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Dec 06
[MD1] Fantasm 6 and LIDE 3 Public Testing
Lightsoft is pleased to announce the first public test versions of Fantasm 6 and LIDE 3. Fantasm 6 is a Macintosh assembly language development environment whilst LIDE 3 contains the same functionality plus the ability to build, manage and maintain C and C++ projects in conjunction with Apple's highly optimizing MrC and MrCpp compilers. More details and download can be found at Lightsoft Software (Tools), 55 Sidney Street, Grantham, Lincs. NG31 8AZ. U.K.
Dec 02
[NPL] Sonnet Announces G4 Upgrades for 6100/7100/8100 Power Macs
SONNET ANNOUNCES G4 UPGRADE FOR 6100, 7100, 8100 POWER MACS IRVINE, CALIFORNIA December 3, 1999. Sonnet Technologies, the worldwide market share leader in processor upgrade cards for Apple Macintosh computers, announces a 360 MHz G4 upgrade for 6100, 7100 and 8100 NuBus Power Macs. The Sonnet product is available immediately. For the first time, NuBus Power Mac owners can reap the benefits of G4 technology at an estimated US price of $599. The Crescendo G4/NuBus is rated at 360 MHz with 1M backside cache at a 2:1 ratio. The G4 processor will run at 360 in 40 MHz bus machines, such as the Power Mac 7100/80, 8100/80, and Power Computing Power 120. The G4 processor is limited to run at 9x bus speed, however, and the Crescendo G4/NuBus will run at 270, 300, and 330 MHz in 30, 33.3 and 36.7 MHz bus machines, respectively. The Sonnet Crescendo G4/NuBus includes Altivec Enabling software, complete Mac OS 9 Velocity Engine compatibility, Adobe Photoshop Altivec Plug-In Enabling software,...
Dec 02
[NPL] OTTool Version 1.1
New OTTool Version 1.1 OTTool is a free utility which provides a synopsis of the AppleTalk and IP configuration parameters within Apple Computer's Open Transport networking architecture. In addition, OTTool allows users on IP networks to make Domain Name Server (DNS) queries, ping devices using ICMP Pings, trace IP routes (UNIX traceroute), scan through ranges of IP addresses asking for resolutions, and to query a DNS for Mail Exchange and System Info. On MacOS PowerPC machines, it will also dump the IP ARP cache. We would like to hear your suggestions and comments regarding the software. Please send your feedback to What changed in OTTool since version 1.0? We received a lot of suggestions for improving OTTool from users. With version 1.1, we * added option to traceroute via ICMP, as well as UDP * added option to express ping timeouts in milliseconds, as well as seconds * recognized new Open Transport versions for MacOS 9 * fixed some minor bugs within traceroute and...
Dec 01
[NPL] Yatch 1.1
Elegant Chaos is pleased to announce the release of Yatch 1.1. Yatch is a plug-in which adds some new contextual menu commands to the Finder. These commands allow you to easily change the type and/or owner of a file. Version 1.1 fixes some bugs, adds the ability to lock, unlock, hide and show files, and adds the ability to operate on entire folders as well as individual files. download from: ( read more at: ( Sam Deane Elegant Chaos
Dec 01
[MD1] Macromedia Announces CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver
For Immediate Release MACROMEDIA ANNOUNCES COURSEBUILDER FOR DREAMWEAVER, THE SOLUTION FOR AUTHORING WEB-NATIVE LEARNING CONTENT Macromedia CourseBuilder Extends Dreamweaver 3 to Enable Rapid Creation of Online Learning Applications by Both Programmers and Non-Programmers San Francisco, California Dec. 1, 1999 Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced Macromedia(R) CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver(TM), a powerful extension application to Dreamweaver 3 for creating interactive Web-based learning applications. CourseBuilder enables professional Web developers and subject matter experts to quickly and cost-effectively author engaging training content in a visual environment, without requiring programming knowledge. Online learning is becoming critical in corporate environments, where improved learning, knowledge sharing and cost savings are driving implementations, said Pat Brogan, vice president of educational marketing for Macromedia. CourseBuilder provides an intuitive way to...
Dec 01
[MD1] Quesa - QuickDraw 3D on OpenGL
Quesa - QuickDraw 3D on OpenGL The Quesa development team is pleased to announce the latest development version of Quesa (0.0.9), which implements around 85% of the QD3D 1.6 API. Quesa now includes an OpenGL based rendering component, which will make it possible to develop QD3D applications for Mac OS on Mac OS X and beyond (QD3D was removed from Carbon earlier this year). Quesa is a high level 3D graphics library, released as Open Source under the LGPL, which implements Apple's QuickDraw 3D API on top of OpenGL. It supports both retained and immediate mode rendering, an extensible file format, plug-in renderers, a wide range of high level geometries, hierarchical models, and a consistent and object-orientated API. Quesa currently supports Mac OS, Linux, and Windows - ports to Be and Mac OS X are in progress. More information, including screenshots, can be found at the Quesa home page: (
Nov 30
[NPL] XLR8's USB Loadmeter
For Immediate Release: November 30, 1999 X L R 8 P R E S S R E L E A S E XLR8 INTRODUCES THE ICEVIEW HUB WITH USB LOADMETER 4-port Multi-powered USB expansion; XLR8's USB Loadmeter ensures optimal USB performance Atlanta, GA -Today, XLR8, the award-wining leader in Macintosh performance and peripherals, announced the latest addition to their USB peripheral device product line, the IceView Hub. In addition to adding four multi-powered USB ports, this "ice" colored hub offers an exclusive USB Loadmeter for monitoring port usage. The USB Loadmeter ensures that users get optimum performance from their USB devices, by providing valuable feedback that protects the user from overloading their USB controller. About The XLR8 IceView USB Hub The IceView Hub is a clear, USB device that offers an additional four USB ports. Key advantages of the IceView Hub include: - Mac USB 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, iBook and iMac compatible. - 4 USB expansion ports - users are able to expand the system ports four-fold...
