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Dec 10
Web Dumper v1.0
Web Dumper v1.0 Maxprog December, 10 2001 - New product Maxprog is proud to present its new product 'Web Dumper' a full featured internet tool allowing user to download web sites for offline browsing. Screenshots available at: If you are viewing a Web site with your browser and you decide that you would like to make a copy of it on your hard drive, you have to manually save each page as you view it along with embedded pictures, sounds and so on. This can be a very long and tedious process, and in many cases it's more trouble than it's worth. It doesn't have to be that way, however, as Web Dumper makes this whole process very fast and easy. With Web Dumper you can download entire Web sites off of the Internet, and save them on your hard drive for later offline browsing. Downloaded Web sites are saved on your hard drive with their directory structure intact. Web Dumper automatically downloads...
Dec 10
Intego Announces Release of NetBarrier X version 10.0 for Mac OS...
Intego Announces Release of NetBarrier X version 10.0 for Mac OS X Miami, FL, December 3, 2001 - Intego, the leading developer of Macintosh Internet security and privacy software, today announced the release of version 10.0 for Mac OS X of its acclaimed NetBarrier Personal Firewall, Antivandal, and Internet Filter. Fully rewritten for Apple's OS X - the most innovative operating system in the world - NetBarrier X is the all-in-one solution for complete personal Internet security. If you have made the move to the future with OS X, NetBarrier X is the protection you need. If you were waiting to use OS X because you were worried about protecting your Mac from hackers, vandals and intruders, worry no more! This full Cocoa application, native to the OS X environment, has all the essential functions of the OS 9 version of NetBarrier, and adds several network management functions. NetBarrier X also sports a new interface, fully respecting Apple's aqua guidelines, and making the user...
Dec 10
Free ACTION Menus Available from Power On Site
Free ACTION Menus Available from Power On Site Holiday Gift from Power On to Mac Community Columbus, Ohio - December 10, 2001 - Free copies of ACTION Menus, Power On Software's highly acclaimed utility for menu customization and enhanced Mac productivity will be available for a limited time on Power On's web site. ACTION Menus has garnered industry raves. Macaddict, in awarding its highest rating of Freakin' Awesome, summed up this incredibly powerful utility by noting that ACTION Menus boosts productivity, increases ease of use, and is simple, inexpensive, and rock solid stable. ACTION Menus, which runs under Mac OS 8.6 through 9.2, as well as in classic mode under Mac OS X , has been honored by Macworld as an Eddy Award nominee. John Wallace, President of Power On Software, explained the decision to offer the award-winning utility absolutely free: "Power On has been very fortunate to be able to bring outstanding products to the computer industry's most exciting platform. We have...
Dec 10
ObjectTools: 4th Dimension plugin is now Carbonized for Mac OS X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Version of ObjectTools Released Innovative 4th Dimension plugin is now Carbonized for Mac OS X Monday, December 10th, 2001 -- Aparajita Fishman today announced the release of 1.64 of ObjectTools. ObjectTools is a 4th Dimension plugin which provides a suite of commands for creating BLOB-like data structures called "objects". Version 1.64 of ObjectTools is fully Carbonized to run under Mac OS X and fixes a few minor bugs. An All-Purpose Tool ------------------- ObjectTools is an all-purpose tool which solves or simplifies many common problems faced by 4D developers. "ObjectTools is an incredibly versatile product that should be added to every developer's toolkit," said Doug von Roader of SE Software, Inc. "ObjectTools adds flexibility to how 4D systems are architected, it allows you to improve how your code is designed and programmed, and it can significantly reduce bugs in 4D code." "I kicked myself for not buying this plug-in sooner," remarked Mark Mitchenall...
Dec 10
trinfinity Software Releases Seagull Video Player 1.2
TRINFINITY SOFTWARE RELEASES SEAGULL VIDEO PLAYER 1.2 For immediate release. Trinfinity Software releases Seagull Video Player version 1.2. NEW YORK, N.Y. - - December 10, 2001 - - Trinfinity Software released today an update to Seagull Video Player, the innovative video player that allows users to create a playlist of their video files and play them full screen. This update contains a number of new features, including the choice of viewing videos at 50%, 100%, or 200% of their original size or the maximum size that will fit on the screen. Users can also choose to have the video window centered on screen at all times. Seagull Video Player's Playlist window now accepts Drag-N-Drop of files and folders. A new preferences dialog allows the user to have the playlist window shown every time the application launches. The user can choose not to display the splash screen (Registered Users Only). The user can also change the background color of the screen in Full Screen Mode. Seagull Video...
Dec 10
4D, Inc. Ships 4D Portal 1.0
4D, Inc. Releases 4D Portal - Applications, Communities, and Content Management in One Complete Tool -- Free Download Offers Instant, Customizable Solutions for Managing Workflow and Productivity -- SAN JOSE, Calif., December 10, 2001 -- 4D, Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and 4D WebSTAR Server Suite, today announced the release of 4D Portal as a free download from the 4D, Inc. Web site. 4D Portal is a comprehensive Web application that provides users with a variety of browser-based functionality within a single solution. Composed of numerous components or "portlets" that offer access to key applications, communities, and content, 4D Portal gives organizations the ability to work and communicate with greater ease and efficiency. "4D Portal will prove to be quite revolutionary for organizations that need customizable solutions for information 'gridlock,'" said Brendan Coveney, president and CEO, 4D, Inc. "Communicating, managing, and accessing shared...
