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Jul 19
African mobile advertising market grows 37.9% over three months
InMobi, an independent mobile ad network, has released its May 2011 Mobile Insights Report for Africa providing insights on mobile advertising trends on the continent. Data from the report shows that InMobi now serves 4.2 billion impressions a month in Africa, up 37.9% from 3.0 billion in February 2011. Key highlights of the South Africa data include: ° Growth in smartphone impressions was 34% for the period, with 223 million mobile ad impressions monthly now coming from smart devices. ° With almost 74% ad share, Samsung and Nokia dominate the market with RIM a far third with 13% share ° Android is present in the market with 9.7 million impressions monthly. ° Nokia remains the largest manufacturer with a 20% share, but it has lost 3.1 points in just 90 days to RIM (+3.6) South Africa shows 36% higher share of impressions on smart devices compared to other Africa countries. However, the relatively slow pickup of smart devices in Africa is highlighted by the fact that South Africa...
Jul 18
iPhone/iPod touch/iPad apps for July 18
Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store ( Cavernicola Games has announced Crayon Canyon 1.0, a crazy physics golf game for iOS. In the US$0.99, your goal is to reach the hole using the tools that are available for you such as dynamites, cannons, crayons that changes the physical properties of the ball or rockets that launch the ball into the air. Avoid many obstacles along the way including spikes, lasers and rotating bars. Crayon Canyon includes 70 levels. Kendal Investments has released Smarty: Tic-Tac 1.0 for the iPad, a $1.99, touch- interactive game for kids age two and older that introduces the concept of time and the skill of reading a clock. A cartoon cat sits with a white board on his lap that displays a time, for example, 8:32. Behind him is a large display of six different clocks, each one having a different design, and each one displaying a different time. Kids must touch the one clock...
Jul 18
Apple shines in annual 'PC Mag' Reader's Choice...
Apple racked up several honors in the 2011 Reader's Choice Survey by "PC Magazine" ( The company took first place in the overall laptop category. "Apple once again has incredibly high overall satisfaction and likelihood to recommend ratings in every category it competed in," says "PC Mag." "This is despite a high number of units needing repairs." Apple also took the top spot in the desktop division. "No other company's satisfaction ratings come close to Apple," says "PC Mag." Even its satisfaction with repair rating is unmatched, despite a big drop this year." When it comes to mobile platforms, iOS took the top operating system honors, while the iPhone scored well, especially on the Verizon network. In the network router category, Apple customers give satisfaction ratings that can't be touched by any router company. "Despite a relatively high percentage of units needing repairs, respondents claim their devices to be very reliable and they're most likely to...
Jul 18
Kooltol accuses Apple, others of patent infringement
India-based Kootol Software ( has sent a notice to the several companies, including Apple, "to bring to their attention about the core technology they are using for their different service and products, for which company has exclusive patent license rights." The company says patent application 11/995343, filed in USA, covers core messaging, publication and real time searching technology and effects whole products and services. Kootol has also expressed concern that said companies may violate their intellectual property by using it for their websites, networks, applications, services, platforms, operating systems and devices. Kootol says it's "the process of examining this position and the purpose of serving this notice is to bring the fact to attention of said multiple companies at the very earliest stage so that said companies gets a full opportunity to examine the matter." The companies to whom the Kootol has sends notice for using their core technology are...
Jul 18
ChangeWave looks at impact of the iPhone, iCloud
A new ChangeWave survey ( of 4,163 consumers has taken a fresh look at smart phone demand trends – including mobile OS and smart phone preferences going forward. The June survey focused on key comparisons between the Apple iOS and Google Android OS – including the impact of Apple’s upcoming iCloud service -- along with the latest momentum trends for Motorola and Research in Motion. The survey focuses primarily on the North American smart phone market -- with the sample being 89% U.S. respondents and 11% outside the U.S. Firmly in second in the North American market, the Android OS (32%) has registered a slight uptick (up one point) in terms of future buyer preference. In contrast, Research in Motion’s BlackBerry OS (4%; down one point) has once again hit its lowest level ever in a ChangeWave survey. ChangeWave also looked at OS customer satisfaction ratings based upon the operating system consumers have on their smart phones. Once again Apple is the clear...
Jul 18
HTC to appeal patent infringement ruling
Taiwanese mobile phone company HTC will appeal against a US ruling that it infringed two Apple patents, according to the BBC ( The US trade commission said that HTC was guilty of violating two Apple patents when it produced mobile phones based on the Android operating system. Apple had filed a complaint against HTC for infringing ten of their patents. However, the findings are preliminary and are subject to review by the full six-member committee in Washington, notes the BBC. A final decision is due on Dec. 6. If Friday's ruling by the US International Trade Commission is not overturned, the US may ban imports of some HTC phones. However, the BBC note that HTC says it's confident it had a strong case for appeal, and maintains that it hasn't violated any of the patents mentioned in the case.
