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Jan 11
REALbasic 3 supports Mac OS X, adds numerous enhancements
REAL SOFTWARE, INC. ANNOUNCES REALBASIC 3, NOW IN BETA REALbasic 3 supports Mac OS X, adds numerous enhancements January 9, 2001. San Francisco, CA - REAL Software, Inc. today announced REALbasic 3, the latest version of its award-winning software. REALbasic runs on Mac OS X as well as earlier versions of Macintosh System software. It allows programmers of all skill levels to develop their software with a single set of user interface elements and code to compile native applications for Macintosh, Mac OS X, and Windows without requiring any platform-specific adjustments. REALbasic is the powerful, easy-to-use tool for creating your own software for Macintosh, Mac OS X, and Windows. People who have never programmed before who just need to solve a problem, experienced programmers who need to enhance their productivity -- and everyone in between -- will benefit from using REALbasic. "Hundreds of developers are tuning up their applications to take advantage of Mac OS X's advanced new...
Jan 11
CodeWarrior Learning Edition
Metrowerks Announces New Version of CodeWarrior Learning Edition for Novice Programmers Multimedia Tutorial Makes It Easier Than Ever to Learn How to Program; Company Also Announces New Programming Courses on MACWORLD EXPO, SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.-January 9, 2000-Metrowerks today announced a new version of its CodeWarrior(r) Learning Edition development tool suite for students and novice programmers. In addition, the company announced three new programming courses on its web site. The new version of CodeWarrior Learning Edition includes a voice-guided multimedia tutorial that walks the user through the CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The tools also come with a new user's guide and online help files written with novice programmers in mind. "The multimedia tutorial that ships with Version 2.0 of CodeWarrior Learning Edition is a great way to become familiar with the CodeWarrior IDE," said Bob LeVitus, syndicated newspaper technology...
Jan 11
iView MediaPro 1.0
PRESS RELEASE 1/9/2000 iView MediaPro 1.0 Multimedia Powerhouse Released for OS 9 and OS X. Come see MediaPro at MacWorld Jan. 9-12th near DevDepot Booth 3240, North Hall. Free CD with large photo catalog at the show. iView MediaPro is a brand new media management software. MediaPro allows you to manage, organize, find, view, play, print, convert all the different type of media files on your computer. MediaPro also has an awesome slideshow that can play music and have up to 16 photos or movies onscreen simultaneously. Beginners can enjoy its ease of use instantly and professionals will find its power fulfills their needs. MediaPro is not just practical and useful but fun. iView MediaPro is now available for download. Get it today from: iView MediaPro is: - Essential software for digital camera users (Sony, Olympus, Nikon, etc.) - Essential software for PhotoShop users (the ultimate PhotoShop accessory) - Essential software for artists - Essential...
Jan 11
Aladdin Transporter
Aladdin Systems Ships Aladdin Transporter(TM) - Automates File, Internet And E-Mail Communications - Allows Users to 'Create Personalized Communications Solutions!'(TM) Powered by StuffIt(TM) Technology, Aladdin Transporter Saves Time, Reduces Errors, and Simplifies Communications With Custom Drop Boxes That Automate Virtually Any File Transfer Task SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- (Macworld EXPO Booth #1707) Aladdin Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: ALHI), today shipped Aladdin Transporter(TM) -- a new Macintosh utility that enables users to easily set up customized and automated file management, communications and Internet-related tasks. Using 26 customizable actions, or "steps," users can create customized drop boxes that perform a wide range of automated tasks, such as file compression, FTP, Web, and e-mail transfers, as well as the ability to display custom alert dialogs, text messages, sounds, pictures, and even...
Jan 11
VOODOO Server for Mac OS X
PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE UNI SOFTWARE PLUS GmbH Softwarepark Hagenberg A-4323 Hagenberg, AUSTRIA fax: +43 (7236) 3338-30 email: www: Subject: VOODOO Server - Version Control for CodeWarriors - Mac OS X Version Demonstrated at MacWorld Expo San Francisco San Francisco, CA (MacWorld EXPO 2001), January-9-2001, UNI SOFTWARE PLUS demonstrates their flagship version control tool VOODOO Server running natively on Mac OS X at this year's MacWorld Expo San Francisco. Unlike most other version control solutions, VOODOO Server features a modern client/server architecture. The robust and efficient new Mac OS X builds therefore the ideal platform for running VOODOO Server. The CodeWarrior plug-in offers a user-friendly version control solution that lets you keep track of all your files without having to deal with additional complexity and bureaucracy, all from inside the CodeWarrior IDE in an...
Jan 11
VOODOO Personal 2.0
PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE UNI SOFTWARE PLUS GmbH Softwarepark Hagenberg A-4323 Hagenberg, AUSTRIA fax: +43 (7236) 3338-30 email: www: Subject: VOODOO Personal 2.0 Released - The Version Organizer that Saves the Evolution of Your Work San Francisco, CA (MacWorld EXPO 2001), January-9-2001, UNI SOFTWARE PLUS is proud to announce the immediate availability of VOODOO Personal 2.0. VOODOO Personal 2.0 is the much improved successor of VOODOO 1.8 which won the MacWorld/MacTech Eddy award in 1997. "We are extremely happy about the new sibling in the VOODOO family of version control products. VOODOO Personal will finally solve the problems of many people working in a broad range of different areas, from web publishers to designers, from book writers to musicians." said Christoph Reichenberger, VOODOO product manager. "With VOODOO Personal you can store all versions of your documents and...
