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Jun 03
Omikron Basic v8
Omikron Basic 8.0 Now Available for Mac OS X The time is here, Omikron Basic v8 now runs as a native application under MacOS X. Visit our website to download a demo version. (a href="" ) Omikron Basic is a versatile and easy to learn programming language delivering the true BASIC look and feel even while running under modern operating systems. - Most Omikron Basic applications do not require internal knowledge of the Macintosh operating system. - No complex project definitions, no runtime libraries. Simply open a program window and start to write your program. - The super speedy compiler/debugger allows an immediate testing of the programs. - Omikron Basic generates extremely fast and compact PowerPC code. Small programs remain small after compiling them. - Modular programming with procedures and functions. - Recursive programming due to local and global variables. - Indirect addressing (...
Jun 03
iLiner 2.0 Released
iLiner 2.0 Released Mercury Software has released iLiner 2.0, an outline processor designed for OS X (10.2-10.3). iLiner sports auto summarization of text into an outline, import and export of outlines to OPML (Outline Mark-up Language), Unicode and RTF formats and the dragging of collapsed outlines into other OS X applications with all formatting retained. iLiner retails for $29.95. Updating from an earlier version of iLiner is $19.95. A 14 day trial version can be downloaded from Mercury Software's home page (
Jun 02
MindVision Releases Installer VISE 8.4 For Macintosh
MINDVISION RELEASES INSTALLER VISE 8.4 FOR MACINTOSH LINCOLN, NEB. - June 2, 2004: MindVision Software announces the immediate availability of Installer VISE(tm) 8.4, an upgrade to its product for creating full-featured installers for both Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X. The changes in Installer VISE 8.4 include: - Improved bundle detection and display - Advanced drive detection - Localization enhancements - Additional Dock item support - Better error reporting and prevention - Other enhancements and bug fixes The Installer VISE 8.4 installer is available for downloading now at See the Read Me in the Installer VISE installer for a detailed list of changes, or visit AVAILABILITY Fully functional evaluation copies of Installer VISE 8.4 are available for downloading at Customers with current annual licenses are eligible to receive this upgrade for free. Others can...
Jun 01
Extensis Announces Portfolio 7 for Mac OS X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Extensis Announces Immediate Availability of Portfolio 7 for Mac OS X Cross-platform Digital Asset Management solution offers instant deployment, ease of use and affordability for workgroups and individuals. Portland, Ore. - June 1, 2004 - Extensis Inc., today announced immediate availability of its leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, Portfolio 7 and Portfolio Server 7 for Macintosh. Portfolio enables photographers, graphic artists and other individuals and workgroups - from those in small-to-medium sized organizations to multiple workgroups in global 2000 companies - to organize, retrieve, repurpose, and distribute digital files quickly. Portfolio Server also provides instant access to assets across the Internet and other wide area networks, opening the communication channel between distributed team members and partner networks, making asset management and collaboration easier and more efficient than ever before. "Portfolio 7 for the Mac extends the...
Jun 01
Barcode Automator 2.2
(fullname): Intelli Innovations, Inc. has posted point release Barcode Automator 2.2. Barcode Automator is our specialized barcoding suite specially designed for bulk generation and AppleScript automation. Barcode Automator supports 9 different symbologies, includes vectorized EPS, TIFF, and JPEG export capabilities, and comes bundled with OCR typography. Product Home Page: ( New in this update: - Enhanced barcode value editor, including faster import/export operations, a streamlined interface for step and repeat sequential value addition, a more readable text font for viewing, and keyboard-based record editing - Compatibility patch for recent versions of "haxie" software (or, technically speaking, products that specifically makes calls into the CFBundle). - New PostScript name matching exports font names in EPS files using their PostScript equivalent, instead of their standard form. - Barcode value exports are now in...
Jun 01
eSuite4X 2.8 - Web Developer Edition released:
eSuite4X 2.8 - Web Developer Edition released: Everything you need to start developing database driven web sites within 10 minutes. Using the eSuite4X graphical interface it has never been easier to set up a local web server with access to your own database server. Includes a local web server with all the features commercial scale production servers and most ISP's offer: - Apache 2 - PHP 4.3 - WebDAV - MySQL 4 The eSuite4X 2.8 - Web Developer's Edition features: - Graphical interfaces for easy setup and administration - Manage MySQL databases, tables and users with our sophisticated GUI - Integrated PHP Code Generator - Publish your finished site to your production environment or web hosting provider with a couple of clicks - Make backups of your production database to your local system with our easy to use Import GUI. eSuite4X 2.8 is optimized for usage with Macromedia's Dreamweaver MX, Adobe's GoLive and many major web authoring tools...
Jun 01
NovaMind introduces new creativity enhancement feature
NovaMind introduces new creativity enhancement feature In their latest release, NovaMind have implemented yet another brilliant feature designed to increase user productivity and Mind Mapping fun. The Branch Proposal System (or BPS for short) is available as a free plug-in to the latest version and is unique to NovaMind. The BPS works with the user to suggest words and phrases related to information on the existing Mind Map branches, this is excellent for suggesting and exploring more possibilities while making the user think of new ideas and directions for their Mind Map branches. The ability to insert multiple words from the BPS at the click of a button aids the user in building a detailed Mind Map very quickly. This latest release also includes the highly anticipated ability to export to Microsoft PowerPoint. This establishes NovaMind as one of the select few OSX vendors able to offer this feature to their users. Novamind is free to try and US$79 to buy. See (http://www.nova-mind....