Jul 18
Dialetic ready for Lion
JNSoftware has updated Dialectic (, a telephony tool for the Mac, to version 1.8.1. Among the new features are a new Safari 5 extension, enhanced Firefox, Thunderbird, and Google Chrome extensions, and new or improved support for many devices and services. This version of Dialectic also adds improved Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) compatibility. Dialetic provides systemwide dialing of phone numbers using Bluetooth mobile phones, landlines, many VoIP services and more. It integrates with contact management applications such as Marketcircle Daylite, Microsoft Entourage, Now Contact, Palm Desktop, FileMaker Pro and other databases, as well as Apple's iCal and Address Book. In addition to dialing, the software provides a global Address Book menu for accessing your contact data including email, instant messaging, postal addresses, URLs, notes, and phone numbers. You can create new email messages, look up addresses on a map, copy data to the clipboard or insert it into...
Jul 18
LumuS releases Quick Well 2.0 for Mac OS X
LumuS ( has announced Quick Well 2.0, an update to their solution for the creation and placement of text notes. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher and is available for US$9.99 in the Productivity category of the Mac App Store. Quick Well offers a range of instruments allowing for optimization and simplification of the process of creating and keeping your notes, abstracts, lists, and any other information. The search system will help you find the information you're interested in even if you've forgotten in which section it's located, according to the folks at LumS. With the text-notes system you'll be able not only to save texts, but also to enhance them with a variety of images, files, and archives as well as to add comments. This will all be concentrated in one single document, and you will be able to create an infinite number of similar ones.
Jul 18
Duke Nukem Forever available for pre-order
Aspyr Media's upcoming Duke Nukem Forever is now available for pre-order from the Macgamestore ( It requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher and costs US$44.95. Here's how the game is described: "Put on your shades and step into the boots of Duke Nukem. The alien hordes are invading and only Duke can save the world. Pig cops, alien shrink rays and enormous alien bosses can’t stop this epic hero from accomplishing his goal: to save the world, save the babes and to be a bad-ass while doing it. "The King arrives with an arsenal of over-the-top weapons, non-stop action, and unprecedented levels of interactivity. With hours and hours of action, and a range of bodacious multiplayer modes, rest assured knowing the fun goes on and on."
Jul 18
RAGE Software releases free SEO video tutorial
RAGE Software ( has announced the availability of the SEO for Sandvox and SEO for RapidWeaver video tutorials. Sandvox and Rapidweaver are two of the most popular website builders for Mac OS X. However once a website is built, users are often wondering how they can start attracting more visitors. These free, step-by-step video tutorials explain everything that Sandvox and RapidWeaver users need to know in order to get top ranking websites, according to the folks at RAGE Software.
Jul 18
ShareTool ready for Lion
Yazsoft has updated ShareTool ( for Mac OS X, which lets you access all of your Bonjour services from anywhere in the world, to version 2.2.4. The new version is ready for Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion"). Formerly known as Rendezvous, Bonjour lets you create an instant network of computers and smart devices by getting them connected to each other. ShareTool automatically configures routers supporting NAT-PMP or UPnP. Remote services automatically appear in the Finder, iTunes, and other applications. ShareTool 2.2.4 costs US$15 for a single license, $25 for a two-user license and $45 for a family pack (five licenses). Users that purchased ShareTool 1.x from April 13 to May 13, 2010 are entitled to a free 2.x upgrade. Also, with every ShareTools purchase you get two freebies: the Attachments Menu and Unblunder. The Attachments Menu indexes all Apple Mail messages that contain attachments and puts them in an organized, always accessible menu bar. Unblunder: protects...
Jul 18
Default Folder update fixes issues with Lion
St. Clair Software has updated Default Folder (, its utility for enhancing Open and Save dialogs in Mac OS X, to version 4.4.2. The upgrade corrects two important compatibility issues with Mac OS 10.7 Lion. Default Folder X 4.4.2 is a free update for registered users of version 4.x. The upgrade is US$14.95 for users who bought their copies before June 1, 2007. Default Folder X costs $34.95 for a new license. Installers are available now in English and German and will be released shortly in Japanese, French, and Danish.
Jul 18
iFlicks 1.4 can create video files from H.264 content
Jendrik Bertram has announced iFlicks 1.4, an update to his video utility for Mac OS X. Featuring an easy-to-use interface, iFlicks will convert and optimize video files to play on iTunes, Front Row, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Version 1.4 can create video files from H.264 content (.mkv, .flv) that will be directly playable on Apple devices without re-encoding. iFlicks lets you import video files into iTunes to play in the iTunes application, Front Row, iPod, iPhone and Apple TV. Bertram says it was developed from the ground up utilizing the latest Cocoa technologies and offers a range of functions to manage metadata of any movie or TV show library. iFlicks supports a variety of video formats, including QuickTime (.mov), Audio Video Interleave (.avi), H.264/MPEG-4 (.mp4) and Matroska (.mkv). Most features are directly accessible using the integrated iTunes Script menu. At any time, processed videos can automatically be added to the iTunes Library or any playlist. Additionally,...
