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Jun 13
Vortimac Software releases Dossier 2.6.1 For Mac OS X
Vortimac Software has released Dossier 2.6.1, an update to their information management tool for Mac OS X. The upgrade fixes minor issues and offers under-the-hood improvements. Dossier is designed for keeping and organizing notes, to-do lists, passwords, and virtually anything else. Features include multiple documents and multiple simultaneous viewers per document, smart folders, live search, an integrated calendar, encryption, flexible printing of entries, folders, or entire documents, rich text editing, support for export, unlimited undo/redo capability, and more. Dossier requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. It costs US$24.99 and is also available via the Mac App Store. A full featured, 30-day demo version is available at the Vortimac Software web site (
Jun 13
iPhone programming course coming in August
The Pragmatic Studio ( has announced two more offerings of their iPhone/iPad Programming course: Aug. 22-25 in Denver, Colorado, and Oct. 24-27 in Reston, Virigina. In this four-day, hands-on training course you'll learn how to use the latest version of the iOS software development kit (SDK) to turn your idea into an app. Topics covered include: ° How to use the major tools and application programming interfaces in the iOS SDK, and how they all fit together to build iPhone/iPad apps; ° Hands-on coding experience. You can reserve your seat early and save US$400 off the registration price.
Jun 11
WWDC Interview: Group Logic
While in San Francisco, TUAW and MacTech Magazine teamed up to speak to developers at Apple's WWDC 2011 about the keynote and how Apple's new technologies will help them and their customers. In the weeks following the event, we'll bring you those videos on TUAW, MacTech and MacNews. If you aren't currently a reader of MacTech Magazine, check out the special WWDC free trial subscription offer for MacTech Magazine here. This video features Neil Ticktin (Editor-in-Chief, MacTech Magazine and MacNews) and Brian Ulmer of GroupLogic, Inc. at WWDC. Brian was kind enough to tell us about their thoughts on the announcements on WWDC, and how it will affect their plans moving forward.
Jun 11
WWDC Interview: IGG Software
While in San Francisco, TUAW and MacTech Magazine teamed up to speak to developers at Apple's WWDC 2011 about the keynote and how Apple's new technologies will help them and their customers. In the weeks following the event, we'll bring you those videos on TUAW, MacTech and MacNews. If you aren't currently a reader of MacTech Magazine, check out the special WWDC free trial subscription offer for MacTech Magazine here. This video features Victor Agreda, Jr. (Editor-in-Chief, The Unofficial Apple Weblog) and James Gillespie of IGG Software, Inc. at WWDC. James was kind enough to tell us about their thoughts on the announcements on WWDC, and how it will affect their plans moving forward.
Jun 10
iCloud Communications sues Apple
Another day, another lawsuit. In a suit filed yesterday in the US Disctrict Court in Arizona, a company named iCloud Communications claimed trademark infringements against Apple over the use of the name iCloud, reports "The Next Web" ( The company claims Apple’s heavy promotion of the iCloud product is damaging to its business and has all but removed the branding of the name from itself and placed it onto Apple. "The goods and services with which Apple intends to use the 'iCloud' mark are identical to or closely related to the goods and services that have been offered by iCloud Communications under the iCloud Marks since its formation in 2005," says iCloud Communications. "However, due to the worldwide media coverage given to and generated by Apple’s announcement of its 'iCloud' services and the ensuing saturation advertising campaign pursued by Apple, the media and the general public have quickly come to associate the mark 'iCloud' with Apple, rather than...
Jun 10
Soundcast offers multi-room wireless speaker system
Soundcast Systems, developer of high performance wireless audio systems and products, has announced the OutCast 3.4 multi-room, multi-source wireless speaker system with subwoofer. OutCast 3.4's technology lets you access and enjoy up to three sources of your favorite music in up to four separate areas of your home or business. It purportedly has a wireless broadcast range of up to 300 feet. Transmissions travel through walls, doors, floors, ceilings and roofs. The OutCast also offers control for your iPod/iPhone/MP3/PC or Mac personal music library, takes advantage of Pandora, Rhapsody, iTunes, radio, HD radio, cable music and even legacy audio sources for the receivers' zone two output. Visit Soundcast Systems website to view the complete line-up of multi-room, multi-source 3.4 wireless products at .
Jun 10
PDF Expert for iPad 2.5 makes signing documents paperless
Readdle has released PDF Expert 2.5, a new version of its iPad application for editing PDF forms and annotating PDF documents. It costs US$9.99 and is available at the Apple App Store. Version 2.5 is a free update for registered users. With PDF Expert 2.5 anyone can sign agreements and contracts with partners or clients right on the iPad. Since many contracts are interactive PDF documents, the new version adds support for signature fields in PDF forms. Currently used by medical, insurance, manufacturing and realtor companies for their sales staff in the field, PDF Expert 2.5 lets them go paperless even for such activities as signing agreements. Once signed, the document can be submitted to corporate email or web server for further processing. In PDF Expert 2.5 people can choose between "My Signature" or "Customer Signature" when they sign document. "My Signature" is a regular signature of the sales person that is saved within PDF Expert and can be reused later. "Customer Signature" is...
