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Mar 21
MYOB Conversion Assistant
MYOB Makes it Extra Easy for Small Businesses to Convert to AccountEdge from Macintosh QuickBooks Pro Version 4 New MYOB conversion assistant is a quick 5 step process March 21, 2001 (Rockaway, NJ) MYOB US, Inc. today announced the availability of a data file conversion utility to help small businesses move their old QuickBooks Pro Version 4 Macintosh data files to MYOB's new state-of-the-art small business accounting and management software, MYOB AccountEdge. Now QuickBooks users who have been waiting the past 5 years for an upgrade, or who want to update to newer Macintosh operating systems, including OS X , have an award-winning accounting product and a simple, free conversion utility to help them make the move. The MYOB conversion assistant takes the user through 5 easy steps and will convert all of their critical business information from QuickBooks to AccountEdge without missing a beat. The MYOB Conversion Assistant will convert Jobs, Inventory, Accounts and their balances,...
Mar 21
WestCiv Webware: Free Self-Paced Courses
Wednesday 21st March 2001, Bondi Beach, Australia. WestCiv Webware announces the launch of their series of free self-paced courses in standards-based web development, available online in weekly installments. ( Standards-based web development, using HTML 4.0 and XHTML, with CSS for appearance * streamlines the web development process * future-proofs your projects for all standards-based browsers, platforms and devices * promotes the development of faster loading pages * is committed to accessibility and usability By returning to the site weekly developers will be able to work their way through the whole course, developing an entire web site in structural, validating XHTML, and later giving it their own appearance with CSS. Broader concepts and issues are fully explained for each technique, giving a solid foundation in the future of web development. Most importantly, accessibility and usability are emphasized right from the beginning of the...
Mar 20
ObjectTools v1.5.6
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automated Solutions Group Announces the Release of ObjectTools v1.5.6 Huntington Beach, CA - March 20, 2001: Automated Solutions Group today announced the release of ObjectTools v1.5.6 for Macintosh and Windows. ObjectTools is a 4th Dimension plug-in which provides a set of routines that allow you to create Objects: a single entity in which you can store and retrieve any amount of data of differing types. This is similar to what you can do with 4D BLOBs, but with several important differences: Rather than using offsets, data is stored into and retrieved from Objects by name. Whereas BLOBs are the equivalent of ROM -- once written, you cannot really modify their contents -- Objects are more like RAM. Once stored, data in Objects can be modified in place, retrieved into 4D variables, and copied to other Objects. Because Objects are represented by Longint handles, you can create arrays of Objects. Bug Fixes in v1.5.6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Passing an invalid object...
Mar 20
SSEYO's Sounds for Dreamweaver
SSEYO SSOUNDS FOR DREAMWEAVER SSEYO's Koan Dreamweaver Extension allows easy integration of interactive audio into the world's leading web design application Audio enhancement of the world's market-leading web authoring solution just became easier with the release of SSEYO's Koan(Dreamweaver Extension. Appealing to both emerging and established developers and designers, the free extension enables the rapid deployment of interactive audio web content to achieve professional results without prior experience or specialised knowledge. What's more, the Koan audio pieces are embedded directly into the web page as tiny text "vectors" - typically less than two or three kilobytes for an entire piece of music or sound effect. Audio content can range from themed backgrounds to interactive elements that play spot sound effects or musical riffs in response to standard HTML event handlers or Macromedia Flash FSCommands. In addition, easy control of the Koan audio engine's powerful programmable...
Mar 20
DataShell for Valentina: Object Relational DB for FutureBASIC^3
DataShell for Valentina Delivers Object Relational DB for FutureBASIC^3 Users March 19, 2001. MacBrowse is proud to announce the availability of DataShell 1.1, a driver solution that allows FutureBASIC^3 developers to use Valentina XCMD, an object-relational, SQL-powered database engine, in their applications. FutureBASIC, from Staz Software (, is an award winning development environment for the Apple Macintosh, based on the popular BASIC language. Thanks to DataShell, the wait for a FutureBASIC-enabled database engine is over. DataShell is very easy to use, no complex project setup or hard to learn syntax. You will be creating database applications from scratch in a very short period of time. "FutureBASIC is a favorite for creating small, extremely fast applications on the Macintosh platform. However no major database vendor has stepped up to the plate to provide a database solution that works with FutureBASIC. DataShell enables FutureBASIC developers to...
Mar 20
Radio UserLand
Radio UserLand brings powerful Internet publishing to desktop users New software brings the publishing power of centralized Internet servers to Windows and Macintosh desktop systems. Microsoft collaboration continues to deliver results for Web users. MILLBRAE, Calif., Mar. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- UserLand Software announced the release of Radio UserLand, software that brings, for the first time, the power of Web Services and XML to the personal computer desktop. "Radio is a turning point for the Internet," said Dave Winer, CEO of UserLand Software. "It provides information distribution power that was previously centralized on services like Yahoo and eBay. Radio is as familiar and easy to use as the popular websites, and since the software is running on the user's desktop, it offers unprecedented performance and security. Having control of your data means that you can easily switch to new services, and your data is safe on your computer under your control." UserLand is working with...
