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May 04
SOAP Toolkit 1.0a1 for REALbasic
Mike Murry is pleased to announce the initial release of the SOAP Toolkit. This set of custom classes allows a REALbasic developer to include a SOAP client in their REALbasic projects. At this time only the client version is included. Future versions will contain a class to construct a SOAP server. Eventually, support for the complete SOAP specification will be implemented. This version is based on the Busy Developers Guide for SOAP ( SOAP Toolkit can be downloaded from ( This software and it's source code is released under the GPL. You may use the software or source code for any purpose as long as all code where a major portion is derived from this code, is also released under the GPL. The compiled code is free to use without guilt or persecution. If you would like to contribute to Mike Murry's programming career, however, you can make a contribution to him through Kagi at: (
May 03
REALdocbuilder 1.0a1
Mike Murry is pleased to announce the release of his first REALbasic built application. REALdocbuilder is a utility for REALbasic developers that makes it easy to generate HTML documentation for your custom classes. Just load a XML file of your project into REALdocbuilder, drag and drop all the methods, events, properties, and constants you want to document, and fill in the description for each one. When you're all done, build the HTML file and you're documentation is generated for you. REALdocbuilder can be downloaded from ( I started building this application with a very narrow view of what I wanted it to do. I wanted an easy way to build documentation for a class I was building. As I got further into writing it, however, I thought of a lot of ways to make it do more. With that being said, I consider this application to be incomplete. It works but I have a vision of it that is much better than its current form. I'm also not very happy with the...
May 03
Cityview Software Announces the Release of AppBeat 1.2
Cityview Software Announces the Release of AppBeat=81 1.2 Company Sets Sights on Apple's WWDC with the Latest Version of Its Mac Developer Tool FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DALY CITY, Calif., May 3, 2002 -- Cityview Software announces version 1.2 of AppBeat=81. This version of AppBeat includes many new UI and usability features. Cityview Software is also pleased to announce the opening of its online Company Store. Cityview Software will be showing AppBeat at the WWDC Expo, May 6th through May 8th. AppBeat 1.2 is a powerful and innovative utility for Macintosh developers. It enables programmers to examine exactly what is going on inside their application as it executes. Using AppBeat's real-time profiler, programmers can see the profile results as the application runs. This lets programmers interact with the application to locate exactly where performance bottlenecks are located. In addition, AppBeat provides a real-time memory monitoring utility that allows programmers to visually inspect...
May 03
CodeWarrior for Mac OS, Professional Edition Version 8.0
CodeWarrior for Mac OS, Professional Edition Version 8.0 Industry's #1 Professional Development Tool Suite Coming May 31, 2002 Only CodeWarrior Development Tools for Mac OS, v8 unleashes your imagination to develop applications faster and easier with the true flexibility you need to speed your time to market. The CodeWarrior tools for Mac OS include a feature-rich integrated development environment (IDE) that enables you to build applications for both Mac OS X and Classic Mac OS. And, you can choose from two object-oriented class libraries: Metrowerks PowerPlant or Apple's Cocoa. In fact, you can use this powerful CodeWarrior tool suite to build any code based on C, C++, Objective-C, or Java. The CodeWarrior IDE has everything you need in one easy-to-use tool suite: an advanced project manager, build system, source code editor, code completion for C, C+ + and Java, compilers, linkers, debuggers, class browser, and more. Best of all, CodeWarrior tools for Mac OS, v8 is from Metrowerks...
May 03
Exhibit Fair Opens Next Week At Apple's WWDC 2002
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EXHIBIT FAIR OPENS NEXT WEEK AT APPLE'S WWDC 2002 - WWDC Exhibit Fair will have vendors of all types and sizes showing off the best the Mac has to offer. WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA -- May 3, 2002 -- Xplain Custom Services, the leader in pavilion management, today announced the official "WWDC Exhibit Fair" will be held next week during Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose CA. The Exhibit Fair "grand opening" starts at 5 p.m., Monday, May 6th. Exhibitor Hours: Monday, May 6th -- 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, May 7th -- 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday, May 8th -- 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. A complete WWDC 2002 "Exhibit Fair" participating company list is available at ( In the exhibit area, companies will showcase their newest products which support Mac OS X and other Apple technologies. If you're just beginning as a programmer, developing web content,...
May 03
MacTech Magazine Announces The Kagi Showcase
MACTECH ANNOUNCES THE KAGI SHOWCASE -- With the Kagi Showcase in MacTech Magazine, Kagi vendors can reach a power purchasing audience at a very low price! MacTech Magazine and Kagi have joined together to create an incredible opportunity for Kagi vendors of all kinds. An advertising showcase, with an extremely low out of pocket cost, and yet, one that gets to the most influential group in the Macintosh market. The Kagi showcase inside MacTech Magazine gives developers an opportunity to showcase products in a classified environment, which has proven to be the most effective way to sell products which are low in cost and consideration. For the first time, developers using Kagi will be able to create "awareness" for their brand and product, at a cost so low, it's unheard of. There are more specifics you should know about MacTech readers. But, the most important are that: * The majority of MacTech readers not only use Macintosh, but Windows and Palm OS devices as well....
May 02
DevDepot Produces Official Store For Macworld Conference &...
