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Apr 26
Amazon responds to Apple in 'app store' lawsuit
Amazon has responded in court to Apple's trademark infringement lawsuit over the use of the term "App Store," which Amazon has contended is generic and should be free to use, notes "AppleInsider' ( Amazon's response was filed this week in a U.S. District Court in the Northern District of California. The company says it doesn't need to obtain a license or authorization from Apple to use the term "app store." "No such license or authorization is required because 'app store' is a generic term, and Amazon's use of the term causes no likelihood of confusion, dilution, or unfair competition," Amazon argues. Last month Apple sued Amazon, saying the online retailer is using Apple’s “App Store” trademark for a mobile-software developer program. In a complaint filed March 18 in federal court in northern California, Apple accused of trademark infringement and unfair competition and asked for a judge’s order to prevent the company from using the “App...
Apr 26
QuarkXPress 9 available
; iPad publishing coming soon
Quark says QuarkXPress 9, the newest release of Quark’s page-layout and design software, is now available to purchase directly from Quark ( and through authorized Quark resellers worldwide.

QuarkXPress 9 is built to help designers create content that can be published to digital devices — e-readers, smartphones, and tablets — with one tool, and without coding. Features include: ° Export to ePUB: QuarkXPress 9 includes an option for exporting to ePUB, the free and open e-book standard developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). Designers can create traditional text-based e-books and publish to e-bookstores such as Apple's iBookStore, Barnes & Noble NOOK, and Amazon Kindle. ° Design for the Blio eReader: The Blio eReader is a free, multi-platform, multi-device application that presents eBooks just like the printed versions, in full-color. The Blio eReader for Windows can be downloaded free from and is also being pre-installed on...
Apr 26
Walker Digital files second suit against Apple, others
Another day, another lawsuit. Walker Digital, founder of travel site, has filed its second patent infringement suit against Apple, "taking aim at the iPad and a digital media application available for download on its App Store," reports "AppleInsider." The complaint from Walker Digital accuses Apple of patent infringement alongside the Walt Disney Company, The Weather Channel, The Nielsen Company, Digimarc Corporation, and TV Aura Mobile. Walker Digital claims the companies violate its patent (number 623505) involving a system that synchronizes additional media, such as separate audio or video, with a program that is being played either live or a recording that is being replayed. Apple is named in the lawsuit not because of any applications it has made. Rather, the lawsuit names software that is available on Apple's App Store, including "From the Edge" and "ABC's Grey's Anatomy Sync," which can be run on the iPad, notes "AppleInsider." Earlier this month Walker Digital...
Apr 26
Nielsen: Apple has 27% of smartphone market
According to The Nielsen Company’s ( monthly surveys of U.S. mobile consumers from July-September 2010, consumers planning on getting a new smartphone had a very clear preference: a third (33%) wanted an Apple iPhone. Slightly more than a quarter (26%) said they desired a device with the Google Android operating system (OS). And 13% said they wanted a RIM Blackberry. But consumer preferences can be fickle. Those same surveys for January 2011- March 2011 show just how much things have changed. According to the latest figures, 31% of consumers who plan to get a new smartphone indicated Android was now their preferred OS. Apple’s iOS has slipped slightly in popularity to 30% and RIM Blackberry is down to 11%. Almost 20% of consumers are unsure of what to choose next. Those dynamics are already translating into sales. Half of those surveyed in March 2011 who indicated they had purchased a smartphone in the past six months said they had chosen an Android device. A...
Apr 26
Survey: Apple shines, Google slows
Appcelerator ( -- a mobile cloud platform for developing native mobile, desktop, and tablet applications using web technologies, and industry-leading analyst firm International Data Corporation (IDC) -- have announced results from a joint survey of more than 2,700 Appcelerator developers around the world. The survey reveals that developer momentum is shifting back toward Apple as fragmentation and tepid interest in current Android tablets chip away at Google’s recent momentum gains. The report also reveals the rise of the "mobile cloud," a major trend toward connected mobility that promises to partially address the issue of fragmentation and transform the relationship between business and customer. The "Appcelerator-IDC Q2 2011 Mobile Developer Report," taken April 11-13, shows that interest in Android has recently plateaued as concerns around fragmentation and disappointing results from early tablet sales have caused developers to pull back from their...
Apr 26
Attorney General wants to meet with Apple, Google execs
Attorney General Lisa Madigan has called for a meeting with Apple and Google executives in the wake of reports that iPhones, iPads and Google Android devices are collecting and storing detailed information about users’ locations. Madigan sent a letter to both technology manufacturers in response to press reports that Apple and Google mobile devices store user location information that can be transmitted back to the companies. The information -- latitude and longitude coordinates coupled with a timestamp -- is reportedly unencrypted and unprotected. The Attorney General has asked the companies to detail what information the company is storing, for how long and what it is used for. “I want to know whether consumers have been informed of what is being tracked and stored by Apple and Google and whether those tracking and storage features can be disabled,” Madigan says. “It’s important that these companies ensure that their users’ private information is protected.”

