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Jun 13
AUGSOFT delivers ODBC support for REALbasic
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JUNE 13, 2002 AUGSOFT delivers ODBC support for REALbasic August Software today delivered ODBC.NET, a free ODBC plug-in for the popular REALbasic cross-platform development environment by REAL Software. ODBC.NET works with August Software's ODBC Router to make all of the SQL data sources found in the ODBC control panel of a Windows Server available for use by REALbasic. Using ODBC.NET, REALbasic applications on MacOS, MacOS X and Windows may interact with Windows, UNIX and mainframe data without per-desktop ODBC control panels, drivers or database-revision-specific libraries. Available now at, the new ODBC.NET plug-in may be used in combination with MS-Access, IBM DB/2, mySQL, all versions of ORACLE, Pick/Universe, SQLServer, SYBASE and many others. ODBC.NET supports exiting ODBC Router solutions available from US$99 to US$2319 based on concurrent usage as well as a new REALbasic-only edition of ODBC Router that supports unlimited ODBC.NET sessions...
Jun 13
mp3voodoo 2.0 beta
We are proud to announce a new public beta of our MP3 catalogging system mp3voodoo for the Apple Macintosh. mp3voodoo organizes your MP3 collection - "May I *show* you my MP3 collectio= n?" mp3voodoo lets you catalog MP3 files in albums and titles and has the special ability to attach cover pictures to albums. As in real life you are able to browse your collection by eye. All information is stored in a powerful database and can be displayed by albums, covers or titles in a user configurable structures (e.g. show by decade - artist). mp3voodoo uses Quicktime or controls a 3rd party mp3 player (not under OSX) to play titles directly out of collections or previously created playlists. The version published today fixes many bugs and comes much closer to the final version. mp3voodoo is available now as Carbon version for 35 USD - as long as the software is not registered, playing is interrupted sometimes and a splash screen is shown at startup time. Direct download link (3.3 MB) http://www...
Jun 13
UnCoverIt 1.4
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE UnCoverIt 1.4 released GERMANY, 13 June 2002 - Shareware author Ilja A. Iwas today released UnCoverIt 1.4, an update to his popular label creating software for the Macintosh. The update is free to registered owners of UnCoverIt 1.3. UnCoverIt 1.4 was preceeded by eleven public beta versions. NEW TO VERSION 1.4: Using UnCoverIt 1.4, users can now completly customize cover layouts and save them as templates for later use. A new Cover Assistant guides novice UnCoverIt user throught the process of creating new covers. Audio covers can be created from iTunes playlists and AIFF files, too. UnCoverIt now runs Mac OS 8.6 and up, including Mac OS X, using Apples Carbon technology. UnCoverIt 1.3.3 will remain available for users with older versions of the Mac OS. FEATURE OVERVIEW: UnCoverIt is a shareware application that automatically generates labels for different kinds of storage medias. Unlike other label printing applications you don't have to enter the name of the...
Jun 13
BESTCapture Plug-in v1.0 for REALbasic Developers
June 13, 2002 - BEST Software Design announces the release of BESTCapture Plug-in v1.0. BESTCapture Plug-in enables REALbasic developers to quickly and easily add audio and video features to their applications. Whether you need single image capture, audio recording, or full blown video capture, BESTCapture Plug-in can meet your needs! Compare it to similar products and find out why our customers prefer BESTCapture Plug-in for its features and value.
Jun 13
24U has released 24U Appearance OSAX 1.2.2 for Mac OS
Thursday, June 13, 2002 Today, 24U s.r.o. is introducing an update of known scripting addition 24U Appearance OSAX. New version 1.2.2. for MacOS! Still as easy to use as "display dialog" but much more powerful! 24U Appearance OSAX - A high standard of effective user communication! 24U Appearance OSAX gives AppleScript the features you always missed to communicate with user. It will let you pop-up alerts, display dialogs, open floating text message windows, show progress indicators, and post all kinds of notifications. OSAX will be utilized particularly by those users of the AppleScript in the MacOS system who: - have a high standard of communication with a user - are able to utilize more features than a standard "display dialog" can offer - prefer simple and easily understandable application - expect of their computer to improve the quality of their work and at the same time to save their valuable time Besides others, a new update to the version 1.2.2 for MacOS offers: - A new...
Jun 13
Tenon's WEBmail and WEBcalendar for Mac OS X
New WEBmail and WEBcalendar for Mac OS X Santa Barbara, CA, June 13, 2002. Tenon Intersystems announced today that iTools 6.5, its web server package for Apple's Mac OS X, includes a new version of WEBmail and a WEBcalendar. Tenon's iTools anytime, anywhere WEBmail enables users to access email, via POP or IMAP, from any device running a browser. WEBmail 5.1 is fully customizable, for rebranding and localization, and can be hand-tailored with unique logos and banner advertising on a virtual host-by-virtual host basis. Tenon's iTools WEBmail was developed by EMUmail, Inc. (, a widely respected vendor of web-based mail systems. The new WEBmail 5.1 lets users choose between several "skins" to change the look and feel of the product. Other WEBmail features include: multiple attachments, address books with import and export capabilities, user definable folders, outbox for sent messages, real-time SPAM filtering, customizable tag line for site branding, blind...