Dec 08
PrefsOverload 3.5PR2 for MacOS and MacOS X Released
[FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] Gela, Italy December 8th, 2001 I announce that the second Preview Release of PrefsOverload 3.5 is available for download at The package contains two different versions of the application: a FAT binary one for use with 68k and PowerMacs running MacOS 7.6.1 to 9.2.2 and a Carbon one for G3 machines running MacOS X 10.0 or higher. PrefsOverload 3.5PR2 adds a lot of improvements and new features to the previous preview release, like the ability to exclude .plist files, Apple Preferences and non-preference files from the unnecessary files and more. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PrefsOverload is a full-featured tool for managing the Preferences Folder, which contains your various "Preference Files". Preference Files are those files in which applications store their settings and other information. After System 7, all these files have been enclosed in the "Preferences Folder". Preferences are important files, but sometimes they can turn out = to be...
Dec 07
iOrganizer 2
Channel 8 Software Releases iOrganizer 2 - Organizational software for Macintosh and Mac OS X. December 7, 2001: Channel 8 Software today released the latest version of its easy-to-use organizational application for the Macintosh and Mac OS X, iOrganizer 2.1. iOrganizer includes an address book, a bookmark list, an event calendar, and a download list. It can import contacts, bookmarks, events, and download addresses from a variety of formats; search, sort, save, and print lists; quickly and easily send e-mail to contacts; open your favorite websites in your web browser; remind you of important events; and download files from FTP or HTTP servers. iOrganizer has a simple, streamlined interface that makes it easy for users to add and edit contacts, web addresses, and appointments. New in iOrganizer 2.1 are contact icons to personalize contacts in the address book. iOrganizer 2.1 is available now from Channel 8 Software. Customers can purchase a personal license for iOrganizer for US$25....
Dec 07
ClipWorks 2.0.1
[FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] Gela, Italy December 7th, 2001 I'm proud to announce that I've just released ClipWorks 2.0.1, a manteinance upgrade to my Clipboard Management utility. This upgrade fixes a bug that caused Apple and Application menus appearing in German also on non-German system under MacOS X. Also now ClipWorks remembers print settings. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ClipWorks is a simple utility which allows you to quickly edit the content of the clipboard, either text or graphics. It is very useful because it allows you to modify the clipboard before pasting its contents, and this may turn your work faster and more efficient. ClipWorks has also advanced feature to clean text, like removing forwarding characters or fixing spaces, and can apply filters to images like blur, pixellize, noise, tint, etc... And if you want to export the clipboard contents, ClipWorks allows you to export text in SimpleText styled format and images either in PICT or JPEG format. ClipWorks is compatible with...
Dec 07
Optigold ISP 2.8.8 Released
Optigold ISP 2.8.8 for Windows, Macintosh, Mac OS X and Linux was released on 12/07/2001. Optigold ISP is a cross-platform business software package to run all aspects of an internet service provider (from billing to server management). A *FREE*, 100% working copy can be downloaded from: 2.8.8 adds more company email manager/trouble ticking system refinements, a completely new server event system, a few new tech support web interface functions, barcoding on LaserSubstrate invoices (return stub and postnet) and a few other miscellaneous items. All new features in this version are listed in the revision log: Optigold ISP Revision Log ------------------------- Completed On 12/6/01 Definable broadband fields show label Added additional error supression during server action triggers Completely new server event system in place New server event - Change Domain Password New events preference - Use Old...
Dec 07
NewsWatcher-X 2.2.3b2
For immediate release: Electric Fish, Inc. is pleased to announce a new build of NewsWatcher-X, the free carbonized version of John Norstad's NewsWatcher application. Fixed in this build: - Native helper applications can be selected; - Text can be copied; NewsWatcher-X can be downloaded from our web site at: ( For more information, please contact Richard Wesley ( Electric Fish, Inc. is a software development company in Seattle, Washington. Electric Fish provides contract programming services and publishes a number of products including PhotoPress, the easiest way to print your digital photos. Sincerely, Richard Wesley Co-President, Electric Fish, Inc. ( +1-206-634-2926 (v) +1-206-634-2921 (f)
Dec 07
Z-Write, For Creative Writers
* * * For Immediate Release * * * December 7, 2001 SCOTTS VALLEY, CALIF. -- Stone Table Software announces an upcoming price increase for Z-Write, their top-rated Mac OS organizational word processor for creative writers. The new $29 price goes into effect January 15, 2002, making the current $20 price a terrific deal for the holidays. Trial version users are encouraged to purchase a license before January 15. The new pricing has no effect on current Z-Write users. Minor upgrades to Z-Write have always been free and will continue to be free. "Z-Write is an incredible value," explained STS President Marc Zeedar. "We've been selling it for $20 since it was launched in May 2000, and we've released several free upgrades that have added hundreds of new features with no increase in cost. But with other writer-oriented tools selling for ten times as much, we've decided to bring Z-Write's pricing closer to where it should be." Stone Table Software is committed to Z-Write, with a Mac OS X...
Dec 07
Nisus Email 1.6 Released
Nisus(R) Software, Inc. releases Nisus Email 1.6 for OS X Solana Beach, CA - 2001 December 6 - Nisus Software, Inc. announces the release of Nisus Email 1.6. This unique, critically acclaimed e- mail client runs on Mac OS X and provides a number of enhancements to the classic OS version, as well. For those who own any previous version of Nisus Email it is a free upgrade. The cost to purchase it new is $29.95. It is available as a download from our web site at: A fully functional 14 day demo version is also available at the above URL. According to Nisus Software President and CEO Jerzy Lewak, "We are very excited to be releasing the first of our products for Apple's new operating system, OS X. This version adds several requested features and gives users of OS X the unique advantages of e-mail sending using the DragSend and the Dispatch folder features of the Classic version." Reviewers such as Charles W. Moore of says "I'm...