Jun 01
Ovolab updates RemoteTunes to version 1.5
For Immediate Release Ovolab updates RemoteTunes to version 1.5. Torino, Italy (Europe) - June 1, 2004 - Ovolab(tm) today released version 1.5 of Ovolab RemoteTunes, the remote control for iTunes applications running on a network. Ovolab RemoteTunes is extremely useful for turning a server, or an old Mac, into a music jukebox. Using Ovolab RemoteTunes, you can play songs on any Mac you are authorized to log in to - whether on the local network or on the Internet - and the audio will play from the remote computer's speakers. You can also create and edit playlists, rate songs, turn visual effects on or off, and more. As opposed to other software which offers similar functionality, Ovolab RemoteTunes does not require any software to be installed on the remote Macintosh. Pricing and Availability Version 1.5 of Ovolab RemoteTunes is available immediately to all existing users as a free software update. A trial version can be freely downloaded from the Ovolab web site. Ovolab RemoteTunes is...
Jun 01
Infinisys Releases Update for "After Dark X + Fish"
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Infinisys Releases Update for "After Dark X + Fish" TAIHAKU-KU, Sendai, Japan, June 1st 2004 - Infinisys, Ltd. ( today released an update to the classic screensaver. "After Dark + Fish" for Macintosh OS X (, The updated version includes a new module called "Kaleidoscope" which displays moving patterns on the screen. The user can choose from seven patterns provided or select their own graphic files or photographs. Using the sound play function, music from a CD or sound files (MP3 etc) can be played to go along with the visual display. After Dark is the best-selling screensaver that has delighted Macintosh users worldwide since 1989. "After Dark X + Fish" adds the popular "Fish", "Mowing Man" and "Mandelbrot" modules to the existing "Space Toasters", "Starry Night" and other user favorites contained in the previous version "After Dark X". The updated version of "After Dark X + Fish" is priced at $10-...
Jun 01
Aladdin Systems Debuts Internet CleanUp 2.0
ALADDIN SYSTEMS DEBUTS INTERNET CLEANUP(tm) 2.0 New Version Enhances Spyware Protection, Cleans IM Logs, Manages E-mail Attachments Folder, Deletes Files Securely and Adds Privacy Protection WATSONVILLE, CA, June 1, 2004 - Aladdin Systems, Inc., an IMSI company (OTC BB: IMSI), today announced Internet Cleanup(tm) 2.0 for Macintosh, a new version of the popular privacy tool that blocks suspicious data transmissions, cookies, referring URLs, ad banners, and pop-up windows. The software cleans up e-mail attachments and instant messaging log files to protect confidential information. In addition, Internet Cleanup 2.0 offers secure file deletion to erase compromising files and quickly remove the Internet clutter that can fill up a hard drive. It also manages browser cookies, allowing users to protect their preference and password-saving cookies while deleting the rest. "Internet Cleanup 2.0 provides strong privacy protection to Mac users," said Pauline Shumake, Senior Product Manager of...
May 31
Revolution: Software at the Speed of Thought Volume II
"Revolution: Software at the Speed of Thought" Volume II New Chapters Added to Popular Book and e-book series Edinburgh, Scotland, May 31st 2004. Runtime Revolution Press today announces the availability of the first two chapters of volume II in Dan Shafer's book and e-book series "Revolution: Software at the Speed of Thought". The e-book edition of the chapters are available immediately with the printed version to follow on completion of volume II. New Chapters in Volume II Chapter 1 focuses on custom properties, one of Revolution's most powerful features. Readers will find out why they should use custom properties and how to define, update, access and organize them. Chapter 2 explores the power and flexibility of using Revolution CGIs. In this chapter users will find out why Revolution makes an ideal CGI engine, how to create and install CGI scripts and how to use Revolution stacks as CGIs. Pricing and Availability The new chapters are available for $5 each in electronic format...
May 25
SQL4X Manager J 2.8 for Mac OS X
SQL4X Manager J 2.8 for Mac OS X SQL4X Manager J is the professional tool to access and manage your database server with Mac OS X. It automatically recognizes your database server and helps you to do your work with more than 80 assistants and tools - from table and user management to SQL queries with syntax coloring, data transfer and reporting. Supports all major database servers (including Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL and many others). Download a free trial here: Features SQL4X Manager J is a comprehensive graphical Interface for web and database developers to access any JDBC compliant database server. You can choose between a terminal-like graphical SQL Console with SQL syntax coloring and table name auto-completion to execute your own SQL commands and a fully graphical schema and table browser. - navigate through your database - monitor and administer system settings - access databases, tables and data -...
May 25
Relogix now available to translate x86 assembly-language to C
PRESS RELEASE Release date: 25th May 2004 Relogix now available to translate x86 assembly-language to C 25th May 2004 -- MicroAPL Ltd, specialists in automated porting and code transformation tools, today announced the general availability of Relogix/86, an advanced new software conversion tool which takes 80x86-family assembler source files and automatically re-codes them in readable, maintainable C. The new product follows the launch last year of Relogix/68K, which performs a similar conversion for 680x0 and ColdFire assembler code. Unlike other translation tools, Relogix produces natural, maintainable, commented C source files, comparable to those which a skilled human programmer would produce if asked to re-write an assembler source file in C. As well as reorganizing the program flow to use standard C flow-control constructs such as 'if', 'for' and 'case' statements, Relogix also chooses sensible data types and names for the C variables which correspond to register- and stack-...