Jun 10
WWDC Interview: Boinx Software
This week TUAW and MacTech Magazine teamed up to speak to developers at Apple's WWDC 2011 about the keynote and how Apple's new technologies will help them and their customers. In the weeks following the event, we'll bring you those videos on TUAW, MacTech and MacNews. If you aren't currently a reader of MacTech Magazine, check out the special WWDC free trial subscription offer for MacTech Magazine here. This video features Victor Agreda, Jr. (Editor-in-Chief, The Unofficial Apple Weblog) and Oliver Breidenbach of Boinx Software Ltd. at WWDC. Oliver was kind enough to tell us about their thoughts on the announcements on WWDC, and how it will affect their plans moving forward.
Jun 10
Apple goes to court against Lodsys
Apple has gone to court to defend its iOS developers against a Lodsys lawsuit. As reported by "Fortune" (, Apple filed a motion Thursday in the same Texas federal court where Lodsys filed a suit nine days ago. "Apple Inc. hereby respectfully moves to intervene as a defendant and counterclaim plaintiff in the above-captioned action brought by plaintiff Lodsys, LLC against seven software application developers for allegedly infringing U.S. Patent Nos. 7,222,078 and 7,620,565," says the motion. "Apple seeks to intervene because it is expressly licensed to provide to the Developers products and services that embody the patents in suit, free from claims of infringement of those patents." Lodsys is one of several so-called "patent trolls" that have been filing infringement suits against developers too small and poor to pay the legal fees it costs to fight them, notes "Fortune." The patents in the iOS brouhaha were two that Apple claims it had already licensed on behalf...
Jun 10
IDC: Apple in third place among smartphone makers
According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) "Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker," ( vendors will ship a total of 472 million smartphones in 2011. That compares to roughly 305 million units shipped in 2010. And Apple now ranks in third place. That figure will nearly double to 982 million by the end of 2015, according to the research group. The smartphone market, which will grow more than four times the rate of the overall mobile phone market this year, is being fueled by falling average selling prices, increased phone functionality, and lower-cost data plans among other factors, which make the devices more accessible to a wider range of users, according to IDC. "The smartphone floodgates are open wide," says Kevin Restivo, senior research analyst with IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker. "Mobile phone users around the world are turning in their 'talk-and-text' devices for smartphones as these devices allow users to perform daily tasks like...
Jun 10
WWDC Interview: Pangea Software
This week TUAW and MacTech Magazine teamed up to speak to developers at Apple's WWDC 2011 about the keynote and how Apple's new technologies will help them and their customers. Over the next couple of weeks we'll bring you those videos on TUAW, MacTech and on MacNews. Also, check out the special WWDC free trial subscription offer for MacTech Magazine here. This video features Victor Agreda, Jr. (editor-in-chief of TUAW) and Brian Greenstone of Pangea Software at WWDC, and he was kind enough to tell us about some new stuff Pangea is working on, plus the reason Cro-Mag Rally (US$2.99) was once featured in an iPhone ad. Pangea Software was an early entrant on the App Store and has had a string of successes. It's interesting to hear what the Mac App Store and Lion mean to their plans going forward, considering many of their apps predate OS X!
Jun 10
HiWave wants to beef up tablet computer sleeves with audio...
HiWave Technologies (, a provider of electronic and transducer solutions for audio and haptic touch, has announced an acoustic module designed to be incorporated into tablet computer sleeves to deliver enhanced quality and volume audio compared with the size-compromised internal loudspeakers in tablet computing devices. The HIAM-SS2S "SoundSleeve" module comprises a pair of 2W peak audio power exciters attached to a lightweight honeycomb panel to create stereo sound. The panel is mounted into a thin-profile, protective shell, forming a functional module that developers of accessories for iPad and other tablet computers can integrate into a sleeve or cover for the devices. Designers can incorporate amplifier and interface electronics into the module by positioning a printed circuit board and battery pack into the cavity provided in the shell. For high-end applications, HiWave is working on the development of its Audium amplifier chip and a reference design. This...
Jun 10
Marware shipping MicroShell Folio iPad 2 case
Marware ( is shipping the US$69.99 MicroShell Folio case for the iPad 2, an ultra-thin protective shell case that protects the entire device via a hard shell case coupled with a functional and protective sleep/wake lid. The MicroShell Folio iPad 2 case is the thinnest and lightest case of its kind on the market and comes in three different colors (black, white, and silver), according to Stephen Heaven, Marware's director of Product Development. The rubberized coating on the back case offers a soft touch and feel, while also protecting against nicks and scratches. The front protective lid doesn't cover or block any of the display screen, enabling device navigation when folded back.
Jun 10
Wrangler is military-grade case for the iPhone 4
IvySkin USA ( has debuted the US$49.99 Wrangler Case, based on the Quattro4 and SmartCase for the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. It provides protection, anti-glare front glass guard and smooth lines for the iPhone 4. Its rigid body extensively uses ultra-high-strength polycarbonate, aluminum and TPU, according to the folks at IvySkin. The company's Glass Touch-Thru screen guard completes the all around protection. The Wrangler's dual snap bars are fiber-reinforced. Six point adaptive lining acts as airbags for the iPhone in case of a drop.
