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MacTech Boot Camp is a single-track, hotel based seminar that is specifically geared to serve the needs of consultants and techs wanting to serve their base better.

PO Box 5200
Westlake Village, CA 91359
Sales: 877-622-2375

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Short Description

MacTech Boot Camp will be held in the City of San Francisco on Wednesday, January 26th. MacTech Boot Camp attendees are encouraged to visit Macworld Expo San Francisco in the days following MacTech Boot Camp

Long Description

Using MacTech's proven "running order" approach, we pack in the maximum amount of sessions possible into the time available. Sessions include topics such as:
The topics covered will include:

Marketing Oneself in a Community
Client Handling
Client Documentation, Passwords and Records
Resources for Finding Answers
Basic Command Line
Troubleshooting Hardware
Networking Basics and Troubleshooting
Printing Setup and Troubleshooting (Wifi, USB, Bluetooth, and Wired)
iOS Support
Windows on the Mac Options
Software Updates
Backup Systems and Options
Viruses and Security
Basic Scripting
Support Call Techniques
Remote Support and Access
and more...