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Sep 23
S3 Graphics sues Apple -- again
S3 Graphics, a company HTC is in the process of buying has sued Apple (again), this time accusing the company of violating two different patents, reports "FOSS Patents" ( S3 has asked infringing products -- the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Macs -- be barred from sale. A complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission was accompanied by a federal lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in the district of Delaware. The beef between Apple and HTC/S3 started in March 2010 with Apple's first ITC complaint against HTC. In May 2010, HTC retaliated with an ITC complaint against Apple, and S3 Graphics filed its first ITC complaint against Apple. In July 2011 the U.S. International Trade Commission ruled that Mac OS X violates patents held by S3 Graphics, while the platform for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad tablet doesn't. The operating system on the Mac infringes two S3 patents related to graphics chips, Judge James Gildea said. S3 Graphics makes image compression...
Sep 23
Mac PDF Trojan Horse gallops onto the scene
Security specialist Intego ( says a new malware sample affecting Mac OS X has been discovered. It's an application masquerading as a PDF file, which connects to a remote server to download a backdoor. This application displays text, like a PDF, to fool users who open it, and don’t notice what really happens, says Intego. When a user opens the file, the executable goes into action, extracting a different executable, which then downloads a backdoor from a remote server. This first executable only works on Intel-based Macs, and the backdoor doesn't work on Macs using a case-sensitive file system (which is not the default). The backdoor takes screenshots and sends them to a command and control server, and can perform other actions. "This PDF Trojan horse was not found in the wild, and is most likely simply a proof of concept," says Intego. "Its design is clunky, yet it can work, and does connect to an active server. VirusBarrier X6 users will find that the program’...
Sep 23
LVL Patent Group sues Apple, 26 other companies
Another day, another lawsuit. LVL Patent Group is suing Apple and 26 other companies for patent infringement involving wireless recordings of transactions. The lawsuit accuses the 27 companies -- which include AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, RIM, Nokia, Samsung Motorola, HTC and HP -- of violating a total of four patents, notes "AppleInsider" ( While three of them were granted in 2000 and earlier, one invention entitled "Telephone/Transaction Entry Device and System for Entering Transaction Data Into Databases" was issued earlier this month, on Sept. 13, by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the article adds. LVL Patent Group says Apple and other wireless handset manufacturers are violating the three patents "by making, using, selling, offering to sell, or importing mobile communication devices that include a data transaction assembly server." LVL has said that this alleged infringement has resulted in "monetary damages in an amount not yet...
Sep 23
Analyst: Apple is primary beneficiary of the '...
In a note to clients -- as reported by "Forbes" ( -- Barclays Capital lifted his price target on Apple from US$515 to $555. "On the back of our recent trip to Asia and checks within retail, our research continues to point to upside for iPhones, iPads, and Macs -- even as the economy softens," he says. "Yes, the economy is a major concern for all companies but macro events don’t seem to be impacting Apple’s ascension as the primary disruptive force in hardware. We continue to believe that Apple is the primary beneficiary of the 'consumerization of IT' trend, while also enjoying defensive characteristics in terms of cash flow, net cash and valuation." Retizes says the supply chain is readying to ship up to 40 million iPads in the current calendar year, with production ramping for screens for an iPad 3 by March 2012. As for the iPhone, he says the supply chain could ship as many as 30 million units in the December quarter.
Sep 23
China store openings behind the pace Apple predicted in 2010
Apple is opening stores in the China region at one-fourth the pace it predicted 19 months ago, "giving rival makers of smartphones and tablet computers time to gain users in the world’s biggest mobile-phone market," says "Bloomberg Businessweek" ( Apple opened its third store in Shanghai Friday and will open its first one in Hong Kong Saturday bringing the total to six in the region. That compares with the 25 stores slated to open by February 2012 that Ron Johnson, then Apple’s head of retail, said last year. Delays in store openings may give makers of smartphones and tablets equipped with Google’s Android software room to gain market share, Shaun Rein, managing director of China Market Research Group, told "Bloomberg Businessweek."
Sep 23
Millennial Media: iOS ad impressions remain flat in August
In its monthly report, mobile ad network Millennial Media ( says iOS ad impressions remained relatively flat for August. The report looks at how each OS, device and manufacturer is performing the independent ad network. In August, Millennial combined connected devices and smartphones when breaking out the OS impression share. That’s significant because iOS and Android share can include tablets into factoring presence on the network, notes "TechCrunch" ( In August, Android was in the top spot with a 54% share, while iOS was in second with a 28% share. Rim followed with 13% share. In terms of growth, Android impressions (including both phones and tablets) grew 48% month-over-month globally. iOS impressions were relatively flat month-over-month. Windows Phone 7 impressions increased 48% month-over-month.
Sep 23
Searches for BlackBerry Playbook less than half of those of iPad
Site statistics from CouponCoes (, a discount website, have revealed the difference in popularity between Apple’s iPad and the BlackBerry Playbook, as searches for the Playbook totaled less than half those for the iPad during the month after its release.   The site statistics were collated as part of research into the competitive world of technology. On-site searches during the month after the release of each tablet computer were compared in order to find out the difference in popularity between Apple’s device and the latest offering from RIM.   Searches for the iPad totaled more in the first day than the Playbook did in the first two weeks. Searches for other tablet computers, such as the Samsung Galaxy, were also higher than those for the Playbook within the same timeframe.   CouponCodes4u also commissioned a survey in order to try and find out why the Playbook wasn’t as popular as the iPad. The survey polled 1,987 site users from across the USA.  ...