Mar 20
DreamSaver for Mac v1.0.4
Company: Bruce Martin's Illuminator Software Release Date: March 19, 2001 Product: DreamSaver Version: 1.0.4 Size: 4.5MB Class: Shareware Cost: $20.00 (USD) Illuminator Software's News Release March 19, 2001 Illuminator Software is proud to introduce DreamSaver for Mac - Version 1.0.4. DreamSaver is a Mac Screen Saver that uses Modules produced by Illuminator Software and other third party vendors, many of which are freeware. DreamSaver comes with 10 Modules for your idle time enjoyment. Included in the install of DreamSaver are the following Modules: DreamSaver Module: By By This is the default DreamSaver Module. Gradient: By Watch as your screen is filled with wonderful gradients and changed with a checkerboard transition. MacDevSaver: By Illuminator Software This is a tribute to, a great place for Macintosh developers to get information. SC CMD Mod: By John Johnson. This is a Module...
Mar 20
Onflow Announces 2 Million Active Players Installed
Onflow Corporation Announces 2 Million Active Players Installed Rich Media company achieves over 500,000 downloads per week March 15, 2001- San Francisco, CA: Onflow Corporation, a rich media technology company specializing in broadcast-quality graphic animations in tiny files sizes, announced that over two million Onflow Players have now been installed on consumer PCs and Macs. The Player is a micro plug-in that quickly installs and allows viewers to observe Onflows rich, interactive graphical content and games on their computers at any connection speed. "We are very proud to bring a whole new level of interactive experience to Internet users. Better yet, we do it without huge files that clog servers and download so slowly, they ruin the experience," says Doug Tuttle, co-Founder and VP of Engineering at Onflow. "Using Onflow, web sites can now embrace interactive rich media and be confident that even their modem-based users will enjoy the experience." About Onflow: Onflow Corporation...
Mar 20
MCE's FireBay External FireWire Docking Unit
March 20, 2001 MCE Announces the FireBay External FireWire Docking Unit for PowerBook Expansion Bay Devices Irvine, CA - Mac Components Engineered's PowerBook Products Division (MCE PowerBook Products, an Apple Developer) today announced the FireBay, an external FireWire docking unit for PowerBook expansion bay devices. Once inserted into the MCE FireBay, PowerBook expansion bay devices such as hard disks, CD/DVD-ROM's, CD-R/RW's, Zip's, etc. can be used externally on any Mac or PowerBook with a FireWire port. Eligible expansion bay devices are those designed for the Apple PowerBook (FireWire) and the Apple PowerBook G3 Series - 1999 (Bronze/Lombard). Release date is set for early May. "Expansion bay devices are no longer confined to the PowerBook platform," said Arnold Ramirez, President of MCE PowerBook Products. "Now PowerBook owners can more fully realize their investment in expansion bay modules by the ability to use them as external FireWire devices across machines." The MCE...
Mar 19
StuffIt Deluxe 6.0.1 Update
ALADDIN SYSTEMS UPDATES FLAGSHIP COMPRESSION UTILITY, STUFFIT DELUXE 6.0 StuffIt Deluxe 6.0.1 Update Provides Greater File Compression Support and Macintosh OS X Capability Watsonville, CA - March 19, 2001 - Providing Macintosh(r) and PC users with the most robust cross-platform compatible compression solutions, Aladdin Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc. (OTC BB: ALHI), today announced the release of StuffIt Deluxe(tm) 6.0.1 - a new update to Aladdin Systems' award-winning compression utility StuffIt Deluxe 6.0. With this new update, Macintosh users gain several new features, including additional support for GnuTar files, symbolic link support, and improved Microsoft Entourage(tm) "Stuff and Mail" support. StuffIt Deluxe is the industry standard for file compression. Wherever there is a need for compressing large files into smaller archives, whether to fit them on removable media, posting them to a web site, or sending them via email, StuffIt is...
Mar 19
XTension 3.5
XTension products are available through DevDepot (,, Toll free: 800-MACDEV-1, Outside US/Canada: 805-494-9797, Fax: 805-494-9798.
Mar 19
SiteCam 6.0.5
NUSPECTRA ANNOUNCES NEW SITECAM LITE AND SITECAM 6.0.5 UPDATE -- New SiteCam Lite is Full-featured SiteCam For Five Video Streams. Free SiteCam 6.0.5 Update Also Available. -- ALAMEDA, Calif., March 19, 2001 -- NuSpectra Multimedia, Inc. today announced a new Lite version of SiteCam with all of the SiteCam functionality for up to five audio and video streams. Now for the first time, SiteCam, the full-featured audio/video WebCam application that lets you add live video from your Firewire, PCI or USB camera and broadcast it through any video-ready Macintosh to anyone on the Internet, is available in a 5-stream Lite version. Also today NuSpectra posted a free 6.0.5 update to SiteCam 6.0. Available today, all SiteCam 6.0 users can get the free 6.0.5 update from with several bug fixes, more reliable video capture and several new AppleScript features. SiteCam includes a built-in HTTP server, FTP client, and audio/video encoders in one application that makes serving images...
Mar 19
My Secret 1.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MY SECRET 1.0 RELEASED My Secret is a text encryption and notepad that uses strong 448 bit Blowfish or 256 bit Rijndael encryption to secure text messages and private notes. The application is $10 shareware. BERLIN, GERMANY - March 19th, 2001 - Shareware author Erich H Rast has released the first public version of his text encryption tool My Secret. The Macintosh application acts like a simple multi-document notepad and encrypts and decrypts private notes and messages using symmetric block ciphers like 448 bit Blowfish and 256 bit Rijndael, the latter being the new Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). According to the author, the utility has been designed with both high security and easy usability in mind. It's USD $10 shareware. Some of My Secret's features are: - full drag & drop support - support for custom, external encryption plugins written in C/C++ - built-in compression for smaller size and higher security - secure hashing: chaining of SHA1 and MD5 -...