Apr 26
New product lets you Rinse your iTunes collection
RealNetworks has announced Rinse, a music clean-up product that can "rinse iTunes music collections clean." It makes iTunes music collections much easier to browse, organize and enjoy by automatically cleaning up song duplicates, misspellings and missing album art that can plague collections, according to Peter Kellogg-Smith, RealNetworks' vice president of product marketing for emerging products. Entire iTunes music libraries can be fixed with just a few clicks, he adds. According to analyst estimates, avid music collectors have an average of 3,500 songs in their digital music collections.  Duplicate songs, missing album art, and misspelled song titles and artist names make a music library disorganized and difficult to navigate. RealNetworks, known for its extensive experience in digital media management, uses Gracenote's music recognition and identification technology and its media database to power Rinse.  The Gracenote Global Media Database contains more than eight million albums...
Apr 26
Apple posts iMac Hard Drive Firmware Update 1.0
Apple has released iMac Hard Drive Firmware Update 1.0 for 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMacs that debuted in mid-2010. The update addresses an issue that was prevents some computers from booting properly. It's a 767KB download and requires Mac OS X 10.6.7. You can obtain it here ( or via the Software Updates component of the Mac OS X Systems Preferences app.
Apr 26
iPhone 6 to use p-Si LCDs?
There's not even a release date for the iPhone 5, but speculation on the iPhone 6 has already started, it seems. Apple has reportedly selected Sharp to create next-generation low-temperature poly-silicon LCD displays, which will allow a thinner and lighter design for the anticipated sixth-generation iPhone in 2012, according to the Japanese newspaper, "Nikkan," as reported by "AppleInsider" ( The liquid crystal display on the iPhone 6 -- expected in 2010 -- will reportedly sport "low-temperature poly-silicon" technology, a next-generation display format that allows for thinner and lighter screens that consume less power than traditional LCD screens. In a "p-Si LCD," the thin film transistor, or TFT, of the screen is made of polycristalline silicon. With this method, the display drivers can be mounted directly onto the glass substrate, shrinking the TFT section and allowing for a thinner LCD display, says "AppleInsider."
Apr 26
Rubbernet lets you monitor your Mac apps' bandwidth
Conceited Software ( has introduced Rubbernet 1.0, a network monitoring solution for Mac OS X. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher and costs approximately US$44. A 15-day demo is available for download. Rubbernet provides real-time monitoring of your network-enabled apps running on your Mac so you can keep an eye on the exact state of your live network connections. Real-time charting displays download and upload transfer rates for all active apps. Rubbernet provides a breakdown of per-app network usage, and automatically assigns every incoming and outgoing connections to the users they belong to. It provides a breakdown of per-app network usage, so you can detect apps that phone home, connect to certain servers without your knowledge, or blame the app that's slowing down your network. Real-time charting displays download and upload transfer rates for all active apps on all monitored Macs. You can visualize your network usage and get a bead on network hogs before...
Apr 26
Intego releases VirusBarrier Plus for the Mac
Intego (, a Mac security specialist, has released VirusBarrier Plus, a new Mac antivirus and anti-malware program. Sold exclusively through the Mac App Store, VirusBarrier Plus offers protection from both Mac and Windows malware, as well as other types of malware, malicious scripts, and more. VirusBarrier Plus is available at a special launch price of US$7.99 for a two-week introductory period. It detects Mac and Windows malware, so Mac users are protected, and so they don't pass on infected files. It protects against PDF malware, Flash malware, Linux malware, keyloggers, hacker tools, and malicious scripts (PHP, Perl, Javascript, shell scripts and more). VirusBarrier Plus also lets advanced users run malware scans from the command line, using the Mac OS X Terminal application, to scan all the files on their Macs. It offers frequent, free malware definition updates: new malware definitions are provided at least twice a week, and users can check for updates to...
Apr 26
Jigsaws Galore Puzzle comes to the Mac
Gray Design Associates says Jigsaws Galore -- now up to version 7.0.9 -- has come to the Mac. It's available at the Mac App Store in the Games category for US$2.99. Jigsaws Galore is a jigsaw player and creator that can purportedly handle jigsaws from 4 to 64,000 pieces. It's configurable; almost every facet of the game can be adjusted while solving a jigsaw, even down to the thickness of the pieces. A large number of additional jigsaws is also available at the game's website ( Jigsaws Galore requires an Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher.
Apr 26
American Civil War available at the Macgamestore
Virtual Programming's American Civil Ware is now available at Macgamestore ( It requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher and costs US$19.95. Here's how the game is described: "AACW is a historical operational strategy game with a simultaneous turn-based engine (WEGO system) that places players at the head of the USA or CSA during the American Civil War (1861-1865). "Players are military and political leaders trying to lead the troops of their nations (armies and fleets) to victory, in the midst of some of the toughest operations during those five years of wild campaigning throughout a divided nation. "Most of the individual years of campaign between 1861 and 1865 are playable via a separate scenario (to be refined during beta testing). Advanced scenarios will allow recreation of some yearly and/or theatre campaigns, and there will be of course the complete Grand Campaign covering the whole war."
