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Jan 04
Over one million units of Bento for iPad, iPhone, Mac shipped
FileMaker Inc. ( -- a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple -- says it's shipped more than one million units of Bento, the personal database for the Mac, iPhone and iPad. Bento for Mac databases, available in seven languages, can be synchronized with Bento for iPhone and Bento for iPad so you will always have details at hand when you’re away from your Mac. Bento for iPhone and Bento for iPad are sold separately on the iTunes App Store. Bento comes with more than 30 free templates designed to help you do everything from organizing contacts and clients to tracking products and projects, managing orders and inventory, coordinating events and tasks, printing QR code labels and more. The software lets users record voice memos on iPhone and iPad and sync to Bento for Mac to recall conversations and to-do items. FileMaker offers several Bento template kits to make organizing events and processes easier, including Bento Project Manager, Bento Student Survival Kit, Bento...
Jan 04
NetSpot is free Wi-Fi mapping software for Mac OS X
The NetSpot Team has released NetSpot, free Wi-Fi mapping software for Mac OS X. It lets you run a Wi-Fi site survey and map wireless coverage of a living area, office space, new building, etc. NetSpot Wi-Fi mapper lets you diagnose areas of poor reception in your Wi-Fi network, as well as locate troublesome areas of noise-generating machinery that could be causing wireless traffic issues. It's compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. It's available for download worldwide from the NetSPot App website (
Jan 04
Scrawl is iCloud note-taking app for Mac OS X
PAD Software has released Scrawl, an iCloud note taking app for the Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion"). It's available on the Mac App Store for US$1.99 for a limited time, and then will revert to a price of $2.99. Scrawl is a menu bar app for quick access, and it uses Lion's autosave. It has also been designed for iCloud so that it will save and sync notes across all of Macs with the same iCloud ID. Scrawl can purportedly handle an unlimited amount of notes, the search bar can search the note titles and the contents, and it's customizable. Users can also opt to open Scrawl at login. To create a new note, the user just has to click on the + button. Scrawl will then open the text editor. As users type, Scrawl auto-saves the note. To view a full note, users will just have to double-click the title of the note in Scrawl. They'll be able to see the date it was last edited on by looking at the date in the bottom-left corner. If they make any changes, the date will automatically change.
Jan 04
Velocomp rolls out iOS-compatible iBike PowerHouse
Velocomp (, a sports technology company, has introduced the iBike PowerHouse, an "intelligent" cycling computer that automatically adjusts to your exercise goals. It will roll out at this month's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Based on periodic assessments of your fitness improvements it works with your iPhone and iPod touch to measure, guide and motivate you to achieve important health, appearance, and fitness goals. The PowerHouse method is designed to maximize the benefit of each ride and shortens the time needed to achieve results.   To work out with iBike PowerHouse, you select a goal-based plan, from iSlim, Express Fitness, Brazilian Butt, Kid Fit, Weekend Warrior, Zero to 50 miles in 3 weeks, Healthy Heart, or other plans available through in-app purchases.  Then, over a period of 4-6 weeks, iBike PowerHouse guides you through a series of 45-90 minute bike rides.  During each ride, you are directed to pedal at specific levels of effort (...
Jan 04
Bracketron unveils 'eco-friendly' line of mobile...
Bracketron ( has announced its new lineup of eco-friendly mobile device chargers and batteries that feature GreenZero Technology. The company claims that this exclusive technology is the most eco-friendly and efficient way to charge mobile devices and totally eliminates wasteful stand-by consumption, also known as vampire power. Bracketron’s GreenZero chargers detect when your device is fully charged or unplugged, and then automatically shut off. The chargers then consume zero idle power to save energy, while also lengthening the life of your device battery by limiting top-off charging time. Bracketron’s GreenZero product lineup includes the Mushroom GreenZero and Stone GreenZero wall chargers for mobile devices, and the Stone Battery, a mini portable power supply that is available for both iPhone and microUSB-connected mobile devices. The GreenZero chargers and battery will be unveiled at the International CES 2012, North Hall Booth 6228, Jan. 10-13, in...
Jan 04
CaseInity releases Cord-on-Board for the iPhone
CaseInity ( has announced the Cord-On-Board, an US$29.99 iPhone case that compactly carries a USB cord alongside your phone. It offers the ability to charge the iPhone on-demand through a USB port. The USB cord also allows for interfacing between devices. The case is slim, contoured to your grip, shockproof and self-standing, says Nate Trunfio of CaseInity.
Jan 04
New in-ear headphones inspired by automotive spark plug
id America ( has announced the Spark in-ear headphones, which have a design inspired by the shape and function of an automotive spark plug. The US$59.95 in-ear headphones are designed for enjoying music and also for answering calls with an advanced in-line microphone module. The Spark sports a high definition acoustic filter a high performance 8mm dynamic driver encased in a chrome finished aluminum inner casing and matte finished aluminum back casing. The in-ear headphones come in a variety of hand-picked color combinations including gray type-R, camel gray, aluminum silver, cherry green, rally blue, jet black, champagne gold, royal purple and rose pink. Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and most devices with a 3.5mm jack, the Spark is accompanied by three additional pairs of earbuds and in a leather case. The in-line microphone module lets you control music and phone calls. Users are able to play, pause, advance and return to previous songs with the press...
