosh OS 8/9 and OS X. - Tired of dragging your scripts one by one? - Too much trouble to even get around to doing it? - Do you want to alphabetize subsets of your scripts? - Does your computer scroll too fast to move scripts easily? Download ScriptOrganizer from our web site now! What is ScriptOrganizer? ScriptOrganizer is a simple yet powerful tool which enables developers to efficiently organize scripts in ScriptMaker. - Many scripts can be selected at once and then moved as a block to a different point in the list of scripts. - Contiguous or discontiguous scripts can be selected. - A block of scripts can be selected and then sorted alphabetically. - The only limitation is that the files must be closed at the time...
Feb 04
Xupport 1.2.5
Tuesday, February 4, 2003: Xupport 1.2.5 update All-In-One Interface for Mac OS X. Changes in Xupport 1.2.5 * Empty and burn (shredder) Trash folders of any volume * Enable "System file journaling" on invisible volumes * Change SWAP file location to invisible volumes * Problem with volumes containing spaces in its names fixed Xupport 1.2 - demo version: Xupport provides a clean GUI (Graphical User Interface) to configure many Mac OS X options, that are not or hard to configure manually, and more. It includes several unix command to optimize and secure your Mac, and activates features that are disabled by default. Features: - Access hidden system and finder settings - Activate "File System Journaling" - Create bootable backups - Change SWAP file location - Optimize system performance - Change PORTS of Personal File Sharing, Web Sharing and ssh - Launch servers on specified port (inclusive firewall allow rules) - Firewall (...
Feb 04
Apple Unveils Spring iMacs; Lowers iMac and eMac Pricing
Apple Unveils Spring iMacs Faster, DDR Memory, 4x SuperDrive & Lower Prices CUPERTINO, California-February 4, 2003-Apple today announced its Spring line of iMac computers, featuring two new models. The new 17-inch widescreen model features a 1 GHz PowerPC G4 processor and 133 MHz system bus; 256MB of Double Data Rate (DDR) memory; a faster 4x SuperDrive=81 for playing and burning CDs and DVDs; and internal support for AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth, for just $1,799 (US). The new 15-inch flat panel model features an 800 MHz G4 processor and is now priced at just $1,299 (US)-$200 less than its predecessor. Apple also announced lower pricing on its line of eMac=81 consumer and education computers. "The 17-inch widescreen iMac is Apple's top selling consumer desktop, and we've just made it faster and more affordable," said Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice president of Hardware Product Marketing. "Apple's new iLife applications are bundled with the new iMacs, making them perfect for digital...
Feb 04
24U FM Template
Tuesday, February 4, 2003 Today, 24U Software is releasing brand new template project for building FileMaker Pro plug-ins. Creating your own custom plug-ins is now nothing more than just configuring few constants in a single header file and writing your functions' code. What is 24U FM Template? 24U FM Template is a Metrowerks CodeWarrior template project for building FileMaker Pro plug-ins. It will help you to create your own FileMaker Pro plug-ins quickly and easily! Thanks to intuitive lucidity and efficiency this template is appropriate for both beginners and experts. More info: Data sheet: Download: The cardinal features: - Single point of configuration - Ability to build single-file cross-platform plug-ins (Super FAT Binary) - Pre-configured version function - Detailed comments in all user-editable files - Easily readable compact...
Feb 03
REALVIZ Ships ReTimer SD For Mac OS X
REALVIZ SHIPS RETIMER SD FOR MAC OS X Sophia Antipolis, France (February 3, 2003) - REALVIZ, a leader in image processing software development, is pleased to announce the availability of REALVIZ ReTimer SD for Mac OS X (A Microsoft Windows version of the application was also recently announced, and began shipping in December 2002.) ReTimer SD is an 'entry' retiming solution, drawing on the powerful engine central to the award-winning high-end software application, REALVIZ ReTimer, and provides a one-stop solution for any type of time warping, whilst retaining the highest quality output. With an innovative technology that enables the calculation of each pixel move, ReTimer SD automatically generates new frames in between existing frames, enabling high quality slow downs or speed-ups, and all without the need for expensive slow motion cameras. ReTimer SD is based on the innovative, award-winning technology of REALVIZ ReTimer, enabling the exact calculation of each pixel move, giving the...