Apr 26
ProjectWizards conjures up Merlin 2.7.9
ProjectWizards ( ) has updated Merlin, its project management software for the Mac, collaborates, to version 2.7.9, which now integrates even better with other applications. What's more, new workflows are introduced in the latest version 2.7.9 enabling it to connect to the personal task management Mac software, Things by Cultured Code. Further enhancements are also implemented for the collaboration with the project management software for Windows MS Project. Finally, there are several improvements under the hood. Merlin 2.7.9 costs US$199. ProjectWizards also offers Merlin Server ($995), which allows you to centrally manage Merlin projects and secure access to project data at any time for multiple team members. It's enabled to provide connections over local networks, via the web or on the iPhone. Merlin iPhone, iPad or iPod touch puts project management on the smartphone iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from Apple. This Merlin app allows mobile editing of Merlin...
Apr 26
Mariner Software serves up McGourmet 3.1
Mariner Software has updated MacGourmet Deluxe (, its recipe and cooking software for Mac OS X, to version 3.1. The upgrade sports an expanded website import function. With MacGourmet Deluxe, users can create, edit and share recipes; make wine and cooking notes, and import recipes found on the web and expand their collection. It helps you create and edit your recipes, wine notes and cooking notes, browse your entire collection and build your own custom lists for categories like appetizers or desserts. MacGourmet requires Mac OS 10.5 or higher. It costs US$49.95, though version 3.1 is a free update for registered users of MacGourmet Deluxe 3.0.
Apr 26
Lexmark introduces new MFPs
Lexmark ( has introduced two new color laser multifunction products (MFPs) targeted to the growing mid-size workgroup segment. Accentuated by a 7-inch color touch screen, US$1,339 Lexmark X548 color laser MFP family (pictured) comes standard with pre-loaded applications and can be customized with tailored workflows based on unique business needs. A step up from the Lexmark X548de base model, the Lexmark X548dte adds a hard disk to enable extra features, as well as a 650-sheet Duo Drawer for additional media handling capabilities. The $1,399 Lexmark X548 color laser MFP family is included in the exclusive Lexmark Rewards program, which rewards customers with free genuine Lexmark toner and imaging kits for sending their empty cartridges back to Lexmark for recycling or remanufacturing. Additionally, both models include the Lexmark Supplies Price Guarantee, a program through which Lexmark pledges never to raise the price of toner cartridges for the life of these...
Apr 25
Senator announces hearing on mobile technology, privacy
U.S. Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.) -- chairman of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and the Law -- says he will be holding the subcommittee's first hearing, titled "Protecting Mobile Privacy: Your Smartphones, Tablets, Cell Phones and Your Privacy" on Tuesday, May 10, at 10 am. Sen. Franken has invited representatives from Apple and Google. Confirmed witnesses include officials from the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission; Ashkan Soltani, independent privacy researcher and consultant; and Justin Brookman, Director of the Center for Democracy and Technology's Project on Consumer Privacy. 

"Recent advances in mobile technology have allowed Americans to stay connected like never before and put an astonishing number of resources at our fingertips," says Franken. "But the same technology that has given us smartphones, tablets, and cell phones has also allowed these devices to gather extremely sensitive information about users, including detailed records...
Apr 25
Apple sued for iOS location tracking
Another day, another lawsuit -- but you probably saw this one coming a mile away. Apple is being sued for alleged privacy invasion and computer fraud, reports "Bloomberg" ( The filers are two customers -- Vikram Ajjampur of Florida and William Devito of New York -- who claim the company is secretly recording and storing the location and movement of iPhone and iPad users. The federal complaint was filed Monday in Tampa, Florida. The lawsuit asks the court to bar the data collection on iPhones and 3G-equipped iPads. The customers seek refunds for their purchases, because they said they would not have bought Apple's products if they had known of the location tracking. The plaintiffs said they were unaware of the tracking and never consented to it, says "AppleInsider" ( 

Apr 25
'Woz' to speak at Design Automation Conference
Apple co-founder Steve "Woz" Wozniak will be on of the keynote speakers at the 48th Design Automation Conference, which will be held in the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California, from June 5-10. Woz will be interviewed live on stage by "San Jose Mercury News" columnist Mike Cassidy on a wide range of topics, including the "joy" of engineering and following your passion to convert innovative ideas into reality. Woz will provide an insight into the vision that started the largest and most successful technology company in the world. The Design Automation Conference (DAC) is an event for the design of electronic circuits and systems, and for electronic design automation (EDA) and silicon solutions. A worldwide community representing more than 1,000 organizations attends each year, represented by system designers and architects, logic and circuit designers, validation engineers, CAD managers, senior managers and executives to researchers and academicians from leading...
Apr 25
Law firm investigating iOS location data legalities
You could see it coming, couldn't you? The law firm of Wohl & Fruchter LLP has commenced an investigation into Apple’s collection of users’ location data on iPhone and iPad devices in a hidden file stored on the devices and on synced computers. As first reported on April 20 by independent computer programmers, Apple’s iOS 4 operating system continuously collects user location data, up to 100times per day or more, and stores this data for months or years, together with time stamps of the locations recorded. The firm’s investigation concerns whether Apple’s undisclosed collection and storage of user location data violates its legal obligations to users, including the terms of Apple’s privacy policy. Additional information is available at
Apr 25
iPhone collects, stores data even with location services off
The latest on the iPhone/iPad location tracking data brouhaha: "The Wall Street Journal" ( reports that iPhone is collecting and storing location information even when location services are turned off, according to a test the publication conducted. The location data appear to be collected using cellphone towers and Wi-Fi access points near a user's phone and don't appear to be transmitted back to Apple. However, the "WSJ" says it appears that turning off location services doesn't disable the storage of location data on iPhones. The Journal tested the collection of data on an iPhone 4 that had been restored to factory settings and was running the latest version of Apple's iOS operating system. "The Journal disabled location services (which are on by default) and immediately recorded the data that had initially been gathered by the phone," the newspaper reports. "The Journal then carried the phone to new locations and observed the data. Over the span of several...
