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Nov 14
Dictabulus showcases use of speech-to-text via Siri
iOS developer Spielhaus has introduced Dictabulus Speech 1.0. The iPhone 4S-only app showcases a use of Siri -- Apple's automated assistant that understands spoken language and can accomplish various tasks -- to transfer spoken text to the frontmost window on a Mac via Wi-Fi. Dictabulus forwards the text returned by Siri and sends it to the Mac creating a fast and simple dictate tool. Users only need to run a free helper tool on their Mac. The helper tool waits for the Dictabulus app to connect, then forwards the text returned from Siri and pastes it into the frontmost window on the Mac. Users only need to run a free helper tool on their Mac. The helper tool waits for the Dictabulus app to connect, then forwards the text returned from Siri and pastes it into the frontmost window on the Mac. Dictabus requires and iPhone 4S, Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, and a Wi-Fi connection between an the smartphone and computer. Dictabulus 1.0 is available for US$1.99 exclusively through the App Store...
Nov 14
RailSide is new native Ruby on Rails editor for Mac OS X
Developers, take note. RailSlide is a new native Ruby on Rails editor for Mac OS X. Written from scratch, in Cocoa, with Ruby on Rails in mind, the app means there's no need for a project file. Just drop a Rails app folder on the dock, and your app's source files will appear in the navigation view organized by category with related models, views and controllers grouped together. Once you've opened a project, the development server is booted using your choice of RVM interpreter and gemset. The output will appear in the integrated console, and any errors that occur while you test the app with the built-in browser are detected. RailSlide will direct you straight to the offending line of source code. A demo is available at The full app can be downloaded at for US$29.99.
Nov 14
QuickerTek introduces the Q4 Dual Band USB
QuickerTek has introduced the Q4 (, the fourth generation Quicky. Offering an improvement over the previous models, the new Q4 works in both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz wireless modes and powered from the USB port. It's designed as a solution for users who often find themselves accessing networks at work, school, hotels, coffee shops, airports and other environments where signal strength and speed vary and who want maximum wireless performance. Any Mac with a USB port can take advantage of wireless networking, whether the Mac has an AirPort wireless network card or not. The dual 3 dBi antennas provide the speed necessary for 802.11a/n wireless that runs in the 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz range. Users may choose to upgrade these antennas for even greater distance and wireless speeds. The US$125 Q4 clips to the Mac laptop case and is powered from the USB port. Q4 works on any Mac with any open USB port with Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher. It conforms to the wireless...
Nov 14
Accessory Workshop unveils Bluetooth keyboard case for iPad 2
Accessory Workshop ( has launched the tyPad 2 for the iPad 2. It's an US$99.99 Bluetooth keyboard case. Offered with Bluetooth 3.0 and Secure Simple Pairing (SSP), tyPad 2's re-engineered keyboard features an unobstructed space bar, larger dual-shift keys, essential Apple shortcut and command keys, and a long lasting battery, says Brad Hotz, CEO of Accessory Workshop. The tyPad 2's portfolio case is 30% lighter and 15% slimmer than previous models and allows the iPad to be positioned for optimal viewing, he adds. It closes securely using a smart-strap closure and incorporates corner flaps that provide additional protection. A business card window allows for easy identification in the office or classroom.
Nov 14
Accordance Bible Software gets Dynamic Interlinear
Accordance Bible Software has released Accordance 9.5, a free update to its industry-leading Bible study software for the Mac. The upgrade adds a new Dynamic Interlinear, which can be used as a traditional interlinear Bible or customized to display additional information such as Greek and Hebrew Lemmas, syntax, and morphology. It can also stack multiple Bible translations that are tagged with key numbers, allowing for at-a-glance comparisons of Greek and Hebrew manuscripts. The Dynamic Interlinear doesn't require the purchase of specialized interlinear Bibles in Accordance, as it's integrated into all Accordance Bible texts that are tagged with key numbers or grammatical data. The interlinear display is turned on and off by a checkbox  and display information is customized from a drop-down menu. Accordance 9.5 adds other enhancements as well, including improvements to Accordance’s cross-highlighting system for tagged Bible texts. This enhancement adds cross-highlighting to all...
Nov 14
Raging Pigs unleashed in the Mac App Store
EnsenaSoft has unleashed Raging Pigs in the Mac App Store. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 and costs US$2.99. Here's how the game is described: "Raging Pigs can best be described as a mix of several blockbuster games from the past such as Jack Attack, Q-Bert(R), and Angry Birds(TM): mix the three, and Raging Pigs offers you an absolutely brilliant platform- and puzzle-gaming experience! Through 168 levels of pig jumping fun you can win up to 3 eggs per level, and each of those present different challenges and puzzles to solve, including the pushing and pulling of crates, platforms to activate, HOT Chili pepper powers, shooting crossbows, protective helmets, fire platforms, falling crates and the everlasting infinity level."
