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Mar 15
photoprinto 1.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SUMMARY: photoprinto 1.1 updates SmileOnMyMac's software to create and print gorgeous designer photo albums and scrapbooks, adding dramatically improved import performance, PDF export, more mask shapes, enhanced ease of use, and more. photoprinto 1.1 (30-day free demo, $29.95) requires Mac OS X 10.2.5 or later. DOWNLOAD LINK (English installer): Portland, OR - March 15, 2005 - photoprinto, SmileOnMyMac's photo album creation and printing software, has been updated to version 1.1, which includes these new features: - Dramatically improved import performance - Export to PDF with compression options - Automatically associates text objects with photo slots - Additional mask shapes - Supports print scaling - Enhanced navigation in Template mode - Added "Duplicate" command to Edit menu photoprinto enables users to create and print gorgeous designer photo albums, scrapbooks, and single pages: - Print photo...
Mar 15
'AB Transfer' 1.2
'AB Transfer' 1.2 Kiel, Germany (March 14, 2005) - turingart is pleased to announce the immediate availability of 'AB Transfer' 1.2. 'AB Transfer' reads, converts and imports contact data from files into OS X' address book. An enhanced version 'AB Transfer Pro' will allow to import data from database sources like FileMaker, MySQL or generic ODBC sources. Pro is to be released soon. Release 1.2 adds support for DBF files created by 'Act!'. Thus, 'AB Transfer' is well suited for users running 'Act!' on OS 9/classic, since the application migrates address/contact data in 5 minutes to OS X. 'Act!' import is as easy as CSV or TAB-separated file import. Besides CSV and tab-separated input data, 'AB Transfer' converts Windows/DOS to Mac data, strips leading or trailing white space. A preview window show read data before the actual import. Currently, 'AB Transfer handles these fields: First name, name, maiden-name, nickname, title, email, phone fax, homepage, country, state, city, ZIP, street...
Mar 15
Keychain Macros X
For immediate release Keychain Macros X now available Keychain Macros X will enable you to browse the World Wide Web more efficiently and securely than ever before. It will enable you to use different secure names and passwords for each web page that you must log into, but you don't have to remember a variety of names and passwords, nor do you have to keep scraps of paper around with your names and passwords on them (a very insecure, but all too common approach). Keychain Macros X is a keyboard macro program. This means that when you type a key combination that you have defined, known as a "hot key" or "trigger key", Keychain Macros X will then type a replacement string for you, just as if you had typed the replacement string yourself. Keychain Macros X is unique amongst keyboard macro programs (and there are many) in that it enables you to define different replacement strings for the same trigger key and that the replacement string is stored securely in a keychain. Keychain Macros X...
Mar 14
Chronos Releases StickyBrain 3.4 Featuring iPhoto integration
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Chronos Releases StickyBrain 3.4 Featuring iPhoto integration Park City, Utah - March 14, 2005 -- Chronos LC today announced the release of StickyBrain 3.4, an important update to its all-new third generation note manager for Mac OS X. StickyBrain 3.4 introduces iPhoto and SOHO Series clip art integration. StickyBrain 3.4 is a free update for registered users of StickyBrain 3. iPHOTO INTEGRATION StickyBrain 3.4 sports a new iPhoto image browser that lets user browse the contents of their iPhoto albums. Users can quickly scroll through thousands of photos (thumbnail size is user adjustable) until they find the photo they're looking for. Then they can simply drag the photo to any note in StickyBrain. According to Jerry Halls, V.P. of Sales at Chronos, "Users have requested a quick and easy way to use the photos they already have in iPhoto in their notes. StickyBrain's new iPhoto browser delivers: it's super-fast and couldn't be easier to use." SOHO SERIES CLIP ART...
Mar 14
Building FileMaker Plug-Ins: 24U FM Template updated to v2.1
Monday, March 14, 2005 Today, 24U Software announces an update of 24U FM Template, the ultimate template for building FileMaker 7 native plug-ins. The new version 2.1 is an update to the copy distributed with FileMaker Developer 7. What is new in the version 2.1: - Added project for CodeWarrior 9.4 - Added project for Xcode 1.5 - Added project for Xcode 1.1 - Added project for MS Visual Studio .NET 2003 - Added 24U plist compiler to substitute CodeWarrior's property list compiler which is not available in Xcode - Several minor improvements... More info: Download: What is 24U FM Template? This product is a template project for developing FileMaker Pro external function plug-ins using popular development environments. It is intended for beginning plug-in developers as well as for experienced developers who don't want to spend too much time configuring parts of the External...
Mar 14
J2SEditor: Professional IPTC captioning software
J2SEditor: Professional IPTC captioning software. J2S, a company specialized in software development for the publishing and graphic arts industries, announces the availability of version 2.0 of its J2SEditor, an IPTC caption editor with file management capabilities for MacOS X. Designed for professional photographers and photo agencies, J2SEditor is used to view images according to their colour profile, sort files and add or modify textual meta-data of graphics files, individually or in batch, without affecting the documents (e.g. the caption of a JPEG file can be updated without recompression of the document). The list of IPTC fields to edit as well as default values or other input controls are defined and stored in description profiles which can be adapted to each user with our J2SProfiler. Custom description profiles can also be made on demand. Amongst other features, J2SEditor provides a toolbar e.g. for quick access to applications, folders or other tools so that J2SEditor can...