Sep 23
Harman introduces JBL On Tour iBT
Harman International has released the JBL On Tour iBT (, a battery-powered, one-piece speaker unit that provides sound for music, movies, gaming devices and audio/video conference calls. The US$199 JBL On Tour iBT uses Bluetooth wireless technology to deliver audio from an iPad, iPhone, and iPod, Android smartphones and numerous music players from major brands. Weighing just over one pound, it slips into a backpack or purse. The speaker ships with a tabletop stand to display an iPad in portrait or landscape mode.   The JBL On Tour iBT sports four Odyssey full-range neodymium transducers with computer-optimized DSP (digital signal processing) equalization for richly detailed, 360-degree sound, says Sachin Lawande, EVP and co-president of Harman's Lifestyle and Infotainment divisions. The device works with the common A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth profiles, allowing Apple’s portable products, Android phones, music players and even desktop or laptop computers to pair with...
Sep 23
Musician's Little Helper comes to the Mac
Mark On The Iron has introduced Musician's Little Helper 1.0 for Mac OS X. It's a tool designed to "help inspire your next classic" and to "help spark those first few notes that can create a killer riff or beautiful melody." To use Musician's Little Helper, you first pick the scale you want from a list of 68 available. Pressing the Random button will jumble up six individual notes relevant to the chosen scale. The notes are placed in spaces on the main screen, so you can see them and play them. You can experiment with changing the order of the different notes, and even add more by dragging them from the keyboard into the free empty spaces, creating a longer series of notes to play back. You can even make a loop with them by adding the loop icon into a free space. Additionally, Musician's Little Helper aids in actually learning scales, by highlighting on a keyboard which notes belong to each scale. You can adjust the playback tempo using the interface's slider Musician's Little Helper...
Sep 23
MAXPower RAID mini-SAS 6Gb/s controller cards announced
Newer Technology ( has announced its MAXPower RAID mini-SAS controller card line. Available in a choice of two external ports or one internal/one external port configurations, the MAXPower RAID mini-SAS cards provide full data transfer of four drives through a single cable connection for up to twice the data transfer speed offered by the SATA 2.0 (3Gb/s) data bus. Available now, both versions of the MAXPower RAID mini-SAS controller card have a manufacturer's suggested retail price of US$299.99. The MAXPower RAID mini-SAS 6G-2e card features two external mini-SAS ports that enable connecting and RAIDing multi-drive mini-SAS external enclosures or up to eight eSATA external enclosures via mini-SAS to eSATA breakout cables. For Mac and PC users who want to connect and RAID both external enclosures as well as internal drives, the MAXPower RAID mini-SAS 6G-1e1i card features one external mini-SAS port and one internal mini-SAS port. The MAXPower RAID mini-SAS...
Sep 23
SONiVOX unveils Wobble, the Dubstep Grime Generator
SONiVOX ( has offered a pre-release preview complete with MP3 and Video examples of the newest instrument from their NemesythAudio Research Group, Wobble -- the Dubstep Grime Generator. Wobble offers up a whole new control paradigm designed to deliver time/pattern-sequencer control over modulation parameters, according to the folks at SONiVOX. Features include: ° A new Spectral Synthesis Engine that creates traditional or g new dubstep sounds;; ° A Tempo-synced modulation generator/sequencer; ° Over 200 dubstep presets that can be tweaked; ° Automation via hardware or software control    ° SONiVOX’s Intelligent Rhythm Control (I.R.C); ° Onboard chorus, tempo sync delay, and reverb fx  Wobble is Mac and PC compatible and will work with most major DAW software as a VST, AU, and RTAS plug-in. It's slated for a release date of October 1 with an estimated street price of $99.99.
Sep 23
Falcon 4.0: Allied Force flies onto the Mac
Graphsim Entertainment ( has introduced Falcon 4.0: Allied Force for Mac OS X, a new entry in the flight simulation franchise. New advancements implemented include a new Balkans Theatre of Operations with 18 upgraded or new campaigns. Here's how the game is described: "Based on the best multi-role fighter ever built, the U.S. Air Force's F-16 Falcon, Falcon 4.0: Allied Force offers new features and upgrades that enable players to simulate an entire war via the most advanced and truly dynamic campaign engine ever made for personal computers. "New advancements implemented in Falcon 4.0: Allied Force include a new Balkans Theatre of Operations with 18 upgraded or new campaigns; a new multiplayer engine with easy-to-setup user interface; new high-resolution terrain mesh and terrain textures, and vastly improved artificial intelligence for better ground strikes and air-to-air combat.: Now available on the Mac App Store, Falcon 4.0: Allied Force has a price of US$...