Jan 11
Metrowerks Releases New Tools for Palm OS Developers
Metrowerks Releases New Tools for Palm OS Developers Company Also Plans to Deliver Palm OS Tools Targeting Enterprise Application Development, New Palm OS Programming Course MACWORLD EXPO, SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.-January 9, 2000-Metrowerks, the leading supplier of commercial software development tools for the Palm OS(r) handheld computing platform, today announced a new set of tools that will make it easier for developers to create applications for the growing number of handheld devices on the market. The company also announced today plans to release a version of its CodeWarrior(r) tool suite targeting enterprise application development on the Palm OS platform, as well as a new Palm OS programming course on its web site. "Metrowerks' CodeWarrior development tools have played an important part in the proliferation of the Palm OS platform and the success of the Palm(tm) handheld computer," said Gabriel Acosta-Lopez, senior director, platform alliances and partner services...
Jan 09
Media 100 Launches CineStream: Interactive Streaming Authoring...
Media 100 Launches CineStream Delivers Software-Based Interactive Streaming Media Authoring Capability for Web Developers and Professional Content Creators Media 100 CineStream Integrates "EventStream" Technology with Powerful Content Creation Capability to Enable Interactive Streaming Media Authoring and Delivery MARLBORO, Mass.--Jan. 9, 2001--Media 100 Inc. (NASDAQ: MDEA), the leading provider of software, systems and services for streaming media on the Internet, today announced the launch of Media 100 CineStream, the industry's first software-based interactive streaming media authoring solution for web developers and professional content creators. With the release of CineStream, Media 100 is enabling a broader range of customers to create and deliver superior quality, highly-interactive streaming media programs for delivery over the Internet. CineStream, the next evolution of the award-winning content creation solution, EditDV, is built on Media 100's flagship Streaming Media...
Jan 09
Connectix Announces DoubleTalk: Accessing Windows Networks
Connectix Announces DoubleTalk Access Windows Networks from Your Mac SAN MATEO, Calif.- January 9, 2001 - Connectix Corporation, makers of the best-selling and award-winning Virtual PC family of products, today announced Connectix DoubleTalk, a software application for the Macintosh that allows users to access Windows networks from their Mac. This new product is designed for the Mac user who has little or no Windows knowledge, but needs to share resources, such as file servers or printers, on a Windows based network. DoubleTalk does the impossible, it gives Mac users access to Windows networks, said Mitchell Cipriano, Connectix vice president of marketing, Because it is so easy to use, DoubleTalk actually makes a Mac a better Windows client than a PC. DoubleTalk Features Access Windows-Based Network Resources - Access Windows fileservers, transfer files to and from shared Windows workstations over the network and print to shared PC-based PostScript printers. Quick Mac-like Setup -...
Jan 09
ShuttlePRO Multimedia Controller
"Contour Design Introduces ShuttlePRO(TM) Multimedia Controller" MacWorld, Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco, CA, January 9, 2001 Contour Design, Inc. introduces its innovative ShuttlePRO(TM) Multimedia Controller for video and audio editing. (MW Booth # 1549) Contour has targeted the ShuttlePro(TM) Multimedia Controller at professional video editors as well as first time users. While professional video editors often use expensive variations of Jog & Shuttle Controllers ($300 & Up) to support the process of creating movies with raw footage, there has been no affordable -- yet professional functional -- similar device for the small studio or home application. The ShuttlePRO MultiMedia Controller makes editing videos a breeze. The Contour ShuttlePRO is a USB device and its associated high-productivity software is for Macs only. The ShuttlePRO controller provides the professional level of quality and productivity enhancing features formerly found in only expensive editing...
Jan 09
Vicomsoft Internet Gateway suites, v6.8
Vicomsoft are delighted to announce the very latest Internet Gateway suites and SurfDoubler - Version 6.8. With our latest release Vicomsoft have now included support for Virtual Private Network (VPN) clients using PPTP (Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol). When using a Vicomsoft Internet Gateway or SurfDoubler version 6.8 to provide shared Internet access, any ONE computer on your Network at a time can use a PPTP Client to access a VPN. This takes place transparently, while your Gateway or SurfDoubler continues to offer you all its famous protection, control and monitoring. With version 6.8 you can now access a remote server (for example your office network server) from another location (your home) across the Internet on a SECURE Virtual Private Network using PPTP. This is a great security and access feature, and is even better because it in no way compromises the protection your Vicomsoft solution already gives you! And don't forget you can use our recently introduced Remote Control...
Jan 09
Fetch Author Launches Fetch Softworks, Version 4
FETCH AUTHOR LAUNCHES FETCH SOFTWORKS, ANNOUNCES VERSION 4.0 HANOVER, N.H. - Jim Matthews, author of the popular Macintosh FTP program "Fetch," announces the launch of a new company to further develop and market the award-winning file transfer utility. Fetch Softworks has licensed the Fetch source code and name from Dartmouth College and will offer a free public test release of Fetch 4.0 beginning Tuesday, January 9, 2001. "I am excited by this opportunity to enhance Fetch and to offer its many users a long awaited upgrade," said Matthews. "Fetch 4.0 implements users' suggestions in areas ranging from security to interface and incorporates the latest operating system technologies." Fetch, first developed in 1989 to address Dartmouth College's internal file transfer needs, was one of the first graphical FTP clients on any platform and remains the most popular file transfer utility for the Macintosh. Millions of copies of Fetch have been distributed and used to transfer countless web...
