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Apr 18
MacPopUp 2.5b, for Mac OS X
For immediate release New Messenger comes to Mac OS X MacPopUp 2.5b. New version of advanced cross-platform Instant Messenger provides Mac users with Mac OS X compatibility. April 18, 2001 - Kanex Group Inc. today unveiled an update of its flagship application MacPopUp 2.5b. Built for Mac OS X, it provides users with all advantages of Apple's advanced OS - Aqua interface, protected memory architecture utilization and pre-emptive multitasking. MacPopUp is the only full-featured IM LAN Solution available for Mac OS X. It works natively with Apple's latest operating system without requiring the Classic environment. MacPopUp allows Mac users to exchange instant messages with other users on any local area network. Users can easily communicate with anyone on corporate, school and home networks. Its interface is simple but amazingly effective. And it works with Windows and UNIX computers too. Macs with 68k processors and Mac OS 7.x? No problem. MacPopUp works as easily as on the latest...
Apr 18
Timbuktu Pro for Mac OS X, Preview Release
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Netopia's Timbuktu Product Line Harnesses the Power of Mac OS X Timbuktu Pro Preview Release Now Ready for Testing ALAMEDA, Calif. (April 18, 2001) Netopia, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTPA), today announced the preview release of Timbuktu Pro Mac OS X. With its support of OS X, Netopia extends a long tradition of support for Apple's advanced technologie s. For more than ten years, Timbuktu Pro has been the leading remote control and file transfer software for Mac OS. Today, the preview version of Timbuktu Pro for Mac OS X is available for purchase from Netopia's online store for $29.95. By making this preview version available for purchase, Netopia hopes to secure as much feedback as possible for its engineers who will be working on the development of the final release due out late this summer. Timbuktu Pro for OS X integrates several new features including package distribution, added security, large file support and the complete Aqua interface. The new release is backwards...
Apr 18
Mac OS conduit for WordSmith, for Palm
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Blue Nomad Releases Full Macintosh Version of WordSmith Blue Nomad releases Mac OS conduit for WordSmith, its award winning word processing application for Palm Powered(tm) handheld computers Redwood City, California (April 16, 2001). Blue Nomad today introduced an updated version of WordSmith that includes full support for Macintosh users. The new version incorporates a bi-directional synchronization conduit that provides Macintosh users of WordSmith the ability to synchronize Rich Text Format files, such as those created by Microsoft Word, to and from their Palm Powered(tm) organizers. The new Macintosh conduit replaces the old WordSmith Mac OS document converter and provides generally the same features as the Windows version of WordSmith. WordSmith is the most revolutionary, intuitive and full-featured word processor, enhanced memo pad and rich document viewer available for Palm Powered organizers. Not only does WordSmith support rich text, such as bold,...
Apr 17
ProTV Stereo Version 2.6.1
Dear Mac Enthusiast, Starting today Formac is providing for download its latest ProTV software version 2.6.1 . The software is compatible with Formac studio and ProTV Stereo products. What's new or improved? -) The latest version runs more stable on all Macs, especially on G4s -) Random cutting off of audio signal on G4s has been solved -) Smoother picture in "average-mode" and therefore better results when streaming -) Improved routines and error messages for faster and better problem diagnosis -) After using the TV mode all windows in the ProTV application will be positioned correctly -) ProTV will set the sound input automatically to the connected device at first start -) WebTools: Stalling of the application if more than 160 pictures are stored in the folder has been solved. -) French manual now available For download please go to the support section (Software updates) at Best regards, Formac Electronic Inc. 1510 6th Street Berkeley, CA 94710 T +1...
Apr 17
Steve Jobs to Kick Off Apple's Worldwide Developers...
Steve Jobs to Kick Off Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference 2001 CUPERTINO, California - April 17, 2001 - Apple today announced that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will kick off its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) with a "fireside chat" with developers on Monday, May 21, 2001, at 9:30 a.m. The five-day event, which runs from May 21-25, at the San Jose Convention Center, will focus almost exclusively on Mac OS X, Apple's next generation operating system, with in-depth technical sessions and a showcase of the latest development tools. Other Activities at Apple's WWDC 2001 include: * more than 100 in-depth technical sessions and hands-on labs to get the latest information on Mac OS X directly from Apple engineers and technology experts; * an Exhibitor Fair with the latest development tools and products; and * the Apple Design Awards for: innovation, advanced Mac OS X look and feel, use of Apple technologies and exciting new product entries to the Mac OS X market. Cost & Registration...
Apr 17
DataShell 1.3 for Valentina
DataShell for Valentina Delivers Object Relational DB for FutureBASIC^3 Users April 16, 2001. MacBrowse is proud to announce the availability of DataShell 1.3, a driver solution that allows FutureBASIC^3 developers to use Valentina XCMD, an object-relational, SQL-powered database engine, in their applications. What's new in DataShell 1.3 ... - Reference Manual improved and updated - New function: 'Valentina_SetCreator' - Fixed 'BaseObject_GetRecordCount' - From now, 'Methods' are passed/returned in handles DataShell 1.3 is fully compatible with Valentina XCMD 1.8.8b23. FutureBASIC, from Staz Software (, is an award winning development environment for the Apple Macintosh, based on the popular BASIC language. Thanks to DataShell, the wait for a FutureBASIC-enabled database engine is over. DataShell is very easy to use, no complex project setup or hard to learn syntax. You will be creating database applications from scratch in a very short period of time. "...
