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Dec 18
Xupport 2.3
Xupport 2.3 The "Swiss Army Knife" for Mac OS X. Xupport is a graphical user interface to configure many hidden Mac OS X and Unix options. It provides many functions to maintain, optimize, backup, clean, hack, enhance and secure Mac OS X. New in Xupport 2.3: - New Settings tab: Sharepoints (Install additional shared directories) - Man: Enable the system to include "local" unix manuals (Reload button) - Some minor revisions Update Information: Existing users may use the integrated update function in order to download the latest update. Otherwise use the following download URL: Xupport Key Features: - Activate hidden Finder, Dock and Expos=E9 settings - Browse and read unix manual entries (man) - Browser, delete and get Finder info for invisible files and folders - Run Mac OS X maintain scripts and optimizations - Change swap file location (virtual memory) - Create bootable backups - Configure "ipfw" firewall using all options...
Dec 16
MP3 Surround Sound: Free Evaluation
MP3 Surround Fraunhofer IIS, Thomson and Agere Systems unveil free MP3 Surround evaluation download. Full versions of MP3 Surround encoder and decoder available from ( MP3, the world's most popular audio compression format, goes multi-channel. Scientists and engineers from Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, who developed MP3 together with their colleagues from Thomson, the exclusive licensing representative for their MP3 patents, and Agere Systems, have joined to launch MP3 Surround into the consumer and commercial markets. This technology will enable 5.1 channel surround sound for a broad spectrum of applications including web-based music distribution, broadcasting systems, PC-related audiovisual or gaming applications, consumer electronics and automotive systems. MP3 Surround supports high-quality multi-channel sound at bit rates comparable to those currently used to encode stereo MP3 material, resulting in...
Dec 16
Mac OS X support for recent 3G, EDGE, GPRS
Mac OS X support for recent 3G, EDGE, GPRS compatible mobile phones and PC Data cards nova media starts 3G and EDGE offensive for Mac OS X Berlin, 16th of December 2004 - nova media today unveiled Mobile High Speed 3G version 4.10, adding support for more than 18 new mobile phones and PC Data cards recently released by major network operators. The Internet connect wizard now supportes more than 100 devices and includes more than 200 3G, EDGE and GPRS connection settings for most network operators worldwide. "Mobile High Speed 3G automatically configures a Mac OS X system to use a mobile phone or PC Data card for a fast connection to the Internet, eliminating the need to search for modemscripts, APN and DNS numbers or other system settings." states Volker Kohl, CTO at nova media. In particular, Mobile High Speed 3G adds support for Nokia 6630, 6220, 6260 and 9500, Motorola V3, V180, V547, V550, V980, A1000 and E1000, SonyEricsson v800, s700, s700i, P910 and P910i as well as PC Data...
Dec 15
iClip 3.4 Productivity Software for Mac OS X
Inventive Releases iClip 3.4 Productivity Software for Apple Mac OS X New Version Features Copy/Paste Via Keyboard, Improved International Text Handling NASHUA, New Hampshire, Dec 15, 2004 Inventive, Inc. ( announces the release of iClip version 3.4, their award winning productivity software for Mac OS X. iClip enables users to quickly store, organize, and access snippets of information without having to save them as entire documents. Newly available in iClip is a way to copy and paste from clipping bins using only the keyboard. Users can now set Hot Keys that make transparent labels appear over the bins, enabling them to quickly choose one to copy or paste with the simple press of a key. Also available in version 3.4 are improvements to non-Unicode, international text handling, which is beneficial to those who use iClip with some older applications. "We've had many requests to provide copy/paste using only the keyboard, and I feel that for iClip 3.4, we've...
Dec 15
4D WebSTAR V security update
4D, Inc., issues 4D WebSTAR V update that protects against HFS+ volume security weakness SAN JOSE, Calif., December 15, 2004 - 4D, Inc., a leading maker of software solutions that simplify the process of developing and deploying database applications, today issued a 4D WebSTAR V update to address a security vulnerability recently discovered on Mac OSX HFS+ volumes. This security update prevents the potential use of the 4D WebSTAR V Web server to retrieve hidden file contents from within Web site folders. The update can be downloaded from: About 4D Inc. 4D, Inc., headquartered in San Jose, Calif., is a leading maker of software solutions that simplify the process of developing and deploying database applications. 4D, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of 4D, SA, which has distribution channels in more than 30 countries. For more information, 4D, Inc., can be reached at (408) 557-4600, or on the Internet at .
Dec 14
IntelliScanner Wine Collector
INTELLI INNOVATIONS UNVEILS INTELLISCANNER WINE COLLECTOR, FEATURING BLUETOOTH=AE WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY Automatically Catalog Wine Collections With Barcodes, AutoFill Capabilities CARY, North Carolina (December 14th, 2004) - Intelli Innovations, Inc. today unveiled IntelliScanner Wine Collector, the Company's integrated hardware/software package for automatically identifying and organizing personal wine collections. By simply scanning the retail bar code found on any wine bottle with the bundled Bluetooth=AE wireless or USB reader, Wine Collector enters the name, varietal, winery, country, type, color, region, and more in seconds with Internet-enabled AutoFill capabilities. "Nearly every bottle of wine has a retail barcode on it. With the new Wine Collector, you can take advantage of these barcodes to automatically organize your wine collection," said Travis J. Hicks, Product Manager. "By bundling an easy-to-use IntelliScanner barcode reader and our comprehensive wine management...