Mar 19
Text Cleaner 2
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE STUDIO 405 ANNOUNCES TEXT CLEANER 2 Takoma Park, MD MARCH 19, 2001--Studio 405, Inc. announced the release of Text Cleaner 2, the premier text preparation utility for typesetters and graphic designers, editors, and anyone working with text for print or Web publication. Text Cleaner was designed to eliminate the need for common search-and-replace routines to prepare text for print or Web publication. Correct typesetting marks and input error correction are handled in one pass. Text Cleaner's unique, easy-to-use and intelligent approach significantly reduces text manipulation time. New features in this version include unlimited presets, a speed increase up to 300%, user-defined cleaning options, custom DropClean applets, importing and exporting of presets and improved cleaning of QuarkXpress documents. Text Cleaner feature highlights: * Cleans text files * Cleans text on clipboard * Cleans text within QuarkXpress while retaining style information * Drag and drop...
Mar 18
Z-Write 1.2
March 19, 2001 SCOTTS VALLEY, CALIF. -- Stone Table Software is pleased to announce the availability of Z-Write 1.2, a free update to their revolutionary "non-linear" word processor for creative writers. Z-Write 1.2 adds over forty improvements to the word processor, including new features such as style sheets for quickly formatting text, HTML templates which allow HTML export to be completely customized, import and export of Palm DOC format files, a recent files menu, better word count statistics, an automatic document backup system, and an autocorrect dictionary, as well as many smaller innovations and bug fixes. The user interface of Z-Write has been enhanced in subtle but effective ways, such as allowing Sections to be dragged from one Z-Write document to another, style commands have been simplified, and text files can be dropped onto a document to be immediately imported as new Sections. The update also adds powerful text utilities such as Indent, Unindent, Strip HTML, and Remove...
Mar 17
Monica Version 3 Public Beta
Black Diamond Products today announced the release of the first public beta of version 3 of its popular download manager Monica for Macintosh. Monica is a queue based file download program for the Mac for downloading files from the Internet using ftp, Hotline and http protocols. Monica allows you to easily set up a download queue by dragging and dropping or cutting and pasting file URLs. Having placed some files in the queue, you may manually start each download at a time convenient to you, or allow Monica to start downloading automatically. In automatic mode, once a file is received Monica will start the next one. If the server times you out or if the download is incomplete, Monica will restart the download and do her best to resume from where the download left off, while you can go off to more pleasant occupations. Monica achieves exceptional download throughput by utilising queue technology, optimised processing of Internet protocols, and by extensive use of transfer resumption...
Mar 16
Nisus Email 1.5
Nisus(R) Software, Inc. Releases Nisus Email 1.5. SOLANA BEACH, Calif., March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Nisus Software, Inc. today announces the release of an upgrade to its critically acclaimed unique email client, Nisus Email 1.5, available for the Macintosh operating system. This update introduces a very fast Find along with numerous other enhancements. This release is a free upgrade for those who own any previous version of Nisus Email. The cost to new users is $29.95, and is available as a download at our web site: A fully functional 14 day demo version is also available at the above URL. According to Nisus Software President and CEO Jerzy Lewak, "This free upgrade adds to Nisus Email many enhancements which our users have requested, rounding out the already established unique innovative ways of sending and receiving emails." Reviewers such as Nick DePlume of says of Nisus Email, "Once you drag and drop,...
Mar 16
Server Sentinel 2.0.3
Intelli Innovations is pleased to announce Server Sentinel 2.0.3, an update to our server management and downtime notification software. This update includes the following enhancements: * Enhanced POP3 and IMAP server checking - now quits properly to avoid server log errors. * Fixed glitch where clicking the menu bar could dismiss the frontmost dialog box. * Remove port 0 from the Internet port database - port 0 shouldn't be used for any server. * Added several requested adjustments requested by registered users. Home Page: Server Sentinel: Direct Download: Release notes available at ( Best Regards, Intelli Innovations, Inc. Sales and Support Team
Mar 16
OneApp Clean Text 1.2.2
OneApp Software has released new version of 'OneApp Clean Text'. OneApp Software has released version 1.2.2 of OneApp Clean Text. 'OneApp Clean Text' is a 15$ shareware tool that eliminates all text formatting, removes empty lines, multiple spaces, tab characters, fixes paragraphs etc. OneApp Clean Text has the ability to apply changes to all the document or to only selected parts of it. Among the enhancements made in this release there are some user interface improvements. Download page: Screen Shot:
Mar 15
Sony and Connectix Announce Agreement
Sony Computer Entertainment and Connectix Corporation Announce Joint Technology Agreement March 14, 2001 (Foster City, CA) -- Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and Connectix Corporation announced a joint technology agreement today. The companies will proceed to define a series of development initiatives in the area of advanced emulation solutions. "We look forward to significant advances in emulation technology as a result of our cooperation with Connectix, who owns excellent technology in this field", stated Shinichi Okamoto, Senior Vice President of Research and Development for Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. "Our new agreement with SCE gives us the resources to move rapidly into a wide range of exciting new applications for our core emulation and virtual machine technologies", said Roy McDonald, President of Connectix. "We believe that this collaboration can lead to improved development tools, innovative consumer products and productive enterprise solutions." As part of the...