Feb 01
PreFab UI Browser 1.0
PreFab UI Browser enhances Apple's GUI Scripting North Andover, MA -- January 31, 2003 -- PreFab Software, Inc. is pleased to announce UI Browser, a utility to help scripters write user interface scripts using Apple's new "GUI Scripting" technology for AppleScript in Mac OS X version 10.2.3 and higher. PreFab has unrivaled experience in scripting the GUI, shipping PreFab Player since 1994. For this Mac OS X product, PreFab joined forces with well-known AppleScript and Cocoa guru Bill Cheeseman to bring you a utility that makes GUI Scripting easy. A free trial of UI Browser 1.0 is available now at Normally priced at $39.95, PreFab is offering an introductory price of $24.95 through April 19, 2003. Download the free 30-day trial version at ( GUI Scripting is a powerful and exciting new Apple technology enabling scripters to automate most non-Classic Mac applications by manipulating their menus, buttons, and other user interface elements....
Feb 01
SilverNetworks releases Spy v1.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SilverNetworks releases Spy v1.0 Houston, TX -- January 31st, 2003 -- SilverNetworks today released the final version of it's new remote screen capture tool, Spy. Spy allows you to run a small server on your Mac, that when accessed by any normal web browser, allows people to see your screen, as well as information about your Macintosh. But it doesn't stop there - they can look at a normal static image, or they can look at your screen, live, in real-time! You can also choose which image format you want to use - JPEG or PNG. Not only that, but the user can choose what picture quality they want by manually specifying their desired quality and scale in the picture.jpg or picture.png request! Other features include 2 built-in layouts and custom layout support, and a Live Connection manager that lets you see everyone that is viewing your desktop live as well as disconnect any of those users. Best of all, Spy is totally free. You can download Spy v1.0 now for Mac OS 7.6...
Jan 31
APC Announces End-to-End Protection for Xserve
For Immediate Release American Power Conversion Announces End-to-End Protection for Apple's Affordable and Powerful Xserve Rack-Optimized Server APC Offers Xserve Users Complete Availability Solutions Including New Power Management Software, Racks, and Uninterruptible Power Supplies WEST KINGSTON, R.I. -- American Power Conversion announced today that it has expanded support beyond Apple's desktop solutions to offer end-to-end availability for the company's UNIX-based Xserve rack-optimized servers. Xserve customers can now purchase high quality power protection and accessories designed to be fully compatible with Xserve including APC's Smart-UPS line of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and NetShelter VX rack systems. "Apple has attracted a lot of positive attention since the introduction of their powerful, easy-to-use and affordable UNIX-based Xserve servers," said Rob Johnson, vice president and general manager, APC's Availability Enhancements Group. "Our line of high quality...
Jan 30
MindVision Software Releases FileStorm 1.5
For Immediate Release -- January 30, 2003 MindVision Software Releases FileStorm 1.5 Lincoln, NE -- MindVision Software, the leading developer of software delivery tools for Macintosh, today announced the release of FileStorm 1.5 and FileStorm Pro 1.5 for Mac OS X. The newest version of FileStorm adds improved functionality, extensive customization capabilities, and increased compatibility. Not only does this new version provide an extensive set of capabilities not available in other disk image utilities, it is now also the only tool that can create a disk image or CD on Mac OS X 10.2 that is completely backwards-compatible on Mac OS X 10.1. FileStorm and FileStorm Pro are easy to use tools designed to quickly package and deliver Mac OS X software products - making it easier than ever to create disk images, CD's, and installers for electronic distribution. FileStorm delivers the capability to easily control the look and feel of disk images or CD's with customized backgrounds, icon...