May 24
FileMaker Server 7 Now Available
FileMaker Server 7 Now Available SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 24, 2004 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- FileMaker has announced the immediate availability of FileMaker Server 7 ( ), the new server software for hosting FileMaker Pro 7 database files. "Whether you're a 2-person small business or a large corporate workgroup, FileMaker Server 7 allows you to easily share, manage and access database information with others while dramatically increasing productivity," says Ryan Rosenberg, vice president, Marketing and Services, FileMaker. FileMaker Server 7 now offers numerous breakthroughs in data sharing and administration, as well as advanced security features, including the following new features: FileMaker databases run faster New within FileMaker Server 7 is the ability to perform searches and calculations on the server instead of the client database providing data speed gains; get greater performance from hard disk storage systems and multi-CPU servers;...
May 24
SQLitePluginPro 1.2 for both Windows and Mac
SQLitePluginPro 1.2 for both Windows and Mac SAN DIEGO, California (May 24, 2004) - SQLabs is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SQLitePluginPro 1.2 for both Windows and Mac. SQLitePluginPro is a fast and reliable replacement for REALbasic's built-in database engine. Any existing REALbasic project that uses the built-in database can be easily and quickly modified to use a SQLite database. SQLite's on-the-fly indexing and ACID transactions ensure that SQLitePluginPro databases are both fast and free from corruption. Database applications recompiled with SQLitePluginPro should see a dramatic increase in both speed and reliability. SQLitePluginPro implements REALbasic's database API, allowing you to use REALbasic's built-in database controls and classes, as well as bindings, to create SQLite database applications. SQLitePluginPro can open and manipulate existing SQLite databases or create and open new ones. Furthermore, SQLite databases are fully cross-platform. Any...
May 24
Video Stabilizer for Mac
Video Stabilizer for Mac May, 2004 Pixlock introduces iStabilize, a new video stabilizer for MacOS X. iStabilize removes unwanted shaky motion from movies with respect to translation, rotation, and zoom. It is a complete movie player with editing capabilities and can read and write many movie formats. iStabilize provides a preview mode, where stabilization parameters can be adjusted and their effects can be seen immediately without time consuming rendering. Stabilization can be applied to multiple temporal intervals of a movie. iStabilize 1.0 for Mac costs US$29.95 for a single-user license. For more information and to download a demo version, visit the Pixlock website at:
May 24
FileXaminer v2.2
FileXaminer v2.2 Gideon Softworks, Inc. announces the release of FileXaminer v2.2, the award-winning File/Folder information utility for Mac OS X. FileXaminer allows you to modify file and folder attributes that the Finder cannot ( ex. Type/Creator Info, UNIX permissions, and much more... ). FileXaminer is powerful and easy to use - making it the best "Get Info" application for Mac OS X. See website for release notes. FileXaminer eliminates the need to use Terminal, and makes changing attributes on files/folders a breeze. FileXaminer Home Page ( feature list and download ) : (
May 24
AutoScrubber version 1.5. Now with visual feedback!
Jiiva releases AutoScrubber version 1.5. Now with visual feedback! Beaverton, OR (May 21, 2004) Jiiva announces the release of AutoScrubber 1.5. This release brings interactivity to a process normally hidden behind the scenes. Version 1.5 adds many features requested by customers. Mainly visual feedback when files are being securely erased as well as an on-screen notice when Software Update is launched. Deleting files is typically seen as a progress indicator when emptying the trash. Now customers will know exactly when AutoScrubber is at work securely erasing file fragments left behind by applications as they occur as well as when the trash is emptied by enabling a system menu icon that tilts left or right each time a file is erased. Other enhancements to AutoScrubber include an updated list of built-in configurations, improved support for multi-gigabyte files, speed improvements, and greater interoperability with Norton Utilities. AutoScrubber is an evolution is data security....
May 24
On-Target Reports 4.0
On-Target Reports 4.0 Announced PRICING AND SPECIAL UPGRADE INFORMATION NOW AVAILABLE May 20, 2004. Roswell, Georgia. On-Target Reports, Inc, makers of dbReports Professional announce that On-Target Reports 4.0 Professional is slated to ship in June 2004 at an estimated street price of $199. On-Target Reports 4.0 is an easy to use reporting tool for popular databases including FrontBase, mySQL, ODBC, OpenBase, Oracle, postgreSQL, PrimeBase, REALDatabase, Sybase ASE, SQLite and Valentina (Valentina 1.x and forthcoming 2.x), allowing rapid and easy visual report building and printing. On-Target Reports 4.0 Professional adds several new features, including: Graphics. Display graphics within generated reports contained within any supported database. Watermarks. Display a company logo, Confidential or other marks useful in day-to-day business. Graphs. On-Target Reports 4.0 Professional has a new graphing engine, with support for all major graph types, including Column, Stacked Column, Line...
May 20
TikiMac announces LavaPad
For Immediate Release TikiMac announces LavaPad, a user-selectable multi-color LED mouse pad for Macintosh and PC Systems DENVER, CO (May, 20th, 2004) - TikiMac today announced LavaPad, a mouse pad with translucent edges, illuminated by a multicolor LED light system, available for Macintosh and PC systems. LavaPad allows the user to select any one of 7 color combinations or a special color-cycling mode, through a tiny push button located on the pad itself. Power is supplied to the mouse pad's LED lighting system via an integrated 6 ft. USB cord. AVAILABILITY: LavaPad is available for ordering today and will begin shipping on June 1st through TikiMac authorized resellers, specialist stores and its online store, for $29.99.