Jun 12
Cityview Software Announces the Release of AppBeat 1.3
Cityview Software Announces the Release of AppBeat(TM) 1.3 AppBeat now supports many new features including Mach-O support for Mac OS X FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DALY CITY, Calif., June 6, 2002 -- Cityview Software announces version 1.3 of AppBeat. New features include: - Mach-O support for OS X using either STABS or xSYM debugging information - Full thread support without code changes - Objective-C support - Memory leak scanning to report orphaned memory blocks - Functions for integrating AppBeat's memory reporting within your own custom memory allocator. AppBeat is a powerful and innovative utility for Macintosh developers. It enables programmers to examine exactly what is going on inside their application as it executes. Using AppBeat's real-time profiler, programmers can see the profile results as the application runs. This lets programmers interact with the application to locate exactly where performance bottlenecks are located. In addition, AppBeat provides a...
Jun 12
Dr. Bott ships iCase12 & iCase12 Plus, ultimate iBook...
For Immediate Release Portland, OR - June 12, 2002 Dr. Bott ships iCase12 and iCase12 Plus, the ultimate carry case for iBook. ( iCase12 offers unsurpassed safety in transporting Apple's 12" iBook. It takes all your computing on the go needs into account offering storage for AC power, spare battery, iPod, CDs and more. The iCase12 Plus incorporates a carry strap and black side bag that provides room for important papers and extra hardware. iCase 12's Lift-O-matic feet and removable top allow for comfortable use of the iBook without removing it from the case. "We have to admit that the success of TiCase, our high end case for the Titanium PowerBook surprised us. Soon after releasing TiCase the calls started coming in for a similar case for the iBook. iCase12 is exactly what our customers have been demanding." said Eric Prentice, CEO of Dr. Bott LLC. "It provides the ultimate in security while being functional and elegant."...
Jun 11
Macworld Best of Show entries now being accepted
Macworld Best of Show entries now being accepted The Macworld Best of Show awards have become a Macworld Expo tradition, with the editors of Macworld and MacCentral recognizing the latest and greatest products in the Mac market. Entries for the upcoming July show are now being accepted. To qualify for an award, the product must be getting its first widespread public showing at Macworld Expo New York. We'll pick 10 to 15 new hardware and software products that we believe will draw significant interest on the show floor or will otherwise have a major impact on Mac users. We must have an opportunity to see the product in action and while there is no formal deadline for entry, the more opportunity we have to look at a product, the better. To have your product considered, please send an email to Jim Dalrymple ( with "Macworld Best of Show" as the subject and we can make the necessary arrangements. We also invite you to tell us about your activities at Macworld...
Jun 11
macility PopChar X 1.1
PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE macility PopChar X 1.1 available Hagenberg, June-11-2002, ergonis software today announced the immediate availability of PopChar X 1.1, the Mac OS X sibling of the highly acclaimed PopChar Pro. The update incorporates several new features, as well as fixes for various reported issues. In particular, this version fixes the "Start at Login" problem and makes the "P box" moveable. A detailed list of changes included in this update is available on the company's web site: PopChar X 1.1 is a recommended update for all PopChar X 1.0 and 1.0.1 customers. The upgrade is free for all registered users of previous versions of PopChar X. The new version can be downloaded from: More information on PopChar X is available from: About PopChar X PopChar X the Mac OS X sibling of the highly acclaimed PopChar Pro. PopChar X makes "...
Jun 11
MemoryStick 1.1
MemoryStick provides a graphical display of your physical RAM usage under Mac OS X. This new version (1.1) adds an indication of how many swapfiles you have, and a Dock icon that graphs RAM usage dynamically so you don't need MemoryStick's window; plus, all colors are now user-configurable. Freeware. 144K download. ( m. matt neuburg, phd =, This email sent as using Mac OS X!
Jun 11
FontAgent X 10.1
FONTAGENT X 10.1 ENHANCES FONT-ACTIVATION SUPPORT FOR CLASSIC APPS New Release Also Strengthens Font Library Functionality June 11, 2002 [Carlsbad, CA] Insider Software today announced FontAgent X 10.1, a new release that adds font-activation support for Classic applications and strengthens the leading font management utility's unique multi-library functionality. NO REASON TO WAIT TO UPGRADE TO MAC OS X In addition to its extensive font organization, management and integrity-assurance power, FontAgent X 10.1 now supports font activation within the Classic environment of Mac OS X. "The Mac world is steadily moving to Mac OS X and Cocoa applications, but there are still a lot of Classic Macintosh titles out there," said Rio Sabadicci, CEO of Insider Software. "This release of FontAgent X lets customers upgrade to Mac OS X without giving up font management or their existing Classic apps. From a font management perspective, there is now no reason to wait to upgrade to Mac OS X." STRONGER...
Jun 11
Stimulus 2.1: Image Viewer and Audio/Video Player
STIMULUS 2.1 Image Viewer and Audio/Video Player for Classic Mac and Mac OS X. WHAT'S NEW IN VERSION 2.1? 2.1 is a maintenance release, adding performance refinements and several minor bug fixes. This is a recommended update for all Stimulus users. Classic Mac Download: ( Mac OS X Download: ( WHAT IS STIMULUS? Enjoy your personal collection of photos, digital music and video clips with one integrated viewer/player! Features Audio CD and iPod Audio playback, enhanced support for 18 popular file formats, a redesigned interface, improved navigation, Slideshow, Scale-to-Fit, Zoom, built-in Help, and more! Stimulus Product Page: ( FREE Upgrade for all Stimulus customers! Stimulus is $12 Shareware. The unregistered version of Stimulus will operate in an unlimited mode for 30 days from the time the application is first launched. If you wish...