Jul 18
Playback Media Server revved for Mac OS X 10.7
Yazsoft has introduced Playback Media Server 1.7.8 (, an update of their zero configuration media server for Mac OS X 10.5 and higher. It's ready for Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion"). Playback can share media stored in folders or even make entire disks available to a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. No configuration is required. By default, it will share almost any content on the users system. And Playback automatically integrates with iTunes, iPhoto, and Aperture. Users can share all content from these applications transparently or choose specific playlists and albums. Those who like to tinker will appreciate Playback's built-in Access Control List (ACL) and bandwidth throttling. The ACL allows users to control which devices have access to their media. Bandwidth throttling limits the transfer rate from the computer to their UPnP device. This allows others on the network to do other Internet related activities, such as surf the web and check their...
Jul 18
Unblunder for Mac OS X gets maintenance update
Yazsoft has released Unblunder 1.2.1 (, an update of its recovery solution for Mac OS X. It's a maintenance update with some performance tweaks and bug fixes. The Yazsoft says Unblunder was developed specifically to help protect against accidental data loss by offering Mac OS X a "Recently Deleted" feature, giving you time to recover files before they're gone forever. It uses Mac OS X's UNIX underpinnings to hang on to files after the Trash has been emptied. When started, it runs quietly in the background and stays out of your way, according to the folks at Yazsoft. For optimal file recovery and peace of mind, Unblunder needs to be running before an accident happens. By default, trashed files over 250 MB in size linger for five minutes and smaller files are kept for a day. Of course, you can tweak all these settings to match your work style. Unblunder requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later. It costs US$10 for a single-user license, though it's included...
Jul 15
Apple wins major Android fight with HTC
Posted by Greg Mills Apple has won an important victory over the Android platform, which may have a giant effect in the smart phone market. The US International Trade Commission has just issued it's ruling on a complaint Apple filed against HTC. The patents found to have been violated are so foundational, the Android platform may crumble. See futher information in the news blog Apple threw the book at HTC in the form of 10 Patents that Apple claimed were infringed by HTC. The administrative law judge determined that two of those patents were in fact infringed. The patents cited happen to cover the core of the Android OS. HTC has recently purchased some patents they hope to throw into the fray to force Apple to settle instead of demanding and getting an injunction to force HTC to remove infringing devices from the US market. This bodes badly for the other handset makers who face the same complaints in...
Jul 15
Software Update Posted iOS 4.3.4
Posted by Greg Mills Apple has posted an update to the iOS to defeat the recently disclosed PDF vulnerability. The update is 4.3.4 and can be downloaded through hooking up the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a computer running iTunes, clicking on the device found in the left grey column and then clicking update. The update has an information page found at The systems to be updated are: iOS 3.0 through 4.3.3 for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 (GSM), iOS 3.1 through 4.3.3 for iPod touch (3rd generation) and later, iOS 3.2 through 4.3.3 for iPad. The security update is recomended for all users of the above devices. The exploit requires a PDF with malware in its code to be opened by the user. As is typical of most malware that affects Apple products, the user opens or downloads files from dubious sources.
Jul 15
Solution for California Amazon Affiliates
Are you a California based business that was generating revenue through Amazon's Affiliate program? If you don't know already, you're Amazon Affiliate agreement has been terminated in response to the new California legislation attempting to force sales tax collection. As expected, there are solutions available that allow you to continue to collect revenues despite the results of the new California law. Skimlinks, based in the UK, offers "the Amazon rewrite function as a means of helping forum owners manage spam and to allow consolidation of reporting under one umbrella." This feature can also be used by California based sites to continue to be a part of Amazon's affiliate program (minus the Skimlinks percentage). Skimlinks account holders simply enable "Amazon Overwrite" functionality for each domain webmasters would like, and Skimlinks will replace all the previously affiliated Amazon links in your content with your Skimlinks Amazon ID.
Jul 15
Apple can't serve hot chips
Posted by Greg Mills Mexican Restaurants serve hot taco chips with salsa. Apple can't do that, serving "hot chips" in iPhone or iPad could result in very short life spans for such devices. Warranty and product recall nightmares must be avoided at all costs. Apple has a pretty good reputation for sturdy products and shaking out product quality problems early. The A5 Apple chip is expected to be used in the next iPhone. The A5 chip, a Samsung private label product, made exclusively for Apple, is 45 nanometers with two cores. The next generation, the A6 chip might be half the size, down to 28 nanometers with 2 to 4 cores. These Apple designed ARM chips, according to rumors may also go in MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, someday soon. Apple keeps Intel on their toes, so that makes sense. Apple is tending to grow vertically lately, manufacturing their own parts under private label contracts. Rumors are that Apple is punishing Samsung for patent infringement not only in court, but by also...