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DEVDEPOT NAMED PRODUCER OF OFFICIAL STORE FOR MACWORLD CONFERENCE & EXPO -- All Exhibitors Invited to Sell Through DevDepot -- One-Stop Shop for All Attendees WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA and FRAMINGHAM, MA -- May 2, 2002 -- DevDepot(r), the leader in Macintosh related and technical product sales, and IDG World Expo, the leading producer of world-class tradeshows, conferences and events for IT markets around the globe, announced today that DevDepot has been named producer of the Official Retail Store at IDG World Expo's Macworld Conference & Expo, in both New York 2002, and in San Francisco 2003. Macworld Conference & Expo attendees will now benefit from the combination of DevDepot's world renowned customer service and competitive pricing, and the scope of products seen at the Macworld events. Macworld Conference & Expo is the world's most comprehensive Macintosh OS event. The upcoming Macworld Conference & Expo will take place July 15-19, 2002 at...
May 02
DevDepot Produces Official Store For Macworld Conference &...
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DEVDEPOT NAMED PRODUCER OF OFFICIAL STORE FOR MACWORLD CONFERENCE & EXPO -- All Exhibitors Invited to Sell Through DevDepot -- One-Stop Shop for All Attendees WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA and FRAMINGHAM, MA -- May 2, 2002 -- DevDepot(r), the leader in Macintosh related and technical product sales, and IDG World Expo, the leading producer of world-class tradeshows, conferences and events for IT markets around the globe, announced today that DevDepot has been named producer of the Official Retail Store at IDG World Expo's Macworld Conference & Expo, in both New York 2002, and in San Francisco 2003. Macworld Conference & Expo attendees will now benefit from the combination of DevDepot's world renowned customer service and competitive pricing, and the scope of products seen at the Macworld events. Macworld Conference & Expo is the world's most comprehensive Macintosh OS event. The upcoming Macworld Conference & Expo will take place July 15-19, 2002 at...
May 02
Media Design In*Progress Releases Interaction 4.0 For Mac
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Terje Norderhaug;; 619-437-6721 MEDIA DESIGN IN*PROGRESS RELEASES INTERACTION 4.0 FOR MAC SAN DIEGO CA, May 2, 2002: Media Design in*Progress releases the Interaction 4.0 XML/XSL BASED WEB APPLICATION SERVER FOR MACINTOSH. The new release adds support for WebStar V on MacOSX, Mac Web Sharing, Apache and other web servers on UNIX and Windows, dramatically expanding the number of sites that can take advantage of Interaction. A 30 day trial version is available from: Interaction generates standard HTML and WAP pages from server-side XML and XSL or CSS2 style sheets. Legacy HTML documents can be used as is or enhanced with XML constructs, facilitating a smooth transition from HTML to Extensible HTML and XML. Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) is a standard from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) used to build templates and transformations for the layout of web pages. Cascading Stylesheets Level 2 (...
May 01
XChar 1.5 for Mac OS X
[FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] Gela - April 29th, 2002 XCHAR 1.5 FOR MAC OS X RELEASED XChar 1.5 is out!! This new version has a lot of interface improvements and allows you to change the font display size. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION XChar allows you to quickly use uncommon characters even if you don't remember the key combination you need to use a certain character. How? XChar displays a window containing all the characters that your Mac can display. When you need one of it, simply drag and drop it on the place where you need it. And when you don't need XChar, you can reduce its window to a small icon and place it where you want on your screen. When you'll need it again, simply click on it and it will zoom again. Moreover, XChar is a standalone application and doesn't need any special extension to run. XChar is a $10 shareware application For more informations, visit: Best Regards, Angelo Scicolone Mac OS and Mac OS X Developer email:
May 01
JAW software ships MPEG2Splitter 1.4 for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X
JAW software ships MPEG2Splitter 1.4 for MacOS 9 and MacOS X GENOA, April 29, 2002 JAW software announced today the availability of the release 1.4 of MPEG2Splitter, an utility for MPEG-2 movies. JAW MPEG2Splitter splits MPEG-2 files in smaller user-defined segments, manually or automatically, from any size source (even over the usual 2Gb limit). This comes in handy when you need to re-encode video using programs unable to manage files bigger than 2Gb, or just to split encoding tasks. User interface is in typical Mac style, user friendly; help is available via balloon help and with the embedded manual. New features in 1.4: - MacOS X 10.1.4 compatibility - Subtle rare "Error 1 (2)" fixed - Enhanced compatibility with some MPEG-2 "dialects" - Added online registration - Email and Web page links updated Requirements: - PPC processor - MacOS 9.x, MacOS 10.0.4 or later - CarbonLib 1.4 or later - 3.5Mb available memory You can download it from the JAW software web site:
May 01
eMail Alert! 3.0 for Mac OS X
INTELLI INNOVATIONS RELEASES EMAIL ALERT 3.0 FOR MAC OS X RALEIGH, NC, April 30th, 2002 - Intelli Innovations, developers of innovative business software for the Macintosh platform, today released a new version of its popular shareware e-mail notification product eMail Alert! for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. eMail Alert! 3.0 has been redesigned from the ground up for Mac OS X, including a refined user interface with spaced controls, easier message readability, and a redesigned global alert system. eMail Alert! comes with 22 built-in alert sound effects and a new Mac OS X port of our "yellow alert" account notifier, allowing e-mail notifications to float over other running applications while eMail Alert! remains in the background. eMail Alert! 3.0 works with any computer running Mac OS 10.1 or later. eMail Alert! 3.0 Classic is available for our customers using Mac OS 9 or earlier on PowerPC-based systems. eMail Alert! 3.0 is a free upgrade for users of any previous version. New 3.0...
