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Oct 15
Avadon 2: The Corruption Launches Oct 30 on Steam
Spiderweb Software says their newest indie, epic length RPG, Avadon 2: The Corruption, will be released on Oct. 30 for Mac and PC users. An iOS version is scheduled for early next year. Here's how the game is described: "As a Hand of Avadon, the Black Fortress, you once held unlimited power. Your word was law. Your homeland was united and prospered under the protection of the Black Fortress. Now that fragile alliance has collapsed. Rebellion rages, outside enemies gather, and Avadon lies in ruins. Will you fight to restore your power and bring peace to your realm, or will you join the rebels and forge a new nation? The decision will be yours in Avadon 2: The Corruption. "Avadon 2: The Corruption is an epic fantasy role-playing adventure in an enormous world. Choose from five different types of characters, including the new Tinkermage class, each with dozens of unique spells or skills. Explore a gigantic world filled with secrets, artifacts, and a rich story. Experience multiple...
Oct 15
Apple announces Oct. 22 media event
Apple has sent out press invitations to a special event to be held on Oct. 22 at 1 p.m. (Eastern). The invite says "We still have a lot to cover." That could include any and all of the following: new iPads, new MacBook Pros, the new Mac Pro, and OS X Mavericks.
Oct 15
iHome Releases Bluetooth Keyboard with Swivel Case for iPad
The new iHome "Type Pro" Bluetooth Keyboard with Swivel Case gives you the ability to convert your iPad into a working notebook computer, while providing protection. It's Bluetooth-enabled for wireless connectivity. The swivel functionality allows you to adjust the screen angle 360 degrees. Its case holds and protects both the iPad and keyboard. The Type Pro is compatible with the iPad 2, 3 and 4. It retails for US$99.99 and is currently available at Office Depot. For more information, go to .
Oct 15
SMK-Link tweaks its Gyration Air Mouse
SMK-Link Electronics Corp. has announced enhancements the wireless performance of its Gyration Air Mouse GO Plus, making it the natural choice for K12 classroom and collegiate amphitheater applications, according to John Blair, general manager of Branded Products for SMK0Link. The GO Plus -- which costs approximately US$100 -- boasts a patented gesture-based cursor control and 100-foot wireless range. It's a laser-scrolling desktop mouse with user assignable buttons. 
The GO Plus is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows. For more info go to .
Oct 15
Accell introduces UltraAV DisplayPort hubs for extended display...
Accell -- a provider of computer, home theater and mobile device accessories, has unveiled its new UltraAV DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort 1.2 MST Multi-Display Hubs. With a manufacturer's suggested retail price of US$129.99, they provide additional viewing of up to three DisplayPort monitors from a single DisplayPort or Mini DisplayPort video output. Accell’s new DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort hubs utilize the new multi-stream transport (MST) protocol, supporting up to three displays independently at up to 2560X1600 at 60Hz, each with DP 1.2 or up to HD 1080p with DP 1.1 single-stream transport (SST). The Accell UltraAV MST Multi-DisplayPort hub supports non-DisplayPort outputs, including VGA, DVI or HDMI. The MST Multi-DisplayPort hub is DP++ and can actively convert the DisplayPort signal to other display interface signals using optional passive or active adapters. For more information go to .
Oct 15
Morphestra Generations is new collection of morphed instruments
Weighing in at over 16GBs, Morphestra Generations is a new collection of 1600-plus morphed instruments and multis derived entirely from true orchestral recordings. Created in association with Kirk Hunter Studios, Morphestra Generations brings the original Morphestra into a whole new generation of sound, creating a modern day virtual instrument that transcends any morphed orchestral/effectual sample library ever created, according to Joseph Trupiano, CEO & founder of Sample Logic (, the company behind the product. Geared for film, TV, and game composers, Morphestra Generations includes ready-to-play psycho-acoustic sampled symphonic winds, strings, and percussive instruments and morphs them into a world "where music and sound design collide," he adds. If you already own the original Morphestra, you can upgrade to Morphestra Generations, which also includes all the original instruments and multis from Morphestra 1.0. Upgrades cost US$99.99. For new users...