Nov 29
[MD1] Aladdin Ships InstallerMaker 6.5
ALADDIN SHIPS INSTALLERMAKER 6.5 - NEW VERSION CREATES INSTALLERS THAT HELP INCREASE PRODUCT AWARENESS AND GAIN VALUABLE MARKETING DATA FOR DEVELOPERS Now Developers Can Easily Turn Applications Into Demoware, Plus Create Custom Registration Forms To Broaden Reach and Learn More About Their Customers Watsonville, CA - November 29, 1999 - Aladdin Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ BB: ALHI), today announced StuffIt InstallerMaker(tm) 6.5 is now available for download at ( InstallerMaker 6.5, the complete installation and data distribution standard, now allows developers to create installers that can expand their product distribution as well as gather applicable marketing information directly from their customers. New features include DemoMaker, which turns applications into demoware in minutes, an electronic registration card that can be customized to include marketing messaging,...
Nov 29
[NPL] TECSoft Announces Two New Introductory AppleScript...
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Nov 29
[MD1] MacHack 2000 Call for Papers
MacHack 2000 Call for Papers MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers c/o Expotech 1264 Bedford Road Grosse Point Park, MI 48230 Contact: Carol Lynn Mail (313) 882-1824 Thanksgiving has come and gone. Now it's that time of year again... Time to prepare for MacHack 2000. MacHack solicits and accepts papers on a wide variety of topics related to software development. For example, papers from the last few years include topics ranging from emulation, optimization, cross-platform development techniques, encryption and compression, anonymity in internet communications, 3-D GUIs, and exception-handling strategies, to a variety of object architectures. Each accepted paper is published in the MacHack Conference proceedings and included on the MacHack CD. Each author gives a 50-minute presentation on his paper during the conference. While there are no fixed limits, MacHack papers generally run from 8 to 16 pages (2000 to 4000 words). Authors are encouraged...
Nov 29
[NPL] iLiner: A Modern Outline Processor
(Nov 29, 1999) - Mercury Software today announced iLiner, a modern outline processor, sporting a bevy of Apple's latest technologies. iLiner is the first commercial product to support summarization across all applications using a system-wide contextual menu architecture (both Netscape 4.x and Explorer 4.x are supported). By fully supporting QuickTime 4.0, iLiner exports outlines directly to QuickTime 4.0 slide presentations , imports QuickTime 4.0 video streams in addition to over 20 different graphic file formats. iLiner uses AppleWorks XTND import/export architecture to drive outlines to other popular file formats such as MS Word. "We wanted to arm a traditional outline processor , says Mercury CTO Ian Shortreed, with the newest Apple technologies in order to reach back and bring more experienced Mac users forward, yet at the same time, fill a gap in productivity offerings for new Mac users". iLiner is available from either Mercury's web site at ( at $49....
Nov 25
[MD1] VOODOO Server 1.1.1
PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE UNI SOFTWARE PLUS GmbH Softwarepark Hagenberg A-4323 Hagenberg AUSTRIA email: www: VOODOO Server 1.1.1 - Version Control over the Internet using MacOS 9 Hagenberg, AUSTRIA, November-25-1999, UNI SOFTWARE PLUS GmbH is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new version 1.1.1 of their flagship version control tool VOODOO Server. The new release is a maintenance release which fixes some minor compatibility issues with Mac OS 9. In particular, connectivity over TCP/IP, one of the major new features of Mac OS 9, is now fully supported in VOODOO Server 1.1.1. "We are excited about the new features of Mac OS 9, especially the new connectivity over IP. With VOODOO Server 1.1.1 you can make good use of this new feature and perform your version control tasks over the Internet, regardless whether you are using VOODOO Server's CodeWarrior plug-in or your own...
Nov 25
[MD1] FileMaker Server 5 Ships
FileMaker Server 5 Now Available from FileMaker, Inc. Powerful database hosting software more than doubles number of FileMaker Pro 5 clients, increases number of files, and adds new easy-to-use administration GUI on Mac and Windows NT Servers SANTA CLARA, Calif. - November 29, 1999 - FileMaker, Inc. announced the immediate availability of FileMaker Server 5 (Worldwide English version), a powerful software application for hosting FileMaker Pro 5 databases. With increased FileMaker database hosting for up to 250 FileMaker Pro database clients (previously 100) and 125 open FileMaker Pro 5 files, FileMaker Server 5 meets the database needs of any workgroup for fast, secureable and scalable FileMaker Pro database hosting. The estimated U.S. retail price of FileMaker Server 5 is $999, and volume pricing is available under FileMaker volume license programs. Upgrades from prior versions of FileMaker Server are available at $499 (estimated retail price U.S). "Workgroups want to quickly...