Apr 17
Happy Birthday TidBITS
From: "Adam C. Engst" ( Subject: These TidBITS go to eleven Hey folks, In these days of dot.coms dropping like the proverbial flies, I thought you might appreciate a spot of good news and longevity. This week's issue of TidBITS (#576) marks our 11th anniversary of continuous Internet publication, cementing our status as one of the oldest solely electronic publications on the Internet. To commemorate the event, I've gone back and re-read all the TidBITS issues from our second year of publication - April of 1991 to April of 1992. It's fascinating to see how far we've come, but also just how little some things have changed. RAM was $40 per megabyte, versus 35 cents per megabyte today, and we were talking about 88 MB SyQuest cartridges that cost about the same as an 80 GB hard disk disk now. But even back then we were covering topics like adding protected memory to the Mac OS, distributed computing, and wireless networking. You might find the article amusing - it's at: (...
Apr 13
Blugs 1.0b3
From: Brian S Hall ( Subject: 'Blugs' List Management Engine 1.0b3 We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Blugs 1.0b3, a replacement for the Mac OS List Manager and DataBrowser. This new beta release incorporates a staggering array of bug fixes and enhancements, including better OS X compatibility. At long last, the non-Debug, Pascal, and MPW libraries are available for download. This version is feature-complete, and could be considered a release candidate for 1.0. Blugs, sample code, and extensive PDF documentation are available for download from: (My site still exists but Tripod's abuse-bots seem to prevent most binary downloads.) Thanks for your attention. Brian 'Moses' Hall, Macintosh Developer
Apr 12
REALbasic: plans for future releases
REALbasic: plans for future releases I wanted to take a moment to let all of you know what we are planning in terms of our release schedule for future releases of REALbasic. As you all know we released REALbasic 3.0 on February 12th of this year. One of the big features of REALbasic 3.0 is support for Mac OS X. Specifically, REALbasic 3.0 was designed to support Mac OS X Public Beta. We did this so that those of you that were interested in getting a head start on Mac OS X versions of your applications could do so. There were many changes in Mac OS X between the public beta and final release (Mac OS X 10.0). To maintain compatibility with Mac OS X 10.0, we are currently finishing up development of REALbasic 3.1. This version will be a free update for all registered REALbasic 3.0 users and will be the version that is compatible with Mac OS X. This version also includes a number of bug fixes that are unrelated to Mac OS X. If you wish to use REALbasic with Mac OS X, please download 3.1...
Apr 12
OTTool Version 1.2
New OTTool Version 1.2 OTTool now has support for Mac OS X, in addition to Classic Mac OS! OTTool is a free utility which provides a synopsis of the IP and AppleTalk configuration parameters within Apple Computer's Open Transport networking architecture. In addition, OTTool allows users on IP networks to make Domain Name Server (DNS) queries, ping devices using ICMP Pings, trace IP routes (UNIX traceroute), scan through ranges of IP addresses asking for resolutions, and to query a DNS for Mail Exchange and System Info. On Classic MacOS PowerPC machines, it will also display the IP ARP cache. We would like to hear your suggestions and comments regarding the software. Please send your feedback to What changed in OTTool since version 1.1? * made OTTool run natively on Mac OS X and Classic Mac OS 8.x and 9.x, all from a single application * added some minor user interface improvements You can find the new OTTool on Neon Software's ftp site:
Apr 11
XML Editor 1.0 by ElfData
For immediate release: Theodore H.Smith of ElfData releases XML Editor 1.0 - A feature extensive, user friendly, DTD validating, XML builder. April 11, 2000, London - ElfData, data orientated developer for the Macintosh platform, today announced XML Editor 1.0 for Macintosh. XML Editor is a user friendly XML creator and DTD validator, giving you meaningful messages in plain English that point to the cause of a problem in your XML, if any. XML Editor has extensive support for drag and drop; copy and paste; contextual menus; user made element holders; and more, to make entry of XML easy. XML Editor has integrated source and hierarchical edit modes. It uses entities files, to display characters such as "ä", onscreen, in their native equivilent, allowing for direct entry of European and math symbols, or user defined entities. XML Editor has extensive find abilities, allowing for conditional finds on any combination of empty elements, non-empty elements, CDATA, comments, PIs, DOCTYPEs...
Apr 11
DssW announces Power Manager 2.1: Automation Suite
Power Manager is a complete automation suite for the Macintosh. April, 2001 For Immediate Release Contact: Dragon Systems Software Limited (DssW),, fax: +44 870 1640068. DssW announces Power Manager 2.1 for the Macintosh. Designed for AppleScripters, network administrators and professional Macintosh users, Power Manager can both automate your workflow and reduce running costs. Power Manager is a unique suite of Macintosh automation and power management tools. Using Power Manager's scheduling capabilities you can easily control when your Macintosh automatically starts up, shuts down, wakes up and sleeps. Our latest version of Power Manager features three Schedulers to cater to every situation. Power Manager's Launcher can automatically run your AppleScripts, launch your applications and open your documents at any time or on a specific trigger. Triggers include: start up, shut down, specific date and time, daily, weekly, monthly, wake up, system sleep, user log in and...
Apr 11
IOGEAR makes speedy entry into USB 2.0 market ~ ships market's first PCI Host Card; offers 40 times the transfer rate of original USB technology ~ Irvine, CA - April 11, 2001 - USB users can now take full advantage of faster transfer speeds as IOGEAR today shipped the first USB 2.0 compliant PCI Host Card. The PCI Host Card (GIC250U) is based on the new NEC chipset and comes with five ports (one internal and four external) for easy plug-n-play accessibility and scalability. It can transfer data up to 480 Mbps, offering users increased functionality over multiple USB connected devices. The product is priced at $89 (MSRP) and is available immediately from all major catalog resellers, online resellers and selected retail outlets. "USB 2.0 technology delivers a simple solution to the increased demand for bandwidth when using connected devices," said Kevin Luong, senior channel sales manager at IOGEAR, Inc. "This advance has pushed manufacturers into a new arena. It is an accomplishment to...