Mar 15
Marathon Computer's JukeJoint
For Immediate Release Marathon Computer's JukeJoint gives your data discs a place to go in style. NASHVILLE, TN - March 14, 2001 -- Marathon Computer, Inc., introduces the JukeJoint, a rackmount created exclusively for the PowerFile C200 DVD/CD Jukebox. Marathon's JukeJoint is a cunning companion for the PowerFile C200 DVD/CD Jukebox. Its tough construction and lean design lets you fill your Jukebox to maximum capacity and then rackmount it in just 5U of rack space. Long-time customer William Covert of MedConcepts, Inc. states, "While I was immediately impressed with the Jukebox's ability to store and share up to 200 discs over a network, I couldn't find a way to integrate the machine into my workstation. I was elated to discover the JukeJoint. Within a barely noticeable framework, it ably supports one my biggest peripherals." JukeJoint features include: -Custom fit for your PowerFile C200 DVD/CD Jukebox -5RU tall x 17" deep for standard 19" rack -Front-rail mounting -Aircraft-grade...
Mar 15
oAzium Events for FileMaker
MAKE IT HAPPEN! - WAVES IN MOTION ANNOUNCES OAZIUM EVENTS FOR FILEMAKER PRO DATABASE USERS Point and Click Your Way to Automatic Script Scheduling and Control PHOENIX. March 7, 2001. Ever wish you could run a script whenever a field is modified within FileMaker Pro database? Start that two hour summary report two hours before you arrive in the morning? Or let FileMaker Pro run that cleanup script while you get your work done? Announcing oAzium Events*, the FileMaker Pro database plug-in that adds reliable script scheduling and control to your solutions. Based on our popular Script Scheduler, oAzium Events has been redesigned from the ground up with speed, reliability and flexibility in mind. And it's easier to use than ever: manage multiple schedules of any type with no scripting at all. Just open the Events Manager database and point-and-click your way to automation. You can even customize the Events Manager any way you want. With oAzium Events, you can trigger FileMaker Pro scripts...
Mar 15
ConceptDraw Server 1.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CS-ODESSA ANNOUNCES CONCEPTDRAW SERVER 1.0 The powerful software for publishing ConceptDraw documents on the Web. ODESSA, UKRAINE - March 15th, 2001 - Computer Systems Odessa Corp., the developer of business applications and gaming software, announced the release of ConceptDraw Server, version 1.0 at the price of $1199. ConceptDraw Server is an application that automatically converts ConceptDraw documents into HTML pages, allowing to view them with a regular Internet browser, through the corporate Intranet or Internet. ConceptDraw Server is targeted to the people and organizations which use ConceptDraw to create diagrams and drawings, which should be then displayed on a Web site, or viewed by colleagues via Intranet. When a user attempts to view such document with a browser, the Server converts the document to HTML on the fly. There is no more need to manually export a drawing to HTML code any time when changes are made in the ConceptDraw document. Files can be...
Mar 15
Vicomsoft's Internet Gateway and SurfDoubler 6.8.3
A new maintenance release 6.8.3 of Vicomsoft's Internet Gateway and SurfDoubler solutions are now available. The Auto-setup facility for both the Internet Gateway and SurfDoubler have been improved with this release to accommodate more unique types of configuration. In addition, the FREE TRIAL versions of these Vicomsoft products are now equipped to handle more effectively a wider range of situations. This latest release adds to Vicomsoft's confidence that it can offer the ideal solution to any user -- home, business or enterprise. FREE Updates to the latest 6.8.3 versions of Internet Gateway and SurfDoubler are available to users of 6.7 and 6.8 - find the latest version here: ( Vicomsoft a BVRP group company
Mar 15
VOODOO Server - Mac OS X Version Available
PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Subject: VOODOO Server - Version Control for CodeWarriors - Mac OS X Version Available! Hagenberg, March-14-2001, UNI SOFTWARE PLUS announced the availability of a public beta version of their flagship version control tool VOODOO Server for Mac OS X. VOODOO Server features a modern client/server architecture that benefits of the stability and performance Mac OS X. The CodeWarrior plug-in offers a user-friendly version control solution that lets you keep track of all your files without having to deal with additional complexity and bureaucracy, all from inside the CodeWarrior IDE in an easy-to-use Mac-like style. "We are impressed with the advancements Apple is making with its new operating system and are happy to contribute to make this platform the developer's paradise. VOODOO Server is the only version control tool designed specifically for the Mac," said Christoph Reichenberger, VODOOO product manager. "With the release of this public beta...
Mar 14
Final Cut Pro 2
Apple Introduces Final Cut Pro 2 with Real-Time Editing and Breakthrough G4 Performance CUPERTINO, California -- March 14, 2001-- Apple today introduced Final Cut Pro 2, the next generation of its award-winning video editing, compositing and special effects software. Final Cut Pro 2 is a powerful, all-in-one editing solution, featuring real-time editing, breakthrough Power Mac G4 performance and a scalable architecture that allows users to output content into any video format. "Final Cut Pro 2, running on our blazingly fast Power Mac G4 or PowerBook G4, offers the specialized features and robust editing workflow sought after by video professionals, without the expensive price tags," said David Moody, Apple's senior director of Applications Marketing. "Final Cut Pro's innovative, extensible real-time architecture gives editors what they need most(time to be more creative and productive." With Final Cut Pro 2, real-time editing and compositing functions are seamlessly integrated into...