Nov 24
[NPL] VSE Animation Maker Updates
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ANIMATION TOOLS NOW MAC OS 9 READY Germany, 24 November 1999. Voget Selbach Enterprises (VSE) released today updates to VSE Animation Maker, their GIF animation tool, and Kids Animation Maker, an animation application for children. VSE Animation Maker allows you to create GIF animations with an easy to use interface. Kids Animation Maker is aimed at younger Mac users to learn the basics of animation. Both applications are widely used in schools all over the world. The updates fix some minor issues with Mac OS 9. Also, the applications now support the VSE partner program which has started yesterday. Further information at: -) -) -) DOWNLOAD AND DISTRIBUTION VSE Animation Maker and Kids Animation Maker are shareware applications. They can be included free of charge on shareware CD-ROMs. Direct download links: -) http://vse-...
Nov 23
[NPL] ListSTAR 2.0 Available -- Free Upgrade
November 24, 1999 ListSTAR 2.0 Available -- Free Upgrade Please be advised the new ListSTAR 2.0 upgrade is now available to download for free from ( The new version of StarNine's list server software includes native support for PowerPC, the ability to use secondary IP addresses (allowing email servers like WebSTAR Mail or EIMS to run on the same machine), integrated ListSTAR Template scripts for easy script creation, and better compatibility with newer, PowerPC-native versions of AppleScript. Pricing and Availability Available at (, ListSTAR 2.0 is a free upgrade for all ListSTAR v1.x owners. ListSTAR 2.0 is available in SMTP-only, with support for older versions requiring separate mail servers now discontinued. ListSTAR/SMTP v1.x users upgrading to v2.0 can use their current serial numbers. Owners of all other versions of ListSTAR should call StarNine sales for serial number information. New copies of ListSTAR are currently available...
Nov 23
[NPL] MetaCreations Ships KPT 6
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE METACREATIONS ANNOUNCES LATEST MAJOR EDITION OF POWERFUL KPT PLUG-IN SERIES Newest Release in Adobe Photoshop Compatible Plug-In Series, MetaCreations KPT 6 Generates Spectacular Image Effects for Print and the Web Carpinteria, Calif., November 17, 1999 - MetaCreations Corporation announced today the release of KPT 6, the most recent version of the award-winning MetaCreations KPT series. This revolutionary series of Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-ins offers extraordinary creative image effects for print and the Web. KPT 6 provides professional graphic designers, digital artists and Web content developers unique and infinite creative possibilities to enhance digital content. KPT 6 features eight plug-ins and two bonus filters that extend and enhance the creative possibilities of Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts. "I've been using KPT filters for years," said Bryan Montford, Photoshop User Magazine. "The MetaCreations KPT series has become a cornerstone in my...
Nov 23
[NPL] Compendium of HTML Elements revision 8
Press Release The Compendium of HTML Elements Oxford on Rideau, Canada November 22, 1999. The Compendium of HTML Elements has again been updated, This time it is the release of revision 8. We had relesed the site to beta testing and now we are releasing it for general use. This release has taken almost a year to get to the point of release and revisions will continue to revision 8 for some time yet. The focus of this revision has been on the testing and reporting of browser behaviour. We've prepared more than 700 tests for readers to try on their systems and submit a questionnaire on the results they viewed on their systems. These results are then compiled and reported in a chart format on the Behaviour Report pages. For complete information see the Testing Documentation on the Main Menu page. The Compatibility Charts that previously resided on the Attribute Pages have been moved to their own pages and cross-linked to the Attribute Pages, Behaviour Reorts and the Behaviour Tests. This...
Nov 23
[MD1] Live Monitoring Of WebObjects Applications
From: John Brilhart ( Subject: NEWS: Live Monitoring Of WebObjects Applications We've made the first real-time and visual monitoring tool for WebObjects, called the "Client Signal Viewer". This tool is particularly applicable to large commercial web sites where performance and reliability are critical. Because of the high-scale nature of such a tool it is completely configurable and programmable. The Client Signal Viewer will be included on the next OpenGraph CD, which is due out momentarily. Additional details are found at: The Client Signal Viewer has undergone significant revisions due to feedback from many sources. Such feedback helps determine the feature set of our products. As such, I will appreciate your reporting this information to your readers and asking them to send any feedback or comments to or If you have further questions I will appreciate them by e-mail to John_Brilhart@vvi....
Nov 23
[NPL] VSE Be Found 1.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VSE BE FOUND IS NOW AVAILABLE IN VERSION 1.5 Web site promotion tool now supports 16 different countries Germany, 23 November 1999. The Macintosh web site promotion tool VSE Be Found is now available in version 1.5. It now supports 16 different countries. Furthermore, Voget Selbach Enterprises (VSE) released 10 whole new expansion kits which add more search engines to the basic version. VSE Be Found analyzes web pages and gives concrete tips on how to improve them to obtain a good ranking on search engines. Then it automatically submits the web page URL to popular search engines such as AltaVista, Excite, Lycos, etc. In contrast to other applications VSE Be Found supports more complex URL submissions to search engines that require to give details about categories, contact information etc. It also features a built-in FTP client. NEW IN VSE BE FOUND 1.5 The new version supports the new expansion kits and fixes an incompatibility with the Palm Desktop extension...
Nov 23
[MD1] TypeRighter Suite 1.2: Mac OS file type management...