Jul 14
WWDC Interview: Soonr
While in San Francisco, TUAW and MacTech Magazine teamed up to speak to developers at Apple's WWDC 2011 about the keynote and how Apple's new technologies will help them and their customers. In the weeks following the event, we'll bring you those videos on TUAW, MacTech and MacNews. If you aren't currently a reader of MacTech Magazine, check out the special WWDC free trial subscription offer for MacTech Magazine here. This video features Victor Agreda, Jr. (Editor-in-Chief, The Unofficial Apple Weblog) and Martin Frid-Nielsen of Soonr at WWDC. Martin was kind enough to tell us about their thoughts on the announcements on WWDC, and how it will affect their plans moving forward.
Jul 14
Microsoft Loves Apple's Retail Store Concept
Posted by Greg Mills Microsoft is so inspired by Apple, they seem to copy everything Apple does. Ballmer has recently announced that Microsoft intends to launch at least 75 more Microsoft retail stores, within a couple of years. Ballmer presented a map of the US showing the cities that are soon to be graced with a Microsoft store in the coming year or so. Not only have previous Microsoft stores been nearly next door or just across the hall from Apple Stores, even the layout and architectural details are borrowed from Apple's successful retail stores. See: Previous reports indicate that while Apple Stores are normally very busy, Microsoft stores are normally nearly empty. Microsoft is going ahead anyway, hoping to "expand the Microsoft story". Some people would consider empty stores embarassing to the brand and figure it just isn't a good idea for Microsoft to push the retail concept, considering...
Jul 14
Korean iPhone owner sues Apple over location data
Posted by Greg Mills Reuters reports that a Korean iPhone owner just collected 1,000,000 won from Apple for violating his privacy. The iPhone owner just happens to be an attorney and the judgment, which was paid by Apple/Korea amounts to US$946.00. While that might seem insignificant, the iOS "bug" that allowed location data for an entire year or more to be stored in iPhone or backup computer represented a serious violation of privacy to many. Korean courts seem to agree. The attorney, using his own case as a precedent has launched to put a class action lawsuit together. The new web site nearly burned the server up with hits. This story is just beginning since there are over 2.7 million iPhones in use in South Korea.
Jul 14
Exchange Rates Force App Store Price Adjustments
Posted by Greg Mills When is a dollar not a dollar? It is when you make it overseas. International exchange rates vary and thus there has been some pressure on the price structure of apps and iTunes in international Apple app stores. Apple is very much an international company and they have to watch prices in all the countys they do business in. Currency and taxes fluctuate and Apple figured it would be a good time to raise prices in countries that have seen national currency valuation drops. By the same token they reduced prices where the national currency has gone up compared to the US Dollar. While apps and music prices have just been adjusted, Apple hardware may be next with price drops on MacBooks of up to $100 in some markets.
Jul 14
Amazon Super Kindle?
Posted by Greg Mills The Washington Post/Bloomberg report that Amazon is planning to launch an Android tablet they bought from an unnamed manufacturer. The screen size is expected to be just a bit smaller than iPad, but in color. The price point of the new tablet hasn't been decided or disclosed yet, but it has to be a bargain to even compete with iPad, which is very hard to do. The sources also have claimed Amazon has an in-house design in the works for an Amazon tablet computer but won't have that product ready to launch until next year. See: Amazon is expected to sell the new Android Pad at a loss or near break even. The product is to support Amazon's digital download business related to books, music, Android apps and movies. The business model of discounting a tablet that is tied down to one download source is sort of like the Kindle. Will people buy the higher end package that has so many strings...
Jul 13
WWDC Interview: GameSalad
While in San Francisco, TUAW and MacTech Magazine teamed up to speak to developers at Apple's WWDC 2011 about the keynote and how Apple's new technologies will help them and their customers. In the weeks following the event, we'll bring you those videos on TUAW, MacTech and MacNews. If you aren't currently a reader of MacTech Magazine, check out the special WWDC free trial subscription offer for MacTech Magazine here. This video features Victor Agreda, Jr. (Editor-in-Chief, The Unofficial Apple Weblog) and Dan Treiman of GameSalad, Inc at WWDC. Dan was kind enough to tell us about their thoughts on the announcements on WWDC, and how it will affect their plans moving forward.
Jul 13
WWDC Interview: Marketcircle
While in San Francisco, TUAW and MacTech Magazine teamed up to speak to developers at Apple's WWDC 2011 about the keynote and how Apple's new technologies will help them and their customers. In the weeks following the event, we'll bring you those videos on TUAW, MacTech and MacNews. If you aren't currently a reader of MacTech Magazine, check out the special WWDC free trial subscription offer for MacTech Magazine here. This video features Neil Ticktin (Editor-in-Chief, MacTech Magazine and MacNews) and Alykhan Jetha of Marketcircle Inc. at WWDC. Alykhan was kind enough to tell us about their thoughts on the announcements on WWDC, and how it will affect their plans moving forward.