Jun 11
Email Merge 2.1 for OS 7/8/9
Sig Software is proud to announce Email Merge version 2.1 for OS 7/8/9. Email Merge is an intuitive program for creating mailings of individualized email messages. It takes a database and a message template, and merges the two to rapidly create customized emails in Outlook Express, Entourage, Eudora, Emailer, Mailsmith, PowerMail or QuickMail. Email Merge can import databases directly from text files or FileMaker Pro and includes many of its own database features such as sorting and finding duplicates. It supports attachments and allows each message to be sent using a different account in the chosen email program. Version 2.1 adds the ability to send HTML email with Microsoft Entourage or Outlook Express. The upgrade is free for all registered users. More information and the Email Merge download are available at: Thank you, Gideon Greenspan Lead Developer Sig Software
Jun 11
Newer Technology Reopens Under New Ownership
Newer Technology Reopens Under New Ownership New Apple Macintosh Processor Upgrades are Readied for Market WICHITA, Kan. -- 06/00/02 -- Newer Technology, widely known for Macintosh processor upgrades, has reentered the Mac space. Under new leadership, Newer will be selling completely new products as well as selected, proven 'MAXpowr' upgrade designs that fueled Newer's $60 million growth. The intellectual property was purchased by a former Newer employee, Rick Estes of Wichita, Kansas. All of the copyrights, patents and engineering design work was part of this acquisition. The long term business plan is to build a better Newer Technology through new product introductions as well as producing those upgrades that were the basis of Newer's success. Newer Technology built a 15-year history by making quality Macintosh upgrades and the new management will continue and enhance this reputation. "We have had such positive encouragement from customers that the future should be very exciting,"...
Jun 10
FoldersSynchronizer 3.0
Subject: FoldersSynchronizer 3.0 new Cocoa release From: Softobe ( Dear Madam/Sir, We are very glad to announce we have just released our shareware FoldersSynchronizer 3.0 (Cocoa - for MacOS X only). FoldersSynchronizer is a nifty application which synchronizes and backs-up files and folders. You can know more about it at the FoldersSynchronizer Product Page: You can download it right now from: Sincerely Yours -- Softobe
Jun 10
Mandomartis releases new software for creating Flash effects
Mandomartis releases new software for creating Flash effects Stockholm, Sweden, June 10, 2002 - Mandomartis Company, Java and Flash developer, today announced the release of a new type of software: Advanced Effect Maker. The software is an online tool for creating Flash applets which does not require any knowledge of Macromedia Flash. These applets are not based on Java, but on Macromedia Flash 5.0. Any users with basic web design knowledge can easily adapt them for their home pages and currently may choose from 23 customizable web effects. The users may select from the following kinds of applets: slide shows, scrollers, tree navigation menus, text effects and page counters. They upload their images and fonts into their personal folders on the server, which is the workspace for the applet creation software. With a commercial account, the user will have access to all the effects. The price for a commercial 3 month registration is $29 USD (31 EURO) and for an annual commercial account,...
Jun 10
Extensis: Free Updates to Popular Photoshop Plug-ins
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Extensis Releases Free Updates to Popular Photoshop Plug-ins New versions add compatibility with Adobe Photoshop 7 in Mac OS 9 Portland, Ore. - June 10, 2002 - Extensis today made available free updates to their popular Photoshop Plug-ins that add support for Photoshop 7 running on Macintosh OS 9. Registered users of Mask Pro, Intellihance Pro, PhotoTools and PhotoFrame can download free updates from the Extensis website at Mac OS X versions of these Plug-ins will be released at a later date. "In order to fulfill tremendous user demand, we have made our Photoshop Plug-ins compatible with Photoshop 7 on Mac OS 9," said Michael Wong, Productivity Tools product manager for Extensis. "This is the first stage in our development plan for updating our Plug-in products for Photoshop 7 and Mac OS X compatibility." About Mask Pro Extensis Mask Pro 2.0 provides expert-level tools that dramatically reduce the time necessary for...
Jun 10
Snard v1.2
Subject: Snard v1.2 Released Gideon Softworks, Inc. announces the release of Snard v1.2. Snard is a launcher that can be used as a system menu or from the dock. Snard can also : open applications as the administrator, help organize your work cycle through the use of worksets, and give you quick access to all your system preferences. New in this release : Fixed conflict between the dock version of Snard and Default Folder X from St. Clair Software ( Go here : ( read the user comments and download a copy for yourself. You won't regret it. Snard Home Page : ( Contact Gideon Softworks, Inc. ( for details.