Oct 15
Apple names new Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores
Apple has announced that Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry, will be joining Apple in a newly created position, as a senior vice president and member of our executive team, reporting to CEO Tim Cook. She'll have oversight of the strategic direction, expansion and operation of both Apple retail and online stores. "I am thrilled that Angela will be joining our team," said Cook. "She shares our values and our focus on innovation, and she places the same strong emphasis as we do on the customer experience. She has shown herself to be an extraordinary leader throughout her career and has a proven track record." "I am profoundly honored to join Apple in this newly created position next year, and very much look forward to working with the global teams to further enrich the consumer experience on and offline," said Ahrendts. "I have always admired the innovation and impact Apple products and services have on people’s lives and hope in some small way I can help contribute to the company’s...
Oct 15
Bluetune-Bean is new, pocket-sized portable speaker
Divoom has released the Bluetune-Bean, an US$29.90 pocket-sized portable speaker that clips onto a backpack, purse or your luggage. It works wirelessly via Bluetooth 3.0. Its speakerphone capability allows you to take and make phone calls. The Bluetune-Bean sports a rechargeable battery that provides up to eight hours of listening time. It offers 10 meters of wireless range. The Bluetune-Bean is available in blue, yellow, pink, red, white or black.. Go to for more info.
Oct 14
Anker debuts second gen Astro backup battery
Anker has introduced the 2nd Generation Astro external battery, now available at for US$34.99. iPhone compatible, it's designed to keep any smartphone powered up at maximum speed. Featuring Anker’s signature Smart Port, the travel-friendly Astro identifies the connected device’s exact charging requirements to deliver the fastest possible charge, according to Steven Yang, Anker founder and chairman. With up to 2A charge current, the 2nd Generation Astro delivers maximum charge speeds to any smartphone, including the power hungry Galaxy S4. The Astro is also compatible to deliver rapid charges to tablets including iPads, the Nexus 7, and the Samsung Galaxy tablet series. It packs a 6000mAh capacity. Connect your device to the backup battery using the included USB cord and give Astro a shake to activate charging. Anker’s cascading LED lights show exactly how much juice the Astro has left before it needs to be recharged. The external battery features a soft matte black design...
Oct 14
Margolin Development announces Steady Snake Neck-Pod
Margolin Development, a developer of technology products for Hollywood’s photographic and motion picture applications, has released the SteadySnake Neck-Pod, which is designed to carry and provide virtually hands-free operation of an iPad, iPhone or most any camcorder or digital camera that weighs three pounds or less.   It rests on both the user’s shoulders and is supported behind the neck to hold your iPhone, iPad, camera or smart device securely and steadily. The SteadySnake Neck-Pod provides virtually hands-free camera support so your hands are used for setting, aiming and shooting, says George Margolin, president of, Margolin Development. It can also be used to read eBooks, view websites and apps, or watch movies on your iPad, all virtually hands-free. The SteadySnake can change shape to become a monopod for videography  over the heads of crowds or used as a low rider to video subjects close to the ground without bending over. The SteadySnake Neck-Pod features a built-in 360...
Oct 14
Apple's Reuse Recycling Programme now available in the UK
Apple’s Reuse and Recycling Programme is now available in-store across the UK, reports "The Next Web" ( It allows customers to trade in their existing iPhone and receive a discount on a new one. The trade-in price varies for older handset ands depends on the condition of the display and physical buttons, as well as any engravings or liquid damage affecting the device. Credit is offered as a gift card, which the buyer has to spend at that moment against a new iPhone.
Oct 14
Upcoming iPads expected to ding Surface, Android tablet sales
Microsoft's second-generation Surface and new Android-based tablets are expected to be impacted by Apple's launch of the next-generation iPad and iPad mini as the company is likely to reduce its existing iPad and iPad mini prices, according to "DigiTimes" (, quoting unnamed "sources from the upstream supply chain." The iPad mini is currently priced starting US$329, while the full size iPad is priced starting $499. The next-generation iPad and iPad mini are expected to retain the same price ranges, while existing models' new prices are expected to impact 10-inch tablet models with prices above $399 and 7-inch models with prices above $299, the article says. Microsoft's Surface 2 series tablets are expected to be the most impacted as the Surface Pro 2 is priced starting $899 and the Surface 2 is priced at $449. Although Microsoft claims to have seen good pre-orders, "DigiTimes" says its sources says demand still isn't very strong. Although Nokia is expected...
Oct 14
New PhotoUpLink FTP export plugin compatible with Mavericks...