Jun 10
Intego releases Backup Express
Intego (, a Mac security specialist, has released Backup Express (, a backup and synchronization tool available exclusively from the Mac App Store. For a limited time, it's available for $9.99, a 33% reduction from the regular price of $14.99. Backup Express -- which requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher -- backs up important files to every type of media, and «Unclear reference to antecedent:  A pronoun agrees with the near of two antecedents. » that synchronizes selected folders or volumes across Macs. It allows users to back up their files to external hard drives, DVDs, network volumes and more.   Users can back up any or all files in their home folder, or on disks or volumes for which they have permissions, and do so at the time and/or frequency of their choice. Users can create backup scripts and set schedules so backups run automatically, even in the background, or run their scripts with a single click.   They can run incremental...
Jun 10
Verbatim ships Store 'n' Go car audio USB drive
With car audio players increasingly supporting USB ports, Verbatim ( has announced the retail availability of the Store ‘n’ Go Car Audio USB Drive, a tiny flash drive for storing and listening to your favorite MP3 music while driving.  The dime-sized drive can store up to 2,000 songs. The 8GB Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Audio USB Drive is available in stores now for US$29.99. The Store ‘n’ Go Audio USB Drive has a low-profile design that doesn't obstruct vehicle controls or protrude excessively from the dashboard. The flash drive can be left in the USB port and used as a long-term storage extension Although Verbatim specifically developed the Store ‘n’ Go Car Audio USB Drive for automotive applications, the flash drive also works with all computers and devices equipped with a USB 2.0 port. It's Mac and Windows compatible.
Jun 10
Native Instruments introduces Vintage Compressors
Native Instruments has introduced Vintage Compressors (, a set of modeled classic dynamic processors for use in Guitar Rig 4 and in the free Guitar Rig Player. Produced in collaboration with DSP experts, Softube, the collection comprises three high-end studio compressors and can be used to creatively treat a range of instruments and sounds. Vintage Compressors is the first release in a new range of professional studio effects based on the Guitar Rig effects framework. It comprises three different models designated as the VC 76, VC 2A and VC 160. While the VC 76 excels at drums and vocals, the VC 2A is popular for vocals, bass and guitar, with the VC 160 being a common choice for string instruments and individual drum sounds as well. Vintage Compressors is available as a download in the NI Online Shop for US$229. Individual models cost $119 each.
Jun 10
MyService becomes an Apple Authorized Reseller
MyService ( is now an Apple Authorized Reseller. In addition to Mac repairs and upgrades, the company now sells new Mac computers and accessories. With a new online store, MyService customers can now configure new Macs with even more options than the Apple Store. All new Macs ship for free, and customers can save even more on AppleCare, upgrades and accessories, says MyService President Justin Sanderson.
Jun 10
Graphic Node announces 10 new Keynote themes
Graphic Node ( has announced another addition to its assortment of themes for Keynote, the presentation component of Apple's US$79 iWork suite. Ten new themes have been added to the 10 designs from the previous version of Still Themes. There are now 20 themes. Among the newly added themes are Natural, Edgy Carmine and Airy Fairy. The themes include up to 21 master slides. They're available in the five standard slide sizes supported by Keynote. The themes require iWork '08 or later. Still, Themes costs US$19 and is available at the Graphic Node website.
Jun 10
Deliver Express Updated To Version 2.1.4
Zevrix Solutions ( has updated Deliver Express, an automated solution to send and share files across the Internet and local networks, to version 2.1.4. The new version lets users view passwords in clear text and addresses some performance and stability issues. Deliver Express processes files automatically from watched hot folders and offers variable e-mail notifications, delivery to multiple destinations, encryption and more. It supports FTP, Amazon S3, MobileMe and other major services. Deliver Express can run unattended and is suitable as a company-wide server solution as well as for single users. As a company wide server solution, Deliver Express can be installed on a dedicated station and run unattended. Users only need to copy files to network based hot folders, and the files will be sent automatically with customizable email confirmation issued upon delivery. Recipients can download the file using a link inserted automatically into notification e-mail. The...
Jun 09
iPhone/iPod touch/iPad apps for June 9
Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store ( EmirBytes has released Label Dispenser 1.0, its new photo labeling solution for iOS devices. The US$0.99 app was developed specifically for photographers and hobbyists to label their photos. It offers controls for manipulating the label's position, size and angle. Users can customize the label, in terms of the background "tape" designs, font face and font colors. GoalMine has announced Text Master for iPhone and iPod touch, a typing tutor. The $0.99 app is designed for those "who feel that their typing skills could use some help but who are bored with regular typing teacher apps." Intersog has introduced Get Directions Pro for the iPad in addition to its recent launch for the iPhone and iPod touch. Th $1.99 app allows users to share their personal Google Maps and directions with their friends and family. It lets you share your route information and visual...
Jun 09
Analyst: Apple sales up 87% in May
Tracking of Apple's component purchases from the overseas supply chain shows the company with an 87% year-over-year increase in May, Ticonderoga Securites analyst Brian White told clients in a note, as reported by "AppleInsider" ( The estimate shows Apple's sales for May up 10% month-over-month, a number well above the average 2.2% month-over-month increase the company has traditionally seen over the last six years; the article adds. If Apple delivers just its average performance in June of a 0.8% increase month over month, he estimates sales will rise by 18 percent quarter-over-quarter, above the six-year average June quarter increase of 15%, says White. Apple's third quarter of the company's fiscal 2011 ends this month and Apple will report its earnings from the current quarter in July. In the same frame last year, Apple saw a 77% year-over-year increase in profits, driven by then-record sales of 3.47 million Macs, notes "AppleInsider."