May 20
Mac OS X Tcl/Tk Aqua Binary Release
Mac OS X Tcl/Tk Aqua Binary Release Announcement May 20, 2004 I'm pleased to announce the availability of Mac OS X binary distributions for Tcl/Tk Aqua, the Mac OS X native port of the Tcl scripting language and the Tk toolkit; bundled with fifty popular extensions. The distributions are downloadable as compressed disk images from the Tcl/Tk Aqua file release page on SourceForge: Three variants are available: * TclTkAquaBI: Batteries-Included distribution, includes fifty popular extensions (c.f. list below). This is a superset of ActiveState's ActiveTcl distribution (on other platforms). Installs in systemwide locations, administrator password required. (31.8M) * TclTkAqua: smaller distribution of just the TclTk frameworks, Wish, tclsh and html docs (including debug versions of library...
May 19
Maxum Releases WebRev 1.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MAXUM RELEASES WEBREV 1.0 Live HTML editor makes quick work of Web site updates and corrections. Crystal Lake, Illinois (May 20, 2004) - Maxum Development is pleased to announce WebRev, a brand new tool for Web site developers. WebRev is designed to make minor Web page updates, edits and fixes easier than ever before, and is offered as a free component of iAssist, Maxum's Internet server management system. Any Web author that has ever noticed a typo or wanted to make live edits of their Web site will appreciate WebRev. Fundamentally, WebRev is a basic Web browser, based on Apple's WebKit technology, with one important difference: For Web pages loaded from known servers, the HTML source of the page is automatically displayed in a standard Mac text edit box. Web site developers can add to or edit their HTML pages, and save them back to the server on the fly. "This is a new tool aimed at anyone who has ever wished their Web browser had a 'fix now' feature," said...
May 19
Code-X 1.4 FileMaker Plug-in
NEW: FileMaker Plug-in - Code-X 1.4 Hi-Voltage, Melbourne Australia, has announced the release of Code-X 1.4. Code-X is a FileMaker plug-in that allows developers to build registration functionality and issue custom registration codes to unlock their solutions. Use Code-X 1.4 to: * Protect solutions from piracy * Deploy demo solutions which require registration codes to allow users full access * Build feature / functionality restrictions into solutions as an incentive for users to purchase a registration * Build 30-day trial periods * Build record creation restrictions - i.e. limit users with 10 a record limitation * Limit startup access - i.e. only allow demo solutions to launch 15 times * Issue different licensing levels - i.e. standard license to unlock selected features or full license to unlock all features * Control the number of users that can access solutions * Remind users that they need to register the solution * Keep track of registrations with CodeGenerator (a FileMaker...
May 18
NetShred 3.5 for Mac OS X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Mireth Technology has released version 3.5 of NetShred for Macintosh OS X, it=92s popular privacy utility that automatically shreds web browser cache, browser history files, download cache, email trash, Apple junk mail, Mailsmith spam and more. Version 3.5 adds support for two more browsers - Firefox and Camino, as well as shredding Safari icons. Anyone can look through your web browser=92s cache and history files and see what information you have accessed on the web. Do you really want to risk having your private information read by anyone with access to your computer? NetShred X provides an easy, permanent way of securely deleting browser cache, history files, email trash and more. Permanent because it shreds (not just deletes) these files so the contents cannot be recovered. Easy because it runs automatically when you quit from your browser or email application. Key features include: - the option to shred (not just delete) browser cache, history, email...
May 18
SubRosaSoft Ships Version 1.0 of OfficeRestore
SubRosaSoft Ships Version 1.0 of OfficeRestore Easy to use software recovers Excel and Word documents Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, (May 17th, 2004) Ltd., a software company based in New Zealand focusing on system utility and privacy software, today announced the immediate availability of OfficeRestore version 1.0. OfficeRestore is a user-friendly application designed to retrieve Excel and Word documents that have been erased intentionally or accidentally. "Even with the reliability of hard disk, USB keys, and most other media, files are often erased by mistake or deliberately or lost to bad media." Stated Ben Slaney, project manager for the Restore range of software. "With OfficeRestore, we cover both scenarios. OfficeRestore not only recovers accidentally deleted Microsoft Office files, but can also recover Office files from failing disks. Recovering lost Excel or Word documents has never been so straightforward. Simply launch OfficeRestore, select the volume that...
May 18
New ebook helps Apple Mail users avoid spam
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New ebook helps Apple Mail users avoid spam Ithaca, NY USA (May 18, 2004)--Apple Mail users frustrated by the flood of spam can now keep junk mail out of their mailboxes with "Take Control of Spam with Apple Mail," a new ebook written by best-selling author Joe Kissell. This tell-all ebook goes far beyond Apple Mail's paltry online help to explain exactly how Mail's Junk Mail filter works, how it interacts with other Mail features, and how users can optimize it to catch spam more accurately. The ebook also provides coping strategies for handling fraudulent, malevolent, and malformed email; reviews software add-ons that improve Mail's spam-catching capabilities; and explains how to use Mail's rules not just to eliminate spam but also to organize important messages. "Take Control of Spam with Apple Mail" is the fifth ebook in the Take Control series, which has helped thousands of Macintosh users with Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. As with all Take Control ebooks, any minor...