Developer Mark S. Morris has introduced new 64-bit versions of his export plugin PhotoUpLink for iPhoto and Aperture. These FTP-only alpha builds begin a new upgrade path towards PhotoUpLink 2, which will be available in 2014. For a limited time, PhotoUpLink for iPhone enables free multi-photo email, FTP and peer to peer photo sharing over WiFi networks. PhotoUpLink in trial mode allows up to five items to be exported, with a discounted price of US$4.99 for unlimited FTP exports. PhotoUpLink for iPhoto 1.8.1 is a universal 32/64-bit Intel build for iPhoto '11 version 9.4.3 and requires Mac OS X 10.6.3 or newer. PhotoUpLink has been tested to work with the OS X Mavericks Golden Master and the new  iPhoto '11 version 9.4.7 running in 64-bit mode. To use PhotoUpLink in iPhoto, select an album or a group of items, then go to the File menu and choose the Export menu item. PhotoUpLink will be displayed in the Export panel. PhotoUpLink for iPhoto supports image and video uploading....
Oct 14
Exif Editor 1.1.0 released for Mac OS X
Martin Novak has released Exif Editor 1.1.0 for Mac OS X. It's an update to his application for editing EXIF and IPTC metadata in photos. With the Exif Editor, anyone can add, change or remove various information about the photos -- for example basic camera settings, GPS information or the authorship of the photo. Version 1.1.0 introduces a map view of the GPS location, GPS coordinates can be displayed and edited in various formats and more. Exif Editor requires OS X 10.7.3 or later. It costs US$9.99 and is available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Photography category (
Oct 12
Apple posts MacBook Air firmware update
Apple has posted the MacBook Air Firmware Update 2.7. It's recommended for all MacBook Air (mid-2013) models. This update addresses an issue which may cause a black screen to appear when installing Windows 7 or Windows 8 using Boot Camp Assistant if both an external optical drive and USB thumb drive are connected to the system.  This update also ensures that the system will boot by default into OS X after installation of Windows 8. For more info go to .
Oct 11
Bose introduces SoundTouch Wi-Fi music systems
Bose has introduced the SoundTouch Wi-Fi music systems, offering a way to listen to music at home. They let you stream music wirelessly in any room. Now, music from the web or your stored collection can be played with "lifelike clarity" by simply pressing a button, says Phil Hess, vice president of Bose Home Entertainment. Three one-piece systems have debuted: ° The US$699 SoundTouch 30 Wi-Fi system measures approximately 10 x 17 x 7 inches. It features exclusive waveguide technology and a new proprietary woofer to deliver deep, rich sound and the power to serve as a home’s main music system, says Hess. ° The $399 SoundTouch 20 Wi-Fi system is more compact at about 7 x 12 x 4 inches. It can be placed almost anywhere. ° The $399 SoundTouch Portable Wi-Fi system combines full-range audio and a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery in a speaker no bigger than the average book -- about 6 x 10 x 3 inches. SoundTouch Wi-Fi systems offer streaming music at the touch of a button, or an app for...
Oct 11
Phobic Studios’ action platformer Glare now available on Steam
Phobic Studios has released Glare, a side-scrolling action platformer for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems on Valve’s Steam entertainment platform. Here's how the game is described: "Glare is set in an artistically stunning solar system of round worlds where you play as The Shiner, a being of pure light given shape by an ancient suit of armor that is summoned from starlight to heal the sun and defeat the infectious Ramora. A game about discovery, the Shiner travels through the Toric Caster, uncovering new ways to defeat the evil threats of the Ramora and cleanse the corrupted worlds. "The Shiner’s primary weapons are its glare and a gun. Casting its light will affect certain environmental elements throughout the game, as well as guide the player through each of the worlds. With six planets to explore and cleanse, Glare delivers new weapon upgrades and abilities in each level with increasing difficulty." Glare is regularly priced at $14.95. Phobic Studios is offering a 10%...
Oct 11
Plethora is new measurement unit converter for the Mac
Alegre Software has announced Plethora, a measurement unit conversions calculator for Mac OS X. It boasts hundreds of metric/S.I., imperial, U.S., and other units in its database, most to 14 significant digit precision. New units can be added by the user. Plethora supports compound units such as pounds and ounces, ft/in/fractions, scientific notation and control of significant digits. Plethora costs US$9.95 and can be downloaded at .
Oct 11
RaySupreme for OS X gets faster
BrainDistrict ( has rolled out RaySupreme 1.5, an update of the 3D modeling and rendering program for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux systems. The upgrade offers quicker rendering time and faster performance. RaySupreme enables users to create 3D work by simply typing English text. People who are not experienced in 3D can quickly and easily create complex scenes and environments, according to Ritchie Lopez of BrainDistrict. This new approach to 3D graphics is called Text-to-3D. RaySupreme includes: primitive objects, polygonal modeling, lathe, extrude, Boolean operations, smoothing, materials, and more. The rendering engine includes final gathering for global illumination, caustics, photon mapping, time-based lighting, procedural sky, simulated effects such as sun, stars, fog and haze, and multithreading. RaySupreme costs US$39.99. A demo is available for download.