Dec 14
Chronos Releases StickyBrain 3.1 With Palm Synchronization
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Chronos Releases StickyBrain 3.1 With Palm Synchronization Park City, Utah - December 14, 2004 -- Chronos LC today announced the release of StickyBrain 3.1, a ground-breaking update to its all-new third generation note manager for Mac OS X. StickyBrain 3.1 becomes the first and only product in its class to offer Palm handheld synchronization in addition to its class-leading iPod synchronization. StickyBrain 3.1 is a free update for registered users of StickyBrain 3. NEW IN 3.1: PALM HANDHELD SYNCHRONIZATION! StickyBrain 3.1 is the first and only product in its class to synchronize with Palm handhelds. Synchronization is two-way with the Palm Memo Pad application and doesn't require any special setup-users simply drag the notes they wish to synchronize to a special Palm folder in StickyBrain. Palm synchronization works with both older and newer Palm handhelds using either the Palm HotSync Manager or The Missing Sync(TM) For Palm OS by Mark/Space, Inc. NEW IN 3.1:...
Dec 14
MAPublisher 6.1 for Illustrator
Avenza Announces MAPublisher 6.1 for Illustrator. - Powerful mapmaking software supports Illustrator 10 and CS - Toronto, ON, December 14, 2004 - Avenza Systems Inc. announces the release of MAPublisher 6.1 for Adobe Illustrator. MAPublisher 6.1 is the latest version of this powerful mapmaking software used to produce high quality maps from GIS data. Significant new functionality in MAPublisher 6.1 includes joining points based on attribute values, the ability to copy the coordinates of a known point location and the ability to rotate point symbols based on attribute data. MAPublisher 6.1 for Adobe Illustrator is a full product update that is free to all current MAPublisher Maintenance Program subscribers and replaces the current shipping version of MAPublisher 6.03 for all new customers. "We have responded to the requests of our users and included many new functions and features in this release," said Ted Florence, President of Avenza, "This update is another major step forward for...
Dec 14
callas pdfLayerMaker
callas pdfLayerMaker now available: create layers directly from within Adobe Acrobat This is something PDF users have long been waiting for: callas pdfLayermaker is a brand new tool that bridges a feature gap in Acrobat, namely the possibility to create layers from within a PDF file. The Plug-In has been designed for Acrobat 6 and will also be available for Acrobat 7. There were no such things as layers in PDF - or at least only those which had been taken over from other applications. This is something Acrobat users can change right now by using pdfLayerMaker. The Plug-In, which runs under Mac OS X as well as under Windows 2000 and XP, breaks new ground for PDF processing. Files can be arranged and managed as layers, according to individual demands. It's incredibly easy and takes just seconds to do. Side objects like texts, graphics, images color spaces or transparencies are defined as layers - based on Preflight profiles - which means they can then be handled separately. As in...
Dec 14
Impression 2.61: Backup Software
Impression 2.61: Backup Software We're pleased to announce the release Impression 2.61, the backup software for Mac OS X. For release on December 14th, 2004: Impression 2.61 offers a maintenance update to the backup application for OS X. Notably all reported, reproducible bugs have been fixed for this release. Thanks to the community for all of their reporting and help in tracking issues. Full, detailed release notes are available here: ( Impression is available for immediate download through this address: ( Impression costs US$25 to register. A free, near-fully unlocked trial version is available for public download and evaluation. This update is free and fully supported for all registered operators (as updates always are, and always will be). It's a nice counterpoint to the current pervasiveness of modern marketing's 'pay-and-pay again' school of thought.
Dec 14
Troi Dialog Plug-in 3.5.3 for FileMaker Pro 7
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Updated dialog plug-in compatible with FileMaker 7. Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands, December 13th, 2004--Troi Automatisering today announced the immediate availability of its Troi Dialog Plug-in 3.5.3 for FileMaker Pro 7. What is Troi Dialog Plug-in? Troi Dialog Plug-in is a very powerful tool for displaying all sorts of dialogs in FileMaker Pro. The text of the dialog and of the buttons can be created dynamically by using a calculation. All from within FileMaker you can: - show dialogs with variable text and up to 4 buttons - show an input dialog to let a user input data in up to 9 fields - choose these input fields to be any of the following: simple text, password field, popup list or check box - show a list dialog or big text dialog - show temporary flash screens - show a progress bar for lengthy operations - position the dialog box anywhere on the screen - add a standard icon or your own icons What is new in version 3.5.3? Troi Dialog Plug-in 3.5.3 is...
Dec 14
pro Fit 6.0.0
pro Fit 6.0.0 December 13, 2004 -- QuantumSoft today released pro Fit 6.0.0 for Mac OS X. This is a major update of QuantumSoft's popular tool for the analysis and presentation of numerical data and mathematical functions. The update provides numerous new features, such as: * Quartz rendering of drawings and plots, built-in support for PDF, PNG and TIFF formats, improved EPS export, hatching, tranparency, multi-line text labels. * Built-in support for color plots, contour plots and box plots, dynamic updating of plots when the underlying data or function has been changed. * Unicode support. * Multiple Undos. * Text documnents with unlimited size and syntax coloring for functions and programs. * Functions with multiple return values. * Improved fitting algorithms with automatic initial parameter guessing. * Updated plug-in architecture with XCode support. A more detailed list of new features can be found at The update is free for anyone who bought pro...