Jan 04
Go2 for Mac OS X gets 'Quick Search Box,' more
Farmdog Software has released Go2 1.5, an update to their universal bookmark manager for Mac OS X. The upgrade adds a new "Quick Search Box" to make launching bookmarks even faster. You can now drag and drop URLs to the Go2 status bar icon to add them to the app. Version 1.5 adds a new bookmarklet feature to quickly add bookmarks from a web browser. Smart Folders can now be rearranged by drag and drop. Built for developers, creative and technical professionals, systems administrators, and anyone who needs to keep track of connections and places, Go2 offers a place to store connection information. It imports and exports plain text, and scales to thousands of bookmarks. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later. Go2 1.5 costs US$4.99 and is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Developer Tools category.
Jan 04
NuForce introduces new earbuds
NuForce has added two new earphones to its line: the NE-600X and NE-770X.  They're priced at US$24.95 and $49, respectively.  Both headsets will be available on Jan. 9 from and NuForce resellers. "We set out to develop the best sounding earphones at a price the average consumer could afford without sacrificing sound quality," says Jason Lim, CEO of NuForce. 
Jan 04
World Clock Deluxe for Mac OS X ticks to version 4.7.9
MaBaSoft ( has updated its World Clock Deluxe time tool to version 4.7.0. The upgrade adds 90 United States cities and updates the offset from UTC and daylight-saving time information for various countries. With World Clock Deluxe you can display multiple clocks in a horizontal or vertical palette, in the menu bar and in the Dock, show Coordinated Universal Time and Internet Time, assign labels and colors to clocks, calculate date and time conversions across different time zones and show the current weather all over the world. The software is Universal Binary and runs in English, German, Dutch, French and Italian. World Clock Deluxe requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later and runs natively on both PowerPC-based and Intel-based Macs. It costs US$19. Version 4.7.9 is a free update for registered users of version 4.x.
Jan 04
Vivick to unveil Apple accessories at CES
Vivick ( will unveil Apple-compatible accessories at this month's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company will offer Folka Dot Series, Jell-O Freak and Camouflage lines of iPhone cases. They're constructed of genuine leather with a built-in "kick stand" to ensure upright positioning. The product offers multiple colors and design options ranging from solid simple tones to reptile-skin patterns.    Vivick has also created the Vivick Aqua Guard for the iPad 2. It's purportedly waterproof up to 10 feet. The case also includes waterproof earphones and a transparent shield for easy screen views. 
Jan 04
Avenza announces support for FME Desktop
Avenza System, producers of the PDF Maps app for iOS and geospatial plug-ins for the Adobe Creative Suite (including Geographic Imager for Adobe Photoshop), says that with the release of MAPublisher 8.6 for Adobe Illustrator, support for FME Desktop by Safe Software is now available.   With the new MAPublisher FME Auto add-on, users of MAPublisher and FME Desktop can automatically transfer the results of an FME workflow directly to the MAPublisher and Adobe Illustrator environment complete with styling and layout. In addition MAPublisher users can now import the FME FFS file format. MAPublisher FME Auto is a new add-on that connects the GIS data processing environment of FME Desktop to the cartographic design and publishing environment MAPublisher and Adobe Illustrator. MAPublisher FME Auto provides FME Desktop with an Adobe Illustrator -- MAPublisher writer. In FME Desktop, the writer may be used to translate GIS data formats for use with MAPublisher. It's now possible to create...
Jan 04
App Tamer update reduces CPU requirements
St. Clair Software has released App Tamer 1.1.2 (, an update of the app for Mac OS X 10.5 and higher that gives you control over your applications so you can save battery and CPU (central processing unit) power. The new version reduces its own CPU requirements. Some Mac applications, especially web browsers, continue running tasks or animations even when they're supposed to be idle in the background. This can consume valuable processing power and reduce battery life. App Tamer's AutoStop capability automatically pauses these applications when you switch away from them, and then restarts them when you click back to them. This frees your CPU and reduces power consumption, according to the folks at St. Clair. App Tamer shows the average percentage of your processor(s) being used by each app, and graphically displays a history of CPU usage. You can enable AutoStop for any application, as well as change its processing priority in OS X. App Tamer comes...
Jan 04
Vitamin-R for Mac OS X gets built-in notifications has released Vitamin-R 1.76 (, an update of its Mac OS X compatible productivity tool for creative professionals. The new version adds built-in visual notifications for improved feedback. Vitamin-R is a collection of tools and techniques for managing attention and maintaining motivation. According to the folks at, it complements the task capturing and organizing features of modern to-do list managers by forcing you to concentrate fully on one task a time and keeping distractions at bay. It breaks down large, vaguely defined tasks into a series of short "time slices" of between 10 and 30 minutes, each with specific and actionable objectives.
 Vitamin-R provides you with the "Now & Later Board," complete with FastType magic, to give you a place to quickly dump all those things that go through your head and allows to get back to the task at hand. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. The single user...