Oct 11
Folx download manger for the Mac gets new interface, more
Eltima Software has announced Folx 3, an update of the download manager for Mac OS X. It's available in free and paid-for versions. Folx 3 sports a new interface, new options and Retina display support. The free version of Folx offers downloaded files organization, fast search for downloaded files, and more. Folx Pro costs US$19.95 and provides such features as: splitting the downloads in up to 10 threads for faster downloading; scheduling the download tasks; automatic speed adjustment for equal Internet traffic allocation; sending the downloaded videos and music directly to iTunes playlists. For more info go to f .
Oct 10
Ashlar-Vellum releases Cobalt 8 Solo and Xenon 8 Solo for Mac/...
Ashlar-Vellum has announced Cobalt 8 Solo & Xenon 8 Solo, two new price points in their Designer Elements product line of 3D solid and surface modeling software. Featuring Ashlar-Vellum's Organic Workflow, both Cobalt & Xenon offer Class-A NURBS surfaces, ACIS solids and intuitive wireframe modeling in one non-modal package. Traditionally bundled with a companion license to Graphite, Cobalt & Xenon are now available individually at lower price points on both Mac & Windows. With the introduction of Cobalt and Xenon Solo, Ashlar-Vellum has also reduced the prices of their 3D modeling products across the board. Cobalt 8 Solo is now US$1,495. Cobalt v8 Plus Graphite 8US is now $2,49. Xenon 8 Solo is now $99. Xenon 8 Plus Graphite is now $1,995. Argon is now $695. For more info go to .
Oct 10
SPAMfighter comes to the Mac
SPAMfighter has released SPAMfighter Mac, a Mac version of their anti-spam filter for the PC. 
The app provides anti-spam filtering, the ability to block or approve specific emails or domains, single click spam reporting, and the ability to detect and block specific languages. It costs US$29.95 (though you can get volume discounts at $19.95 per license) and can be found at . A demo is available for download. SPAMfighter has also released an updated version of their Mac cleaning utility Full-Diskfighter Mac. It cleans your Mac of unneeded files and other junk. It also: helps you find duplicate files on your hard drive; cuts the "excess fat" from applications; offers an overview of the files that are taking up the most space, and gets rid of unnecessary languages files in your applications. It costs $29.95 (though you can get volume discounts for $9.99 per license) and can be found at . A demo is...
Oct 10
Acronis and Thursby Introduce Mobile File Management with CAC/...
Acronis and Thursby Software have announced the delivery of what they describe as the first mobile file management solution to include Common Access Card and Personal Identity Verification authentication for federal government compliance with the HSPD-12 standard on mobile devices. Based on the Acronis mobilEcho MFM solution and PKard from Thursby Software, the new offering enables federal organizations to improve mobile users' productivity, while maintaining complete control over data security and compliance, says Bill Thursby, president and founder of Thursby Software Systems. While mobile device management (MDM) solutions secure and manage mobile devices and their applications, mobilEcho controls and secures files and content as they are accessed by mobile users. The solution, which also complies with other important federal standards such as FIPS 140-2 encryption, authenticates and verifies the identity of government employees before allowing them access to critical documents on...
Oct 10
Aquafadas AQ Cloud Authoring debuts at the Frankfurt Book Fair
Aquafadas is previewing its new cloud-based digital platform, AQ Cloud Authoring, at the Frankfurt Book Fair. It allows users to re-order and crop pages as well as add enrichments like Guided Reading. AQ Cloud Authoring's flexible export options include ePUB, AVE and the WebReader. It lets just about anyone looking to publish an eBook easily convert PDF files into digital format and distribute across tablets, smartphones and the Web, according to Thomas Ribreau, technical director at Aquafadas. AQ Cloud Authoring also lets publishers turn large volumes of PDF files into digital content in a matter of minutes. AQ Cloud Authoring will be available in the fourth quarter of 2013. For more information on AQ Cloud Authoring and other Aquafadas solutions, go to .