Nov 14
Magzter interactive titles inspired by Harry Potter movie
When the Harry Potter movies showed readers enjoying moving images and interactive content in the magical newspaper "The Daily Prophet," audiences were wowed by the premise of what "magic" could do. In the real world, Magzter, a New York based digital startup, is playing the role of magician to the magazine publishing industry. The company says it's providing a platform that enables magazine owners to embed multimedia clips and interactive content within their publications that's free for publishers to use. By signing up on Magzter, publishers can make their titles available on Apple's iOS and Google's Android powered devices, as well as be available on the web. Editors can embed multimedia clips and interactive content through a self-service process. Magzter 1.1.1 is available worldwide through the Apple App Store (
Nov 14
Adder introduces DisplayPort connectivity across IP KVM range
Adder -- a developer of KVM switches, extenders and KVM over IP solutions -- has announced the AV4PRO-DP and CATX-DP.   ADDERView PRO is a range of professional grade keyboard, video mouse and audio (KVMA) switches that enables users to share a high resolution screen and USB peripherals between multiple computers. Computer access modules allow a range of interface options to connect to Adders CATx and CATxIP range of KVM switches and extender products. Designed for the professional user, the AV4PRO-DP is the first Adder KVM switch to feature DisplayPort video. DisplayPort has seen rapid adoption by the computer industry, appearing across the Apple, Dell, Lenovo and HP product ranges. DisplayPort interfaces carry not only video data, but also digital audio. The Adder implementation further features dual-mode DisplayPort that also supports DVI and HDMI devices. Alongside the AV4PRO-DP, Adder is also releasing the DisplayPort Computer Access Module (CAM), which enables the CATx and...
Nov 14
Dolly Drive to introduce syncing, online storage in December
Cirrus Thinking is taking Dolly Drive ( beyond Time Machine by adding syncing and online storage services to its cloud offering. The new functionality will be added to the Dolly Drive suite of services. Users will be able to create a bootable clone of their Mac on an external hard drive for local disaster recovery. Dolly Drive is a subscription software and online storage service designed for Apple's Time Machine. In addition to providing Mac users offsite cloud storage directly through the Time Machine application. It works with Apple's Lion and Snow Leopard platforms.
Nov 12
Apple's Phil Schiller gets a promotion
Apple's Phil Schiller is no longer vice president of worldwide marketing; he's now SENIOR vice president of worldwide marketing. Here's Apple's bio of Schiller: "Philip Schiller is Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing and reports to Apple’s CEO. Schiller is a member of Apple’s Executive Team. Since rejoining Apple in April 1997 Schiller has helped the company create the best computers in the world with the Mac, lead the digital music revolution with iPod and iTunes, reinvent mobile phones with iPhone and the App Store, and define the future of mobile computing with iPad." "Cult of Mac" ( notes that By dropping the “Product” from Schiller’s official title, Apple could be signaling a number of things. While the change may be for simple cosmetic reasons, it could also indicate the restructuring that’s been taking place in Apple’s executive cabinet during recent months, the article notes.
Nov 12
Apple continues investigation into iPhone battery issues
Apple’s iOS 5.0.1 update apparently addressed some of the battery issues iPhone customers are experiencing, but not all. In a statement to "AllThingsD" ( the company acknowledged there are still problems. "The recent iOS software update addressed many of the battery issues that some customers experienced on their iOS 5 devices," Apple said. "We continue to investigate a few remaining issues."
Nov 11
Apple offering unlocked iPhone 4S in the US
Apple is now offering offering unlocked, contract-free iPhone 4S models n the US. Pricing for the unlocked, contract-free iPhone 4S is $649, $749 and$849 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models, respectively. Here's what Apple says about the unlocked iPhone: "The unlocked iPhone includes all the features of iPhone but without a contract commitment. You can activate and use it on the supported GSM wireless network of your choice, such as AT&T in the United States. The unlocked iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S will not work with CDMA-based carriers such as Verizon Wireless or Sprint. "If you don’t want a multiyear service contract or if you prefer to use a local carrier when traveling abroad, the unlocked iPhone is the best choice. It arrives without a micro-SIM card, so you’ll need an active micro-SIM card from any supported GSM carrier worldwide. To start using it, simply insert the micro-SIM card into the slot on your iPhone and turn it on by pressing and holding the On/Off button for a few...
Nov 11
Apple posts AirPort, MacBook Pro, RAW updates
Apple has posted three software/firmware updates. About AirPort Base Station and Time Capsule Firmware Update 7.6 is for all 802.11n AirPort Express, 802.11n AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule models. It provides fixes for: an issue with performance on overlapping wireless networks; an issue with AirPlay audio streaming; and an issue with configuring multiple entries for DNS servers. MacBook Pro SMC Firmware Update 1.5 resolves an issue where a MacBook Pro being used with a power adapter may unexpectedly shut down under heavy workload if the battery charge level is near empty.    Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 3.9 adds RAW image compatibility for more cameras to Aperture 3 and iPhoto '11. You can obtain the updates via the Software Update component of Mac OS X's Systems Preferences app.
Nov 11
Prosoft drives out DriveSlim for Mac OS X
Prosoft has released the DriveSlim app (, a tool from Drive Genius 3. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, costs US$19.99 and is available at the Mac App Store. DriveSlim gives you the ability to free up space on your bloated hard drive by identifying and removing duplicate files, large files, multi-language support and universal binary slimming, says Prosoft CEO Greg Brewer. You can now identify and remove large and unnecessary files that may be filling up your computer’s hard drive.
Nov 11
Iomega launches eGo Mac Edition portable hard drive
Iomega ( says it's completed its new Mac-oriented hard drive line with the launch of the Iomega eGo Mac Edition Portable Hard Drive.   Combined with the recent launches of the Iomega Helium Portable Hard Drive and the Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive, Iomega now has a complete new line of portable and desktop hard drives for Mac users, according to Iomega President Jonathan Huberman. All three new drives are formatted HFS+ for compatibility with Mac computers right out of the box, making them perfect complements to today’s Apple notebooks and desktops.   Available in 500GB and 1TB capacities at US$150 and $20 respectively, the new black Iomega eGo Mac Edition Portable Hard Drive has two FireWire 800 ports and one USB 2.0 port. It includes a Drop Guard Case to help protect the drive from drops of up to seven feet.  The eGo Mac Edition Portable Hard Drive requires no external power supply, and comes complete with three cables: one USB 2.0 cable, one FireWire 800...