Sep 23
OWC offers 6Gb/s solid state drives for MacBook Airs
Other World Computing ( has announced what it says is the industry's first 6G SSD upgrade for the 2011 Apple MacBook Air models.   The new OWC Mercury Aura Pro Express 6G SSDs combine SandForce technologies and Tier 1/Grade A Toggle Synchronous NAND to deliver data rates that are more than 3x faster and capacities that are up to 4x greater than factory available SSD options, according to the folks at OWC. They're currently available in two sizes -- 120GB and 240GB -- at manufacturer's suggested retail prices of US$349.99 and $599.99, respectively.
Sep 23
newMacgadgets introduces iPad 2 Security Base
newMacgadgets ( has introduced iPad 2 Security Base, designed for retail and business environments where security is a concern. The base is targeted to businesses and companies who use the iPad 2 as a tool to enhance customer service and productivity. Store fronts, offices, conference rooms, information kiosks, hotel business centers, and schools will all benefit from having the extra peace of mind and protection that the iPad 2 Security Base offers, says newMacgadgets founder Michael Schriner, It's similar in design to the Apple store display while providing additional security features, including security brackets with Torx tamper-proof screws, mounting holes located within the base and 3M clear pressure sensitive adhesive for hard surfaces where screw holes aren't an option. Unlike the Apple store, the newMacgadgets version allows removal of the iPad 2 with the included Torx t-10 bit. Prices range from $64.95 to $89.95 depending on the model.
Sep 23
WD revs My Passport hard drive line for the Mac
Western Digital ( has introduced its newest generation of My Passport portable hard drives specifically designed for use with Macs and Apple's Time Machine. My Passport Studio boasts an all-metal design and comes in up to 1TB capacity. It provides multiple connectivity options with two FireWire 800 ports and a USB 2.0 interface. My Passport Studio also features encryption and password protection software. Pricing ranges from US$129.99 for a 500GB model to $179.99 for the 1TB version. My Passport for Mac is designed for Mac users who need high capacity storage in an ultra-compact and lightweight design. Available in capacities up to 1TB, it's powered through its USB 2.0 interface. Pricing ranges from US$99.99 for a 500GB model to $129.99 for the 1TB version. WD's My Passport Studio and My Passport for Mac are available on the WD store at and at select retailers and distributors.
Sep 23
Graphic Node expands iOS version of Designs for Pages
Graphic Node ( has advanced its assortment of iWork templates with the update of the iOS version of Designs for Pages. The expanded pack for Apple's Pages for iOS now consists of 250 customizable templates. The collection helps iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users create exciting and adaptable documents without being confined to a computer, says Jolita Unguvaitiene, general manager of Graphic Node. Almost all the objects in Designs for Pages can be recolored, moved, or removed. Users can type or paste their own text, add and remove text boxes, change the font, or replace stock images with photos or pictures of their choice. Most of the 250 templates are available in both paper size A4, the standard size in most countries in the world, and U.S. Letter, the most common paper format in the United States and Canada. The Designs for Pages set is available at the Apple App Store for US$2.99. It requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Sep 23
Default Folder update fixes issues with Lion, TextEdit, Preview
St. Clair Software has updated Default Folder (, its utility for enhancing Open and Save dialogs in Mac OS X, to version 4.4.5. The upgrade addresses ompatibility issues with Mac OS 10.7 ("Lion") and restores support for TextEdit and Preview. Default Folder X 4.4.5 is a free update for registered users of version 4.x. The upgrade is US$14.95 for users who bought their copies before June 1, 2007. Default Folder X costs $34.95 for a new license. Installers are available now in English and German and will be released shortly in Japanese, French, and Danish.
Sep 23
SweetP Productions bakes up Cookie 2.1.1 for Mac OS X
SweetP Productions has announced Cookie 1.6 (, an update to their cookie and browser history management utility for Mac OS X (10.6.6 and higher). It's available at the Mac App Store for US$14.99. Cookie is designed to help you to manage exactly who can access information about your online activities. It scans your computer for all types of cookies, from all the top browsers, and can be configured to remove all unwanted tracking-advertising cookies. Data can be stored on your computer without you even knowing in a multitude of different formats: cookies, Flash cookies, databases and local storage. Cookie scans your computer for all types of cookies. Version 2.1.1 makes the browser selection more intuitive and adds contextual menus to enable/disable and darkens the the menu icon. It also boasts some code optimization.
Sep 23
ExactScan update for Mac OS X adds support for Fujitsu scanners
ExactCode has updated its ExactScan ( scanning software for Mac OS X (10.4 and higher) to version 2.. The upgrade offers support for the Fujitsu fi- series of document scanners, such including the Fujitsu fi-5120C, fi-6130, fi-6140, fi-6240 and ScanSnap S1500. ExactScan includes built-in drivers for over 300 document scanners, including devices from Avision, Kodak, Oki, Visioneer and Xerox. Together with the Spotlight indexing services built into Mac OS X since 10.5 ("Leopard") this features form a document management solution suitable for small-office and home-office (SOHO) environments, according to the folks at ExactCode. ExactScan comes with support for many languages (English, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified-Chinese, Traditional-Chinese) and works with Mac OS X 10.5 and higher. ExactScan 2 is available for approximately US$121 and ExactScan 2 Pro for $148 online, at the Mac App Store and several...