May 01
Study helps folks obtain better rankings on search engines
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PR: Scientific study helps webmasters to obtain better rankings on search engines Cologne, Germany. April 30, 2002 - Most Internet surfers use search engines to locate web sites but only a minority of them look beyond the top 10 search results. Therefore, obtaining a high position on search engine result pages is essential for every online business. But how do search engines rank a web site? The "Search Engine Ranking" study, released today, endeavors to answer this question for all the major search engines, Google, Altavista, iWon/Inktomi, AllTheWeb, Wisenut and Teoma. 144 attributes of 103,260 top 10 web pages were examined in the study, making it the most comprehensive search engine ranking study available today. "Until now, there was no tenable information on how search engines rank web sites available. Internet marketing professionals depended on speculation and meager pieces of information that the search engines were willing to give away." explained...
May 01
eOrdering Complete 1.1
eOrdering Complete 1.1 is an application that allows you to create web forms specifically to order products online. eOrdering Complete uses shopping cart technology to allow the user to store a users order, so they can move around your site and place their order when they want. eOrdering Complete will creates the main order page, view cart page, checkout page and individual product pages. The products can have images or can be text. Each product can have a description, cost, shipping cost. If images are selected for products, then multiple images can be added at one time. eOrdering Complete creates the server side code (.asp or .php) or use PayPal to process the order this product. In the end, you have a product where the user selects what they need, they can see the cost, they submit the order, and then you get an email detailing the order. This fully functional 20-day demo version is available for Windows and Macintosh (both classic and carbon). A simple four-step process is all...
May 01
Mouseki 2.2: Onscreen Keyboard for Mac OS X
Press Release - Mouseki 2.2 Release date: 29/4/2002 Black Cat Software is pleased to announce Mouseki 2.2, a major update to its onscreen keyboard for Mac OS X. New features in 2.2 include: - Modifier keys now operate globally - Multiple keyboard sizes Mouseki 2.2 now supports modifier keys that work globally. This means you will now be able to shift-click multiple files, or make complex listbox selections. In addition, Mouseki now offers three keyboard sizes from very small to very big, so you can choose the size that best suits you. Owners of Mouseki 2.x can download version 2.2 for free from the full version download link. For new users Mouseki 2.2 is still ONLY $15! ABOUT MOUSEKI Mouseki allows text input in situations where it isn't possible to use a keyboard - be they physical impairments such as RSI or disabilities or kiosk applications. The design goal of Mouseki was to Keep It Simple! So there are no special files you need, no special software to install and no special...
May 01
John Mark Osborne releases the Philosophy of FileMaker Courses
John Mark Osborne releases the Philosophy of FileMaker intermediate and advanced training courses Huntington Beach, Calif., April 30, 2002 -- John Mark Osborne of Database Pros has been working with FileMaker for over a decade and training FileMaker students for over 5 years. All of his knowledge has been poured into the new Philosophy of FileMaker hands-on intermediate and advanced training courses covering scripting and calculations in multi-user environments. The Philosophy of FileMaker courses differ from other FileMaker training on the market in that they focus on teaching students how to think in FileMaker rather than to just regurgitate techniques. "With an understanding of FileMaker functions at a core level, students are able to solve their own problems after they leave the class", exclaims noted author and trainer John Mark Osborne. The Philosophy of FileMaker course comes in two flavors: - The Philosophy of Scripting (Intermediate) 3 days - The Philosophy of Scripting (...
May 01
Fetch 4.0.2 Ships
For Immediate Release Contact: Jim Matthews, 603-619-0397, FETCH 4.0.2 SHIPS Popular Mac FTP Client Updated HANOVER, N.H.--Fetch Softworks today announces the release of Fetch 4.0.2, a free upgrade to the award-winning File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client for the Macintosh. Fetch 4.0, released in May, 2001, was among the first FTP clients for Mac OS X, and quickly became one of the most downloaded Mac applications. Version 4.0.2 offers dozens of improvements in performance, compatibility, and features, such as support for long file names on OS X and the ability to duplicate remote files. This update illustrates Fetch Softworks' commitment to its customers, and further cements Fetch's position as an indispensable file transfer tool for web authors, publishers, and researchers. Single user licenses for Fetch 4.0.2 are available for only $25, and multi-user licenses are available at a per-user discount. Free licenses are available for educational and charitable...
May 01
DynamicStructure: 4D Plugin Provides Access into Structures
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., Authorized Distributor for DynamicStructure 4D Plugin Provides Unprecedented Programmatic Access into Structures Vero Beach, FL - Monday, April 29th, 2002: Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the immediately availability of DynamicStructure. As a new, authorized distributor for DynamicStructure worldwide, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., is offering immediate sales and support services for the full release of the popular new and very powerful 4D plugin. DynamicStructure is a plugin that lets 4D developers dynamically get and set properties and contents of objects in the structure. It is a very powerful tool useful to all 4D developers. DynamicStructure allows for functionality never before possible in 4th Dimension, from automatic documentation to dynamic manipulation of objects. DynamicStructure covers a lot of features that can not be accessed currently with the 4D language or any other tool available to the 4D market....