Mar 14
iLift for New iMac and Apple Cinema Display
Innovative Introduces iLift for New iMac and Apple Cinema Display Flexible mounting arm liberates desk space; provides ergonomic benefits Easton, Pa. - March 14, 2005 - Innovative Office Products, Inc. (, a designer and manufacturer of ergonomic mounting solutions for LCD monitors and keyboards, will introduce the new iLift on April 15, 2005, providing a flexible mounting solution for the new iMac G5 and Apple Cinema Display monitors. The iLift arm suspends the iMac and Cinema Display above the desk surface and provides users with greater flexibility and ergonomic benefits. It rotates 360 degrees at three swivel joints, allowing the user to quickly reposition the monitor with one hand. "By allowing the user to adjust the monitor's position and height at will, the iLift enables users to quickly adapt their work areas to individual needs, thereby increasing comfort and productivity," said Bud Oddsen, president of Innovative Office Products. "These ergonomic benefits are...
Mar 14
1st Smart Label Printer SDK Available to Mac Community
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEW SDK FROM SEIKO INSTRUMENTS ALLOWS MAC DEVELOPERS TO WRITE SMART LABEL PRINTER APPLICATIONS 1st Smart Label Printer SDK Available to Mac Community TORRANCE, Calif. - March 14, 2005 - Business and home/office products supplier Seiko Instruments USA Inc., the pioneer of the one-label-at-a-time "smart" printer, has released a Software Development Kit (SDK) for Mac developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) who want to create applications for the company's line of Smart Label Printers. Seiko Instruments' new SDK, the first designed for Mac label printing applications, simplifies the development process to just a few lines of code. "We've realized there is a huge untapped market of Mac users who could use a handy small footprint printer on their desktop," Dennis Cox, director of sales and marketing, Business and Home/Office Products Division, Seiko Instruments USA, said. "Releasing this SDK is the first of many steps we plan to take in the coming months...
Mar 14
Core Mac OS X Bootcamp
Atlanta, GA - March 14, 2005 - Find your Core Values: Core Mac OS X Bootcamp June 13-17, 2005 Afficionados of the Big Nerd Ranch way will celebrate the latest offering of Core Bootcamp for Mac OS X. The bootcamp offers a richer and more intensive study of Unix programming by examining the underpinnings of the OS X operating system. In five short days, students will review Daemons, Multiprocessing and Multithreading, Rendezvous, FileManager, Performance tools like sampling and CHUD, and networking with Berkley sockets, TCP/IP and UDP. Its section on the debugger is one of the highlights of class, allowing students to fully utilize the debugger in their application development efforts. Instructor Mark Dalrymple said, "Core Bootcamp delves into the nuts and bolts behind Mac OS X and Unix. Many Unix-based classes will give an overview, but this is an opportunity for students to really understand the conceptual framework through which applications are developed and function on a network....
Mar 13
Cocktail 3.5 (Jaguar Edition)
Cocktail 3.5 (Jaguar Edition) Cocktail is a general purpose utility for Mac OS X. The application serves up a scrumptious mix of maintenance tools and interface tweaks, all accessible via a comprehensive graphical interface and toolset. It is a smooth and powerful utility that simplifies the use of advanced UNIX functions. Cocktail 3.5 (Jaguar Edition) is a new major update to Cocktail. Version 3.5 includes lots of new features, changes, improvements and bug fixes: Cocktail * Built-in and updated Uninstaller * Cocktail is now fully localizable * Added support for special characters in disk, folder and file names * Added "Play Pilot completion sound" option to the Preferences * Added possibility to save the information from the Specifications window * Addresses an issue in which Uptime was not updated * Addresses an issue in which position of the main window was not saved * Updated "Provide Cocktail Feedback" feature * New icon * Updated Cocktail Help * Other minor bug fixes, changes...
Mar 13
TinyBooks v2.1.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TinyBooks v2.1.0 - Family & Small Business Accounting for Macintosh What's New: Fixed a bug where it was possible that the first title line of a printed or exported Account listing could show the month of the underlying Expense/Income window, rather than the month chosen on the Account dialog. (The data itself was correct, but the title line of the listing might have been wrong.) (URL: Merrimack, New Hampshire, March 13, 2005: Ken Winograd and Space-Time Associates announced today an update to the Macintosh accounting and bookkeeping program called TinyBooks(tm). TinyBooks is designed for Sole Proprietors, home and other small businesses, and family finances. TinyBooks is a simple, flexible, non-bloated, single-entry bookkeeping and accounting system for the Macintosh. TinyBooks is the simplest way to handle the books for most small companies. Current and year-to-date "on-the-fly" totals are continually displayed. A fully non-modal...
Mar 11
Jumsoft Releases Keynote Stills 2.0
Jumsoft Releases Keynote Stills 2.0 (March 10, 2005) - Jumsoft, the leading developer of Apple Keynote theme and illustration add-ons, has released Keynote Stills 2.0, featuring more than 100 brand-new, high-quality, high-resolution still-life images. Keynote Stills 2.0 comes as more than just a major makeover of Jumsoft's first edition of versatile transparent photo objects, Keynote Jam 1.1. The new version is just that-100% new. With a far bigger selection of objects to boot. These professional-grade photo images were designed for use in either Keynote or Keynote's new iWork sidekick, Pages. They're fully compatible with Microsoft's PowerPoint 2004, too. They can be used with either Keynote 1 or 2 and look great exported as PDFs or any other format. Jumsoft's transparent photo objects have no backgrounds. The 100-plus images lend themselves to illustrating a multitude of topics in business, education, science and just plain everyday life. Keynote Stills 2.0 requires Keynote or...