Jan 09
Sonnet Announces Dual G4 Upgrade
SONNET ANNOUNCES G4 DUAL PROCESSOR UPGRADE SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA January 9, 2001. Sonnet Technologies, the worldwide market share leader in processor upgrade cards for Apple Macintosh computers, announces the first product in a dual processor product line for Power Mac G4 AGP Graphics (Sawtooth) machines called the Encore/ST G4 Duet. This card is comprised of dual 500 MHz processors, each with its own 1MB/250MHz backside cache. Sonnet will ship the first cards in February for a suggested price of $999.95. With a design that is plug-compatible with Apples dual processor design, the Encore/ST G4 Duet will upgrade any AGP Graphics G4 machine to the equivalent of Apples dual 500 system. Power Mac G4 owners will be able to take full advantage of OS Xs symmetrical multiprocessing, as well as all applications updated by other manufacturers to support multiple processors. The Encore/ST G4 Duet integrates seamlessly with all applications. It supports all G4 operating systems from Mac OS 8...
Jan 09
Now Up-to-Date & Contact 4.0 for Mac OS X
Power On Software Unveils Now Up-to-Date & Contact 4.0 for Mac OS X Leading PIM to Support World's Most Advanced Operating System Columbus, Ohio - January 9, 2001 - Power On Software, Inc. today announced Now Up-to-Date & Contact 4.0 for Mac OS X at Macworld Expo. This new, feature-laden version has undergone major interface design improvements, while becoming even faster and easier to use. "When we acquired Now Up-to-Date & Contact from Qualcomm Incorporated, we set out a very specific development path that included updating the software and adding support for handheld computers," said Robert Leeds, Power On Software's Vice President of Business Development. "Having successfully executed that plan, we turned our attention towards creating a new version that supports Apple's next-generation operating system, Mac OS X, and offers an array of features that no other product in this category can touch." "Mac OS X, from its open-source Darwin kernel to breathtaking Aqua...
Jan 09
ContentBarrier 1.0
INTEGO ANNOUNCES CONTENTBARRIER 1.0 FOR THE MAC Blocks All Offensive Material from the Internet San Francisco, CA, January 9, 2001 -- Intego, a leading provider of Macintosh Internet security utilities, today announced ContentBarrier thorough and efficient Internet filtering software for Macintosh. ContentBarrier 1.0 helps parents protect their children by monitoring Internet usage to avoid contact with dangerous web sites, chat rooms, email, newsgroups, and downloads. ContentBarrier allows parents to select or customize specific categories of potential danger; log Internet usage; control access days and times; and receive email alerts when certain activity occurs. Priced at $39, ContentBarrier works with multiple users, so if there are several children in a household, different criteria can be set according to their age. ContentBarrier has a high-performance content filter engine for sophisticated filtering. Its pre-defined categories let you choose what you don't want your children...
Jan 09
PageSentry 3.0
Maxum Development Announces Major Upgrade To PageSentry January 9, 2001. Maxum Development, known for its award winning line of Internet server tools, announced today the release of PageSentry 3.0. PageSentry is the robust solution for monitoring crucial Internet services, testing servers using the same high level protocols used by real Internet clients and sending warnings to system administrators or taking corrective action automatically. The new version is a significant update that offers a number of important new features. While PageSentry has always been able to provide robust monitoring of Web servers, PageSentry itself is now Web-enabled. This new built-in capability allows users to view the status of their servers or even make common configuration changes from any Web browser on the Internet. The Web reporting capability can be customized using "Groups" so that individual users can access reports listing the status of only their own servers. Groups can also be used to trigger...
Jan 08
Gefen Test-Drives its ex-tend-it ADC-100
@MacWorld: Gefen Test-Drives its ex-tend-it ADC-100 Pioneering in its compatibility with Apple's proprietary ADC connector, the ADC-100 enables reliable, 300 foot extension of the Apple Cinema and Studio Display monitors using fiber optics technology. Gefen also provides USB extension up to 300 feet with the USB-100. Gefen: Booth 1246 MacWorld 2001 January 9-12, 2001 San Francisco. California About Gefen: Gefen Inc. is a leading developer of computer interconnectivity products and audio management solutions for professional and personal computer users worldwide. Gefen's ex-tend-it KVM (keyboard video mouse) extenders allow computer peripheral extension of up to 300 feet while switches provide access to multiple computers from a single workstation. Gefen provides complete audio management software, sound effects networking solutions, music system integration and large capacity laser disk changers. Automatic gain controls, digital/analog source switches and distribution amplifiers are...
Jan 08
Moneydance for Mac OS X
Appgen releases Moneydance personal finance software for Mac OS X First personal finance package written in Java to take advantage of Aqua interface San Francisco, January 8, 2001- MACWORLD-Appgen Business Software, Inc (Hauppauge, NY), a leader in cross-platform software, announced today that they will demonstrate for the first time, a Mac OS X version of Moneydance, Appgens popular personal finance manager, at Macworld Conference & Expo (San Francisco, January 9-12, 2001). Moneydance is the first personal finance manager written in Java that takes advantage of Apples new Aqua user interface on Mac OS X. Moneydance is now available for Mac OS, Linux, FreeBSD, OS/2, Solaris, Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000 operating systems, making it a truly universal product with potentially unlimited online banking capabilities, said Jim Kelly, President and CEO of Appgen Business Software, Inc. Mac OS X presents a great opportunity for Appgen to move all of our mission critical business products...