Mar 14
DAVE 2.5.2
Thursby Software Systems announces DAVE 2.5.2 March 14, 2001, Arlington, Texas. Thursby Software Systems has released the newest version of its popular DAVE software. This new version works with Mac OS 7.6.1- 9.1 and features several product enhancements, which make DAVE more intuitive and easier for the user. "Probably the most prominent new feature is the addition of Keychain support" says Thursby Vice President of Engineering, Paul Nelson. "This means that a user can type in one password and DAVE will allow you to log on to several servers without reentering the password again. Our users have told us that is an important feature and one they would appreciate." Other 2.5.2 enhancements include: a full-blown, easy to use, setup assistant, improved DHCP handling, a special feature that allows virtually automatic setup on corporate networks and a new installer feature designed to better support non-English systems. Of course, DAVE 2.5.2 has the advantages users have come to expect from...
Mar 14
webSavant Guide for Newbies
New Training Software from webSavant Brings Web Design to Beginners Lisle, IL, March 14, 2001 -- Savant Interactive, Inc. today announced the official public release of webSavant Guide for Newbies, a training program that steps newcomers to the World Wide Web through the basics of quality Web site design. Priced at $39.95, the 2 CD set provides a convenient and affordable solution to Windows and Macintosh computer users who wants to create their own Web site for personal or small business use. Guide for Newbies demonstrates the process of designing Web sites through the use of QuickTime movies of the instructor's desktop. All screen activity and easy to follow narration is recorded onto CD-ROM, so users see and hear exactly how to use various software programs to build their Web sites. "The combination of the audio and visual experience involves people in a far greater way than traditional means of learning and increases retention of the material," says Eric Youngquist, President of...
Mar 13
SnapTalk: Macintosh LAN Chat Software
Glass Bead Software Releases SnapTalk, Macintosh LAN Chat Software For Immediate Release Newtown, Connecticut, March 13, 2001 Today Glass Bead Software announced the release of SnapTalk, its new Macintosh LAN chat shareware. SnapTalk is available for download at About Snap Talk: SnapTalk provides instant Macintosh LAN chat. SnapTalk installs in less than a minute and requires no administration, configuration or, server. Features include multi-person chat, a pop-up talk request window with single-click buttons for instant replies, out-load message reading, and more. SnapTalk is distributed using the shareware model and is priced at $25 for a 5-user license, $39 for a 10-user license and $99 for an unlimited user license. SnapTalk is a lightweight application: it requires only 750K of RAM and runs on all Mac OS Systems from 7.5 to OS X. About Glass Bead Software: Glass Bead Software, founded in 1990, is dedicated to making the best Macintosh software for...
Mar 13
Troi Activator Plug-in 1.2 for FileMaker Pro 5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Troi Automatisering releases Activator Plug-in 1.2 for FileMaker 5 New Plug-in lets you trigger FileMaker scripts on a different computer! Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands, March 13th, 2001-- Troi Automatisering today announced the availability of Troi Activator Plug-in 1.2, for FileMaker 5 both on Mac OS and Windows. What is the Activator Plug-in? The Activator is a very powerful tool for triggering scripts across the network, even over the Internet. All from within FileMaker you can: - trigger a FileMaker script on a different client computer - trigger a FileMaker script over the Internet - use the built in security to prevent unauthorized triggering - send a number (e.g. a record ID) and a long text with the trigger - start and stop listening for remote trigger messages with one script step Apart from remote triggering you can also trigger scripts on the same computer: - trigger a script on a specified date and time - schedule events which trigger any...
Mar 13
PageSentry 4.0 For Mac OS X
Maxum Development Announces PageSentry For Mac OS X March 13, 2001. Just two months after Maxum Development Corp. released the last major revision of PageSentry, version 3.0, Maxum today announced another major upgrade to their complete Internet server monitoring solution. "PageSentry is all about reliability, and Apple's OS X provides us with an incredibly reliable and robust platform to start with," said Maxum's President, John O'Fallon. "The imminent release of OS X has prompted us to not only port PageSentry to OS X, but to make PageSentry both easier to get started with for small developers and more powerful and scalable for large organizations." The update, which will run natively under OS X (while remaining compatible with Classic Mac OS), will offer new reporting features to help network administrators gauge server reliability, detect chronic problems, and monitor quality of service. Additional changes are being made under the surface, making PageSentry's test management much...
Mar 12
WebMerge 1.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fourth World Releases WebMerge 1.5 New Preview Version Offers More Options for Pubishing Databases on the Web LOS ANGELES, California - 12 March, 2001 Fourth World today released WebMerge 1.5, a tool for Mac OS and Windows which generates static Web pages from database files. The new version offers workflow automation options, better HTML generation, support for tab-delimited export formats, Apple event support, and other enhancements. WebMerge 1.5 can work with any database that exports in Merge or tab-delimited format, including FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Access. The user creates a template HTML page with simple place holder tags, and WebMerge creates a new HTML page from the data in each record of the exported Merge file. WebMerge can also create an index page with links to each of the generated pages. Generated pages can be hosted on any Web server without the need for a specialized database hosting solution. "We've been listening to the requests that have...