Mar 11
DEVONagent version 1.6
UPDATES: DEVONAGENT 1.6 (AND EASYFIND 3.4, THUMBSUP 4.1 AND XMENU 1.5) Coeur d'Alene (Idaho, USA), 10th of March, 2005 -- DEVONtechnologies LLC updates its professional Internet research tool and alternative web browser DEVONagent to version 1.6 and also releases some minor updates for the freeware applications EasyFind, ThumbsUp and XMenu. DEVONagent 1.6 now features quick search keywords that allow users to access all major search engines directly from the address field of web browser windows. To query e.g. Google, one simply enters "google" followed by the search term. This makes a toolbar search field like in Safari completely obsolete. The new version also comes with new plug-ins for searching TidBITS, and, a new scanner to filter or search for pages linking to BibTeX and LaTeX files, the possibility to specify a word range for the "after" and "before" operators and a complete French localization. The address field in browser windows auto-...
Mar 11
Clone X 2.0.0
TRI-EDRE is pleased to announce the avaibility of Clone X 2.0.0 Clone X 2.0.0 Clone X is a disk copy utility for Mac OS X. Clone X features the copy of an entire disk to another disk, or to a set of CDs or DVDs. Copies are fully functional. Clone X provides restoration features as well, and bootable CD creation. Clone X offers a set of tools to efficiently do your copies, including: - the copy of entire disk with all their caracteristics, applications, users and their documents and settings - the copy of disks, without the Users data (for example to create a master that can be used to install the same System and applications on different machines). - the restoration of your disk, to put it back into a previous state and contents (as it was during the copy). - the creation of OS X bootable CD including your applications - the creation of disk with a minimal System (for a small or emergency disk, for test, etc.). - disks comparison. Clone X was specially designed for Mac OS X and...
Mar 11
Point In Space Announces MySQL 4.1 Hosting Availability
POINT IN SPACE ANNOUNCES MYSQL 4.1 HOSTING AVAILABILITY KEENE, NH, March 11, 2005 - Point In Space Internet Solutions today announced immediate availability of MySQL 4.1 database hosting. "MySQL 4.1 provides major new features and updates to the MySQL product - including subqueries and derived tables, improved full text searching, extensive Unicode support and significant speed improvements. This makes for additional flexibility for our customers in developing their solutions," says John May, Point In Space's President. Point In Space is offering MySQL 4.1 hosting, available immediately, at the same price as their MySQL 4.0 and 3 accounts. Current Point In Space clients should contact the company directly regarding free one-month transition accounts for migrating from previous versions of MySQL. For complete details on Point In Space's hosting plans, please visit ( About Point In Space Internet Solutions Point In Space Internet Solutions is a...
Mar 11
Wibu-Systems announcing ExpressCard(tm) compliant card module
High performance with new standard ExpressCard module for CodeMeter Wibu-Systems announcing ExpressCard(tm) compliant card module at CeBIT 2005 Hanover, Germany (CeBIT). Wibu-Systems (hall 7, A21) announced today that CodeMeter ExpressCard module used for Digital Rights Management (DRM) will be made available in the following quarter. CodeMeter was introduced last year and represents Wibu-Systems' latest technology for protection of intellectual property assets. "This year's CeBIT is a great opportunity to join the arena for ExpressCard compliant products with CodeMeter", said Oliver Winzenried, CEO and co-founder of Wibu-Systems AG. "CodeMeter security products will perfectly fit with the new defined small form factor and will provide to the user even better performance and ease of use through the ExpressCard Standard and products certified by the ExpressCard Compliance Program. We believe in this new market requiring removable and high quality security for our DRM application...
Mar 11
Smart Scroll X 1.2
March 11, 2005: releases Smart Scroll X 1.2 Following in the steps of the classic Smart Scroll, Smart Scroll X brings new scrolling options and enhancements to Mac OS X: + Grab Scroll lets you scroll by clicking and dragging anywhere in a window. Currently for Cocoa applications. + A "High Gear" for your scroll wheel, so you can have super-fast scrolling when you need it. + Universal Scroll Keys to scroll without having to reach for the mouse. Scroll keys are the same in every application, giving you fast & dependable scrolling right from the keyboard. + Live scrolling for FileMaker Pro 7, live scrolling and proportional thumbs for AppleWorks 6. Version 1.2 brings the following changes: + New Grab Scroll feature. + New "High Gear" feature for scroll wheels. + Live scrolling for FileMaker Pro 7. + Scroll keys now work with Ragtime, NetLogo and probably also the majority of CFM and Java apps. + Scroll keys now work with Mozilla's...
Mar 11
Fetch 5.0 Nears Release
FETCH 5.0 NEARS RELEASE, INVITES BETA TESTERS ETNA, N.H.--Fetch Softworks announces that Fetch 5.0, the latest version of the award-winning file transfer client for the Macintosh, has entered beta testing. Fetch 4.0 was among the first FTP clients to support Mac OS X, and is the most downloaded FTP client for the Mac. Building on this history of easy, reliable file transfers, Fetch 5.0 adds SFTP support, improved server and firewall compatibility, and a completely rewritten user interface emphasizing simplicity and ease of use. Users interested in beta-testing Fetch 5.0 can apply at the Fetch Softworks website, Fetch 5.0 requires Mac OS X 10.2.4 or later. Customers purchasing Fetch 4.0.3 on or after March 10, 2005 will receive a free upgrade to Fetch 5.0. Upgrade pricing for other Fetch 4 customers will be announced when Fetch 5.0 is officially released.