Apr 25
New iMacs due next week?
Refreshed iMacs are en route to the United States for a late April or early May launch, reports "9to5 Mac" (, quoting a source they call "Mr. X." Mr. X says to expect new iMacs the week of May 2nd as Apple will officially stop shipping iMacs to resellers this week. Since Apple tends to release new products on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the likelihood of new iMacs with Thunderbolt I/O and Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processors is high for May 3 or 4, says "9to5Mac."
Apr 25
Apple has major purchase commitments for March quarter
Apple's 10-Q form filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has revealed the largest sequential increase in purchase commitments for a March quarter to US$11 billion, as iPad 2 production ramps up, reports "AppleInsider" ( The "10-Q Tidbits" were highlighted this week by analyst Katy Huberty with Morgan Stanley, the article adds. The financial document shows that Apple's purchase commitments increased 39 percent quarter over quarter by the end of the March quarter. Apple plans to spend $11 billion on components and other purchases in the March quarter, up from $7.9 billion at the end of 2010. That sequential increase is a record for a March quarter.
Apr 25
White iPhone coming this week?
It seems the white iPhone 4, as rare as an albino rhino, will ship this week, 10 months after it was originally announced. It's expected to retail the same price as its black flavored sibling. According to a plethora of online reports the device will go on sale this Wednesday. The white iPhone will reportedly be available in both Verizon/CDMA and AT&T/GSM versions.
Apr 25 looks at differences in Mac, PC users
Mac users are more likely to be young, tech-savvy urban-dwellers that enjoy throwing parties, whereas PC fans tend to skew older, are more conservative and say talking about computers is like "struggling with a foreign language," according to a new study by, as reported by "TechNewsDaily" ( -- a site that makes recommendations based on preferences -- suggests your computer choice can reveal a lot about your personality and personal preferences, from taste in movies and food to clothing styles. Hunch used 75 million answers to questions that it asked its 700,000 members to predict particular demographics, personality and other characteristics based on their computer type. The aggregated data found that Mac users (typically ages 18 to 34) consider themselves more likely to be early tech adapters than PC fans, which is more likely to dominate the age 35 to 49 demographic. Mac people are also more likely to be vegetarians, enjoy indie movies,...
Apr 25
eBooks, eReaders catching on with the college crowd
This past holiday season, e-readers were found under many a tree and downloads of digital books followed with glee, according to the findings of a new student survey conducted by OnCampus Research, the research division of the National Association of College Stores (NACS).   The March 2011 OnCampus Electronic Book and E-Reader Device Report ( backs predictions that we could be approaching the tipping point for digital reading materials among this demographic. The latest report, the product of a survey of 655 students, explores their e-book usage as well as their interest in e-reading devices.   The results showed a 6% increase in e-book purchases of any kind when compared to a similar study done in October 2010, while fewer students are relying on laptops or netbooks to read the material. Nearly 15% fewer students said they used those devices to read e-books, while 39% said they used a dedicated e-reader, up from 19% just five months ago. “Although the vast...
Apr 25
Untrackerd lets iPhone, iPad users wipe location history
A Canadian software developer has created a program that allows iPhone and iPad users to wipe clean the location history of their devices after security researchers unleashed a privacy uproar by revealing that Apple records the location details in a hidden file on the user's phone and copies the unencrypted data to the user's home computer, reports the "Ottawa Citizen" ( According to the article, Ryan Petrich of Edmonton says he's being bombarded with emails and online messages about his new tool called "Untrackerd" ( When installed, the program deletes the location tracking information, held in a hidden file called consolidated.db, every 30 minutes. The iPhone developer launched the free program after news broke that the new iPhones have been keeping track of where a user goes in a secret file, using information gleaned from nearby cellphone towers and Wi-Fi networks. Locations and time stamps are then copied to the owner's computer if...
Apr 25
JixiPix announces new, pro photo colorizing app for the Mac
JixiPix has introduces Hand Tint 1.0 (, a professional level photo colorizing app. It's now available on the Mac App Store in the Photography session. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher and costs US$19.99. Hand Tint was specifically developed for hand tinting and coloring photography. With it you can add multiple layers that support opacity, visibility, and multiple custom compositing modes developed specifically to match the hand tinting process. Hand tinting adds soft, otherworldly colors to a photo, and can also lend an antique feel. With Hand Tine you can brush on color to add a life-like blush to the cheeks of a child, or draw attention to a single element, like a flower or a sunset sky. Hand Tint will start the process by converting the photo to black and white, vintage, or luminosity. After this step, painting can be used to tint areas back onto the photograph and bring color back into the aged photo. Layers provide a way to...