May 01
Group Logic Releases ExtremeZ-IP Version 2.1
Group Logic Releases ExtremeZ-IP Version 2.1 Best-Selling Windows-to-Macintosh File and Print Sharing Product Boosts Administrative Functions and Performance Arlington, VA - April 30, 2002 - Group Logic, developer of best-selling Macintosh-to-Windows interoperability software, announced today the immediate availability of version 2.1 of the company's ExtremeZ-IP file and print server product. ExtremeZ-IP uses the TCP/IP protocol to increase throughput as much as six fold between Macintosh clients and Microsoft Windows servers. With version 2.1 of ExtremeZ-IP, administrators gain additional control and ease-of-use through enhancements to the ExtremeZ-IP Administrator application. System status information is now immediately available from the application's primary interface, and administrators gain detailed information and control over users, files, volumes, print queues and individual print jobs under management by clicking a few buttons. The product also offers performance gains from...
May 01
24U to release 24U Appearance OSAX 2.0
For Immediate Release Wednesday, May 1, 2002 Prague, Czech Republic Next week, 24U s.r.o. is going to release an upgrade of successful scripting addition 24U Appearance OSAX. Now in version 2.0 for Mac OS X! All the user interface features you always missed in AppleScript are now coming also to Mac OS X! - generating modern error messages - displaying flexible dialog boxes even with pop-up menus - opening floating message windows - showing progress indicators - notifying user about important events Still as easy to use as "display dialog" but much more powerful! More information about the released plug-in can be found next week at your favorite server or the following web page: Subscribe for on coming information: If you are a newsletter editor and want to review this product, please request a free NFR licence by e-mail at ( If you are a user group member and want special advantages, do not hesitate to contact us at...
May 01
Xplain To Manage All Pavilions For Macworld Conference
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE XPLAIN TO MANAGE ALL SPECIAL INTEREST PAVILIONS FOR MACWORLD CONFERENCE & EXPO -- MacTech Central, and Other Special Interest Areas Make Their Return -- Several New Market Segments Being Added WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA and FRAMINGHAM, MA -- May 1, 2002 -- Xplain Corporation, the leader in pavilion management, and IDG World Expo, the leading producer of world-class tradeshows, conferences and events for IT markets around the globe, announced today that Xplain will manage all of the pavilions at IDG World Expo's Macworld Conference & Expo, in both New York (July 15-19, 2002), and in San Francisco (January 6-10, 2003). Special interest areas and pavilions allow exhibitors to target attendees interested in particular technology categories. Macworld Conference & Expo is the world's most comprehensive Macintosh OS event. The upcoming Macworld Conference & Expo will take place July 15-19, 2002 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. The...
May 01
Xplain To Manage All Pavilions For Macworld Conference
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE XPLAIN TO MANAGE ALL SPECIAL INTEREST PAVILIONS FOR MACWORLD CONFERENCE & EXPO -- MacTech Central, and Other Special Interest Areas Make Their Return -- Several New Market Segments Being Added WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA and FRAMINGHAM, MA -- May 1, 2002 -- Xplain Corporation, the leader in pavilion management, and IDG World Expo, the leading producer of world-class tradeshows, conferences and events for IT markets around the globe, announced today that Xplain will manage all of the pavilions at IDG World Expo's Macworld Conference & Expo, in both New York (July 15-19, 2002), and in San Francisco (January 6-10, 2003). Special interest areas and pavilions allow exhibitors to target attendees interested in particular technology categories. Macworld Conference & Expo is the world's most comprehensive Macintosh OS event. The upcoming Macworld Conference & Expo will take place July 15-19, 2002 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. The...
Apr 29
InterMapper Monitors Wireless Access Points
For immediate release: InterMapper Monitors Wireless Access Points Hanover, NH - April 25, 2002--InterMapper(R) 3.6.1 allows a network manager to monitor the status of their Apple and Cisco wireless access points. InterMapper now displays the number of clients associated with a base station, along with the client name or MAC address and the signal strength for each client. This benefits managers who need to know how many clients are using an access point, or why particular client computers may be seeing poor performance. Because InterMapper monitors this information continually, there is no need to invoke a specialized tool to get this information. In addition to the wireless enhancements, Dartware has added several other features that extend InterMapper's utility. These include: * Authenticated E-mail Notifications. InterMapper can send notifications to SMTP servers that require authentication. * Improved Log File. You can now control the interval at which data are written to chart...
Apr 29
piDog Software's piPop 2 goes beta
piDog Software's piPop 2 goes beta Mesa, Arizona, april 28 2002 - Today piDog Software announced the release of piPop 2.0b2. Previously know as piDock, the new version can be downloaded from piPop is a utility for navigating files and folders for Mac OS. piPop has received praise for it's innovative display techniques and unlimited depth hierarchical browsing abilities. Many users consider piPop to be an OSX replacement for FinderPop. Some of the new features include tear-off menus, drag and drop to piPop menus, improved click-and-hold folder drilling, and the ability to access running applications from piPop's menus. piPop is shareware, and will function normally with the exception of a "nag" window for unregistered users. The price of registration is suggested at $25, but users are welcome to pay what they feel is appropriate. User Testimonials: From Keith Enno, April 28th, 2002 I'm an old user of Turleys little launcher finderPop and running OSX you miss...