Jul 13
Apple launches volume discount program for business apps
Posted by Greg Mills Apple has just announced a new policy for Developers who may now offer discounts for volume sales of Business apps. This will allow developers to amend their contracts with Apple to sell business apps in mass to businesses who want to provide such software across the board within their company. Developer should get a notice from Apple explaining how to take part in the new program and business app buyers should look for a discount on volume sales as soon as the program is launched. Developers should sign in at for more information.
Jul 13
Macware Releases 16 Essential Mac Apps in 1
Posted by Greg Mills Macware has just released a package of 16 Mac apps that are now available for download. The package price for the set of apps is what you might expect for only one. The entire package is priced at $39.99. The web site is found at: The titles in the set, along with the descriptions are: Antivirus For Mac: Antivirus secures all actions you perform on your Mac, protecting you from viruses, identity thefts, phishing, spyware and malware, and unsafe downloads. Antivirus will automatically detect threats and permanently remove them to keep your Mac safe from harm. Anti-Theft: Find your stolen Mac! If your Mac ever gets stolen, Anti-Theft will track its location and even make an iSight snapshot of the thief for you to pass to the authorities. Fast Cleanup: Fast Cleanup finds and removes junk files on your hard drive to free up space. Fast Cleanup includes Binaries Cutter, Languages Cutter, Logs Cleaner, and Cache Cleaner. Uninstaller:...
Jul 13
Moving on from iWeb to Sandvox
Posted by Greg Mills As a web site builder myself, though iWeb was like a breath of fresh air compare to DreamWeaver, iWeb has gotten a bit long on the tooth. I yearned for a more robust web site builder app that still had the drag and drop, easy publish features I had gotten used to. When the press release for a new program that makes migrating easy from iWeb to a more modern web site building program crossed my desk, I was drawn to find out more. Karelia Software today announced a limited-time Crossgrade Discount on Sandvox of 25% through July 31, 2011, by using the coupon code 'iWeb Graduate' on checkout. A 'Transitioning from iWeb to Sandvox' guide is available today from the Web site. Sandvox 2 represents a huge leap forward for anyone using a Mac to easily create powerful websites. The Sandvox 2.1 update is now available free to currently registered customers.
Jul 13
Mail Designer 1.1
Posted by Greg Mills There is so much email that floods our inboxes each day, it takes a cool newsletter to get some attention. Writing HTML newsletters has just gotten easy. Equinux has released Mail Designer 1.1. Here is the URL to get to their web site: They sent us a press release and here is the short version: San Francisco, USA / Munich, Germany - July 13th, 2011: Attractive emails and newsletters are not only easy to create, they are now just as easy to distribute to subscriber bases. Mail Designer 1.1, our latest Mac App designed to create attractive newsletters, now adds export options geared for mass email campaigns. Through a new interface, Mail Designer 1.1 can now leverage the popular email technology platform, MailChimp, for sending email campaigns of any size.
Jul 13
Drag and Drop Easy App Builder
Posted by Greg Mills Developing Apps for the iOS devices is very lucrative. Despite the developer support Apple provides, it still takes a knowledge of writing code to fully prepare an app for launch. Google has been working on a drag and drop app builder for primitive apps for Android but Apple's developer program is still pretty hard for non-programers to use. A more professional easy app building solution is to be found at Taking the drag and drop method into the process, the Mac style solution to building apps is now available as a web app. Below are elements from a press release App Press sent us: APP PRESS SURPASSES 1,000 CLIENTS WORLDWIDE Indianapolis start-up successfully launches software to build iOS apps, code-free. App Press is a content management system that allows print and web designers to rapidly build amazing iPad and iPhone apps completely code-free. After almost one year in development, App Press launched to the public on May 28, 2011...
Jul 13
iPhone Based Police ID Verification App
Posted by Greg Mills The convergence of cell phones, computers and the internet have been fertile ground for all manor of good things. "There is an app for that" has been something nice to hear. Long ago, Apple figured out that killer apps are what drives device sales. It seems like threats to privacy are increasing exponentially lately. Now when a cop wants to check your identification he calls in your driver's license number and someone on the other end of the radio looks you up on a police computer system. Soon they radio back anything he might need to know. Soon, there will be an app for that. An add-on device that hooks up to an iPhone can bypass the radio and compare your image to a facial recognition data base and your information pops up on the iPhone screen. The app also allows for an iris check and even runs your finger prints. All in a hand held form using an off the shelf iPhone. The device that clips on to the iPhone is similar to credit card scanners and the like...