Dec 14
BRU Server 1.1 for Mac OS X
TOLIS Group, Inc. News TOLIS - Developer of the BRU[tm] Data Backup & Recovery Solutions TOLIS Group is pleased to announce BRU Server 1.1 for Mac OS X is now available to protect data across client/server-based Mac OS X environments. In addition to the robust functionality delivered by the BRU Server 1.0.7 being supplanted, version 1.1 delivers multiple enhancements that include: * A new human interface defined with the help of long-time Macintosh users to be more consistent with the Macintosh user experience. * Application workflow that is significantly enhanced to deliver intuitive operation - even for a non-backup literate administrator An excerpt from an article that addresses BRU Server by Yuval Kossovsky posted December 13, on "As you can see, the BRU software is cost-effective and designed to actually restore a backup. Our tests confirm this to be true. For those of you who have used other enterprise backup packages and not had that success, you will...
Dec 13
New ebook puts readers in control of recording with GarageBand
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New ebook puts readers in control of recording with GarageBand Ithaca, NY USA (December 13, 2004)--GarageBand users can learn how to create musical compositions from anything - vocals, guitars, MIDI keyboards, and even the kitchen sink - with the help of "Take Control of Recording with GarageBand," the latest ebook by Seattle musician Jeff Tolbert. Jeff helps readers get the most out of their gear (or buy appropriate new gear) while explaining how to plan a recording session, how to record with Software Instruments or Real Instruments, the best way to rerecord if necessary, and how to apply effects like a pro. The 106-page ebook also includes audio examples, numerous real-world tips and recording studio techniques, and two sample songs that demonstrate the techniques discussed. "Take Control of Recording with GarageBand," the sixteenth ebook in the Take Control series, complements Jeff's earlier ebook, "Take Control of Making Music with GarageBand," which has...
Dec 13
QuicKeys X3
Free 30-day trial version available of QuicKeys X3: WEST DES MOINES, Iowa, December 13, 2004 - Startly Technologies, LLC today announced the release of QuicKeys X3, an upgrade to its award winning automation utility software for Apple's Mac OS X. New features including a redesigned interface, more Logic and Variables, improved recording and new Shortcut Triggers make QuicKeys the best choice for automating your Macintosh. "This new version of QuicKeys has introduced new features which make it so much more powerful," said Mark Roberts of Dallas, Texas, a professional musician and QuicKeys user since 1988, "I've never seen QuicKeys so easy to use, so thorough, and so much fun!" QuicKeys X3 New Features -A new, more intuitive, user interface - New Speech, Time Range, Application Event, Mouse Button and Device Shortcut Triggers -Shortcut Subscriptions allow groups of users to share shortcuts -More Logic and Variables give greater power and control to sequences -Improved...
Dec 13
DropDV 2.0
December 13, 2004 DropDV Software Releases DropDV 2.0 This holiday season thousands of Macintosh users will receive video cameras, video recorders, and set top boxes based on the MPEG file format. Many of these otherwise happy Mac users will be frustrated in their attempts to edit video from these devices. Want to make these great gifts even better? Give the gift of DropDV - the software that seamlessly integrates MPEG video into iMovie and the Macintosh platform. DropDV handles any MPEG file, including those from: * TiVo, ReplayTV and EyeTV devices * Sony MicroMV and other MPEG camcorders * Digital Video Recorders * DVD-R Video Recorders * DVD-R Camera Recorders * Digital Still Cameras with MPEG support * Any other MPEG files your may have DropDV is simple and easy to use. Just drop your MPEG files onto DropDV to convert them into DV video streams. After conversion, your video is already imported into an iMovie project and ready for you to edit. After editing with...
Dec 11 Opens is a new Web site that offers a place for Canadian Mac users to buy and sell used Apple and related products. It is a free service, and is categorized by product type, popularity on the site, and ratings. Users can sign up for a free account to post ads.
Dec 10
BOOQ Launches Vyper Laptop Sleeve
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BOOQ Launches Vyper Laptop Sleeve SIERRA MADRE, CALIF. December 10, 2004---BOOQ, a fast-growing, premium brand of performance-driven laptop carrying cases for creative professionals on the move, announces the introduction of Vyper, a line of semi-rigid laptop sleeves made from ballistic nylon-covered molded foam. Vyper establishes a powerful presence in the ultra-slim laptop sleeve category for BOOQ, a company known for creating tough laptop backpacks and cases, as well as the rugged PowerSleeve line of full-featured laptop sleeves. With four models designed to fit iBooks and PowerBooks like a glove, Vyper is the ideal product for customers who are looking for an extremely slim, well-designed case that will protect a laptop while inside another backpack or briefcase. In typical BOOQ fashion, Vyper is all about rugged elegance and attention to detail, featuring an exterior covered in tough 1682D cross-weave ballistic nylon, a softly lined non-scratch interior, as...