Jan 29
Qilan 2.7
PRESS RELEASE CommonGround Softworks Inc. Announces Qilan(tm) version 2.7. HOOKSETT, NEW HAMPSHIRE - January 28, 2003 - CommonGround Softworks Inc today is pleased to announce the availability of an OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) compatible version of the Qilan database tool. This upgrade adds the two new database adapters; Microsoft Access and MySQL. MySQL is currently the most popular open source database used with content-driven web sites. Qilan 2.7 is available for download as a time limited trial. A web based process will allow access to the file download area and generation of trial enablement keys. The Qilan 2.7 upgrade is available to existing Qilan users for $99 USD. Full pricing information is available on our website. Educational discounts are available. Qilan Overview: Qilan provides a specific, focused and powerful tool for database and web developers seeking to overcome the limitations of existing products, who seek to integrate, migrate or scale upward from existing projects. Qilan...
Jan 29
Markzware Announces InDesign To QuarkXPress
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MARKZWARE ANNOUNCES THE RELEASE OF INDESIGN TO QUARKXPRESS SANTA ANA, California -- January 29, 2003 -- Today, Markzware announces the release of InDesign To QuarkXPress. This XTension will quickly and easily convert Adobe InDesign files into QuarkXPress documents with a single click. The conversion process includes all elements of the document such as object positions, colors, fonts, text attributes, images, etc. ID2Q supports text runaround on all sides of an object, and Pantone Hexachrome colors. ID2Q converts Adobe InDesign v1.5-2.0 files to QuarkXPress 4.1-5.x documents. It also converts between cross-platform files, converting Microsoft Windows InDesign files to Apple Macintosh QuarkXPress. The MSRP of InDesign to QuarkXPress is $199.00. The demo link for ID2Q is About Markzware: Markzware is the leader in developing quality control solutions for the graphic arts, printing and publishing industries worldwide. Markzware is a...
Jan 28
Apple Introduces 20" Cinema Display at Breakthrough Price
Apple Introduces 20" Cinema Display at Breakthrough Price Significant Price Reductions on 23" Cinema HD Display & 17" Studio Display CUPERTINO, California-January 28, 2003-Continuing its industry leadership in flat panel display technology, Apple=AE today introduced the 20-inch Appl= e Cinema Display=AE, a professional-quality, wide-format active-matrix LCD wit= h 1680-by-1050 pixel resolution at a breakthrough price of $1,299 (US). A perfect complement to Apple's new Power Mac=AE G4 desktops and ideal for demanding color work, the all-digital 20-inch flat panel display provides more work area than Apple's previous 22-inch Cinema Display. Apple also dramatically reduced the price of its 23-inch Cinema HD Display, with 1920-by-1200 pixel resolution-enough to view High Definition Television (HDTV) content with room to spare-from $3,499 (US) to an amazing $1,999 (US). Widely regarded as the finest quality flat panel display in the industry, the 23-inch Cinema HD Display is now within...
Jan 28
Apple Unveils Fastest and Most Affordable Power Macs Ever
Apple Unveils Fastest and Most Affordable Power Macs Ever FireWire 800 & New Advanced Wireless Options CUPERTINO, California-January 28, 2003-Apple=AE today announced the fastest and most affordable Power Mac=AE G4 line ever featuring a choice of a single 1 GHz, dual 1.25 GHz or dual 1.42 GHz PowerPC G4 processors with prices ranging from $1,499 (US) to $2,699 (US). The new line also features FireWire=AE 800 and has internal support for 54Mbps AirPort=AE Extreme and Bluetooth wireless networking. Apple also unveiled its stunning new 20-inch Cinema Display=AE, priced at just $1,299 (US), and announced significant price reductions to its entire flat-panel display line. "With dual 1.25 GHz performance priced at only $1,999 plus our new 20-inch Cinema Display priced at just $1,299, Apple is delivering unprecedented value to our professional customers," said Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice president of Hardware Product Marketing. "With Firewire 800 and support for AirPort Extreme and...