Jul 13
Apple's Game Platform
Posted by Greg Mills Apple tends to do things incrementally when tech lovers like to see dramatic moves. Apple has long been chided for not putting a game console out, like Malcrosoft did. XBox is finally in the black after Ballmer dumped enough money into it to solve the US Budget problem. Apple has sort of backed into games by providing the iOS developer tools that have allowed developers to create games for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad instead of a console platform. The growth of mobile games has actually outstripped the console model. However, hooking up to a big TV offers a much different experience than using a mobile device. Element 2 in the console model is orientation aware controllers. Recently it has been touted that AppleTV has a BlueTooth chip that hasn't been used yet. Couple that with the rumors that the next generation of AppleTV will be running the A5 Dual core chip Apple is putting in future iPhone and iPads. Could the AppleTV BlueTooth Chip bridge between...
Jul 12
WWDC Interview: Lithium Corp
While in San Francisco, TUAW and MacTech Magazine teamed up to speak to developers at Apple's WWDC 2011 about the keynote and how Apple's new technologies will help them and their customers. In the weeks following the event, we'll bring you those videos on TUAW, MacTech and MacNews. If you aren't currently a reader of MacTech Magazine, check out the special WWDC free trial subscription offer for MacTech Magazine here. This video features Neil Ticktin (Editor-in-Chief, MacTech Magazine and MacNews) and James Wilson of LithiumCorp at WWDC. James was kind enough to tell us about their thoughts on the announcements on WWDC, and how it will affect their plans moving forward.
Jul 12
WWDC Interview: Appigo
While in San Francisco, TUAW and MacTech Magazine teamed up to speak to developers at Apple's WWDC 2011 about the keynote and how Apple's new technologies will help them and their customers. In the weeks following the event, we'll bring you those videos on TUAW, MacTech and MacNews. If you aren't currently a reader of MacTech Magazine, check out the special WWDC free trial subscription offer for MacTech Magazine here. This video features Neil Ticktin (Editor-in-Chief, MacTech Magazine and MacNews) and Calvin Gaisford of Appigo, Inc. at WWDC. Calvin was kind enough to tell us about their thoughts on the announcements on WWDC, and how it will affect their plans moving forward.
Jul 12
HTC, what is fair in the market place?
Posted by Greg Mills I posted a statement this morning that was issued by HTC's lead attorney, in its complete and full form. The international press has taken that statement to be an almost emotional cry that the "bad Apple" isn't playing fair in the smartphone market. Poor HTC, pass the kleenex. Steve Jobs warned that Apple wouldn't let competitors steal Apple's technology. Somehow, that didn't translate properly into the language of Taiwan. The Federal law suits and complaints filed with the US International Trade Commission that can be found in the in baskets of all the Android handset makers are beginning to rattle a few cages. HTC and Samsung are not alone. HTC stock has continued to drop like a rock. The stock market is beginning to take seriously the very real possibility that Apple will prevail and stop HTC Android handsets and Tablet computers at the dock. Imagine shipping containers full of shinny new HTC handsets being returned with the shipping container seals...
Jul 12
Apple's New Chief Intellectual Property Counsel
Posted by Greg Mills The dizzy array of legal spats that Apple is in require a cadre of top legal minds. Apple has a lot of attorneys in house, but has been known to hire outside lawyers in the past. The Vice President for Legal Affairs, Chip Lutton Jr. is rumored to be leaving Apple for unknown reasons. A well seasoned replacement has been named, B. J. Watrous was hired away from HP's Intellectual Property Department. One can assume Chip Lutton needs a very long vacation in some quiet place. With a rather "high strung" CEO on your tail, constantly prodding you to get action on the pressing legal problems with competitors that Apple is facing, it must be very stressful. I can imagine standing on the red carpet before Steve Jobs explaining that pushing cases though the Federal Courts is like trying to roll large boulders up a hill. Federal Court is sort of like a glacier, they move very slowly but grind everything in their path into fine dust. You certainly want to be on the...
Jul 12
HTC Stock drops 13% since Apple Filed New Suit
Posted by Greg Mills Apple is launching Lion soon, but in US Federal Courts, Trade Commissions and patent auctions the company is acting more like a Tiger. Apple filed a Federal Lawsuit last year against every handset maker who produces Google Android handsets alleging enfringement of Patents. The effects of any success in these pitched court battles will certainly have a marked effect on the Android Platform and the entire landscape of the mobile computing market. HTC has just been named by Apple in a filing with the US International Trade Commission, for importing handsets and slate computers that Apple claims infringe on its Patents for the iPhone and iPad. While not a court, the US Trade Commission can stop a company that is importing goods made outside the country. This, in conjuction with court action can effectively stop imported goods from reaching our market. All mobile devices are assemble over seas due to much higher labor and government induced overhead here in the US. HTC...