Oct 10
IK Multimedia ships the iRig BlueBoard
IK Multimedia is shipping the iRig BlueBoard, a wireless MIDI pedalboard for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac. It gives guitarists, bassists, vocalists and keyboard players hands-free wireless control of mobile and Mac music apps. The iRig BlueBoard uses Bluetooth technology to transmit MIDI messages to control app and software functions and features. Musicians can use it to control parameters in their favorite music-making apps -- such as stompbox effects on/off, preset patch-switching on the fly, volume or wah control, or any other MIDI controllable function. iRig BlueBoard uses Bluetooth 4.0 (LE - Low Energy) technology to transmit the actions of its four onboard, backlit footswitches and its two optional external devices to the mobile device or Mac. Then, using the iRig BlueBoard app (download from the App StoreSM) and software (download from the IK web site User Area), the Bluetooth signals are converted into MIDI messages and routed internally to the music app that's running on...
Oct 10
Griffin introduces Papernomad Tootsie Folio for the iPad, iPad...
Griffin Technology has released the Papernomad Tootsie for the iPad and iPad mini. The new folio's exterior is made from water-resistant and tear-resistant paper and provides a "perfect blank canvas for artistic creativity," says Keavy Murphree, product line manager at Griffin. Papernomad products are meant to be drawn on, marked on, and written on with crayons, ink, coffee stains, lipstick, pencils and everything people use to make their mark on the world. This collection of marks and traces turns every Papernomad into a companion that tells its owner’s story, says Murphree. T Tootsie Folio is created with Papernomad’s patented paper composite, a wool blend lining and a natural hemp fiber closure-strap, all sewn by hand in Europe. Embedded magnets in the strap hold the folio closed or folded into a stand for viewing and typing. A magnetic strip on the interior of the folio grips the iPad’s built-in magnet and works with two corner straps to hold the iPad y in place. The Tootsie Folio...
Oct 10
Mariner acquires, updates MacGourmet, MacGourmet Deluxe, more
Mariner Software has acquired the apps, MacGourmet, MacGourmet Deluxe (pictured), and MacGourmet Touch from Advenio. With this acquisition announcement, Mariner is releasing a 4.0 version of MacGourmet and MacGourmet Deluxe for the Mac, and Gourmet iOS, the overhauled iOS app, MacGourmet Touch. The latter works allows the user to create, edit, and scale recipes, as well as import recipes from popular recipe websites. MacGourmet Deluxe 4.0 is the newest version for the Mac having been changed from 32 bit to 64 bit architecture. The user interface has been updated, and there are more ways of sharing, including Facebook and Twitter. The most significant change is the addition of cloud storage, which will allow the user to transfer recipes between multiple Macs and iOS devices. MacGourmet Deluxe is available for sale from the Mariner Software website and various retail outlets and will sell for US$49.95. MacGourmet is also available for sale for $24.95. Demos of both can be found at the...
Oct 10
Apple cleared to sell new iPhone models in Brazil
The Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) has given Apple the green light to sell the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in the country, reports "ZDNet" ( The smartphones will be compatible with the 4G technology available in Brazil and work at the frequency adopted locally, which is 2600 MHz. The previous iPhone and iPad sold in Brazil operated in the 700 MHz band. According to Anatel, the iPhones will be manufactured by Foxconn in the company's factory in São Paulo, in the countryside town of Jundiaí. However, the company hasn't announced either the release date or the price of the devices, notes "ZDNet."
Oct 10
plasq introduces Comic Life 3
plasq has introduced Comic Life 3, an update of its photo comic creation software for Mac OS X. The new version introduces a new collection of parametric image filters, an Instant Alpha tool, and a script editor with new SmartScript technology. Comic Life 3 also adds two-up page view and Find and Replace. The added image editing features in Comic Life 3 make it easy to transform a photograph into comic artwork, according to plasq CEO Robert Grant. Also, new graphic design options have been provided to further enhance the appearance of your comic pages. Comic Life 3 requires OS X 10.6 or better. It's available on the Mac App Store and plasq's website ( for US$29.99.
Oct 09
IP Camera Recorder 2 for Mac is released
DComplex has announced the second generation of Camera Recorder, an update to its video surveillance software for Mac OS X (10.6 and higher). IP Camera Recorder allows users to monitor up to 20 IP Cameras simultaneously on a Mac, record video from the cameras, detect motion, control PTZ and more. The new version adds support for hundreds of models of IP cameras, improved Motion Detection and more. To celebrate the release, DComplex offers a 20% discount until Oct. 11. Pricing depends on number of cameras. The price for one camera is US$39.99; the price for four cameras is $99.99. A demo is available at the DComplex web site (ttp://
Oct 09
OWC announces MaxRAM upgrades for 2008 Mac Pro
Other World Computing has announced that, through its in-house MaxRAM testing lab, its Certified 800MHz PC6400 FB-DIMM Upgrade Kits for 2008 model (MacPro3,1). OWC now provides up to 64GB -- double the factory maximum installed memory -- with up to a 48% lower cost. The 8GB per DIMM matched kits are fully tested and certified to meet, if not surpass, all Apple memory design and compatibility specifications and come backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty and easy-to-follow, For more info go to .