Dec 10
Macfilink: protection for affiliate links
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Mac Users can finally enjoy protection for affiliate links with Macfilink Hobart, TAS -- 10 December 2004 -- Dejal Systems, LLC and Beyond Midnight Software today announced the release of Macfilink, their new affiliate cloaking software designed to stop thieves from stealing affiliate commissions. A common problem online for web site owners who promote affiliate or referral programs (like the one Amazon offers) is that people who know what they are doing can easily steal commissions. Some estimates suggest up to 30% of affiliate commissions are lost in this way. Windows users have been able to protect their affiliate links for some time, using specialized software designed to "cloak" the affiliate link. Now for the first time Mac users have a tool that combines the same level of protection for their affiliate links with features not found in most Windows tools. Macfilink allows Mac users to hide their affiliate link from prying eyes, making it much harder for a...
Dec 10
MarsEdit 1.0, new weblog editor for Mac OS X
Ranchero Software releases MarsEdit 1.0, new weblog editor for Mac OS X Seattle, WA, USA -- December 9, 2004 -- Ranchero Software, creators of the RSS newsreader NetNewsWire, today released MarsEdit 1.0, a new weblog editor for Mac OS X. MarsEdit makes weblog writing like writing email, with each post edited in its own window, the ability to save posts as drafts, spell-checking, and a familiar Mac OS X interface. While designed to be easy to use for new webloggers, MarsEdit also includes features power-bloggers need: support for categories, text filters, trackbacks, custom templates, AppleScript, and more. "MarsEdit is simple, intuitive, flexible, and customizable. It's a very comfortable and efficient tool for writing," said John Gruber of Daring Fireball. Other MarsEdit features include image and file uploading, a bookmarklet that lets you send a page from your Web browser to MarsEdit, and custom tags. "Our company uses blogs to track technical projects as well as business and...
Dec 08
iPOD PowerGuards, ScreenShields and WheelFilms
PARIS, France, December 8, 2004 - has launched a new range of iPOD PowerGuards, ScreenShields and WheelFilms. Protect your iPod stylishly from scratches, dirt, and grime, while injecting it with your own unique personality. PowerGuard and WheelFilm come in different colors and patterns, each uniquely designed and engineered to its best quality. Start expressing yourself today!
Dec 08 wants to put you in a custom iPod ad wants to put you in a custom iPod ad announces the launch of a service that will transform any photo into an image identical to the iPod silhouette ads for $19.95. These are done by professional artists and the results are amazing. Put yourself or someone you love into an iPod ad - makes a great gift!
Dec 08
Apimac Slide Show 6.3
Apimac is pleased to announce Apimac Slide Show 6.3, a maintenance release of its slide show and presentation tool for multimedia files. This release primarily fixes an issue caused by a stand-alone presentation saved to a folder containing another stand-alone presentation, avoids to save a stand-alone presentation to a folder imported into the current presentation - which will end in a hang -, and introduces some tweaks on the audio control in order to get a better performance. New in this release is the support for AAC audio files. Apimac Slide Show 6.3 is available immediately for download and is free of charge for registered customers. Apimac Slide Show is a slide show and presentation tool for multimedia files, QuickTime movies, sounds, and images. As a fast-to-learn and easy-to-use application, Apimac Slide Show lets users to customize presentations and adapt them to their most varied needs. It is possible to create presentations and slide shows in just a few clicks, with custom...
Dec 08
BBEdit 8.0.3 Update
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Bare Bones Software Releases BBEdit 8.0.3 Update BEDFORD, Mass. - Dec. 8, 2004 - Bare Bones Software today announced the release and immediate availability of BBEdit(R) 8.0.3, the latest version of the award-winning HTML and text editor for the Macintosh. BBEdit 8.0.3 is a maintenance release to fix reported issues and add minor interface refinements and enhancements. The BBEdit 8.0.3 update is available free of charge to all registered BBEdit 8.0 customers. An update package is available for download from the Bare Bones Software web site: ( About BBEdit ------------ BBEdit is the leading professional HTML and text editor for the Macintosh. Specifically crafted in response to the needs of professional Web authors and software developers, this award-winning product provides a plethora of features for editing, searching, and manipulation of text. BBEdit reliably transforms text with high performance. An intelligent...
Dec 08
Mac OS X Tcl/Tk Aqua 8.4.9
Mac OS X Tcl/Tk Aqua 8.4.9 Binary Release Announcement Dec 8, 2004 I'm pleased to announce the availability of Mac OS X binary distributions for Tcl/Tk Aqua 8.4.9, the Mac OS X native port of the Tcl scripting language and the Tk toolkit; bundled with over fifty popular extensions. The distributions are downloadable as compressed disk images from the Tcl/Tk Aqua file release page on SourceForge: Three variants are available: * TclTkAquaBI: Batteries-Included distribution, includes over fifty popular extensions (c.f. list below), as well as the Tcl/Tk Aqua 8.5a2 alpha release. This is a superset of ActiveState's ActiveTcl distribution (on other platforms). Installs in systemwide locations, administrator password required. (33.5M) * TclTkAqua: smaller distribution of just the TclTk frameworks, Wish, tclsh...
Dec 08
Maxum Releases Rumpus FTP 4.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MAXUM RELEASES RUMPUS FTP 4.0 Rumpus 4.0 combines the best of Mac OS and Unix to create a professional, easy-to-use file transfer server. December 9, 2004 - Rumpus FTP, the premier Internet file transfer server for Macintosh, is now even better. Rumpus 4.0, released today by Maxum Development, continues to offer the rock solid FTP services Mac administrators have relied on for years, but has been redesigned to take full advantage of Mac OS X. Administrators will first notice the completely new interface, rewritten specifically for Mac OS X and reworked to provide clean, simplified and responsive server management. The new Rumpus application also includes: * Fast context-sensitive help * An expanded setup assistant * Integrated self-diagnosis of common problems * Quicker, easier access to controls and server reports While the top-level interface is all new, the biggest changes are underneath, resulting in a server engine that is faster, more efficient and...