Apr 29
Gefen's Ex-Tend-It DVI To VGA Conversion Box
COMPUTER USERS CAN CONNECT AN ANALOG MONITOR TO A DIGITAL PORT USING GEFEN'S EX-TEND-IT DVI TO VGA CONVERSION BOX WOODLAND HILLS, CA [April 29, 2002] While new technologies are often heralded far and wide, it's good to know that some companies, like Gefen, are catering to both the old technologies as well as the new. Gefen's ex-tend-it DVI to VGA Conversion Box connects a computer's digital (DVI) port to an analog (VGA) monitor, allowing users to take full advantage of the two monitor ports available on most computers. Users can now create a dual-screen workstation using the computer's digital port to connect a second analog monitor. Within the Box, which comes equipped with its own power supply and cables, the analog/digital conversion takes place, enabling the two traditionally incompatible ports to communication with one another. Specifications: DVI Amplifier Bandwidth: 1.65 GHz VGA Bandwidth: 350 MHz Input Video Signal: 1.2 volts p-p Input DDC Signal: 5 volts p-p (TTL) DVI...
Apr 29
Apple Unveils New eMac for Education
Apple Unveils New eMac for Education 17-Inch Flat CRT eMac Most Affordable G4 System Ever CUPERTINO, California-April 29, 2002-Apple=AE today unveiled the eMac=AE, a = new desktop line designed specifically for education, featuring a stunning 17-inch flat CRT and a powerful 700 MHz PowerPC G4 processor in a remarkably compact design that is 8 mm less deep than the original 15-inch iMac=AE. The most affordable PowerPC G4 system ever, the new eMac line start= s at just $999 (US). "Our education customers asked us to design a desktop computer specifically for them," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "The new eMac features a 17-inch flat CRT and a powerful G4 processor, while preserving the all-in-one compact enclosure that educators love." "By listening to educators and including their suggestions in the development of the product, Apple is showing why they have led the market for technology in education for the past 25 years," said James L. Konantz, Asst. Superintendent, Instructional...
Apr 29
Apple Unveils New Titanium PowerBook G4
Apple Unveils New Titanium PowerBook G4 Features High-Res 15.2-inch Mega-Wide Display, Increased Performance & Pur= e Digital DVI Connection to Apple Flat-Panel Displays CUPERTINO, California-April 29, 2002-Apple=AE today introduced the new Titanium PowerBook=AE G4 line featuring an all-new, high-resolution display, faster PowerPC G4 processors, the industry's first integrated Digital Visual Interface (DVI) port and the industry's only integrated Gigabit Ethernet in a notebook. The new 15.2-inch mega-wide display features an enhanced resolution of 1280-by-854 pixels, 23 percent more than previous models, along with higher brightness and better color saturation. Faster PowerPC G4 processors up to 800 MHz and the addition of a 1MB of level 3 cache boost performance for demanding applications like Final Cut Pro=81 and Photoshop. And, the new integrated Digital Visual Interface (DVI) port for analog and digital video output enables a pure digital connection to Apple's award-winning...
Apr 29
XTension 3.8.9
Sand Hill and other Home Automation products are also available through DevDepot (,, Toll free: 877-DEPOT-NOW, Outside US/Canada: 805-494-9797, Fax: 805-494-9798.
Apr 28
WindowSplitter 4.0 REALbasic Plugin Control
WindowSplitter 4.0 is out. WindowSplitter is a REALbasic Plugin Control to create split views in a Window. The WindowSplitter Control is supported on PPC, Carbon and Win32 Targets. New in 4.0: * Added a Paint event to do Custom Rendering of the WindowSplitter. * Added a HitTest event to set a custom "Hot Point" for the WindowSplitter. WindowSplitter DEMO's and Full versions are available at Bj=F6rn Eir=EDksson Einhugur Software Einhugur Software has sold its products in 38 countries world wide. For support: For bug reports: To post on the maillist:
Apr 28
Microspot at WWDC to Launch Microspot X-RIP Developer Programme
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Microspot at WWDC to Launch Microspot X-RIP Developer Programme 26-04-2002 - Maidstone, Kent, UK - Microspot Ltd., Macintosh, and Windows-based developer of graphics software and printer/plotter drivers, is proud to introduce the Microspot X-RIP Developer Programme. This new Developer Programme will provide its members with the opportunity to test their applications with the latest Macintosh printer drivers from Microspot Limited. Microspot will test members' applications for compatibility with their drivers. Members of the Microspot X-RIP Developer Programme are required to supply a full copy of their software applications for testing. Members will receive a copy of Microspot X-RIP for their own test purposes should they require it. Microspot -X-RIP Microspot X-RIP is a professional Mac OS X printer driver. Native to Mac OS X, Microspot X-RIP utilizes the latest Mac OS X operating system technologies to provide near photographic output on a wide range of large...
Apr 28
IconBuilder 3.5 for Mac OS X
Monday, April 29th, 2002 Iconfactory Press Release - IconBuilder 3.5 for Mac OS X Released The Iconfactory is proud to announce that IconBuilder Pro, the professional tool of choice for Macintosh & Windows icon construction, has been updated to version 3.5 for use with Mac OS X. IconBuilder Pro 3.5 was re-engineered to work specifically with Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and Mac OS 10.1.3 (and above). The filter includes a revised, Aqua user interface along with all of the features and controls IB users have come to know and depend on. These features include: * True 32-bit icon formats for Mac OS X & Win XP * Create resources instantly with QuickBuild * Convert from Mac to Win and back again * Extract any icon into Photoshop for editing * Mac icon formats (7.5, 8.5, 9.x, 10.x) * Win .ico formats (95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP) * Updated tutorial and user's guide for OS X * 128x128 pixel icon format in Mac OS X * "BuilderTips" for novice & advanced users * View icons against multiple...