Jan 08
New TSStalk from Thursby - One product for all platforms
New TSStalk from Thursby - One product for all platforms January 8, 2001 - Arlington, Texas, Thursby Software announces a new version of its popular TSStalk software that accommodates all Microsoft Windows platforms. "Now, your PC can share files and PostScript printers with your Macintosh computer no matter which platform you need," said company president, William Thursby. "One CD, one key, one package and our customers can protect their investment over time and across product lines." TSStalk for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 enables PC users to access AppleShare and AppleShare IP servers on the Mac. Where needed, TSStalk also allows access to AppleTalk PostScript printers. This software is loaded on the PC and requires no additional software for the Macintosh. For a company with more Macs than PCs, TSStalk is a cost effective and easy-to-install solution to their file share problems. The new TSStalk CD works with every current Windows release and includes a handy User's Guide. Five easy...
Jan 08
Proxim Unveils New NetLINE Wireless Broadband Gateway
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Proxim Unveils New NetLINE Wireless Broadband Gateway An Easy-To-Use Internet Sharing Solution for Macs and PCs SkyLINE PCI Card for Schools and Businesses Now Available MacWorld, San Francisco, Calif., January 8, 2000 The Consumer Networks Business Unit (formerly Farallon) of Proxim, Inc. (Nasdaq: PROX), today unveiled its new Farallon NetLINE Wireless Broadband Gateway, a plug-and-play gateway that allows schools and businesses to create networks that simultaneously support Macs and PCs over wired and wireless connections and share a single Internet connection. Proxim also announced that its Farallon SkyLINE PCI Card is now shipping. Beyond enabling both a wired and wireless network, the NetLINE Wireless Broadband Gateway allows users on local area networks to share a single cable or DSL modem Internet connection without having to obtain extra IP addresses. The Gateway also features a built-in firewall and configurable protection features, so that networks...
Jan 08 E-Business Service to Protect Brands in Japan E-Business Service to Protect International Brands in Japan NEW SERVICE GIVES NON-JAPANESE COMPANIES STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE TO GAINING JAPAN DOMAIN NAMES AND FIRST JAPANESE WEB PRESENCE January 8, 2001. Beaverton, OR., a new brand of internet business and marketing services targeting penetration and expansion into the Japanese B2B and B2C marketplaces became available today. provides non-Japanese corporations with cost effective, time saving solutions to registering difficult to acquire Japanese domains, as well as launching e-commerce sites targeting Japanese customers. The line of services are a response to the deregulation in Japan of domain name management. Only Japanese companies and foreign subsidiaries may acquire Japanese domain names ending in "", the designation for Japanese corporate domains. Through the end of year 2000, Japanese corporations have been limited to having only a single domain per corporation. In 2001...
Jan 08
Active Server Pages support for Mac OS X
Halcyon Software & Tenon Announce Active Server Pages support for Mac OS X A suite of tools to dramatically simplify Apache configuration & maintenance now includes Active Server Pages support Santa Barbara, CA, January 8, 2001. Tenon Intersystems, today, announced a new version of the Tenon iTools Web Server Suite for Mac OS X Public Beta bundled with Halcyon's award-wining Instant ASP (iASP). Tenon's iTools Web Server Suite is an Apache-based web server package that takes advantage of the preemptive multitasking and memory protection of Apple's next-generation operating system. Tenon's iTools Web Server Suite for Mac OS X is a family of tools essential to serious, commercial content delivery and eCommerce. iASP is a Java implementation of the industry-standard Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) framework, giving business and individuals an extremely cost-effective way to create and run interactive web sites. Tenon's iTools web server package for Mac OS X is an evolution of...
Jan 08
WEBmail for Mac OS X
Tenon Announces Enhanced WEBmail for Mac OS X Santa Barbara, CA, January 8, 2001. Tenon Intersystems announced today that iTools 6.0, its web server package for Apple's new operating system, Mac OS X, will include a new version of WEBmail. iTools anytime, anywhere WEBmail enables users to access email from any device running a browser. iTools WEBmail is compatible with SMTP mail servers: thus the WEBmail client can POP or IMAP mail from any SMTP mail server and any mail client can POP or IMAP mail from the WEBmail mail server. The WEBmail client can be hand-tailored with unique logos and banner advertising on a virtual host-by-virtual host basis. Tenon's iTools WEBmail was developed by EMUmail, Inc. (, a widely respected vendor of web-based mail systems. The new WEBmail supports multiple attachments, address books, user definable folders, outbox for sent messages, real-time SPAM filtering using the "Real-Time Blackhole" list of known SPAMmers, customizable tag...
Jan 08
MacTech CD-ROM, Volumes 1-16
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MACTECH CD-ROM RELEASED AT MACWORLD EXPO January 8, 2001 -- Westlake Village, CA, USA -- MacTech Magazine announces a new release of their best selling MacTech CD-ROM! The MacTech CD-ROM includes the entire history of MacTech Magazine, over 2000 articles from almost 180 issues of MacTech, running from 1984 through May of 2000. MacTech is the journal of Macintosh technology and development ... making it a must-have reference tool. Debuting at Macworld Expo in San Francisco, CA., the new release of the MacTech CD-ROM provides the most complete reference collection available for Macintosh programmers and developers. The CD-ROM will be sold at MACWORLD Expo, Jan 9th-12th, in the MacTech Central Pavilion (booth #3240) and is available on the web from DevDepot ( The newly updated CD includes articles on Carbon, Mac OS X, QuickTime development, and so much more! This wealth of programming tutorials, introductions to new technologies, and how-to...