Jan 04
Pop3It Pro for Mac OS X gets 'All' parameter
Comm-Unity Networking Systems has released POP3it Pro 4.1.12 (, an update of the email downloading and importing plug-in for FileMaker Pro. The upgrade adds a "All" parameter to the GetUniqueID function for returning all the unique IDs at once. POP3it Pro allows you to connect to a POP3 Email Server and download email directly into your FileMaker Pro database. The plug-in also allows you to import email directly from the mailbox storage files of email clients like Thunderbird, Eudora, and Apple Mail. This version is a free upgrade for anyone with a 4.x license. All you need to do is download the latest version and install it. Your existing registration and settings will be imported into the new version. For new users a single user license for the client version of POP3it Pro is US$65. To use the server edition of POP3it Pro, you'll need to purchase at least a 10-user license for $319.
Jan 03
Brokerage lowers Apple price target a tad
Analysts at Morgan Keegan have trimmed their price target for Apple from US$530 to $513 because the brokerage thinks iPad and Mac sales came in a bit lower than expected in December, notes "MarketWatch" ( However, iPhone sales were up a bit more than expected. "As we do every quarter, we are adjusting our EPS [earnings per share] estimates for Apple based on various data points that have arisen since the company gave guidance in mid-April," Morgan Keegan told clients. "Our December quarter GAAP [generally accepted accounting principles] EPS for Apple is decreased to $10.10 from $10.24. Our fiscal year 2012 GAAP EPS estimate is decreased to $33.32 from $33.76." Analyst Travis McCourt says that the Amazon Kindle Fire may have stolen part of the iPad's thunder. He thinks it could have nabbed 1-2 million customers that otherwise might have bought an Apple tablet.
Jan 03
Apple plans 'Red Friday' shopping event in China
Apple is planning a "Red Friday" shopping event on Friday, Jan. 6, in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. Apple promises 'amazing iPad, iPod and Mac gifts for everyone." The Dragon is one of the 12-year cycle of animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. It's the only legendary animal in the group. The Year of the Dragon will start on Jan. 23 and end on Feb. 9, 2013. The dates for the Chinese Horoscope coincides with the lunar calendar. The Chinese New Year will always fall somewhere between late January and mid-February. -- Dennis Sellers
Jan 03
Last week of December sees record number of iOS app downloads
The last week of the year, Dec. 25-Dec. 31, saw more iOS and Android device activations compared to any other week of the year, according to a new report from Flurry (, a mobile application analytics and data-powered advertising platform. Flurry estimates that a record-breaking 6.8 million iOS and Android devices were activated on Christmas Day, along with an equally record-breaking 242 million application downloads. Over the holiday "power week," the group estimates that over 20 million iOS and Android devices were activated, and 1.2 billion applications were downloaded.   Looking forward to 2012, Flurry expects breaking the one-billion-download-barrier per week will become more common-place.  While iOS and Android growth continues to amaze, "the market is still by all measures relatively nascent," says the research group.
Jan 03
Analyst recommends Apple stock as top pick for 2012
In a note to investors -- as reported by "Fortune" -- Ticonderoga analyst Brian White recommends Apple stock as his top pick for 2012? Here's why: ° Apple will unveil what he's calling iTV (an Apple branded HDTV); ° Apple will debut an iPad 3 and an iPad "mini" (possibly an iPad 2 with a lower price point); ° Apple will provide a "major upgrade" with the iPhone 5. Read more at .
Jan 03
iPad 2s to be available for $299 when iPad 3 arrives?
When Apple rolls out the iPad 3 this year, the entry level iPad 2 could drop in price to US$299, reports DigiTimes Research (, quoting unnamed "sources from Apple's supply chain." The report says there wll be two versions of the iPad 3, one targeting the high-end segment and the other the mid-range. Digitimes Research believe the two new iPad models will both be equipped the A6 processor with high-end model coming with a high resolution panel (2048x1536) and the mid-tier model featuring the same grade of panel as iPad 2 (1024x768). DigiTimes Research says that, with the iPad 2 (which will remain available alongside the iPad 3), the Apple tablet may cover all price segments -- from entry-level to high-end. For Wi-Fi only models, $299, $349 and $399 pricing "may all be possible," the report adds.
Jan 03
Apple planning media-related event later this month?
Apple is planning a media-related event to be held in New York later this month, reports "All Things D" ( But don't expect an iPad 3, iPhone 5 or iTV to be announced Quoting unnamed "sources close to the situation," "All Things D" says the event will most likely involve "an advertising or even publishing announcement" as Eddie Cue, Apple's senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, is reportedly involved. Cue is in charge of the iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, as well as iAd and its iCloud services.
Jan 03
Zoom It offers a 'magnifying glass' for Mac OS X
Appatit has announced Zoom It 1.0 for Mac OS X. It's an utility that allows users to view their Mac's screen through a virtual magnifying glass. Designed especially for artists, designers, engineers, photographers, presenters, project collaborators, laptop users, and those who wear corrective lenses, Zoom It is a Menu item. The app's virtual loupe can magnify from 5-45% of the screen up to 5x. The on-screen magnifier in Zoom It is always available to provide a closer look at whatever the user is doing on his/her Mac. The magnifier, with a circular or rectangular shape, can be accessed through keyboard shortcuts. Alternatively, the app's magnifying glass icon in the Menu Bar can open to display a drop-down menu of commands and preferences. Users maintain the ability to click, type, or select inside the magnified area. Zoom It requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later and costs US$0.99. It's available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Utilities category.