Jun 09
Apple reverses policy on in-app subscriptions
Apple has reversed its on the pricing of in-app subscriptions on the Apple App Store, according to "MacRumors" ( There are no longer any requirements that a subscription be the "same price or less than it is offered outside the app". There are no longer any guidelines about price at all. Apple also removed the requirement that external subscriptions must be also offered as an in-app purchase, says "MacRumors." Content providers may offer in-app subscriptions at whatever price they wish and aren't required to offer an in-app subscription just because they sell a subscription outside the Apple App Store as well, the article adds. Earlier this year Apple introduced a new subscription service available to all publishers of content-based apps on the Apple App Store, including magazines, newspapers, video, music, etc. Apple said subscriptions purchased from within the App Store were to be sold using the same App Store billing system that has been used to buy...
Jun 09
Apple releases iMac Graphic FW Update 2.0
Apple has posted iMac Graphic Firmware Update 2.0 ( It fixes an issue that in rare cases may cause an iMac to hang during startup or waking from sleep. Don't shut off the power on your iMac during this update. Loss of power could result in your iMac failing to start up. The upgrade requires Mac OS X 10.6.7 and is a 699KB download.
Jun 09
TUAW and MacTech Magazine at WWDC
This week TUAW and MacTechMagazine teamed up to speak to developers at Apple's WWDC 2011 about the keynote and how Apple's new technologies will help them and their customers. Over the next couple of weeks we'll bring you those videos on TUAW, MacTech and on MacNews. Also, check out the special WWDC free trial subscription offer for MacTech Magazine here. Our first video features Victor Agreda, Jr. (editor-in-chief of TUAW) and Neil Ticktin (publisher/editor-in-chief of MacTech and MacNews) talking about the keynote and what we've seen so far of Apple's next operating systems and iCloud. Enjoy!
Jun 09
Cambridge Friends School offers iPad pilot program
When Cambridge Friends School ( Head Peter Sommer first got the word that Bill and Elissa Warner were offering a full slate of iPad tablets for sixth grade students and faculty, his first response was elation, and his second was to inform his two sixth grade teachers, Sandra Rojas and Brooke Chandler, "that the most compelling new electronic device since the PC was about to debut in their classrooms." Sommer, who was director of education at the Columbia University Center for New Media Teaching and Learning prior to taking his post at Cambridge Friends School, sees the new Apple platform as a current, developmentally appropriate tool that can enhance the learning experience of Cambridge Friends School students. He approached Bill Warner, who has embodied technological innovation since founding Avid at his kitchen table in 1987, and his wife Elissa -- parents of 2010 graduate, Lucas -- on a pilot program that would introduce the iPad to the sixth grade curriculum...
Jun 09
Apple among world's most reputable companies
Apple and Google share the top spot in a study of the world's most reputable companies conducted by the Reputation Institute (, an international organization "devoted to advancing knowledge about corporate reputations and to providing professional assistance to companies interested in measuring and managing their reputations proactively." Disney, BMW and LEGO round out the top five in the 2011 Global RepTrak 100, a consumer study developed by Reputation Institute to assess the reputations of 100 of the world's most prominent companies.  The study provides an assessment of the global reputation landscape -- the companies that are most liked, trusted, and respected by over 48,000 consumers across 15 countries. Data collection was powered by Survey Sampling International.  Five other companies round out the Top Ten: Sony, Daimler, Canon, Intel and Volkswagen. A major finding of this study is that most companies have stronger reputations in their home...
Jun 09
Sonnet announces SDXC UHS-I Pro Reader/Writer ExpressCard/34
Sonnet Technologies has announced the SDXC UHS-I Pro Reader/Writer ExpressCard/34 (, which enables digital videographers and photographers to transfer files from SDXC and SDHC memory cards to an ExpressCard slot-equipped MacBook Pro or Windows notebook computer on location, in the studio, or at the office. The SDXC UHS-I Pro Reader/Writer ExpressCard/34 can transfer data from the fastest professional SD media at speeds up to 104 MB/second. This UHS-I-compliant Sonnet adapter uses the 2.5 Gb/second PCI Express interface incorporated into ExpressCard slots. The SDXC UHS-I Pro Reader/Writer ExpressCard/34 (part number SDXC-UHSI-E34) is compatible with ExpressCard slot-equipped MacBook Pro systems running Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. The adapter is available immediately at a suggested retail price of US$49.95.
Jun 09
Apple rejects DUI checkpoint apps
In conjunction with this week's Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has updated its App Store Review Guidelines, and part of the new approval process includes a section that prohibits the inclusion of DUI checkpoints in iOS apps, notes "Autoblog" ( Section 22.8 states: "Apps which contain DUI checkpoints that are not published by law enforcement agencies, or encourage and enable drunk driving, will be rejected." In March, a group of Democratic U.S. Senators -- Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, Frank Lautenberg and Tom Udall -- banded together to send letters to Apple, Google and Research in Motion, requesting that they remove applications from their respective digital stores that notify users of police checkpoints, notes "AppleInsider" ( The senators argued that the applications in question are "harmful to public safety" because they could allow drunk drivers to evade police detection.