Jul 12
World Wide Web Consortium seeks to invalidate two Apple patents
Posted by Greg Mills The World Wide Web Consortium, of which Apple is a major player is upset that Apple appears, so far, to be reserving the rights to certain HTML5 code related to security in loading widgets. The consortium wants Apple to grant a free license for the group to include the technology in HTML5 standards. Apple hasn't responded to the request fast enough for the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) so they are seeking proof of "prior art" which would invalidate Apple's patents. When you get a patent there has to be novel elements to the claims or the patent can't be issued. If a patent has already been issued and anyone can provide clear evidence that the invention was known prior to the filing date, the patent is dead meat. The W3C has taken the situation public and is asking for proof that the core technology Apple is claiming was in use prior to the filing dates of Apple's patent applications. See: for specific information....
Jul 12
Lion, Security Updates are Automatic
Posted by Greg Mills Lion is due to ship any day now. The Mac computer’s integration with the internet is becoming more and more intertwined with Lion. Security updates, as we know them, are about to become a memory. Lion automatically will push security updates in the background. Security code elements used to be packaged together, where one update might contain a number of fixes or bits of security for a number of problems. Now, with that process automatic, there won’t be any reason for Apple to wait until there were enough patches to make an update worth releasing. Security issues are in a constant state of flux and now, just a quickly as Apple’s security team has developed a patch for a certain exploit or fixed a bug in a program, they can push it to us behind the scenes. Clever and helpful features are common in the Mac world. This is just one more reason to buy Lion.
Jul 11
Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac Enterprise announced
One of the strong features of Intel Macs is the ability to run Windows, for those who have good reason to do so. While common PCs can’t run the Mac OS, Macs can and do run Windows. At one time, when the PC world was reeling over the “Vista Capable PC hardware standard” or not, incredibly, the fastest hardware that would run Vista at that time was a Mac! Apple builds solid hardware! Apple even launched “BootCamp” which creates a situation where you can choose the partitioned operating system at startup. That can be awkward as content on one platform under BootCamp isn’t available to you when using the other platform. Rather than choosing one platform or the other, why not run them both at the same time? One of the best solutions to running Windows on a Mac is the Parallels Desktop program which does the cool thing of allowing the two platforms to co-exist. That way a user can go back and forth between the platforms seamlessly. Businesses particularly, will find this solution...
Jul 11
Judgment against Apple on iPod Patent suit NOT final
Posted by Greg Mills The legal conclusions made in various tech writers blogs regarding a patent troll suit over playlists on iPod are faulty. While it is true a judgment went against Apple in the East Texas Federal Court, the likelihood of Apple actually paying 8 million dollars isn’t slam dunk, by any means. Apple contends that not only did they not violate the 2 patents cited, both patents are invalid anyway. While three other companies who were also sued settled out of court, Apple hung in there and went to trial. While 8 million dollars isn’t chump change to most of us, Apple can afford to appeal on numerous grounds or to file an appeal, or settle for a lot less than the full judgement. If Apple appeals and gets the patents thrown out, the other three defendants could likely bail out of the settlement agreement already made. That makes the plaintiff eager to settle out of court with Apple rather than risk everything on taking the case to appeal. The delay alone of Apple...
Jul 11
Android platform loyalty falters
Posted by Greg Mills Cannacord Genuity analyst Mike Walkley has noted that a high percentage of Android smartphone users abandon their chosen platform when they buy an iPad instead of any other tablet. Walkley anticipates that Apple will have roughly 250 million iOS users by the end of the year. He also figures that there is about an annual 40% “replacement rate” on existing iOS users buying another newer iPhone or iPad. Used iOS devices often go to new users as a cherished hand-me-down, while rarely gathering dust in a drawer, somewhere. The used iOS device market is stronger with Apple products than any other brand. I have a collection of old junk cell phones, but my daughter quickly puts in her dibs on retired iPhones and my someday to be used iPad 1 will still make a great Christmas present for her. Google’s Android may suffer from the “next best thing syndrome”. When Android was launched the handset industry was glad to have an alternative mobile OS to keep them in the...
Jul 11
HD iPad2 Rumors
Posted by Greg Mills Apple has such a tiger by the tail trying to keep up with the demand for iPad2, adding a completely new model seems unlikely. However, Apple has a history of turning unlikely products into stelar success stories. If iPad2 is a success, the natural development of the product line is to add smaller and larger screen sizes and alternative feature sets to create a line of iPads. The one size fits all notion has limits as customers and customer needs vary. Rumors are floating that Apple will launch a larger, HD iPad with more ports and that it will support Final Cut or digital photo manipulation programs for professionals. A larger HD display will be great for presentations and even some existing applications that are thriving, such as the medical industry. The stories of a cheaper low end iPhone also are making the rounds. I think the “free iPhone with a two year subscription” market is too important for Apple to pass up. Can they make a cheaper iPhone with...