Apr 28
PrintMagic 1.0 for OS X
Product Release Date: 4/29/02 I'm pleased to announce the release of PrintMagic 1.0 for OS X. PrintMagic for OS X has been developed to provide users with complete control over the information they print! PrintMagic is highly customizable, PrintMagic greatly enhances users' productivity when working with their Macs, and PrintMagic saves users a significant amount of money by dramatically reducing the amount of ink/toner and paper that's used when printing! SOME OF THE FEATURES INCLUDED IN PRINTMAGIC FOR OS X ARE: * PrintMagic lets users select the text that they want to print in virtually any program -- anything from a single character to multiple pages. PrintMagic eliminates the need to print an entire page or pages when all that users want are some snippets, words, sentences, or paragraphs. * PrintMagic supports styled and colored text. * PrintMagic includes a virtual Desktop Printer that supports drag-and-drop printing. * PrintMagic also lets users save their selections to a file...
Apr 26
Optigold ISP 2.9.8
Optigold ISP 2.9.8 for Windows, Macintosh, Mac OS X and Linux was released on 04/26/2002. Optigold ISP is a cross-platform business software package to run all aspects of an internet service provider (from billing to server management). A *FREE*, 100% working copy can be downloaded from: 2.9.8 adds new provisioning functionality, credit card processing through BluePay, credit card and ACH processing through ACH Direct, package (multiple products/services) support and some other miscellaneous items. All new features in this version are listed in the revision log: Optigold ISP Revision Log ------------------------- Completed On 4/25/02 Hold and restore held server events can be triggered manually for emails and domains Completed On 4/23/02 Packages (groups of products/services) can be defined under Edit Products Packages can be added to invoices manually Packages can be added to customer's...
Apr 26
MacZ Software updates HTML Converter to v1.4
24.04.2002 - MacZ Software updates HTML Converter HELSINKI -- MacZ Software has released a new version of HTML Converter, the free tool for converting special characters into their HTML character code equivalents in HTML, PHP and ASP files. In HTML Converter 1.4, all HTML entities are verified using W3C's official SGML list, and all of those entities are located in the XML file, to be easily customized by the user. The new version also updates AppleScripts. To download HTML Converter 1.4 and to get more information, go to MacZ Software
Apr 26
Griffin releases iMate Software Developer Kit for Mac OS X
Griffin releases iMate Software Developer Kit for Mac OS X Nashville, TN - April 25, 2002. Just in time for Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference - WWDC 2002, Griffin Technology, Inc. has released the iMate SDK for OS X. The package includes a pre-release of the Griffin iMate driver 1.5, "Communicating with ADB Devices" White Paper and the ADB Parser OS X Application. These tools will open up the door for aggressive development of drivers for many popular ADB devices and peripherals under OS X. "The SDK allows developers to easily support the hundreds of legacy ADB devices, including trackballs, hardware protection dongles, tablets, calibrators, and numerous specialty devices. The sample code allows developers to instantly port their ADB drivers and applications to OS X." said Paul Griffin of Griffin Technology. Developers are invited to download the iMate SDK at The current iMate driver for Mac OS 9 is 2.6.1. The current...
Apr 26
CS-Odessa releases ConceptDraw Presenter
Contact: Irina Nazarova, Phone/Fax: +380 482 266576 CS-Odessa releases ConceptDraw Presenter, the software for slide-shows and interactive presentations FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONCEPTDRAW PRESENTER BY CS-ODESSA RELEASED Odessa, Ukraine - April 25, 2002 - Computer Systems Odessa Corp., today announced the release of ConceptDraw Presenter - the innovative presentation software from award-winning ConceptDraw Productivity Line. ConceptDraw Presenter offers the successful combination of advanced drawing and animation functionality. It provides efficient and convenient way for fulfilling a variety of presentation tasks from convincing business presentations and slide-shows to attractive web-ready Flash movies. It is perfect for daily work of managers, educators and other professionals who need to demostrate their materials in the clear, interactive form. "ConceptDraw Presenter is one of our most awaited products. Our initial design was to combine excellent graphic engine...
Apr 26
XEALbc 1.1: The Wildly Popular Math Utility
The La Jolla Underground is pleased to announce XEALbc 1.1, the second release of the wildly popular math utility. This version adds support for the most widely requested features from our user base. These include: * Optionally saves window state in resource fork (placement, size, selection, scroll location and pane height) * Saves popup (input/output bases) and checkbox (math lib/preprocessor) states * Default include files (files automatically included before a calculation) * Better preprocessor support (calls cc -E instead of cpp, unless cc is not available) * Contact info in the about box * Help tags for the various controls * Better path support (default include files and paths) * Floating help windows for basic bc help XEALbc is a calculator utility for Mac OS X that goes beyond simple emulation of a pocket calculator. Sporting a text-editor type interface with multiple, savable document windows, you can type in whatever complex equations you desire, and quickly edit what you...