Nov 11
Clio launches second annual Apple in Law Offices survey
At MILOfest 2011 in Florida, Clio ( launched its second annual Apple in Law Offices Survey.  According to a recent Forrester Report, Apple products appear to be enjoying a larger adoption rate in the legal space as attorneys and legal staff are increasingly bringing their technology of choice to work.  All legal professionals, law students and MILOfest attendees are invited to participate in the survey, which is available at . The Clio Mac Survey will remain open through Wednesday, Nov. 30, until 5 pm. (Eastern). The tabulated results will be presented by Clio CEO Jack Newton on Monday, Dec. 5. 

Nov 11
iZotope ships Ozone 5 and Ozone 5 Advanced  
iZotope ( has released Ozone 5 and Ozone 5 Advanced, updates of the company's software mastering suite and professional mastering suite . The updates expand Ozone’s feature set with individual component plug-ins, extended features, and the brand-new Ozone Meter Bridge. Each module has been updated with refined signal processing algorithms "to bring you a new level of mastering quality. The most complete mastering suite available has never sounded better," says Nick Dika, iZotope senior product manager. iZotope has redesigned Ozone’s user interface to allow for finer control while placing important features at your fingertips. Every module features updated metering to help guide you to the perfect-sounding master. Each module in Ozone 5 Advanced is equipped with extended features made specifically for mixing and mastering professionals. For added flexibility, Ozone 5 Advanced allows customers to use each of the mastering modules as...
Nov 11
NuForce introduces digital amplifier solution
NuForce ( has released the US$299 Dia, a digital audio converter (DAC) and amplifier for home audio/visual and streaming devices. It's an all-in-one solution for consumers looking to access high-quality audio from their favorite A/V components such as TVs, DVD, Blu-Ray, and more.  Users can connect their electronics to Dia through its optical or coaxial digital inputs. Then Dia’s high-performance 24W stereo power amplifier and audiophile-grade sound card drives sound through your existing speakers and subwoofer Dia is a compact way to improve audio from existing home electronic devices, including Apple TV and AirPort Express, says NuForce CEO Jason Lim. It bypasses the internal built-in digital-to-analog converters found in most A/V equipment and performs that function separately, he adds. NuForce’s Dia can be used in a multitude of combinations. For example, consumers can connect their flat screen TV's digital audio output to the Dia and then add a pair of...
Nov 11
Detox Studios releases Personal Learning Edition of uScript
Detox Studios has released a Personal Learning Edition (PLE) of their uScript Visual Scripting Tool for Unity, which provides free access to the software for non-commercial use. uScript Personal Learning Edition was created to provide free access of the full power of the software for evaluation and educational use by students, teachers, industry professionals and other interested in creating interactive software. The software, which is now available for free download at contains every feature found in the commercial version of uScript. The uScript Community Website offers news, online documentation, tutorials, project examples, community wiki and a forum to help users find the help and support they need to become experts with uScript.
Nov 11
Synology releases new NAS models
Synology ( has released two new rack-mountable NAS models, the RS212 and the scalable RS812. The RS812 is the successor to the 1U RS411, but with an advantage. Improving on its predecessor, the RS812 can scale out to eight drives by attaching the RX410 expansion module. This allows businesses to purchase only the required capacity upfront, and scale as needs dictate. The RS212 represents a new RackStation design. The 2-bay 1U NAS is Synology's first server designed to fit in a 2-post rack, such as common LAN racks. The RS212 has a more robust design that can help to reduce cooling costs, as it can operate in environments ranging from 0-45 Celsius, says Jason Bonoan, product marketing manager at Synology America Corp. The RS212 costs under $500 and the RS812 is under $800. The two RackStations sport Synology's DiskStation Manager (DSM) 3.2 operating system.
Nov 11
Seasonality Core for Mac OS X updated to version 2.1
Gaucho Software ( has introduced Seasonality Core 2.1, the latest version of the weather app for Mac OS X. The new version includes changes to improve the user experience and make the app easier to use. Seasonality Core offers seven-day forecasts to graphs, so you can picture how the weather is expected to change hour by hour. Graphs are available for liquid precipitation, snowfall, cloud cover, and even wave height in supported locations. Seasonality Core gathers data from the U.S. National Weather Service as well as Gaucho Software's own weather servers. The results are custom radar and satellite imagery, international forecast data, and location data for thousands of users around the globe. Seasonality Core requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later and is available at the Mac App Store for US$24.99.  Existing Seasonality users can upgrade for free.
Nov 11
CS Odessa's Computer and Networks Solution extends...
CS Odessa ( has updated their Computer and Networks Drawing Solution in the Universal Diagramming area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. Contact the company for pricing options. This new new drawing solution for ConceptDraw PRO includes extended Cisco libraries, wireless network schemes that can be illustrated in a realistic manner, new Interactive Voice Response libraries and samples, rack diagram library and template objects, and more. ConceptDraw Solution Park is an online collection of plug-in solutions for ConceptDraw products that provide options for knowledge workers. ConceptDraw Solution Park delivers solutions in areas such as project management, business productivity, universal diagramming and collaboration.