Jan 28
Witango 5 brings rapid web-application development to Mac OS X
28 January 2003 - Witango 5 brings rapid web-application development to Mac OS X FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sydney, Australia -- With Enterprise Pty Ltd has announced the immediate release of Witango 5 for Mac OS X. Witango 5's visual programming interface allows developers to quickly build sophisticated web applications that connect web sites to databases. NASA, the US National Institute of Health, numerous universities worldwide and the Government of Ireland are among the many demanding organizations that use Witango. Witango 5 is the first version of the software to support Mac OS X. VISUAL PROGRAMMING Witango's outstanding visual programming interface allows web developers to rapidly generate, update and maintain code of a consistently high standard. "I'm not surprised by the incredible buzz surrounding visual programming, because it's the fastest way to produce consistent, easy-to-maintain code," said Sophie Wade, CEO of With Enterprise. "What surprises me is the perception that these...
Jan 28
Extensis Ships Portfolio 6.1 for Mac OS X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Extensis Ships Portfolio 6.1 for Mac OS X Free update adds native OS X support and new client features Portland, Ore. - January 28, 2003 - Extensis today announced immediate availability of Portfolio 6.1 for Mac OS X - its award-winning Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. In addition to adding Mac OS X compatibility, Portfolio 6.1 offers new features that make it the easiest and most effective way for professionals to share, organize, retrieve and distribute the digital files they create and use on a regular basis. Portfolio is the first pro-caliber level tool for organizing and managing all digital file types in Mac OS X and Extensis has now completely migrated its entire Portfolio product line to Mac OS X. Extensis announced Portfolio Server for Mac OS X in July of 2002. Combining the strength of the Mac OS X client and server capabilities, Extensis offers users a complete management solution for complex digital file organization needs. "Portfolio has...
Jan 27
YourSQL - The simple MacOSX program for MySQL
Press release For immediate release YourSQL - the application that lets any MacOSX user create MySQL databases Magister Ludi releases YourSQL version 1.0, a free, Open Source MacOSX application that lets everyone create a MySQL database from the Mac with a few mouse clicks. It even supports activation of some of the more advanced features of MySQL, such as indices, without requiring advanced technical knowledge from the users. YourSQL is the first Open Source Aqua-compliant application for MySQL developers to reach version 1.0. With YourSQL you can create and modify complete MySQL databases for typical database-driven web sites without resorting to complicated command-line tools. YourSQL's elegant database browser further provides instant access to all databases on your network, whether they are installed under MacOSX, Linux or Windows. A special feature allows the creation on one-column indices and primary keys. Indices are the secret behind the famed speed of MySQL, and by allowing...
Jan 27
JeepSafari: Safari bookmarks to go
JeepSafari: Safari bookmarks to go We all use and love Safari, it's already a great browser. Organising bookmarks is easier than ever before, but wouldn't is be nice if the bookmarks you add on your iMac at work, would show up on your PowerBook at home? Now it's possible with JeepSafari. Think of it as iSync for Safari. Organize your bookmarks on one of your Macs. Then run JeepSafari. When you start working on another Mac, just run JeepSafari again. All your bookmarks now show up on the other Mac as well. Every time you add/change bookmarks on any of your Macs, just run JeepSafari. Your bookmarks will stay in sync. JeepSafari requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later and a .Mac account. JeepSafari is freeware. To read more about JeepSafari, please visit the SweetCocoa website at To directly download JeepSafari, point your browser to For more information contact us at:
Jan 27
Arcaneware Releases Serial Storage 2.5
ARCANEWARE RELEASES SERIAL STORAGE 2.5 ENGLISHTOWN, NJ -- January 27, 2003 -- ArcaneWare today released an upgrade for its application for secure organization, Serial Storage. Serial Storage is an application to effortlessly organize your serial numbers, passwords, credit cards, (or any other information you'd like to store) into different folders. Serial Storage is very secure and easy to use. With Serial Storage's easy search feature you can find your passwords and serial numbers quickly. Serial Storage uses military-strength 448-bit encryption so that your data is safe. And to quickly add database entries, Serial Storage fills in default information for you. Save your name and organization in your preferences, and ever time you add a new entry, those defaults will be inserted in. Of all the other Mac applications that do this on the market, Serial Storage is the most secure, easiest to use, and best for its low price. Serial Storage's encryption is protected by your own...