Dec 07
IconCleaner 1.1 for MacOS and MacOS X Released
Gela, December 6th 2001 Today, I released IconCleaner 1.1, a manteinance update that fixes some bugs under MacOS X and improves interface under OS X PRODUCT DESCRIPTION IconCleaner is a small application program that allows you to delete files' and folders' custom icons. Simply drag a folder over the IconCleaner window and it will erase all custom icons inside that folder. You can choose to delete only documents' icon or folders' icon. WHAT'S NEW IN VERSION 1.1 - Allows you to clean more items at once - Now IconCleaner adjusts files flags correctly under MacOS X - Better Aqua Support - New Icon SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS - 68k or PowerMac running MacOS 7.6.1 or later or - PowerMac running MacOS X 10.0 or later For more informations about IconCleaner, visit: Best Regards, Angelo Scicolone
Dec 07
Omni Group Releases OmniWeb 4.0.6
Subject: The Omni Group Releases OmniWeb 4.0.6 The Omni Group Releases OmniWeb 4.0.6 Ken Case Talks About 4.1 Release Seattle, Washington -- December 6, 2001 -- Today, The Omni Group released OmniWeb 4.0.6, the award winning native Cocoa web browser built for Mac OS X. Major changes for OmniWeb 4.0.6 include compatibility fixes with Mac OS X 10.1, newly added support for Norwegian, and support for Simplified and Traditional Chinese. See below for complete release notes. In discussing the release of OmniWeb 4.0.6, Ken Case, Director of Engineering, makes note of the delay in shipping OmniWeb 4.1. "We were hoping to ship OmniWeb 4.1 by now, but ran into issues incorporating our new JavaScript engine (it's now based on the "SpiderMonkey" code from Mozilla/Netscape). We decided that waiting and shipping a complete and solid version of 4.1 was the best thing to do but in the meantime 4.0.6 fixes some key compatibility issues with Mac OS X 10.1." The Omni Group expects to ship OmniWeb 4.1...
Dec 05
TypeRecorder 1.2 for Macintosh Released
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Michael Hunson Rampell Software, LLC 561-628-5102 TypeRecorder 1.2 for Macintosh Released PALM BEACH, FL - Dec. 5, 2001 -- Rampell Software, LLC has released version 1.2 of its popular TypeRecorder software for Macintosh. TypeRecorder automatically records and saves all keystrokes, effectively preventing data loss while also monitoring unauthorized activity. TypeRecorder discreetly monitors and saves every keystroke to a daily file, regardless of what application is being used. In the event of a power outage or a system crash, all work can be retrieved from TypeRecorder's records, regardless of whether the work had been saved. Version 1.2 of TypeRecorder can automatically hide these records to hinder unauthorized access and provide more privacy. It also features numerous internal improvements. A 25-day trial version of TypeRecorder is available at Rampell Software's website,
Dec 05
HEURIS Ships MPEG Power Professional(TM) version 2.5
For Immediate Release HEURIS Ships MPEG Power Professional(TM) version 2.5 Upgrade delivers significant speed enhancements and better quality St. Louis, MO, December 5th, 2001 - HEURIS, makers of the most widely used professional MPEG encoder, MPEG Power Professional(TM), today announced they are shipping version 2.5 of MPEG Power Professional. This software upgrade is up to 50 percent faster than the 2.0 version, provides higher resolution scaling, improved handling of titles and improved vector matching resulting in improved handling of high speed video and panoramic pans. A host of other new features help make MPEG Power Professional 2.5 the most comprehensive and fully featured MPEG encoding software package available. MPEG Power Professional 2.5 runs significantly faster, allowing users to encode their projects in a fraction of the time previously required. But this increase in speed does not come at the expense of image quality. In fact, MPEG Power Professional 2.5 includes...
Dec 04
Active4D 2.0fc2 released: Brings Active Server Pages to 4D
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Version of Active4D Released Cutting-edge tool brings Active Server Pages functionality to 4th Dimension. New York, NY - Thursday, November 7th, 2001: Aparajita Fishman of Victory-Heart Productions today announced the latest public beta release of Active4D 2, version 2.0fc2. Active4D 2 is a fully dynamic server-side embedded scripting language for 4th Dimension which brings the industry-leading functionality of Microsoft's Active Server Pages to the 4D environment. This new version brings several enhancements to Active4D, including Carbonization, a full suite of timestamp commands, and commands to convert to and from UTC datetimes. Active4D 2 includes an updated 300-page PDF Reference Manual. An Incredible Productivity-Enhancer ----------------------------------- Developers are unanimous in their praise for the real-life benefits of Active4D. "Active4D is truly a beautiful product. I rarely give such praise. It's a classic case of a complex piece of work...