Jun 09
Apple manufacturer plans alliances with Sharp, others
Hon Hai Precision Industry plans alliances with Japan's Sharp Corp. and others and unveiled plans for further international expansion, as the contract manufacturer behind Apple and other technology brand names looks to offset rising labor and expansion costs, reports the "Wall Street Journal" ( Chairman Terry Gou, told reporters after the annual shareholders meeting in Taipei on Wednesday that Hon Hai wasn't going to build its own brand, but would instead look to grow through technological prowess. "We are a high-tech manufacturer, not a traditional contract maker," he said. "We will not give up the manufacturing business. Global players are giving up this market so there are plenty of opportunities left for us."
Jun 09
PhotoDazzle: Beautifier released for Mac OS X
TheKeptPromise has released PhotoDazzle: Beautifier ( for Mac OS X. It's available at the Mac App Store at an introductory price of US$9.99. The goal with PhotoDazzle is to go away from the technical steps necessary with Photoshop or Pixelmator and approach the editing directly from the aim of the user, according to the folks at TheKeptPromise. With Beautifier TheKeptPromise has gone the first step offering dozens of photo editing effects around correction human visuals like removing wrinkles, tanning, eye enhancement, dyeing hair, etc. PhotoDazzle's interface allows accessing and changing any step at any time. Effects are applied with an intelligent brush that already incorporates the knowledge of the surface, e.g. a tanning brush cuts of when the edges leave the current skin shade, so that lips or eyes aren't painted over.
Jun 09
BoinxTV gets Chroma Key Pro filter, LibOrientator technology
Boinx Software ( has updated BoinxTV Home -- its live-video production software that makes you the star of your own YouTube videos -- to version 1.8. The upgrade offers a Chroma Key Pro filter and LibOrientator technology. The new Chroma Key Pro delivers better video quality working with green screens in professionally lit or controlled backgrounds. The LibOrientator technology transmits readouts of the sensors in your iPhone or iPad directly into your BoinxTV layers, allowing for real time control of on-screen objects in BoinxTV. BoinxTV 1.8 is available as a free update for existing BoinxTV users at or via the Mac App Store. A free demo license enables BoinxTV usage for 30 days. The single license of BoinxTV is available for US$499 at Boinx or via the Mac App Store. BoinxTV Home is available exclusively at the Mac App Store for $49.99. For education and volume licensing (multi-seat) of BoinxTV, contact .
Jun 09
Logitech releases Touch Lapdesk N600
Logitech ( has unveiled the Logitech Touch Lapdesk N600, featuring a large touchpad designed to make it easy than ever to point, scroll and swipe your way through the Web.

 The Logitech Touch Lapdesk N600 features a five-inch, retractable touchpad with multi-touch navigation. You can move the pointer with one finger, scroll using two, and swipe through pages or pictures with three. 
The multi-layer, heat-shielding design of the lapdesk protects you from laptop heat so you can browse in cool comfort, and the anti-slip surface helps keep your laptop in place, according to Denis Pavillard, vice president of product marketing for laptop accessories. To get started, you just plug the tiny Logitech Unifying receiver into the USB port and start navigating. Logitech’s newest lapdesk offers up to six months of battery life.

 The Logitech Touch Lapdesk N600 is expected to be available in the U.S. and Europe beginning in June,. It will have a suggested retail price of...
Jun 09
Smith Micro debuts Anime Studio Debut 8 for the Mac
The Smith Micro Software Productivity and Graphics Group has released Anime Studio Debut 8, an animation program that delivers multiple features. Anime Studio Debut 8 offers a new Automatic Image Tracing feature that converts any paper drawing into ready-to-animate vector art in one click. The built-in Character Wizard feature allows for fast character creation, enabling any user to create an animation. Novice artists can also use the Beginner’s Mode, a tool that guides first-time animators through key tools and techniques with short video tutorials, roll-over instructions, and a streamlined interface. For a complete listing of features and benefits, go to . Anime Studio Debut 8 is valued at US$49.99 and is available directly at and from popular resellers, catalogs, and distribution partners worldwide. Current Anime Studio Debut users can upgrade to Anime Studio Debut 8 for $19.99. Users can also upgrade to...
Jun 09
PortAuthority for Mac OS X revved to version 4.0
Code by Kevin has released PortAuthority 4.0, an update of the GUI (graphical user interface) for the MacPorts Unix software management system for Mac OS X.   MacPorts is a command-line tool for installing and updating a variety of Unix-based applications for the Mac. Its power, though, comes at the cost of some complexity; in the past the only way to utilize MacPorts was to type in various commands into the Mac's Terminal application, which can be intimidating for those users without a Unix background.   PortAuthority aims to bring the power of MacPorts to the traditional Mac user by providing a user-friendly graphical interface to MacPorts. Using a familiar combination of windows, icons, and menus, PortAuthority users can search, install, update, and remove MacPorts programs and the MacPorts infrastructure itself.   Among the features and improvements in PortAuthority 4.0 are: a fully native user interface appearance with Cocoa toolbars; improvements in the print engine; and...