Apr 25
4D, Inc. Ships 4D WebSTAR v4.5 for Mac OS 9
4D, Inc. Ships 4D WebSTAR v4.5 for Mac OS 9 -- Free Update to Web Server Suite on Mac OS 9 Now Faster and More Stable with Improved File Upload Plug-in -- SAN JOSE, Calif., April 24, 2002 -- 4D, Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and 4D WebSTAR Server Suite, today announced 4D WebSTAR Server Suite v4.5 is now shipping. 4D WebSTAR v4.5 is now faster and more stable with an improved File Upload Plug-in. 4D WebSTAR v4.5 is a free update to all registered 4D WebSTAR 4.x users and is available for immediate download at ( "Even though we've got an intense development focus on 4D WebSTAR V for Mac OS X, we're still paying attention to 4D WebSTAR for Mac OS 9 and its users," explained Brendan Coveney, president and CEO of 4D, Inc. The Web server in 4D WebSTAR v4.5 has been decarbonized to provide improved performance and eliminates memory leaks. The Admin application in 4D WebSTAR v4.5 has been updated to allow connections to the new 4D...
Apr 24
Press 3 offers Third Party Mac Certifications
Press 3=81 offers Third Party Mac Certifications Overland Park, KS - Press 3=81 - for tech support, has announced a certification program targeted toward experienced Mac technical individuals. The certifications are designed to meet a lack of available third party certification programs for Mac techs. The site's founder, Scott William, states "Press 3 Certifications have been a success during the program's examination period over the last 6 months when it was introduced. The response has been overwhelmingly positive; we look forward to expanding our offerings for the Mac technical community." William has a long history in the Mac community and in addition to Press 3, operates Press 3 Certifications are marketed as a alternative to Apple Certifications and do not directly compete with anything Apple provides. By remaining independent, Press 3 is allowed to set their own certification criteria. Press 3 offers three certifications with a possibility of earning a fourth. This...
Apr 24
Mallet And Bare Update Erase The Trail For Mac OS And Mac OS X
MALLET AND BARE UPDATE ERASE THE TRAIL FOR MAC OS AND MAC OS X Walkersville, MD - April 23, 2002 - Mallet and Bare, developers of productivity and utility software for the Macintosh and Windows platform, today announced an update to their award-winning application, Erase The Trail. Erase the Trail is the file and hard drive management tool used by many. This application has been compared to applications such as, "Macintosh Explorer," "Ghost Hunter," and "File Buddy," with more features that you need and at half the cost. You can batch change creator codes, you can delete, create, and view invisible files, and you can even completely back up your hard drive on to some storage device, with the click of a button. View information that you did not even know existed. Edit Mac OS X long file names without booting into Mac OS X. One user says, "I have never seen an application that deletes the invisibles so easily." Erase the Trail 2.0 has many new features, such as: * Preview Feature * Full...
Apr 24
Vizspring Software Releases Typeset 1.1
VIZSPRING SOFTWARE RELEASES TYPESET 1.1 23 APRIL 2002 -- Vizspring Software, a leader in quality shareware products for the Macintosh, released a major update their flagship font manager application, Typeset, today. Typeset is a full-featured font viewing utility. It was designed for the creative professional. Typeset's intended use is to view a collection of installed fonts searching for a good font for a particular project or logo. Typeset can also be used to view the contents of a font, or to preview text within a particular font. Typeset's many features, quick display speeds, multiple Favorites sets, and intuitive user interface make selecting the perfect font easy as ever. There simply isn't a better solution on the market. Version 1.1 features the following changes: New font storage and font array parameter call implementation; font list added; multiple favorites sets and accompanying features added; styled text identified added; more info window replaces advanced window; "Go To...
Apr 24
DBExperts PostgreSQL Professional Edition
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DBExperts, Inc. Announces The Launch of DBExperts PostgreSQL Professional Edition for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux MIAMI, FL - April 23, 2002 (INB) -- dbExperts, Inc. today announced the launch of an enhanced version of their PostgreSQL distribution - the dbExperts PostgreSQL Professional for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD - a comprehensive multi-platform relational database management solution targeted to the small- and medium-sized business market (SMBs), primarily for application developers, Internet and eCommerce professionals. dbExperts PostgreSQL Professional is a feature-rich database that is capable of handling the most challenging demands of today's business and Internet applications. dbExperts PostgreSQL Professional is a high-powered object-relational database that offers the performance, stability, scalability, reliability and flexibility required for mission critical applications and provides all the resources necessary to implement successful...
Apr 24
UniHelp 1.1 Module for REALbasic
UniHelp 1.1 Module for REALbasic Cross-Platform HELP Engine for Your REALbasic Applications! WHAT'S NEW IN VERSION 1.1? * Parses HTML (IMG) Image Tag.++ * Supports Images, Video and Audio.++ * Enhanced Interface with new History Back, Forward and Home Buttons. * Improved Copy and Print Support. * Fixed several minor bugs. UniHelp 1.1 Download: UniHelp 1.1 Info & Screen Shots: This is a ***RECOMMENDED*** update for all UniHelp users. ++ Image and Multimedia support is currently Mac only with Win32 support coming soon (but 1.1 will still work on Windows, ignoring image tags, etc.) -------------------------------------- ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Apple Help Viewer, Microsoft HTML Help, WinHelp.... Why waste your precious development time designing and compiling a different Help system for each platform when you can easily use UniHelp for all of them? NO additional plugins or classes needed...