Dec 07
DropDMG 2.5
DropDMG 2.5 is now available. DropDMG is the easiest way to create Mac OS X disk images. Just drag and drop a folder or file, and DropDMG will create an image in ".dmg", ".img", or ".smi" format--or a Zip or StuffIt archive. Or, you can drag an existing image or archive file onto DropDMG to easily convert it to any of the other supported formats. DropDMG supports encryption, segmented images, and custom icons, and it can create images with rich-text license agreements in multiple languages. There are many time-saving features such as temporary preferences when you hold down Option, remembering recent folders, configurations to keep track of popular combinations of settings, and the ability to create more than one image or archive at a time. All the options are available from AppleScript and from the "dropdmg" command-line tool. New in this Version: * Can now create archives in Panther's Zip format; can convert Zip archives to images and vice-versa. * DropDMG can now create...
Dec 06
Telestream Flip4Mac Brings Windows Media Encoding to the Mac
Telestream Flip4Mac Brings Windows Media Encoding to the Mac Available now - Industry's first component to enable QuickTime-based applications to export Windows Media files Nevada City, Calif., December 6, 2004 - Telestream, the world's leading provider of universal media encoding solutions, today announced availability of its Flip4Mac Windows Media Export Component for Apple's Mac OS X platform. The Flip4Mac Export Component is the first product to provide encoding in Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series SD and HD on the Macintosh. It is the premier product in a series of major new digital media tools for the Mac to be offered by Telestream for immediate worldwide purchase at Prices start under US$100. "Mac users have long lacked a good way to get to the Windows Media format from their video authoring tools," said Ben Waggoner, compression expert and principal of Interframe Media. "Telestream's Flip4Mac finally makes it possible for any app supporting QuickTime Export...
Dec 06
iMovie Lens Filter released
iMovie Lens Filter released Zurich, Switzerland -- December 6th, 2004 -- cf/x have released 'Lens Filter', an advanced iMovie plug-in that emulates a large variety of camera lens filters. This easy-to-use, yet versatile and exceptionally flexible plug-in lets the user create your own lens filters quickly, and apply their effects after the footage has been shot. Usages for Lens Filter include improving color and/or touching up footage, balancing color, and creating color themes for footage. The built-in tools allow the user to quickly create of over a million different filters, and support the import or pictures that can be used as additional filters. cf/x's website can be visited at - from there you can download all their plug-ins, Lens Filter included. Their plug-ins are typically priced between USD 1.50 and USD 5.50. Many plugs-ins are free, and all plug-ins can be downloaded for free trials. Each plug-in can be purchased individually. About cf/x cf/x is...
Dec 06
Peachpit Announces The iPod Playlist Book
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Peachpit Announces The iPod Playlist Book Book offers playlists for nearly every mood and occasion Berkeley, CA-Dec. 6-Today Peachpit Press announced The iPod Playlist Book (ISBN: 0-321-30469-1), chock full of playlist ideas for every imaginable occasion. Available now from online booksellers and at local bookstores for just $14.99, this book is an ideal companion for iPod owners or a great gift for those iPod-loving friends. Many consumers find it overwhelming having to sort through a massive collection of music to find the right tunes to make a perfect playlist. The iPod Playlist Book makes it simple by featuring more than 150 playlists organized by genre (punk, blues, roots, and more) and activity (road trips, cocktail parties, weddings, luaus, etc.). Each page includes a playlist and interesting tidbits about that list. Some examples of playlists include: * Road Trippin' * Not Your Typical Wedding Songs * Cryin' in Your Beer: Songs for Soaking in Cheap Suds...
Dec 06
Athenaeums v1.4.0: EIMS Filter for Rolled Logs
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Athenaeums v1.4.0 Released by Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. EIMS Filter Adds Support for Compression and Emailing of Rolled Logs Vero Beach, FL - Monday, December 6th, 2004: Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the release of Athenaeums v1.4.0 for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. Athenaeums is an EIMS filter for archiving of standard EIMS log documents, specifically the error log, mail log, sending error log, and console log. This latest release of Athenaeums adds compression options for rolled logs and can also included rolled log documents in notification emails. The new version of Athenaeums is free to all license holders as of December 2004. Any license for Athenaeums valid through the month of December 2004 are free to upgrade to Athenaeums v1.4.0. Upgrade licensing is available for older license holders at 50% off the current initial license cost. Every night at midnight, the Athenaeums filter will make copies of the log documents maintained by EIMS and set to...
Dec 06
Lasso Professional Developer 8
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OMNIPILOT SOFTWARE, INC. INTRODUCES LASSO PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPER 8 Driven by Customer Demand, this Limited IP Developer Edition is Now Available Fort Lauderdale, FL - December 6, 2004 - OmniPilot Software, Inc., global provider of integrated management software, introduces Lasso Professional Developer 8, a fully robust edition available to developers at a low price. Lasso 8 represents the next generation of building data-driven Web sites, supporting multiple databases simultaneously and easing the sequential migration of databases. The Developer Edition is specifically tailored to meet the needs of advanced Web developers by easily installing on any platform and by allowing development and testing on one machine, as well as remote testing from another machine. "There is nothing like Lasso Professional Developer 8 for building data-driven Web sites," said, Chad Roll, chief operating officer, OmniPilot. "It supports multiple databases simultaneously while easing...