Apr 25
Scoshe releases switchBack surge g4 for the iPhone

Scosche Industries ( has announced the availability the switchBACK surge g4, an US$79.99 backup battery and kickstand case for iPhone 4.   It sports an integrated kickstand and an internal 1800mAh lithium-ion battery, purportedly capable of charging a dead iPhone 4 up to 80% full. Scosche’s accompanying, free reVIVE app (pictured) provides detailed battery information so users know exactly how much juice they have left. Four blue LED lights indicate the surge’s battery life and the included micro-USB cable allows for recharging and synching the iPhone 4 with the case on. The case will provides an additional 275 hours of standby, up to 12 hours of talk time, up to 36 hours of audio, up to nine hours of Wi-Fi, or up to nine hours of video. The Scosche switchBACK surge g4 come with two interchangeable polycarbonate backs (gloss black and metallic silver) and is compatible with both the AT&T Verizon iPhone 4 models.
Apr 25
O'Reilly publishes 'iPad 2: The Missing Manual'
O'Reilly Media has published "iPad 2: The Missing Manual" ( The 336-page book costs US$19.99 for the ebook edition and $24.99 for the print edition. "New York Times" tech columnist and iPad expert J.D. Biersdorfer shows you how to get the most out of the Apple tablet to surf the Web, send and receive email, watch movies and TV shows, read ebooks, listen to music, play games, and even do a little iWork. Topics covered include: tips and tricks; building and playing your media library; getting on-line; e-reading; consolidating your mail accounts; shopping in the iTunes and App stores; and more. Biersdorfer is a best-selling, veteran Missing Manual author. J.D. He wrote "Best iPad Apps and iPad: The Missing Manual (First Edition)," and co-wrote "iPod: The Missing Manual and iPhoto: The Missing Manual," and is the author of "Netbooks: The Missing Manual," "Google: The Missing Manual," and "The iPod Shuffle Fan Book." She has authored a weekly technology column for...
Apr 25
World Clock Deluxe ticks to version 4.7.6
MaBaSoft ( has updated its World Clock Deluxe time tool to version 4.7.6. The standard UTC offset of Irkutsk, Russia has been reverted to UTC+8. It was planned that the Irkutsk region would move to Krasnoyarsk Time (UTC+7) on March 27, 2011, but the transition has been postponed indefinitely. Also, Daylight-saving time information for Egypt and the Falkland Islands has been updated. Egypt abolished Daylight-saving time, while the Falkland Islands didn't switch back to Standard Time on April 17 and will trial Daylight-saving time all year round in 2011. With World Clock Deluxe you can display multiple clocks in a horizontal or vertical palette, in the menu bar and in the Dock, show Coordinated Universal Time and Internet Time, assign labels and colors to clocks, calculate date and time conversions across different time zones and show the current weather all over the world. The software is Universal Binary and runs in English, German, Dutch, French and Italian....
Apr 25
RMVB Converter comes to the Mac
iOrgsoft has released RMVB Converter for the Mac. It's an US$29.95 utility to convert RealMedia (.rmvb and .rm) file to other popular video formats with high quality on Mac OS X. RMVB Converter support salmost all the RM/RMVB formats without installing RealPlayer and outputs MP4, AVI, DivX, Xvid, H.264/AVC,WMV, MOV (QuickTime), 3GP, MP3, Flash FLV and SWF. It also supports ripping the audio data from RMVB video and convertingto MP3, FLAC, AAC, M4A and WMA audio files. RMVB Converter for Mac lets you clip, merge, crop, split RMVB videos, as well set frame size, video encoder, audio encoder and audio sample rate from the supported list for a better effect. You can trim the video to have certain length of clip converted, crop out the unwanted parts in the frame, apply video effect like brightness, contrast, saturation. You can also capture your favorite views from the previewing window and save them as the background of your computer.

RMVB Converter for Mac is available for purchase...
Apr 22
Sandy Bridge MacBook Airs coming in June?
In May Apple next month will reportedly begin manufacturing the first updates to its rejuvenated MacBook Air line "as the company looks to maintain the impressive sales momentum generated by the ultra-thin notebooks and limit the market opportunity for would-be competitors hoping to wedge their foot in the door," says "AppleInsider" ( Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has sources within Apple's Far Eastern supply chain tells "AppleInsider" that his latest round of checks with suppliers and system builders in the region reveals that MacBook Air shipments are set to rebound during the current calendar quarter, fueled by an upgrade to Intel's latest Sandy Bridge microprocessors, integrated Intel graphics, and the expected adoption of the new Thunderbolt high-speed I/O technology that made its debut on MacBook Pros in February. He said the new models will "go to mass production in late May," which corroborates an earlier report that cited reliable...
Apr 22
Samsung counter-sues Apple
Another day, another lawsuit. Samsung Electronics Co has filed patent lawsuits against Apple over the U.S. firm's iPhone and iPad after Apple claimed Samsung's smartphones and tablets "slavishly" copied its products, reports "Reuters" ( Apple's lawsuit filed on April 15 in the U.S. claims Samsung's mobile phones and Galaxy Tab. Apple says Samsung "slavishly" copied the iPhone and iPad. "Rather than innovate and develop its own technology and a unique Samsung style for its smart phone products and computer tablets, Samsung chose to copy Apple's technology, user interface and innovative style in these infringing products," the lawsuit reads. The lawsuit, filed April 15 in US District Court in Northern California, alleges Samsung copied the look, product design and product user interface of Apple's products. Samsung violated Apple's patents and trademarks, the suit alleges. “It’s no coincidence that Samsung’s latest products look a lot like the iPhone and iPad,...