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THE LIGHTNING FOUNDRY'S TYPERIGHTER SUITE UPDATED TO VERSION 1.2 Unique Mac OS file type management utilities ARBROATH, SCOTLAND - Tuesday 23 November 1999 - THE LIGHTNING FOUNDRY announces the release of the latest version of The TypeRighter Suite. The corner stone of The TypeRighter Suite is a contextual menu plug-in which allows you to manipulate the creator and type of any number of files selected within the finder. Utilising the power of Mac OS 8.x, and Internet Config, The TypeRighter Suite makes it easier for Macintosh users to open files downloaded from the Internet, or any cross-platform network. For Macintosh systems runnning System 7, the TypeRighter application is provided, giving similar functionality. What's New - Version 1.2 adds the ability set a file, or group of files, to be have the same creator and type information as a seperately chosen file. - Navigation Services savvy. Features - Automatically set the creator and type of a file,...
Nov 23
[MD1] Valentina Supports Purity's WebSiphon
Valentina Product Line to Support Purity Software's WebSiphon Development Tool November 23, 1999. Beaverton, Oregon -- Paradigma Software and Purity Software announced today a strategic development agreement that will result in the release of a Valentina database solution for WebSiphon. Under terms of the agreement, Paradigma Software will develop Valentina for WebSiphon, a powerful add-on library for the WebSiphon web development environment. Valentina for WebSiphon will allow users of Purity Software's WebSiphon to interact with and deploy Valentina databases with their WebSiphon applications. Valentina for WebSiphon will be available in a value added bundle directly from the Purity Software online store, as well as through domestic and international distributors of Paradigma products. "Valentina for WebSiphon is a perfect match for users desiring speed and power beyond flat file or desktop database solutions but aren't yet in need of an expensive, large-scale dedicated DBMS. By...
Nov 23
[NPL] MoniSwitchUSB
For Immediate Release Dr. Bott MoniSwitchUSB Now Shipping Portland, OR - November 22, 1999 Dr. Bott LLC announces that MoniSwitchUSB is now shipping. ( Dr. Bott has taken their experience with the original ADB MoniSwitch and created MoniSwitchUSB. MoniSwitchUSB is a Mac friendly KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) switch that allows the use of a monitor and USB peripherals with multiple USB capable computers including Macs and PCs. * Support for both Mac & PC monitors. * Looks and works great with new G4s! * Available for 2 or 4 computers. * Includes all necessary USB and super premium video cables! * PCI Kit available for beige Macs. * Lighted LED indicates selected computer at a glance. * Compatible with Windows 98, Mac OS and other operating systems that support USB. * iMoniSwitchUSB allows use of iMac built-in monitor, keyboard and mouse with up to 3 other Macs or PCs. Pricing: MoniSwitch2USB retails for $139, MoniSwitch4USB retails for $199...
Nov 22
[MD1] 4D Open for Java Enters Beta
ACI US news for immediate release Contacts ACI US Marketing ACI US Engineering Jim Staples Jr. Raymond Manley 800-881-3466 x4609 800-881-3466 x4695 November 22, 1999. San Jose, CA. 4D Open for Java Enters Beta ACI US, Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension (4D) RAD/RDBMS Environment, today announced their new product, 4D Open for Java, has been released for Beta testing. 4D Partners may download the Beta from ACIUS ' Partner Web Site. 4D Open is the API for the 4th Dimension environment, and the new 4D Open for Java classes enable Java developers to create powerful Java-based clients for accessing 4D Server. In addition to basic data manipulation and queries, 4D Open for Java equips developers with tools to: create multiple client processes, launch a process on another client connected to 4D Server, execute a stored procedure on 4D Server, create record sets, roll-back transactions, set READ/WRITE...
Nov 22
[NPL] WebSonar Version 3
Nov 23, 1999, Midlothian, Virginia Virginia Systems announces upgrades to it's Sonar Image, Sonar Professional and WebSonar document management products! ( Contact: Philip Van Cleave Virginia Systems, Inc. (804) 739-3200/FAX: (804) 739-8376 Email: New Features added in WebSonar Version 3! Central Index Option: A single master index can be created for thousands of folders on multiple volumes, providing phenomenal search speeds. It also allows write-protected media like CD's to be indexed by placing the master index on the server's hard drive. Oracle Support: Text files stored in large Oracle databases can now be indexed and searched. Name Translation: Files can be dynamically renamed during indexing. This is useful for Oracle files, where the file names are numeric. With name translation, these files can be assigned more meaninful names transparently. Additional Scripting Support: Indexing and searching can now be...
Nov 22
[NPL] Drop Drawers 1.1 Beta Release
Subject: Drop Drawers 1.1 Beta Release From: Gideon Greenspan ( Sig Software is proud to announce the public beta of version 1.1 of Drop Drawers. In the 7 weeks since its release, Drop Drawers 1.0 has gained significant praise including the "Download Spotlight" on Download.Com and MacFormat magazine's "Best on Test". Version 1.1 adds many new features, including a new interface for all options, designed in response to user feedback. The most revolutionary addition is the ability to copy the current selection into a drawer using a definable key, and to paste drawer items into the current application using a definable key-press or mouse-click. Other new features include configurable keys to expand or contract drawers and activate drawer items, full control over single-, double- and command-click actions, optional password protection of drawers (using RC-5), extended arranging options and full-size picture viewing. The beta is unrestricted, but expires on December 8th...