Jan 03
NetMarketShare: Mac OS X, Safari, iOS shares down slightly
According to the latest market share survey from NetMarketShare (, the market share for Mac OS X, Safari and iOS all rose last month. According to the report, among desktop operating systems, Mac OS X had 6.36% of the global market share in December compared to 6.46% in November (that's global market share; in the US it's almost 10%). Windows remains dominant with 92.23% as of December. That's the same as in November. According to NetMarketShare, Mac OS X 10.6 ("Snow Leopard") accounted for 3.05% of Apple's share and Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion") 2.02%. When it comes to browsers, Safari had 4.97% in December. Internet Explorer had 51.87%, Firefox had 21.83% and Chrome had 19.11%. That compares to, respectively, November percentages of 5%, 52.64%, 22.14% and 18.18%, respectively, for the browsers. The iOS's still dominated in December, according to NetMarketShare. It had 54.04%, compared to 21.27% for Java ME,16.29% for Android, 5.76% for Symbian and 3.51% for...
Jan 03
Apple's Jonathan Ive receives knighthood
Jonathan Ive, Apple's senior vice president of industrial design, has received a knighthood. He received a KBE from the Queen of England "for services to design and enterprise," reports "The Telegraph" ( "I am keenly aware that I benefit from a wonderful tradition in the UK of designing and making," Ive said in regards to the honor. "To be recognized with this honour is absolutely thrilling and I am both humbled and sincerely grateful." He began his career with Apple in 1992. Ive has been the chief architect of technology innovation, notes "The Telegraph."
Jan 03
Steve Jobs action figure coming next month
Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs has been immortalized as a 12-inch action figure, reports the "Courier-Mail" ( Toy companies, in icons and Dragon in Dream, unveiled the figure based on the late tech icon. It features a realistic likeness and Jobs's trademark black turtleneck, jeans and sand shoes. The figure is due for release in late February for $US99.99 plus shipping.
Jan 03 brings network TV to computers, smartphones, tablets
FilmOn Lab says that, starting in February, it will be shipping the FilmOn AIR for free to all its yearly, US-based subscribers so they can watch local network television on their computers and mobile devices. "FilmOn has licensed over 120 HD online television channels and has even launched its own college sports and live soccer channels but the challenge has been in legally bringing major network programming to our lineup whilst respecting the network’s traditional business models," says Alki David, CEO and founder of FilmOn. "In 2010 FilmOn ended up in an ongoing legal battle with all four of the Major Networks CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX, over FilmOn’s right to carry their signals over the Internet. The case is ongoing and FilmOn expects to settle the dispute this year. FilmOn AIR is a device that plugs into Macs, Windows systems and most smart phones and tablets. The device tunes into Over The Air ATSC Digital signals already being transmitted by the networks and other local...
Jan 03
Hobby Farm comes to the Macgamestore
PlayMink's Hobby Farm is now available at the Macgamestore ( It requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher and costs US$6.99. Here's how the game is described: "Jill's longtime dream is finally coming true as she has stumbled upon an island farm while on vacation. It took a little convincing, but her husband Jack has agreed to purchase it and now they are both ready to run a farm on their very own island. With rumors of buried treasures and pirates swirling around however, her newly-found hobby might just prove to be a bit more challenging than she imagined. Join Jack and Jill in this charming endeavor to make their island farm thrive. Harvest exotic fruits, care for free-roaming animals, and operate handmade machines to produce even more bountiful products in 50 enjoyable levels. Purchase new equipment to keep the delicious crops coming and work the farm under the gorgeous sun, but beware of nightfall because looters may strike. With two game modes, rewarding...
Jan 03
Doremisoft releases PDF to Flash Converter for the Mac
Doremisoft Software has released PDF to Flash Converter for the Mac ( It offers batch converting, customizing, security, and more. PDF to Flash Converter Mac lets users work with multiple PDF pages documents. It can also be used to create 3D page flipping docs. Doremisoft PDF to Flash Converter costs US$79.99. It requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.
Jan 03
FMPro Migrator for Mac OS X revved to version 6.4.6
.com Solutions has released FmPro Migrator Developer Edition 6.4.6( The new version includes support for the automated PHP conversion of an additional 10 commonly used script steps assigned to layout objects. The Visual FoxPro Conversion Service built into in FmPro Migrator Developer Edition enables FileMaker Pro developers to automate the conversion of Windows-only FoxPro solutions into cross-platform compatible FileMaker Pro database files. Converted solutions can be run on MacOS X, Windows and iPhone/iPad mobile devices using FileMaker Go. This feature converts DBF file tables, data, relationships, forms, reports/labels, scripts, and static ComboBox/ListBox value lists into FileMaker Pro database files.
FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition is priced at US$600 per developer and includes a copy of FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition for both Mac OS X and Windows platforms. Existing FmPro Migrator Developer Edition customers may...
Dec 30
iPhone/iPod touch/iPad apps for Dec. 30
Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find 'em at the Apple App Store ( QUByte Interactive has announced Plush Ninja 1.0 for iOS. It's a sequel to their Plush Wars action game. Players must defend the castle against zombie stuffed toy bears, covered with plush faux fur. Plush Ninja HD 1.0 is available in a free, ad-supported version; in-app purchases start at US$0.99. Agile Tortoise has released Phraseology for the iPad. The $1.99 app, developed exclusively for writers, is a text editor with a simple environment that gets out of your way and lets you concentrate on writing, Virtuoso Works Limited has unveiled MEJJI 1.0 for iOS devices. The $0.99 app offers a left-brain right-brain challenge, requiring the solver to complete a grid, ensuring there are two of each item per row, column and diagonal. Candango Games has introduced Pet It Out HD. It's a $1.99 kid's gaming title for the iPad. Pet It Out challenges players to guide a...