Dec 06
SyBrowser v6.5
SyBrowser: A Macintosh application that can query Sybase, OpenBase, FrontBase, PostgreSQL, Oracle, ODBC and MS SQL databases hosted on OSX, UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers. SyBrowser v6.5 features include: - Added OpenBase support. - Added a Cartesian graphing panel. - Added a 'Spotlight'-like search field that truncates the rows displayed on the SQL panel. - Added context sensitive Auto-Fill to the SQL statement panel. - Added a 'Spotlight'-like search field to the Sybase Stored procedures panel. - Added help text and auto-fill for some common Sybase stored procedures - Started work on Japanese, French, German and Spanish versions of SyBrowser. - Added an encoding popup menu. - Added a Preferences menu that displays the preferences panel. - Fixed a bug in Find command where it was not searching the first column. - Increased the click area around the end and start arms. - Autosize now accommodates ellipses. - Added "System" to the list of font names. - Renamed "Ordinality" popup menu...
Dec 04
Omni Group Announces OmniOutliner 3.0
The Omni Group Announces OmniOutliner 3.0 and OmniOutliner 3.0 Professional, Ships Public Beta Seattle, WA --December 3, 2004 -- The Omni Group has announced a major new upgrade to their outlining and organizational application, OmniOutliner. Targeted for early 2005, The Omni Group plans to ship OmniOutliner 3.0, as well as a new "pro" version, OmniOutliner 3.0 Professional. New to OmniOutliner 3.0 are many new options for styling and editing documents, as well as support for attachments, new export options, inline notes, improved AppleScript support, a batch find feature, and much more. "I think it's amazing what our team has done with OmniOutliner 3," said Ken Case, CEO of The Omni Group. "They've worked hard to deliver the features most requested by our current customers: support for inline images, links to external URLs, more flexible options for searching and navigating, and rich formatting options for presentation on screen and in print. But they didn't stop there - they've also...
Dec 03
Take Control of Mac OS X Backups Released
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New ebook makes Mac OS X backups easy Ithaca, NY USA (December 2, 2004)--Mac OS X users who have found making backups too complicated or time-consuming will find the straightforward advice they need in "Take Control of Mac OS X Backups," a 96-page ebook by backup expert and best-selling author Joe Kissell. Everyone knows backups are essential, not just for important files, but also for irreplaceable digital photos and music purchased from the iTunes Music Store. The ebook helps readers develop a rock-solid backup strategy, choose among common types of backup media, and pick the most appropriate backup software. Readers will learn the utility of having both a duplicate and an archive, the necessity of testing backups, and the importance of offsite backups. The ebook focuses on backup strategies for single computers and small networks. "Take Control of Mac OS X Backups" is Joe's fourth ebook and the fourteenth in the Take Control series, which has helped tens of...
Dec 03
XtremeMac's Audio Splitter for iPod
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Share Your Tunes in Style with XtremeMac's Audio Splitter for iPod Fort Lauderdale, Florida - December 3, 2004 - XtremeMac, the premier accessory manufacturer for Apple Computer's iPod, is proud to announce the best way to share music from one iPod with two listeners. XtremeMac's new Audio Splitter for iPod is the first splitter designed specifically for the 3G iPod, Click Wheel iPod, iPod photo and iPod mini. The new XtremeMac Audio Splitter for iPod converts the single earbud connection on your iPod into two earbud connectors, splitting the audio signal from the iPod into 2 pairs of headphones while maintaining all of the high quality crystal-clear audio the iPod is famous for. The sleek new XtremeMac Audio Splitter for iPod is exquisitely designed, precision molded to match perfectly in iPod white, and sculpted to sit flush on the iPod along the symmetrically curved side of the iPod mini. The splitter is only half as wide as an iPod mini, so it allows free...
Dec 02
PDF2Office v2.0 Professional Edition
PDF2Office v2.0 Professional Edition - Major Upgrade to the PDF to Office file formats document conversion tool ships. Osaka, Japan, December 2, 2004 - Recosoft Corporation the developer of cross platform Macintosh and Windows file format conversion solutions and PDF document conversion tools has started shipping PDF2Office v2.0 Professional Edition. PDF2Office v2.0 Professional Edition represents a major upgrade to PDF2Office v1.1 the PDF document conversion tool for the Macintosh platform. In addition to the more than 150 features and enhancements made, PDF2Office v2.0 Professional Edition provides seamless integration with Microsoft Word X/2004 - allowing PDF documents to be opened directly within Microsoft Word X/2004. PDF2Office v2.0 recreates the original construction and layout of the document - forming paragraphs; applying styles; regrouping independent graphic elements; extracting images; creating tables; and processing headers/footers, endnotes/footnotes and columns/sections...