May 17
KeyCue 1.0fc1: The Cheat Sheet for Menu Shortcuts
ergonis software released KeyCue 1.0fc1, the cheat sheet for menu shortcuts - early-bird-offer about to expire soon Hagenberg, May-17-2004, ergonis software today announced the release of KeyCue(TM) 1.0fc1, a tool to find and learn menu shortcuts. This "final candidate" 1.0fc1 fixes a few problems and inconveniences. "Beta testing of KeyCue has been very successful and resulted in very positive feedback from our customers. We do not expect any problems with the final candidate and plan to release the final version 1.0 very soon." said Guenther Blaschek, CTO of ergonis software. "We therefore ask all beta testers to report any show stopper they experience with KeyCue 1.0fc1 at their earliest convenience to" KeyCue 1.0fc1 requires a license key for unlimited functionality. The license key can be purchased at the company's online store: The early-bird offer, which saves 20 % off the regular price will be...
May 17
Link Checker 1.3
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MAY 17,2003 - dot software is pleased to announce the release of Link Checker 1.3. Link Checker quickly goes through your web site and finds any broken links or images. It also displays any redirected links it comes across so the links on your web site are not outdated. If the web site you are checking is stored locally, you can fix the broken links right inside Link Checker! Link Checker is great for anyone with a web site because broken or outdated links and missing images don't look good. Key Features: - Multiple web sites - Custom parse modules - Fix broken links - Find outdated links - Blazing speed - HTML reports - Also checks images, files, and more What's new in 1.3: -Interface improvements -Loop bug fixes in link parser -Unexpected quit problem due to closing a connection twice fixed -Now shows link being fixed when fixing broken links -Redirected link bug fixed -Web sites can now have a title -Improved progress and status indicators -Many, many bug...
May 17
Webstractor: A Whole New Way of Using the Web
Immediate Release Press Release Webstractor: A Whole New Way of Using the Web London, UK 17 May 2004 - Softchaos Ltd proudly announces the release of Webstractor - A browser that captures, edits and compiles web pages from multiple sources straight into a document. Now everyone can use the full potential of the Internet as an information resource. The Internet is becoming the predominant source of information in the modern world. Using the Internet for research is cheap and effective, whether you are researching the contents of a presentation, project or an assignment, or for personal use such as searching for your next holiday or a product comparison. Until now, if you weren't content with looking at one web page at a time, the only way to compile and edit this information was to copy and paste clumsily from a web browser to a word processor. Webstractor is the unique new product that encapsulates your Internet research projects into their own editable, printable documents....
May 17
iClip 3 Productivity Software
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Inventive Releases iClip 3 Productivity Software for Apple Mac OS X Major Update Features Pop-up Previews, Launcher Capabilities, Dock-less Operation, Clipping Naming, Valentina Database Engine AUGUSTA, Maine, May 17, 2004 Inventive, Inc. ( announces the release of iClip version 3 productivity software for Apple Macintosh computers with OS X. iClip is a multiple clipboard/scrapbook application designed to improve user efficiency and productivity for various computing tasks. New in iClip 3 are pop-up previews that enable quick viewing of clipping contents. File aliases can now be stored in iClip, adding file launcher capabilities to it. iClip 3 now operates without appearing in the Dock, saving valuable space. Other enhancements include the ability to name clippings, to aid in quickly identifying them, and new "action buttons" that provide easy access to various clipping functions. iClip functions as a floating window that allows users to store...
May 16
eZedia Releases eZediaQTI 2.1
eZedia Releases eZediaQTI 2.1 =D0 Dynamic Multimedia Authoring for the Web WINNIPEG, MANITOBA - May 14, 2004 - eZedia Inc., a leader in digital-media software technology, announced today, the release of eZediaQTI 2.1. "eZediaQTI 2.1 takes full advantage of Apple's new operating system, Panther, and is the first of its kind to give users a quick-and-easy way to create rich media web deliverable content as interactive QuickTime movies or as HTML pages," said Stefan Embleton, President and Founder, of eZedia Inc. "This new release breaks even more boundaries by offering advanced Painting features for creating and editing images, and a new Web Page Generator, giving users the ability to produce dynamically visual web sites quickly and easily." eZediaQTI is interactive QuickTime authoring software for creating rich internet content and movies. Users can quickly combine and enhance video, graphics, animation, sound, VRs, and text to create web sites, Internet banners, online presentations,...
May 13
disclabel 2.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SUMMARY: disclabel 2.0 updates SmileOnMyMac's award-winning CD labeling software with new features, ease-of-use improvements, and a new set of professionally-designed templates. disclabel 2.0 (30-day free demo, $29.95) requires Mac OS X 10.2.5 or later. DOWNLOAD LINK (English installer) [6 MB]: Portland, OR - May 13, 2004 - disclabel, SmileOnMyMac's award-winning CD labeling software has been updated to version 2.0, which includes: - Combine different text and image layouts easily in foreground / background layers - Make designs from many beautiful professionally-designed templates - Arrange and distribute objects - Use masking and soft focus to spice up your images - Combine multiple images into a montage - Import images on a per-track basis and use them in your designs - Export designs to PDF, TIFF, and JPEG formats - Print inserts, covers, and booklets on plain paper - Share templates via Rendezvous -...