Dec 04
IOGEAR trims the fat off KVM cables
IOGEAR trims the bulk off KVM cables ~ incorporates latest Micro-Lite(tm) technology to eliminate thick cables and clear up desk space ~ Irvine, CA - December 4, 2001 - Users no longer have to deal with bulky, inconvenient KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) cables around the desktop as IOGEAR introduces its patented Micro-Lite(tm) technology. The IOGEAR technology provides users with superior video quality and error-free transmission for high-resolution applications, at a fraction of the diameter and weight. The product weighs about one-third, or 3.3 oz., compared with traditional KVM cables (10.7 oz.). The all-in-one bonded cord offers a thin and flexible structure, saving valuable space and storage room. The IOGEAR 6' cable is priced at $29.50 (MSRP) and is available immediately from all major catalog resellers, online resellers and selected retail outlets. "Bulky cables have always been a hassle for computer users who want to increase desktop space and reduce clutter," said Miranda Su,...
Dec 04
4D, Inc. Releases 4D WebSTAR 5.0.1
4D, Inc. Releases 4D WebSTAR 5.0.1 -- First Update to 4D WebSTAR Server Suite V Now With Built-in Software Update Notification, 4D Connect Plug-in, Performance Improvements and More -- SAN JOSE, Calif., December 4, 2001 -- 4D, Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and 4D WebSTAR Server Suite, today announced 4D WebSTAR 5.0.1, the first update to 4D WebSTAR Server Suite V, now with a built-in update notification feature, 4D Connect plug-in, performance boosts to the HTTP server, FTP server and Search plug-in, and several other improvements. For a complete list of new features, improvements and bug fixes in 4D WebSTAR 5.0.1 see ( "4D WebSTAR 5.0.1 is the first update in our Continuous Improvement Program," said Brendan Coveney, president and CEO, 4D, Inc. "We're constantly focused on optimizing performance and consistently improving the software to provide the 4D WebSTAR V community with the most reliable and innovative 4D product...
Dec 04
QuickPopup - The Easiest Communication Software
For immediate release QuickPopup - The Easiest Communication Software for Office, School or Home Now any local network can enjoy time-saving popup messaging December 4, 2001 - Kanex Group Inc. today unveiled a new way to communicate in the office, more easily, faster, better. QuickPopup allows users to exchange popup messages over corporate, school and home networks without connecting to the Internet. Built for Mac OS X, it provides all the advantages of Apple's advanced OS. It's also available for the classic Mac OS and Windows. Macs with 68k processors and Mac OS 7.5? No problem. QuickPopup works as easily as on the latest PowerMac G4. QuickPopup's versatility will be particularly welcomed by educational and other institutions with a variety of computers on their networks. It's a powerful tool for effective communication because Kanex listened to and used input from about 500 professionals. They came from creative, production, trade, healthcare, legal, financial and other...
Dec 04
Portraits & Prints Template Maker: Spectacular Photo Printing
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Econ Technologies, Inc. releases Portraits & Prints Template Maker=81 Oviedo, Florida -- December 4, 2001 - Econ Technologies, Inc. releases Portraits & Prints Template Maker. This significant software package is the custom layout designer for Portraits & Prints. In addition to the release of the Portraits & Prints Template Maker, Econ Technologies is extending their special offer. Purchase Portraits & Prints for $19.95 and receive Portraits & Prints Template Maker free, a $9.95 value. The offer is valid through January 4th, 2002. Portraits & Prints Template Maker works in conjunction with Portraits & Prints. The Portraits & Prints Template Maker creates custom templates while Portraits & Prints enhances photos for spectacular photo printing.  The combination of the two programs makes it easy to enhance and print photos in a variety of ways. Templates are page layouts used for printing photos in Portraits & Prints...
Dec 04
InfoManager 2.1: A Complete Information Management System For Mac
Release Date: December 4, 2001 I'm pleased to announce the release of InfoManager 2.1. InfoManager 2.1 is a complete information management system for the Macintosh. InfoManager greatly expands the power of the Mac Clipboard, can be used to create and organize notes and other information, simplifies and expedites file and folder generation and organization, includes extensive tools for on-the-fly editing of text in virtually any program, includes tools for both finding the text within text and clippings files and finding text and clippings files themselves on any mounted volume, and includes tools for editing and printing the contents of clippings files. InfoManager, by utilizing an enhanced version of the highly rated WebPrint Plus engine, also includes powerful universal printing tools that work with virtually any program. This allows users -- on the fly -- to collect, save, and print just the information they need from virtually any program -- even just a single character, word, or...
Dec 03
Tenon's iTools 6.5 Now Shipping
Aqua Apache: Tenon's iTools 6.5 Now Shipping New iTools Manager Makes Apache Easy Santa Barbara, CA, December 3, 2001. Tenon Intersystems announced today a new version of its Apache administration tools. Tenon's web server tool suite, iTools 6.5 for Mac OS X 10.1 and Mac OS X Server 10.1, has been extended by an Aqua GUI that enables webmasters to set up and configure Apache directly on Apple's Aqua desktop. Tenon's iTools Manager makes difficult tasks easy and Apple's Aqua makes it pretty. The new GUI co-exists with Tenon's secure, remote, browser-based administration, enabling webmasters to seamlessly switch between desktop management and anytime, anywhere browser-based control. The Aqua Apache administration tools provide configuration, not only for Apache, but also for DNS, FTP and mail. Tenon's iTools can be used with Mac OS X 10.1 'client' or with Mac OS X Server 10.1. Both the new Aqua GUI and the award-wining browser-based tools give webmasters more than just ON and OFF...