Mar 09
New 27dBm Apple Airport Transceiver Gives Maximum RF Power
QuickerTek Announces Compatibility and Availability of the Plug and Play 27dBm Transceiver Maximum Airport Power Boost is Achieved WICHITA, Kan. -- 03/09/05 -- QuickerTek announced today that the 27dBm Plug and Play Transceiver is now available is compatible with the complete range of Apple Airport Base Stations including the Graphite, AirPort Extreme with antenna port and Airport Base Station Extreme with the antenna port. This product maximizes the wireless power available to Apple Airport users under Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. The 27dBm Plug and Play Transceiver does not require disassembly of the Apple Airport Base Station and resolves the range problem often experienced when using Airport Base Stations. This Transceiver adds 500Mw of power to the Airport Base Station. This new model is the second 27dBm transceiver introduced by QuickerTek. Unlike the previous model, this new 27dbm transceiver operates on all 2.4GHz, Wi-Fi systems. The transceiver supports both 802.11g and 802.11b...
Mar 09
Email Merge X Release 2.3
Email Merge X Release 2.3 [March 9th, 2005] Sig Software is proud to announce a new release of Email Merge, its popular OS X application for sending individualized email mailings. Email Merge combines a database and a message template to create personalized email messages in the user's outbox. Email Merge is compatible with Apple Mail, Entourage, Eudora, Mailsmith, PowerMail, Outlook Express, Emailer or QuickMail Pro. It imports data directly from FileMaker Pro, as well as from text files or the clipboard. Version 2.3 is the first version of Email Merge with support for Apple Mail. The update also adds a reference guide for sending HTML emails with Entourage or Outlook Express and has many additional minor improvements. More information and the free trial download are available here: Email Merge for OS X costs just $39 per license. It is also available in a bundle with Email Effects and TableText for just $55. Best regards, Gideon Greenspan Sig...
Mar 09
Runtime Revolution and Dreamcard 2.5.1 Released
Runtime Revolution and Dreamcard 2.5.1 Released Free Update Brings Improvements to All Platforms Edinburgh, Scotland, 9th March 2005 Runtime Revolution announces the immediate availability of Revolution and Dreamcard 2.5.1, the latest update to the award winning Revolution product family. This release is available free of change to Revolution and Dreamcard licence holders. Revolution lets professional software developers build robust, feature packed and powerful applications for every major platform quickly and cost effectively. Priced at an affordable $99 Dreamcard brings the key features of Revolution to educators, students, hobbyists and those seeking to create a solution to an every day task. This latest update to the Revolution product family brings a number of improvements including: * Improved interface for revOnline * Enhanced access to help files, video training and tutorials * Faster script editing * Release of engine 2.5.1 * Unicode support now improved on Linux *...
Mar 09
iGetter version 2.2 for Mac OS X
March 09, 2005 - Presenta Ltd. is pleased to announce the new release of iGetter version 2.2 for Mac OS X. New in version 2.2: - Added a new preview feature for downloaded multimedia files. By integration with QuickTime technology iGetter allows the previewing of all finished video, audio and other QuickTime readable downloads (Macromedia Flash, PDF, etc.) directly in the application. In addition, iGetter shows all of the available file media information (i.e. codec, height, width, duration, sample rate for movies and the entire tag info for MP3 files.) - New look and feel for transfer details transcript. Now, all connection requests, server responses and notifications are shown in separate color areas for easier reading. - A new Speed Limit slider located on the main window for easier adjustment of the speed limit value. - Added support of the "Content-Disposition" HTTP protocol entity. Now, all files downloaded from HTTP servers that use "Content-Disposition" entity will be renamed...
Mar 09
pdfColorConvert: convert colors directly from within your PDF
Brand new pdfColorConvert: convert colors directly from within your PDF - fast, easily and in high quality callas introduces pdfColorConvert, a brand new tool for converting RGB-Data and spot colors into CMYK from within Adobe Acrobat. The Plug-In, which is available for Acrobat 6 and 7, has been designed both for publishing experts and office users who are looking for an easy way to prepare their PDF files for color matching output. pdfColorConvert is extremly easy to handle and does not call for detailed, well-founded Color Management knowledge. The introductory price for the solution, which can be run under Mac OS X and Windows 2000/XP, is 249 EURO. What makes callas pdfColorConvert so outstanding is its unique ease of use and its competitive price. In case the user does not know the origin of the PDF he wants to convert, pdfColorConvert can determine input settings automatically; the "Automatic Best guess" feature identifies even PDF/X files. To convert and output the PDF document...
Mar 09
VVI Releases DAQ Plot version 9.8.6
High-Speed Data Acquisition And Automation March 9, 2005 VVI today announced the release of DAQ Plot version 9.8.6, which features plug-and-play high-speed data acquisition plotting and control loop programming. John Brilhart, Chief Technical Officer of VVI, made this statement: "DAQ Plot measures voltages from sensors and presents them in an intuitive strip chart format. This new version upgrades its speed up to 50,000 voltage measurements per second. It also includes a new tool called DAQ Command which is used to program real-time control loops to automate voltage measurement and machine control. The two are complimentary because DAQ Plot is used to visualize and understand sensor results and once understood, DAQ Command is used to automate reactions to those sensors, for example by turning off and on valves and switches according to sensor voltage changes. The two systems, DAQ Plot and DAQ Command, span the needs of data acquisition projects from the beginning research and...
Mar 09
Bare Bones Software Releases Mailsmith 2.1.5 Update
Bare Bones Software Releases Mailsmith 2.1.5 Update BEDFORD, Mass. - March 9, 2005 - Bare Bones Software today announced the release and immediate availability of Mailsmith 2.1.5, the latest version of the award-winning, extra-strength email client for Mac OS X(R). Mailsmith 2.1.5 is a maintenance release to fix reported issues and add minor refinements. The Mailsmith 2.1.5 update is available free of charge to all registered Mailsmith 2.0 and 2.1 customers. An update package is available for download from the Bare Bones Software web site: ( Mailsmith 2.1.5 requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later, and is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.3 (Mac OS X 10.3.5 or later strongly recommended). The update package also includes SpamSieve 2.2.4. About Mailsmith --------------- Mailsmith is an extra-strength email client designed for Macintosh users. Thanks to its unprecedented flexibility, users can customize Mailsmith's powerful editing, filtering, and...