Nov 11
Graphic Node expands its designs for Pages on iOS
Graphic Node ( has announced Designs for Pages 1.2, an update to its assortment of iWork templates for iOS. The collection now consists of 400 customizable templates. Almost all objects in Designs for Pages can be recolored, moved, or removed. Users can type or paste their own text, add and remove text boxes, change the font, or replace stock images with photos or pictures of their choice. Most of the 400 templates are available in both paper size A4, the standard size in most countries in the world, and U.S. Letter, the most common paper format in the United States and Canada. Designs for Pages 1.2 requires iOS 4.3 or later and iWork for iOS. It costs US$2.99 and is available at the Apple App Store (
Nov 11
iWeb Themes Park unveils 150 templates
iWeb Themes Park ( has announced iWeb Themes Box, a new themes collection -- including Charming, Green Office, Orange Clouds, Woman and Youth -- for use with iWeb, Apple's website design application. There are 150 templates in the package. The iWeb Themes Box is available for US$29.99. Each template's price starts from $11.99. Four iWeb Themes are free for everyone. To use iWeb Themes from iWeb Themes Park requires a Mac with iWeb from iLife '08 or later.
Nov 11
MathStatica revved to version 2.5
MathStatica (, an app that helps solve algebraic/symbolic problems -- has been updated to version 2.5. It features mathStatica's new Parallel Processing Engine, support for piecewise statistical distributions, and a 60% increase to the core code base. MathStatica is available for Mac OS X 10.5 and Mathematica 8. Academic upgrades are available from US$45, and new versions from $97.
Nov 10
Apple releases iOS 5.0.1
Apple has released iOS 5.0.1, which addresses the poor battery life experienced by some users under iOS 5. The update also adds some multitasking gestures to the original iPad and makes some security tweaks. Among the latter is a Smart Cover exploit that allowed people to skip passcodes and gain limited access to an iPad 2. iOS 5.0.1 also addresses vulnerabilities in components such as DNS and URL handling, font handling, and weak certificates associated with DigiCert Malaysia. Apple also says that the update fixes problems with the file-syncing part of its iCloud service and improves voice recognition for Australian users of the iPhone 4S’s dictation feature.
Nov 10
Judge tosses iBrick lawsuit
A federal judge has tossed out a lawsuit accusing Apple of "iBricking" the iPhone. To boost sales of the iPhone 4, Apple told owners of its third-generation iPhone to download an operating system that the company knew would turn the 3G phones into a "device with little more use than that of a paper weight," unhappy customers said in a Superior Court class action last year. Lead plaintiff Bianca Wofford said Apple told owners of its 3G and 3GS iPhones that the new iOS4 operating system was an upgrade. But she says the "upgrade" made her phone slow and susceptible to crashes, turning an iPhone into an "iBrick." "In essence, Apple knowingly and intentionally released what it called a system software 'upgrade' that, in fact, made hundreds of thousands of third generation iPhones that were exclusively tethered to AT&T data plans 'useless' for their intended purpose," according to the complaint. 
 It continued: "Since the release of iOS4 in conjunction with the sale and release of the...
Nov 10
The Mac market poised to explode in China
Morgan Stanley ( -- financial advisor to companies, governments and investors from around the world -- has reported the results of a survey of 1,553 consumers in 16 cities that suggests that Apple is the best positioned of all computer manufacturers to capitalize on the boom, notes "Fortune." Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty notes that: ° Chinese consumers currently spend an average of $600 for their computers (the same as Americans). ° Half plan to buy a new computer within the next two years, and they expect to spend 6% more for it. ° Apple is rated as the most desirable computer brand. Asked which brand of computer their next computer would be, 21% of Chinese consumer chose Apple. ° The enterprise market in China favors Apple and Dell. ° Sixty-eight percent of respondents plan on the iPad as their next tablet purchase, while 65% of tablet owners currently have one. ° Forty percent of respondents says the iPhone will be their next device. Read more...
Nov 10
Jobs nominated for TIME's 'Person of the Year'
The late Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder and long-time CEO, has been nominated for Time’s 2011 "Person of the Year" ( if he wins, he would be the first person to achieve the honor posthumously. "We’ve never actually chosen a dead person," TIME Managing Editor Rick Stengel says. But fellow panelists supported Jobs' nomination. Chef Mario Batali said, "I’m definitely a part of the fact and the belief that smartphones, the cell phone with photographic capability, has changed the world as much as the Bible has." "Not only did he change the world, but he gave us that spirit again that something was possible, that you could look at a piece of glass or plastic and move your finger, that’s outlandish," says Brian Williams, a longstanding staple at each year’s Person of the Year panel discussion. 
Nov 10
Nuance unveils Dragon Express in the Mac App Store
Nuance Communications has released Dragon Express, an introductory voice recognition app for Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion"). It's available at an introductory price of US$4.99 exclusively at the Mac App Store. Dragon Express offers a hands-free way to turn speech into text, whether sending email, surfing the Web or posting an update to Facebook and Twitter. It's the latest in Nuance's line of speech recognition software titles. "Dragon Express is a great app for those who are new to speech recognition or who are looking for an easy-to-use dictation tool that allows them to use their voice instead of typing," says Peter Mahoney, senior vice president and general manager, Dragon, Nuance. "For those looking for a more full-featured speech recognition program, we recommend Dragon Dictate, which provides the full capabilities of advanced speech recognition technology."   Dragon Express can be accessed from the menu bar at any time and doesn’t require a network connection. Users dictate directly...