Mar 12
Perforce And TeamShare Integrate Software Development Tools
For Immediate Print and Online Release Perforce Software And TeamShare Integrate Software Development Tools To Give Developers, Quality Assurance Managers & Testers More Efficiency With Less Effort March 12, 2001 - Alameda, Calif. - Perforce Software, Inc. and TeamShare, Inc. today announced the integration of Perforce's Software Configuration Management (SCM) system and TeamShare's industry-leading defect tracking system, tTrack. For this integration, Perforce has developed a new open-source module, Perforce Defect Tracking Integration (P4DTI), which is now available as part of the complete Perforce SCM system. "We have relied on the Perforce SCM system for years to manage our development activities," said David Markley, engineering manager at Lycos, Inc. "We also started using TeamShare's tTrack for Web-based bug tracking. This integration is a natural, and it means we can focus more effort on software development." Perforce SCM is a comprehensive system that helps software...
Mar 12
FileMaker Ships 30,000 Units of FileMaker Mobile In First 3...
FileMaker Ships 30,000 Units of FileMaker Mobile In First 3 Months SANTA CLARA, CA - March 12, 2001 - Shipments of FileMaker Mobile Companion for Palm OS have surpassed 30,000 units in its first three months, FileMaker said today. The popular FileMaker Mobile software lets users transfer and synchronize data bi-directionally between FileMaker Pro 5 databases on Windows and Mac OS desktop computers and Palm Powered handhelds. The newest addition to the award-winning line of FileMaker workgroup database tools, it first shipped Dec. 11, during PalmSource 2000. "Workgroups and knowledge workers demand access to business information anywhere and anytime," said Dominique Goupil, FileMaker president. "FileMaker Mobile has been well-received by customers because it delivers an instant mobile solution for FileMaker Pro 5 users." FileMaker Mobile provides a simple load-and-go mobile solution: the user selects and loads the FileMaker records and fields they require from their desktop database to...
Mar 12 Workshop: Developers Get Free Marketing & Sales...
Developers to Receive Free Marketing and Sales Support at Workshop SAN DIEGO, March 12, 2001 (PRIMEZONE) -- A few weeks after releasing the free Music IOS Application Programming Interface (API) to the developer community,, Inc. (Nasdaq:MPPP) today announced a developers workshop designed to provide marketing support to hardware, software and web developers interested in potential revenue-generating opportunities. The free workshop is scheduled to take place at headquarters in San Diego on Thursday, March 15, 2001. To sign up for the workshop today, visit The event will include presentations on how developers can leverage free marketing support from to meet distribution and sales objectives for their products. Developers can access a variety of free, web-based marketing opportunities designed to connect their product to's vast customer base of millions of music and technology enthusiasts. Among the tools scheduled to be...
Mar 12
MuchoThumbs Pro
I'm proud to announce you: MuchoThumbs Pro is now shipping! MuchoThumbs Pro, the award winning software, is a program that's really handy when it comes to creating thumbnails. You can make a page full of thumbnails, create a little image starting from originals, or create a Web page for each image. Tons of new functionalities and improvements are within this new major version: Improvements: Thumbnails quality again improved New interface with Image browser, Descriptions can be typed for each image, Slideshow to look at the images in full-screen, Prefs reorganized in a floating window, more realistic windowed preview Save and load MuchoThumbs document, Default preferences can be changed and saved Now MuchoThumbs now uses threads not to block your Mac while processing New functionalities to images : Images files icons can be created automatically A copyright can be added to images (originals backed up) Images creator can be modified Images can all be resized in a one click operation (by...
Mar 12
BBE FTP Open, version 1.1.2
Date: March 10, 2001 Product: BBE FTP Open, version 1.1.2 Type: Freeware script BBE FTP Open 1.1.2 ( adds support for BBEdit 6.0 and Fetch 4.0. BBE FTP Open is a relational database implemented in AppleScript, which facilitates the editing of remote files via FTP in BBEdit, with support for multiple files per account, multiple accounts per host, multiple hosts, and the simultaneous opening of multiple files. -Walter Walter Ian Kaye, Menlo Park, CA, USA | Programmer - AppleScript/FaceSpan, | Perl, HTML, & ProTERM | Musician - Guitarist, Songwriter Perl on Unix, AppleScript on MacOS, at the nation's first WWW server AOL/AIM: Boo First Walter Ian Kaye, Menlo Park, CA, USA | Programmer - AppleScript/FaceSpan, | Perl, HTML, & ProTERM http://...
Mar 09
REALbasic 3.1b1
REALbasic is the powerful, easy-to-use tool for creating your own software for Macintosh, Mac OS X, and Windows. People who have never programmed before who just need to solve a problem, experienced programmers who need to enhance their productivity -- and everyone in between -- will benefit from using REALbasic. REALbasic 3.1 continues REAL Software's quest to deliver outstanding tools to the Macintosh user community. This release's primary focuses are finalizing Mac OS X and Carbon functionality, database fixes, and general updates and fixes to REALbasic 3. Read the release notes for more details. REALbasic 3.1 is a free maintenance update to REALbasic 3.0. It is intended to address issues with versions of Mac OS X released after Mac OS X Public Beta. There may be problems with running the IDE and deploying applications created with it on Mac OS X Public Beta that do not appear in later releases of Mac OS X. Please confirm that issues with Mac OS X Public Beta also exist in later...