Sep 22
HP names new CEO
As expected, HP's board of directors has appointed Meg Whitman as president and chief executive officer. She replaces Léo Apotheker, who is stepping down from that position, as well as stepping down as president and director. "We are fortunate to have someone of Meg Whitman’s caliber and experience step up to lead HP,” Ray Lane, executive chairman of the board of directors, said in a statement. “We are at a critical moment and we need renewed leadership to successfully implement our strategy and take advantage of the market opportunities ahead. Meg is a technology visionary with a proven track record of execution. She is a strong communicator who is customer focused with deep leadership capabilities. Furthermore, as a member of HP’s board of directors for the past eight months, Meg has a solid understanding of our products and markets." HP's stock value has plummeted by 47% since Apotheker took the reins of the company last year. Plus, his decision to can the TouchPad and consider...
Sep 22
Alliance integrates Macs, iPhones and iPads in Enterprise IT
The Enterprise Desktop Alliance has changed its name to the Enterprise Device Alliance (EDA) and extending its scope to include Apple iOS devices in response to the widespread acceptance of smartphones and tablets by large organizations. The EDA and its member companies conduct research, provide education, and deliver solutions to organizations that need to integrate, secure, and manage Macs, iPads, and iPhones within their established, Windows-based IT infrastructure. More information about the organization and the member solutions is available at . "IT departments in large organizations are being pushed to accommodate user demands to integrate Macs, iPads and iPhones into their IT infrastructure," says T. Reid Lewis, president of the Enterprise Device Alliance. "The members of the Enterprise Device Alliance provide solutions that easily extend current IT infrastructure and management practices to secure, to deliver services to, and to manage...
Sep 22
Via says Apple infringes its microprocessor patents
Another day, another lawsuit. Taiwan's Via Technologies is using Apple for infringing three US patents for microprocessors used in mobile phones and tablets, reports "Bloomberg" ( Via wants a jury trial and an order stopping Apple from selling products containing the inventions in the U.S., according to a complaint filed Wednesday in a federal court in Wilmington, Delaware. "The products at issue generally concern microprocessors included in a variety of electronic products such as certain smartphones, tablet computers, portable media players and other computing devices," Via said in the complaint. Interestingly, Via Technologies has close ties to another large Tawain-based company, HTC, which recently purchased S3 Graphics for $300 million from the semiconductor manufacturer, notes "The Next Web" ( The purchase was believed to have been a strategic move by the smartphone maker, snapping up the company for its patent portfolio -- which it...
Sep 22
Analysts rosy on Apple's future
Two analysts told clients today that Apple's future is so rosy Tim Cook needs to wear shades. Well, not exactly, in those words, but close. In a note to clients -- as reported by "All Things D" ( -- Wedbush analyst Scott Sutherland says Apple will have a huge fiscal first quarter -- and an even bigger second one. "A key part of the Apple story remains new product launches," he says."While the iPhone 4 appears to be selling well due to existing market demand and new markets, we expect a bump up from the iPhone 5 this October, and a lower end iPhone geared towards emerging markets. With the introductions ahead of the holidays, we expect a monster FQ1 (Dec) from Apple. Furthermore, in 1H12, we expect the introduction of a 4G LTE iPhone with a materially improved user interface and the iPad 3." Along with those devices, Sutherland sees updates to the Mac and iPod lines, some improvements to Apple TV and that long-rumored first foray into the connected TV space. Add...
Sep 22
iPhone has 89% retention rate
Eighty-nine percent of iPhone owners say they'll stick with Apple for their next smartphone, according to a new survey by USB Investment Research ( HTC had a 39% retention rate,Research in Motion a 33% retention rate, Samsung a 28% retention rate and Motorola a 25% retention rate. USB says the Android platform did better when users were asked simply about software. Fifty-five percent said they would stick with Google's mobile platform. However, an additional 31% of Android users said they might switch to an iPhone next time around.
Sep 22
KDDI to sell the iPhone in Japan
KDDI Corp. will begin selling the iPhone 5 in the first quarter of 2012 in Japan, according to "The Nikkei" ( The deal will allow the Japanese telecom firm to offer the latest version of the popular smartphone, ending Softbank's exclusive deal with Apple in the country. "The Nikkei" says the iPhone 5 will be released worldwide in mid-October, and Softbank plans to sell the product as well. Of course, keep in mind that Apple hasn't officially announced an iPhone 5 yet. -- Dennis Sellers
Sep 22
Apple lessening its dependence on Samsung
Apple is diversifying its suppliers and moving away from its dependance on Samsung, reports "DigiTimes" ( Apple has increased its purchases of DRAM and NAND flash from Japan and Toshiba and Elpida Memory are being pinpointed as beneficiaries of the increased procurement, the article adds, quoting unnamed "industry sources." As you could guess, the ongoing patent lawsuits between Apple and Samsung have been key to encouraging Apple to diversify its supplier base, the article adds. So far Samsung has been the largest component supplier for Apple's products.
Sep 22
PBS to debut first episode of 'Prohibtion' on free iOS...