Apr 22
Valentina Technology Release 1.9 Available
Valentina Technology Release 1.9 Available VALENTINA SOLUTIONS EXCEED 2 GB FILE LIMIT; ADDS TWO NEW PRODUCTS April 16, 2002. Beaverton, Oregon. Paradigma Software, makers of the Valentina line of database products announced the availability of Valentina Technology Release 1.9, adding significant, new features to all products in the product line. All Valentina enabled products will include these new features as well as the introduction of two new members of the Valentina family of products: Larger Databases. Now Valentina databases can have files larger than 2 GB. COMPACT and DEFRAGMENT Commands. These features allows you to reclaim unused segments in databases, and to remove fragmentation in indexes and VarChar fields. This represents a significant improvement for storage on removable media. DIAGNOSE Command. This allows that status of the database to be checked and a report produced for individual tables and fields. BaseObject Encryption. Now base objects can be password encrypted...
Apr 22
IntelliMerge 2.2
Greetings from Intelli Innovations! By popular request, Intelli Innovations, Inc. is pleased to announce IntelliMerge 2.2 with new delayed mailing. Using delayed mailing, users can leave their computer to send messages while they're away. - [New] By popular request, IntelliMerge now supports delayed mailing (i.e. "wait until x amount of time has passed then send the message"). - [New] IntelliMerge now identifies mime types for common attachments, assisting some Windows-based e-mail clients in identifying attachments. - [FYI] To use delayed mailing, select "Send Later" from the Message menu. You will be given options to specify the desired delay, IntelliMerge will count down to that time, then send the message without any additional user intervention. - [Bug] Fixed a potential crash which could occur when unsubscribing recipients in large numbers. Home Page: Mac OS 9:
Apr 22
Staz Software Welcomes Metalbasic Users
STAZ SOFTWARE WELCOMES METALBASIC USERS WHY? STAZ Software, Inc., developer of FutureBASIC, has long looked on MetalBasic with interest and goodwill [see (]. Andy Gariepy, the driving force behind FutureBASIC for over a decade, had this to say: "I've always worked hard to improve FutureBASIC. It's easy to understand Marin Saric's determination to make the most of MetalBasic." Still, there has been concern among MetalBasic coders as to Mac OS X support and the continued development of the environment. FutureBASIC is one of the few programming environments to have crossed the great divide from 68K to PPC and now to Carbon. The people at STAZ Software understand the need to stand-by users, but also how difficult these changes can be. WHAT? There seems to be a consensus that from the editing and programming perspectives, [as well as the fierce determination to be the best :-) ], FutureBASIC and MetalBasic have a lot in common...
Apr 22
ResPloder 1.0
The La Jolla Underground is pleased to announce the immediate availability of ResPloder 1.0. ResPloder explodes the resources of a file into folders. These folders are named after the types they came from. Inside each folder are files containing the data for each resource of that type. These files are simple binary files and can be edited with any hex editor. The data fork of the original file is preserved as a file called data.frk and it can also be edited. ResPloder can implode a ResPloded folder back into a file. Drop a ResPloder-created folder onto ResPloder and a new file with exactly the same structure as the original file will be created. If any of the resource files in the ResPloded folder have been modified, then the changes will become part of the new file. ResPloder is made with REALbasic. ResPloder can be found at: Please send any comments to: Thank you. William Leshner The La Jolla Underground
Apr 22
Brushfire 1.5.2
Brushfire 1.5.2, an update to the blazing fast script analysis utility for FileMaker Pro users and developers, is now available for demo, purchase and download. Brushfire 1.5.2 is a minor update that fixes a couple of bugs and refines some of the search results to avoid false positives. Visit ( for more details, demos, samples and to purchase. For a complete list of improvements, see ( Russell Kohn Chaparral Software & Consulting Services, Inc. 310.260.1700 Brushfire - Blazing Fast FileMaker Script Analysis
Apr 22
Micono RbTIFFLib
Hi, Micono RbTIFFLib (PPC, Carbon, Windows) is REALbasic plugin for reading/writing a TIFF without Quicktime. #can not read/write LZW compressed tiff ( Micono RbJPEGLib (PPC, Carbon, Windows) is REALbasic plugin for reading/writing a JPEG (file/picture/data on memory) without Quicktime. Micono RbJPEGLib referred to Mr. Dair Grant's "LoadSaveJPEG", and added the function to handle JPEG data on a memory with Mr. Shigematsu's cooperation. Micono PCX (PPC, Carbon, Windows) is REALbasic plugin for reading/writing a PCX without Quicktime. You can get the plugins at: -- Michio Ono Ph.D. Department of Anatomy, Yokohama City University, School of Medicine. 3-9, Fukuura, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama 236, Japan
Apr 22
MacAppProcess 1.0.2
MacAppProcess is a plug-in that extends the Application class in a number of useful ways, with properties to get the app's FolderItem, MacCreator, and Name, and with a method to send the app to the front. It can also tell you if your app is running under Mac OS X or Classic emulation. Verson 1.0.2 adds support for bundled applications. App.CarbonParentBundle as FolderItem: Get a reference to your app's containing bundle. App.CarbonBundleResource("") as FolderItem: Easy access to any file in the bundle's Resources folder. App.CarbonBundleResourcesFolder as FolderItem: Get a reference to the bundle's Resources folder. App.CarbonRegisterHelp: Register your bundle's HelpBook with the system. Compatible with all REALbasic platforms. Download it here: ( Read the documentation, including useage restrictions, here: ( Enjoy! Paul Mitchum

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