Mar 09
David Sklar to Teach PHP 5 Bootcamp at Big Nerd Ranch
Springtime in Atlanta and PHP - Big Nerd Ranch Announces PHP Bootcamp May 16-20, 2005 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Emily Herman Big Nerd Ranch, Inc. (678) 595-6773 Atlanta, GA - March 9, 2005 - Springtime in Atlanta and PHP - Big Nerd Ranch Announces PHP Bootcamp May 16-20, 2005 David Sklar returns to the Big Nerd Ranch to teach the next installment of PHP5 Bootcamp, May 16-20, 2005. Mr. Sklar, one of the foremost PHP5 gurus, will be guiding students through an intensive five-day course on PHP5 programming and development. PHP5 continues to impress developers and project managers with its flexibility and performance, providing an ideal solution that is scalable to projects of any size and scope. This incredible tool can be a powerful addition to a developer's arsenal whether the project is a small intranet or an enterprise-level e-commerce website. David Sklar's wealth of experience and engaging demeanor make him the perfect navigator to guide students through...
Mar 08
24U SimpleHelp Plug-In updated to version 3.1!
Tuesday, March 8, 2005 24U Software has updated 24U SimpleHelp Plug-In, the leading interactive help plug-in for FileMaker Pro. The new version 3.1 increases efficiency for complex solution developers by implementing global help tags and virtual layouts. It also improves stability on Windows. What is new in the version 3.1? - Global tags (active on all layouts) can be created - Named virtual layouts simplify configuration switching (i.e. languages) - Tags can now be attached without having to "go to layout" - Improved recognition of zoom levels - Persistent tags and coachmarks improved for off-window drawing - Fixed crash when a window is minimized on Windows - Improved overall stability on Windows More info: ( Download: ( What is 24U SimpleHelp Plug-In? This FileMaker plug-in enables independent and in-house developers to use interactive help such as tool tips (help tags),...
Mar 08
TinyBooks v2.0.9
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TinyBooks v2.0.9 - Family & Small Business Accounting for Macintosh What's New: Improved the Accounts Dialog: added the easy ability to move forward and backward one month at time, and added new columns to show the monthly and year-to-date percentage each account represents compared to the applicable totals, etc. (Simply put, it's now easier to see where the money's going, and where it's coming from!) (URL: Merrimack, New Hampshire, March 8, 2005: Ken Winograd and Space-Time Associates announced today an update to the Macintosh accounting and bookkeeping program called TinyBooks(tm). TinyBooks is designed for Sole Proprietors, home and other small businesses, and family finances. TinyBooks is a simple, flexible, non-bloated, single-entry bookkeeping and accounting system for the Macintosh. TinyBooks is the simplest way to handle the books for most small companies. Current and year-to-date "on-the-fly" totals are continually displayed...
Mar 07
Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Update 11.1.1
Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Update 11.1.1 Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit (Mac BU) has announced the availability of Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Update 11.1.1, which includes improvements to Excel add-in calculation, increased PowerPoint and Word 2004 stability, additional support for device drivers and enhanced appearance of imported graphics. Update 11.1.1 provides prioritized fixes based on customer feedback from a variety of sources such as Microsoft Error Reporting Protocol (MERP) and product support calls. This feedback is vital to Microsoft to ensure delivery of the best possible customer experience through regular product updates. The patch is available today in English and Japanese language versions. French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish versions will be available next Monday, Mar. 14, 2005. Update 11.1.1 can be downloaded at or via Microsoft AutoUpdate.
Mar 05
disclabel 2.3
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SUMMARY: disclabel 2.3 updates SmileOnMyMac's award-winning CD labeling software adding our first professionally-designed, music-themed, for-purchase ($14.95) template pack, as well as support for text kerning, Epson R320 direct-to-CD printers, CMYK images, and more. disclabel 2.3 (30-day free demo, $29.95) requires Mac OS X 10.2.5 or later. DOWNLOAD LINK Portland, OR - March 2, 2005 - disclabel, SmileOnMyMac's award-winning CD labeling software has been updated to version 2.3, which includes: - Purchase additional professionally-designed Template Packs - Text kerning is now supported - Downloaded templates are available even when offline - Added support for Epson R320 direct-to-CD printer - Supports CMYK images - Improved compatibility with iLife '05 - Minor additional fixes disclabel helps you make great-looking labels for your CDs, DVDs, cases, and related materials: - Start with a pre-designed template, or...
Mar 04
iPodcast Producer
iPodcast Producer Seattle, WA=97USA March 2, 2005: Industrial Audio Software ( announces the introduction of iPodcast Producer, the world=92s first completely integrated software package combining recording, editing, RSS feed creation, and FTP uploading. In keeping with the company=92s motto, =93Giving the World a Voice,=94 it of= fers listeners and aspiring broadcasters everything they=92ll need to join the podcasting revolution. Both casual consumers and hardcore podcasting aficionados realize that podcasting represents groundbreaking innovations in listening and broadcasting choices. In a single, affordable, easy-to-use program, IAS now makes it possible for novices and audio professionals alike to record, edit, upload, and transmit audio files to the web. The audio podcast you create is then made available for listening and downloading in on-demand style content to portable devices like iPods and desktop PCs around the world. The challenge to...