PBS says the first episode of "Prohibition," the film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, will premiere on the free PBS for iPad and PBS apps for the iPhone and iPod touch beginning Friday, Sept. 23. The apps are free at the Apple App Store. Set in the era of bathtub gin, bootleggers and speakeasies, "Prohibition" tells the true story of the rise, rule and fall of the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It was called the "Noble Experiment," but it was, in fact, one of America’s most notorious civic failures. The entire series will air nationally on PBS Sunday-Tuesday, Oct. 2-4. Each episode will also be streamed live on, timed to the national broadcast. Episodes 2 and 3 of "Prohibition" will be available on PBS for iPad and PBS Apps for Phone and iPod touch the day after each television airdate and remain available through Friday, Oct. 7. All episodes will be available for purchase on DVD at and on iTunes.
Sep 22
ABI Research: Facebook needs its own operating system
Social networking will soon become a predominantly mobile activity. The number of people accessing social networks from mobile phones will exceed 550 million in 2011, and that figure will more than triple to over 1.7 billion by the end of 2016. In other words, over two-thirds of the global user base of social networks will use smartphones and other mobile handsets to access the services. For Facebook, the growing importance of mobile is both an opportunity and a serious strategic challenge, according to ABI Research ( On one hand, mobile allows the world’s leading social network to engage with millions of new consumers, but on the other hand its ability to make money from mobile users remains untested, according to the research group. "A huge problem for Facebook is that while on the web it is a platform, on mobile it’s just another application," ABI Research Senior Analyst Aapo Markkanen says. "To strengthen its hand in the short term we expect Facebook to...
Sep 22
Splashtop launches Remote Desktop app for the Mac
Splashtop has released its Mac client for Splashtop Remote Desktop. It allows Mac users to enjoy Mac-to-PC and Mac-to-Mac remote access from a private network or across the Internet. "With our new Mac client, not only can Splashtop Remote Desktop users access their computers, but they can enjoy such features as the ability to run PC games and software remotely on a Mac with full HD and audio," says Mark Lee, CEO and co-founder of Splashtop. You can download Splashtop Remote Desktop from the Mac App Store at a discounted price of $9.99 for the launch week. He says it also enables users to: ° Access important files or photos on another computer without worrying about syncing, converting or compatibility issues; ° Use MS Office, Silverlight and other Windows software without having to install it on a Mac; ° Play HD movies and music from a central media libraries without the hassle of transferring files; ° Run graphic-intensive PC games on a powerful machine and play them from a portable...
Sep 22
Sea Animals HD unleashed for the Mac, iOS devices
Breek has unleashed Sea Animals HD 1.0 (, their new educational app developed for Mac OS X and iOS devices. Developed by parents for their children, with the help of a schoolteacher, Sea Animals HD offers an interactive approach to stimulate your child's mind. All the animal sounds in this app are genuine. Toddlers can use it as a picture book; children can learn a second or third language while playing and having fun. The app features 20 original drawings with visual effects. In Sea Animals HD 1.0, names are clearly written out, and read in a child's or mother's voice. The names, sounds and voices can be activated and de-activated. Sea Animals HD 1.0 costs US$3.99. It's available worldwide through the Mac App Store and the Apple App Store in the Education category.
Sep 22
FontAgent Pro TeamServer revved to version 5
Insider Software ( has released FontAgent Pro TeamServer version 5, which makes the latest release of FontAgent Pro Server available in an expandable font management solution for creative teams, departments and small agencies. TeamServer delivers a font-server solution that provides search, preview and activation power at an entry-level price of US$895 for the server and five connected clients. TeamServer lets you create a centralized library of fonts of virtually any size that everyone can share. It installs, updates and collects fonts on user workstations automatically, and provides and enforces consistent font usage across all users and projects FontAgent Pro Team Server Version 5 gives users more ways to search, preview and print fonts than other font technologies. Users can: ° Search for fonts by name, weight , slant, keyword, classification and other characteristics; ° Find fonts -- both locally and over the Internet -- by topic (e.g. "winter", "...
Sep 22
iRoom is motorized, in-wall, iPad mounting solution
Bracketron ( has announced the North American availability of the iRoom iDock, a powered and motorized in-wall mounting solution for the iPad and iPad 2. Available in portrait and landscape models, the iDock can be flush-mounted to integrate the iPad into any room. A patented motorized docking system opens and closes the iDock to securely store the iPad, and the dock also includes both power and composite audio internal connections. The mount’s faceplate (bezel) comes in three colors including brushed aluminum, piano black and opal white, or can be color customized so that the bezel matches your unique interior design. The iRoom iDock is integrated flush with the wall using a special flush-mounted socket. The iDock is then connected to the power supply and inserted into the flush-mounted socket. For added security, the iDock’s proximity sensor and automatic opening and closing functions can be disabled if desired. The iDock landscape model is particularly...
Sep 22
Boris RED now available for Grass Valley EDIUS 6
Boris FX ( says Boris RED Version 5 is now available for Grass Valley EDIUS 6. Boris RED is a plug-in application for transitions, professional text, and advanced composites inside of EDIUS and other leading video editing software applications. A tool for post-production and broadcast professionals, RED offers a range of features right on the EDIUS timeline and adds a standalone engine for effects creation and rendering. RED integrates broadcast-quality text generators, paint, rotoscoping, a full suite of tools to create and extrude vector objects, true 3D shapes and animation, and image processing filter suite. Boris RED 5 is available immediately through the Boris FX worldwide reseller channel and direct from the Boris FX web site at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of US$995. Owners of previous versions of Boris RED may upgrade to version 5 for $295, and owners of Boris FX or Graffiti may upgrade to Boris RED 5 for $699. A free, 14-day demo version is...