Jan 08
ADC Direct Debuts in MacTech Magazine
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ADC DIRECT DEBUTS IN JANUARY 2001 MACTECH MAGAZINE RELEASED AT MACWORLD EXPO January 8, 2001 -- Westlake Village, CA, USA -- MacTech Magazine today announced a new magazine section, Apple Developer Connection (ADC) Direct. This new series of articles is designed to help facilitate Mac OS X development. ADC Direct debuts in the January 2001 issue of MacTech Magazine, copies of which will be available in limited quantity at Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco. Each month, Apple's Technology Managers will present articles covering topics such as Cocoa and Carbon APIs, Apple's development tools, I/O Kit, Quartz, Aqua, and more. These articles will present an overview of key Mac OS X technologies with pointers to online resources from Apple that provide more in-depth information. In addition, ADC Direct will provide shortcuts and tips aimed at improving code and accelerating development time. "We are pleased to offer these up-to-the-minute articles to...
Jan 05
REALbasic Users Get Together at MacWorld SF 2001
The REALbasic users get together at MacWorld Expo San Francisco will be Wednesday night from 8pm to 10pm. Come talk with REAL Software staff and other REALbasic users. For location information and to get an invite, please stop by our booth in MacTech Central, #3240 at Moscone Center. Geoff Perlman President & CEO REAL Software, Inc. Phone: 512-263-1233 Fax: 512-263-1441
Jan 03
Startup Doubler 2.6
January 3nd, 2001: Startup Doubler 2.6 is now available for downloading from Startup Doubler makes for quicker startups: Its software acceleration compensates for sub-optimal disk performance to make extensions, control panel, the Finder and startup applications load faster. Save time each time you startup your Mac! Those seconds spent waiting really add up: Startup Doubler is the fastest and easiest way to cut down the wait. Expect older Macs to startup 20% to 50% faster! The latest G3 and G4 Macs get less dramatic improvements as they're already pretty fast, but if you have lots of Extensions, Control Panels and Startup Items you can usually save 10 to 20 seconds at each startup! Version 2.6, released today, adds support for Mac OS 9.1 and fixes a bug in the Installer that would sometimes prevent installation, in addition to a few other changes. Startup Doubler runs on Mac OS 9.1 and previous versions (going back to System 7.0), and supports multiple extension sets...
Jan 03
Birthdays and Such 1.4
For Immediate Release Never forget a birthday or anniversary again! With Birthdays and Such, the delightfully simple reminder program, when you turn on your Mac a small window comes up telling you about: - the important birthdays approaching in the next few days and how old each of your friends and relatives will be; - the anniversaries coming up and how many years the couple has been married; and - the other important dates in your life -- bills coming due, recurring dentist appointments to schedule, passports to renew, or meetings to attend... The new version of Birthdays and Such, the most frequently used daily reminder program on the Macintosh, extends the program's AutoQuit functionality to add an AutoHide feature that lets Birthdays and Such hide in the background on days when there are no reminders, only to pop up a window the next time there ARE reminders. Birthdays and Such is so tiny, you'll have no hesitation to launch it daily (or to leave it up if you leave your Mac...
Jan 02
NetCloak 3.1.1 Update Addresses Potential Security Hole
NetCloak 3.1.1 Update Addresses Potential Security Hole Crystal Lake, IL, January 2, 2001 -- Maxum Development Corporation today announced that a potential security hole has been discovered in the recently released NetCloak 3.1. The problem, while serious, was discovered by Maxum and has not resulted in any known real world break-ins. Still, the company is strongly urging all NetCloak 3.1 users to install the free update immediately. Specific details about the problem are not public and will not be released to protect sites that have not yet performed the upgrade. However, the error may allow unauthorized users access to protected content when NetCloak's new user registration feature is used. The problem is strictly limited to pages protected using this new feature in NetCloak 3.1, and so does not effect users of NetCloak 3.0 or earlier. The update, which is free for all users of NetCloak 3.1, is available by clicking "Download" on the NetCloak home page:
Jan 02
Freeware ID3 editor ID3X
We are proud to announce an updated version of our freeware ID3 editor ID3X for the Apple Macintosh! ID3X is an editor for easy manipulation of ID3 tags in mp3 music files. ID3 tags are used to store title, artist and other information in mp3 files which can then be displayed in your favorite mp3 player application. More information at: Direct download link: New in this version: - mp3 files recognition/compatibility improved - Playing mp3 files is now handled by an internal engine rather than Quicktime - Type and Creators in preset popup menu are now correct and menu behave correctly - Tab order of edit fields corrected Thanks for your patience, Jrg Pressel three-2-one interaktive Medien GmbH fon: +49 2151 319450
Jan 02
Email Effects and TableText updates
Sig Software is pleased to announce updates to its unique text editing utilities, Email Effects and TableText, both of which are available as Classic or Carbon applications for running natively on OS 7, 8, 9 and X. Email Effects is a program which allows plain text to be used for pictures and drawings. The ASCII art it creates can be used for email messages, source code comments and cross-platform documentation. TableText is a sister program which allows tabular information to be represented, manipulated and scanned as plain text. With it, spreadsheets and tables can be converted to ASCII text and optimized with ease. Both Email Effects 1.6.6 and TableText 1.0.2 add support for direct creation of messages in Microsoft's Entourage email client. They also continue to work with Eudora, Emailer, Outlook Express, Mailsmith or PowerMail. The Email Effects web page with downloads is at: The TableText web page with downloads is at: http://www....