Nov 10
Global Toolbar is interface enhancement app for Mac OS X
Raj Bains has introduced Nifty 1.0 (, an interface enhancement/productivity app for Mac OS X 10.6 or later. It costs US$4.99 and is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category. Nifty essentially adds a customizable toolbar and pop-ups for each app on the system. With it you can accomplish tasks such as summoning key combos to selecting menu items to opening files and folders. Users can stop clogging up their Dock and have Nifty display files and folders only when they're using apps that need them. Folders on Nifty's toolbar are fully functional, allowing drag and drop of multiple files on them to move, copy, or create aliases. Nifty can send messages to other apps. If a developer chooses to add support, they can have their application do just about anything in response to button clicks. An app switcher can be used to switch, quit, and hide apps, access favorite apps, and open files via drag and drop. Nifty's...
Nov 10
ZAGG introduces ZAGGkeys Flex keyboard
ZAGG ( has unveiled a new universal Bluetooth keyboard and stand designed for smartphones and tablet computers: the ZAGGkeys Flex, which is compatible with both Apple and Android. The US$79.99 keyboard allows consumers to add a keyboard to any smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth technology. Its island-style keys are designed for fast and accurate typing, says aid Derek Smith, vice president of sales and marketing for ZAGG. The stand also doubles as a keyboard cover. The rechargeable built-in battery of the Flex purportedly provides months of use between charges.
Nov 10 begins Driver San Francisco pre-orders
The Macgamestore ( is taking pre-orders for UbiSoft's Driver San Francisco. The game is scheduled to ship on the Mac platform next month. It requires an Intel Mac and costs US$54.99. Here's how the game is described: "With crime lord Charles Jericho now on the loose, San Francisco faces a terrible threat. Only one man can stand against him. He has driven the streets of a hundred cities and spent his whole life putting criminals behind bars. But to take Jericho down, there can be no turning back, and he knows that this may very well be his last ride. His name is John Tanner. He is the Driver. Developed by Ubisoft Reflections, creators of the original title, Driver San Francisco is the return of the established action driving video game series that has sold 14 million copies worldwide. Play as John Tanner, a hardened detective involved in a relentless manhunt throughout the City by the Bay. Thanks to a groundbreaking gameplay feature, players can now...
Nov 10
Digital Heaven releases DH_BoxX, DH_ReincarnationX plug-ins -
Digital Heaven has announced DH_BoxX and DH_ReincarnationX, two FxPlug filter plug-ins for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. DH_BoxX lets you create split-screen effects. To use you apply one of the eight built-in presets or use the on-screen source and target controls to customize the scale, cropping and position of the footage. You can transition between full-frame and split-screen using the filter's Box Amount slider. DH_ReincarnationX is the a FxPlug pixel correction filter for Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X. Up to two dead pixel areas can be intelligently replaced with a single application of the plug-in. The width and height of each area can be independently set and a "show area" mode ensures only the dead pixels are affected. Three interpolation settings are available. DH_BoxX (US$39) and DH_ReincarnationX ($69) are available now for immediate purchase and download from the Digital Heaven online store (ttp:// Free watermarked trial versions are also...
Nov 10
Azend Group unveils Bluetooth wireless keyboard
The Azend Group has announced an addition to AVS Gear, the company’s IT division, the ZippyBT-500. This compact wireless keyboard supports most Bluetooth-enabled devices, including Apple’s iPad I and 2, the iPod touch, and specifically the latest releases of iOS5 and iPhone 4S. The ZippyBT-500 connects to six different Bluetooth devices simultaneously and features one-touch fast switch technology between all six Bluetooth devices in a matter of seconds. The Media Function keys allow the user to change the volume, scroll through sound tracks, launch the Web browser, and more, with just one touch. In addition, this compact wireless keyboard has a transmission range up to 33 feet and is compatible with smartphone devices, PDAs and tablet computers that are equipped with Bluetooth technology. The ZippyBT-500 is equipped with ultra-flat scissor structure keys, the ZippyBT-500 is encased in a thin compact design. The ZippyBT-500 is available now at,, and
Nov 10
Remoter VNC 3.2 simplifies Mac set-up
RafSoftware ( has released Remoter VNC 3.2 for iOS, an update to their productivity app that enables users to remotely control Macs via Screen Sharing, and Windows or Linux PCs using the VNC or RDP standards right from their iOS devices. On Macs, setup with VNC 3.2 is now simpler with the RemoterFusion add-on. Port-forwarding and/or dynamic DNS is no longer needed to establish connections from outside the computer's network. This add-on also provides sound redirection, which allows listening to music tracks, or any sound playing remotely on the computer from the iOS device. RemoterFusion can be tested for free for 24 hours. Remoter VNC app uses Bonjour for set-up and features a novel "virtual trackpad" to precisely control of the mouse cursor. Sound redirection, RDP, Telnet and SSH that allows for secure VNC/RDP over SSH, are available as in-app purchases. Remoter VNC 3.2 is available in the Apple App Store ( for US$0.99 with...
Nov 10
Mental Case 2 for Mac OS X targets exams
The Mental Faculty has released Mental Case 2 for Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion"). The upgrade adds support for multi-faceted notes, which can include formatted text, images, audio, and video, as well as a unique date-targeting study mode, ideal for exams and other tests and much more. Mental Case is a study app combining flashcards with study scheduling. It can be used as a dropbox for information, to recall everyday things, or for formal study. Version also includes advanced study scheduling, with the ability to target exam dates. Mental Case 2 requires Lion. It's available from the Mac App Store. The final price will be US$29.99, but Mental Case 2 is on sale for $14.99 for a limited time.
Nov 10
Default Folder update addresses compatibility issues
St. Clair Software has updated Default Folder (, its utility for enhancing Open and Save dialogs in Mac OS X, to version 4.4.7. The upgrade addresses compatibility issues with Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7. Default Folder X 4.4.7 is a free update for registered users of version 4.x. The upgrade is US$14.95 for users who bought their copies before June 1, 2007. Default Folder X costs $34.95 for a new license. Installers are available now in English and German and will be released shortly in Japanese, French, and Danish.