Jun 09
Box Shot for Mac OS X adds 25 sample scenes
Applications for Life ( has announced Box Shot 3D 3.5, an update to their Mac OS X compatible utility that renders 3D shapes using provided images. The upgrade adds features 25 sample scenes to start from. Box Shot 3D allows you to render software boxes, book covers, magazines, CD, DVD and Blu-Ray boxes, cans, bottles, mugs, bags and more. No 3D knowledge is required. Box Shot 3D costs US$80. A demo version is available for download at the Applications for Life web site.
Jun 08
Apple largest semiconductor buyer among OEMs
According to a new report from IHS iSuppli (, Apple, spurred by demand for the iPhone and iPad, became the world's largest semiconductor buyer among original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in 2010. Apple bought US$17.5 billion worth of semiconductors, a 79.6% increase from $9.7 billion in 2009. This represented the highest rate of increase among the world’s Top 10 OEM semiconductor buyers, allowing Apple to rise up two positions to take the No. 1 rank in 2010. Apple in 2009 was the third-largest semiconductor purchaser, behind Hewlett-Packard of the United States and Samsung Electronics of South Korea; it was sixth in 2008. “Apple’s surge to leadership in semiconductor spending in 2010 was driven by the overwhelming success of its wireless products, namely the iPhone and the iPad,” says Wenlie Ye, analyst for IHS. “These products consume enormous quantities of NAND flash memory, which is also found in the Apple iPod. Because of this, Apple in 2010 was the world’...
Jun 08
Gartner: computer growth will remain slow in 2011
Worldwide personal computer unit growth is projected to be slightly weaker in 2011 than the previous projection, according to Gartner's latest forecast. Personal computer shipments are expected to grow 9.3% in 2011, reaching 385 million units. This is slightly lower than Gartner's previous projection of 10.5 percent growth for this year. Any bets that the Mac will go much better than the industry average? Throughout much of the last decade, computer unit growth was powered by consumers. With consumers from mature markets maintaining a tight rein on their spending in response to continuing economic uncertainty, and a lack of compelling reasons for consumers in general to replace their computers, unit growth has slowed and must once again rely on businesses to drive it. "Consumer mobile computers are no longer driving growth, because of sharply declining consumer interest in mini-notebook," says Ranjit Atwal, research director at Gartner. "Mini-notebook shipments have noticeably...
Jun 08
ForeSee Results files declaratory judgement suite against Lodsys
A Michigan company named ForeSee Results has filed a declaratory judgment suit against Lodsys's four patents with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, reports "FOSS Patents" ( However, there's no news related to Lodsys's lawsuit against app developers from Apple and Google at this point, the article adds. On Tuesday, ForeSee Results filed a proactive declaratory judgment action against all four Lodsys patents. In that complaint, ForeSee Results said that Lodsys had "threatened assertion" of one or more of its four patents against ForeSee's customers. "By suing in another district first, ForeSee has greatly reduced the likelihood of any infringement assertions against its customers being decided in the Eastern District of Texas," says "FOSS Patents." "If Lodsys filed any such lawsuits there, ForeSee could request transfer to the Northern District of Illinois on a first-to-file basis and would be reasonably likely to succeed. Apple was...
Jun 08
Apple announces 2011 Design Award winners
Apple has announced the winners of its Design Awards ( in conjunction with the 2011 Worldwide Developer Conference. The awards recognize "outstanding achievement and excellence in iPhone, iPad and Mac design" in four categories: Student, iPhone, Mac, and iPad. In the Student category, the winners were Grades 2 by Tapity, Pennant by Vargatron, and Pulse News Reader by Alphonso Labs. iPhone category winners were Chillingo for Cut the Rope, Shotzoom for Golfscape GPS Rangefinder, and Chair Entertainment for Infinity Blade. iPad apps honored were Osmos by Hemisphere Games, Our Choice by Push Pop Press, and Djay by Algoriddim. Mac Design winners were Capo from SuperMega UltraGroovy, Pixelmator from Pixelmator and Anomaly Warzone Earth from 11-bit Studios. -- Dennis Sellers
Jun 08
Apple planning 'space ship' headquarters for 12,000...
On Tuesday Apple CEO Steve Jobs presented his idea for a new Apple campus at the Cupertino (California) City Council. Located on a former HP property, Apple wants to build a spaceship-looking headquarters that will hold 12,000 employeees. According to "TechCrunch" ( -- which has a video of Jobs' presentation -- key facts about the new Apple campus are: ° The design will include a courtyard in the middle and curved glass all the way around. ° Apple will transform an area that’s 20% landscaping to 80% landscaping by putting most of the building’s parking underground. ° There are 3,700 trees in the area at the moment, Jobs has hired an arborist from Stanford to take the area up to 6,000 trees. ° The plan is to build a four-story high building and four-story parking structure. ° The campus will include an energy center, and natural gas will be the primary source of power, using the grid as backup. ° There will be an auditorium,...