Nov 21
[MD1] GL4Java version
From: (gerard ziemski) (by way of Nick DeMello) Subject: [ANN] GL4Java version Macintosh port of GL4Java based on version 2.1.2.x is now available. GL4Java is an OpenGL binding for Java. It was originally written by JauSoft for Unix and Windows. I simply ported it to Macintosh. GL4Java is released under GNU Library General Public License. The source code with sample programs is provided. You can download GL4Java here: ( gerard ziemski (
Nov 16
[MD1] REALbasic 2.1a23
November 16, 1999 REAL Software is pleased to announce the latest development release of REALbasic: 2.1a23. These alpha releases are for testing purposes only and are not considered the current release of REALbasic. Projects saved in alpha releases of 2.1 cannot be opened in REALbasic 2.0.2. You should not use alpha releases for mission-critical development. There is a specific mailing list hosted at REAL Software for discussing the alpha testing releases: Subscribe to this list by sending an email containing "subscribe realbasic-dr" (without the quotes) to: Key: [Opt] = Optimization [Bug] = Bug Fix [New] = New Feature [Chg] = Changes Previous Functionality a23 notes: [Bug] Win32 now supports keyboard objects. The key codes are mapped directly from the Mac "Extended Keyboard Layout". The following is a list of keys which have mappings which aren't necessarily obvious: Option = Alt, Command = Windows, Help = Insert, Clear = Num Lock, F13...
Nov 16
[NPL] StuffIt Deluxe 5.1.5 Update
ALADDIN SHIPS NEW MAC OS 9 COMPATIBLE VERSIONS OF STUFFIT DELUXE - STUFFIT DELUXE 5.1.5 UPDATE AND STUFFIT DELUXE 5.5 UPGRADE NOW AVAILABLE StuffIt Deluxe 5.1.5 Update, Provides FREE Mac OS 9 Compatibility To StuffIt Deluxe 5.x Customers; StuffIt Deluxe 5.5 Upgrade Also Gives Mac OS 9 Compatibility And Much More... Watsonville, CA - November 16, 1999 -Aladdin Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ BB: ALHIE) today released free Mac OS(R) 9 compatible updates for registered StuffIt(R) 5.0- 5.1 customers. The Mac OS 9 compatibility is also available in the latest StuffIt 5.5 upgrade, also released today. StuffIt Deluxe 5.1.5 has been tested extensively under Mac OS(R) 9.0 (and earlier) operating systems. The 5.1.5 update for StuffIt Deluxe simply provides support for Mac OS 9.0 and includes the most current version of StuffIt Expander, version 5.5. Aladdin's latest upgrade, StuffIt Deluxe 5.5, offers many new features as well as, Mac OS 9...
Nov 15
[MD1] CPLAT RADTools / Resource Editor version 2.0
From: Ken ( Subject: CPLAT RADTools / Resource Editor version 2.0 ksoft is pleased to announce the availability of CPLAT RADTools / Resource Editor Version 2.0. WHAT IS CPLAT RADTools / Resource Editor? The CPLAT RADTools / Resource editor is a tool that combined with the CPLAT cross-platform framework allows for the visual layout of your program and resources. You can layout your windows and other UI elements such as dialogs and alerts. You can then have the RADTool generate the source/header and project files necessary for project creation. In addition a defines header file is created for all visual elements used, so you don't have to remember between the UI layout program and your code what your references to an element are when laying it out. In addition this tool allows for the importing of existing resources, such as menus, icons, pictures, etc. and the ability to convert and edit them. You can then generate the equivalent resource for both MacOS and Windows....
Nov 15
[MD1] CPLAT version 2.0
From: Ken ( Subject: CPLAT version 2.0 released ksoft is pleased to announce the availability of CPLAT Version 2.0. WHAT IS CPLAT? CPLAT is an easy-to-use low cost C++ cross-platform framework for developing applications for the MacOS and Windows from a single source code base. CPLAT provides a complete set of classes for mangement of C++ cross-platform applications including documents, files, user interface elements, tables and more. In addition CPLAT uses STL for its containers so you get the full benefit of STL algorithms and iterators. CPLAT currently supports Codewarrior and VC++, and is Applescriptable/recordable and Carbon compliant (MacOS). CPLAT also includes a RADTool / Resource editor for rapid application development of your app and the ability to edit your resources once and have them converted between MacOS and Windows. HOW MUCH IS IT? CPLAT with CPLAT RADTools / Resource Editor currently costs $50 per developer, with a site license for 7 or more copies for...
Nov 15
[NPL] Syslogd 2.1.4
This is the final release of Syslogd 2.1.4. This release has been fully tested with Mac OS 9, but does not take advantage of any specific OS 9 technologies. A future release of Syslogd will take advantage of OS 9 technologies when Apple releases the final version of the OS 9 SDK. There have been some major changes in the System requirements with this release. Syslgod 2.1.4 requires a PowerMacintosh and System 7.5.3 as the minimum system version. For network support, OpenTransport 1.1.1 is the minimum. For further information on these changes see ( The update can be downloaded directly from ( or from the Syslogd homepage at ( Changes in 2.1.4: - -Incoming network messages are now validated. - -Fixed a bug in Syslogd that would cause the last character of messages not terminated with a line-feed to be...