Apr 11
Troi Plug-in Power 5 CD-ROM
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Troi Automatisering ships Troi Plug-in Power 5 CD-ROM for FileMaker Pro 5 Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands, April 11th, 2001--Troi Automatisering today announced it has begun shipment of the Troi Plug-in Power CD-ROM volume 5, for FileMaker Pro 4 and 5 on Mac and Windows. The Plug-in Power CD-ROM contains demonstrations of 12 powerful Troi Plug-ins for FileMaker Pro and 24 plug-ins and utilities from other leading developers. You'll find all plug-in demonstrations neatly organized and the CD-ROM saves you from hunting down the plug-ins from the Internet. Peter Baanen, company president, comments: "We have put the latest version of the Troi Text plug-in on the CD-ROM and added the new Ranges and Activator plug-ins. Together with the range of third party plug-in demos and the comprehensive, searchable database of all FileMaker plug-ins available on the market, this CD-ROM is a must-have for all FileMaker developers who want to use the best tools for their...
Apr 11
NuSpectra's SiteZAP 6.0.5
ALAMEDA, CA, April 11, 2001 -- NuSpectra today released SiteZAP 6.0.5, an update for all registered SiteZAP 6.0 users, available free at ( SiteZAP 6.0 is an easy to use application which turns your Powerbook, G4, or iMac into a Webcasting server, and provides Pan/Tilt/Zoom telerobotic camera control via any web browser. SiteZAP provides live streaming audio and video through any broadband Internet connection allowing camera access from anywhere. SiteZAP's navigational interface makes it easy to center the camera on the desired view with just a point and click. Other features include easy to operate scroll bars, queue status, custom AppleScript support and a compass rose to tell you where the camera is pointing. Several Web page examples are given for Macromedia Flash and straight HTML. SiteZAP also provides complete, easy access archiving. SiteZAP integrated camera systems are in use throughout the world to monitor activities in a wide range of situations, including...
Apr 10
Toast 5 Titanium
Toast 5 Titanium Is Now Shipping! Roxio's Premier CD Burning Software for Macintosh Milpitas, Calif., April 2, 2001 - Roxio, Inc., the digital media company from Adaptec, is now shipping the new Toast 5 Titanium in the US. Customers can purchase the product at their local computer retail store for a suggested retail price of $99 or direct from Roxio at "Toast 5 Titanium is packed with many new features for users to burn DVD's, MP3's, photos and VideoCDs," said Victor Nemecheck, Toast product manager at Roxio. "It is truly the ultimate CD and DVD burning package." The new Toast 5 Titanium boasts a totally new user interface specifically designed for use on Mac OS X, the ability to burn CDs in the background, automatic MPEG encoding for burning iMovies onto VideoCDs for playback in most DVD players, and support for most DVD-RAM and DVD-R/RW drives. In addition to the new features listed above, Toast 5 Titanium now includes all the tools needed for complete CD mastering,...
Apr 10
PandaWare TimeCache 4.0
For immediate release: THE PANDAWARE COMPANY UPDATES TIMECACHE TO VERSION 4.05 Macintosh time and expense tracking application receives bug fixes. Trial version available at ( The PandaWare Company has released an update to TimeCache, its popular time and expense tracking application for Macintosh users who bill clients for project work. PandaWare(r) TimeCache(tm) 4.05 includes a number of bug fixes which enhance its stability. TimeCache 4.05 runs only on Power Macintosh (PPC) machines, under Mac OS 8.0 or higher. A Carbon version for use with Mac OS X will be released soon. A fully feature-enabled trial version of TimeCache 4.0 is available for download at The PandaWare Company's web site: ( Users of the trial version can save up to 20 days' worth of data. For unlimited use, a registration key is provided with the purchase of a license for US$40.00 per user. Members of the media who would like to receive a free registration key...
Apr 10
AutoCat 2.9.2
Subject: New software - AutoCat 2.9.2 and Autocat X 3.0b4 From: Olivier Lebra ( Kebawe's AutoCat is a $15 intuitive drag & drop application that can catalog all your removable and remote volumes by using aliases. Version 2.9.2 for classic Mac OS correctly catalogs Mac OS X packages and fixes other minor bugs. Version 3.0b4 runs on Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 with CarbonLib. Olivier Lebra
Apr 09
MacSQL Monitor Beta Testers Wanted
For Immediate Release April 9, 20001 MacSQL Monitor Beta Testers Wanted, New MacSQL Mailing List Created New York, NY (April 9, 2001) Runtime Labs, Inc. is looking for Mac users to test version 2.0 of MacSQL Monitor, slated for release in the first week of May 2001. MacSQL Monitor allows Macintosh users to interact with MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, JDBC, and ODBC databases. The software, which runs on Mac OS 8.1 or greater (including Mac OS X), allows users to view database schema, issue queries, and import/export data from SQL databases. The application is also fully AppleScriptable and includes sample scripts showing how it can be used to automate publishing with Quark XPress. Version 2.0 will allow spreadsheet like viewing/editing of remote data, support for additional databases (M
Apr 09
Gefen's DVI to ADC Converter Box
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: GEFEN'S DVI TO ADC CONVERTER BOX WIDENS THE SCOPE OF APPLE CINEMA DISPLAYS WOODLAND HILLS, CA [ April 9, 2001 ] To those who thought that life with Apple's Display Cinema monitor couldn't get any better, it just got a little brighter. With Gefen's DVI to ADC Converter Box, you no longer have to scrap those classic Macintosh models-just plug them into the box, then connect them to the monitor. It's as simple as that. The boxes, which come with 6-foot DVI cable, 6-foot USB cable and a 208W 28V power supply, provide three main solutions: 1. to enable older G4 computers with DVI connections to connect to the 15 and 22-inch Apple Displays with ADC connections 2. to facilitate the addition of a second LCD display with ADC connections using a PCI slot with the ATI Rage 128 pro graphics card 3. to connect VGA computers to the new Apple 17-inch Studio Display with ADC connections. The 3.5 by 1-inch boxes are currently shipping and may be ordered directly online at (http...