Dec 03
Big Nerd Ranch to offer Post-MacWorld Cocoa Class
Big Nerd Ranch to offer Post-MacWorld Cocoa Class Link to release: (a href="") FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Atlanta, GA - November 30, 2001 - The Big Nerd Ranch annouces a post-MacWorld class in Programming Cocoa on Mac OS X 10.1, January 12-16, 2002 in South San Francisco.  Aaron Hillegass, Big Nerd Ranch instructor and founder, has more than 7 years of experience consulting and teaching for Apple and NeXT Computer. He is also the author of Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X, release date: December 7, 2001.Students in the January class will receive a copy of the new book. The Big Nerd Ranch provides high-level training in a mountain lodge outside Asheville, NC.The January class is a special offer to allow MacWorld attendees to extend their visits to San Francisco and include a Big Nerd Ranch class in their itineraries. "We believe that MacWorld will inspire a lot of people to...
Dec 03
StuffIt Mac 6.5 SDK Ships
ALADDIN SYSTEMS UPDATES STUFFIT ENGINE SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS KIT -IMPROVING COMPATIBILITY WITH MAC OS X AND SUPPORT FOR MACBINARY ENCODING WITHIN TAR COMPRESSION OPTIONS Watsonville, CA - December 3, 2001 - Aladdin Systems, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc. (OTC BB: ALHI) and publisher of the worldwide Internet compression standard, StuffIt(tm), today announced it is now shipping the StuffIt Engine(tm) Software Developer'S Kit (SDK), version 6.5.1 for Macintosh. The StuffIt Engine allows third-party software developers to put the power of StuffIt technology in their own applications. "With StuffIt's cross-platform capabilities, more software developers are turning to Aladdin's one-stop solution to use with all their products," said David Polzine, developer relations product manager. "Developers get the benefit of the best compression ratios in a package that's easy to implement in their own professional products." (font color="#000000...
Dec 03
AustinSoft Announces DTerm for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AustinSoft Announces DTerm for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X Vancouver, WA - Monday, December 3, 2001: AustinSoft today announces DTerm for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. DTerm will be available before the end of December. DTerm provides an interface for displaying diagnostic and debugging information in real-time from your programs. Each program has its own window, and can intelligently merge the contents of multiple windows into a single window, showing the interactions between multiple programs. In addition, DTerm can display the formatted contents of data structures with a single call. In addition, DTerm is the first real-time debugging application for Mac OS X that does not require additional interaction from the developer. "DTerm is a tool that I wish I had several years ago," stated DTerm lead developer Glenn L. Austin. "When developing time-critical programs, it is important to be able to view the internal status of those programs in real-time." AustinSoft will be...
Dec 03
KnowledgeMiner 4.0
--| KnowledgeMiner E-News | December, 2001 |----------------------------- IN THIS ISSUE - Script Software Announces the Release of KnowledgeMiner 4.0 - About KnowledgeMiner: Personal Data Mining Made Easy. - Why is KnowledgeMiner needed? - History - Book about Personal Data Mining and KnowledgeMiner - What KnowledgeMiner Users are Saying - Distributing KnowledgeMiner ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Script Software Announces the Release of KnowledgeMiner 4.0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cutting Edge Data Mining Technology Now Runs on the Mac and Windows. KnowledgeMiner can be downloaded from: and Version 4.0 features - extended AppleScript support (Mac) - first version that runs on Windows 98, 2000, and NT using Ardi's Executor Mac OS runtime environment (Windows) - workflow processing - importing data from databases or...
Dec 02
Online-Timer 1.0 Released
December 2, 2001 - Monkeybread Software Releases Online-Timer 1.0! Do you pay for the internet by the minute? Was your last telephone bill monstrous? Do you wish you could calculate how much that all that internet surfing will cost you? This and much more is possible with Online-Timer! It records every time you go online and for how long you were online. Then using the preset preferences it will calculate the cost of your online time. Additionally, you can set an online limit so that Online-Timer can tell you when your approaching your limit. Not only that, but Online-Timer is perfect for comparing Internet Providers and for keeping track of internet usage. =EF Export as Excel spreadsheets =EF Support for different currencies =EF A handy new Control Strip Module (Classic Only) =EF A simple and advanced display for viewing your internet usage history =EF Allows you to setup internet pricing per hour. Useful if pricing is different during different parts of the day. Download a free demo...
Dec 02
XRay 1.0b6 - powerful "Get Info" utility for Mac OS X
From: Rainer Brockerhoff ( Subject: [ANN] XRay 1.0b6 - powerful "Get Info" utility for Mac OS X Belo Horizonte, Brazil - Dec 1st, 2001 Rainer Brockerhoff announces the immediate availability of a new public beta of XRay, the File/Folder information utility for Mac OS X. XRay offers users a much more detailed view of files, folders, applications and volumes than Mac OS X's "Show Info" window does. Permissions can be changed without resorting to obscure terminal commands. Type, creator and extension can be examined and changed, and their effect on file-application binding is shown immediately. Types, creators and extensions can be selected from pop-up menus built from the system's own databases. XRay can be run from the Finder's Contextual menu, the Services menu or by dragging and dropping items onto the application's icon. Third-party developers can write plug-ins that further augment XRay's capabilities. Preview, Custom Icon and Hex Edit plug-ins are already in...
Dec 01
PodMaster 1000
PodMaster 1000 is a small iPod utility for viewing the songs on an iPod. Also displays some of the ID3 tag information, plays selected songs and can transfer them from the iPod to alternative media. This is most handy if you own computers in different locations. Can be found at Shareware application, $8 suggested donation to support this computer junkie.