Apr 22
Anger over Apple's 'location tracking' grows
The controversy surrounding the security of Apple’s iPhone and iPad escalated Thursday as some European governments said they would investigate whether the company had violated privacy laws by collecting and storing users’ geographic location data, reports "The New York Times" ( At the same time, some researchers said that contrary to reports published Wednesday, the iPhone’s recording of location information in a hidden file on the device, later stored on iTunes on a PC, has been known for some time, and that the information has, on some occasions, been used by law enforcement agencies in investigations, the article adds. “This data that was supposedly discovered yesterday has existed in earlier iPhones,” Alex Levinson of Katana Forensics, a company that specializes in extracting data from electronic devices for legal cases, told "The Times." He said that he and colleagues had explained Apple’s practices at conferences and in research papers, and that his firm...
Apr 22
Verizon iPhone 4 launch boosts iPhone enterprise adoption
Good Technology -- a provider of secure and managed enterprise mobility for iPhone, iPad, Android and other leading smartphone platforms -- has released its quarterly data report detailing the changing landscape of IT and mobile enterprise technology. The trend of personal smartphones infiltrating the workplace is being led by both Apple's iOS and Google's Android smartphone platforms. In quarter one of 2011, both platforms were widely deployed by Good's enterprise customers, but with the launch of the Verizon iPhone 4 and the iPad 2, Apple's iOS devices had an especially strong quarter, according to Good Technology. "The one-two punch of Verizon's long-awaited iPhone 4 launch and Apple's iPad 2 release made it an especially strong quarter for Apple," says John Herrema, senior vice president of corporate strategy at Good Technology. "AT&T's price drop on the iPhone 3GS to $49 also had a strong impact on overall iPhone activations. We still predict that Android activations will...
Apr 22
Conde Nast slowing down iPad mag plans
Conde Nast is slowing down -- but not abandoning -- its plans to deliver iPad editions of all its magazines, reports "Ad Age" (, quoting company employees, who say that conditions aren't quite right yet to deliver the ideal app editions at the kind of scale that advertisers want. However, "Ad Age" says Conde is far from done with the iPad. It remains committed to creating iPad editions for its titles -- which include "Wired," "GQ," "Vanity Fair," "The New Yorker," "Glamour" "Golf Digest," "Self" and "Allure" -- with an undisclosed one planned to arrive in May. That said, publishers and executives feel a lot less reason to add more titles without a particularly compelling business case, says "Ad Age." "It's a shift," one Conde publisher said. "The official stance was we're going to get all our magazines on the iPad because this is going to be such an important stream. The new change is maybe we can slow it down. In my opinion it makes Conde look smart because we...
Apr 22
22% of Verizon iPhone customers switched from another carrier
Approximately 22% of customers who bought the iPhone on Verizon last quarter switched from another carrier, while about 23% of AT&T iPhone buyers were new to that company, according to "AppleInsider" ( The launch of the iPhone on Verizon brought fewer than 500,000 new customers to the carrier in less than two months of availability in the first quarter of calendar 2011, the article says. However, on AT&T, more than 800,000 new customers joined because of the iPhone. Still, Verizon topped AT&T in terms of total net subscriber gain, adding 906,000 new customers, says "AppleInsider." AT&T added 62,000 net subscribers during the same three-month period.
Apr 22
Two music labels already onboard iTunes 'music locker...
Peter Kafka of "All Things Digital" reports ( says Apple has already procured deals from at least two of the big four labels (Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony and EMI) within the last two months for its online music locker service. “They’ve been very aggressive and thoughtful about it,” an "industry executive" tells Kafka. “It feels like they want to go pretty soon.” Kafka says industry executives he's spoken to haven’t seen Apple’s service themselves, but say they’re aware of the broad strokes. The idea is that Apple will let users store songs they’ve purchased from its iTunes store, as well as others songs stored on their hard drives, and listen to them on multiple devices, he says. 
The cloud-based music locker is almost certain to use the gigantic data center Apple is building in North Carolina. In fact, Apple has completed work on an online music storage service and is set to launch it ahead of Google, "whose own music efforts have stalled,"...
Apr 22
Dearth of iPad 2s due to LED panel concerns, speaker shortages?
Manufacturing issues at Apple led to a shortfall in iPad tablet shipments in the first quarter of the calendar year, prompting research firm IHS iSuppli to cut its forecast for the year, reports "Fox Business" ( IHS iSuppli now expects Apple to ship 39.7 million units for all models of the iPad this year, down from the February forecast of 43.7 million, a 9.1% reduction. Apple's first-quarter supply of the iPad 2 fell short of demand; the company shipped 4.69 million iPads during the quarter. IHS iSuppli says production faced manufacturing difficulties, which combined with strong demand, led to short supplies of the device, notes the research group. The issues, according to sources, include quality concerns with liquid crystal display panels and production shortages of the new speaker.