Nov 15
[NPL] EnScrypt 2.0
November 15, 1999. Highwinds Trading Company is pleased to announce EnScrypt 2.0, freeware cryptography for Macintosh scripting environments. It gives Macintosh cryptographers and developers what they need to easily build digital signatures, secure passwords, and other sophisticated security tools. EnScrypt is part of a series of software products for both the developer and the consumer which concentrate on the functional area of security. Version 2.0 combines EnScrypt with FreeBees(tm) into a single suite of utilities. We've also increased the key strength of the freeware version from 24 bits to 40 bits and removed all the demo time-out limitations. Download EnScrypt at FTP:// See HTTP:// for more information.
Nov 15
[NPL] DoorStop Firewall, Personal Edition
OPEN DOOR NETWORKS SHIPS THE DOORSTOP PERSONAL FIREWALL SECURITY SUITE UPGRADES, WHITE PAPER ROUND OUT SECURITY OFFERINGS ASHLAND, OR. -- November 15, 1999 -- Open Door Networks Inc., the developer of Mac OS 9's Internet File Sharing, today announced that it had begun shipping its DoorStop Firewall, Personal Edition. DoorStop Personal is an easy to use, end-user version of Open Door's powerful server firewall software, specifically focused on protecting Mac OS 9's new Internet services. Open Door also announced upgrades to its Security Suites for Macintosh servers and a white paper on Mac OS 9 Internet security, rounding out its Mac OS security offerings. DoorStop Personal Edition, which runs on Macs back to Mac OS 8.1, is an important security enhancement for any Mac that is connected to the Internet for long periods of time, for instance through a cable or DSL modem or an intranet. Although the Mac OS is one of the most secure, today's increasingly popular permanent connections, in...
Nov 15
[MD1] New Japanese version of VOODOO ensures Mac OS 9...
VOODOO products are available through DevDepot (,, Toll free: 800-MACDEV-1, Outside US/Canada: 805-494-9797, Fax: 805-494-9798.
Nov 15
[NPL] ToolDaemon 2.0
TOOLDAEMON November 15, 1999, Plainevaux, Belgium. DouWere ( is pleased to announce ToolDaemon version 2.0. ToolDaemon 1.0 from DouWere enabled your Mac OS computer to be remotely accessed by authorized users, from any platform, through any Telnet client... This new version adds major security features, including login feedback, timeouts, and increased delays for avoiding malicious trial-and-error login attempts. Indeed, your Mac OS computer becomes a true multi-threaded, multi-user environment, where logged users can simultaneously take *any* action on the system. "I wanted to tell you how great I think ToolDaemon is. I realized after only a few minutes how unbelievably powerful it is.", said John Pratt, discovering version 2. Unique features -- Benefits ToolDaemon is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to control a networked Macintosh remotely, from a UNIX system, a Windows PC or even a PDA. ToolDaemon can also be used on AppleShare IP servers, to...
Nov 12
[MD1] StuffIt 5 Exceeds 2.1 million
ALADDIN'S STUFFIT EXPANDERS EXCEED 2.1 MILLION DOWNLOADS JUST FROM THE ALADDIN SYSTEMS, INC. WEB SITE Watsonville, CA - November 12, 1999 - Aladdin Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ BB: ALHIE), announced today that within 12 months of the StuffIt(r) 5 format release there have been over 2,151,000 downloads of the Windows and Macintosh Expanders from the Aladdin Systems Web site: ( This count doesn't include the millions of Expanders downloaded from other popular Internet download sites as well as those distributed with Apple's Mac OS. Aladdin's Expanders, popular Internet compression access freeware, soared over two million downloads in less than 12 months since their initial release. StuffIt Expander(tm) is the Macintosh standard decompression tool and is quickly emerging in the Windows market as Aladdin Expander(tm), because of its ease-of-use, cross-platform and access capabilities. Expander, part of the...
Nov 12
[MD1] DICOM Import Component v1.0.3 for QuickTime
Escape Information Services is pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 1.0.3 of its DICOM Import Component for QuickTime. The importer works on both Mac and Windows, and lets QuickTime-aware applications import medical images that conform to the DICOM standard. The product currently supports a wide subset of the DICOM standard, such as: - single and multiple image files - compressed (lossy & lossless JPEG; RLE) and uncompressed - indexed and direct, monochrome and RGB, 8 & 16 bit pixel depth Moreover, the following useful features are available: - conversion of multi-frame DICOM files to QuickTime movies - individual access of frames in multi-frame files (if the calling application supports it) - URL importing of DICOM files - embedding of DICOM images in web browsers Information, including download URLs can be found on our website: ( Release notes 1.0.3: -------------------- 1. Expanded image data variant support to include the...
Nov 09
[MD1] Apple Previews New QuickTime Technologies
Apple Previews New QuickTime Technologies QuickTime 4 Downloads Soar Past 20 Million QUICKTIME LIVE!, LOS ANGELES-Nov. 9, 1999-During the kick-off keynote today at the first-ever QuickTime Live! conference, Apple previewed new QuickTime 4.1 and QuickTime Streaming Server 2 technologies. Apple also announced that more than 20 million copies of its QuickTime 4 software and more than 50,000 copies of its Apple Open Source Streaming Server have been downloaded since April. "The adoption rates of QuickTime 4 and QuickTime Streaming Server have been phenomenal," said Phil Schiller, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. "New e-commerce and ad insertion features that we demonstrated today will set QuickTime even further apart from the pack." QuickTime 4.1 will feature enhanced functionality, including seamless ad insertion; improved firewall navigation; AppleScript support for easy digital media creation and streaming; and support of synchronized multimedia integrated...