Mar 09
MacHack 2001: Jef Raskin Joins Keynote
MacHack 2001: Jef Raskin Joins Keynote MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers Contact: Carol Lynn c/o Expotech 1264 Bedford Road Grosse Point Park, MI 48230 February 22, 2001-Dearborn, MI- In the ongoing efforts to provide the maximum Macintosh keynote, MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers is pleased to announce the addition of Jef Raskin to the Ultimate Macintosh Engineering Reunion conference keynote. For this one-of-a-kind event, MacHack has already empanelled Andy Hertzfeld, Caroline Rose, Guy "Bud" Tribble and Bruce Horn. All are members of the early Macintosh engineering team and promise a keynote full of reminiscences of computing by-gones as well as a unique look at the future as envisioned by people who continue to lead the computer industry. Jef Raskin, a consultant on human-machine interaction design, is best known as the father of Apple's Macintosh computer. His new book, "The Humane...
Mar 08
Iomega Announces New 100MB PocketZip Drive
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Iomega Announces New 100MB PocketZip Drive Breakthrough Value for High-Capacity Storage in Portable Devices ROY, Utah, March 8, 2001 - Iomega Corporation (NYSE: IOM), a global leader in data management solutions, today announced the Iomega PocketZip 100MB drive for handheld consumer electronics devices. A dramatic new low-cost portable storage standard for a new generation of digital audio, video, and imaging devices, the PocketZip 100MB drive leverages Iomega's proven PocketZip technology and offers two and a half times the storage capacity. The new PocketZip 100MB disks will retail for as little as $10 each, compared with 32MB solid state memory cards priced at about $60-more than three times the capacity for one sixth the price, or an 18-to-1 cost savings advantage for consumers using the Iomega PocketZip 100MB disk. "We expect Iomega's new 100MB PocketZip drive to be a sensational product for the next generation of portable digital devices," said Bruce...
Mar 08
oAzium Events for FileMaker Pro
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN! - WAVES IN MOTION ANNOUNCES OAZIUM EVENTS FOR FILEMAKER PRO Point and Click Your Way to Automatic Script Scheduling and Control Contact: Vince Menanno Phone: 602-956-7080 Fax: 602-956-6754 E-mail: Web: PHOENIX. March 7, 2001. Ever wish you could run a script whenever a field is modified? Start that two hour summary report two hours before you arrive in the morning? Or let FileMaker run that cleanup script while you get your work done? Announcing oAzium Events*, the FileMaker Pro plug-in that adds reliable script scheduling and control to your solutions. Based on our popular Script Scheduler, oAzium Events has been redesigned from the ground up with speed, reliability and flexibility in mind. And it's easier to use than ever: manage multiple schedules of any type with no scripting at all. Just open the Events Manager database and point-and-click your way to automation. You can even customize the Events...
Mar 07
Kaidan & REALVIZ: Join for Multi-Row and QTVR Panoramic...
Kaidan and REALVIZ Announce Joint Solutions For Multi-Row and QuickTime VR Panoramic Technologies Kaidan Is Reselling And Bundling A New Version Of REALVIZ Stitcher With Support For QuickTime VR Cubic Panoramas. Additionally, Both Companies Will Work Towards New Software And Hardware Solutions For Fully Immersive Images On Windows And Other User Platforms. Feasterville, PA & San Francisco, CA - (March 7, 2001) - Kaidan Incorporated, the leading manufacturer of Photographic VR hardware, announced today an alliance with REALVIZ, a leading developer of 2D/3D image-based modeling software. Effective immediately, Kaidan will offer bundles with REALVIZ Stitcher, immersive imaging software, along with Kaidan's multi-row panoramic tripod heads. Initially, the first bundled version of Stitcher 1.5 will support the Windows NT/2000 environment. Both companies are working together to introduce broadened support for Windows and other user platforms. These new versions and next-generation...
Mar 07
Mac Care Unit
Casady & Greene Announces the Retail Release of Mac Care Unit For Macintosh Award-winning collection of 7 best-of-class products for the Diagnosis, Cure, and Prevention of Mac Problems Salinas, CA, March 7, 2001: Casady & Greene, Inc. announces the retail release of Mac Care Unit(TM) for Macintosh, a unique utility suite of 7 award-winning products from four preeminent Mac developers. Casady & Greene has joined forces with Alsoft Inc., Connectix Corporation, and Intego to bring seven top-rated Macintosh utilities together on one CD. This exceptional collection showcases products recognized by Mac review editors as best-of-class utilities for the diagnosis, cure and prevention of problems experienced by most Mac users. Mac Care Unit includes full versions of 7 top-rated products: Conflict Catcher 8 by Casady & Greene is the #1 must-have utility for managing files as well as conflict-testing startup files that cause crashes or freezes on a Mac. With over 5000 file...
Mar 06
Rage Software Announces Macintosh Explorer 2.0PR1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rage Software Announces Macintosh Explorer 2.0PR1 Toronto, Canada - March 6, 2001 - Rage Software Announces Macintosh Explorer 2.0PR1. A major upgrade to the popular file management tool and file browser for the Mac. Macintosh Explorer is a fully featured file browser for the Mac. It allows users to quickly and easily find their files and folders. Its easy to use find file feature allows you to search your hard drives right from the main window using different search criteria. All the built in features in Macintosh Explorer make it a more convenient choice for file browsing. Among many advanced features Macintosh Explorer includes the ability to view and edit extended info and content of files including all invisible files and folders. Other features allow you to find and delete unused files, backup important files and folders, and navigate your hard drives in an Internet browser like style. Macintosh Explorer's interface and features are very customizable. It...