Apr 22
Apple shares up 2.5%
Shares of Apple are up US$8.59, or 2.5%, at $351 Friday morning following excellent second quarter 2011 fiscal results announced on Wednesday. The highest price target comes from Brian White of Ticonderoga, who previously had the highest as well. His new target is $612, up from $550, reports "Barron's" ( White raised his third quarter estimate for revenue to $25.1 billion from $24.4 billion, and raised his EPS [earnings per share] estimate to $5.63 from $5.43. For fiscal 2011, his revenue estimate goes to $106 billion from $102 billion, and his EPS estimate goes to $25.22 from $23.36. “With the stock now trading at 10x our CY11 EPS estimate (ex-cash), we believe there is plenty of upside left in the stock price as we look forward to continued momentum from the iPad 2, a new iPhone 5 in September, growing adoption of Mac products and a bigger push in the TV market as the year progresses," White wrote in a note to clients.
Apr 22
Apple releases iBooks 1.2.2
Apple has released iBooks 1.2.2, an update of its ebook reader app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. According to Apple the update sports a number of important stability and performance improvements. More specifically, it: ° Addresses issues playing video included with enhanced books from the iBookstore; ° Resolves a problem where some books open with a different font than expected; ° Makes iBooks more responsive when navigating books with many items in their table of contents.
Apr 22
Flock web browser comes to an end
Stellar Technologies ( says that support for its Flock social web browser will be discontinued as of April 26. "Since no further security updates will be provided to keep you safe on the web, we encourage all Flock users to upgrade to either Chrome or Firefox. Both are based on the same reliable technologies as Flock, and both are being actively maintained and improved," says The Flock Team. "Also, each of these browsers has a broad selection of add-ons and extensions to customize and extend their capabilities." Since Chrome and Firefox both have very different rendering engines, I wonder what technologies the Flock group is speaking about? They also talk about the extensibility of those browsers, but they make no mention of Safari (WebKit like Chrome) and the fact that it is extensible with plug-ins. -- Dennis Sellers
Apr 22
FirmTek debuts SeriTek/6G ExpressCard/34 Adapter
FirmTek has announced their US$119.95, bootable, 2-port, SeriTek/6G eSATA 6Gb/s ExpressCard/34 adapter ( It offers recorded read transfer rates of over 380MB/s when matched with the new 2011 Apple 17-inch MacBook Pro. This 6 gigabit-per-second eSATA ExpressCard/34 adapter is designed to expand the external storage options available for the 2011 Apple 17-inch MacBook Pro and Windows PC notebooks with an available ExpressCard/34 expansion slot. Mac OS X 10.6.x (64-bit and 32-bit modes) are supported along with Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP. "With a single OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G Solid State Drive (SSD), the FirmTek SeriTek/6G can provide over 340MB/s average read performance, or for maximum storage capacity customers can connect up to 10 hard disks using SeriTek/5PM enclosures," says Chi Kim Stanford, vice president of Business Development, FirmTek. "Perfect for use with external storage enclosures, the SeriTek/6G supports advanced...
Apr 22
Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy coming to the Mac
Combat Mission is returning to the Mac. Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy, the first release, is now fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and higher. It's available for pre-order immediately ( You can pre-order CM:BN in a special SteelBook Limited Collector Edition for US$55 (plus shipping and handling). It sports a retail-style package, fitting up to four discs inside (the game disc as well as up to three future modules that can be purchased separately at a later time) as well as the full, printed 200-page manual. Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy is scheduled for release within the next 14-21 days. The game recreates the experience of tactical land warfare in Western France during World War Two.
Apr 22
SyncMate 3 adds full support of Outlook 2011
Eltima Software ( says SyncMate 3 now fully supports data synchronization with Outlook 2011. The app requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. It costs US$39.95 for a personal license (for use with two Macs), though version 3 is a free update for registered users. SyncMate enables anyone to synchronize Macs with Windows Mobile and Android devices, Nokia S40 phones, Windows PCs, other Mac computers, Google accounts, Sony PlayStation Portable, USB flash drives and allows backing up Mac data online. Synchronization of Outlook 2011 supports calendar, contacts, notes and tasks with their analogues in supported devices. While it was possible to sync Outlook 2011 contacts in previous versions, calendar, notes and tasks were not supported before. (You'll need to install Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac and enable sync service options in Outlook preferences). SyncMate is a sync tool for Mac OS X that syncs data in Mac with multiple devices within one app. Among...
Apr 22
'Men's Fitness' publishes free Digi-Mac for the...
"Men's Fitness," a men's lifestyle magazine, has released its first, free, single-topic, custom publication digital magazine app for the iPad. The "Complete Sports Training Guide" is the first Digi-Mag from "Men's Fitness" that will be released on the iPad, presenting users with interactive content on fitness and nutrition. The Digi-Mag, sponsored by PowerAde Zero will include features that will coach users on methods to increase their level of athleticism.  Jay Cardiello, celebrity fitness trainer and Powerade partner, is showcased in the Digi-Mag -- presenting users with videos, statistics, and text-based content to improve their physique. The Digi-Mag consists of fresh editorial content specially developed for a specific consumer interest by creating a user experience in a one-of-a-kind format that is different from full length digital magazines, says Men's Fitness Publisher Larry Menkes. Not only is the app cost-free, but it downloads quickly and is easy to navigate, he says. The...