Jun 10
FileXaminer v1.1
Subject: FileXaminer v1.1 Released Gideon Softworks, Inc. announces the release of FileXaminer 1.1, the award-winning File/Folder information utility for Mac OS X. FileXaminer allows you to modify file and folder attributes that the Finder cannot ( ex. Type/Creator Info, UNIX permissions, and much more... ). FileXaminer is powerful and easy to use - making it the best "Get Info" application for Mac OS X. New in this release : This release is a bug fix release that addresses user reported problems. FileXaminer eliminates the need to use Terminal, and makes changing attributes on files/folders a breeze. FileXaminer is free to registered users of Get Info. FileXaminer Home Page ( feature list and download ) : ( Contact Gideon Softworks, Inc. ( for details. (
Jun 10
HTML Creator 3.5
Subject: [ANN] HTML Creator becomes Carbonized and adds new Features From: Aram Kudurshian ( NICE, FRANCE - June 9, 2002 - Aram Kudurshian is proud to announce the immediate release of HTML Creator 3.5, an award winning (1) HTML editor for Mac OS 8.6 and above. Featuring a clean cut and intuitive interface, HTML Creator makes the task of creating both simple and complex web pages easier through the built in assistants and WYSIWYG style Format menu. Aimed at both novices and professional users, HTML Creator features an expansive collection of HTML assistants, JavaScripts, style sheets, and other powerful editing tools. New in version 3.5 is the merging of the tools palette that now contains an HTML Reference, Snippet Library, and ScatchPad. Also included in version 3.5 are improved document assistants, streamlined character conversion, introduction of document properties, and countless bug fixes. Finally, HTML Creator has now been Carbonized to take advantage of Mac OS X...
Jun 10
eZeScreen 1.0 Plug-in from eZedia Available for Apple's...
News Release eZeScreen 1.0 Plug-in from eZedia Available for Apple's iMovie 2 WINNIPEG, CANADA =96 June 10, 2002 =96 eZedia Inc., a leader in digital medi= a software technology, today released eZeScreen 1.0, the second in a series of plug-ins for iMovie 2, the world's most popular, easy-to-use consumer digital video editing software from Apple. eZedia's eZeScreen plug-in gives iMovie 2 users professional blue screen and green screen video effects. Users can position an additional movie over an iMovie 2 clip and adjust the transparency and fade levels of any selected color to add animated logos, talking heads, or any QuickTime supported movie. eZedia's first iMovie plug-in, eZeMatte 1.0, was released in April 2002 and allows any QuickTime supported image to overlay an iMovie clip. Users can add borders, frames, themes, logos or any customized graphic. "With eZeScreen, iMovie 2 users can include Hollywood-style special effects that were previously only available in professional level...
Jun 10
Dejal introduces Narrator 1.0b1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dejal introduces Narrator 1.0b1 A Mac OS X application to read out stories in multiple voices. PORTLAND, Oregon -- June 7, 2002 -- Dejal Systems today introduced its first product for Mac OS X, called Narrator. This application utilizes speech synthesis to read out the contents of a text document, using different voices for different parts. You have a range of "actors" that can portray any number of "characters", so various passages of your document are spoken with differing voices, pitches, inflections, etc. You can have it read out a play or story with appropriate voices. The words are highlighted on-screen, and there is also a silent read-along option for stage directions, or for you to read out your own parts. Pricing & Availability: This introductory version of Narrator is immediately available as a free download from Narrator requires Mac OS X 10.1 or later. Dejal Systems, LLC: Founded in New Zealand in 1991 and established in...
Jun 10
Picture Play 1.6
Subject: [ANN] Picture Play 1.6, major update From: Chris Carruthers ( Hello, Crescendo Software is pleased to announce the release of Picture Play 1.6, our new update to the premier shareware image composition tool for OS X. Picture Play lets you combine digital photos, scanned images, or any other graphics to create rich and diverse compositions with editable text content, backgrounds, and stylish effects including translucency, transparency, rotation and more. Its powerful multi-layered engine allows you to rearrange and edit individual objects freely until your original artwork is how you want it. You can then print, or export to one of many standard file formats, to share with family and friends, on paper or the web. You can check out the new update by visiting our website at, or download Picture Play directly from (972 kB download). This is a free upgrade for all currently...
Jun 10
Subband Software Updates MacAmp Lite X to v1.1.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 8th, 2002 MacAmp Lite X 1.1.0 - Positively Powerful! Renton, Wa - Subband Software has just updated MacAmp Lite X (MaltX) to v1.1.0! This free update adds many new features, in addition to fixing a few outstanding bugs. MacAmp Lite still uses far less CPU than other audio apps, and saves on screen space as well. From MacAmp Lite's compact player window, which floats above other applications, users are able to maintain complete control using standard controls, as well as a full playlist menu. MacAmp Lite is also the best broadcasting solution on OS X, with the addition of the Plugins Power Pack and plugins such as Broadcast and Voiceover. With MacAmp Lite, a professional quality MP3 broadcast can be heard by listeners all over the world, and it can be set up in under 10 minutes. For a detailed, independant look at MacAmp Lite's CPU usage, please download this report ( View a screenshot of MacAmp Lite at http...
Jun 10
Apple Launches "Real People" Ad Campaign, PC to Mac...
Apple Launches "Real People" Ad Campaign PC to Mac "Switchers" Tell Their Story CUPERTINO, California-June 10, 2002-Apple=AE today launched a new advertisin= g campaign featuring real people who have switched from PCs to the Macintosh=AE. The campaign will debut today on television with eight different ads, each highlighting a different "switcher" telling their story. The "switchers" featured in the Real People campaign come from diverse backgrounds, including a Windows network administrator, a writer, an illustrator, a small business owner, a programmer, an interactive producer and a DJ. This will be Apple's largest ad campaign since "Think Different" was launched in 1998. "These are not actors-they're real people who have switched from PCs to Macs, telling their story in their own words," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "More people are interested in switching from PCs to Macs than ever before, and we hope that hearing these successful switchers tell their story will help others make...