Dec 30
France reseller sues Apple for unfair competition
Another day, another lawsuit. According to the French publication, "Le Figaro" ( -- as reported by "" ( -- eBizcuss, an Apple authorized reseller in France -- as filed a lawsuit against Apple alleging unfair competition. That's similar to complaints here in the US of A. Resellers say Apple favors its own retail stores over resellers when it ships new products. eBizcuss CEO François Prudent says his 16 locations in France suffered a 30% decline in business during the third quarter of 2011 after the supply of iPad 2 and MacBook Air laptops from Apple dried up. In the fourth quarter, eBizcuss couldn't obtain a supply of the iPhone 4s, he added. Prudent says the product shortages started in November 2009 when the Apple opened its first retail store in France.
Dec 30
Apple to appeal Italian fine
Apple will appeal against the fine imposed by the Italian regulator for failing to respect the legal warranty requirements, reports "The Register" ( Earlier this week Italy's Antitrust Authority fined Apple 900,000 euros (approximately US$1.2million) for its handling of customer guarantees. The watchdog group said Apple had failed to inform shoppers of their legal right to two years' technical support, recognizing instead only a one-year standard warranty. The Antitrust Authority said the firm's action had led people to pay extra for Apple's own support service, which overlapped in part with the free guarantee.
Dec 29
iPhone mobile subscriber numbers rise from August to November
The iPhone had 11.2% of mobile subscribers for the three-month period ending in November, according to new data from comScore (, a site that "measures the digital world." That percentage compares to 9.8% for the three-month period ending in August. For the latest quarter Samsung had the most mobile subscribers with 25% of the market, followed by LG with 21% and Motorola with 14%. That compares with previous quarter percentages of 25.5%, 25.6% and 20.5%, respectively. RIM's share dropped from 7.1% to 6.5% over the same period. When it comes to total U.S. smartphone subscribers, Apple had 28.7% for the three-period ending in November. That percentage compares to 27.3% for the three-month period ending in August. Only Google was ahead of Apple with 46.9%, up from 43.8% from the three-month period ending in August.
Dec 29
Analyst ups Apple price target to $460
BMO Capital analyst Keith Bachman has raised his price target on Apple shares by US$5 to $460 after raising his estimates for iPhone sales based on what appears to be strong uptake at Sprint-Nextel and Japan’s KDDI, reports "Barron's" ( Bachman has upped his forecast for iPhone unit sales from 28 million to 29.5 million -- with potential for as many as 32 million. "Based on our conversations with Sprint sales reps, we believe that Apple is benefiting from material upgrades of Sprint subscribers," he says.
Dec 29
Orangutans at Milwaukee zoo monkeying around with iPads
iPads: they're not just for humans anymore. Orangutans at the Milwaukee County Zoo have been using Apple tablets since May -- and could soon be using them to watch orangutans in other zoos, reports the "BBC." Conservationist Richard Zimmerman of the US-based charity Orangutan Outreach hopes the experiment will raise awareness and funds to support the wild animals facing extinction. He said he had wanted to give an iPad to the animals ever since it was launched back in January 2010, notes the "BBC." The orangutans were first introduced to the tablet via the Doodle Buddy drawing game. Read the complete story at .
Dec 29
Audioengine introduces new computer audio products
Audioengine ( has announced two new computer audio interface products: the D1 Premium 24-bit DAC and D2 Premium 24-bit Wireless DAC. The D1 (pictured) bypasses your computer's headphone output or soundcard and sends audio through the USB port, which will improve the audio quality of all your music -- even if you don't listen to HD audio yet, says says Dave Evans, Audioengine director. It's a computer DAC capable of converting audio files with bit depths of up to 24 bits and sample rates as high as 192KHz. In addition to being an USB computer DAC, the D1 also includes an optical input for DVD/Blu-ray players, TVs, and game consoles. No special software drivers are needed. The D2 is a product for computer audiophiles that offers the ability to stream "bit-perfect" 24/96 audio wirelessly from your computer right to your music system, says Evans. It will accept USB or an optical input, and the D2 Receiver will output optical or analog audio through y RCA...
Dec 29
Businesses eyeing lots of iPad purchases for 2012
A new survey of small- and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. by the NPD Group -- as reported by "AppleInsider" ( found that 73% plan to buy tens of thousands of dollars worth of tablets over the next 12 months -- and most of them will be iPads. The NPD Group polled American businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees about their intent to buy tablets over the next year, and found nearly three quarters intend to bring touchscreen tablets into the workplace. Businesses are "determined" to embrace tablets, and the iPad remains the top choice in the enterprise, according to Stephen Baker, vice president of industry analysis at NPD. "The iPad, just as it is in the consumer market, is synonymous for 'tablet' in the business market, leaving Apple poised to take advantage of the increased spending intentions of these small and medium businesses," he adds. "NPD's research shows that iPad purchase preference is higher among larger firms than smaller ones, which is...