Mar 04
Play 100 Interactive Puzzles within Your Web Browser
Play 100 Interactive Puzzles within Your Web Browser ARLINGTON, Virginia (March 3, 2005) - SpiderWorks, LLC today announced the exclusive software release of "Puzzability's Puzzle Trifecta," now available from the web site for only $9.95 (USD). Think you're smart? Enjoy problem solving? Then you'll love "Puzzability's Puzzle Trifecta," a unique collection of 100 interactive puzzles that you can play within your web browser! Treat yourself to countless hours of entertainment while sharpening your problem-solving skills. The Java-powered games are comprised of three popular types of puzzles culled from the Puzzability vaults: 20 "Blockbuster" sliding block puzzles, 40 "Say What?" quote puzzles, and 40 "Step by Step" word ladders. This platform-independent download is comprised of HTML pages and Java applets, compatible with any Java-supported operating system such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The only requirement is a web browser that supports JavaScript...
Mar 04
AB Transfer
Kiel, Germany (March 3, 2005) - turingart is pleased to announce the immediate availability of 'AB Transfer'. 'AB Transfer' reads, converts and imports contact data from files into OS X' address book. An enhanced version 'AB Transfer Pro' will allow to import data from database sources like FileMaker, MySQL or generic ODBC sources. Pro is to be released soon. Besides CSV and tab-separated input data, 'AB Transfer' converts Windows to Mac data, strips leading or trailing white space and includes a preview feature, which shows input data in a row/column view. A very intuitive OS X address book like GUI simplifies import operations. Within 3 minutes an import is set up and within a few more minutes, new records are completed. As a first class OS X citizen, 'AB Transfer' isn't available for other operating system. Resources: Download WebPage Screenshot
Mar 03
4th Dimension 2003.6
4D, Inc., Ships 4th Dimension 2003.6 SAN JOSE, Calif., March 3, 2004 - 4D, Inc., a leading maker of software solutions that simplify the process of developing and deploying database applications, announced today the release of 4D 2003 version 6, which contains several bug fixes. "We are delighted to show our commitment to our older products," said Brendan Coveney, president and CEO, 4D, Inc. "Although 4D 2004, a significant upgrade, was released last year, we are proud to show our customers that we continue to update our older software applications. It's what our customers have come to expect from us." Current 4D 2003 owners can download the update free of charge. The update along with a list of bug fixes can be downloaded at: About 4D Inc. 4D, Inc., headquartered in San Jose, Calif., is a leading maker of software solutions that simplify the process of developing and deploying database applications. 4D, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of...
Mar 02
C/C++ interpreter Ch 5.0, and Embedded Ch 5.0 Released
C/C++ interpreter Ch 5.0, and Embedded Ch 5.0 Released DAVIS, California, March 03, 2005 - SoftIntegration, Inc. today announced the availability of Ch 5.0 and Embedded Ch 5.0. Ch is an embeddable C/C++ interpreter for cross-platform scripting, 2D/3D plotting, numerical computing, shell programming and embedded scripting. Ch and Embedded Ch version 5.0 are the most stable release. The new release supports multi-threading in embedded scripting and provides Borland Builder project sample for embedded Ch. Ch SDK is bundled with Ch 5.0 for free distribution. It provides easy and convenient way for users to turn an existing C/C++ library into a Ch package or Ch toolkit. "Multi-threading is an important feature for our Embedded Ch customers," said Dr. Dawn Cheng, President at SoftIntegration. "We are committed to meet our customers' request for powerful embedded scripting." Ch in Windows contains more than 100 new Unix utility programs with over 200 utilities in total for cross-platform...
Mar 01
Mimer SQL now available for Apple's Mac OS X
PRESSRELEASE Mimer SQL now available for Apple's Mac OS X Uppsala, Sweden -- March 1 2005 -- Mimer Information Technology, a leading developer of enterprise and mobile database servers, today announces the immediate availability of Mimer SQL for Mac OS X. This makes it possible also for Mac users to take full advantage of Mimer SQL's high performance and zero maintenance. A free development and evaluation version of Mimer SQL for Mac OS X is available for download from Mimer's web site ( Mimer SQL has a long and successful track record both in large mission critical systems and as an embedded black box DBMS in many software products. This combination of high performance and ease-of-use makes Mimer SQL very well suited for the Mac OS X environment, matching Apple's own philosophy of simplicity and user friendliness. Mimer SQL supports both Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server. "With Apple's commitment to the enterprise market, with increasing server sales, it...
Mar 01
Norpath Elements Studio 3.0 Now Shipping for Windows and Mac OS X
PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Norpath Elements Studio 3.0 Now Shipping for Windows and Mac OS X Major Upgrade Takes Interactive Multimedia and Learning Authoring to the Next Level Toronto, Ontario - March 1, 2005 - Norpath Inc., today announced the immediate availability of Norpath Elements Studio 3.0, the latest version of its multiplatform authoring software for rapidly creating professional interactive multimedia, learning, and information applications. Norpath Elements Studio 3.0 takes interactive authoring to the next level with over 100 new features and enhancements. Norpath Elements Studio's next generation graphical authoring environment allows new and experienced designers to quickly create powerful, interactive applications without having to write code or learn a scripting language. Norpath Elements Studio includes a complete suite of design tools for creating interactive graphics, animation, and multimedia; a full set of knowledge elements for creating learning,...