Jun 06
Weblog Poster 1.2
The La Jolla Underground is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Weblog Poster 1.2 (perviously known as Radio Poster), a tool for posting messages to a weblog. New in this version: * Support for multiple weblogs with a favorites window. * Better copy & paste to and from glossaries. * Better drag & drop to and from glossaries. * Support for copy & paste while editing glossary entries. * Name change. Posting with Weblog Poster is easy. Simply create a new window, fill in the server information, compose the message, and post it. A substitution glossary makes it easy to add links to a message. Just drag a link to the glossary field of a message, name the link, and then refer to the link in a message with the name enclosed in double-quotes. Weblog Poster automatically performs the link substitution when posting the message. There is also a persistent global glossary that is shared among all messages. Radio Poster supports message drafts and message editing. Before...
Jun 06
Blackmagic Design unleashes 6 new real time QT effects for Kona...
Blackmagic Design unleashes 6 new real time effects for Kona SD. MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - 6rd June 2002 - Today Blackmagic Design Pty. Ltd. in conjunction with AJA Video Inc. announced the immediate availability of the new image control real time effects upgrade for the Kona SD. This upgrade is included in the Blackmagic Kona SD software v1.3.1 available now, and is downloadable at no cost to our hundreds of users. Update notices will be sent to registered users today. Image Control real time effects include Tint, Sepia, Gamma Correction, Brightness Contrast, Proc Amp, and Desaturate. All real time effects update on the Mac monitor in real time, and don't need to be rendered before playout to tape, accelerating the creative process. "These new real time effects are tremendously exciting, and reinforce the Kona SD product theme of the one card that does everything." Says Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. "The Kona SD features almost a dozen real time effects, 10 bit uncompressed...
Jun 05
Objective Development releases Sharity 2.7
OBJECTIVE DEVELOPMENT'S SHARITY SOFTWARE NOW AVAILABLE IN STABLE 2.7 RELEASE -- ACCESS WINDOWS FILE SERVERS FROM MAC OS X AND UNIX Vienna, Austria - June 4, 2001 -- Objective Development today announced the availability of the stable 2.7 release of their interoperability software "Sharity". Sharity is a client for the file sharing protocol used by Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP), Windows for Workgroups, OS/2, Samba and many others. Sharity mounts shares exported by these servers in the file system of Mac OS X and Unix computers. Mounting means that you can open files directly from the server with any application you like, as if they were on a local disk. FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS: * Easy installation. * Browsing of servers and shares in the file system * Avoids the security flaws of NFS. * Is compatible with national character sets. Sharity works with Unicode internally and allows translation even to Asian multi-byte character sets. * Runs on Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server,...
Jun 05
Web Crossing Announces Team Crossing 2.0
WEB CROSSING, INC. ANNOUNCES TEAM CROSSING 2.0 -- Free Upgrade, Now More Customizable with User and Host Interfaces Completely Localizable -- SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., June 5, 2002 -- Web Crossing, Inc., provider of the world's leading communications software for online collaboration and community, today announced Team Crossing v2.0, now with fully localizable user and host interface, expanded look and feel customization features, and new custom positioning for optional site elements. Team Crossing 2.0 is available today as a free upgrade to all registered Team Crossing 1.x users. For a complete list of Team Crossing features, including new localization features, new customization features and bug fixes, or to download Team Crossing 2.0, see ( "Team Crossing 2.0 takes strong customization to a whole new level," explained Tim Lundeen, president and CEO of Web Crossing, Inc. "Building on the extensive customizability of the underlying Web Crossing engine,...
Jun 05
Phantom Taken Over by AKTIV Software
Wednesday, June 5, 2002. AKTIV Software Corporation and Maxum Development are pleased to announce that Phantom, the popular Web site indexing and search solution, is now available directly from AKTIV Software. For the past 5 years, Phantom has been sold and supported by Maxum, though it was originally developed by AKTIV Software. "Phantom is a great product, and one we are proud to have helped create", said John O'Fallon, founder of Maxum. "However, as the only package Maxum didn't solely develop, and as our only product available for Windows as well as Mac, completely integrating Phantom into our product lineup has been impossible. We're happy to see Phantom go back completely into the hands of it's original development team." "We are enthusiastic to have Phantom return, and are anxious to develop a closer relationship with the Phantom community," said Flemming Andersen, President of AKTIV Software. "With AKTIV once again directly responsible for sales, support, and ongoing...
Jun 05
Extensis Announces Portfolio 6 for OS X "Preview"
Extensis is pleased to announce a "preview release" of Portfolio 6 for Mac OS X, available for immediate download. The release marks the first phase of a plan to bring the entire Portfolio product line to Mac OS X over the next several months. Registered owners of Portfolio 6, which began shipping in February, will be eligible to receive a free upgrade to the final Mac OS X version of Portfolio 6 when it becomes available later this summer. Meanwhile, Portfolio 6 Server for Mac OS X, which extends the image-cataloging and file-management power of Portfolio to larger workgroups, will be released next month. The Mac OS X edition of Portfolio Server will be fully compatible with both the currently-shipping version of Portfolio 6, as well as the native Mac OS X version that will ship later. Extensis is making this early (alpha) release of Portfolio for Mac OS X available to the public in response to strong interest from customers who would like to begin using the award-wining digital...