Nov 09
[MD1] Save HyperCard page
From: Seth Willits ( Subject: Save HyperCard The Save HyperCard page has been updated to include information that the petition will be sent to Apple soon, and someone suggested that we notify all the major Mac sites to spread the word so that folks who haven't signed it yet will know they should do so now. Well that's what I'm doing, spreading the word. If you can, please post a message on your homepage or a small link to the Save HyperCard page at: Sincerely, Seth Willits
Nov 09
[NPL] Startup Doubler 2.5
Nov 9, 1999: Startup Doubler 2.5 is now available for downloading from Startup Doubler makes for quicker startups: Its software acceleration compensates for sub-optimal disk performance to make extensions, control panel, the Finder and startup applications load faster. Save time each time you startup your Mac! Those seconds spent waiting while your Mac starts add up to a lot of time. Startup Doubler usually makes startups 20% to 50% faster, depending on the performance of your startup disk and the number of Extensions, Control Panels and Startup Items in your System. Version 2.5, released today, adds support for Mac OS 9.0 and improves performance when a large number of extensions or startup items are used. Also enhanced is the program's capability to self-adjust to each system for best results. Startup Doubler runs on Mac OS 9.0 and previous versions (going back to System 7.0), and supports multiple extension sets. It is shareware, so you can try it for free then...
Nov 08
[NPL] Lasso Studio for Dreamweaver
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 8, 1999 BLUE WORLD ANNOUNCES SUPPORT FOR MACROMEDIA DREAMWEAVER 3 WITH LASSO STUDIO FOR DREAMWEAVER New solution to provide amazingly rich yet easy to use Web application development environment--entirely within Macromedia Dreamweaver 3 Bellevue, WA--November 8, 1999--Blue World Communications, Inc.--pioneers of the Web Data Engine--today announced that the forthcoming Lasso Studio for Macromedia Dreamweaver will operate exclusively with the recently announced Macromedia Dreamweaver 3. Lasso Studio for Dreamweaver--currently in private beta testing--provides a complete Web application development environment for rapidly building sophisticated database-driven Web applications. Lasso Studio for Dreamweaver will offer the first comprehensive solution for building robust dynamic Web applications entirely within Dreamweaver, a leading website authoring solution from Macromedia, Inc. "New and current customers who have seen demonstrations of Lasso Studio for...
Nov 08
[NPL] Dreamweaver 3 Fireworks 3 Studio
MACROMEDIA ANNOUNCES THE DREAMWEAVER 3 FIREWORKS 3 STUDIO New Versions of Tightly Integrated, Market-Leading Products Enable Team Collaboration And Streamline Web Site Design And Production San Francisco, California November 8, 1999 Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced the Dreamweaver 3 Fireworks 3 Studio, the complete solution for professional Web site design and production. The studio combines new versions of Dreamweaver, Macromedia's market-leading professional Web authoring environment, with Fireworks, the complete solution for Web graphics development. The studio leverages tight integration between the products, enabling developers to increase their productivity. Both the studio and stand-alone versions of the products are expected to ship in December. Today's Web sites are increasingly mission-critical and are being produced by larger development teams. Production teams need solutions that integrate with all their Web development software to increase their...
Nov 08
[NPL] Flex-able 1.0: Toolset for WebSTAR Web Servers
For Immediate Release NET.DREAMS SHIPS NEW "FLEX-ABLE" EXTENSIBILITY TOOLSET FOR WEBSTAR-API SERVERS -- Easily Add HTTP Upload of Multiple Files and Forms Processing -- ROHNERT PARK, Calif., November 8, 1999 -- Net.Dreams today announced the immediate availability of Flex-able 1.0, a new extensibility toolset for WebSTAR Web servers. Flex-able makes it easy to implement a variety of add-on capabilities such as file uploading, form processing, form-to-email processing, counters, rotation, redirection and string functions. Now available for any W*API-compatible Web server, such as WebSTAR, WebTen, and AppleShare IP, Flex-able is priced at $299 directly from ( "Flex-able lets you extend your WebSTAR server to do a lot of things with form data," explained C.J. Holmes, president of Net.Dreams. "It's easy to use, giving you all kinds of tools in minutes from mail processing to uploading multiple files at once to HTML rotation. Flex-able is a little Swiss army...
Nov 08
[NPL] Troi Grabber Plug-in 1.2 for FileMaker Pro 5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Troi Automatisering releases Troi Grabber Plug-in 1.2 for FileMaker Pro 5 New ready-to-use Plug-in lets wide array of cameras grab images directly into FileMaker Pro 5 databases. Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands, November 8, 1999--Troi Automatisering today announced the release of Troi Grabber Plug-in 1.2, for FileMaker Pro 5 both on Mac OS and Windows. This cross platform plug-in gives FileMaker Pro the ability to grab a picture from a video input source and to place it into a container field. The plug-in can grab the images directly into FileMaker Pro without the need of a separate application. Peter Baanen, company president, states that "This plug-in had to be tweaked a little for FileMaker Pro 5. We are very proud to announce that now all our 9 plug-ins work flawlessly with FileMaker 5. And as a bonus we added support for Windows and added new features." New sophisticated rotate and crop functions The Troi Grabber Plug-in 1.2 is now even better suited...