Apr 09
oAzium Date & Time 3.0 for FileMaker Pro
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WAVES IN MOTION ANNOUNCES OAZIUM DATE & TIME 3.0 FOR FILEMAKER PRO Improve the reliability and performance of crucial time-based solutions Contact: Vincenzo P. Menanno Phone: 602-956-7080 Fax: 602-956-6754 E-mail: Web: PHOENIX. April 6, 2001. Waves In Motion has released the latest version of oAzium Date & Time, a plug-in that makes it easy to store and index dates from within FileMaker Pro databases. Since it was first released in June of 1999, oAzium Date & Time has remained one of the top five downloads for Waves In Motion; and customers have used it for such diverse applications as reservation applications, payroll timesheets, rental and leasing systems, event and conference tracking, and security applications. "Before oAzium Date & Time, the only way to incorporate time components into my databases was through complicated FileMaker scripts," says Marcus Silving of WorqSmart. "oAzium Date & Time...
Apr 09
ColorThink 2.0
April 9, 2001: Seybold Seminars, Boston. CHROMiX today announced ColorThink 2.0, an upgrade to its popular color management toolset. ColorThink 2.0 combines powerful new graphing and ICC profile management capabilities with Mac OS X compatibility. New features include: - Carbon compatibility to take advantage of new Mac OS X features - Integration of 3D graphing with OpenGL technology - Integration of advanced network-wide and worldwide profile management using OpenGL-based Graphing: New OpenGL integration provides fast, beautiful 3D graphs of profiles and other color data. All colors are rendered accurately to screen so users can see the colors of their printer's gamut as well as the shape. OpenGL allows for wireframe, shaded objects, and advanced capabilities such as gamut overlay, transparency and an innovative 3D slicer for detailed profile analysis. Graphing of Hexachrome(tm) profiles is also supported in this version. Profile Management: Workgroup-Wide Profile...
Apr 07
Jiiva announces RapidMQ: Middleware for the Mac
For Immediate Release Middleware for the Mac! Jiiva announces RapidMQ, the first Messaging & Queuing technology designed for Mac OS X. Beaverton, OR (April 6, 2001) - Jiiva, Inc., announces a beta release of RapidMQ available for immediate download from RapidMQ is the first Messaging & Queuing technology product designed specifically for Apple's Mac OS X. Messaging & Queuing enables software programs to communicate securely with other programs running on remote computers. Messaging & Queuing is a powerful and flexible communication tool enabling normally incompatible computers to communicate. In a growing culture of interconnected computers and people, basic software such as an MP3 music player could benefit from Jiiva's RapidMQ. It is increasingly common for desktop software to communicate with a server over the Internet for product registration, software updates, technical support chat rooms, and other functionality. RapidMQ provides a secure...
Apr 06
Joy 2.2 for Mac OS X
For immediate release. JOY 2.2 AVAILABLE FOR MAC OS X ============================== Vienna, April, 6, 2001. Joy 2.2, the popular developer productivity and RAD tool by AAA+ Software, is now available in an updated version for Mac OS X! Joy provides the fastest path for developers to learn Cocoa, the new way of developing applications for the Mac. It is the tool of choice for everyone who wants to peek under the hood of the new Mac OS! Use Joy's run time class browser and object inspector to debug your own programs, or even to inspect Cocoa applications you don't have the source code for. Use the built in scripting language (syntactically compatible with Objective-C and JavaScript) to send messages to any object and to teach new methods. Call Carbon API and Java methods interactively from the Joy command window. Use Joy with Apple's InterfaceBuilder to develop standalone Mac OS X applications in record time. What else can I do with Joy? ---------------------------- That depends only...
Apr 06
PowerLogix Announces Profiler X
PowerLogix Announces Profiler X AUSTIN, TEXAS -- April 6, 2001 -- PowerLogix announced today the public beta release of their new diagnostic utility, Profiler X. Profiler X is an OS X version of the popular Cache Profiler software fro OS 9. It allows users of OS X to read the processor speed and cache speed and other details of their machine. Also included in the public beta, is a command line interface for changing L2 cache settings. This code works with all PowerLogix upgrade cards. (Some models of PowerLogix cards set the cache automatically and do not require software.) It also works with all other brands of processor cards, as it supports any PowerPC compatible SRAM and any valid PowerPC cache size. "This new utility works on any machine running OS X," reports Robin Howdershelt, Marketing Director for PowerLogix. "Profiler X is the first diagnostic tool for OS X that reports processor temperature, cache size, backside cache speed, and bus speed. It's is very helpful for owners of...
Apr 05 1.1.2 for Mac 1.1.2 released! The ULTIMATE e-mail plug-in for FileMaker Pro Dacons International announces the release of version 1.1.2 of the highly popular e-mail plug-in ''. This free upgrade includes: 1. Additional External Function! 'Email-Adv-GetAttachedFilePath' enables you to save incoming attachments in a seperate field for better access. The 'Demo-Files' have been updated regarding this feature. Now it is possible to open attachments directly from within the INBOX. 2. Signature feature added. Sign your e-mails with customized signature with one simple 'click'. 3. MIME/Base 64 encoded .txt file attachments where decoded wrong - fixed. 4. multiple recipients in INBOX did not show properly - fixed. 5. many small improvement and fixes implemented Here are some of the powerful features of for Mac. *********************************************************** -send/receive e-mail (including attachments in all common formats) will create a new record for...