Jan 24
Xupport 1.2.4
Friday, January 24, 2003: Xupport 1.2.4 update All-In-One Interface for Mac OS X. Changes in Xupport 1.2.4 * Enable "System file journaling" on any volume * Unlimited volumes in SWAP file location and BACKUP section * Independence of Xupport and apple utilities (except Terminal) * Bugfix: Problem with volumes containing spaces in its names fixed * Bugfix: "Show all files" function in backup window fixed * Bugfix: Delay when opening "System" drawer removed Xupport 1.2 - demo version: If you are interested in testing Xupport, I will send a full version on demand. Xupport provides a clean GUI (Graphical User Interface) to configure many Mac OS X options, that are not or hard to configure manually, and more. It includes several unix command to optimize and secure your Mac, and activates features that are disabled by default. Features: - Access hidden system and finder settings - Activate "File System Journaling" - Create bootable...
Jan 24
Pulp profiling tool for REALbasic Applications
Pulp profiling tool for REALbasic Applications The La Jolla Underground is proud to announce the immediate availability of Pulp Public Preview 1. Pulp is a profiling tool for use with the REALbasic development environment. It can add timing code to every method and event in your REALbasic project, which can then be saved as either a tab delimited file or as a Metrowerks Profiler document, which allows viewing of the results using the MW Profiler application. Complete stack information is preserved for every call, so you can view performance of functions that are called from a particular parent. You can also monitor the number of times a function was called, how long you spent in only that function (total and average), how long you spent in that function with it's sub-calls (total and average) and the minimum and maximum times spent in the call. Since timing code is inserted everywhere, you can easily search for bottlenecks in even the largest projects with almost no effort. Adding and...
Jan 24
WindowSplitter 4.1
WindowSplitter is a REALbasic plug-in control to create split views in forms. WindowSplitter 4.1 is out. New in 4.1: * Fixed a Win32 which could corrupt GDI ports on non Windows NT based sytems (that is Windows 95 and 98). * The control now Implements the IIterator Interface which gives those who want to subclass the control ability to access the internal control vector. * Added a NextIsBefore function to support the subclassing Iterator. Bj=F6rn Eir=EDksson Einhugur Software
Jan 24
DTerm now supports REALbasic
DTerm provides an efficient and easy-to-use debugging terminal for MacOS 9 and MacOS X programs, and other code. Here are a few of the features of DTerm: * One version for both Mac OS 9 CFM programs as well as Mac OS X CFM and Mach-O programs. * Displays results for each program in their own window. * Time and date stamps every diagnostic message. * Merge the contents of multiple windows into a single window to view program interactions. * DTerm library has no effect on running applications. * Monitoring application can be created to send to end-users. Yeah, that's great. So how does it work? When the DTerm display application is not running, your program will be unaffected by the DTerm library code. When you want to view the diagnostic or debugging information from your programs, simply launch DTerm, and the diagnostic information will be displayed in a separate window for each program. (
Jan 23
Fourth World Ships WebMerge 2.2
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fourth World Ships WebMerge 2.2 LOS ANGELES, California - 23 January, 2003 Fourth World today released 4W WebMerge 2.2, an update to its popular tool for Mac OS and Windows that generates static Web pages from database or spreadsheet data. The new version supports multi-column index page layouts, a new tag for including external files, enhanced support for JavaScript and CSS, and a number of other new features. WebMerge works with any database or spreadsheet that exports in tab-delimited, Merge, or other tabular format, including FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access, and AppleWorks. Using HTML template pages created by the user, WebMerge makes a new HTML page from the data in each record of the exported file. WebMerge can also create index pages with links to each of the detail pages. Generated pages can be hosted on any Web server without the need for a specialized database hosting solution. New features in WebMerge 2.2 include support for multi-column index pages, a...