Jun 08
Music execs say music's future lies in streaming services
Apple's upcoming iCloud syncing service might help the music industry recoup some of the money it's lost to piracy, but the real value, according to the industry insiders will be in getting people in the habit of paying for tunes again, reports "Fast Company" ( Introduced Monday and due this fall, iCloud is a set of free new cloud services that works with applications on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or PC to automatically and wirelessly store your content in iCloud and automatically and wirelessly push it to all your devices. When anything changes on one of your devices, all of your devices are wirelessly updated almost instantly. iTunes in the Cloud lets you download your previously purchased iTunes music to all your iOS devices at no additional cost, and new music purchases can be downloaded automatically to all your devices. In addition, music not purchased from iTunes can gain the same benefits by using iTunes Match, a service that replaces your music...
Jun 08
Apple posts iTunes 10.3.1
Apple has released iTunes 10.3.1. There's no release notes, so I'm not sure what changes there are. You can obtain iTunes 10.3.1 via the Software Updates component of the Mac OS X Systems Preferences app.
Jun 08
WaterField Designs unveils Keyboard Travel Express
WaterField Designs has introduced the US$49 Keyboard Travel Express ( to hold the Apple Wireless Keyboard, the power adapter and cord, and the mouse, SuperDrive or TrackPad. This case protects and organizes the keyboard and its accessories so that iPad, tablet and laptop users can type on their full-sized keyboard when on the road. A colored stripe contrasts black ballistic in this case that's designed to protect contents from dings and spills. The Keyboard Travel Express sports inside pockets to protect the Apple Wireless Keyboard, the power adapter and cord, and the mouse, SuperDrive or TrackPad. The keyboard fits into the main compartment and is cushioned by soft, scratch-free material The Keyboard Travel Express is custom made with domestically produced, 1050 denier, ballistic nylon. A YKK self-locking zipper opens case along the top for access to internal contents. Colors are in black ballistic with an...
Jun 08
Farm it! grows in the Mac App Store
Appmania has released Farm it! 1.0 ( for Mac OS X (10.6.6 or higher) in the Mac App Store. It costs US$2.99 and is available in the Games category. Here's how the game is described: "The idea of the game dramatically differs from traditional farm versions. The main character won't have to grow potatoes or cabbage, there is the solution of more global stock-raising problem among his tasks. "Performing the task is not as easy as it may appear at the first sight, since the main hero on his way toward the glory will have to face the stern ordeals, meetings with more experienced rival -- The Old Rooster and ill-disposed unbidden guests; the angry Dog, the mean Polecat, the malicious Skunk, or the sly Fox, and also various traps and puzzles. "You'll be able to try your hand at four different locations. The developers represented them as four countries: USA, China, Russia, and Germany, that is easily discerned by the showy animations."
Jun 08
AV3 Software releases latest Production Power Pack
AV3 Software, developer and distributor of workflow tools for digital media, has announced the latest in its series of Production Power Packs. The latest workflow pairing from AV3 includes Red Giant's Magic Bullet Grinder bundled with the company's dialog search solution, Get, at no additional cost. Designed for Apple Final Cut Pro (FCP) editors working on DSLR projects, this latest AV3 Production Power Pack addresses the complications and time constraints associated with DSLR file preparation and management. With the new Get/Grinder Production Power Pack, editors can breeze through the pre-edit process, says Doug Hynes, director of products, AV3 Software. In one step, Grinder transcodes DSLR files, making them "edit-ready." Based on dialogue within the content, editors can then use Get to make their pre-selects, minimizing the need to search for alternate takes while editing. Get also creates clips that have permanent FCP Markers at each instance of dialogue found. Get Markers are...
Jun 08
LEGO Star Wars: Complete Saga available on the Mac App Store
Feral Interactive says LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga is now available on the Mac App Store. It requires Mac OS X 10.6.7 or higher, costs US$29.99 and is available in the Games category. Developed by TT Games and LucasArts, LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga uses LEGO bricks to recreate the scenes, characters and settings from all six Star Wars movies in a universe packed with 36 levels of action and tongue-in-cheek humor. Characters such as Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, C-3PO and R2-D2, players live out the scenes from the movies -- while building objects out of LEGO bricks and knocking them down, and collecting LEGO studs to unlock new characters and content.  The game also features multiplayer co-op abilities that allow a second player to join, dropping in at any time to help the first player complete missions or master tricky tasks. LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga lets you unlock more than 160 characters from the Star Wars movies.
Jun 08
FCPUG SuperMeet coming to London June 23
The Final Cut Pro User Group Network says the London FCPUG SuperMeet will return to the Great Hall at the Kensington Conference and Event Centre in London, England on Thursday, June 23. 
The final agenda won't be announced until shortly before the event date; however, producer, director, editor, consultant and Apple-Certified trainer Larry Jordan will present info on the latest in Final Cut Pro. In addition, Colorist Alexis Van Hurkman will show off DaVinci Resolve 8 from Blackmagic Design. Autodesk's Joe Billington will demystify Smoke on Mac OS X. And there will be special user-generated films from Red Giant Software and Genarts. Rounding out the evening will be the "World Famous Raffle." Doors to the SuperMeet will open at about 19:00 with the SuperMeet Digital Showcase, featuring over 15 software and hardware developers including Blackmagic Design, AV3/GET, Genarts, G-Tech, Jigsaw, LaCie, Red Giant Software, London Filter Company, Qube Master, Tiffen, and others. Here, attendees...