Dec 29
CodeBurst Library for WebSiphon
We've just released The CodeBurst Library for WebSiphon, which offers strong encryption (using Blowfish) for encoding and creating tamper resistent database records, strings, URLs, HTML form arguments and more. Pricing is $199, but 50% off until Dec 31. --- We've also released The ZipBurst 2.0 CGI Lite and Pro versions for MacOS. The Lite version contains a complete multi-threaded database search engine with highly extendible tags for controlling every aspect of your return pages, even the MIME type. The CGI addresses many issues we found lacking when serving web databases with FileMaker Pro, including performance issues, security, sharing the CPU with other applications, multi-threading large and small database searches, and issues that ISPs face when hosting multiple users on the same web server (like letting each customer name their databases what ever they like!). We also designed it so that users don't need a second server for serving databases. With the Lite version you can...
Dec 28
Troi Text Plug-in 2.0b1 for FileMaker 5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Troi Automatisering releases Troi Text Plug-in 2.0b1 for FileMaker 5 New Plug-in lets you parse out incoming XML data in FileMaker Pro. Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands, December 27th, 2000--For all people still reading email just before new year, Troi Automatisering today announced the availability of its Troi Text Plug-in 2.0b1, for FileMaker Pro 5 (and 4) both on Mac OS and Windows. What is the Troi Text Plug-in? The Troi Text Plug-in is a very powerful tool for dealing efficiently with text in your FileMaker Pro database. It adds the following functions to FileMaker Pro: - Combine sets from 2 text fields: * get all lines that are the same * get all lines that differ * and other combinations - Get (unique) lines and sort words and lines - Make a text sum from a related file that even updates without a script. - Parse XML Text into fields - and more... Peter Baanen, company president, states: "XML is becoming an increasingly popular tool for...
Dec 22
Holiday Calendars for Now Up-to-Date
Power On Gift: Holiday Calendars for Now Up-to-Date Columbus, Ohio - December 22, 2000 - Power On Software, Inc. announced today that it had a special holiday present for users of Now Up-to-Date & Contact, the best-selling PIM in the history of the Macintosh. Users of the Eddy-award winning calendaring and contact management program can download four new calendars at no charge. These include: Weeks of the Year -- through 2001 US Holidays -- through 2005 Jewish Holidays -- through 2005 Canadian Holidays -- through 2005 The files can be downloaded from: .hqx John Wallace, President of Power On Software, stated, "We wish all Mac users a very happy holiday season and hope you will accept this gift as a token of our appreciation for helping make this past year Power On's best ever." Availability Now Up-to-Date & Contact is distributed by Ingram Micro and is available from resellers everywhere, including...
Dec 21
Valentina Technology Release 1.8.6
Paradigma Software Releases VXCMD, Technology Release 1.8.6 ADDS SPEED IMPROVEMENTS AND CROSS PLATFORM FUNCTIONALITY FOR METACARD December 19, 2000. Beaverton, Oregon. Paradigma Software announces the release of Valentina XCMD and Valentina Technology Release 1.8.6. Valentina XCMD works with any Macintosh "card" scripting tool, including Apple's HyperCard, IncWell SuperCard, and MetaCard. Third party developers have also created special wrappers for using Valentina XCMD with Userland's Frontier, MacPerl and Futurebasic. VXCMD also includes a Windows component to support MetaCard Corporation's cross-platform tool, MetaCard. Valentina XCMD is based on the Valentina database kernel, an ultra-fast database solution for software developers. Valentina solutions are available for REAL Software's REALbasic, Macromedia Director, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, Microsoft C++ , Purity Software's WebSiphon, Visual Basic and Java. Paradigma Software also makes available Valentina Technology Release 1.8.6...
Dec 20
SiteToolkit 1.0
FOR IMMEDIETE RELEASE PineHill Product's Releases SiteToolkit 1.0, complete set of web site tools. Rochester, NY - December 20th, 2000 - PineHill Product's is proud to announce SiteToolkit 1.0, a complete set of web site tools. SiteToolkit is like a entire box of tools rolled into one. SiteToolkit, with its easy to use, user-friendly interface, will optimize your web pages, generate and automatically add META tags to your web pages, upload your entire web site, and submit your site to over 40 search engines! And at only $15, you have nothing to loose! Key Features Of SiteToolkit 1.0: * Submits your web site to over 40 search engines * Optimizes the HTML in your web pages for faster loading * Generates and adds customized META tags to your web pages * Uploads your entire web site with a easy to use FTP client * Easy to use, user-friendly interface, easy enough for anyone to use * Low price of only $15 Requirements & Pricing: You will need a Power Macintosh running Mac OS 8.1 or...
Dec 19
DupliDisk II: IDE RAID Solution
DupliDisk II (Macintosh Edition) Debuts at MacWorld Expo SFO HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA - Arco Computer Products is proud to introduce DupliDisk II (Macintosh Edition), the first hardware based IDE RAID solution for the Macintosh from Arco. This exciting new product offers the benefits of DupliDisk II technology to Macintosh users. Features include a true hardware based IDE RAID controller, Background Rebuilding capabilities, Hot-Pluggable drive solutions, a native PowerPC utility for option control, and OS-X native support. This is the first IDE RAID controller for the Macintosh that does not require a PCI BUS connection. As with all DupliDisk products, the DupliDisk II (Macintosh Edition) connects directly to the onboard IDE connector on the motherboard. With all of the various form factors available, the DupliDisk II will fit virtually anywhere within the Macintosh. In the event of a hard drive failure, the DupliDisk II (Macintosh Edition) will switch operations automatically to the known...