Mar 01
ShuffleClip released for iPod Shuffle
March 1, 2005 ShuffleClip released for iPod Shuffle The iPod shuffle has been a runaway success, and not surprisingly with it's attractive form factor and price point. However, many new shuffle owners are not very fond of dangling their iPod from a lanyard. The lanyard creates a mess around the shuffle user's neck, and exposes the iPod to potential damage. The solution to this problem has arrived with a product appropriately named the ShuffleClip. The ShuffleClip is a simple, elegant case and clip for the iPod Shuffle. Formed from a single piece of transparent PETG polymer, the ShuffleClip compliments the design of the iPod while keeping it safe and secure. The ShuffleClip allows iPod owners to now wear their shuffle anywhere they like. In a pocket, on a shirt, or clipped to a briefcase. Think Random. For more information visit The ShuffleClip sells for $14.95 and is available now.
Feb 28
nib4j: Design Java Swing-based UIs with Apple's Interface...
Design Java Swing-based UIs with Apple's Interface Builder nib4j is a simple but powerfull Java library that permits the use of Apple's Interface Builder to design Swing-based user interfaces. It creates Swing menus, frames and dialogs from Carbon nib files and provides a complete separation of UI and application code. The new version supports the creation of cross-platform UIs with use of JGoodies Forms. With the nib4j Viewer you can try out your Swing interfaces without writing any code and do a cross-platform test showing different Look & Feels. nib4j is completely free for non-commercial use. A developer license is US$ 169. More informations at:
Feb 28
Web Crossing Offers Site Crossing service
WEB CROSSING, INC. INTRODUCES SITE CROSSING FOR FAST, EASY ONLINE COLLABORATION SERVICES -- Only Fully Integrated Web/ftp/email with Message Board and Full Complement of Collaboration Tools; Quickly Build Core Site or Bolt Onto Existing Site -- SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., February 28, 2005 -- Web Crossing, Inc. today announced its new Site Crossing service, for the first time offering enterprise-class Web Crossing power in a consumer- or workgroup-sized package. Available immediately, Site Crossing offers Web Crossing-based Internet message boards and other collaboration tools in two new ways: as a service bolted onto an already existing Web site, or as an entire core Web site. Site Crossing is the only hosted service that provides a fully integrated complement of choices for interactive tools, such as discussions, mailing lists, blogs, chat, calendars, podcasting, polls, etc. in a hosted, easy to manage service, with core capabilities for building an entire site, including full Web/FTP/...
Feb 28 announces free personal technical support services
MACOSX.COM LAUNCHES FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICE announces free personal technical support services. The new free service feature is email based and provides individual attention by a Macintosh tech. Responses to issues are generally provided in less than 24 hours. Support is not limited to the Mac only, but includes anything that runs on or attaches to a Mac, including connecting to networked devices such as Windows & Linux systems. Printers, scanners, modems, iPods, and displays are just a short list of hardware devices supported. Most software is covered including Adobe products, iLife applications, Microsoft and more. The support service is staffed by volunteers who enjoy helping out fellow Mac users with troubleshooting problems as they may arise. Currently, over 70 volunteers are helping support the launch of the new service and even more volunteer techs are needed. Anyone with a desire to help others and technical know how for the Mac (even if specialized) is...
Feb 28
app4mac Software announce xTime Project 3.1 for Mac OS X
March 1 st 2005 - Press Release app4mac Software announce xTime Project 3.1 for Mac OS X xTime Project is a professional Project Management Application designed for Apple Mac OS X operating system. With a lot of innovative features and awesome display engine, xTime is very easy to use for beginners or pro users. xTime is able to import any documents from Microsoft Project. What's new with the 3.1 version ? - Enhanced resource management using floating windows available any time - New calendar design with enhanced usability - Better user interface (new awsome aqua interface) - Better interface feedback - English, German, French, Spanish versions - Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger ready - Full documentation integrated - Bugs fixed A standard and Pro license are available. English, French, German and Spanish versions are available xTime Project 3.1 requires at least Mac OS X 10.2.8 Jaguar but it is optimized for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther and G5 processor. xTime Project 3.1 is also optimized for Mac OS X...
Feb 28
AKVIS Chameleon Blends With More Speed In V.2.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AKVIS Chameleon Blends With More Speed In V.2.1 February 25, 2005 - AKVIS Chameleon V.2.1 for Macintosh and Windows=99 is now available. Every year, increasingly powerful digital photography tools expand the opportunities for ordinary people to produce works of art. AKVIS LLC has been in the business of designing the most intuitive and powerful digital photo editing software since 2004 and has completed a series of refinements to its image combination application, AKVIS Chameleon. Operating as a plug-in to photo editors including Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Jasc Paint Shop Pro and others, AKVIS Chameleon makes the insertion of new objects or the replacement of unwanted elements in digital photos simple even for users unskilled with photo editing software, since this tool does not require precise selection of objects. AKVIS Chameleon adjusts inserted objects to the new background, automatically adapting and blending to the new color range. AKVIS...
Feb 28
PhoneDirector for Mac OS X for Nokia Phones
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MacMedia releases PhoneDirector 1.0.4 Kosice, Slovak Republic -- 1 March, 2004 -- MacMedia announced the release of version 1.0.4 of PhoneDirector for Mac OS X - the complete solution for Nokia 6230 and Nokia 7280 mobile phone. PhoneDirector is a tool for Phonebook, SMS, Gallery, Calendar and Wap management of Nokia 6230 and Nokia 7280. Main features: Phonebook editing, uploading, deleting, backup, export (extended phonebook supported - 5 numbers and 5 texts for each entry). SMS reading from the phone, sending, replying, forwarding, deleting, archiving. Downloading and uploading pictures, sounds and videos from/to the phone. Adding, editing, export and import of calendar events Uploading Java applications to the phone. Setting phone radio channels from the computer. Editing phone Wap bookmarks. Writing notes and uploading them to the phone. Bluetooth connection. What is new in version 1.0.4: Nokia 7280 support. Export and import of calendar events. PhoneDirector...