Nov 10
Playback for Mac OS X improves support for WAV files
Yazsoft ( has released Playback 1.8.9, an update to their zero configuration media server for Mac OS X. The upgrade improves support for WAV files. Playback can share media stored in folders or even make entire disks available to a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. No configuration is required. By default, it will share almost any content on the users system. And Playback automatically integrates with iTunes, iPhoto, and Aperture. Users can share all content from these applications transparently or choose specific playlists and albums. Those who like to tinker will appreciate Playback's built-in Access Control List (ACL) and bandwidth throttling. The ACL allows users to control which devices have access to their media. Bandwidth throttling limits the transfer rate from the computer to their UPnP device. This allows others on the network to do other Internet related activities, such as surf the web and check their email. Media is served via lighttpd, the same...
Nov 10
PandaWare updates Real Studio-styled text to HTML/email solution
The PandaWare Company has released version 2.0.6 of its PWStyleHTMLField classes for Real Studio. The classes give Real Studio and REALbasic developers a drop-in solution for converting styled text to HTML, and to produce HTML email messages. The HTML email functionality includes support for adding embedded graphics. This update's enhancements include improvements to the HTML produced, and better support for paragraph alignment in Windows applications. Developers can download a compiled application that demonstrates the capabilities of PWStyleHTMLField. The application is available in Mac OS X and Windows versions. It can be downloaded for free at . While there, developers can also request a demo project for testing in their own Real Studio or REALbasic projects. Licenses for using PWStyleHTMLField in compiled applications are US$50.
Nov 10
Bruji releases version 5 of Pedia programs
Bruji ( has announced a new version of their suite of Pedia programs: DVDpedia, Bookpedia, CDpedia and Gamepedia. With the apps, users can organize their media in collections and folders, export collections in various different formats, including customizable HTML, and access statistics about their databases. Version 5.0 brings new search sites to the programs and a database built entirely for and by Pedia users. This version requires Intel and Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. For the week of Nov. 8, the programs are also sold with a special celebratory launch discount: US$12 for one Pedia program; $24 for two Pedias; US$36 for the three Pedia bundle; and $48 for the complete Pedia suite A special $12.99 discount price is also available for the four programs in the Mac App Store during the week of Nov. 8. Version 5 is a paid update for users who purchased the programs before Oct. 1, 2010. Update prices are: $12 for one program; $24 for two programs; $29 for three...
Nov 10
LinkOptimizer for Indesign updated to version 4.6.5
Zevrix Solutions ( has released LinkOptimizer 4.6.5, an update of its workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign. It's a maintenance update with some bug fixes and performance tweaks. LinkOptimizer lets you reduce InDesign job size and speed up processing by eliminating excess image data and performing essential image adjustments. 
LinkOptimizer Light 4.6.5 can be purchased from the Zevrix Solutions web site for US$259.95, as well as from authorized resellers. LinkOptimizer works with Mac OS X 10.4.2-10.5 and InDesign CS-CS4. Version 4.6.5 is free for LinkOptimizer 4.x users and a $98.78 to upgrade from previous versions. There's also a "lite" version for $179.95.
Nov 09
Google to continue support for Android partners
CEO Eric Schmidt says Google will continue to offer support to firms using its Android system that are involved in legal disputes, according to "Reuters" ( Samsung and HTC are both involved in patent disputes with Apple "We tell our partners, including the ones here in Taiwan, we will support them. For example we have been supporting HTC in its dispute with Apple because we think that the Apple thing is not correct," Schmidt told reporters during his first visit to Taipei. The support takes the form of information sharing, industry expertise and access to Google's patents for licensing and legal purposes, says "Reuters."
Nov 09
Android, iOS devices putting the squeeze on Nintendo, Sony
Portable gaming, played primarily on Nintendo DS and Sony PSP devices, has been dominated by these two companies for over two decades. However, that's changing fast. In this model, at retail, consumers pay around US$200 for the gaming device and up to $40 for popular game cartridges. Because of the similar form factor, overlap in consumer base (especially younger players on iPod touch) and the casual nature of game content, Flurry combines iOS and Android devices with traditional portable devices to form the category. With the inclusion of smartphone game revenue into the category, shifts taking place in market share become clearer. "The most striking trend is that iOS and Android games have tripled their market share from roughly 20% in 2009 to nearly 60% in just two years," notes Flurry. "Simultaneously, Nintendo, the once dominant player, has been crushed down to owning about one-third of market in 2011, from having controlled more than two-thirds in 2009.  Combined, iOS and...
Nov 09
38% of iPhone users, 30% of iPad users now on iOS 5
Chitika Insights ( -- a data analytics company in the business of on-line advertising -- has investigated the adoption rate of iOS 5 following its Oct. 12 release. The research group analyzed iOS traffic from Oct. 22 to Oct. 29 to determine which Apple product users were more willing to update. According to Chitika's data set, 38% of iPhone users had already updated their mobile devices to the latest version of iOS. The iPad came in second in the study with 30% of all users updating to or already using iOS 5. The iPod registered the smallest count of devices updated to iOS 5, with only 12% of users choosing to upgrade. This demographic is made further evident by the portion of devices running on older versions of iOS, with almost 80% of consumers using iOS 4. "Evidently those using the iPod aren’t interested in upgrading to the latest software, most likely because their iPod’s are mainly used for media or on the go purposes," says Chitika Insights. " While the...