Dec 01
ShredIt 4.9 Released
SHREDIT 4.9 RELEASED For immediate release Contact: Mireth Technology has released version 4.9 of ShredIt for Macintosh. A privacy utility, ShredIt is the electronic document shredder for Macintosh that securely deletes files, folders and disk free space. Throwing a file in the trash does not remove the file contents from the hard disk - it just removes the file name from the directory, leaving the data intact and vulnerable. What you threw away can be recovered by anyone with access to your computer - your roommate, a business associate, the thief who just emptied out your office. Don't risk throwing private and confidential data in the trash - securely delete it with ShredIt. New in this release is the Safe Place (TM) feature which allows you to protect important documents from accidental shredding. For example, you could move your child's homework into a Safe Place folder so that it could not be accidentally shredded. ShredIt - the eDocument shredder (TM)...
Dec 01
MicroOLAP Technologies Releases Direct Access Components Series
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MicroOLAP Technologies announced the next generation of Direct Access Components for MySQL, PostgreSQL and Sybase ASA MicroOLAP Technologies company has announce today the release of Direct Access Components (DAC) series, the libraries of native VCL components for direct access to MySQL, PostgreSQL and Sybase ASA database servers. MySQLDAC, PostgresDAC and ASADAC provide high performance direct access to appropriate servers from Borland Delphi/C++Builder applications. The main advantage of these DAC components sets is that it doesn't require BDE/ODBC on the client side. Using this feature you are able to build really thin client and easy distributable applications. Direct Access Components allow you to simplify distribution, administration and support of your applications and reduces system requirements. MySQLDAC, PostgresDAC and ASADAC are easier, more flexible, powerful and fast way of development database applications with DataBases and Borland Delphi/C++...
Nov 29
Master Key 2.0, More Options for Macintosh Manager Networks
Master Key 2.0 is now available, featuring a better OS X version, more options to take advantage of Macintosh Manager networks, better performance and a few refinements. Visit Direct download: Carbon (OS X): PowerPC: 68K: Changes in 2.0 All: New User Options subset of preferences that can optionally travel with user accounts in multiple-user environments All: New Remember last login option (for Macintosh Manager/Multiple Users) All: Better optimized the speed of the keyboard animation All: Automatic keyboard switching for OS X 10.0.2 and higher and for all non-AppleSriptable keyboard control panels in earlier Mac OS versions. All: Corrected some QWERTY drills that had keys outside of key vocabulary All: Corrected all situations for network operation if network volume has the same name as any other volume All: Fixed premature ending of longer...
Nov 29
Watson Released for Mac OS X - With Open Architecture
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Watson Released for Mac OS X - With Open Architecture for developing new modules ALAMEDA, CA, USA, November 27, 2001 -- Today, Karelia Software released Watson (, an extendable application for Mac OS X that gives an "Aqua" user interface to a number of Internet-based services such as stock quotes, telephone lookup, and movie schedules. Watson functions much like Apple's Sherlock in that it bypasses the Web Browser for specific functionality. But instead of being a search engine, Watson connects to a handful of other useful services available on the Internet. "Watson came about because I found myself frequenting certain Web sites that are really applications rather than just content," said Dan Wood, creator of Watson. "Unfortunately, these Internet-based applications aren't particularly 'Mac-like.' The Web stole much of the great user experience from the Macintosh. Watson steals it back." Intended to complement the Web browser,...
Nov 29
digital.forest merges with Infoasis
digital.forest, a leading Internet hosting and co-location company based in Seattle, WA, is excited to announce the acquisition of the Internet business of Infoasis, a San Francisco Bay Area-based Macintosh-centric Internet Service Provider. Infoasis and digital.forest teamed up because the companies have identical cultures and similar histories, and roots firmly in the Macintosh community. Founded in 1994, digital.forest pioneered online hosting of FileMaker Pro databases, and has grown to be the largest Macintosh hosting and colocation facility on the Internet. digital.forest operates two state-of-the-art data centers, one in Seattle, WA, the other in Vancouver, BC. Infoasis, founded in 1992, began as a Macintosh consulting partnership and expanded into the Internet services and FileMaker database development businesses in response to evolving technology and customer demand. This merger will allow digital.forest to provide Infoasis's Internet customers with: * expanded support...
Nov 29
Acrux Releases iBuild Lite/Pro/Site/Developer 1.1
Acrux Software is pleased to announce iBuild Lite/Pro/Site/Developer version 1.1. iBuild is now a "carbonized" Macintosh application. Applications which you build with it are also carbonized. This means that they run natively under OS X and take full advantage of the "Aqua" user interface. But iBuild will also run under MacOS 8.6 - 9.2 where Carbon lib is installed. iBuild is a rich, powerful and easy-to-use multimedia authoring and presentation tool for the Apple Macintosh. It's a good alternative to both HyperCard and PowerPoint for interactive and human-led presentations. iBuild has a unique set of features for making educational courseware, computer based training, tests and quizzes, thus complementing Apple's renewed vigor in the educational market. But iBuild's versatility means that it can also be used for kiosks, interactive electronic magazines, slide shows and much more. iBuild stacks can be constructed from a selection of over 40 different types of "objects", many of which...
Nov 28
Carbon Events Plugin 2.0 for REALbasic
I'm pleased to announce Carbon Events Plugin 2.0. This version adds a bunch of good stuff, but at a price. I've decided to make it shareware ($10 US) simply because I was recently laid off, and need some-sort of income while I look for a job, hope you understand. New features of this version include: - Full Proxy icon support; including proxy icon dragging, window popup menu support, window FolderItem support and window modified support. - Standard Alert Sheet support, shows a standard alert as a sheet, completely configurable. - Ask Save Changes & Discard Changes sheet support. - Basic Put File sheet support. Show's a save dialog as a sheet. *That's all I'm going to add in this department because there are good plugins out that do Navigation Services stuff already. - The ability to set a Dock menu icon (only works if the icon is in your application bundle however). - The ability to check Dock menu items. Previous features include: - Toolbar button support - Scroll wheel...