Jun 05
HappyGear 2.5 for Macintosh, Take Control of Your Games
For Immediate Release AUSTIN-SOFT RELEASES HAPPYGEAR 2.5 FOR MAC TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR GAMES FOR $30 VANCOUVER, WA - June 5, 2002. Austin-Soft, creators of HFS DST+ Timefix, DTerm, and Bouncer, today announced HappyGear 2.5, a new version of their game control software for $30. In making the announcement, Glenn L. Austin, Austin-Soft CEO commented, "Version 2.5 is an very important step forward for HappyGear. It provides critical simplification for game device configuration as well as provides a design to build upon for the future." HappyGear is the only software that permits users of newer InputSprocket compatible game devices, such as joysticks, game pads and wheels, to be used with both older games designed to use old ADB-based game devices as well as programs that were designed to be used with just the keyboard and mouse. "HappyGear can also simplify the use of programs that use a multitude of keys to control the program," lead programmer Glenn Austin stated. "HappyGear was...
Jun 05
Chaparral Software releases Brushfire 1.5.3 for FileMaker Pro 5.5
Chaparral Software releases Brushfire 1.5.3 for FileMaker Pro 5.5. Update to blazing fast script analysis utility adds navigation aids, more user forgiveness. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Calabasas, California, June 4, 2002 -- Chaparral Software today announced the immediate availability of Brushfire 1.5.3, an update to its script analysis utility for FileMaker Pro 5 through 5.5. What is Brushfire? Brushfire is the fastest and most comprehensive script analysis program available for FileMaker Pro users, developers, consultants and DBAs. Brushfire analyzes related files, producing in-depth reports that reveal script details, errors, warning, and functional data about your FileMaker Pro solutions. By seeing related scripts in one place at one time, logically and intuitively organized, users can produce higher-quality solutions with less effort than every before. For these reasons and more, top developers and organizations worldwide are turning to Brushfire to conveniently and quickly debug,...
Jun 05
DC&R Releases ZipBurst CGI 3.0
DC&R ANNOUNCES THE ZIPBURST CGI 3.0 MILLBURN, New Jersey, June 5, 2002 -- DC&R, developer of high performance tools for web servers since 1996, today released The ZipBurst CGI 3.0 for Mac OS. Available immediately and a FREE update to all 2.0 Lite and Pro owners. The new version improves performance and adds features not found in other location-based search applications. ( The ZipBurst CGI Pro performs multi-threaded location-based web database searches of your flat or relational database files. The CGI has many tags to support complex custom report generation with conditional tags, loops, variables (with extensive math, string, and date operations) and relational searching. Create a dealer locator, a store locator able to find a store with an item in stock within 25 miles, a location-based dating service, add proximity searches to a job board, or any type of application that needs to find by proximity to a location. Web visitors can enter a ZIP...
Jun 04
SQLBoss Developer Version 1.31, the ultimate database tool
For immediate release! June 4th, 2002 We are proud to announce the release of SQLBoss Developer 1.31 With the help of our customers and members we were able to improve SQLBoss Developer to the most user friendly SQL tool present on the market. SQLBoss Developer and the upcoming SQLBoss Layouter from SQLBoss Inc. provide you with a complete database and content management system for many SQL databases (11 drivers including mySQL, postgreSQL...). SQLBoss Developer is a tool for rapid database development on remote hosts. It helps you to create and change databases, tables and columns and to manage the content within web-enabled databases. More features: supports 8 import/export file formats, dynamically generated data entry layouts, HTML WYSIWYG Editor, database backup server, mySQL Admin. Fastest SQL tool on the market. Some of the major improvements on SQLBoss 1.31 are: - Database error messages show up again - Sometimes Error 1024 showed up, that's now fixed - The Admin Menu is now...
Jun 04
Singlestep Announces VNOS Works w/Perl, Python, and AppleScript
Singlestep Technologies Announces VNOS Compatibility With Perl, Python, and AppleScript Developers and network administrators can now incorporate new and existing scripts into custom-built VNOS applications Seattle, WA. June 04, 2002. In a newsletter released to their developer community, Singlestep Technologies announced today that Perl, Python, and AppleScript can be integrated into VNOS applications using the VNOS Command Tool Widget. The Command Tool is the interface by which VNOS can communicate with the system shell. With Command Tool developers can run utilities, interact with a shell, run scripts, and launch applications from within VNOS applications. By including scripts for existing processes and systems, developers and network managers can quickly build custom VNOS applications to optimize instead of replace previous work. Through the basic VNOS functions of Aliasing and Cloning (actions that mirror and reuse the Cloned or Aliased Objects' programmed configuration) script...
Jun 04
RBulk Builder is a Batch Building companion for REALbasic
RBulk Builder is a Batch Building companion for REALbasic. With it, you can automatically launch differents builds, changing the name, the platform, the language and even constant values for each one. It is designed for people that need to build many different binaries (different platforms, localized, demo/light versions...) from a single source project file. version 1.2.8 fix a bug on Classic launching RBulk with REALbasic already opened, and adds Code debugging features (borrowed from Project Cuisinart, by courtesy of Virtual1) You can get it at: RBulk is free and open source.
Jun 04
Wildform Releases Flix Lite For Windows & Mac, Flash, MX...