May 11
24U SimpleDialog Plug-In 2.7 for FileMaker 7
Tuesday, May 11, 2004 Today, 24U Software released the new version 2.7 of 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In. Now FileMaker 7 fully compatible! What is new in version 2.7? - Now fully functional under FileMaker 7 - Much faster initialization and registration of the plug-in - Spacing between popup menus and buttons has been increased on Windows - Possibility of displaying text containing longer sequences of spaces More info: Download: What is 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In? 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In is a dialog-showing plug-in that allows you to display progress bars and almost arbitrary dialog boxes combining text, passwords, check boxes, radio buttons, pop-up menus, etc. as easy as the standard Show Message and Status(CurrentMessageChoice) but much more powerful! Main features: - Custom dialogs with up to 5 buttons - Input fields of the type text, password, checkbox, radio button, pop-up menu -...
May 11
iView Launches iView MediaPro 2.5 for Mac and Windows
iView Launches iView MediaPro 2.5 for Mac and Windows Cross-Platform Media Manager Speeds Workflow for Digital Pros LONDON, May 11, 2004 - iView Multimedia (iView) today announced that its award-winning professional media management software iView MediaPro is available for the Windows platform. iView MediaPro 2.5 now offers the same robust, highly flexible media management for both Windows and Mac users. Designed for creative professionals in film, video, photography, broadcast, education and scientific fields, iView MediaPro helps streamline workflows. Professionals can quickly and easily import, sort, organize and manage very large volumes and types of digital files-helping cut costs and speed project delivery. iView MediaPro 2.5 features an improved user interface, enhanced folder and file management, and Adobe XMP support. Windows users can now enjoy all iView MediaPro's competitive advantages. Unlike other applications, iView MediaPro is supremely flexible. It integrates...
May 10
PowerBook FixIt Guides Announced
PowerBook FixIt Guides Announced SAN LUIS OBISPO, California-- May 10, 2004. PB FixIt today announced the free FixIt Guide series, a groundbreaking new set of Apple PowerBook repair instructions. Each FixIt Guide has detailed disassembly instructions that walk the reader through the process of easily accessing and replacing damaged PowerBook components. "Mac users have always fought the status quo. With these FixIt Guides, we're empowering people to 'Think Different' about repairing their laptop," said PB FixIt's CEO Kyle Wiens. "I can't tell you how many PowerBook owners I've talked to who had cracked their LCD or tripped over their power cord, but couldn't afford $100/hr repair fees in addition to Apple's insane prices for new parts. Our revolutionary FixIt Guides walk you through the repair process step by step, enabling you to replace any part in your PowerBook yourself. "Many people have the impression that their laptop isn't worth having someone fix. They're right-- often it's...
May 10
Big Nerd Ranch Announces Core Bootcamp for July 2004
Atlanta, GA - May 10, 2004 - Bore into the Core: the Big Nerd Ranch announces Core Mac OS X and Unix Programming Bootcamp for July 2004 The Big Nerd Ranch announces the return of Core Bootcamp with instructor Mark Dalrymple, from July 19-23, 2004. The Core Mac OS X and Unix Programming Bootcamp delves deeply into the underpinnings of OS X. For anyone who understands the first nine chapters of "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X," by Aaron Hillegass, Core Bootcamp is the logical next step toward advanced Cocoa programming mastery. "There are a lot of classes about Unix programming, but the Core Bootcamp takes a radical step: it takes a long hard look at the ideas that make desktop applications and networked servers work. It is truly a Unix programming course for the modern world. It also covers the ideas and APIs that are unique to Mac OS X," said Aaron Hillegass, founder of the Big Nerd Ranch. The course covers a range of topics specifically geared to the rigors of developing for...
May 07
Nisus Writer Express 2.0
Nisus(R) Software, Inc. Announces Nisus Writer Express 2.0 Solana Beach, CA - May 7, 2003 - Nisus Software today announces Nisus Writer Express 2.0, the affordable, easy to use Word alternative. With many significant new features such as tables, styles, and footnotes, Nisus Writer Express 2.0 delivers all the features you expect packaged in a legendary user experience that won Nisus Writer Express "Best Overall Word Processor" in lab tests by MacUser UK. "This new release implements the widely requested features we promised our customers - just the second major step in the continuing support of our OSX customers with genuine OSX features." says Jerzy Lewak, President and CEO of Nisus Software. "The powerful new features, our acknowledged ease-of-use, and our commitment to our customers to produce the best software we can, makes Nisus Writer Express 2.0 the most exciting new release in our history!" Nisus Writer Express 2.0 will be available later this summer for only $59. Current...
May 07
FAST DVD COPY 2 The First DVD Video Copy Software for Mac OS X Make your Superdrive Scream! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Boston, May 6, 2004 --- Velan Software announces today the release of FAST DVD COPY 2, the first software built for Mac OS X that allows users to copy their DVD video collections to DVD-R(W) discs without losing any quality from the original DVD. FAST DVD COPY 2 is the most powerful DVD copy technology for Mac available on the market today. It combines the best features of our previously released version with the added breakthrough feature allowing the user the freedom to choose the items to be copied from the DVD video, including menus, trailers, audio streams, subtitles, bonus material and special features. The DVD copy can be played back on portable and home DVD players as well as Macs or PCs with DVD drives. "I travel a lot and for my own entertainment I always bring DVD copies on the plane that I play on my portable DVD player. FAST DVD COPY 2 allows me now to choose...