Nov 08
[NPL] Free UpdateAgent with FontAgent
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Rio Sabadicci Insider Software 760-804-9900 INSIDER'S MILLENNIUM SPECIAL KEEPS SOFTWARE UP-TO-DATE FOR FREE Free Updating Service Through 2000 with Every FontAgent License November 8, 1999 [Carlsbad, CA] Insider Software today announced its "Get Ready" offer to keep Macintosh users software and fonts in top shape through the year 2000. With every purchase of an Insider FontAgent 8 CD, users get a free $50 subscription to Insider UpdateAgent that runs all the way through next December. The special offer teams the industry-leading utility for font repair and management with the most complete Internet update service for Macintosh software, and is available through December 31, 1999 from Insider's web site at ABOUT FONTAGENT 8 FontAgent is the ultimate tool for maintaining, repairing and organizing Macintosh fonts. It enables users to check for corrupt fonts, unnecessary point sizes, duplicate fonts, partial...
Nov 08
[MD1] Tape: Making Application Packages
MESA, Arizona, -- November 7 -- Public Access Software today officially released version 1.0 of its latest software endeavor called "Tape". Tape is a new Mac OS application that will allow software developers to quickly and easily create application "packages" for use on Mac OS 9.0. Using simple Drag 'n' Drop techniques anyone can turn a folder of related files into an application package. Tape handles the creation of a relative alias pointing to the "main" file in the package and correctly sets the folder's Finder Info flags to be recognized as a package under Mac OS 9. Tape can also optionally scan the target folder for mistakes in formatting such as multiple alias files at the top most level. The Tape package also includes the "BoxCutter" Contextual Menu Module which can remove the package setting from any appropriate folder independent of Tape and Mac OS 9.0. Tape requires a PowerPC-based Mac OS computer running Mac OS 8.5 (or older with Navigation Services available). BoxCutter...
Nov 08
[MD1] Valentina Database Line, Release 1.6
Valentina Database Line Enhanced with 1.6 Release November 6, 1999. Beaverton, Oregon. Paradigma Software announced an upgrade to its Valentina database technology, adding new features to its core technology and added power for users of its developer kits. Version 1.6 of the Valentina database core technology adds enhancements over its release 1.5 for use of database cursors and use of SQL. Version 1.6 increases performance of using database cursors and allows each cursor to exist in its own independent memory space. Version 1.6 also adds support for two additional SQL commands. Since its 1.0 release, all Valentina products have gained speed and performance enhancements in working with different file types and importing data, as well as many fixes. A list of all updates and enhancements is available on the Paradigma Software Web Site. The technology upgrade appears in all Valentina database products: Valentina 1.6, the scriptable database management system. Database designers or...
Nov 04
[NPL] Proteron's N2MP3 Compatible w/Mac OS 9
For Immediate Release: November 4, 1999 Omaha, Nebraska USA - Proteron, LLC today announced an update to N2MP3, its industry leading Macintosh MP3 encoder. The latest release of Proteron's highly acclaimed encoder addresses compatibility with Apple's Mac OS 9 and improves support for Escient's CDDB(R). It is a free download for all users available immediately at: Since its introduction two months ago, N2MP3 has moved quickly to the top of the Macintosh MP3 market. (MPPP) rated N2MP3 5 Stars for its quality and ease of use. In separate independent reviews, N2MP3 was rated both the fastest and highest quality MP3 encoder for the Mac, making it a clear choice for users looking to digitize their music collection. In another review N2MP3 received high acclaim for its powerful ease of use, making it an easy pick for newcomers to MP3. N2MP3's key features include: - Seamless Finder integrated Copy-to-MP3 from audio CDs - High quality, fast MP3 encoding with...
Nov 04
[NPL] Fantom Drives AnnouncesFireStormProduct Line
Fantom Drives Announces FireStorm Product Line FireWire Based Data Storage for G3, G4, and iMacDV LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - November 4, 1999 - Fantom Drives today unveiled their new product line of FireWire based storage products, FireStorm. The perfect solution for data-storage intensive creative-content and multimedia applications, FireStorm products work seamlessly with Apple's new iMacDV and Power Macintosh G4 computers, along with all FireWire capable "Beige" and "Blue & White" Power Macintosh G3 computers. Scheduled to ship before Thanksgiving, FireStorm Hard Disk Drives are the perfect companion to Apple's iMacDV with Final Cut Pro. Proudly continuing the tradition of high quality drive assemblies that are standard in their SCSI and USB based products, Fantom Drives has built the FireStorm Hard Disk Drive product line around high quality 5,400RPM and 7,200RPM drives from industry-leader IBM. Fantom Drives has also chosen to bundle CharisMac Engineering's Anubis Formatting...
Nov 03
[NPL] BeatWare-E-motion
BeatWare announced ePicture, their web animation and graphics software tool, this past July at Macworld (Mac OS only), and as a result won MacWorld's Best of Show for graphics. They beat out Adobe and Macromedia...that says quite a lot. Well now, BeatWare plans on doing it again, this time at MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. But to get the news out there, we are going to give advanced briefings before and at in New Orleans. The new ePicture will contain all the old capabilities and incorporate tons of new functions and will also now work on another popular OS besides the Mac. We strongly believe that BeatWare has come up with one of the most innovative and powerful graphics tools on the market today-definitely at this low price point. So let's set up a time for you to talk to BeatWare's executives. Would Deceber 6th or 7th work for you at 10:00am? Let me know. If you are going to be attending the show, let me know and we can set up a time for you to meet at the...
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