Dec 19
BasePlant 1.0.1
For Immediate Release Cafederic announces BasePlant 1.0.1 MONTREAL, Canada - December 19, 2000. Cafederic is proud to announce the release of BasePlant 1.0.1, a collection of more than 200 classes to enhance PowerPlant(TM), the flagship framework from Metrowerks. Among the new features, you will see: * Better support for CodeWarrior 6 * Now compiles without precompiled headers * Support Universal Headers from 3.2 through 3.4b1 * Corrected a few bugs "I was tired of having to reinvent the wheel for every software project I worked on, so I decided to find a generic way of designing classes", says Eric Forget, owner of Cafederic. "BasePlant is the result of six years of hard work based on the concept of code reuse." "When I first saw BasePlant, about a year and a half ago, I've was astonished by the features and the quality of the product," said Hugues-Antoine Oliver, a Mac OS developer for over ten years. "I decided to join Eric to leverage BasePlant development for making applications...
Dec 18
CDFinder 3.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CDFINDER 3.0 RELEASED December 18, 2000, Moerfelden, Germany The author today announced the immediate availability of version 3.0 of CDFinder, the popular shareware disk catalog tool for the Macintosh. Together with CDWinder 1.0 for Windows, also to be released today, this is the first cross platform, networkable solution to catalog disks and CD-ROMs on a Macintosh and a PC. The new version can be obtained from the CDFinder Homepage ( A single user license of CDFinder is $20, multi user licenses are available. CDFinder is a very fast and powerful tool to create catalog files of your hard disks, floppies, ZIP's and anything else that spins. It has a great user interface and very useful search functions. CDFinder supports drag&drop and requires at least a 68020 or PowerPC CPU. While System 7 is required, CDFinder is also fully compatible to MacOS 9. A special feature is the multi-lingual user interface (German/French/English/Italian/...
Dec 17
Red Shed Threads Brings Preemptive Threading to the Classic Mac...
For Immediate Release For Further Information Contact: December 18, 2000 Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentzsch - (847) 584-7465 Red Shed Threads Brings Preemptive Threading to the Classic Mac OS Schaumburg, IL - Mac OS X isn't the first Mac OS that offers preemptive threading. The Classic Mac OS offers preemptive behavior -- since 1984! "Preemptive behavior has been present in the Mac OS since System 1.0," says Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentzsch, creator of Red Shed Threads. "It's just that accessing and harnessing this power has been difficult until now. What Red Shed Threads does is provide all the power in an easy-to-use package." Designed for Macintosh software developers, Red Shed Threads provides a complete threads package from the low-level context switcher to a high-level threaded Open Transport wrapper. It runs natively on a Mac II running System 7 to a G4 running Mac OS X. "Preemptive threading can result in huge speed gains and greater user satisfaction," continues Mr. Rentzsch. "The...
Dec 14
ListSTAR 2.1
December 14, 2000 - MCF Software today announced the release of ListSTAR 2.1, an update to the powerful and customizable list server and e-mail manager software that was acquired from 4D in October, 2000. ListSTAR 2.1 features and changes *ListSTAR/POP has been resurrected and updated to be in sync with ListSTAR/SMTP. *ListSTAR/POP now generates correctly formatted message id's. *ListSTAR/SMTP can be used with another SMTP server on the same machine. *List creation is now smoother and requires less user intervention. *AppleScript stack overflow issues that were present in ListSTAR 2.0 have been resolved. ListSTAR 2.1 is a free upgrade from earlier versions and is available immediately from our web site. For more details, see the release information web page at Farokh Irani, MCF Software's Vice President of Software Development says, "We are pleased to ship our first update to ListSTAR since acquiring it, one that many people have been waiting for...
Dec 14
iBuild Lite/Pro/Site preview version 0.9.4
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Acrux Software announces iBuild Lite/Pro/Site preview version 0.9.4. New/changed in this version: * printing of multiple cards in one go (in design mode) * printing via AppleScript (in run mode) * variable size thumbnail pictures * user editable stacks (changes to editable text, variables, etc. made in user mode optionally saved in the stack; users can also (optionally) create, delete, copy & paste cards without having to use design mode) * scrollable pictures * variable scaling for pictures (e.g. scaling dynamically set by slider or script) * picture objects can accept pictures in run-mode via drag 'n drop or the clipboard, this allows users to drag pictures from another application * various bug fixes Version 1.0 of iBuild is nearing completion and is expected to be released early in the new year. About iBuild iBuild is a rich, powerful and easy-to-use multimedia authoring and creativity tool for the Apple Macintosh. iBuild makes the creativity of "software...
Dec 13 for Mac 1.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DACONS INTERNATIONAL INC for Mac 1.0 full version released! The ULTIMATE e-mail plug-in! FULL e-mail functionality for FileMaker Pro now available cross-platform! Available for download here: lets you send/receive/manage e-mail with any FileMaker Pro database. Smart programming and a highly user friendly interface allow you to customize your new or existing FileMaker Pro database with ease. Bogdan Boon, chief programmer for Dacons: "The tremendous input from FileMaker developers around the world has enabled us to bring you 'The ULTIMATE' e-mail plug-in for FileMaker Pro. The need for ease-of-use and speed was what users wanted most. And we delivered. I invite you to give it a try." "I would like to commend you for a beautifully done set of demo files and an incredibly easy to use and useful plug-in. I intend to recommend it to all my Filemaker developer friends, clients, and other...