Oct 09
Markzware releases PDF2DTP for InDesign CC Mac
Markzware has released the PDF2DTP for InDesign CC Mac Bundle. InDesign plugin, PDF2DTP, has been enhanced to now work with Adobe InDesign CC (Creative Cloud graphic software). This data conversion bundle of InDesign plugins for the Mac includes the PDF2DTP for InDesign CC plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud, as well as the PDF2DTP for InDesign CS6 plugin for Adobe Creative Suite. PDF2DTP provides a method to migrate content from PDF into an editable format within Adobe InDesign files (INDD), enabling users to more easily edit PDF. One-click, multi-page data conversion helps to convert PDF to InDesign CC, or convert PDF to InDesign CS6. Users can edit PDFs in a familiar page layout program. The Markzware PDF2DTP for InDesign CC Mac Bundle, includes the InDesign CC plugin to convert PDF to InDesign CC, and the CS6 plugin to convert PDF to InDesign CS6, on the Mac platform. The subscription-based license for the PDF2DTP for InDesign CC Mac One-Year Subscription Bundle offers access to...
Oct 09
LaCie, Porsche Design introduce USB 3.0 Key
LaCie and Porsche Design has announced the Porsche Design USB Key. It's the latest inclusion to Porsche Design's exclusive electronics line. The LaCie Porsche Design USB Key an ultra-portable device that features up to 32GB of capacity and USB 3.0 speed. It fits into just about any keychain, purse or briefcase. The LaCie Porsche Design USB Key is available in 16GB and 32GB capacities through the LaCie Online Store and LaCie Resellers starting at US$29.99. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty. Go to for more info.
Oct 09
Alien Skin Software announces Snap Art 4
Alien Skin Software has announced Snap Art 4, the new version of its artistic natural media application for photographers. Snap Art 4 transforms a photo into a work of art that looks handcrafted. It features a redesigned user interface and improved speed. Snap Art 4 can be used as a plug-in with popular host software (Apple Aperture, Adobe Photoshop, and Lightroom) or as a standalone program. Snap Art 4 can render hundreds of styles and media, such as oil paint, pencil sketch, watercolor, and crayon. It mimics the techniques of human artists, such as layered brush strokes and enhancement of edges. Snap Art takes care of all the tedious work of drawing brush strokes. For more control, the masking tool can bring out extra detail in areas that need it, says Terence Tay, designer of the new Snap Art 4 software. Snap Art 4 will be available in November 2013 through for US$99. Owners of earlier versions of Snap Art may upgrade for $69. Free upgrades will be automatically...
Oct 09
Clearapps is expanding its network inventory software to the Mac
ClearApp has released its agentless network inventory software for Mac OS X: Network Inventory Advisor for Mac. It's designed to bring simplified automated network scanning to the Mac platform without the need of installing agent utilities on the computers you want to build reports for. Network Inventory Advisor for Mac can be downloaded from ClearApp's website ( and will soon be available on the Mac App Store. Meanwhile the app is available for free (with 10 nodes cap) with premium licenses for larger networks. The app's features include: network scanning, flexible network management features, software and hardware inventory and reporting, automated network alerts and change management, CMDB-complied database back-end, and more. All current users of Network Inventory Advisor for Windows are eligible for an additional 50% discount on the Mac version. What's more, Network Inventory Advisor for Mac is on sale until Nov. 1.
Oct 09
iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c arrive in Italy, Russia, Spain, more on Oct...
Apple says the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c (pictured) will be available in Italy, Russia, Spain and more than 25 additional countries on Friday, October 25. 
The phones will also be available in more than a dozen countries on Friday, November 1, including India and Mexico. The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were announced by Apple on Sept. 10.