Sep 22
'I, Steve' coming in November
"I, Steve: Steve Jobs In His Own Words" is coming soon from Agate Publishing ( for US$10.95. Edited by George Beahm, it's a collection of more than 200 quotations from Steve Jobs on business, technology, innovation, and life in general. It's designed as a complement to the forthcoming Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. The book's publication date is Nov. 21.
Sep 22
DontCrack releases V.I.P. plug-in series
DontCrack has launched a new audio plug-ins suit for audio pros: the "V.I.P. plug-in series" ( No iLok or eLicenser dongle is required. Each plug-in in the V.I.P. series costs US$49 individually. Purchase the DontCrack V.I.P. Bundle and you'll pay $489 for the entire collection! If you like to purchase plug- ins one at a time, DontCrack will upgrade you the entire V.I.P. Bundle for free when you accumulate 10 plug-ins in your collection. At this time, the DC V.I.P. Bundle contains 20 plug-ins: DC Analoger, DC Brightness, DC Chorus Ensemble, DC Clarisonix, DC Classic Flanger, DC Classic Phaser, DC Cool-Vibes, DC Digital Plate, DC Digital Reverb, DC Dimension 3D, DC Distorted, DC Echoflex, DC Electro Optical, DC Retro Compressor, DC Retro Equalizer, DC Retro Filter, DC Retro Limiter, DC Transcontrol, DC Tremolo Pan, DC Ultramaxit. To celebrate, DontCrack is making the V.I.P. Bundle available for $299 through Oct. 10. The plug-ins run on Intel-based...
Sep 22
Graphic Node expands Pages Templates Pack to 250 pieces
Graphic Node ( has announced an addition to its collection of Pages Templates. There are now 250 structured templates for Apple's word processing/document creation app. All photo layouts feature media placeholders, allowing users to crop a placed image into a custom shape. In all, the Pages Templates pack includes 250 themes. The new package includes the full choice of template types introduced in the earlier versions (including Book, Brochure, Business Card, Invitation, and Poster), as well as an entire line of new ones: Threefold Brochure, Card, Envelope, Flyer, Greeting, Letter, Newsletter, Proposal, and Resume. Most of the 250 templates included are available for printing on both A4 paper, the standard size prevalent in most countries in the world, and US Letter, the most common paper format in the United States and Canada. The Pages Templates Pack requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later or iWork 08 or later. It costs US$16.99.
Sep 22
Flip4Mac optimized for Lion
Telestream hsa updated Flip4Mac WMV Components to version 2.4. The upgrade is optimized for Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion"). Flip4Mac WMV allows Mac users to import, export, and play Microsoft Windows Media video and audio in native QuickTime-based environments. Version 2.4 also adds enhanced support for Safari 5.1, Firefox 64-bit mode and Google Chrome web browsers, plus Windows Media export support for Apple Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 through Compressor 4. The Flip4Mac WMV product family includes free playback of Windows Media files and a range of import and export capabilities priced from US$29 to $179. The free version 2.4 update and the family of Flip4Mac WMV Components are available at http:/ .
Sep 22
SWF Protector has new protection engine for ActionScript 3.0
DComSoft has released SWF Protector 4.0 (, an update of their SWF file protection utility for Mac OS X. The new version offers a new protection engine for ActionScript 3.0. SWF Protector is designed to protect Flash files from all kinds of SWF decompilers. It fully protects ActionScript code, so your artwork is impossible to steal, according to the folks at DComSoft. It uses three different protection algorithms that allow SWF file playback in Flash Player, but conceal the source code completely. Version 4.0 features numerous improvements ensuring even more stable and reliable SWF protection. The main improvement to SWF Protector 4.0 for Mac is its new protection engine for ActionScript 3.0: SWF Protector 4.0 for Mac now encrypts ActionScript 3.0 from all known decompilers. A personal license of SWF Protector 4.0 costs US$39.95. A business license is $59.95, and a company license is $299.95.
Sep 22
AutoMailer ready for Lion
Tension Software has released AutoMailer 1.1.for Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. AutoMailer is available for US$20 and can be downloaded at . Version 1.1 is a free update for registered users. Version 1.1 fully implements Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion") features such as full-screen mode, resume, auto save, and versions. AutoMailer allows you to send serialized emails to multiple users with a button click, starting from data imported from a text file and merging the data with a template email you can create. It merges data from the internal database with an email template creating for any recipient a personalized and custom email. AutoMailer doesn’t requires scripting or coding. All the settings, data and email templates can be saved inside documents and retrieved and reused at any time. AutoMailer offers a preview of any email to prepare. The user has the option to send just a selection, checked records or all the record in the imported data...