Nov 28
Package Tracker 3.6
Good day, Intelli Innovations is pleased to announce Package Tracker 3.6, a new feature release to the first and only complete, multi-carrier package management software for the Macintosh platform. In this update, the United Parcel Service plug-in has been revised to display additional package information. United Parcel Service tracking now displays the specific location of a package, the path in which it has come so far, and the date/time of each checkpoint. To access this new information, click the Tracking Detail header in the QuickTrack window and select "Package Progress" from the menu. Additional changes include: QuickTrack and Tool Palette windows have been optimized for use on both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X, including cosmetic improvements, new fonts, and faster tracking; several bug fixes and customer-requested changes. Home Page: Mac OS 9: Mac OS X:
Nov 28
Feelorium releases Textation 1.0.1: QuickTime text track editor
Feelorium has released Textation 1.0.1 today. Textation is an easy to use QuickTime text track editor. Users simply point, click and type the text needed to display, without the need to manipulate text descriptors manually and type time codes one by one. Textation even checks the validity of time codes while users input data. Textation also supports creations of Chapter Tracks and HREF Tracks. It is easy to create these types of tracks in seconds using Textation. Users can also preview the resulting movie on the same editing window by just clicking a switch. System Requirements - Mac OS X 10.1 What's New - Textation now handles double-byte text samples correctly. - Textation now displays multiple languages font menu correctly. - Name of new text track is numbered. - Textation will not disable preview automatically after user changes settings. Price: US$29 More Info: Download: Feelorium Limited info@...
Nov 28
Super Get Info 1.0.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Super Get Info 1.0.5 Now Available From Bare Bones Software Powerful File Info Utility for Mac OS X Bedford, MA -- November 27, 2001 -- Bare Bones Software today announced the release and immediate availability of Super Get Info 1.0.5. Super Get Info is a file and folder info utility for Mac OS X, offering a powerful, flexible, well-designed alternative to the "Show Info" command provided by the Mac OS X Finder. New in version 1.0.5 is a preference setting to change the keyboard shortcut used to invoke Super Get Info from within the Finder. Optional modifier keys can be added to the keystroke to provide a wider range of shortcut options and avoid conflicts with other utilities that provide keyboard shortcuts in the Finder. Improvements to Super Get Info's "Empty Trash" capabilities include the ability to choose the command directly from the Super Get Info Dock menu, as well a new preference setting to specify whether Super Get Info presents a warning dialog...
Nov 27
OpenBase SQL 7.0.2 released, cross platform features available
OpenBase SQL 7.0.2 released; Powerful new database features now available on Sun Solaris 8, Linux, Windows, in addition to Mac OS X New options make upgrading easier and more affordable than ever CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA - NOVEMBER 27, 2001 - OpenBase International today released the newest version of its fault-tolerant and scalable high-performance SQL database -- OpenBase SQL 7.0.2 -- making it easier for developers on a broad range of platforms to design, build and deploy next-generation internet and client/server database applications. Now, in addition to the already-supported Mac OS X 10.1 and Mac OS X Server 10.1 platforms, developers on Sun Solaris 8, Linux, Microsoft Windows NT/2000 and Mac OS X Server 1.2 (for legacy applications) can take advantage of powerful new OpenBase SQL database features, such as: - Java stored procedures - Built-in credit card payment processing - Integrated e-mail automation - Support for ODBC - Database transactions - Multi-threaded server In...
Nov 27
Direction Finding Kit Available For 802.11b WLAN Receiver
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Direction Finding Kit Available For 802.11b WLAN Receiver METUCHEN, New Jersey. -- November 27, 2001 -- BVS now ships the Locust=81 2.4 GHz WLAN Tester with optional Direction Finding Antenna. Use Locust with Direction Finding Antenna to: * Track down unauthorized WLAN users in your area * Pinpoint sources of interference Locust=81 is a IEEE 802.11b wireless receiver with an internal 12-channel GP= S receiver designed specifically for sweeping and optimizing 2.4 GHz DSSS Local Area Networks (including Apple's Airport basestation) via drive-test analysis. New features include PEAK measurement for antenna alignment, SSID network identification, WEP Privacy Encryption detection and PER (Packet Error Rate) for details on rates of 1, 2, 5.5 and 11 Mbits/sec. Locust=81 tunes all 14 channels providing measurements in realtime and also logs data to removable 16MB Compact Flash card for further post processing analysis using a drive-test vehicle, GPS antenna and a laptop...
Nov 27
Berkeley Updates WLAN Receiver For 802.11b Networks
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (font color=3D"#FF0000") Berkeley Updates WLAN Receiver For 802.11b Networks METUCHEN, New Jersey. -- November 27, 2001 -- BVS adds NEW features and Direction Finding Kit to the popular Grasshopper=81 2.4 GHz WLAN receiver! Use Grasshopper with Direction Finding Antenna to: * Track down unauthorized WLAN users in your area * Pinpoint sources of interference Grasshopper=81 is a handheld, wireless receiver that sweeps and optimizes all DSSS IEEE 802.11b WLANs (including Apple's Airport Basestation) by scanning all 14 channels and detecting narrow-band multipath interferences such as microwave ovens and frequency hopping systems. New features include PEAK for antenna alignment, SSID network identification, WEP Privacy Encryption detection and PER (Packet Error Rate) for details on rates of 1, 2, 5.5 and 11 Mbits/sec. (tt)<>(/tt) (tt)(/tt) (tt)Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc. Liberty Corporate Park 255 Liberty Street Metuchen, NJ 08840...