May 07
Solutions Etcetera announces SuperCard 4.5
Solutions Etcetera announces SuperCard 4.5 May 6, 2004 - Solutions Etcetera announces SuperCard 4.5 Solutions Etcetera today announced SuperCard 4.5, a major upgrade to their award-winning authoring environment that is scheduled to ship in time for MacWorld Boston. "Power and ease use have always been SuperCard's strengths, and 4.5 will deliver lots more of both. Script execution is up to 800% faster, plus we've added a new modular and extensible help system, powerful new text and graphics capabilities, enhanced printing, and of host of other must-have features" said Scott Simon, Director of Product Development. "While upgrade pricing has yet to be finalized, everyone who purchases SuperCard 4.1 on or after May 7, 2004 will receive a free upgrade to version 4.5 upon its release." "SuperCard 4.5 rocks!" says Lead Engineer Mark Lucas. "It's got all the long-rumored goodies we were busy cooking up before the arrival of OS X temporarily pushed them onto the back burner, plus dozens of...
May 07
dbSuite Administration Tool for MySQL 1.2
dbSuite Administration Tool for MySQL 1.2 dbSuite Administration Tool for MySQL 1.2 for Mac OS X and Windows is now released as Donationware for private use. dbSuite Administration Tool combines the philosophy of modern, sophisticated IDE's (Integrated Development Environments) with your daily database administration needs and makes database management a whole new experience. Download a free trial here: Features dbSuite Administration Tool was developed with Administrators and Power Users in focus. Use the Integrated Administration Environment (IAE) to easily - navigate through your database - monitor and administer system settings - access databases, tables and data - manage users and access privileges - graphically create and alter table designs - monitor server performance - import and export data - run sql queries and commands License dbSuite Administration Tool is free for private use (Donationware), but...
May 07
Toon Boom Studio Version 2.5 for Mac Available for Trial
Toon Boom Studio Version 2.5 for Mac Available for Trial! (Montreal, May 7, 2004) - Toon Boom Animation is pleased to announce Toon Boom Studio version 2.5 for Mac OS X is available for trial on its web site at This 15-day trial version gives you access to many exciting new features, such as sound scrubbing in the Timeline, the ability to draw in Sceneplanning and support for scanning. Toon Boom Studio sells for $ 374 USD. The upgrade can be purchased online or from a reseller at $ 199 USD. About Toon Boom Animation Inc. Building on a decade of great successes, Toon Boom has entered a new era. Designated as Toon Boom Animation Inc, the company carries several leading animation products, including USAnimation OPUS and Toon Boom Studio. Toon Boom also offers consulting and training services dedicated to increasing animation production efficiency and quality. Concerto, a new solution designed to meet digital and paperless animation production needs, is...
May 06
2004 OpenBase Developers Conference, Maui, Hawaii
For immediate release 2004 OpenBase Developers Conference, Maui, Hawaii Special low, early-registration price available until June 1 Complete 4-day conference package starts at $829, including hotel and food CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA -- OpenBase International, Ltd. announced that the 2004 OpenBase Developers Conference will be held at Kaanapali Beach in Maui, Hawaii, September 2 - 6, 2004. The purpose of the conference is to provide in-depth information on OpenBase SQL database products, technology and development environments, as well as the opportunity to have fun and network with other developers in a great location. "Our success depends on the success of our customers," says Saina Ranta, director of operations at OpenBase International. "So we've pulled together a super-star roster of experts and presentations, all focused on producing immediate results for developers and software business owners alike." The setting, where the legendary Black Rock of Kaanapali meets the ocean,...
May 05
Yellow Lemon Software announces Desktop Transporter 1.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Summary: Yellow Lemon Software announces Desktop Transporter 1.0.0, a powerful yet very easy to use remote desktop application for MacOS X 10.3 or later. It supports one-click sharing of your desktop, authentication and automatic discovery of shared desktops. YELLOW LEMON SOFTWARE RELEASES DESKTOP TRANSPORTER 1.0.0 Troms=F8, Norway, May 5. 2004 -- Yellow Lemon Software released Desktop Transporter 1.0.0 today, an application that makes sharing your desktop with others, or yourself, very easy. Only a single click is required to share your desktop with other Macs on your local-area network. Using Rendezvous to discover shared desktops, it provides you with the ability to preview shared desktops before connecting to them. Desktop Transporter fully supports any number of attached displays, and reconfigures itself on the fly to detect changes to your display configuration. Naturally, you may protect access to your desktop using a password, and a number of...
May 05
ActiveDeveloper v2.17 -- IDE Released for MacOS X 10.3 and 10.2
NEWS For Immediate Release: For further information, please contact: InterACTIVE-Technology ActiveDeveloper v2.17 -- IDE Released for MacOS X 10.3 and 10.2 May 2004 -- Today InterACTIVE-Technology released ActiveDeveloper version 2.17 for MacOS X 10.3 and 10.2 - our Runtime Objective-C & C IDE, JIT Compiler and Debugger -- supporting Cocoa, WebKit and QuickTime. With its "Develop & Continue" ActiveDeveloper takes an Object and Development oriented approach to merging Objective-C Development and Debugging into ONE single combined activity - as opposed to the more Debugging and C stack level oriented approach taken in Xcode. ActiveDeveloper does this by giving you new and LIVE Workspace Editor, Class Editor and Object Browser and object level operations like Evaluate, Display and Inspect known from IDE's in the Smalltalk roots of the Objective-C language. ActiveDeveloper version 2.17 improves integration into...