Sep 22
NetShred X gets support for cooking shredding, more
Mireth Technology Corp. has released version 4.7.3 of NetShred X, its Internet eraser that erases Internet cache, history and mail. The new version adds support for cookie shredding, Mail 5 Trash and Junk shredding on Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion") and support for Opera 11.5. NetShred X erases files web browsers and email programs leave behind. It's designed to run automatically, without user intervention. Since erasing temporary Internet files can take some time, NetShred X was designed to run in the background, so using the software doesn't interfere with the user's web browsing. NetShred X is available for immediate download for US$24.95 or on CD-ROM for $34.95. Registered users of NetShred version 4 can take advantage of this free update. Educational pricing and volume discounts are available. NetShred X runs on Mac OS X. For more information about NetShred, visit .
Sep 22
QNAP releases 3.3.2 firmware with Lion support
QNAP Systems ( has released a new version of its NAS Management Software, embedded as firmware, in support of a few popular discontinued models. The new firmware update adds support for Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion"), including full Time Machine support. The V3.3.2 firmware update is available for the following QNAP Turbo NAS models immediately: TS-409 Pro, TS-409U, TS-409, TS-209 Pro II, TS-209 Pro, TS-209 II, TS-209, TS-109 Pro II, TS-109 Pro, TS-109 II and TS-109.
Sep 22
iWorx introduces 12 Lead ECG Recorder for animal, human testing
iWorx Systems ( -- a developer of advanced data acquisition hardware and software for physiology research and teaching -- has introduced the IX-ECG12 12-Lead ECG Recorder for ECG analysis of resting and exercising humans or animals. Measuring all 12 ECG leads simultaneously, this compact, computer-based ECG recorder enables highly detailed analysis of the anterior, lateral and inferior regions of the heart. The IX- ECG12 connects to and is powered by a USB port on any Mac or Windows computer. Data is recorded and analyzed with iWorx advanced LabScribe2 ECG Software Module. The LabScribe2 ECG Software Module automates the analysis of ECG data and provides a comprehensive set of pre-configured routines to simplify data interpretation and analysis. Specific analysis templates are included to delineate PQRST onset, durations and amplitudes. Custom templates can also be created based on unique ECG profiles and saved to a library for future use. The LabScribe2 ECG...
Sep 21
Analyst not looking for an iPhone 5 anytime soon
In a note to clients -- as reported by "AppleInsider" ( Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair says that, contrary to some reports, Apple will only release an updated iPhone 4S model and new 3G-enable iPod touch next month -- and not the iPhone 5. "We expect the focus of the new iPhone will be iOS 5, a speedier A5 processor and a higher resolution 8 MP camera with a small possibility of a larger 4-inch screen," he said. "We believe the casing will be largely similar to the iPhone with some particular modifications to the antennae." Why no iPhone 5 in his crystal ball? Apple doesn't need three smartphone models in the market to address the high end, mid-tier and low end since the iPhone 4 (with memory lowered to 8GB) "will drop to US$99 and effectively attack those markets, Blair says.
Sep 21
CleanMyMac update implements interface, algorithm changes
MacPaw has updated CleanMyMac (, its Mac disk maintenance utility, to version 1.10.0, which sports interface and algorithm changes. The user interface of CleanMyMac 1.10.0 has been rewritten and now includes a simplified welcome screen. All cleaning modules had been revised to work faster. CleanMyMac 1.10.0 also introduces a new Advanced Search Filter. The upgrade provides an updated application uninstaller feature that provides faster operation. In addition, CleanMyMac 1.9.5 boasts an enhanced knowledge base that the app relies upon to identify and manage a myriad of applications and filetypes. CleanMyMac is a tool that maintains caches, log files, language files, and more. It doesn't just clean unnecessary, unwanted, damaged, and corrupt files from a user's Mac, but restores large amounts of hard drive space in the process. CleanMyMac requires an Intel or PowerPC-based Mac running, Mac OS X 10.4.11. It costs US$29.95.
Sep 21
Apple donates 9,000 first gen iPads to teachers
Apple has partnered with the Teach for America program ( and donated 9,000 first gen iPads to teachers that work in impoverished and dangerous schools. The donated iPads come from customers that gave to Apple’s public service program during the iPad 2 launch. Teach for America is a non-profit organization "working to ensure that kids growing up in poverty get an excellent education." Although 15 million American children face the extra challenges of poverty, an increasing body of evidence shows they can achieve at the highest levels, the organization says. Approximately 9,000 first gen iPads have been distributed to teachers in 38 states, reports "CNN Money." each for America has a connection with Apple through Steve Jobs' family. His wife, Laurene Powell, sits on its board of directors, the article adds. For more info go to .
Sep 21
Streetspace sues Apple, others for patent infringement
Another day, another lawsuit. A Delaware-based company called Streetspace ( has launched a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple and 10 other defendants, including Google, for violating a patent for a "Method and System for Providing Personalized Online Services and Advertisement in Public Spaces," reports "Patently Apple" ( Streetspace believes that Apple's iAd service is in clear violation of their patent, as is Apple's Quattro Wireless, which is also named in the lawsuit, the article adds. The company designs Internet terminals to deliver online services that are personalized to users based on their queries and locations in high traffic areas. iAds "combine the emotion of TV advertising with the interactivity of Internet advertising," according to Apple. Built into iOS 4, iAds allow users to stay within their app while engaging with the ad, even while watching a video, playing a game or using in-ad purchase to download an app or...