For Immediate Release WILDFORM RELEASES FLIX LITE FOR WINDOWS & MAC NOW USERS CAN OUTPUT FLASH 3-6, MX & FLV VIDEO FOR ONLY $49 Flix is the only software that outputs both the old and new Flash video formats. LOS ANGELES, CA =96 June 3, 2002. Wildform, creators of easy-to-use video an= d animation software, today announced the release of Flix Lite for Windows and Mac. Available for only $49, Flix Lite is a =93light=94 version of Wildform=92s industry standard Flix Pro Flash video encoder. In making the announcement, Jonathan Blank, Wildform CEO, commented, =93Wildform is very pleased to expand the audience for our Flix product line. Flix Lite has features found only in software costing many times the price. It=92s an amazingly easy and economical way to add the power of video to websites, CD-roms and presentations.=94 Flix Lite, like Flix Pro, is part of the only software line that outputs both the new Flash MX video and the older Flash 3-6 video. Flix lite exports Wildform=...
Jun 04
Apple To Offer Popular eMac to Consumers
Apple To Offer Popular eMac to Consumers 17-Inch Flat CRT eMac Most Affordable G4 System Ever CUPERTINO, California-June 4, 2002-Due to strong consumer demand, Apple=AE today announced the immediate availability of its new eMac=81 to consumers. Originally offered to just education customers, the eMac was launched in April to rave reviews and has since generated tremendous interest from consumers. Apple is offering a new CD-RW and modem configuration eMac through all of its retail channels. The eMac features a stunning 17-inch flat CRT and a powerful 700 MHz PowerPC G4 processor in a remarkably compact design that is 8 mm less deep than the original 15-inch iMac=AE. Priced for retail at just $1,099 (US), the eMac is the most affordable PowerPC G4 system ever. "Consumers have pounded on the table demanding to buy the eMac, and we agree," said Apple CEO Steve Jobs. "The eMac's production ramp is ahead of schedule, so we'll have enough eMacs this quarter to satisfy both our education and...
Jun 04
Apple Announces Public Preview of QuickTime 6
Apple Announces Public Preview of QuickTime 6 Industry's First Mainstream ISO-Compliant MPEG-4 Encoder, Player & Broadcast= er CUPERTINO, California-June 4, 2002-Apple=AE today announced that the public preview of QuickTime=AE 6 is now available as a free download from Apple ( for both Mac=AE and Windows. QuickTime 6 is the industry's first mainstream MPEG-4 solution for streaming media to all MPEG-4 compliant players. In addition, Apple announced the public preview of QuickTime Broadcaster, which captures and encodes QuickTime content in MPEG-4 for live streaming over the web. MPEG-4, the next-generation international standard for digital video, was created by the group that created MPEG-2, the "gold standard" of digital video used by every DVD player and DVD. There are hundreds of companies committed to the MPEG-4 standard, including Apple, Cisco, Ericsson, Intel, Matsushita, Mitsubishi, Motorola, Panasonic, Phillips, Real Networks, Samsung and Sun. "QuickTime 6...
Jun 03
FontCat 2
ksoft is pleased to announce the release of FontCat 2.0 and FontCat 2.0 Deluxe. This version is an update to the previous version of FontCat. FontCat is designed to make it easier on you to view what fonts you have o= n your hard drive, or CD collections, and view them on-line or print out samples for future reference. FEATURES: * Find all fonts contained in a folder. * List all fonts in a folder (in its actual face) without having to first install them. * View the list of fonts in a slide show format so you can see and choose which fonts you want to use. * Click on a font and bring up more detailed views * Grid view - display all characters in the font at 1 time so you can see what characters are contained in that font. * Print out a listing of your fonts in there actual face, without having to first install them. * Print Preview. * Save subsection of fonts as a group. * Use the built-in layout editor to design your own custom type reference pages. * Import your own or company logo...
Jun 03
iPod2iTunes 1.0.1 for Mac OS X
--- Product: iPod2iTunes --- Version: 1.0.1 --- Requirements: Mac OS 10.1.2 - 10.1.4 iTunes 2.0.3 - 2.0.4 --- Short Description: Synchronize and transfer tracks & playlists from your iPod to your Mac. --- Long Description: Within iTunes or the Finder it is not possible to transfer tracks or playlists from your iPod to your Mac(s). iPod2iTunes (i2i) is the only utility which allows you not only to copy but to synchronize tracks + playlists from your iPod(s) to your Mac(s). The synchronization ensures that you don't produce duplicate MP3 files on your disk as it is easily the case if you just copy files from the iPod via other methods. First, i2i shows you which of the tracks on the iPod are not on your Mac. You can browse through those tracks directly in iTunes. Then you select some or all of these tracks to transfer them to your Mac: - based on artist/album. - based on genre/artist/album. i2i can transfer the MP3 files seamlessly into your existing MP3 collection and creates...
Jun 03
Xnet announces new version Captain FTP 1.3 for Mac OS X
Hamburg, Germany, June 3rd 2002 Dear Editor Xnet announces new version Captain FTP 1.3 for Mac OS X Xnet Communication GmbH, the independent software vendor with core business in data communication high-end solutions announces the release Captain FTP version 1.3. This absolutely new FTP client designed from scratch for Mac OS X released the very first time at the end of December 2001 already became one of the fastest developed software available in the net. With this new release we focused the development on both of our main customer groups. The private end user will benefit from major changes in handling the GUI. The commercial user will be fond of every day tasks like changing attributes and keep-alives sessions as well as BBEdit integration. "We've collected all the feedback and requirements of our customers during the past 6 month and improved Captain FTP in the easy-to-use tradition with the most important and desired features", said Mariusz Roznowski - CTO of Xnet. Please have a...