Jul 11
HP, Palm and Pre rumors
Posted by Greg MIlls HP bought Palm for it’s technology a while back and has funded the work on continuing to develop the Palm webOS smartphone platform. HP hopes to use the Palm webOS in its upcoming mobile devices. The history of Palm is one of missed opportunities and squandered innovation. At one time PDA and cellphones hadn’t yet merged and Palm had a great PDA product set. Apple played with DPAs and then abandoned the effort until they created the iPhone and the iOS, which really combined the PDA, iPod and the cellphone in ways no one but Apple could see. It should have been Palm that did it, but it wasn’t. Palm has declined in value to the point they were takeover bait for the likes of HP. HP has a pretty broad line of products, but along with a number of other computer hardware makers, it is heavily invested in smartphones and tablets as they see that mobile devices are the future of computing. Rumors are afloat that sprint, the lackluster runt of the US cellphone...
Jul 11
Google’s sour grapes over losing Patent auction
Posted by Greg Mills The auction to sell 6000 Nortel patents is over and Google, make that Android, lost. Google offered US$900,000,000 early on, but was out bid by Apple, Microsoft, RIM, Ericsson, Sony and EMC which joined a consortium to buy the patents. Each of the members of the group contributed to the winning pot for rights to certain patents or a paid up license to use certain patent. Apple, in particular wanted compete ownership of some G4 Patent to protect the iOS as cellular technology moves to the faster format. Apple and the others got prior permission from the US Justice Department before bidding. Despite the winners getting prior permission to obtain those patents, Google, the looser, is demanding that Android be licensed to use the patents they didn't buy? Uncompetitive and monopolistic Google cries. Google could have bid higher but declined to do so. Android is under attack both directly by Microsoft and indirectly by Apple. Google needed those patents to stay...
Jul 11
iSuppli Doubts iPhone 5 4G(LTE)
Speculation about the features of unreleased Apple products sometimes comes from odd sources. A teardown of the HTC ThunderBolt, which has a first generation 4G chipset, was torn down by the guys at iSuppli (You build it, we tear it down). The 4G chip set physical size and cost had Wayne Lam speculating that it would be impossible for Apple to keep iPhone small and thin enough to maintain its slim form factor and still maintain Apple’s profit margin with that chip set. The battery in iPhone hogs a lot of room. Chip development generally takes a few generations to work down from the initial combination of chips required to do new tricks. When newer chips are developed they begin to combine a number of separate chips into one. The physical footprint and cost both go down with each generation of new chips. G4 chipset generation 2 is already in production with 4G chipset generation 3 under development at Qualcomm. The HTC G4 phone had a 4G Baseband chip and 4G Radio Frequency...
Jul 08
Beware of MobileMe Phishing Spam
Posted by Greg Mills Yesterday I got a fraudulent email warning me that my MobileMe account was expiring soon, to check my account phone number and credit card information. The email uses actual Apple MobileMe art so it looks very official, while it is as fraudulent as a 3 dollar bill. I remembered current MobileMe accounts were grandfathered in until next summer so the email alarmed me, as I seemed to remember renewal in December.  Welcome, Just a reminder to renew your MobileMe subscription by July 10, 2011 PDT to avoid interruption of service. Did you resently change you credit card or phone number?To renew your service, log in to MobileMe, And click Account Options.Then click the Login box for your subscription. When you're done, click Billing Info and make sure your credit card information is up to date. It takes only a few minutes, and your credit card won't be charged until the day before your renewal date. Thanks for being a MobileMe subscriber. We're looking forward to...
Jul 08
Inductive Charging Pads for future iPhone and iPad?
Posted by Greg Mills Sometimes electronic devices seem almost magic. Charging pads that are sort of like a small place mat have a wire that leads off to an electrical outlet. Rechargeable electronic devices like a cellphone or iPod are simply placed on the mat, face up and the device comes to life with the battery charging screen coming on. The science behind that magic is called electrical induction. There is a coil of wire or such in both the mat, hidden under a thin layer of plastic or glass and also a coil hidden in the back of the electronic device that is hooked up to a battery charging circuit. When the coil in the mat is energized with electrical energy the loop in the device is also energized enough to charge the battery when they are close. While it may seem wasteful for the mat to be running all the time waiting for an iPhone to be placed upon it, the transformer bricks use for all electronic devices have a similar coil to coil placement in them where one coil is always...
Jul 08
Apple's iOS Platform New Security Hole Found
Posted by Greg Mills Security for internet connected computing devices is an ongoing thing. The recent “jailbreak” software for breaking iOS devices also breaks iOS security for all of us as the vulnerability of un-jail-broken devices is exposed in the jail break code that is now posted on line. The fear is that remote control of iPhone, iPad and iPod touches could occur using that code. This sort of problem is much more common in the Android platform but computers are computers and the systems are only as good as the state of the art when they are released. Apple has publicly stated that they are aware of the threat and that they “are developing a fix that will be available to customers in an upcoming software update”. Jail breaking voids Apple’s warranty because it creates the environment in the platform where exploits like the current one are a problem. The current way around Apple's iOS security that is being exploited is via the PDF software used to open documents. The...

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