Nov 09
Apple is fourth in 'Guide to Greener Electronics'
Apple takes fourth place in the latest "Guide to Greener Electronics," as issued by Greenpeace ( Apple has a score of 4.6, getting most of its points on the Sustainable Operations. It gets near to maximum points on the e-waste criteria, where it reports that in 2010, its global recycling exceeded its 70% goal (as a percentage of sales seven years ago), a level that it is confident will be maintained through 2015. Greenpeace says Apple can still make improvements by providing a breakdown of its recycling data and by further extending its take-back program. Together with HP, Apple is also a top scorer for its policies and practices on the sourcing of conflict minerals, for publishing its suppliers and engaging effectively in the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition’s conflict-free smelter program. "Apple would score more points on the other criteria with greater transparency of its data in reporting the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) of its supply chain...
Nov 09
Adobe to cease developing Flash for mobile browsers
Adobe plans to cease developing Flash for mobile browsers to concentrate on HTML5, reports "ZDNet," quoting unnamed "sources close to Adobe." "Our future work with Flash on mobile devices will be focused on enabling Flash developers to package native apps with Adobe AIR for all the major app stores," an in-house Adobe email says. "We will no longer adapt Flash Player for mobile devices to new browser, OS version or device configurations. Some of our source code licensees may opt to continue working on and releasing their own implementations. We will continue to support the current Android and PlayBook configurations with critical bug fixes and security updates." (Read more at .) HTML5 -- preferred by Apple over Flash -- is a language for structuring and presenting content for the Web and is a core technology of the Internet originally proposed by Opera Software. Every new Apple mobile device and every new Mac...
Nov 09
Australian Judge" Apple must provide Samsung with carrier...
"Bloomberg Businessweek" ( reports that Apple must provide Samsung with its contracts with Australian mobile-phone carriers as the South Korean company demanded in a patent dispute with the iPhone maker, a judge ruled. Apple needs to produce agreements it has with Vodafone Group Plc, SingTel Optus and Telstra should Apple fail to agree on an assertion in Samsung’s patent lawsuit that the carriers are contractually obliged to subsidize iPhone sales, Australia Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett has ordered. Samsung sued Apple in Australia, claiming the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad 2 infringe its patents and is seeking a ban on the sale of the devices in the country. Bennett ruled the contracts with the phone operators are relevant to Samsung’s case, says "Businessweek." Apple said it would oppose the disclosure, the article adds.
Nov 09
Retrospect Spins out as Separate Company; Retrospect 9 Released
Retrospect, Inc. -- a privately‐held company recently founded by longtime Retrospect team members -- has released its first independent product offering, Retrospect 9 for the Mac. It sports features like data deduplication, network backup of Mac, Windows, and Linux computers, and new support for cloud‐based storage. It provides critical functionality for professionals and small businesses that need more than basic data protection, says Eric Ullman, co‐founder in charge of products for Retrospect, Inc. One of the new features in Retrospect 9 for Mac is support for cloud‐based storage, which provides immediate offsite backups. Retrospect 9 can target any Internet‐connected storage that has been configured to provide WebDAV (Web‐based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) access. Cloud storage providers like Egnyte ( and Internet hosting providers like Dreamhost ( provide WebDAV‐accessible storage that Retrospect can employ for offsite...
Nov 09
Online music revenue to total $6.3 billion this year
Worldwide online music revenue from end-user spending is on pace to total $6.3 billion in 2011, up from $5.9 billion in 2010, according to Gartner ( Online music revenue is forecast to reach US$6.8 billion in 2012, and grow to $7.7 billion in 2015, says the research group. By comparison, consumer spending on physical music (CDs and LPs) is expected to slide from approximately $15 billion in 2010 to about $10 billion in 2015. "As consumers opt for connected devices -- media tablets, smartphones and connected media players -- across world regions, their desire for access to and consumption of music and content is growing as well," says Mike McGuire, research vice president at Gartner. "Music labels, artists, publishers and new distribution intermediaries are developing new business models to address consumers' changing behavior. He adds that the music industry was the first media sector to feel the full impact of two major forces -- the Internet and technology-...

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Kodi 17.1. - Powerful media center tool...
Kodi (was XBMC) is an award-winning free and open-source (GPL) software media player and entertainment hub that can be installed on Linux, OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android, featuring a 10-foot user... Read more
Kodi 17.1. - Powerful media center tool...
Kodi (was XBMC) is an award-winning free and open-source (GPL) software media player and entertainment hub that can be installed on Linux, OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android, featuring a 10-foot user... Read more
Bookends 12.8 - Reference management and...
Bookends is a full-featured bibliography/reference and information-management system for students and professionals. Bookends uses the cloud to sync reference libraries on all the Macs you use.... Read more
Apple iTunes 12.6 - Play Apple Music and...
Apple iTunes lets you organize and stream Apple Music, download and watch video and listen to Podcasts. It can automatically download new music, app, and book purchases across all your devices and... Read more
Default Folder X 5.1.4 - Enhances Open a...
Default Folder X attaches a toolbar to the right side of the Open and Save dialogs in any OS X-native application. The toolbar gives you fast access to various folders and commands. You just click on... Read more
Amazon Chime 4.1.5587 - Amazon-based com...
Amazon Chime is a communications service that transforms online meetings with a secure, easy-to-use application that you can trust. Amazon Chime works seamlessly across your devices so that you can... Read more
CrossOver 16.2 - Run Windows apps on you...
CrossOver can get your Windows productivity applications and PC games up and running on your Mac quickly and easily. CrossOver runs the Windows software that you need on Mac at home, in the office,... Read more
Adobe Creative Cloud - Access...