Apr 05
Intego Acquires DiskGuard and FileGuard
INTEGO ANNOUNCES ACQUISITION OF TWO ENCRYPTION PROGRAMS AND ONE BACKUP PROGRAM Miami, FL, April 5, 2001 - Intego, the leading developer of Macintosh Internet security and privacy software, today announced the acquisition of three Macintosh security products from Highware Inc. Intego will be adding two encryption programs, Intego DiskGuard and Intego FileGuard, and one backup program, Intego Personal Backup, to its catalogue. More than one million units of these programs have been sold around the world, and Intego's acquisition will provide an essential addition to its current product line. Intego DiskGuard protects all SCSI and IDE hard disks, Zip and Jaz cartridges, and floppy disks from unauthorized access, both on individual computers and across a network. Its permanent security means that no one can access the disk's data without the correct password. At this time, when computers running Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X are started up from CD-Roms, or used as non-startup disks for other...
Apr 05
SnapMail 3.0.2
Press Release: Glass Bead Software Releases Version 3.0.2 of SnapMail, Beloved Intra-office Macintosh Messaging Software For Immediate Release Newtown, Connecticut, April 5, 2001 Today Glass Bead Software announced the release of version 3.0.2 of SnapMail, its beloved intra-office Macintosh messaging software. This maintenance release fixes a number of small bugs and increases stability. SnapMail is available for download at About Snap Mail: SnapMail is the complete and easy-to-use intra-office chat, messaging and communication application for the Mac office. Using peer-to-peer technology, SnapMail sends messages, files, and voice mail instantly. SnapMail keeps all messages and documents safely in-house. It doesn't require a mail server, Internet connection, or any administration. SnapMail is a light-weight application: it requires only 1MB of RAM and runs on all Mac OS Systems from 7.5 to OS X. Snap Mail provides seamless and easy collaboration to small and...
Apr 05
IntelliMerge 1.0
INTELLI INNOVATIONS INC. RELEASES INTELLIMERGE FOR MAC OS AND MAC OS X IntelliMerge Brings Mail Merges to Internet E-Mail With Easy-To-Use, Mac Friendly Integrated E-Mail Merge Software Raleigh, NC - April 5th, 2001 - Intelli Innovations, Inc., developers of innovative Internet and productivity software for the Macintosh platform, today announced IntelliMerge, dynamic e-mail merge software designed to simplify keeping in touch with customers, family, and friends. IntelliMerge features an integrated message editor, recipient database system, and message mailer; all that's needed to manage contacts, create personalized e-mail messages, and send them out over the Internet. After an extensive test period for real-world testing, IntelliMerge has today reached Golden Master, shipping status. From sending out newsletters, offers, support information, invoices, order information, invitations, and press releases (like this one!), IntelliMerge offers a friendly way to contact anyone,...
Apr 04
ObjectTools v1.5.7
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automated Solutions Group Announces the Release of ObjectTools v1.5.7 Huntington Beach, CA - April 4, 2001: Automated Solutions Group today announced the release of ObjectTools v1.5.7 for Macintosh and Windows. ObjectTools is a 4th Dimension plug-in which provides a set of routines that allow you to create Objects: a single entity in which you can store and retrieve any amount of data of differing types. This is similar to what you can do with 4D BLOBs, but with several important differences: Rather than using offsets, data is stored into and retrieved from Objects by name. Whereas BLOBs are the equivalent of ROM -- once written, you cannot really modify their contents -- Objects are more like RAM. Once stored, data in Objects can be modified in place, retrieved into 4D variables, and copied to other Objects. Because Objects are represented by Longint handles, you can create arrays of Objects. Bug Fixes in v1.5.7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - If an object was saved...
Apr 04
ConceptDraw Viewer 1.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CS-ODESSA ANNOUNCES CONCEPTDRAW VIEWER 1.0 Odessa, Ukraine - April 4th, 2001 - Computer Systems Odessa Corp., announces the release of ConceptDraw Viewer 1.0. ConceptDraw Viewer is a cross-platform application intended for viewing and printing ConceptDraw documents, as well as files of several other graphic formats. It exists in the Mac OS and Windows versions. The Mac OS version is carbonized and works under Mac OS X. The Viewer is distributed free of charge and is available from ConceptDraw web site at: ConceptDraw Viewer features: - handy tools for scrolling and zooming documents; - powerful printing capabilities; - convenient arrangement of windows, when viewing several documents; - Internet integration. ABOUT CONCEPTDRAW ConceptDraw is the powerful application for creating professional-looking flowcharts, business diagrams, research layouts, organization schemes, plans and more. It's cross-platform, so all...
Apr 04
DevDepot RAM Store Rolls Out
DEVDEPOT RAM STORE GOES ONLINE! -- Build to order memory, lifetime guarantee, up to the minute pricing! Westlake Village, CA -- April 4th, 2001 -- DevDepot, the source for technology and developer products, has put online a new memory store that offers over 5,000 types of RAM and memory products -- for Macs, PCs, even Flash Memory for cameras or MP3 players. DevDepot is taking a different and innovative approach to RAM. Each module is built to order, making sure customers get exactly the module they need, shipped within a few days, at up-to-the-minute prices. DevDepot's RAM store ( features an interactive, lightning fast "RAM Locator" that will help customers identify their computer make and model from over 1,400 types of systems. The RAM Locator then presents customers with their systems memory requirements, limitations, and a list of modules available with up-to-the-minute prices. "The great thing about DevDepot's build to order approach is that...