Dec 29
Apple to unveil two new iPads in January?
According to "Digitimes" (, quoting unnamed "sources at its supply chain partners," Apple is set to unveil its next-generation iPad in two versions at next month's Macworld/iWorld. (Ed. Note: We find this highly doubtful given Apple's past stance on third party events, and what Apple said when they pulled out of IDG's event a couple of years ago. You can read my 2012 predictions for the iPad at .) The new models will join the existing iPad 2 to demonstrate Apple's complete iPad series targeting the entry-level, mid-range and high-end market segments, the article adds. However, instead of the rumored 7.85-inch "iPad mini," the upcoming iPad models will purportedly still feature 9.7-inch screens but come with QXGA resolution (1,536 x 2,048 pixels). Dual-LED light bars are designed for the new iPads to strengthen the brightness of the panels, according to "DigiTimes." Macworld/iWorld will take place...
Dec 29
iPhone 4S, iPad 2 top Best New Tech Gadget list
With 2011 coming to a close,, an opinion-based community, has released the results of a poll asking consumers which product was the Best New Tech Gadget released this year.  Apple took the top two spots, as the iPhone 4S was the winner with 39% of the vote, followed by the iPad 2 with 25%.  Rounding out the top five were the Kindle Fire (17%), Nintendo 3DS (12%) and the Nook Table (7%). You can find an infographic, with the results of all of SodaHead's "end of year" polls, at .
Dec 29
New floor stand designed to keep iPads at eye level
Stand for Stuff has released the US$239 SwingHolder, a hinged floor unit that that secures the iPad or iPad 2 at eye level -- whether lying in bed, standing at a kitchen counter or podium, or playing musical instruments.  The steel-grey-and-black floor unit stands 58 inches tall at its full height, but can swing as low as five inches off the ground.  With the iPad securely tucked in the SwingHolder’s rubberized-grip case, its 21-inch arm (from the joint) rotates 360 degrees, allowing for custom positioning regardless of use.  A heavy counterweight on the swing arm ensures the device will stay where it is positioned until adjusted for a new purpose, according to Stand for Stuff CEO Marty Springer. Constructed from powder-coated steel tubing, 50% recycled ABS plastic and soft rubber, the SwingHolder snaps together in moments, he adds.
Dec 29
Apple dominates corporate stories at for 2011
Eight of the 10 most-viewed corporate stories on -- the web site for "The Wall Street" -- for 2011 were about Apple, which became the world's most valuable tech company during the year. The company dominated the headlines -- and captivated "The Wall Street Journal readers' interest -- this past year, from product launches that stoked frenzy to the somber news of co-founder Steve Jobs's death," the publication says. You can read more at .
Dec 29
Wicked Audio unveils new Solus headphones
Wicked Audio ( will be releasing its Solus headphones at next month's CES show in Las Vegas. They'll be available for US$100 in a black/red dual-colored design and feature a thick braided cord. The headphones also come equipped with a built-in volume control as well as a DJ switch, allowing users to switch from DJ to stereo sound. "These are the best sounding Wicked headphones to date, which breaks us into another mass appeal market while still delivering the unique design qualities our customers know and love," says Paul Marshall, vice president of Sales.
Dec 29
Newer Technology announces iSesamo tool for iOS, other devices
Newer Technology ( has announced the US$9.99 iSesamo ( a thin pry tool for opening common electronic devices such as iPods, iPhones, iPads, and Blackberrys. It's designed for repair technicians and "do-it-yourselfers." The iSesamo features a thin, flexible steel blade that slides into microscopic seams of the most common electronic devices. Whether replacing a battery, a display LCD, touch screen, or internal components, it's designed to make accessing electronic devices quick and simple.
Dec 28
Samsung, Sharp to make iTV chips?
Following sources' claims that Samsung Electronics and Sharp will manufacture chips and displays, respectively, for the rumored Apple HDTV (the so-called "iTV") others have suggested that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering and Siliconware Precision Industries (SPIL) have the potential to win orders for the product, according to "DigiTimes" ( Quoting unnamed "industry sources," the article says Foxconn Electronics (which builds, among other things, iPhones) is likely to nab assembly orders for the iTV. Apple's new smart TVs will be rolled out by the end of 2012, says "DigiTimes" (though the site's report on Tuesday talked of a second or third quarter timeframe).
Dec 28
iTunes Connect opens a day early
Although Apple said iTunes Connect would be shut down from Dec. 22 until Dec. 29, Apple put the website back up today, reports "9to5Mac" ( Designed for Apple developers, iTunes Connect is a suite of web-based tools that allow you to submit and manage your apps for distribution on the App Store and Mac App Store. In iTunes Connect you can check the status of your contracts, set up your tax and banking information, obtain sales and finance reports, request promotional codes, and manage users, apps, metadata, and your In-App Purchase catalog.