Sep 21
French publications want to break Apple's stronghold
Some of France's most powerful newspapers are teaming up to break Apple's tight control over media content on its iPad, according to "Reuters." They want to stop Apple from dictating the terms of their distribution, the article adds. The bid by eight publications, including newspaper "Le Figaro" and sports daily "L'Equipe," is the latest sign of growing disillusionment among some global publishers over what they consider Apple's rigid terms and high commission of 30%, says "Reuters." The French publications, which also include business daily "Les Echos" and news weekly "le Nouvel Observateur," have launched a digital kiosk to sell individual issues on the iPad and will soon add subscriptions and bundled offers. They are also negotiating with Apple as a collective, and won't sell their products on Apple's upcoming kiosk, dubbed the Newsstand, without key concessions, according to "Reuters." For more info go to .
Sep 21
Survey: 1-in-10 UK primary school children have iPhones
One in 10 parents in the UK feels it's appropriate for children as young as four years old to own a mobile phone, while one in 10 kids under the age of 10 already owns an iPhone, according to a survey by Westcoastcloud (, a supplier of cloud-based, Internet security services. Westcoastcloud commissioned the survey to coincide with the release of its iPad Internet security product for schools, Netintelligence. The report found that one in 20 primary school children now own an iPad. The extent to which today's youngsters rely on technology was revealed following a study of 2,000 parents of children aged 10 and under. The Westcoastcloud poll found that 17% of parents bought their kids a phone after they succumbed to their child's pestering. Typically, parents felt comfortable buying their child a mobile or the latest smartphone like an iPhone or Blackberry at the age of 10, with 68% doing so because they wanted to keep tabs on their kids. However, the...
Sep 21
Goldman Sachs raises Apple price target to $520 a share
In a note to clients -- as reported by "The Fly on the Wall" site ( -- analysts at Goldman Sachs have raised their price target on Apple from US$480 a share to $520 a share. “Goldman believes Apple has seen little impact from recent macroeconomic uncertainty and expects iPads, Macs, and iPhones to exceed expectations," the firm says. "The analyst raised estimates and reiterates its Conviction Buy rating and sees significant upside to shares.”
Sep 21
Adobe enables 3D games with Flash Player 11, AIR 3
Adobe ( has announced Flash Player 11 and Adobe AIR 3 software "to enable the next generation of immersive application experiences across devices and platforms" including Mac OS X, iOS (via AIR), Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS, Windows, connected TVs and other platforms. Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 allow game publishers to instantly deliver console-quality 2D and 3D games over the Internet to nearly all computers and many other devices, according to Danny Winokur, vice president and general manager of Platform, Adobe. Media companies can take advantage of new features to seamlessly deliver protected feature-length, cinema-quality HD video through the Web, in mobile apps, and even with surround sound for connected TVs, he adds. AIR native extensions add support for device features and native code libraries, empowering developers to freely choose the right mix of Flash, HTML5 and native code to provide user experiences across computers and mobile devices. Flash...

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DaisyDisk 4.4 - $9.99
DaisyDisk allows you to visualize your disk usage and free up disk space by quickly finding and deleting big unused files. The program scans your disk and displays its content as a sector diagram... Read more
iFFmpeg 6.2.5 - Convert multimedia files...
iFFmpeg is a comprehensive media tool to convert movie, audio and media files between formats. The FFmpeg command line instructions can be very hard to master/understand, so iFFmpeg does all the hard... Read more
DaisyDisk 4.4 - $9.99
DaisyDisk allows you to visualize your disk usage and free up disk space by quickly finding and deleting big unused files. The program scans your disk and displays its content as a sector diagram... Read more
BetterTouchTool 2.07 - Customize Multi-T...
BetterTouchTool adds many new, fully customizable gestures to the Magic Mouse, Multi-Touch MacBook trackpad, and Magic Trackpad. These gestures are customizable: Magic Mouse: Pinch in / out (zoom... Read more
BetterTouchTool 2.071 - Customize Multi-...
BetterTouchTool adds many new, fully customizable gestures to the Magic Mouse, Multi-Touch MacBook trackpad, and Magic Trackpad. These gestures are customizable: Magic Mouse: Pinch in / out (zoom... Read more
BetterTouchTool 2.07 - Customize Multi-T...
BetterTouchTool adds many new, fully customizable gestures to the Magic Mouse, Multi-Touch MacBook trackpad, and Magic Trackpad. These gestures are customizable: Magic Mouse: Pinch in / out (zoom... Read more
PDFpen 8.3.2 - $74.95
PDFpen allows users to easily edit PDF's. Add text, images and signatures. Fill out PDF forms. Merge or split PDF documents. Reorder and delete pages. Even correct text and edit graphics! Features... Read more
DiskCatalogMaker 6.5.20 - Catalog your d...
DiskCatalogMaker is a simple disk management tool which catalogs disks. Simple, light-weight, and fast Finder-like intuitive look and feel Super-fast search algorithm Can compress catalog data for... Read more
Things 2.8.9 - Elegant personal task man...
Things is a task management solution that helps to organize your tasks in an elegant and intuitive way. Things combines powerful features with simplicity through the use of tags and its intelligent... Read more

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