Apr 03
QuickCode Pro v4.2
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automated Solutions Group Announces QuickCode Pro v4.2 Release Huntington Beach, CA - April 3, 2001: Automated Solutions Group today announced the release of QuickCode Pro 4.2 for the Macintosh, the popular assistant editor for 4th Dimension. QuickCode Pro (QCP) dramatically enhances the 4th Dimension method editor with a host of features designed to simplify and accelerate the process of writing 4D code. What's new in QuickCode Pro 4.2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Changes/Enhancements - There are several new options you can use in the replace string for regular expressions, including options to change the case of portions of the matched string. Please see the main documentation for details. - Regular expression (regex) searching and replacing has been added! For information, please see the main documentation. - If using 4D 6.5.5+, the Method Tool now has an Open by name menu item that allows you to open a method by full or partial name. You can also press Command-D...
Apr 03
Pepper 3.6.1
Pepper 3.6.1 released Today Hekkelman Programmatuur b.v. has released Pepper 3.6.1, an update for the powerful text editor for both MacOS X and MacOS 9. This update fixes some of the problems reported on MacOS X and adds a commandline launcher. Pepper is a very powerful text editor targeted at programmers, html writers and scripters, yet Pepper's friendly user interface allows anyone to use its power quickly and easily. Pepper comes with language support for 12 different languages and has a very long list of features that rivals those of all other editors. Most notably Pepper comes with support for unlimited file sizes, can manipulate rectangular ranges of text and Pepper has a worksheet that allows the execution of shell commands from within Pepper. And Pepper runs natively on MacOS X, now. System requirements for Pepper are, 5 Mb of disk space, MacOS X or MacOS 9 with CarbonLib 1.2.5. Pepper is distributed as shareware, it costs only USD 45. The upgrade is free for all current users...
Apr 03
Package Tracker 3.0
INTELLI INNOVATIONS INC. RELEASES PACKAGE TRACKER 3.0 FOR MAC OS/MAC OS X New Update Adds Enhanced QuickTracking, Customizable Tracking Lists, U.S. Postal Service Rate Calculator And More - Now Shipping Commercially Online And On CD-ROM Raleigh, NC - April 3rd, 2001 - Intelli Innovations, Inc., developers of innovative Internet and productivity software for the Macintosh platform, today announced a significant upgrade to its award winning, multi-carrier package management solution Package Tracker. Package Tracker 3.0 is the first and only complete, multi-carrier tracking and parcel management system available on the Macintosh platform. Package Tracker 3.0 adds many new features, including: * 100% Carbonized version now available for customers running Mac OS X * Redesigned QuickTrack window displays only relevant information for a specific package in a new, hierarchical list view * New fields added to Tracking Lists, including internal tracking ID, notes field for customer information...
Apr 03
FinalWord 2.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PINEHILL PRODUCTS RELEASES FINALWORD 2.0 - POWERFUL TEXT EDITING April 3rd, 2001 - Rochester, NY - PineHill Products releases FinalWord 2.0, the premier Macintosh text editor for the Mac OS and Mac OS X operating systems. FinalWord 2.0 is one of the most powerful and easy to use text editor for the Macintosh out today with up to date features and the ability to read Windows/DOS files. FinalWord combines both the simplicity and the power of the Macintosh to allow you to create and edit any file dealing with text on both Mac OS and Mac OS X. FinalWord 2.0 has all of the features and options you need to create or edit compelling text or word processing documents with its easy to use interface and compatibility. Key Features of FinalWord 2.0: - Crash Protection - Remove Forwarded Quotes - Text Info Window - Font Setup and Preview - Send as eMail - New spell checker with more features, interface, and is speedier - Open as URL, Convert to URL - New preferences...
Apr 03
SuperLock 4.0.2 Lite
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TriVectus Releases SuperLock 4.0.2 Lite Phoenix, AZ -- Monday, April 3, 2001 -- TriVectus, LC today announced the immediate availability of version 4.0.2 of SuperLock Lite, the company's slimmed-down version of the Macintosh's premier shareware security utility, SuperLock Pro. This new version fixes all known problems with 4.0.1, including incompatibility with Mac OS 9.1. A detailed list of the changes in 4.0.2 can be found at: ( ==About SuperLock Lite== SuperLock has been the premier Macintosh shareware security utility for eight years. It is available in two versions, a Pro version and a Lite version. The Pro version is a feature-heavy program designed to handle a nearly unlimited number of users, while the Lite version is slimmed down for use in primarily single-user environments. SuperLock Lite includes the following features: * Optionally blocks use of the Command-Option-escape key sequence to force-...
Apr 02
PageNOW! 2.0 Mac Paging/SMS
NEWS: PageNOW! 2.0 Mac Paging/SMS Released (Personal Edition, Lite, Server) ( A long time in the making, we are pleased to announce the availability of PageNOW! 2.0 for MacOS. With support for TCP based paging, and a number of new and improved features across the board, we are sure everyone will find something to look forward to in this widely anticipated update to PageNOW! With PageNOW! 2.0 you can reach pagers and digital phones with: --)Personal Messages Enter and manage urgent messages to colleagues and family on your Mac, then send them off via modem or internet connection. --)Appointments and Reminders Send yourself full-text reminder pages to keep you on time during your busy day. --)Wireless E-Mail Receive e-mail from Internet, online services, or your office network on your pager. --)Network Alerts Receive important messages from 3rd party network monitoring applications such as EtherPeek, InterMapper, LAN Surveyor, PageSentry, Server...