Nov 27
eMail Alert! 2.8.5
Good day, Intelli Innovations is pleased to release eMail Alert! 2.8.5, a new version of our popular e-mail notification software for the Mac. In this release, IMAP support was vastly improved -- rather than checking for the number of "recent" messages (which would often change as soon as the checker logged out) eMail Alert! now reports the number of unseen messages in the target mailbox. Additionally, a new option-click option has been added to expand/collapse eMail Alert!'s floating status window. Several bugs were fixed, including a bug we were unable to reproduce here, but was reported as fixed in beta. Home Page: Mac OS 9: Mac OS X: Release Notes: eMail Alert! is made with REALbasic ( Intelli Innovations, Inc. (
Nov 27
Baker Update Gets Peristent Article Queues
For Immediate Release Contact Mike Trivisonno - Kendall, Florida, (November 27, 2001) -- Baker Update Gets Peristent Article Queues Eridanus today released Baker 1.1. Baker is an OS X utility used to simplify the task of downloading files from Usenet newsgroups. Baker eliminates the hassle by automating much of the process. News in this release is the Persistent Article Queues. Baker documents now remember all the articles you have selected in all the newsgroups and on all the news servers you access. This lets you build queues for as many newsgroups as you like without having to worry about losing all your hard work because of something that disrupts your downloading activities. After you download the newsgroup overview, simply use the Queue Articles window to select the files you want to download. Then, the next time you click the Start button, Baker will automatically begin downloading the files. Baker 1.1 is a free upgrade to current owners. Unregistered...
Nov 27
Blugs List Management Engine 1.1
Subject: Blugs List Management Engine 1.1 Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 03:17:53 -0500 I am pleased to announce the availability of the Blugs List Management Engine 1.1, an alternative to the Mac OS List Manager and DataBrowser. Blugs offers C and Pascal interfaces to CodeWarrior and MPW static libraries. 68K, PowerPC, and Carbon are supported. The classic libraries are compatible back to System 7. This new 1.1 version features a number of useful API enhancements, chief among them being scroll bar widgets and a basic notification callback mechanism. And, like every other software product in the known universe, the new version sports significant improvements to OS X/Aqua compatibility. Finally, of course, we have the usual array of dead bugs. Download 1.1 at Blugs is available for reasonable per-product licensing, and is absolutely free for freeware projects. Thank you for your attention. Brian 'Moses' Hall Mac Developer and Linguist moseshall@mac....
Nov 27
XTension 3.7.4
November 27, 2001 Product update for XTension, home automation software for the Mac : Sand Hill Engineering has released version 3.7.4 of "XTension" the Mac-only home automation software. This latest version supports web control ! New verbs now support embedded HTML tags in served web pages, that let you control and monitor your home automation system from any web browser. Using Apple's PWS, QuidProQuo, or MacHTTP, and James Sentman's "X2Web" plug-in, you can now create web pages that include home conditions, weather, controls, and even web cams, more easily than ever before. The new web interface is specially interesting for those who have cashed in on the latest Audrey sell-off. These 'internet appliances" make great peripherals for XTension. There are several other new features and bug fixes. XTension is available in a free Lite version which incorporates all of the features of the full version, with only a limitation on the number of database units. (The Lite version works with...
Nov 26
IOGEAR brings USB 2.0 technology to KVM switch
High-speed peripheral sharing hits KVM platform for the first time ~ IOGEAR introduces KVM switch to enable users to share USB 2.0 devices ~ Irvine, CA - November 26, 2001 - Users can now conveniently switch between computers while sharing next generation USB peripherals. IOGEAR has launched its MiniView III USB 2.0 KVM Peripheral (KVMP) sharing switch, enabling users to take advantage of the increased speed of USB 2.0 devices. For the first time, users can control up to four computers, access two next generation USB peripherals from a single KVMP switch and daisy chain up to 127 operating systems. The new USB 2.0 technology offers transfer rates of 480 mbps, 40 times faster than original USB technology. "Users want the ability to take advantage of USB 2.0 technology whether through a direct connection, a hub or a switch," said Miranda Su, director of sales and marketing at IOGEAR, Inc. "IOGEAR offers a complete solution for the networking environment with the added ability to share...
Nov 26
VVI has released Vving for Mac OS X
PRESS RELEASE VVI Announces Availability Of Vving State College, PA USA, 26 November 2001: VVI today announced the availability of Vving for Mac OS X version 10.1. John Brilhart, Chief Technical Officer of VVI, makes this statement: "Vving is a well designed and precise application that measures and graphs network performance in real time. It provides an immediate solution with no learning curve, something everyone appreciates. It also demonstrates the high scalability of our OpenGraph programming framework. For example, Vving can display millions of points in realtime and show data ranging from seconds to years. Although Vving shows just a small portion of the OpenGraph features I think it is a good application to demonstrate OpenGraph. Starting today we are providing complimentary copies of Vving by order via the Internet for that purpose." John adds: "Vving is based on our OpenGraph framework. We've been working on a redesign of OpenGraph for two years now. OpenGraph was already...
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