Jun 03
XML Parser for REALbasic
rXML An XML Parser for REALbasic This is the first public beta version of my new rXML class. It's a complete XML parser and router, completely written in REALbasic and compatible with RB 2.1 tru 4.x. rXML is released under the LPGL. This allows you to use it in your commercial applications while forcing you to help me finding bugs (grin). (
Jun 03
Troi File Plug-in 2.5 for FileMaker Pro 5.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Troi Automatisering releases Troi File Plug-in 2.5 for FileMaker Pro 5.5 New plug-in lets you manipulate your files and folders and use file and folder information directly from your FileMaker Pro databases. Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands, June 3rd, 2002--Troi Automatisering today announced the availability of its Troi File Plug-in 2.5, for FileMaker Pro 5 through 5.5. What is Troi File Plug-in? Troi File Plug-in is a very powerful tool for getting access to information outside the FileMaker Pro database. Any files or folders stored on the computer can be accessed through the functions of the plug-in. All from within FileMaker you can: - get data out of files that are on the disk of the computer - (batch) import pictures, sounds etc. and optionally store only a reference to them in FileMaker Pro - create files anywhere on the hard disk and put data from FileMaker fields into it - manipulate files and folders on the disk: this includes creation, deletion,...
Jun 03
MCE Announces Combo Drive Upgrade for PowerBook G4/400-500
Press Release For Immediate Release June 3, 2002 MCE Technologies Announces CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo Drive upgrade for PowerBook G4 (Titanium) 400 & 500MHz Models Irvine, CA - MCE Technologies, LLC, an Apple Developer, today announced an internal CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive upgrade for the PowerBook G4 (Titanium) 400MHz and 500MHz models. The MCE PowerBook G4 Combo Drive upgrade is designed to replace the original CD-RW-only or DVD-only drive that shipped inside those PowerBooks. Customers may ship their PowerBooks directly to MCE or they may have the upgrade done at an Authorized Upgrade Center. MCE will begin accepting PowerBooks for upgrade on June 3, 2002. "The MCE PowerBook G4 Combo Drive upgrade enables customers to burn CD's AND play DVD's on their PowerBook G4 without the added weight and hassle of extra hardware and cables to drag around." said Arnie Ramirez, President, MCE Technologies. "It also brings them up to par with the currently shipping PowerBook G4 models which ship standard...
May 31
ZegsRuler 1.05 for REALbasic
ZegsRuler 1.05 FracturedSoftware is pleased to announce the release of ZegsRuler 1.05. ZegsRuler is a set of classes that enable you to easily add all sorts of rulers and scales to your REALBasic project. ZegsRuler supports the common requirements of scaling (zooming), scrolling and changing of the origin as well as lots of control over line length, width and color, background color, text etc. It comes with 5 easily modified built in styles to get you started as well as extensive documentation and example projects. This new version has improved Windows compatability, protection against low memory situations, updated examples and some small internal changes to make it easier to draw the ruler into any graphics object. A fully functional demo of ZegsRuler is available at ZegsRuler costs US$15 or US$25 for the source code with free unlimited upgrades. thanks! Peter Zegelin email:
May 31
MindVision ships Installer VISE 8.0 for Mac OS X
MINDVISION SHIPS INSTALLER VISE 8.0 FOR MAC OS X LINCOLN, NEB. - May 31, 2002: MindVision Software announces the immediate availability of Installer VISE(tm) 8.0 for Mac OS X. The Installer VISE builder is now fully Carbonized to run native on Mac OS X and Mac OS 9. ABOUT THIS RELEASE The Installer VISE builder has been completely updated to be a Carbonized application which runs native with an Aqua interface on Mac OS X, while maintaining full compatibility with Mac OS 9. Other changes in version 8.0 include: - Create Mac OS X application bundles Installer VISE 8.0 can build a Carbon-based installer as a Mac OS X application bundle. - More Mac OS X install locations There are more Mac OS X install locations available for assigning to archive items. - Updated Gestalts The Gestalt checks have been updated to reference recent OS platforms. - New external code sample There is a new external code sample for adding an item to the Dock. - More integrated e-commerce options To extend...
May 31
Point In Space: Lasso Professional 5 Developer Support
POINT IN SPACE ANNOUNCES LASSO PROFESSIONAL 5 DEVELOPER EDITION SPECIAL OFFER GT. BARRINGTON, MA, May 30, 2002 - Point In Space Web Hosting today announced a special offer for new customers purchasing Blue World's Lasso Professional 5 Developer Edition in conjunction with any Filemaker or MySQL hosting account. "Lasso Professional 5 is a major leap forward for the Lasso programming environment. The Developer Edition is an essential tool for any developer, including full documentation for the Lasso language, as well as the ability to test solutions locally before deploying on production servers," says John May, Point In Space's President. For a limited time, Point In Space is offering Lasso Professional 5 Developer Edition for $299* ($50 off the regular retail price of $349) when purchased in conjunction with a new Filemaker or MySQL Hosting Account. For details, see ( About Point In Space Web Hosting Point In Space Web Hosting is a...

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