Apr 02
Macromind FreeHand 10 for Mac OS X
MACROMEDIA ANNOUNCES FREEHAND 10, SUPPORTS MAC OS X Next Generation Of Design Software Enhances Macromedia Flash Integration San Francisco, CA -- April 2, 2001 -- Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced Macromedia FreeHand 10, which features new creative tools, productivity enhancements, tight integration with Macromedia Flash(tm) 5, the Macromedia User Interface, and the ability to multi-publish to both print and the Web. Upon its release, FreeHand 10 will be available on Macintosh and Windows platforms, including Mac OS X, Apple's next generation operating system using the sleek new Aqua interface. "Macromedia FreeHand 10 is designed to make the lives of graphics professionals easier and more productive through rich Macromedia Flash integration, templates, and the ability to intuitively create content that can be delivered to both print and the Web," said Kevin Lynch, president of Macromedia products. "In addition, we are committed to developing our market-leading Web...
Apr 02
Symantec Products for Mac OS X
SYMANTEC'S INDUSTRY-LEADING INTERNET SECURITY AND PROBLEM SOLVING PRODUCTS SUPPORT MAC OS X CUSTOMERS BY PROVIDING IMMEDIATE COMPATIBILITY CUPERTINO, Calif. - April 2, 2001 - -- Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC), a world leader in Internet security technology, today announced that Norton AntiVirus 7.0 for Macintosh, Norton Utilities 6.0.for Macintosh, Norton SystemWorks for Macintosh, and Norton Internet Security for Macintosh support Apple's new Mac OS X platform through bootable compact disk and Mac OS 9.1, included with Mac OS X. Users of Mac OS X will immediately benefit from many of Symantec's market-leading innovations in Internet security, award-winning anti-virus protection and state-of-the-art problem-solving tools to provide comprehensive Macintosh computing solutions. Macintosh customers using computers released before 2001, as well as the 2001 Titanium PowerBook, can run the current versions of Symantec's Macintosh products with Mac OS X via the software packages'...
Apr 02
4D Bundles Products with Adobe GoLive 5.0
4D, Inc. news for immediate release April 2, 2001. San Jose, CA. 4D Bundles Products with Adobe GoLive 5.0 to Offer Complete Dynamic Web Server Solutions 4D SA, publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and WebSTAR Server Suite, announced today that it has bundled Adobe GoLive(tm) 5.0 software with several of its products to provide complete Web Server Solutions which will enable the integration of dynamic database content into HTML pages created with Adobe GoLive 5.0. The products bundled with GoLive 5.0 are 4D Developer Edition, 4D Server Standard, and 4D Server Developer Editions along with a new product called 4D Web Edition. Since 4D version 6.7 has so many new and improved Web features, an increasing number of 4D developers are using a combination of HTML editors and 4D as a Web server. 4D version 6.7.1 includes a plug-in for GoLive 5.0 called 4D Extend Script, which facilitates the setting-up of HTML tags inside GoLive 5.0. The plug-in installs a new '4D tab' in...
Apr 02
CommonGround Softworks - Qilan 2.0 (beta) for OS X
CommonGround Softworks Inc. Announces Qilan 2.0 (beta) for Mac OS X HOOKSETT, NEW HAMPSHIRE - April 2, 2001 - CommonGround Softworks Inc. today announces Qilan 2.0 (beta) for Mac OS X (final release). "Qilan 2.0 is a significant upgrade to our web-based data server and access environment. We have added access to MS SQL Server along with our existing access to FrontBase, OpenBase and Helix. Qilan 2.0 now deploys Java standards based technology for future access to a wider range of databases" Some of the significant new features are: *Session server *128 bit data block cipher encryption (TwoFish) available between the datasource and the web server *Like pattern matching *Improved Date and Time constant handling *Improved html controls for data iteration in Qilan table *Creates data relationships "on-the-fly" *Uses JDBC database connectivity *Improved flexibility of Qilan tag placement in a web page template "Qilan 2.0 can now be used by developers under OS X who are looking for a time...
Apr 02
Iomega Predator External CD-RW Drive with FireWire
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE IOMEGA PREDATOR CD-RW DRIVE WITH FIREWIRE ADAPTER NOW SHIPPING ROY, Utah, April 2, 2001 - Iomega Corporation (NYSE: IOM), a global leader in data management solutions, is now shipping its Predator external CD-RW drive with FireWire connectivity to North American distributors. The new Predator FireWire drive combines style and performance, offering twice the CD-R write speed of USB 1.1 and five times the CD read speed. Iomega's Predator CD-RW drive with FireWire connectivity has a rated performance of 8X4X32X (8X write, 4X rewrite, 32X read) and supports additional popular interfaces by using detachable and interchangeable adapters. Users will be able to easily switch among any of four hot-swappable connection types: USB 1.1, FireWire, and PC Card and USB 2.0 when available. These choices will give Predator owners the freedom to transform their drives as needed for different desktop and laptop interfaces. "Offering the speed of FireWire with our sleek Predator CD-...
Apr 02
OpenBase SQL 6.5.5, For Mac OS X & other platforms
Latest Release of OpenBase SQL Offers MacOS X and PHP4 Compatibility New OpenBase for PHP License Just $499 Francestown, NH - April 2, 2001 - OpenBase International, Ltd. has begun shipping OpenBase SQL 6.5.5 -- the latest release of its high-performance SQL database for MacOS X and other platforms. New features include PHP4 compatibility and numerous enhancements. "OpenBase SQL already provides the best performance for WebObjects and client/server applications," says Scott Keith, CTO of OpenBase International. "Now developers have the option to build and deploy inexpensive PHP applications as well." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Proven Architecture Delivers Optimal Database Performance ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OpenBase ensures data availability and integrity through its proven fault tolerant architecture -- and delivers superior performance, with applications running at...