Mar 06
ObjectTools v1.5.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automated Solutions Group Announces the Release of ObjectTools v1.5.5 Huntington Beach, CA - March 6, 2001: Automated Solutions Group today announced the release of ObjectTools v1.5.4 for Macintosh and Windows. ObjectTools is a 4th Dimension plug-in which provides a set of routines that allow you to create Objects: a single entity in which you can store and retrieve any amount of data of differing types. This is similar to what you can do with 4D BLOBs, but with several important differences: Rather than using offsets, data is stored into and retrieved from Objects by name. Whereas BLOBs are the equivalent of ROM -- once written, you cannot really modify their contents -- Objects are more like RAM. Once stored, data in Objects can be modified in place, retrieved into 4D variables, and copied to other Objects. Because Objects are represented by Longint handles, you can create arrays of Objects. What are Objects Good For? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ While the uses of...
Mar 06
PC MACLAN for Windows 95/98/Me with IP Data Support
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MIRAMAR SYSTEMS NOW SHIPPING PC MACLAN for Windows 95/98/Me WITH IP DATA SUPPORT Miramar Systems, Inc. Now Connects All PCs and Macs Any Time, Anywhere, Any Place. SANTA BARBARA, California, March 6, 2001 ? Miramar Systems -- the global leader in development of PC-to-Macintosh interoperability software -- announced today its most complete and comprehensive PC-to-Mac connectivity software solution ever with the release of PC MACLAN for Windows 95/98/Me, now including IP Client, IP Server and True bi-directional printer support. Whether at home, in the office or on the road, the multi-award winning PC MACLAN for Windows 95/98/Me is the most powerful and complete cross-platform networking suite available. PC MACLAN connects Windows 95, 98 or Me PCs to a network of Macs for bi-directional integration between the two operating systems. Now users can seamlessly share files and drives of any size, from anywhere, at any time over AFP or the faster IP based networks, via...
Mar 05
MacZoop 2.5 GM
2nd March, 2001 MacZoop 2.5 GM is now available. MacZoop, the popular and free C++ framework for creating Macintosh applications, version 2.5 has finally gone golden. This comprehensive update has been painstakingly developed over the last six months or so and is now more powerful, scalable and usable than ever. New features at a glance: * Comprehensive Views architecture makes creating complex user interfaces a breeze * Many new views classes prebuilt for creating cool user interfaces * Fully appearance-savvy * New dialog layer completely built on views - problematic Dialog Manager no longer involved * Greater scalability to larger projects while retaining simplicity for small ones * Fully Carbon compliant - same source will compile to classic 68K and PowerPC, Carbon for Mac OS 8/9 and X. * Built-in tooltip support * Many objects enhanced and rationalised without sacrificing code compatibility * Tabbed dialog interfaces can be built with one line of code * Powerful new list interface...
Mar 05
Screen Catcher 2.3.1
For immediate release ST. CLAIR SOFTWARE RELEASES SCREEN CATCHER 2.3.1 5 mouse-rated screen capture tool gets compatibility update. (Youngstown, OH -- March 5, 2001) St. Clair Software announced today that version 2.3.1 of Screen Catcher, their popular screen capture utility, is now available. Screen Catcher 2.3.1 corrects two issues with the recently-released Screen Catcher 2.3 upgrade. This version corrects problems with the new "email a screen snapshot" feature when used with Microsoft Outlook or Entourage under Mac OS 9.0.4. It also fixes a bug that caused an "Interfacelib -- FetchFontInfo could not be found" error when running Screen Catcher under Mac OS 8.5 or earlier. Recently given a perfect "5 mouse" rating by MacUser UK, Screen Catcher is a scriptable screen capture utility that includes a unique Catch-All feature which auto-scrolls windows to capture entire documents. This capability, combined with flexible scaling, color palette control, and support for a large number of...
Mar 05
iTimer 3.0
iTimer 3.0 has been officially released as of 5th March, 2001. You can grab it from our site at iTimer is an application for timing and regulating Internet use from one computer. It supports multiple users and is fully administrable. iTimer is proudly Macintosh and Made With REALbasic. New in 3.0 : -Great new ability to time not only monthly, but also daily and yearly periods for individual users -Reworked and streamlined admin section to accomodate new accounting periods -New 'Log Only' feature to allow use with permanent connections (cable, DSL etc) -New HTML help system -More affordable pricing system, save up to 25%! -Heaps more stuff, just download it and see for yourself! Any owners of previous versions can upgrade for free by using their old registration numbers. If you have any queries, email me at Regards, Chris Carruthers, Crescendo Software.
Mar 05
Keyspan USB 4-port Serial Adapter
Richmond, Calif- March 5, 2001- Keyspan, America's top selling brand of USB connectivity products, is now shipping its new USB 4-port Serial Adapter. The adapter has an MSRP of $149. The Keyspan USB 4-Port Serial Adapter allows 4 serial devices to be connected to a single USB port. Each of its male DB9 ports allows connection to RS232 serial devices at data rates up to 960 Kbps. In addition to supporting Linux 2.4, the Keyspan USB 4-Port Serial Adapter can also be used on the Windows 98, Windows Me and Windows 2000 platforms, as well as with Mac OS 8.6 or higher. Support for Mac OS X will be available in the 3rd quarter. This new adapter is targeted to enterprise and industrial market segments. It is an ideal for connecting serial devices needed in laboratory, manufacturing, and retail settings for Point of Sale (POS), process control, or data retrieval applications. "Our new 4-port adapter addresses the need to connect multiple serial devices to a USB port on a variety of platforms,...
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