Jan 21
Jiiva Ships SuperScrubber
Jiiva Ships SuperScrubber the new disk sanitization product for the Mac! Beaverton, OR (January 21, 2003) - SuperScrubber ships today! Jiiva announces the hot new disk sanitization product for the Mac that can save you from potential identity and intellectual property theft. Heard about that in the news lately? Most of us know it's smart to shred paper documents, but what should you do with a computer that's filled with electronic documents? Use SuperScrubber to erase the risk. SuperScrubber is a disk utility, bargain priced at $29.99, that serves to completely and permanently erase all data from a specified internal or external hard drive or partition, leaving no retrievable trace of the old data. Scrub your hard drive with SuperScrubber so you can give away or sell your old computer without any worries, knowing that it no longer contains personal or confidential data. "It's amazing how many people just give away or sell their used computers, thinking that deleting a file or dragging...
Jan 21
SoftIntegration Ch 3.5: C/C++ interpreter
SoftIntegration Ch 3.5 Now Available DAVIS, Calif., Jan 21, 2003 - SoftIntegration, Inc. today announced the availability of Ch 3.5, the newest version of C/C++ interpreter for cross platform scripting, 2D/3D plotting, shell programming and numerical computing. Ch 3.5 continues SoftIntegration's leadership in scripting, 2D/3D plotting and numerical computing. Major product enhancements include command line editing in Ch shell and more advanced scripting features for shell programming and numerical computing. "SoftIntegration Ch provides an unmatched level of power and flexibility in powerful C/C++ scripting," said Dr. Dawn Cheng, General Manager at SoftIntegration. "We are delivering the most robust and feature-packed scripting technology." * C/C++ interpreter Ch supports 1990 ISO C Standard (C90), major features in C99, classes in C++. Ch also supports many Industry standard and third party software packages including POSIX, X11/Motif, OpenGL, ODBC, XML, GTK+, Win32, CGI, socket/...
Jan 21
InterMapper 4.0 and InterMapper Remote 4.0
Dartware, LLC is pleased to announce that InterMapper(R) 4.0 and InterMapper Remote 4.0 are now available. These two programs work together: many of the new features of InterMapper listed below require InterMapper Remote. The new features include: * Cross Platform. InterMapper now runs on Windows NT, Window 2000, and Windows XP, as well as MacOS X and Macintosh Classic. Versions for Unix and Linux will be available shortly. * Drill down. You can use the new Map Status probe type to represent the state of another map (a "sub-map"). The icon shows the state of the most serious condition on the sub-map. If you use InterMapper Remote, a double-click will open that sub-map. * Aggregate Actions. You can use InterMapper Remote to configure multiple devices with a single action or dialog. Attach notifiers, set the probe type, SNMP community string, comment, timeout, etc. on multiple items at a time by selecting the devices, then control-clicking to choose the desired action. * Remote...
Jan 20
DTerm 3.1
VANCOUVER, Washington - 20 January, 2003 Austin-Soft today announced the release of DTerm 3.1, our developer utility to make other developers' lives easier by providing an external tool to display and capture their diagnostic information. The new version fixes several problems, improves the monitor application's interface, and adds several requested features to the product. DTerm has been rebuilt with the latest version of Austin-Soft's Carbonization libraries, which feature full support of CarbonEvents and sheets on Mac OS X. Additions have been made to the DTerm library routines to improve compatibility and help developers isolate individual areas of their code. Also, many settings which were application-wide can now apply to individual session windows. In addition, the user interface has been updated and several bugs have been fixed. "With DTerm 3.1, we are again pushing the envelope on what developers can diagnose in their programs," said Glenn L. Austin, CEO of "...