Apr 22
Soundboard for Mac OS X gets updated Soundpipe
Ambrosia Software has updated Soundboard ( for Mac OS X to version 2.0.1. The updated Soundpipe now passes pass audio in discrete channels correctly for Soundboard plus the default mic. Also, Soundpipe devices no longer report sample rate of 48kHz. Additionally, in version 2.0.1, there are keyboard shortcuts for "Pause all," "Duck," master pan controls, and master volume controls. Like cart machines in broadcast radio studios, Soundboard lets users map sound effects, audio clips, or musical accompaniment to keys on the Mac keyboard, triggered with a single tap. Soundboard’s 32 triggers can be used to build custom mashups from your onboard audio. You can create intros and fades, crop at will, and apply filters to your audio without fear of losing your original file. You can control Soundboard via any MIDI device, and MIDI effects such as panning and gain are automatically applied to Soundboard's output. You can have your sound play in its...
Apr 22
TidBITS publishes two GarageBand ebooks
GarageBand is the digital music-making and recording application of choice for many Mac users, but up-to-date, real-world documentation is hard to find. To fill this gap, TidBITS Publishing ( has released a pair of ebooks--Take Control of Making Music with GarageBand '11 and Take Control of Recording with GarageBand '11. Written by Seattle-based composer and musician Jeff Tolbert, the ebooks are designed to help readers understand how to work creatively and effectively within GarageBand. The books -- priced at US$15 each -- include links to audio examples and the actual GarageBand projects that created them, and hundreds of tips for making the most out of GarageBand's tools.
Apr 21
Apple completes online music storage service?
Apple has completed work on an online music storage service and is set to launch it ahead of Google, "whose own music efforts have stalled," reports "Reuters" (, quoting "several people familiar with both companies' plans." Apple's plans will allow iTunes customers to store their songs on a remote server, and then access them from wherever they have an Internet connection, the article says. However, "Reuters" adds that Apple hasn't yet signed any new licenses for the service. Major music labels are purportedly hoping to secure deals before the service is launched. "Reuters" says Apple hasn't told its music partners of when it intends to introduce its music locker.

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Heroki 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $7.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: CLEAR THE SKIES FOR A NEW HERO!The peaceful sky village of Levantia is in danger! The dastardly Dr. N. Forchin and his accomplice,... | Read more »
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Alchemic Dungeons (Games)
Alchemic Dungeons 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: ### Release Event! ### 2.99$->0.99$ for limited time! ### Roguelike Role Playing Game! ### Alchemic Dungeons is roguelike... | Read more »

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Canon PIXMA MG3620 Wireless Inkjet All-in-One...
Canon U.S.A., Inc. has announced the PIXMA MG3620 Wireless (1) Inkjet All-in-One (AIO) printer for high-quality photo and document printing. Built with convenience in mind for the everyday home user... Read more
July 4th Holiday Weekend 13-inch MacBook Pro...
Save up to $150 on the purchase of a new 2015 13″ Retina MacBook Pro at the following resellers this weekend. Shipping is free with each model: 2.7GHz/128GB MSRP $1299 2.7GHz/... Read more
27-inch 3.5GHz 5K iMac on sale for $2149, sav...
Best Buy has the 27″ 3.5GHz 5K iMac on sale for $2149.99. Choose free shipping or free local store pickup (if available). Sale price for online orders only, in-store prices may vary. Their price is $... Read more
Apple now offering refurbished 2015 11-inch...
The Apple Store is now offering Apple Certified Refurbished 2015 11″ MacBook Airs as well as 13″ MacBook Airs (the latest models), available for up to $180 off the cost of new models. An Apple one-... Read more
15-inch 2.5GHz Retina MacBook Pro on sale for... has the 15″ 2.5GHz Retina MacBook Pro on sale for $2274 including free shipping. Their price is $225 off MSRP, and it’s the lowest price available for this model. Read more
Finally Safe To Upgrade To Yosemite’?
The reason I’ve held back from upgrading my MacBook Air from OS X 10.9 Mavericks to 10.10 Yosemite for nearly a year isn’t just procrastination. Among other bugs reported, there have been persistent... Read more
Logo Pop Free Vector Logo Design App For OS X...
128bit Technologies has released of Logo Pop Free 1.2 for Mac OS X, a vector based, full-fledged, logo design app available exclusively on the Mac App Store for the agreeable price of absolutely free... Read more
21-inch 1.4GHz iMac on sale for $999, save $1...
B&H Photo has new 21″ 1.4GHz iMac on sale for $999 including free shipping plus NY sales tax only. Their price is $100 off MSRP. Best Buy has the 21″ 1.4GHz iMac on sale for $999.99 on their... Read more
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B&H Photo has iPad Air 2s on sale for up to $40 off MSRP including free shipping plus NY sales tax only: - 16GB iPad Air 2 WiFi: $489 $10 off - 64GB iPad Air 2 WiFi: $559 $40 off - 128GB iPad Air... Read more

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