Oct 09
KeyCue for OS X gets new look, customizable themes
Ergonis Software has announced KeyCue 7.0, an update to the cheat sheet for learning and remembering keyboard shortcuts. The upgrade sports a new look with customizable themes, column headings for shortcut groups, arbitrary textual descriptions for shortcuts, and further great new features. With KeyCue, whenever the command key is kept pressed for a while, the software displays a table with all keyboard shortcuts available in the currently active application, systemwide hotkeys, as well as key combinations for triggering macros in Keyboard Maestro, QuicKeys and iKeys. KeyCue requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or newer and is fully compatible with OS X Mavericks. The upgrade to version 7.0 is free for anyone who purchased a license before Jan. 1. Upgrade paths are available for owners of older licenses. For information about purchases, including enterprise licenses, volume discounts, and upgrade pricing offers, go to the Ergonis Software web site (
Oct 09
Oxygen XML products beef up their visual editing modes
Syncro Soft, the developer of the Oxygen XML suite of products, has announced the immediate availability of version 15.1 of its Oxygen XML Editor, Oxygen XML Author and Oxygen XML Developer products containing a set of tools supporting all the XML related technologies. The upgrade supports right-to-left and bidirectional text in the visual editing mode. Content authors are now able to create and edit XML documents in the oXygen Author mode, in languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and others. This version of oXygen offers improvements in working with XML modules. Using the Master Files support, oXygen assists you while editing an XML document that belongs to a set of assembled modules, and provides you features like module validation, in-context content completion assistant, ID referencing or module connection overview. Oxygen XML Editor is available in three editions. A 30-day demo version can be downloaded at .
Oct 09
MPEG2 Works Advanced for OS X now up to version 5
MPEG2 Works Advanced -- a Mac OS X tool for video formats re-conversion, encoding and manipulation -- has been revved to version 5. The upgrade fixes bugs and offers some new features, according to its developers. MPEG2 Works Advanced 5 is available at the product web site ( It costs US$25 and requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.
Oct 09
Cocktail for Lion revved to version 5.6
Maintain has released Cocktail 5.6 (Lion Edition), the latest maintenance update for users running OS X Lion 10.7. This version adds the ability to hide the Spotlight menu bar icon (System - Spotlight). It also adds the ability to rebuild Mail's Envelope Index database. The Mail application uses the (SQLite) Envelope Index database to index and search messages. By rebuilding this database, issues concerning messages that appear incomplete or are missing can be corrected. This feature may also improve Mail's performance. Cocktail is a general purpose utility for OS X that lets users clean, repair and optimize their Mac. This version adds the ability to change standby delay, the ability to disable shadow in window captures, the ability to show the Debug menu in App Store and Photo Booth, and compatibility with the latest versions of supported web browsers. It also provides improvements on the clear system caches procedure and updated network optimization presets. Cocktail 5.6 (Lion...
Oct 08
Satechi releases the Smart Travel Router & Adapter
Satechi has released the Smart Travel Router & Adapter, which is targeted to business professionals, leisure travelers and backpackers. It's available now for an introductory price of US$44.99 at and . Featuring a compact, cube design, the Smart Travel Router & Adapter features four of the most common plug configurations able to fit electrical outlets in over 150 countries including US, Canada, China and most countries in Europe. The accessory doubles as a router able to convert a direct internet connection from a hotel or conference room into a private connection. It's also able to improve and extend the range of any existing Wi-Fi connection up to 100 feet. The Smart Travel Router & Adapter features an AC power port and a 2.1A USB port able to charge smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, handheld game consoles and more. It fits into just any suitcase, purse, backpack or carry-on.
Oct 08
Obama administration doesn't ban Samsung product import ban
Samsung is going to have to stop importing some models of its smartphones and tablets into the U.S. after President Obama's administration upheld a ban won by Apple in a patent-infringement dispute, reports "Bloomberg" ( "After carefully weighing policy considerations, including the impact on consumers and competition, advice from agencies, and information from interested parties, I have decided to allow" the import ban to proceed, Obama’s designee, U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman, said in a statement. The import ban is on a limited number of products. The ITC said newer models by Suwon, South Korea-based Samsung had worked around two Apple patents, which covered a multitouch feature and one for a sensor for headphone jacks.
Oct 08
WaterField introduces the Staad backpack
WaterField Designs has introduces the Staad, a new backpack designed "to flow easily from causal to professional office environments. Its stream-lined exterior and organized interior snugly secure a laptop and an iPad or tablet plus accessories. A World War II-era buckle -- once used to instantly access ammunition -- can be opened with a "quick flick." Padded interior pockets keep a laptop and tablet secure and the main compartment organized, while angled, zippered, side pockets stash small necessities like keys and an iPhone 5s. A quick-grab leather handle provides an additional carrying option. Neoprene cushioning and moisture-wicking material keep the wearer comfortable and dry, says Gary Waterfield, founder of Waterfield Designs. The Staad BackPack is available in two sizes: slim (US$319) and stout ($329). For more info go to .