Jan 17
OpenOSX Starts Shipping OpenDB 2.2
OpenOSX Starts Shipping OpenDB 2.2 CROWLEY LAKE, Calif.--(OPENOSX-COM)--Jan. 17th, 2003-- OpenOSX today began shipping a new version of their popular OpenDB product. This version brings updated software, dozens of additional enhancements, new applications and was entirely rebuilt for Jaguar bringing enhanced performance and stability. The new product features a single-click installer that will configure a Mac running Mac OS X 10.2+ into a powerful relational database server. The OpenDB product was designed to empower users with a wide range of ready to use enterprise-level database tools as fast, conveniently and simply as possible. The OpenDB CD will install and fully configure a suite of popular server and client applications including: MySQL and PostgreSQL servers with ODBC connectivity, featuring web-based graphical server administration which supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SSL, Samba and more. MySQL and PostgreSQL are popular full-featured relational database management systems,...
Jan 17
macility PopChar X 2.0 Introduces Auto Font Detection &
PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE macility PopChar X 2.0 introduces automatic font detection and localization Hagenberg, January-17-2003, ergonis software today announced the immediate availability of PopChar X 2.0, the highly acclaimed tool for "typing" unusual characters easily without having to remember keyboard combinations. "Less than a year after the introduction of PopChar X as the Mac OS X version of PopChar Pro back, we are overwhelmed by the positive feedback we have received from our customers so far. Due to the technical differences between Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X, one of key features of PopChar Pro did not make it into PopChar X until now: the automatic detection of the current font. I am therefore happy to announce that we found a way to implement this unique feature also in the OS X version of PopChar, being able to further improve PopChar's user experience and thus making our customers' life easier" said Christoph Reichenberger, founder and CEO of ergonis software. "...
Jan 17
Automated Solutions Group Announces MenuPack v3.2
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automated Solutions Group Announces MenuPack v3.2 Create custom menus and popups with an external package for 4th Dimension Huntington Beach, CA - January 17, 2003: Automated Solutions Group today announced the release of MenuPack 3.2 a plug-in for 4th Dimension that provides the ability to create and manage custom menus and popups, including complete hierarchical menu support. Using MenuPack, you can create enhanced menus and popups which are not possible with standard 4th Dimension menus and popup controls as well as provide complete integration with AreaList Pro, allowing creating of enhanced data entry popup menus (including hierarchical popup menus). New Features in Version 3.2 MenuPack 3.2 offers a number of new features, including: o Full support for 4D 6.8 (MacOS X and Windows XP) o Integration with AreaList Pro for enhanced popup controls in ALP areas o Enhanced PowerMenu now supports PopupPack offscreen areas MenuPack Features Included in MenuPack are...
Jan 17
Too Much Space Announces Release Of Toolbar 1.0A1 For Realbasic
TOO MUCH SPACE ANNOUNCES RELEASE OF TOOLBAR 1.0a1 FOR REALBASIC January 09, 2003. MONTREAL, QC - Too Much Space is proud to announce the immediate availability of the first alpha release of Toolbar for REALbasic. Toolbar is a custom implementation of the MacOSX Toolbar like the one at the top of the finder window. Here are some features: - Built-in display for many types of items, - SnapBack Animation when reordering items, - Item reordering, - And much, much more ... Toolbar is currently working on MacOSX. Toolbar 1.0a1 is now available at ( About Too Much Space Too Much Space is a new company which produces quality REALbasic custom classes and plugins. For more information, visit Too Much Space on the web at (, or e-mail us at (

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