Adobe Creative Cloud costs $19.99/month for a single app, or $49.99/month for the entire suite. Introducing Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications, including Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC... Read more
MegaSeg 6.0.2 - Professional DJ and radi...
MegaSeg is a complete solution for pro audio/video DJ mixing, radio automation, and music scheduling with rock-solid performance and an easy-to-use design. Mix with visual waveforms and Magic... Read more
Bookends 12.8 - Reference management and...
Bookends is a full-featured bibliography/reference and information-management system for students and professionals. Bookends uses the cloud to sync reference libraries on all the Macs you use.... Read more

The best deals on the App Store this wee...
Deals, deals, deals. We're all about a good bargain here on 148Apps, and luckily this was another fine week in App Store discounts. There's a big board game sale happening right now, and a few fine indies are still discounted through the weekend.... | Read more »
The best new games we played this week
It's been quite the week, but now that all of that business is out of the way, it's time to hunker down with some of the excellent games that were released over the past few days. There's a fair few to help you relax in your down time or if you're... | Read more »
Orphan Black: The Game (Games)
Orphan Black: The Game 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $4.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: Dive into a dark and twisted puzzle-adventure that retells the pivotal events of Orphan Black. | Read more »
The Elder Scrolls: Legends is now availa...
| Read more »
Ticket to Earth beginner's guide: H...
Robot Circus launched Ticket to Earth as part of the App Store's indie games event last week. If you're not quite digging the space operatics Mass Effect: Andromeda is serving up, you'll be pleased to know that there's a surprising alternative on... | Read more »
Leap to victory in Nexx Studios new plat...
You’re always a hop, skip, and a jump away from a fiery death in Temple Jump, a new platformer-cum-endless runner from Nexx Studio. It’s out now on both iOS and Android if you’re an adventurer seeking treasure in a crumbling, pixel-laden temple. | Read more »
Failbetter Games details changes coming...
Sunless Sea, Failbetter Games' dark and gloomy sea explorer, sets sail for the iPad tomorrow. Ahead of the game's launch, Failbetter took to Twitter to discuss what will be different in the mobile version of the game. Many of the changes make... | Read more »
Splish, splash! The Pokémon GO Water Fes...
Niantic is back with a new festival for dedicated Pokémon GO collectors. The Water Festival officially kicks off today at 1 P.M. PDT and runs through March 29. Magikarp, Squirtle, Totodile, and their assorted evolved forms will be appearing at... | Read more »
Death Road to Canada (Games)
Death Road to Canada 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $7.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: Get it now at the low launch price! Price will go up a dollar every major update. Update news at the bottom of this... | Read more »
Bean's Quest Beginner's Guide:...
Bean's Quest is a new take on both the classic platformer and the endless runner, and it's free on the App Store for the time being. Instead of running constantly, you can't stop jumping. That adds a surprising new level of challenge to the game... | Read more »

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Updated iPad Price Trackers
Scan our Apple iPad (and iPod touch) Price Trackers for the latest information on sales, bundles, and availability on systems from Apple’s authorized internet/catalog resellers. We update the... Read more
12-inch 32GB Space Gray iPad Pro on sale for...
B&H Photo has 12″ Space Gray 32GB WiFi Apple iPad Pros on sale for $50 off MSRP including free shipping. B&H charges sales tax in NY only: - 12″ Space Gray 32GB WiFi iPad Pro: $749 $50 off... Read more
2.6GHz Mac mini on sale for $559, $140 off MS...
Guitar Center has the 2.6GHz Mac mini (MGEN2LL/A) on sale for $559 including free shipping. Their price is $140 off MSRP, and it’s the lowest price available for this model. Read more
SSD Speeder RAM Disk SSD Life Extender App Fo...
Fehraltorf, Switzerland based B-Eng has announced they are making their SSD Speeder app for macOS publicly available for purchase on their website. SSD Speeder is a RAM disk utility that prevents... Read more
iPhone Scores Highest Overall in Smartphone D...
Customer satisfaction is much higher among smartphone owners who use their device to operate other connected home services such as smart thermostats and smart appliances, according to the J.D. Power... Read more
Swipe CRM Free Photo-Centric CRM Sales DEal C...
Swipe CRM LLC has introduced Swipe CRM: Visual Sales 1.0 for iPad, an app for creating, managing, and sharing visually stunning sales deals. Swipe CRM is targeted to small-and-medium creative... Read more
13-inch 2.0GHz Apple MacBook Pros on sale for...
B&H has the non-Touch Bar 13″ 2.0GHz MacBook Pros in stock today and on sale for $150 off MSRP. Shipping is free, and B&H charges NY sales tax only: - 13″ 2.0GHz MacBook Pro Space Gray (... Read more
15-inch Touch Bar MacBook Pros on sale for up...
B&H Photo has the new 2016 15″ Apple Touch Bar MacBook Pros in stock today and on sale for up to $150 off MSRP. Shipping is free, and B&H charges NY sales tax only: - 15″ 2.7GHz Touch Bar... Read more
Apple’s iPhone 6s Tops Best-Selling Smartphon...
In terms of shipments, the iPhone 6s from Apple bested all competitors for sales in 2016, according to new analysis from IHS Markit, a world leader in critical information, analytics and solutions.... Read more
Logitech Rugged Combo Protective iPad Case an...
Logitech has announced its Logitech Rugged Combo, Logitech Rugged Case, and Logitech Add-on Keyboard for Rugged Case for Apple’s new, more affordable $329 9.7-inch iPad, a complete solution designed... Read more

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