Mar 31
For Immediate Release: Saturday, March 31, 2001 Galactic Dreams Software proudly presents METAL v1.7a! METAL v1.7a is a 100% free extended BASIC language metacompiler. See below for download info. One of the fastest BASICs around, METAL (Meta Language) has a rich command library that includes powerful graphics, sound, speech, math and file I/O routines. METAL is a complete programming environment that readily produces standalones and features numerous examples, 5700 lines of hypertextual documentation and a pleasant to use editor. METAL is used in scientific research around the globe (quick calculations), in software development companies (for prototyping), in K-12 and higher education and, of course, by the beginners who are trying to enter the world of programming. What's new in METAL v1.7a (a brief summary): - vastly improved compiler stability - better editor - better help system - tremendously improved error reporting - new loop constructs - new constructs for...
Mar 30
DevDepot Launches Home Automation Store
DEVDEPOT LAUNCHES HOME AUTOMATION STORE! Imagine your home coming to life -- lights turning on as you enter a room, drapes that close at sundown, being able to start your morning coffee brewing with a bed side switch. Home automation can make your life easier, bring down expensive utility bills, and make your home or office more secure. It's *so* easy to do! And the place to start is: ( Home Automation is based on PowerLine Carrier signaling (sometimes called X-10) that enables control signals to be transmitted anywhere in your house on your existing 110V electrical lines. Just plug a controller into one electrical outlet and a module at another -- you now have remote control! Controllers can be a console setting by your bed, wall switches, timers, or a key chain wireless remote. They can also be sensors that know when a door or cabinet opens, that recognize motion -- even monitor daylight or the weather. Control modules can turn on your...
Mar 30
REALbasic 3.1b5 now available
Mac OS X 10.0 (the version released on March 24) is substantially different from the Mac OS X Public Beta. REALbasic 3.0 works fine on the Public Beta but not on version 10.0. If you are using Mac OS X 10.0, you need to be using REALbasic 3.1, currently in beta. REAL Software offers open betas, that is anyone who wants to can download a REALbasic beta and use it. (
Mar 29
CtoFB3: Translates C to FutureBASIC^3
CtoFB3 translates functions and programs from the C programming language into FutureBASIC^3 LOCAL FNs requiring minimal editing. CtoFB3 gives FutureBasic^3 programmers easier access to the substantial C Libraries that are widely available. CtoFB3 is in the final stages of development and has been released so that programmers can take advantage of its power now. Almost all C statements and operators are currently handled. Code fragments and entire programs can be translated, including those containing multiple nested include statements. The current beta and details can be found at CtoFB3 is being released as freeware for FB programmers, however, if you use CtoFB3 in a project please credit this program, CtoFB3, and the author, Michael Kluskens, in your program's About Box. Commercial distribution of CtoFB3 is prohibited without written permission from the author. CtoFB3 is a compiled PowerPC FutureBASIC^3 application (StazSoftware FutureBASIC^3 is...
Mar 29
Beehive ftp forms v2.7
P R E S S R E L E A S E Albuquerque, NM - March. 28, 2001 - Pine Island Software is releasing new 2.7 versions of our "Beehive ftp forms" desktop file transfer client for Macintosh ,Windows and Browsers. We are also releasing and new 2.7 versions of our "Beehive ftp manager" automation utility for Macintosh and windows. New features include, native html forms support, job numbering, scheduled folder polling and auto-send, multiple email notifications, central administration and updating and complete integration with Pine Island's universal file transfer portal SendFile.NET. (BEEHIVE FTP FORMS DEMOS AT ) SendFile.NET is the first complete JAVA ftp applet for use with Macintosh browsers with MRJ! Pine island Software has installed over 500 site licenses of the new Browser-based Java ftp client at printing, prepress and Newspaper sites. Unlike other Browser-based file transfer products, SendFile.NET supports true ftp (file transfer protocol) and does NOT...
Mar 29
WWDC 2001: Exhibitor Fair
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EXHIBITOR FAIR SHOWCASE RETURNS TO APPLE'S WWDC 2001 - Exhibit space is available on a first come, first served basis! WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA -- March 29, 2001 -- Xplain Custom Services today announced the return of the official "WWDC Exhibitor Fair" to Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (May 21-25, 2001). In the exhibit area, developers will showcase their newest products which support Mac OS X and other Apple technologies. "WWDC Exhibitor Fair is the focal point for seeing the latest technical wares on the Mac," said Neil Ticktin, CEO, Xplain Corporation and Publisher of MacTech Magazine. "With a mission focused on serving the developer/technical communities, the WWDC Exhibitor Fair will have vendors of all types and sizes showing off the best the Mac has to offer. If you're just beginning as a programmer, developing web content, managing networks, or have been a part of the developer community for years, you'll have the opportunity to meet the experts face-...
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Delivery Status 6.1.2 - Check delivery s...
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Mavericks Cache Cleaner 8.0.9 - Clear ca...
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Previous-generation 15-inch 2.0GHz Retina Mac...
B&H Photo has leftover previous-generation 15″ 2.0GHz Retina MacBook Pros now available for $1599 including free shipping plus NY sales tax only. Their price is $400 off original MSRP. B&H... Read more
21″ 2.7GHz iMac available for $1179, save $12...
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LIkely Final Definitive OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks...
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Fingerprints, Apple Pay and Identity Theft Wa...
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Purchase a new Mac or iPad at The Apple Store for Education and take up to $300 off MSRP. All teachers, students, and staff of any educational institution qualify for the discount. Shipping is free,... Read more
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16GB iPad Air on sale for $449, save $50
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13-inch 256GB MacBook Air on sale for $1099,...
B&H Photo has the 2014 13″ 1.4GHz 256GB MacBook Air on sale for $1099.99. Shipping is free, and B&H charges NY sales tax only. Their price is $100 off MSRP. Read more

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*Apple* Retail - Multiple Positions (US) - A...
Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, you're also the Read more
*Apple* Retail - Multiple Positions (US) - A...
Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, you're also the Read more
*Apple* Retail - Multiple Positions (US) - A...
Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, you're also the Read more
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