Dec 13
Amadeus II v3.0
For Immediate Release Geneva, Switzerland, December 13 2000 -- Martin Hairer today announced the release of Amadeus II v3.0, its premiere disk-based, Mp3 supporting, visual waveform audio file editing and analyzing application for the Mac OS. Amadeus II lets you use your Mac OS computer for many sound-related applications, such as live audio recording, digitizing tapes and records, sampling from any external source and for editing and analyzing Mp3, AIFF, QuickTime or WAVE files. Thanks to its powerful direct-to-disk abilities, you can easily and rapidly edit large sounds of sizes up to 2GB (3 hours of CD quality music!). The handling of large sounds is facilitated by Amadeus' ability to show simultaneously the whole sound and the portion on which you are currently working and the extensive support of markers. Its outstanding sound repairing abilities make Amadeus II particularly suitable for transferring your old vinyl records on CD. Besides these advanced editing functions including...
Dec 13
Hess Macworld Events Page Goes Live
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- 12/13/00 Hess Macworld Events Page Goes Live With a New Domain 1. Mac/Internet Consultant and Writer, Ilene Hoffman, is pleased to announce that the Hess Memorial Macworld Events/ Party list is live! The new url is: Please bookmark the link, and pass it around to your user groups, and potential Macworld Expo show goers. The web site will contain every party and press function scheduled during Macworld Expo week in San Francisco, Jan. 8th through January 13th. (Some events occur before and after the actual show.) The page will be updated until January 9th. 2. Anyone who hosts an event or knows of an event is requested to please let me know, so that it can make the list. Events can be sent to or Also, please send any special booth information, such as contests, cool free toys, or book signings for inclusion on the Fun Stuff to See at the Show page. Send an event and get a "prize...
Dec 12
FairCom's c-tree Plus V6.10, Support for X, ADSP, SPX...
FairCom releases new version of c-tree Plus V6.10 for Macintosh: Support for Apple's new Mac OS X; includes support for ADSP, SPX and TCP/IP Columbia, MO December 14 -- FairCom Corporation announced the latest release of the Macintosh c-tree Plus File Handler V6.10. This new release of FairCom's database product offers several new features including a special FairCom Server side Software Development Kit (SDK), performance enhancements, communication and database encryption, as well as transaction processing enhancements. Using FairCom's Server side SDK, Macintosh developers can implement their own application specific code within FairCom's powerful database Server. FairCom customers have implemented customized database Servers for many application types. "Developers have used this functionality to perform application service provider (ASP) installations, special security/encryption features, intensive data calculations, custom sorts, and other unique functions." according to Randal...
Dec 12
Drop Drawers / X 1.5
Subject: Drop Drawers / X 1.5 Release From: Gideon Greenspan ( Sig Software is proud to announce the simultaneous release of version 1.5 of Drop Drawers for both Mac OS 7/8/9 and as a native Carbon application for Mac OS X. According to MacUser UK, "Drop Drawers is the most elegant solution yet to the launcher concept." Drop Drawers is a revolutionary user-interface enhancement which provides floating pull-out, snap-shut drawers on the sides of your screen to store text, URLs, aliases, scripts, pictures, sounds, movies and anything else. Version 1.5 is a major upgrade adding dozens of new features, including configurable grids with multiple styles and arranging options, support for AppleScripts with built-in compilation and parameter passing and several included drawer templates. More information and the download are available at: The direct link for the Mac OS X version is:
Dec 12
MacZaic 2.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Polar Orbit Software Announces MacZaic 2.0 for MacOS San Francisco, California, December 12, 2000 -- Polar Orbit Software announces MacZaic v2.0. MacZaic creates beautiful photomosaics from your own digital photographs. A mosaic can be created from one image, a folder of images or a pregenerated database of images. A sample database of images to be used with MacZaic can be downloaded from the Polar Orbit home page. The program allows scaling of sub-image blocks, preview mode, and creates JPEG images that can be easily viewed or printed on any computer. MacZaic runs on any Power Macintosh. The program can be downloaded from the Polar Orbit Software web page at: ( Pricing: The application is shareware and can be purchased for $25. Contact: Jeff Luszcz Polar Orbit Software
Dec 11
Style Master 1.9 CSS Editor
Western Civilisation Releases Style Master 1.9 and 1.9 Pro CSS Editor Bondi Beach, Australia, 11th December 2000. Western Civilisation announces the release and immediate availability of Style Master 1.9 and Style Master Pro 1.9 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and the Macintosh, refining and enhancing the development of cross-browser, standards compliant cascading style sheets. ( Style Master 1.9 is not just a repurposed text editor. It's built from the ground up as a specialized style sheets IDE (integrated development environment), featuring everything you need to develop, test and deploy sophisticated style sheets. Style Master is as well suited to web developers with little or no exposure to style sheets, as to style sheets experts. For those starting out with style sheets, Style Master comes with * an intuitive interface for editing every aspect of a style sheet, from the most basic properties to the most complex @rules, with point and click...
Dec 08
Email Merge 1.9.5
Sig Software is proud to announce Email Merge version 1.9.5. Email Merge is an intuitive program for creating mailings of individualized email messages. It takes a database and a message template, and merges the two to rapidly create customized email messages in Outlook Express, Entourage, Eudora, Claris Emailer, Mailsmith or PowerMail. It can also import databases directly from text files and FileMaker Pro. Version 1.9.5 adds support for Microsoft Entourage (the email client in Office 2001) and for sending attachments with PowerMail. More information and the Email Merge download are available at: Thank you, Gideon Greenspan Sig Software
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