Dec 02
SoftRAID 3.1.1
December 2, 2004 Mendocino, CA. SoftRAID, LLC today released version 3.1.1 of their software RAID application, SoftRAID 3. Version 3.1.1 adds the capability of creating Bootable SoftRAID DVDs and fixes several bugs related to the manipulation of Mirror volumes. "Fixing bugs is an integral part of product development, and we place the highest priority on providing software suitable for mission critical storage solutions", said Tim Standing, VP of Engineering. SoftRAID, LLC will be in Booth 1347 at the Macworld Expo and Conference in San Francisco, January 11-14, 2005. SoftRAID 3.1.1 is available for $129.00 and may be purchased through SoftRAID's website, All registered users will receive a free upgrade via email. For more information about SoftRAID 3, contact us at Demo version download URL: Press Release URL: User Testimonials: About...
Dec 02
Lasso Professional Server 8
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OMNIPILOT SOFTWARE, INC. SHIPS LASSO PROFESSIONAL SERVER 8 Fort Lauderdale, FL - December 2, 2004 - OmniPilot Software, Inc., a global provider of integrated management software, officially ships Lasso Professional Server 8 (LP8) today. Lasso Professional Server 8 is the premier tool for developing, serving and managing data-driven web applications, and offers a "build once, deploy anywhere" approach for developers who demand an easy-to-use, yet powerful development environment. According to Chad Roll, chief operations officer (COO), "Lasso Professional Server continues to optimize the user experience with dramatically enhanced performance and security. LP8 allows developers to quickly and securely develop applications with any database on virtually any platform - without a degree in programming - and with far less code than ASP, PHP, JSP or ColdFusion. LP8 is 100% backward compatible with LP7 and it is an incredible step forward in Lasso's product evolution."...
Dec 01
SpamX: Spam Tracing and Reporting Solution
Hendrickson Software Components Announces SpamX Available Now For Windows, Macintosh and Linux Spam Tracing and Reporting Solution Reduces Spam to Nearly Zero; Ideal for Heterogeneous Computing Environments Arlington, Virginia (December 01, 2004) -- Hendrickson Software Components (hsc) announced today that SpamX, the company's popular software for spam source tracing and reporting, is available cross-platform for Windows, and now Macintosh and Linux. "SpamX is the ideal solution for spam-weary customers. Because it automatically traces the source of spam and then reports spam offenders to their ISPs, we help to eliminate the problem at the source," stated Jeff Hendrickson, creator of SpamX. "In addition, we offer SpamX for Windows, Macintosh and Linux, so everyone can get relief from spam, regardless of the computer operating system they use." SpamX enables everyone from end users to IT professionals working in complex networked environments to effectively reduce spam in their e-...
Nov 30
RollCall Directory 1.2
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Midnight Mage Software announces RollCall Directory 1.2. 30 November 2004, HAYMARKET, VA. The new holiday edition of Midnight Mage Software's print utility for the Mac OS X Address Book is now available. RollCall Directory 1.2 incorporates features requested most by our users. Multiple Addresses, Four Column format, as well as special new holiday artwork, perfect for your seasonal labeling needs, are included. Compatible with Jaguar, Panther and soon to be released Tiger (Mac OS 10.2, 10.3 & 10.4), RollCall Directory 1.2 allows easy printing of any address book or pictorial directory you may need. Don't be limited by Mac OS X Address Book printing capabilities! Specify the appearance of the address book YOU want to have! Set multiple columns (1-4), select the fields you want to display, change the font, size, style, color, and other layout options. Specify only the information you really want for the perfect hard copy edition of your OS X Address Book. All...
Nov 30
Reduplicator v1.0.0: EIMS Filter for Archiving Email
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Reduplicator v1.0.0 Released by Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. EIMS Filter for Archiving Email Using Custom Rules Vero Beach, FL - Tuesday, November 30th, 2004: Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the release of Reduplicator v1.0.0 for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. Reduplicator is an EIMS filter for archiving email using custom rules and criteria. This first full release of Reduplicator follows on the very successful beta testing of the new EIMS filter during the month of November, 2004. Reduplicator allows EIMS administrators to archive email based on criteria they control. Email can be archived based on who it is coming from, who it is going to, what IP address it is coming from, and the use of authentication. Archiving location can also be customized to organize archived email by domain, username, and current date values. Reduplicator provides functionality vital to companies and hosting providers that must fulfill HIPAA guidelines, publicly traded or health...
Nov 29
Navicat 5.3 MySQL Client
Navicat 5.3 MySQL Client What's new in this version: This new version of Navicat (MySQL Client) supports Character Set ( A new function in MySQL 4.1 or above. ) and it includes a new feature - Filter Wizard, allowing user to quickly and easily locate desired data. In addition, XML Import feature is improved and user can now check the History Log of executed SQL statements. Navicat, a database management tool from PremiumSoft, is an integrated GUI tool let you perform MySQL administration and database development in an easier way. Advanced features allow you to import/export data, backup, transfer database from server to server, create query and manage local or remote MySQL server. An evaluation version of Navicat for Mac OS X 10.1 or later is available for download at (
Nov 24
iPod Boombox by DLO
DLO BEGINS SHIPPING iBOOM iPOD BOOMBOX Portable Stylish iPod Boombox is the Perfect Way to Add Fun to Upcoming Family Gatherings, Holiday Parties, Vacations and More CHARLESTON, SC -November 24, 2004. Just in time for the holiday shopping rush, ( Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) announced it is shipping the much-anticipated DLO iBoom - Boombox for the iPod. The DLO iBoom lets users connect their iPod and share their music anywhere. The DLO iBoom fits all iPods and iPod minis (does not fit iPod photo), and features a fully digital FM stereo with 4 station presets and a bright amber backlit display. Running on 6 D batteries or plugged in, the DLO iBoom is the portable iPod Boombox customers have been waiting for. It is available immediately for $149.99 from ( and at CompUSA stores everywhere. The DLO iBoom features a 20-watt...