Oct 08
SoundMatters releases Dash7 Bluetooth speaker
SoundMatters is shipping what it says is the world’s slimmest, lightest high-fidelity Bluetooth Speaker, the Dash7. It's a three-fourths inch high wireless pocket-portable Bluetooth soundbar and speakerphone with omnidirectional sound. It's small enough to slide into a purse or jacket pocket. The Dash7 features fifth generation twoofer and BassBattery and an angled stand for direct on-axis high resolution music. It's available in vibrant red, arctic white, and midnight black. The Dash7 has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of US$249. For more info go to .
Oct 08
Ergotron unveils new Sit-Stand Workstations, WorkFit
Ergotron Inc. has launched new sit-stand solutions for Apple computers. The WorkFit-A and WorkFit-P workstations with aluminum construction designed specifically to complement Mac desktops and laptops. The US$649 WorkFit-A Sit-Stand Workstation (pictured) mounts an iMac on an height-adjustable arm  and clamps to the back edge of an existing desk up to 31.5 inches deep; a grommet hole-mount base option is also included. It has one-touch motion with patented Constant Force technology, sit-stand height adjustment and a separate keyboard tray with tilt.             The $329 WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation is designed for the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The WorkFit-P attaches to the side or rear of an existing desk to create an adjustable sit-to-stand workstation; a grommet hole-mount base option is included as well. The unit holds up to 10 pounds and has a height adjustment range of 20 inches. For more info go to .
Oct 08
Brother introduces new multi-page scanners
Brother International Corp. has launched the ImageCenter ADS-1500W, the flagship model in their new series of compact scanners for small office/home office (SOHO) and small business users. The ADS-1500W has a compact footprint of 11.2 inches wide and 4.1 inches deep. Scanning features include simplex/duplex color scan speeds of up to 18 ppm (pages per minute), a 20-sheet capacity auto document feeder, and web connectivity. The ADS-1500W is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux systems. The ADS-1500W also includes new BR-Receipts software that enables users to scan receipts and then export receipt data to Microsoft Excel, Quickbooks software or Quicken software. In addition to the flagship model ADS-1500W (US$299),7 Brother will be also introducing the ADS-1000W ($249).7 Both are scheduled for release later this month. Go to for more info.
Oct 08
Apple to announce fourth quarter financial results on Oct. 28
Apple will announce its fiscal fourth quarter financial results on Monday, Oct. 28, at 2 p.m. (Pacific). Last quarter Apple reported earnings of US$6.9 billion in sales and $35.4 billion in total revenue. During the fiscal third quarter the company sold 31.2 million iPhones, 14.6 million iPads, and 3.8 million Macs.
Oct 08
Quay dock extender revved for Mavericks
Rainer Brockerhoff has announced Quay 1.1.5, an update to his system utility for OS X. The new version is ready for the upcoming OS X Mavericks. Quay extends the Dock's functionality, allowing the user to sort Stack menus in several useful ways, and see extra information for each item. Unlike the standard Dock, Quay always follows aliases or symbolic links, and works even with folders containing tens of thousands of items. A demo is available for download at . Registration is approximately US$9.50.
Oct 08
AppDelete now ready for Mavericks
Reggie Ashworth has announced AppDelete 4.1, a Mavericks update to his application deletion utility for Mac OS X. Via drag and drop, AppDelete will uninstall anything along with all of the associated items. With it you don't have to hunt through your system to find and delete these items manually. AppDelete requires Mac OS X 10.7 or higher. It costs US$7.99 for a single user license and be purchased at .
Oct 07
Remo Privacy Cleaner Free Edition for Mac OS X released
Remo Software has rolled out Remo Privacy Cleaner. It's a privacy app for protecting your privacy and cleaning unwanted junk from your Mac. Remo Privacy Cleaner features a "One Click Clean" solution that helps to permanently delete files, such as browser history, download history, cache, auto-complete forms, app junk, recent items, trash, search history and more, all in one simple click. This solution provides nine different erasing patterns to ensures complete security, says Remo Software CEO Omer Faiyaz. Remo Privacy Cleaner requires Mac OS X 10.7 or higher. An iOS version is in the works. For more info go to .
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