Feb 25
Take Control Ebooks First To Cover GarageBand 2.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Take Control Ebooks First To Cover GarageBand 2.0 Ithaca, NY USA (February 25, 2005)--GarageBand users who have upgraded to version 2.0 or who are contemplating an upgrade can now find inspiration and information in two freshly revised electronic books about GarageBand 2.0. The updated ebooks, available weeks (if not months) before their print-book counterparts demonstrate the utility of the Take Control ebook model, which helps readers access the latest quality documentation as soon as possible. "Take Control of Making Music with GarageBand" puts new and experienced GarageBand users in charge of making songs using GarageBand's built-in loops. Seattle musician Jeff Tolbert mixes music theory with step-by-step instructions to show readers how to work creatively with GarageBand and get great results. In "Take Control of Recording Music with GarageBand" Jeff takes readers into the recording studio, offering real-world know-how and GarageBand techniques for getting...
Feb 24
KavaSoft releases Shoebox 1.0: world's smartest photo...
KavaSoft releases Shoebox 1.0, the world's smartest photo organizer KavaSoft, creator of iConquer and iTunes Catalog, announces Shoebox 1.0, a Mac OS X application for organizing digital photos by content. Shoebox is the sophisticated alternative to iPhoto. It uses Knowledge Base technology to learn what's in each of your photos. Photos can be organized into categories like dates, people, places and things. Categorizing your photos is easy, fast and fun. It just takes a few keystrokes, so you don't even need to use the mouse. You can get started quickly by downloading categories from the KavaSoft website. Available categories include holidays, countries, cars, colors, and sports teams. Right away, Shoebox knows that New Year's Eve is in December, London is in England, and purple is a color. Shoebox makes it easy to import photos from iPhoto, or to download them directly from your camera. And unlike iPhoto, Shoebox doesn't move your files around. You can keep your photos wherever you...
Feb 23
MailWasher Pro for Mac OS X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MailWasher Pro for Mac OS X and Linux Offers Users Maximum Spam Protection with Server-side Filtering Capabilities Firetrust's award-winning MailWasher Pro is now available for Mac and Linux users, providing better protection from unwanted and malicious e-mails, as well as phishing attacks CHRISTCHURCH -- NEW ZEALAND, February 23, 2005 -- Firetrust Limited, provider of award-winning anti-spam and email security solutions, today announced it's now shipping versions of MailWasher Pro for Mac and Linux, a uniquely designed anti-spam tool that provides additional protection for businesses and home users from unsolicited and unwanted emails. Within the Mac and Linux communities the options for effective anti-spam and virus solutions are limited when compared to PC users, and with the rise in spam and increasing virus attacks on the Mac and Linux platforms, home and business Mac and Linux users are in need of a solution that's affordable and effective. "We saw a need...
Feb 22
Quickertek: Handles for New PowerBook Models
Quickertek, Inc. Announces Compatibility of All Proprietary PowerBook Handles with New PowerBook Models Released by Apple WICHITA , KAN --February 22, 2005-QuickerTek today announced complete compatibility with the new 12, 15 and 17-inch PowerBooks. Hot on the release of the 27dBm transceiver for the base stations, QuickerTek has released the handles for the latest versions of the PowerBooks. QuickerTek provides all tools that make carrying and using your new Aluminum PowerBook safe and convenient. The handle also acts as an adjustable stand when it is on a desktop, and features an incline that allows for more comfortable keyboarding and better air circulation. In conjunction with this, QuickerTek has bundled the ubiquitous TiBook 2dBi antenna with the TiBook handle for $85. QuickerTek is a recognized leading innovator of antenna and RF products for Apple products.
Feb 22
SpiderWorks Releases "Applescripting The Finder" E-Book
SPIDERWORKS RELEASES "APPLESCRIPTING THE FINDER" E-BOOK SpiderWorks Publishes Next eBook in its Bestselling AppleScript Series. ARLINGTON, Virginia (February 22, 2005) - SpiderWorks, LLC today announced the exclusive eBook release of "AppleScripting the Finder" by Ben Waldie. Hot on the heels of the bestselling "Danny Goodman's AppleScript Handbook (Mac OS X Edition)" comes this next installment in SpiderWorks' AppleScript series. "AppleScripting the Finder" is now available from the web site for only $9.95 (USD). The Finder is the heart of the Mac OS. When driven by AppleScripts, the Finder can be a powerful desktop assistant, replacing tedious tasks with a single mouse click or keystroke. Automate your Mac with Ben Waldie's expert, time-saving AppleScript techniques that will streamline your daily workflow. The companion AppleScript examples from "AppleScripting the Finder" are available to customers as a free download from SpiderWorks' exclusive online Customer...
Feb 19
HP Expands Digital Photography Offerings for Consumers and Pros
HP Expands Digital Photography Offerings for Consumers and Pros New solutions offer users quality, ease of use and affordability PALO ALTO, Calif., -- In advance of the annual Photo Marketing Association (PMA) show in Orlando, Fla., HP today announced several new offerings designed to further the company's leadership in the digital photography market by delivering high-quality, easy-to-use and affordable solutions for everyone from beginners to pros. Highlighting this news, HP announced its entry into the $20 billion-plus advanced amateur market with the introduction of the industry's first nine-ink color and black-and-white photo printer that produces finished, professional-quality photos up to 13 x 19-inches. To enable the best at-home printing experience for consumers, HP announced photo lab-quality prints that can be produced for as little as 24 cents. (1) Recognizing that a great image begins with a great camera, the company also expanded its line of award-winning digital cameras...

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