Nov 24
FAST DVD COPY 3.1 Released
FAST DVD COPY 3 The First Digital Copy Software for Mac OS X Now copies PlayStation 2 games and more! Make your Superdrive Scream! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE San Francisco, CA --- October 25, 2004 --- Velan Software announces today the release of FAST DVD COPY 3, the first software built for Mac OS X that allows users to copy their DVD video collections, Audio CD collections, PlayStation 2 games, DVD-ROMs or CD-ROMs without losing any quality from the original. FAST DVD COPY 3 is the most powerful digital technology copy software for Mac available on the market today. "I've been using FAST DVD COPY to copy my DVDs, and I'm really glad that I can now back up my Audio CDs and my PlayStation 2 games with the same program. These new features are the greatest. Keep up the good work!" said Roger Cohen, a user of the software. FAST DVD COPY 3 features: General features * One-click copy interface * Allows you to copy: - almost all DVD videos to blank DVD-R(W) discs - PlayStation 2 games to a...
Nov 24
The Missing Sync for Palm OS v4.0.2
Mark/Space is pleased to announce the immediate availability of The Missing Sync for Palm OS v4.0.2. This release adds support for palmOne's Treo 650 and Tungsten T5, speeds up synchronization operations and better supports many conduits, including Now Up-to-Date, Photos/Media Conduit, NotePad and airline schedule conduits. Version 4.0.2 also improves iTunes integration and better detects conduit conflicts. Mark/Space recommends that all users of version 4.0 download and install this free update. The installer and complete release notes are available from (
Nov 24
GarageKey USB-MIDI Keyboard Available For Pre-order
GarageKey USB-MIDI Keyboard Available For Pre-order November 24, 2004 - For Immediate Release Today, MacMice, a division of DVForge, Inc., announces that its GarageKey USB-MIDI keyboard for Apple GarageBand users is available for pre-order, with shipping guaranteed in time for Christmas. The GarageKey USB-MIDI keyboard is the only keyboard on the market designed exclusively for use by Apple GarageBand software users who want a small, elegantly styled keyboard. The GarageKey has 37 full-size, professional quality, velocity sensitive keys. It has octave up and down buttons discretely placed on the rear panel. And, it is plug and play compliant with OS X USB-MIDI. It's clear acrylic over bright white styling, and its bright white keys, are made to precisely match Apple's desktop styling. Plus, GarageKey is the only MIDI keyboard available that includes clear acrylic riser legs that permit using the GarageKey sitting between an Apple wired or wireless keyboard and a display. There is...
Nov 24
CodeFutures Launches Mac OS X FireStorm/DAO Java Code Generator
CodeFutures Launches Mac OS X Version of FireStorm/DAO Java Code Generator [Denver, CO, November 24, 2004] CodeFutures has shipped a Mac OS X version with Release 2.3 of its FireStorm/DAO code generation product for data persistence. Dan Froelich, CodeFutures VP Sales, explains the reason for adding OS X support: "CodeFutures had many requests for an OS X version of FireStorm/DAO. The decision to support OS X was purely commercial. We have already signed up our first paying Mac customers just by providing a preview of Release 2.3." The award-winning FireStorm/DAO makes Java software developers more productive by generating the business logic for accessing databases. The benefits provided by CodeFutures' code generation approach are higher developer productivity, better software quality, and lower maintenance costs. FireStorm/DAO is available in Standard, Enterprise, and Architect editions. FireStorm/DAO Architect Edition allows new custom code generation templates to be developed and...
Nov 22
ProVUE Releases Major New Version of Panorama
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ProVUE Releases Major New Version of Panorama RAM based database for Mac OS X and OS 9 Huntington Beach, California - November 21st, 2004 - ProVUE Development announces the release of Panorama V (5.0), introduced today. The new RAM-based database program, available for the first time in a native OS X version, is more than 100,000 times faster than traditional disk-based systems for many critical operations. "This is the most significant upgrade for Panorama in nine years" says James Rea, president of ProVUE Development. "We've completely revamped the user interface and substantially improved searching, connectivity, form layout and the program development environment. The ability to integrate web content within databases opens up unlimited possibilities." Key Upgrade Features: * Runs native in Mac OS X * Refined user interface * Live Clairvoyance=81 searching (like iTunes) * New & Improved Wizards (including Address Checker, Bulk Email,...
Nov 17
DAVE 5.1
For Immediate Release November 17, 2004 Arlington TX Thursby Software Systems today announced the release of DAVE 5.1, the leading PC file and print sharing solution for Macintosh computers. DAVE 5.1 enhancements include: * Support for latest Microsoft and Apple OS Releases * Support for user drop boxes * Support for Symbolic Links * Improved client write performance DAVE 5.1 is free to existing DAVE 5.x customers and for all customers under an Annual Upgrade Agreement. Upgrades can be obtained electronically from Thursby's web site Customers with special Volume License Agreements will obtain a new CD distribution shipped to them free of charge. Thursby Software Systems has been developing network software solutions since 1986. Thursby products include DAVE, ADmitMac, TSStalk and MacNFS. For additional information, visit the web site

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