Dec 28
Analyst: 'iTV' may offer customized programming
The rumored iTV -- an Apple branded HDTV -- may offer offer Internet-based content subscriptions with customized channel lineups, Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu says in a note to clients -- as reported by "AppleInsider" ( He says the company is working hard on customized programming, in which customers would choose whichever channels or shows they want for a monthly subscription fee. It is negotiations to make this happen that's holding up the release of the Apple television, not hardware or technical issues, he adds. "This is obviously much more complicated (than current offerings) from a licensing standpoint," Wu tells investors. "And in our view, would change the game for television and give Apple a big leg-up against the competition ... Today, iTunes has a rich library of movies and TV shows but it is mostly for downloads and only movies are available for rentals (TV shows once were but were terminated in August 2011)," he wrote. "What's missing is live...
Dec 28
Apple ranks high in Holiday E-Retail Satisfaction Index
Customer experience analytics firm, ForeSee (, has released the results of their annual Holiday E-Retail Satisfaction Index, showing that after seven years spent jockeying for first place, Amazon and Netflix are headed in divergent directions. Of more interest to us, however, is the fact that Apple climbed one point in the Index to a score of 83. That put it at a five-way tie with Avon, QVC, VistaPrint, and JC Penney. Meanwhile, Amazon climbed two points to score 88 on the study’s 100-point scale, registering the highest score from any retailer in 14 consecutive studies. On the flip side, Netflix’s well-publicized blunders caused its customer satisfaction to plummet by seven points and 8% to 79. After years of being separated by a point or two, Amazon and Netflix, which are increasingly in direct competition as Amazon expands into streaming video and rentals, are now separated by nine points in terms of satisfaction. Netflix saw scores drop in every single...
Dec 28
Compressor 4 Tutorial offers Guide to A/V publishing on the Mac
Infinite Skills has announced a new Apple Compressor 4 Training Course ( Costing US$49.95, the course can be purchased as a DVD-ROM or instant download Presenting a full walkthrough of Compressor's exporting and effects functionality, this 44-lesson training series looks at the audiovisual workflow tool and its filters and effects. Narrated by Apple Certified Professional Matt Schalk, the extended Compressor training course spans 2.5 hours and includes usable sample files. He looks at customization options such as video filters and geometry adjustments, workflows for lossless and compressed audio, video publishing to H.264 and MPEG standards and more. Each individual lesson features three to 10 minutes of realtime onscreen guidance, with narrated tips and usable sample files provided for viewers to follow the training.
Dec 28
eXtra Voice Recorder 2.0 for OS X released
Wave Soft has released eXtra Voice Recorder 2.0 for Mac OS X (10.6 and higher), an update to their Productivity app that lets users record and organize audio files. It costs US$9.99 and is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category. Accessible via the menu bar, eXtra Voice Recorder offers audio recording, hot key control, categorization and search tools for recordings, audio editing, adding comments, recording without pauses, audio markers, continuing previous recordings, email of audio, meta tag notes, export to MP3 or AAC, and Dropbox compatibility. Users can adjust the app to stop recording when they stop talking, eliminating long pauses. What's more, users can add several layers of text and subtext to help identify recordings, as well as content within recordings. Each recording can be given a title and there's a large text field, Description, with enough room for a detailed summary. Titles appear on a scrolling list that can be...
Dec 28
Google releases Mac tools
Google's internal Mac Operations Team is releasing the tools, scripts and utilities it uses to help manage their "large fleet of Macs." To start they've released Google-Macops ( for managing Macs in a corporate environment, a collection of Python utilities for Mac OS X system administration (, as well as a simple facter recipe ( to create facts from the database. The Google Mac Operations Team says that they'll be releasing other items over time.

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GraphicConverter 10.5.1 - $39.95
GraphicConverter is an all-purpose image-editing program that can import 200 different graphic-based formats, edit the image, and export it to any of 80 available file formats. The high-end editing... Read more
Delicious Library 3.7 - Import, browse a...
Delicious Library allows you to import, browse, and share all your books, movies, music, and video games with Delicious Library. Run your very own library from your home or office using our... Read more
Adobe Animate CC 2017 - Anima...
Animate CC 2018 is available as part of Adobe Creative Cloud for as little as $19.99/month (or $9.99/month if you're a previous Flash Professional customer). Animate CC 2018 (was Flash CC) lets you... Read more
Adobe After Effects CC 2018 15.0 - Creat...
After Effects CC 2018 is available as part of Adobe Creative Cloud for as little as $19.99/month (or $9.99/month if you're a previous After Effects customer). The new, more connected After Effects CC... Read more
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 12.0.0 - Digi...
Premiere Pro CC 2018 is available as part of Adobe Creative Cloud for as little as $19.99/month (or $9.99/month if you're a previous Premiere Pro customer). Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 lets you edit... Read more
Alarm Clock Pro 10.3 - $19.95
Alarm Clock Pro isn't just an ordinary alarm clock. Use it to wake you up in the morning, send and compose e-mails, remind you of appointments, randomize the iTunes selection, control an internet... Read more
Adobe Lightroom 20170919-1412-ccb76bd] -...
Adobe Lightroom is available as part of Adobe Creative Cloud for as little as $9.99/month bundled with Photoshop CC as part of the photography package. Lightroom 6 is also available for purchase as a... Read more
Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 22.0.0 - Profe...
Illustrator CC 2018 is available as part of Adobe Creative Cloud for as little as $19.99/month (or $9.99/month if you're a previous Illustrator customer). Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 is the industry... Read more
Hopper Disassembler 4.3.0- - Binary disa...