May 05
SQLitePluginPro 1.1 for both Windows and Mac
SQLitePluginPro 1.1 for both Windows and Mac SAN DIEGO, California (May 5, 2004) - SQLabs is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SQLitePluginPro 1.1 for both Windows and Mac. SQLitePluginPro is a fast and reliable replacement for REALbasic's built-in database engine. Any existing REALbasic project that uses the built-in database can be easily and quickly modified to use a SQLite database. SQLite's on-the-fly indexing and ACID transactions ensure that SQLitePluginPro databases are both fast and free from corruption. Database applications recompiled with SQLitePluginPro should see a dramatic increase in both speed and reliability. SQLitePluginPro implements REALbasic's database API, allowing you to use REALbasic's built-in database controls and classes, as well as bindings, to create SQLite database applications. SQLitePluginPro can open and manipulate existing SQLite databases or create and open new ones. Furthermore, SQLite databases are fully cross-platform. Any...
May 05
AccountEdge 2004 Network Edition for Small Business
MYOB US, Inc. Releases AccountEdge 2004 Network Edition for Managing Small Business Finances on the Mac May 5, 2004 (Rockaway, NJ) MYOB US, Inc. today announced the release of MYOB=AE AccountEdge=AE 2004 Network Edition, their complete accounting and small business management solution for networked small businesses on the Macintosh platform. The Network Edition is intended for small business owners who want to use AccountEdge's powerful productivity features and flexibility across a Macintosh network. "We're excited to give AccountEdge users optimum performance over their networks with the Network Edition," said MYOB US, Inc.'s General Manager, Cynthia Mackewicz. "When we announced the Network Edition at Macworld last January, we anticipated speed enhancements of up to twice as fast as AccountEdge 2004. Our most recent tests have shown significant performance improvements in the creation of invoices, purchase orders and other transactions across a network. For example, we've seen...
May 04
Maxum Updates Rumpus ftp Server To Version 3.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MAXUM UPDATES RUMPUS FTP SERVER TO VERSION 3.5 Maxum Development's Popular FTP Server Offers Improved Setup, Security and Usability. Crystal Lake, Illinois (May 4, 2004) - Maxum Development is pleased to announce a significant update to Rumpus, the premier FTP server for Mac OS and Mac OS X. The Rumpus version 3.5 updates focus on ease of use, security, and extensions to the most popular features relied on by FTP server administrators. The first thing new users will notice is the addition of setup assistants which provide simplified configuration of the Rumpus Web File Manager and FTP servers running on private networks. The new assistants make using these popular Rumpus features easier than ever. Additional updates include: * Enhanced Upload Notices - Rumpus Upload Notices, which are used to send e-mail to administrators when users transfer files to the server, now support more mail recipients, and can include additional information...
May 04
Wirecast for Macintosh - Webcasting
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Vara Software Announces Wirecast for Macintosh - Webcasting like you've never seen before. London, England - May 04, 2004 - Vara Software today introduced Wirecast for Macintosh, a powerful yet simple broadcasting software package built for the professional webcaster. "Wirecast goes well beyond a simple talking head broadcast, offering professional titles, smooth transitions, and multiple camera support," said Paul Carnine, co-founder and president of products. "All of this is packed into an innovative interface that allows the Webcasting operator to focus on the broadcast as it unfolds, dynamically choosing between pre-built shots with a single click." "Wirecast can do this because it handles the hard work of making smooth transitions between even complex shots," said Simon Clarke, co-founder and president of technology. "In other words, technology is used by Wirecast to make webcasting simple and intuitive." In addition to being extremely versatile, Wirecast is...
May 04
Steve Jobs to Preview Mac OS X "Tiger" at WWDC
Steve Jobs to Kick Off Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference 2004 with Preview of Mac OS X "Tiger" CUPERTINO, California- May 4, 2004- Apple=AE today announced that Steve Jobs will kick off its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with a keynote on Monday, June 28, 2004, beginning at 10:00 a.m. at San Francisco's Moscone West. This year's keynote will include a preview of "Tiger," the next major release of Mac=AE OS X. The five-day event, which runs from June 28 to July 2, will host close to 200 technical sessions with new content designed to serve a wide range of Mac developers, including an in-depth look at the latest Mac OS X technologies, hands-on labs with the latest Mac systems, expanded tracks on Enterprise IT and a dedicated track for QuickTime=AE developers and content creators. Other activities at Apple's WWDC 2004 include : an in-depth look at Mac OS X technologies, from its open source foundation to innovative application frameworks, next generation development tools...
May 03
KeyCue - find and remember menu shortcuts
KeyCue - find and remember menu shortcuts In a typical Mac OS X application, the most frequently needed menu items have keyboard shortcuts that let you access these menu items faster. Many applications have 40 or more menu shortcuts. Menu shortcuts may be convenient to use, but you first need to memorize them, and you must remember all of them correctly in order not to make mistakes that may lead to undesired results. Just hold down the Command key for a while - KeyCue comes to help and shows a table of all currently available menu shortcuts. When you have found the desired shortcut in the KeyCue table, just type it and continue working as usual. The KeyCue window will disappear automatically. But KeyCue is not only useful for finding menu shortcuts. You learn much more: When you use KeyCue for a while, you will be surprised about the multitude of menu commands in many applications. Since some of these commands are buried in submenus, you may not even be aware that they exist. KeyCue...

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