Jun 08
PointWorks releases PrimeFiles 1.5.5 for Mac OS X
PointWorks has released PrimeFiles 1.5.5 for Mac OS X. In the new version, folders can be browsed using the global menu. Version 1.5.5 is also ready for Mac OS X Lion. PrimeFiles lets users collect, access, browse and preview their favorite and frequently used apps, files or folders. Users can create collections without rearranging any files in the Finder. What's more, they can launch applications or open documents and add information such as a comment, tags or a rating to personalize each item. PrimeFiles will store a link to each file, so the original files are neither rearranged in the Finder nor moved to a proprietary database. This allows users to create collections of items related to a certain task or job while keeping the original files at their locations.   PrimeFiles 1.5 requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later and an Intel Mac. It costs US$19.95 and is available at the PointWorks online store ( A 15-day trial version is available for download.
Jun 08
Vitamin-R update for Mac OS X adds Growl notifications has released Vitamin-R 1.64 (, an update of its Mac OS X compatible productivity tool for creative professionals. The new version adds support for the Growl notification framework. Vitamin-R is a collection of tools and techniques for managing attention and maintaining motivation. According to the folks at, it complements the task capturing and organizing features of modern to-do list managers by forcing you to concentrate fully on one task a time and keeping distractions at bay. It breaks down large, vaguely defined tasks into a series of short "time slices" of between 10 and 30 minutes, each with specific and actionable objectives. Vitamin-R provides you with the "Now & Later Board," complete with FastType magic, to give you a place to quickly dump all those things that go through your head and allows to get back to the task at hand. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. The single user version of...

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I am Bread (Games)
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Rock(s) Rider - HD Edition (Games)
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Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $4.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: It's been a few years since the zombpocalypse turned the world's cities into graveyards and sent the few... | Read more »
Power Ping Pong (Games)
Power Ping Pong 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $4.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: Do you wield your bat with zen-like focus or do your balls of fury give you a killer spin? Table tennis goes mobile with a... | Read more »
Z.O.N.A Project X (Games)
Z.O.N.A Project X 1.00 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $1.99, Version: 1.00 (iTunes) Description: Z.O.N.A Project X - shooter in the post-apocalyptic world. | Read more »
Trick Shot (Games)
Trick Shot 1.0.6 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $1.99, Version: 1.0.6 (iTunes) Description: A game where all you have to do is throw a ball into a box, simple? Trick Shot is a minimalist physics puzzler with 90 levels... | Read more »
VoxelCity (Games)
VoxelCity 1.0.2 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $1.99, Version: 1.0.2 (iTunes) Description: Looking for a new city builder? Tired of social media anti-games with no strategy? Look no further! NO IAP EVER! VoxelCity is a... | Read more »
Goat Simulator MMO Simulator (Games)
Goat Simulator MMO Simulator 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $4.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: ** IMPORTANT - SUPPORTED DEVICESiPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPod Touch 5 or better.** Coffee Stain Studios brings next-gen... | Read more »

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College Student Deals: Additional $100 off Ma...
Take an additional $100 off all MacBooks and iMacs at Best Buy Online with their College Students Deals Savings, valid through September 4, 2015. Anyone with a valid .EDU email address can take... Read more
Will You Buy An iPad Pro? – The ‘Book Mystiqu...
It looks like we may not have to wait much longer to see what finally materializes as a new, larger-panel iPad (Pro/Plus?) Usually reliable Apple product prognosticator KGI Securities analyst Ming-... Read more
eFileCabinet Announces SMB Document Managemen...
Electronic document management (EDM) eFileCabinet, Inc., a hosted solutions provider for small to medium businesses, has announced that its SecureDrawer and eFileCabinet Online services will be... Read more
WaterField Designs Unveils American-Made, All...
San Francisco’s WaterField Designs today unveiled their all-leather Cozmo 2.0 — an elegant attach laptop bag with carefully-designed features to suit any business environment. The Cozmo 2.0 is... Read more
Apple’s 2015 Back to School promotion: Free B...
Purchase a new Mac or iPad at The Apple Store for Education and take up to $300 off MSRP. All teachers, students, and staff of any educational institution qualify for the discount. Shipping is free,... Read more
128GB MacBook Airs on sale for $100 off MSRP,...
B&H Photo has 11″ & 13″ MacBook Airs with 128GB SSDs on sale for $100 off MSRP. Shipping is free, and B&H charges NY sales tax only: - 11″ 1.6GHz/128GB MacBook Air: $799.99, $100 off MSRP... Read more
13-inch 2.5GHz MacBook Pro (refurbished) avai...
The Apple Store has Apple Certified Refurbished 13″ 2.5GHz MacBook Pros available for $829, or $270 off the cost of new models. Apple’s one-year warranty is standard, and shipping is free: - 13″ 2.... Read more
27-inch 3.2GHz iMac on sale for $1679, save $...
B&H Photo has the 27″ 3.2GHz iMac on sale for $1679.99 including free shipping plus NY sales tax only. Their price is $120 off MSRP. Read more
Apple and Cisco Partner to Deliver Fast-Lane...
Apple and Cisco have announced a partnership to create a “fast lane” for iOS business users by optimizing Cisco networks for iOS devices and apps. The alliance integrates iPhone with Cisco enterprise... Read more

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