Hopper Disassembler is a binary disassembler, decompiler, and debugger for 32- and 64-bit executables. It will let you disassemble any binary you want, and provide you all the information about its... Read more
Adobe InDesign CC 2018 - Prof...
InDesign CC 2018 is available as part of Adobe Creative Cloud for as little as $19.99/month (or $9.99/month if you're a previous InDesign customer). Adobe InDesign CC 2018 is part of Creative Cloud.... Read more

ICEY (Games)
ICEY 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $2.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: ICEY is a 2D side-scrolling action game. As you follow the narrator's omnipresent voice, you will see through ICEY's eyes and learn the... | Read more »
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Wheels of Aurelia (Games)
Wheels of Aurelia 1.0.1 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $3.99, Version: 1.0.1 (iTunes) Description: | Read more »
Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander guide - ti...
Halcyon 6 is a well-loved indie RPG with stellar tactical combat and some pretty good writing, too. It's now landed on the App Store, so mobile fans, if you're itching for a good intergalactic adventure, here's your game. Being a strategy RPG, the... | Read more »
Game of Thrones: Conquest guide - how to...
Fans of base building games might be excited to know that yet another entry in the genre has materialized - Game of Thrones: Conquest. Yes, you can now join the many kingdoms of the famed book series, or create your own, as you try to conquer... | Read more »
Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander (Games)
Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $6.99, Version: (iTunes) Description: An epic space strategy RPG with base building, deep tactical combat, crew management, alien diplomacy,... | Read more »
Legacy of Discord celebrates its 1 year...
It’s been a thrilling first year for fans of Legacy of Discord, the stunning PvP dungeon-crawling ARPG from YOOZOO Games, and now it’s time to celebrate the game’s first anniversary. The developers are amping up the festivities with some exciting... | Read more »
3 reasons to play Thunder Armada - the n...
The bygone days of the Battleship board game might have past, but naval combat simulators still find an audience on mobile. Thunder Armada is Chinese developer Chyogames latest entry into the genre, drawing inspiration from the explosive exchanges... | Read more »
Experience a full 3D fantasy MMORPG, as...
Those hoping to sink their teeth into a meaty hack and slash RPG that encourages you to fight with others might want to check out EZFun’s new Eternity Guardians. Available to download for iOS and Android, Eternity Guardians is an MMORPG that lets... | Read more »
Warhammer Quest 2 (Games)
Warhammer Quest 2 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $4.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: Dungeon adventures in the Warhammer World are back! | Read more »

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9″ iPads on sale for $30 off, starting at $29...
MacMall has 9″ iPads on sale for $30 off including free shipping: – 9″ 32GB iPad: $299 – 9″ 128GB iPad: $399 Read more
Apple restocks full line of refurbished 13″ M...
Apple has restocked a full line of Apple Certified Refurbished 2017 13″ MacBook Pros for $200-$300 off MSRP. A standard Apple one-year warranty is included with each MacBook, and shipping is free.... Read more
13″ 3.1GHz/256GB MacBook Pro on sale for $167...
Amazon has the 2017 13″ 3.1GHz/256GB Space Gray MacBook Pro on sale today for $121 off MSRP including free shipping: – 13″ 3.1GHz/256GB Space Gray MacBook Pro (MPXV2LL/A): $1678 $121 off MSRP Keep an... Read more
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B&H Photo has 2017 13″ MacBook Pros in stock today and on sale for up to $120 off MSRP, each including free shipping plus NY & NJ sales tax only: – 13-inch 2.3GHz/128GB Space Gray MacBook... Read more
15″ MacBook Pros on sale for up to $200 off M...
B&H Photo has 15″ MacBook Pros on sale for up to $200 off MSRP. Shipping is free, and B&H charges sales tax in NY & NJ only: – 15″ 2.8GHz MacBook Pro Space Gray (MPTR2LL/A): $2249, $150... Read more
Roundup of Apple Certified Refurbished iMacs,...
Apple has a full line of Certified Refurbished 2017 21″ and 27″ iMacs available starting at $1019 and ranging up to $350 off original MSRP. Apple’s one-year warranty is standard, and shipping is free... Read more
Sale! 27″ 3.8GHz 5K iMac for $2098, save $201...
Amazon has the 27″ 3.8GHz 5K iMac (MNED2LL/A) on sale today for $2098 including free shipping. Their price is $201 off MSRP, and it’s the lowest price available for this model (Apple’s $1949... Read more
Sale! 10″ Apple WiFi iPad Pros for up to $100...
B&H Photo has 10.5″ WiFi iPad Pros in stock today and on sale for $50-$100 off MSRP. Each iPad includes free shipping, and B&H charges sales tax in NY & NJ only: – 10.5″ 64GB iPad Pro: $... Read more
Apple iMacs on sale for up to $130 off MSRP w...
B&H Photo has 21-inch and 27-inch iMacs in stock and on sale for up to $130 off MSRP including free shipping. B&H charges sales tax in NY & NJ only: – 27″ 3.8GHz iMac (MNED2LL/A): $2179 $... Read more
2017 3.5GHz 6-Core Mac Pro on sale for $2799,...
B&H Photo has the 2017 3.5GHz 6-Core Mac Pro (MD878LL/A) on sale today for $2799 including free shipping plus NY & NJ sales tax only . Their price is $200 off MSRP. Read more

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